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Trip Into the Trinity: Figuring the Unfathomable

Ron du Preez



  • February 17, 2006
    6:45 PM
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welcome back would like to join us with our journey that we're having here in this like all the Journal of Jesus we spent a couple of times together so far of first message we look at the fact that the thing can separate us from the love of God we gave you a short phrase for those with their it simply says let the Lord be the love of your life they said it let me let the Lord be the love of your life on second message we talk about the Bible how best to understand it is a simple short phrase that says that she too the code is to be and he is fêted with me the key to the code is to read and he nothing so special it's something taking time and read God 's word that's how we will get to know him better let's pause a moment here holy father I pray that he will not speak to me that these will indeed be only your words we have come here this evening are listen to you in Jesus name I pray amen a further phone manual or both schoolmates one was called the Ouija he was an atheist and his former classmate and we call memory that seventies Luigi seventy two and article seventy six Luigi the atheist and recall the priests anything edible Italy Luigi the atheist just took and recode the priest Joshua and him false represent John and I think that this man has been deceiving people for years and making money because he was earning a paycheck at the priest and so they took the case to court and just last Friday a week ago the results came in the Giants to the case out of court and suggested that the prosecutors actually charge the atheist with slander for slandering the priest there it was noted that the VA is having enough he went to picking out the European Union to appeal to a larger court hoping that he can still win his case that so-called Jesus ever existed of living in a strange strange world where former classmates one is suing the other about the fact that he's in that Jesus did or did not exist in fact I saw something in this paper wants extensively culture versus fight culture versus faith a sociologist season is for traditional religion in the United States as I read the interesting report it looks like traditional religious faith is dying it's the end of traditional fight for us here in fact if you look at some statistics statistics are in Belgium for example several years ago they checked fifteen to eighteen -year-olds they did a study and of these young people teenagers less than four percent said that they are absolutely sure that God even exists an adult in the United States is pretty different ninety four percent here are the things I said that we believe that God does exist of course the question is what kind of a God do we serve a God after all water after own imaginings infect psalmody once pointed out that so many people got onto Graceland in a baseline where Elvis Presley is very that some people almost think he is a hi question is for this evening what is God how can we understand it does he exist finally both here at well-known French media said the universal embarrasses me in the universe and thousands me and I can think that this colossal goes without a clockmaker yet but it p.m. o'clock without an operator there have been some so-called traditional blues forgot this one is called the teleological argument is the ontological argument the cosmological argument and different people have come up with different arguments to support what we believe is the existence of God but illustrators and it happened just recently the last few months professor Anthony or Anthony installed it both ways flew from the age of fifteen by the way he was an atheist and for the last fifty plus years professor and legal has been the foremost philosophical atheist in the world but something interesting it happened to Lou that the review just a few of his statements it came out that that was years ago his first statement Doctor flew wide awake has written dozens of books he has lectured in Asian in your in United States Canada and down in South America well-respected the foremost atheistic philosopher known this is what he says and I'm quoting now he says it has become in order to be difficult even to begin to think about constructing a naturalistic theory of evolution that first octet first rep producing organism that supports Bigelow words was the big thing look there must be something else besides evolution 's second statement came out saying that he is convinced that biologists have proven to have shown by the almost unbelievable complexity of the arrangements which are needed to produce like decking halogens must have been involved in is getting closer anyone was in a telephone interview December two thousand and four is what he said according to a super intelligence is the all of the good explanation for the origin of life and the complexity of nature not by our wonderful the evolutionists are not happy with what you say they say well you know the man is getting old is losing his mind again excuses now that Anthony flew as switch and Cheney got been done with understanding is not waiting to follow any religion is not becoming a Christian effect equal to himself at best a Deist one who believes is a great clockmaker God who made the call and left it running but he has begun to switch his allegiance and he says why why has he changed he said I have lived my life following the dictum given by Socrates the great Greek philosopher who said follow the argument where it leads follow the argument lately my question to you my question to me are you and I willing to follow the evidence where it leads I hope you opened this evening as we look at the Scriptures of fresh considering what God would teach us this evening open your Bibles with me now to Psalm eighty six verse ten we have several stretches of like to share with you as we go here looking at the Bible some of them you need to have a pennant or pencil to write down the verses we will not have time to look at every one of them but I'm going to look at a few passages just to remind you and all the challenge to as we look at Scripture this evening sans eighty six worst and for you are great and dual wondrous things him who alone are God you alone are God now the question of course something like that but pastor this text was written for the June old uncle to the birthright before you go to verse nine was up for the jeweler noticed one song eighty six was not invented all nations whom you have made shall come and worship before you oh Lord and shall glorify your necklace you only does the Bible say all nations in fact it might remind you of that very well-known person in John three sixteen some of you might know it by heart if you do statement from the King James as well as learned as a child that is what our God so loved what the world is full that's why the God of the world that he gave his only begotten son John three sixteen so of course we know that this is not something the government doing this is that not all the world but how can we begin to describe or explain what who how God is I was born by the way and raised in the country of South Africa weighed down with a cup of Africa I know people come and ask me a few questions BC Lions in the street no we don't I day it is quite a civilized country when the wife Linda and I flew there on our honeymoon as we landed in Johannesburg she looked when she said while this looks like New York City and yes indeed the only place you can see lions are engaging parts okay wind resumes but I was born and raised there on the top of Africa but however if you went into what's called Central Africa some of those places you might lineup and was called the equatorial jungle and let's imagine for a moment that you are talking maybe parachuted to an equatorial jungle and for the first time you discover a the hunter gatherer tribe of people who never had any contact with the outside world never had communication with the civilized world they are friendly people by the way so they welcome you made a surprise they've never seen anybody out of the sky they might think you have gone again and so you watch listen because you really was an older time you get to be able to begin to communicate but so you think you hear pretty good but so here is a you know what's happening in the society and now they can genuinely say tell us about where you have come from the Nashua question how are you going to describe the airplane the one out of which your job or bailed because it might have had a problem I explained automobiles skyscrapers shopping mall televisions Internet PDAs MP3 players how are you going to describe to those people so that they will understand the world that you come from is it possible property not awake to understand that even little sense that's similar to the way you want to try to understand God and us we are worlds apart in a certain sense worlds apart but the best we can do is by means of analogy comparison contrast in for Jesus visited his travels he spoke in parables so that people could get a picture of who God is silent to this evening look at a few of the incredible attributes about the negative ninety was twenty six right here here's the story of a court Jesus with his disciples the unbelief of them was that people who are wealthy were blessed by God that's why they were rich or rich people blessed by God I do want to minimize the awesome wealthy people whom God has blessed yes because he knows that they can take care of the stewardship that is given to I remember what to do with the way that everyone who was wealthy was surely in God 's favor and of course he's a steady brisk twenty three Matthew nineteen with twenty three at the I think you that it is hard for a rich man in the kingdom of heaven that Jesus is way to McCullough don't think it's amazing now of course he speaks when the disciples are astonished that they kept the nineteenth was twenty five the last five words in the new King James on seven twenty nineteen was twenty five two then can be saved is the question that is asked I noticed was twenty six but Jesus looked at them and said to them with men this is what impossible is the key with Cuyahoga all things are possible all things that's the first one of God 's attributes I'd like to emphasize here when uncle is infinity infinity how can I describe I went and checked to see how wealthy the richest man in the world this was the richest men in the world Bill Gates William Gates the third Reich fourth twelve years in the road he is been number one in the world informed magazine how wealthy as he let me describe this new right now let's imagine you had the wealth of building the subject relating imagine you could and gentlemen you can go and spend one million dollars per day are you listening million dollars per day every day for seventy five years of your life I like the million dollars per day every day of your life for seventy five years and you would still have enough left that is enough for everyone to get a million dollars left after him enough to have a funeral costing another hundred million dollars in a million dollars per day for seventy five years and you would still end up with three hundred million dollars that Bill Gates net worth right now you mentioned that's what means what and after the stock market what caused them to lose about half of these will infinity just imagine that is nothing when you go in look at other issues years ago when I was in college I used to play chess and I'm not recommending up late because I know it's a waste of time and so forth but as you play as I played we found that the will call but the aquifer means you have nine million possible moves after the third one you play a forty game forty moved a lot just by the way that the sixty four squares six increases each for each player a forty game forty move game you have so many possibilities attributed to twenty five times ten to the hundred and fifty of our last twenty five one hundred and fifty six zeros behind its back how many permutations highly possible moves there are in just one game of chess I've heard of people going crazy literally crazy playing chess infinity unbelievable but that is as silly as in comparison with God 's infinite abilities unbelievable God is infinite but for the Jeremiah for a second example Jeremiah twenty three was twenty four another example we say God is infinite I gave you two quick examples just to have you think and I know that they did a billion dollars a day was seventy five years is just in conceivable hi twenty three verse twenty four and don't forget by God Owens account on a thousand hills he has all the wealth it is hand look at the Jeremiah twenty three was twenty four and what it says hear God speaking can anyone hide himself in secret places so as I shall not see him says the Lord I fill heaven and earth says the Lord in simple terms of second major transcendent quality of God he is on the horizon present everywhere all the time what does that mean that we described it for you it's been estimated that if you think one million on our planet maybe not quite as big putting the forty five thousand dollars all-around Amelia of planet Earth and you can put them into the volume of the sun one million fitting into the site the site is one of the stars and I just checked to find the latest statistics work today how many stars can be astronomers now see the best telescopes available the figure was absolutely unbelievable look at the figure as it comes up there this is the amount of stars that you can actually see at present that is seventy thousand million million million seventy six billion that's how many stars that are able to see right now is seven with twenty two zeros behind its how large is that Paul is incredible I date that is ten times you multiply that you check out every night of sand on the beaches and every grain of sand in all the deserts all this planet that is ten times the grains of sand on all the beaches and all of the deserts on planet Earth that is a lot of stuff out there and that's only the at the receipt with present telescopes you get an idea of English is that the allspice are only able to incredible and God is everywhere folks God is all the restaurants that's the kind of God we serve during a Bible Psalm one forty seven or forty five weeks of any wettable environment of the new major telescope it is being built like now in Mexico and Siena never a brand-new one that is even larger than anything before it was constructing in one of the six highest volcano volcanic peaks there and so that's where they are a new telescope imagine what they do discover for the raw Psalm one forty seven verse four he counts the number of the stars of the United galaxy seventy thousand million million or seventy six billion counts the number of the stars noted that he called them all by name cast store leone at ICM Sirius Linda Rae Dupree yes you've hope you know that there years ago when my wife turned a major milestone in our life I heard about this star registry and for fifty dollars if you really love your spouse sentiment and you want to do something really special you can have a stock that currently has a number name for your spouse so I did that and my wife treasures that fact that she has a star that is named for her which is why I read the names of the stars and I read Linda's name as well but in what is I calculated I said in my Bible says he called them all by name inventory needs seventy thousand million million million stars recognize that we have seen it all probably isn't so anyway but I can readily see all the stars right him God has called enablement with little for a moment just getting an idea across any recall to per second I was calculated in a lunatic you can look to start his image as a serious Castor Avenue in the names it'll take one one trillion years and all the stars that is the second without stopping I wouldn't count with this incredible okay one one trillion that is one thousand million million years decimating the stars of only seventy thousand million million million that we can see talk about God being poetic thoughts on the present it just blows your mind and then I was chatting with some after that was after the meeting they said what about the small things you know nanotechnology is Michael I just I didn't know that direction okay I went for the big stuff well with a diverse life we serve an awesome God Psalm one forty seven versus five great is our Lord and mighty in power if another word right there is room and talk about God 's infinity gods on the presence here God 's omnipotence and on many songs that talk about the great power of the God we serve mighty in power and then the next part of the process is understanding is the next week with the work on this in there which is listening for God 's incredible powers on the skin Isaiah forty six with nine of the EC is beginning to wane from the beginning God is all knowing understands everything what an incredible dogs have go quickly the Psalm nineteen verse one because this was basically the song or the concept from the song that brought about around for the well-known atheist Anthony flew Makoto Psalm nineteen verse one it was as he considered the evidence all nature that Professor Doctor Anthony flew at a change in mind I have become all the way it I want to challenge your vote and pray for him imagine this for atheist now and use what would happen if he becomes obvious a Christian believer and been any credible witness to the openness all of my mine to follow the evidence where it leads I hope to God that he will follow that link Monday night the entity who becomes a preacher like his Methodist father and let's look at Psalm ninety one the heavens declare the glory of God and the firmament shows his handiwork we several great got to talk about God 's transcendence the danger is as an professor he says I believe in a God out there this way transcendent God but that is only half the picture of the God of the Bible twenty fifth of the other half I got drunk twenty nine was twenty ninth we got a note that they are more wonderful transcendent characteristics of God but not mentioning here is in effect that is eternal that is immutable etc. but echo to the other characteristics the other side if you believe all the Almighty God we serve Deuteronomy twenty nine was twenty nine moves on the transcendent God the God out there for what theologians call the imminent God environment I am in a God inside the God close by the government twenty nine was twenty nine the secret things belong to whom the Lord our God so there are certain mystery we cannot fathom you begin to fathom that these additional units green way beyond our imagination the secret to him along the Lord our God is related to be new but those things which are we there will belong to us into October whatever that we may do all the words on the small of the flow of this boron on this painting people would call right with God instruction and really do all the work of God instructed God speaking with folks God wants us to have a close relationship so you reveal certain things to us so that we can get to know even on a person to person basis look at an example of that in Exodus chapter thirty four verses six and seven because here is an interesting experience of Moses Moses who wanted to know God he wanted to see God and if it is just like us like we are curious people we always want to see things of the says Lawler into the thirty three by labor speaking missing please show me your glory Moses was the singular how often we start seeing is believing got this note was like so you admit what is going to leave me feels not his glory but he tells Moses we look at seven thirty four six now and the Lord passed before him and proclaimed the Lord by the way stop right there and you notice the wooden Lord is a capital L and then small caps will ardently be noted that in our Bible that the personal name of God when the translators benefit of the Bible they did not trust that God 's personal name nobody really knows what God 's first name is interestingly why not because the Jews and partly this is very important practical lesson for us in today's world the Jews considered godly so sacred that they removed the vowels from the name so that nobody could accidentally given called automating the way and that as the valves were removed over centuries they forgot which allows Columbia although they were left with was the consonance Y H W H almost all of me dropping for number one Pennsylvania one God made his so business speculation the going Yahweh Jehovah we don't know the translator subleasing the Lord and they put it in small capsule whenever the Bible at L small capital along the best of personal name of God and as fascinating as you read the Bible carefully you will see how many times the Lord in these personal and the personal name got comes as he interacts with human beings can the person they love God is mentioned as he personally interacts with Moses the Lord he says Evan Jehovah Yahweh the Lord Jehovah Yahweh God merciful compassionate and gracious long-suffering and sometimes slow to anger and abounding in goodness and truth some Bible faith and faithfulness and love the fact that my God is faithful I can trust him one of my favorite verses we'll talk about it later on this evening 's first glinted in the parentheses right there I went to doing it at home first Corinthians Danvers thirteen at the prestigious somewhat discouraged because when you have problems and trials it says the Lord three with God is faithful okay you relentlessly run out but it's late here in Exodus thirty three thirty four six and that is the rest were salmonella or seven keeping mercy for him always and I went and bought their keeping mercy for thousands with legal counsel people to know what again enemy doesn't know Deuteronomy chapter seven verse nine and when it says that God keeps mercy for thousands of generations not discount the people and ended on December the ninth brings it out in its fullness so let's read this again with the Deuteronomy passage in mind first seven keeping mercy for thousands of generations and see the what really and transgression and sin by no means clearing the guilty visiting the iniquity of the fathers upon the children of the children sold in the third and fourth generation now that last part sounds horrible old God is to bring punishment upon people what to do but let me ask you the question ever stolen something from you when you want justice ever blackened your name slandered you cause you problems guess what we all want justice when it's in our favor is that you again so we serve a God that is both loving and just 's grace full and also a holy God that's the kind of God we serve wonderful but here's the question that comes up so many times if we service good God why is there so much pain and suffering in this world why would a good God allow that turning your Bibles to fund seventy three because you and I are luckily was asked the question way that Islamist and as you know maybe didn't like all the songs of the song was written by men of an F ASAP H a son of Asa Psalm seventy three as we read this on we find that year ASAP is raising the same old question that is raised today song seventy three verse three says for I was envious of the boastful when I saw the prosperity of the wicked even with God why why are we were playful why are we not prosperous while the crux getting the money the boat at over six therefore provide serves as then the less you know that they were quite probably implementation violence covers them like a garment bag saturated environments were seventh in her eyes bowls with abundance when figuring the what do they have more heart could wish these of the wicked but I'm well beholden these are the only complained to the Lord who are always at the link resume was sixteen when I thought how to understand the aid was through painful for me it's too painful to think about how the wicked operon was everybody's be okay and here I am more falling you and look what's happening and what is the solution go back to verse sixteen again when I thought how to understand this it was so painful to form the seventy on till I went into aware the sanctuary of God then I understood there and or their destiny fascinating God will provide answers as we come together as we fellowship in his sanctuary the drink and also God will provide answers as we began studying about the whole sanctuary and all those wonderful tunes we will be looking at for the rock as we study as we understand the sanctuary message better we'll see that God has the answers to all of these problems that we face the majority of practical story some incentives for me man with LaBarbera one day walking sat down but we get guys hair as often happens to go back to the same man over the respect of friends if they began talking somehow the subject went on to religious things and the bomber said God doesn't exist the man was here with me got the question you want to get into an argument obvious that they are basically ignoring the barber you know any of those fifth-generation but anyways in the Army District license is always the best don't get involved in an argument just wait a little provide the best answer was finished walkout bank is that I was out but he bumped into what we can call this person this channel on the gym and on the street and during and immediately the clean-shaven man walked back nice there is a desire I just realized barbers don't exist but Barbara Lukens and what really I just got their present although bloggers do not exist that the law and then networking brought specimen number one along is a look at this man unkempt hair uncut untrimmed stringing horrible bear to see Barbara still makes us look out of the box to come on that's not affected Barbara's don't exist the problem is they don't come to me necessarily came through the demand the problem is people don't come nothing to do with whether God exists or not people don't count because it was forty eight that same chapter verse twenty go there right now and that chapter but it is good what is gutsy for me this is ASAP speaking but it is good for me to draw near to God it is good for me to draw near to God I have put my trust in the Lord God that I may declare all your works folks I have one line I'd like to meet with you it's a simple I try to give the nine or ten words it simply says to know God don't say no to God simple sentence to save it with me to know God don't say no to God and repeat that to know hi will say no to God would have it up on the screen coming soon that's a simple phrases like to memorize to know but don't say no to the best way to understand God is accepting into your heart it's only as you have a personal relationship that you will be able to understand it in a statement again to know God don't say no to God thank you I wanted to turn out to Exodus chapter three verse fourteen he has here we find a very good explanation of the kind of God we serve Exodus chapter three verse fourteen Moses was being called by God Grimm of the story the burning bush experience and then he's willing to go now he says but thought when I get the people in slavery and they think will thank you once I tell them what is your name exercise of reversal learning what is God 's sake and God said to Moses all I am who I am I felt like a little hold on his knockout is not done anything that you shall say to the children of Israel are high and has been mean to you and what kind of the name is that in simple terms the IM is the ever present God he is always there is simply right now it will always be there with you throughout the future that God will protect provide the care of you for the rest of your life that is not that he's lately I am an interesting with his name Yahweh Jehovah is very much tied in this conflict of I am in the original Hebrew this is the God of the source of the more of a guarded and was thus usual sake of the children of Israel the Lord God of your fathers the God of Abraham and Isaac and Jacob has sent me to you this is my name forever and this is my memorial to all generate him only one but now he give his name I am I am the ever present one is a beautiful state and well-known by the Jews when they talk about who is God and I wanted to go to the Deuteronomy chapter six was born out because as we talk about God salt farming is the wood the title by that God is not a name God is a title these are the God of the dislike is the God of the Canaanites out of the title okay but they just wouldn't God and it sounds like in the singular and when we get the Deuteronomy chapter six was for this is a well-known phrase it's often called by the Jews there shall not shall not counsel the wood here is the fifth year old Israel the oldest in the year of Israel the Lord our God the Lord is what is one and so this verse has been used to say that there is only one God there is no such thing as the Trinity what do we as Christians do how do we biblically respond to that question the Lord the Lord is one some have tried different ways to respond some of that will you see it was God manifested in three different forms at three different points in life battle mode Elizabeth God was here as the creator that he was God as Jesus many of God 's Holy Spirit no that's not what the Christian view it is some have come up with a new think of it well they are actually mean God 's best for theism or polytheism more than one God but let's go back and look at what the text itself says the Lord our God the Lord is one knows their industry the word one year is a unique word of the word that is used it is not the normal word for one as in solo or solitary it's a worse year old for the same fastest book of Genesis at the bill was twenty four for a moment him a twenty four year I want you to notice the same word for one that is found right there Genesis two verse twenty four if the same word used in the relationship between Adam and he and I want you to notice what effects does it still was twenty four talk about Adam and Eve and it says something about them very interesting because some people to wait a minute since God is one notice therefore shall a man leave his father and mother and be joined to his wife and they shall become one one flesh they shall become one flesh fascinating with these two can be one they've took anyone can not reading one now if the concept of a relational situation might get to being what incidentally Moses did have available to him I didn't this would hear was the word for one at the unity of person Moses also had another word that can use one big salt one unique the only one as a no other method completed work if you see for those interested in you and Moses knew about the court issues a four the unique son of Abraham but that is not the word is being used here so when you spend the next as the Lord is one it's one but an identity all different persons fascinating when you dig deeper than the Bible the problems get solved and isn't it different when you go to Genesis genesis of the one was twenty six God says what let us make man in our image you know that has to so well it is enough to refer to it but so when we look at the whole picture in Genesis one verse three says the spirit of God was moving across the waters so we note that the Spirit of God was there and then we go to John chapter one for the rest of the story a well-known customer to determine there with me because here John under inspiration begins to fill us in on what I call the rest of the store what will we know if it's gone because the spirit of God now notice John chapter one verses one and three John one versus one and three in the beginning was the word and the Word was with God and the Word was God but adversely all things were made through him and without him nothing was made that was made the question with the word covenant was fourteen fascinating was fourteen identify citizen and the Word became flesh and dwelt among us and we beheld his glory glory as of the only begotten of the father full of grace and truth question who came anything like here Jesus so we know this verse says that Jesus was the active agent in creation so we have to turn the father son and Holy Spirit in fact folks the Jews when Jesus said in John eight fifty eight and fifty nine and of the things that before Abraham was and what are they big enough stones in order to kill him because John fibers eighty fifth anyone who claims to be God will be stoned so the Jews understood very clearly that Jesus claimed to be God so as we study the picture was a wait a minute this is fascinating we can never fully understand how can we the one God somebody has called the heavenly radio about that because when you have a trio facing together they sing one song right but the thing in beautiful harmony have you ever heard it for you all week sister is perhaps when I was growing up we had three sisters as a kid I said listen to them and their voices blended so beautifully they could switch box and no one would know who was singing because their voices were so close together in order to associate we all have real father son and Holy Spirit working together for the salvation of mankind was my link is you forgot after I identified the Holy Spirit very clearly as being God I want to bury on the one more major passage beautiful passage Matthew chapter twenty eight the last book am at supplemented the last chapter and it second last verse is here it captures in a nutshell this great draw you a God the transcendent God be on the present the omnipotent the unlisted because God and at the same time this wonderful image of God the holy God the God of justice mercy of the righteousness of truth the God who not just lives out there but you also want to live right here in our hearts near the final words of Jesus is not giving the disciples will be called the great commission and in that is an interesting statement that shows us very clearly that Trinity was nineteen go therefore and make disciples of all nations baptizing them in the name notice singular and endless clearing the quick and the indescribably knocking the name wasn't all in the name of the father and of the son and of the Holy Spirit Trinity works together they are all actively involved working for your salvation and for my chemical story that happened on the other side of the United States the East Coast morning twenty years ago to be precise twenty four years ago it was January nineteen into a very very cold freezing bitterly cold snowy January day the airport was clogged with traffic the roads were clogged government offices were closed what do you get to their destination so the planes would deice but as they went on the run with it was a long waiting line Florida flight ninety and Florida flight ninety was sitting on the one way for almost fifteen minutes during which time ice and snow on the airfoils of that Lane unfortunately the crew did not activate the mechanism to cause that the milk and soy they were packed with ice on those wings at three fifty nine they started passing down the runway struggled to stop they had to go a half mile further than normal liftoff they enlisted off at three fifty nine were airborne for only two minutes when the plane crashed into the fourteenth Street Bridge across the Potomac River actualized into the frozen river on the other side feeling for five people on the bridge in their cars the tail section broke off everybody else perished in the plane seventy three of them in meeting from the evidence that the discover later on six people were there hanging onto the payroll section they called for help but passing motorists those who survived the only help was one helicopter and arrive pilot by the name of Donald Buster and apparently the name of Jean Windsor and they arrived there to see the devastation of the British traffic and everything stalled and so they dropped the line down the line Amanda Arlen Williams got the line and pass it on to one passenger and the was the passenger to the bank in safety and they were people there who helped another passenger and every time the line came Arlen Williams passed the line on to another passenger when they came back for the last time to become Arlen Williams he and the pale section of the plane had disappeared below the frozen river the corner report later on said that the only person on the evidence who died from drowning was Arlen Williams everybody also per at parish applying people are so surprised so taken aback at one man's self-sacrifice willing to die to save the life of others that that race was renamed the Arland D Williams Junior Memorial branch when I think of that story it brings to mind a vivid picture of modern-day parable if you please all of the pilots God with the Holy Spirit the paramedic and by doing scripting is called the Paraclete the comforter and right here on planet Earth in the frozen waters where we are as survivors hoping to survive who was in the water with us none other than Jesus Christ our Savior he passes the line onto every one of us wanting us to be saved in the process he gives his life so that we can be saved and of course we know that they reach the bridge itself Jesus is the brainchild 's that's what John Tepper wonders of the one says you will see angels ascending and descending on the son of man Jesus is the bridge from earth to heaven when I think of the story of Arlen Williams of a man who was willing to die for people people that he probably had never met before and I think of Jesus willing to die for you willing to die for me giving his life for those of us who he wants to give us a chance for some ration loves you Jesus loves me when I think of Christ I think of when I think of the density of the universe and yet he's willing to come and die for new is willing to die for me I think when we sat when wonderful Savior we have thank God for what he is willing to do folks the God we serve is incredible what is significant here my makeup and my team and as we sing to him I'm going to ask our deacons the handoff to you as long down decision cards because this evening I don't wonder you need to go by without us having giving you a chance to make a decision for Jesus my makeup and my team to leave my all-out numbers fifteen minute asking the stand as we seen this beautiful yet God 's glory in our digital hand these out and then I went to make an appeal or two so if you can stand and sing with me right now my maker and Mike King to be my all I/O and although a majestic is your name in all the when we look at the starry heavens we see just a glimpse of your greatness we stand no more we need you in all the realize that you love us sinful human being thank you thank you thank you holy father for being willing to send Jesus Christ to come to this freezing rumor on earth but without Jesus being willing to be in the river being willing to give his life for a this is the story has just been sure we would not have a chance at life thank you Jesus for dying on Calvary for each one of us thank you Holy Spirit will be present in this world right now Lord as we knew before you know some of us need to give our lives completely for the first time the father I pray on their behalf take my life and let it be consecrated Lord is Lord there are some of us might have slipped away to inattentiveness through rebellion or lower perhaps of being too busy bother me we commit our lives Jesus O holy father we need you every moment of every day so right now lord we commit ourselves your presence in the name of Jesus our Savior died for us on Lynn invited to spend a few more moments in your seats quietly if you need to take these moments to fill out the card as you feel the Lord impressing you an absolute music for a minute or two so that you can complete doing that and if that God is impressive to fill out the card we have our deacons at the door you can drop the car in and we will look at the questions and requests the needs the team will be praying for you May God bless you richly bless you as you keep spending time with him in prayer in the reading of his work and sharing his love with others


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