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Eric Walsh

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  • February 18, 2006
    9:30 AM
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all over the Roman Empire and narrow was upset he didn't like that there was a new movement going on in Rome there was his birth of a new religion called Christianity so he was angry because according to the weight of the Romans emperors of existed they were supposed to be worshiped as God they represented God on earth then and now there was this new group of people were stealing worship and honor from the Emperor and Enderle didn't like it so he begun to throw on these Christians and the prison especially the Christian leader than and what history tells that there was up a terrible fire enrollment and what narrow did we blame the Christian with his fire as an old man the apostle Paul was arrested and thrown into a dungeon and very was kept where narrow thought he would be safe from any tampering that Paul might want to do no more speaking novel preaching Paul would be locked away and so in order to try and get Paul to Doctor rescinded his beliefs publicly in front of the dignitaries from all over the empire a narrow drives Paul in front of this court Roman soldiers was first whispered all unless you repent what you believe unless you take back your belief in this Jesus Christ unless you step away from it all manual surely die of the Encino mind is Paul makes his way slowly up the stairs the wood of a polio might've been enough all the stands before it in the dignitaries are almost on the edge of their seats they've heard so much about the miracle working on Paul and of Jesus Christ in their dictionaries as to what this man is old and feeble man might say I thought there was polio as you will resent annealed it will retract everything in the Messiah but many of the great of a historian of the Christian era and is one of my favorite Bible commentary said that Paul's and that preaches one of the most powerful storm younger preached to all the disarmament that Paul preaches the word flop even some of the dignitaries what does the rhetoric what he believed that the rickshaw 's statement many of them are molded by the Holy Spirit and began to accept Jesus Christ as their city even some of the hardened Roman soldiers our hearts are softened by the word of Paula and narrow and is and is and is and is and is I do think that Jerry was still angry at the Christian world of a job become only more furious now the word that Paul has spoken according to the soldiers he has sealed his fate is going to be put to death the taken back to the streets and back towards that dungeon and throw them down into the dungeon and I can imagine evaluating there some kindhearted soldier sneaks in and asks him you know you're in trouble you might die so is there anything you want before you die is here Paul not asking for fancy meal or not asking for entertainment or any pleasant look I can almost hear him asking for just a pen and and and paper to write on Paul knowing that his time on earth is short of May on the floor but very Roman dungeon what all of the foul smell and I'll sounds that go on in there Paul begins the tape ends of paper and begins to write the glass letter that letters second Timothy a message to the last generation Paul begins the right because we understand that it is taken on the scene he must follow certain reason of valuable truth all over the next generation of Christians even though Paul now with with with crisp up I have sinned against the epidemic to the next generation the one Paul might well be the last generation will ironically Paul is writing to Timothy is running costs because Paul wrote this letter the Bulls would be on the planet just before Jesus would come in second Timothy chapter one he says Paul an apostle of Jesus Christ by the will of God according to the promise of life which is in Christ Jesus he starts accepting promises the Timothy my dear my dearly beloved one son grace mercy and peace from God the father and Christ Jesus our Lord look at verse three says I thank God it was all in a dungeon party for the files smiling he doesn't start my complaining about his condition instead he begins by claiming the promises of God instead he begins life in Don all electronic Christians would we be if one life it's only moment that I went on the difficulties that come upon us I worked a comment upon it and I live rather than being complained as admirers I'm not in it even in the multiple situations we claim God 's promises imagine Internet installation week we began you know our different movies thanks God is my serve from my forefathers with pure conscience at that without ceasing I have remembrance of thee in my prayers night and day seven verse five when I call to remembrance the unfeigned faith that is in the which dwelt first in thy grandmother Lois and thy mother Eunice and I am persuaded that is in the halls Paul speaks of something powerful here he speaks of a legacy of faith bespeaks of a heritage of holiness I will submit to you that many of us would been raised knowing about Jesus while the knowledge of God and what were raised going to charge ahead and back away when we want away sometimes it which I a lot to avoid God what we don't understand that we missed legacy Jane and I will also be frank with Timothy and in that someone was planned for many of us where would we be today David I didn't grow up on the good side of anybody's tracks my mother was a single mother and my father was very absent backdated it were times when other teenager in in in in various stages of rebellion I would decide to go somewhere with my friends and I can remember times when I snuck off and what the rap concerts and in my mother had no idea she would never allow such a thing and I snuck off and went and I can remember times with when when guns were pulled out and people began to fire recklessly into the crowd of anybody could've been hit by the bullets yet when gangs were chastened me when when will the worst types of trouble number one but even scratched even the others around me sometimes worked to telling you let that happen because I had a grand mama and her mother and I can charge family were praying for me I submit to you the Devils walk in open rebellion against God whom we the church will believe no pray for the midweek lifting them up in prayer is not calling on God 's name for them we don't give them opportunity for protection and you know that when you pray for someone you open a channel and Avenue by the door is open for which God can now work in that person 's life do not if you would like to pray for those who you know are in rebellion what followed away on or what Boykins a severe trouble like an odd time like the voice of their manual rustling even with homosexuality and I would promiscuity and with child addiction and how long to submit to you that that it is our and not simply our duty and responsibility to our privilege to let their names up in prayer never forget the legacy of the heritage of holiness both members of your family that that that wanted you to be our first informal raised to be a Christian more than to be wealthy or famous baubles on verse seven of chapter one and right for my favorite Bible verses one that I quote very often even in practice of letting patients Paul says in verse seven he says for God hath not given us the spirit of fear the power of love sound mind we live in frightening times I submit to you that this is a very dangerous time to be on planet Earth many different reasons if you want to travel into the developing world around the world noted crime rates in some countries are astronomical and even here in our own area right here in San Bernardino County well back and check the Marguerite you've been killed since just January first to be shocked we live in a dangerous time we are under the threat of international terrorists now every now and then CNN is not against us these words that are of jobless releases that that the Terrace I plan to blow up the the heart is a taller downtown Los Angeles so we are coming from all sides will we meet are exactly will we be well looked Harris again is will there be a terrible earthquake or hurricane and we live in a time when people are so anxious to find out even their own shadow but the sales of Prozac and in all of the other SSRI drugs are going to his people target pharmaceuticals to try and calm their nerves but I submit to you that God has not given us a spirit of fear God is not called you out of the darkness of this world to walk in chiming in here that is called you out of the darkness of this world to understand that he has this special Angels engine and emphasize over you but not even know what hit the stone David says that I have to live in fear but constantly walk around worrying that some terrible thing is going to happen instead like Paul I want to trust in God Spirit of crazy here is the opposite of love is a God Islam the opposite of love isn't really hate it here or perfect love that's what I cast out all their toys are living in fear if you're worried about about what is going on around you that you really not something in the spirit of God is given the power and love and a sound mind I pray God that we accept the sound money and are asked to speak about the young people and I don't know if many of you are aware of the drug problem that is really running through our nation is not an urban problem anymore synonymous the problem is that this is the problem that reaches the suburbia it reaches to do all of the aspects and angles all the small towns of the United States Crystal methamphetamines now is is is is running rampant in our communities here just locally but if you look across the country one of the drug that has become very accepted and acceptable is marijuana young people are smoking marijuana at astronomical rates and in their study that am rather said that the marijuana to smoke today is some six and seven and sometimes ten times stronger than the marijuana that was smoked in the sixties and seventies who got his guys not genetically engineering marijuana so we had a job epidemic that is homegrown and and I'm going to Birmingham mentioned the global weekend on the effects of hip-hop music and rap music on our user and I can tell you that the rock artist are being used as the Paul's assistant to encourage and at our young people to smoke marijuana at the drink out halted at the reckless abandon for their lives a non- stimulus from my one of my favorite Texas bar of Solomon says why the mocker strong drink is raging whosoever is the scene thereof is unwise and as Christians it is wise to keep your mind focused and working sharp and well because you seek salvation is an intellectual process a flat Isaiah wanted verse eighteen the Bible says come let us reason together will you send me a spot of Dubya 's widest note a slight increase in six bosses take on the helmet of salvation salvation is a supratentorial it is an intellectual process started I will know that he can get into me I enough a drunk enough up on the desktop enough not to talk with alcohol or drugs but just drunk all the alarm is on the Lara and Ian did you all mixed up the rules of August I can estimate your ability to accept salvation Scriptures of beef the victim we have the server the devil like the Roman line walked about seeking whom he may devour out of giving theories given without mine we ought to defend and protect that sound mind upon the horse keeps going he's now speaking to Timothy is trying to level the stinging relativity available to some hard times he knows that that persecution will be a part of what happens to Christians as time goes on Paul know that even as narrow as Captain Evan is going to stand me know that the Roman authorities will continue to do this though in chapter one verse three is also very powerful advice is invalid therefore endure hardness of the soldier of Jesus Christ I like that is because we haven't been called to do to do to be Christian call to God to simply sit and be spectators Christianity is not a spectator sport you can call to be a soldier that had been called to just sit back and at a known and played bridge of a once a weekend would your church brethren and have a good time at all to simply come together and say we've been called by God to engage you are a soldier of the cross is called you know how to delete you'll enlisted in the heavenly lights and then he enlisted in the hot sun in your styles at one thing about being a soldier is that you're going to have to find problem with many soldiers that church and become the only place that they fight the charges opposed to be the barracks here is where we should come to be strengthened and nourished Wasson planes and we can go back into the battlefield for God but it seems that the only gunshots you were here among Christians happens inside the barracks and/or modernization with edible toppings as Christian submitting the very difficult things will happen when you become Christians at a very low what will happen I lost my mother last November and she was a God-fearing person only reason I have any of the credentials I have the day or that I even still in the church at all is because of what she showed me the house you live just as he told me what to do the example that she second and I have to sit there and watch her die as many other members of the family began to reject God in the process three how good God allow you to go like this you understand the nurse told you understand it it will be collateral damage in this war you understand that when God allows one of is the be taken out of prepared a special place for them regularly be a soldier that was a heart that will be divorces when we children who just don't want to go right through me financial problems the IRS might come looking for you things might not go as you want them to but as soldiers you learn to indoor hardness you go through it if you are strengthened by just asking God to move mounted the stock as the old Negro spiritual sense of asking him to give you the strength to climb mountains no man that a new war the first forces and kind of himself with the affairs of this life that he may please him with chuckles and him to be a soldier don't get mixed up in this world are people at a hospital having arguments over the weirdest things obviously football you get this big fight so little and suitable Super Bowl is over as I finally moved and when the NCAA basketball championship that's over little wind and the NBA entangled in the things of this world passing arguments on either side will be the next president of the United States Republican the Democrats of the left right or the like right into the nothing that is also caught up in what is temporary we don't realize sometimes I'll look out a window my house was a beautiful valleys of Southern California I want to my mind the scene but the book of Daniel and Revelation and realize that one day this will be rumbled the social February while we so caught up in will be entangled to what the affairs of this world the unit occupied to become just don't work in an better ourselves and think and learn and build you what God would have as the duo but but don't be so caught up in this world I like it one of Bible commentary says we ought aware of his world Michael muscat the time comes when Jesus returns we ought it was a slip this world on the move on don't be entangled Timothy of Obama saying don't get too caught up only to see around you is just temporary verse twenty says the Timothy but in a great house there are not only vessels of gold and silver but also what enough girth into something honor and some to dishonor if a man therefore purge himself from these shall be a vessel want to honor sanctified and meet for the Masters use and prepared unto every good work most Bible commentators agree that the great house there is the church and that everybody who comes the judge of any of everything for you everyone comes the church is not true dumbbells and on the charge that our gold and silver but but but but but an end in modern vernacular to assemble that the church and are aware that some lose their agenda isn't really the benefiting of God 's gift on those incumbents are looking for a platform on which the before place just the exercise of their self issued nests down those who are I will come to actually working for the enemy and it has been in the house of God the weeping is undeniably been little terribly wrong in judgment that is just people but we don't wrestle against lesson the one of first lesson do not learn about being a Christian and going to church one offers the most important lessons to learn is that there are in perfect in church I can tell you that I've seen Wellsboro and at times when young people especially work or were really a treated harshly we were so cold and so so even fanatical that times out which retreated them in an young people make mistakes especially when you went to jail girls got pregnant the children come down so hard on them and there were individuals in charge would just be so mean that and nobody which would really open up arms in love and those young people would see those few individuals in charge and would leave the church for ever all wars Timothy not allow people inside of church the drive you out of church we see the people in charge have no heaven or hell to put you we must remember that God has called each of us to be comfortable although the two personnel from these you'll be a vessel that God can use out one of the events I want to be made out of something that God did for spirit into I want to become updated I got to fill in a spirited when he needs to probably bother handling the spirit where he needs to I want to be a vessel of honor I want to be assaulted and that God can take you need to be moved at this location on the planet and Sarmiento is no monitoring or rumbling does go out and go verse twenty two is powerful especially for college students where it says we also youthful lusts we live in over sexualized society nothing comes on television out it doesn't have some strong sexual innuendo of the matter-of-fact and gave given up one evening innuendo part of the just strong sexually you have to be careful what you children watch you got a be careful what you watch all kinds of skin alternative lifestyle agendas are mixed into the shelves and just sitting there thinking a watching of a basketball game and next thing you know you got Dennis Rodman enough wedding dress the past as that is in the last days and everything was simply doing reduced of the sex and teens sexy in them I want to be sexy everybody a plastic surgeon for making a fortune talking faces and bellies and Watson cheeks and backs amid their blowout results of unending people even thought about everybody wants to be sexy not given in the chart you while you come in the charts sexy for why insiders are come on come each have at least give Donna break into the break-in and why developments are sexy voice even television three dozen Muslims are flexing their muscles but Paul's and you've got to flee youthful lusts at some point you've got to what once all over yourself I know you can't really control yourself but I need the Spirit of God working in new and thirteen -year-old girl was an urgent care friend thirteen the still playing with dolls and I can tell you story after story after story of all of of of of of how we saw one Buddhist big twelve years old who was involved in homosexual acts with all the boys and even children Little children with the write up and sent a report to the police benevolent like he has to come in tomorrow is misplaced with out-of-control but wrong is right and right is wrong speaking of the output of keynote speaker for Riverside County they had him HIV-AIDS conference in Toronto casino Internet casino really offers and so I mention I talked about being a good husband and the need for men to be faithful to their wives and abdomen to be role models this unintelligible I was because of there with bells without you say that .net is not stated to be a model for son what do women in beloved and raised us on just fine follow righteousness faith charity peace within the call on the Lord I'm sure of what happened today in America we started to raise the standards for pure heart or Latin America today week we stopped our calling anything right verse twenty three performs an unlearned questions avoid knowing that they do engender stripes funny because the youth also have to wrestle today this last generation after Russell with the idea that evolution of the company order of the day just accepted no challenge even and of course they wanted to show intelligent design which is really a compromise function creationism they want to at least instill the idea that maybe there was a divine architect designed all of this any the courts systematically seem to just be shooting it down yet let the doctor and the religion of evolution is accepted avoid foolish questions also in chapter three verse one this know also that in the last days perilous times shall come perilous times will come vital nations will be so embedded to other nations of the IMF and the World Bank the neural citizens because of the corruption of their leaders will be left to starve to death and have no healthcare malaria which can be solved with just a few simple public health steps would cause the death of countless thousands every year in Africa perilous times would come when wars would be thought over land and oil and eventually now to predicting the next great set of wars will be fought over clean drinking water Palestine will come in crime and debauchery with one man will begin to elevate himself in his mind so highly that you will think they can solve all of Earth 's problem powerless times would come when children are snapped out of their homes and on the streets not sexual predators perilous times will come in the last days you don't have to be that old the world is changing that fast that you are seeing things the David you wouldn't have believed it would be up with the nonplanar of men shall be lovers of them love their old cells in verse two chapter three coverages bolsters men would be proud blasphemers disobedient to parents unthankful unholy without natural affection choose breakers false accusers incontinent fierce despisers of those that are wounded traitors heady I reminded any particular love of pleasure is more than lovers of God powerful below the average Christian in America spend six times more money the year on entertainment than to give it a local church we have become lovers of pleasure week we wanted to have a good time all the time and I've got himself into that schedule we want to be entertained bring out the dancing girls in the and bring out that I think I bring out the instruments and entertain us forget sometimes that the government will acquire director have residuals that means special pipes and tablets that the music he can use it to move and manipulate even a third of the angels of heaven lovers of pleasure more than eleven hundred people walk away from God because they say that he bore having a form of godliness but denying the power thereof Paul says to Timothy and to us from such the way having a formal immune in the last days there will be people who have the form of godliness that appear godly from the outside but denied the power what does the power what is this power of God is the power to send the file you the Bible says that when you have received the Holy Spirit he will do what he would lead you into all channels the power of God and because the water you could lead you towards children deleted by both nations men's opinions when God spirit comes upon you and you go on the second coming of the Bible set up your iPod you begin to see our unworthiness of them to predicted last day for the gospel of prosperity Olson the best of the giant church in Texas the largest church in the country and being interviewed by on CNN by Om was in a very king in interviews on national television and he asked and then waking up hearing is whole spiel about his church enough off the keywording seeker friendly the church is a plug-in soft as he says there is a opposite what do you preach against sin by the response I don't deal with what a pastor who doesn't deal with the flood of electrician doesn't deal with all the food of the USENET is what you believe I was N W as a diabetes how are you holding some Vicodin and headband they are not allowed to sell thou art activity and just a little lot having Oklahoma godliness the ground about ten thousand who sit in their churches and the tens of thousands and millions who watch on television but if you are not dealing with what God would have you to deal with what is the purpose of all of it is that a sounding brass and tingling symbols purposeless without charges were all you're trying to do is make people feel fuzzy and warm speaking at a book for women out of my church but within weeks ago and I was speaking about regardless speaking in tongue was rained out and speaking in tongue notice things get really popular evening popular gospel songs he was known as a minor background similar momentum while a lot some of them and I did that people have been stroking would designate to harsh whatnot that somebody in him I believe it so that you know something the truth on a make you uncomfortable if you come to church every time another Philip Rick inoculating every time you come that judgment is situated and voluntarily all the Paramount is something wrong with your church the Bible Paul even if the password is covered through a forest change how come you to figure out how to clear your debt is an appraisal that can at most seminars on how to improve your credit scores conferences charge conference of an shot below money to the seven hundred dollars the conference and travel expenses a novel idea at all ungodliness is the sale now a Sullivan G and the other day and I saw where even of someone and that it would probably love up off of that ahead of our home of the of the above of family honor God Thompson exhausted and I had a weight-loss milkshake and in the GNC the charges for sale nobody really talk about living right when we talk about betrayal said nobody wants to talk about emptying yourself of self and following Christ Jesus with every fiber that is in you making yourself at accessible to the Holy Spirit in such a way that when God spirit falls on you it feels you went at the cost of Bibles that begins the constraining you all I want to talk about that anymore unpopular whether insult someone someone's identity I think if we tell them they can't just do whatever they want in the Christian of informed on what was keeping the ball mentioned as being a Markovian the church become an empty version of what she once was a chart to become more of a social club floor about of a status symbol that it would be a place where sinners are brought in and washed by the blood and not otherwise that's in the way that they get a transfusion I lay out what the power live right after it used to be about you go back a hundred and forty hundred and fifty years and would Martin Luther in coming forward when I spurred him him down and looking at them always other great man we read what they believe in and I thought Hellmann said I wanted to get power from God that we won't power from the bank won't power from popularity says in verse thirteen objective three but evil men and seducers shall wax worse and worse deceiving and being verse six and capitalize on this he says for this or this sort are they which treatment the house and lead captive silly women laden with sins that away with divers lusts ever learning and never able to come to the knowledge of the truth in order to creeping and thousands of people who satellite radio there those who unless Oprah Winfrey says it it's not true I submit to you that over with all her success deserve the respect she gets from the world with as Christians we ought to pattern our steps after Christ verse sixteen says all Scripture is given by inspiration of God and is profitable for doctrine for reproof for correction for instruction in righteousness I submit to you that the reason we ought to join a church it is not because of all who posted a chart of how popular hop how well the music is played out well the preacher preaches but but what do find your church in terms of doctrine given up on back out of your doctor now RRR multiple choice of most churches are stuck in one mate is used only when archer do you have a choice you can be pre- millennial millennial post- millennial of the family means of eternal despair and you don't put a cigarette does happen all three of the sure word of God is within the Jesus is coming again I noticed is he that will retire and I will see him that a child of God will sound one is multiple choice millennium is not multiple-choice they can spend it on their I want when it comes that God is returned to be asked in the Bible and and and written in the stove of his work all says in chapter four I charge thee therefore before God and the Lord Jesus Christ shall judge the quick and the dead at his appearing and his kingdom preachers who were priests were to be instant in season out of season reprove rebuke exhort with all long-suffering and doctrine for the time will come when they were not indoors sound doctrine but after their own lusts shall they heap to themselves teachers having itching ears but will download you won't get out of you there in the dark unless you please what do people want to share what in the Bible calls himself a prophet this spoke on TBN out of your working track of all these figures the whole constellation of television preachers and prophets and apostles and bishops and elegant chess game on TV she spoke something in and it was taken negatively by by our TD Jakes was invisible another very large church in Texas at the Chase came out send out the word that no church in America John Howard to speak until you apologize to him and a shot on TBN or on her knees in front of DDJ banking is a gymnast 's we will bring to themselves teachers itching following people don't even know God submit to you that this is the time when you and your Bible ought to be very well acquainted you can't trust is regarded on television doesn't mean the date are in the Lord Paulson they shall turn away their ears from the truth and shall be turned unto me you know that they will begin to believe stories Mary appearing magically all over the world they will begin to believe in secret raptures and tribulation forces that will exist afterwards as you know that they would begin to believe fiction overstretch the evils and watch thou in all things he speaking the last generation out in your afflictions do the work of an evangelist make full proof of your ministry still must ought to have a ministry even on your job is simply to pray for those who usually are in trouble all of us ought to have a ministry Ryan now ready to be offered polls I have finished my course I have kept me alike that Paul is confident in his salvation and what is there and shop on the outcome of righteousness which the Lord the righteous judge shall give me at that day and not to me only but unto all them also that love his appearing while I submit to you today that the crowd waiting for you God 's got a crown of righteousness waiting for you so what is this crowd Jesus himself a revelation sadly speaking to one of the seven churches he says beware lest another man take your crown Paul said on my crown while you will is in full effect at any moment they walk in and have them put to death but all along longer afraid of death out of the store that the time to consult off in MSN relationship with an added carbonate and not at all taken Adderall I tell you that still today God 's new takes care of his own when the verses of Scripture the king became clear to me when my mother died last year the first in the Old Testament that says precious in the side of the Lord is the death of his saints we keep your ground in the last days are you going to make sure that when you get to heaven but when you come to death of heaven will be where you're going but on Nexium glass Jesus will you be in that line that Jesus will personally place that crown on your head is it will be any more time you won't my standing in line then you wait to are you singing the praises of God alleluia I'll have to in the highest God no shouting and praising God for the victory but I'm making you at the e-mail out of this world and making you will Jesus places the crown stand back of the crowd and take our grounds and cry on worthy on we would take the crown and throw it at the feet of Jesus Wagner realized father God we thank you you are such a wonderful and worthy as we look at second Timothy Lord as we look at the book that you wrote to Timothy to prepare him for the end Lord was also written for our admonition father got a few the words of Scripture is following the strings father God we would not be people who are afraid what it would be good soldiers we would recognize the section that we would make the Scripture our own the room of living less restoration less the leaders of restoration and Lord prepare the hearts of your people for what will be preached over the next few weeks unless someone would accept their crown is our prayer in Jesus 's name amen


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