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The Great Controversy Part 2: Packaging the Truth

Dave Fiedler


Dave Fiedler

Author and Educator




  • October 16, 2010
    3:00 PM
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I say what we did last session was lay down a biblical basis biblical groundwork for a presentation the great controversy thing and reestablish the concept of the conflict between Christ and Satan we work Israel reestablished the gossip there must be demonstration gone can't get off the look by saying I'm right away he has to demonstrate that is right at his own approach which Solomon the book of Job and IRS the nation my estimation probably maybe by my estimation a hundred and six people died so the Job synagogue demonstrate guiltless that that's serious stuff and think some underwater six people to interview at nine hundred and I think that's that's that's that's serious stuff why is this controversy like that why did God do that to make a demonstration isn't really defensible this is question I mean I didn't know God is doing at willy-nilly for the fun of it I said count me out I'm not a Christian left yes very very good reason for doing things like that I'm not annotated with you will find symbiosis or but he has good reasons and for good reasons are the demonstration reuniting of things on earth and things in heaven through the demonstration of the church we never spoke to them the thing is coming up and the church is to display the manifold wisdom of God to all the universe the principality powers in heavenly places in that sense where we left off and we stopped with a presentation of the show contrasting principles of the government of God and the government Satan this repeat that those who enter same basic principle of God remember comes down to this is my wording of a I know what I want and if it's necessary hopefully you like and get I have to do that because I don't trust anyone else to take care of me encountering that his principles underlying Christ's kingdom legal like this I know what's best for you and if necessary I will die to have a chance to get on a don't have to do that for free moral agent I don't have to do that but my father since it's best and I trust his love and judgment and amend appointed that in the garden disseminate Jesus did not want to die for me then that's what he said not my will as well was not to go to the cross for me all the thrills and chills of spending eternity with these either were not enough ha ha Ha that was not enough to convince him to go to the cross he did it out of love and trust principal and Celexa those of the underlying principles of the two governments in this session were going to try and cover with that basis laid down in that foundation work lay down or going to Scholl and I got on the screen this can be talking about a Seneca how you tidy tidy and all these different Adventist doctrines the distinct event it's a wonder we have a harder time selling to the public that they sent my love and hander hand and that was when it was that they fit really well in that great controversy scenario okay let's will be talking about in this session and then they may session this is would be the last one as I would get into anonymous audience were you bringing altogether as the most satisfying logical thing in the world 's makes the plan of salvation it is the obvious that that's what it is to be in you have to have all those much devastation you have to have judgment you have to have this yes do that with all of this together lets that's really what we're going with this so here's here's the here's the progression the way things would go and I explained earlier this is this is drawn from eight ten sermon series event so we're going to cover servants to through nine and exporting it whatever okay okay servants who entitled the serpent said we suppose the serpent said okay we just talked about his first sermon that that that is the lesson we send Satan was a liar from the beginning so when we deal with all who take that week he offer anything has a beautiful progression to disclose the full series flows of it but we've been establishing the lighter from the beginning look at his first life good for talking stated bring them coming out in the sink okay scroll down okay so really the first introduction we having Scripture is Garden of Eden first thing we see is the snake lying to you again and telling her that she deserves better than God gave an invitation behind at all like the heart of things principles they were in mangled opening up with software for here and now will say finally ask your special presence and blessing the better your spirit to be here to open her eyes clarify things that might help us put pieces together partially because of a blessing us the warlord because we want to be able to be a blessing others that he would guide and bless in this session Jesus talking sing-along in Tel Aviv he says you can embed them on .edu desire and he knows radio and TV until it's always what you deserve don't get the credit you deserve a brother garlic regular sex can not get the respect it abroad have all the respect you deserve you probably did what you deserve already have a balance that you can offer what you deserve nothing think the same thing again what he's saying there is easy you can trust God to take care of you that this principle saying is false stemmed from a lack of faith is in God is not going to take care of this underlying principle lack of faith in the moment defined in one minute take your yielding embedded to yourself that's called selfishness incisors to principles admitting get what I mean because unimportant because I can't trust dividend to give me the three presented that when I go through all the believe in all assists in his ads can be really creative your website down there may then work on it all of this I'm not going to be in the new eight business exams are not going to establish all the dots of the laundry understands neither did it again if you don't typically get paid okay smooth one okay I have hopefully understand the judge many understandings and I and another minute I thought about how you tied them into the great controversy thing okay so same Tel Aviv you won't die you will not surely die what did he know about that what did anyone go about their nothing ever died not in vain in the entire universe and ideas also were working the on use frame of reference what do you call it when you are working beyond your frame of reference the round of faith you don't know you don't give you excellent on you then there I go again and everything I know the Bible felt about Vietnam in the annoying I get there will always be things beyond your realm of experience all these why it has an infinite universe never been there before I get to come the day when God says okay everybody please do not go to quadrant see subsection four para second three Delta five two eight CNN area today and in people with fatal site okay and people with one that didn't have it won't be there people that didn't have things that will have a life you know that all I did does a supernova of eight hundred thousand dollars in damages of the universe there will always be things that are beyond your realm of experience and will always be a need for faith getting so that's important that's vastly born Canadian again okay so then we go through over talking about is not surely die he knows his stuff and you clarify all these things that Nazis keeping on down next to key question gate where our enemy need right now well are you talking your support in the state of the dead here where our ad in the Navy keep it different that personal event and knowledge is less different ideas out there some people say this will say that some people say that they indict you really go to paradise can some people say well nourished to options and yelling unitedly to the library has embedded both the good and some people come up with baseball purgatory is unable believe in reincarnation and maybe come back as a fish news people believe that when you die you enter this farewell is getting floating someplace around whatever new agent everything is that people think of when you die spiritually illegal anywhere else so you still can't afford around here and the nervosa sailing a dead man is dead it's like it's over in a discussion know now that the atheist position again I find is a group of say the Bible teaches or man dies he rests quietly in the grave of fairness position obviously okay but what we know about death even then in a second clinical definite maybe Samantha Hart executors on the hill back and think out I mean you can't really get your weekend I even read again open as I know someone was a back thinking to the bank in the answer I read that you have with being that initiative and the GSA I am neither limit and will Daniel Little evermore amen I have accused the Helena not only was he a man we can easily left that's gone okay okay so you're establishing no a lot of this is normal stated that the stuff again see the missive on Dynasty were more weeds high this year with the great controversy no you bring in the dust Nebraska will make a living songwriter was smiling at us okay it was automated that is good along the way you contain some a little odds and ends get so gets so here's here's the big I can write to get back into this setting this scenario the confident Christ and Satan can reason military analogy engenders a war the obvious goal is to win and you want to make the other side surrender the house thinking there many different ways can there's all the organizing of the Army that has to go on but you establish less noise command and control an army without command-and-control is technically a mob they may all want the same goal but there's no organization to take command and control is essential in any military service situation it's on the way to do things coordinated without command-and-control battles hopeless maintaining your own command and control the on call is what to disrupt the other guys command-and-control okay if you can guess Iraq's your opponents command-and-control that was limited huge disadvantage there's one thing you can do that even better than disrupting holy co-opting it is one thing I mean if you can cut costs vivid as we can send messages back and forth that's great you're happy to do that but if you can step again send messages and he thinks there from headquarters leadership the gold mine of all military intelligence and good I tell stories about the Santa Rosa was a British guy on errors anyway is a British guy he was a magician in civilian life and during World War II the bread stepped among us elicit help us out you're a master of deception and he did he did the old city of Vienna Alexandria Egypt he re-created it out of cardboard stuff about ten miles down the beach and every night the White House blacked out Alexandria and a set of lights down here on the beach and hand for two weeks the Germans bombed Alexander every single night and never hit the city he fooled again to him if you can possibly disrupt or confuse ideally all wrapped okay if the US Army commander could send a message to your enemy 's army the Lapointe came from their headquarters and it said surrender immediately when you don't this is why this is what spiritualism spiritualism is nothing more than the establishment of a oldness line of communication from God if the corruption of divine command and control this is why God said regard not them that have familiar spirits nihilistic after wizards again and they also won't have estimated spirit is what it shall surely be put to death you despise their eyes again and get it okay other specific care again then going on with it more establishing the state of sleeping and death Mister sounded pretty boring after a while I use illustration along the way talk about aunt Mabel Oliphant enabled us recently died she's up and what you want to Wednesday and again but you go through all the verses of different things and eventually down the point where you say why the world where I want to talk the Bible says that they don't know anything why should I got there she had annoying sister Janine a better life then you have to get you about it now is that the plan was okay not not saying the Internet with public working to throw an image that you can keep only to that particular topic and any valid you can keep this great controversy seem very much alive all the way through that can little side point is for whatever it's worth the saturation of the media with spiritualism it's a few weeks what look at our energy needs but when I hear that it reeks and it's not it's not unknown way back when I was a kid we had a TV unfortunately spent too much time watching here's a trivia question for some of you now hopefully you didn't watch the garbage I didn't ever see a program called bewitched bewitched trivia question for you there was Darren and Samantha the which what was Samantha 's mother 's name and Dora as in the witch of Endor you know what their plan with them okay well I go all the way through the whole thing and hopefully are discovered before you the witch of Endor is his absolute rate stated again passage to deal with okay it wasn't just totally demolish this thing that the Bible says and Samuel said bring visit as those words are and Samuel said that it so is this really single talking is always a question of letting someone explain that the game was this animal spirit only of sandal had surely died things like only if the dead note you do know some things right only if they still have are involved in the sun also suffocate all those those verses and at an end of feudalism it ran out of her think of this one okay so finalize the point here spiritualism is is is the effort to corrupt an annual it will be how I says they've been between errors and Sunday sacredness in the state again are the big-ticket items at the end of time okay so it's an effort to corrupt guards communication channels with us okay second session is called creating confusion and we start off with saying that signal the lives when he does right okay he's always and again in a bad light I stick with that without a war okay in the battle the always want to create confusion always been called the fog of war right maybe read a book or heard about the book of erotic with his father happens is because things are going on wildly but is also filed in this action actively created by your opponent so we know that Satan starts off by lying about death what so many figure out the truth about death giving Satan puts all his eggs in a single basket on this application is really doesn't want you going to do if you lie about something else okay well here's a we been working and needs again expelled because I would get that event would hotly been working with them as the source in official diagram phase interlinking single window will say about deaths what else might you like about again this is just standard public presentations by this document you believe these things around ring of what you want when you want it okay about deaths in else's versus soulless benefits environmental study might lie about while sitting programs so that many go off under what is okay and the devil as created a massive amount of confusion on the topic of what is to say and you go through and you establish the idea that sin is the transgression the law inferred that okay I meant them and this gives you a great opportunity and an know when you burn presentation you always they can rapidly get to know if it serves their purposes so history is one that I sent applicant were talking about God 's law so I has to question what is God 's law and I say this is a silly question I must feel like I should apologize for even taking time on something so simple and obvious for thousands of years people know that the law of Jesus government with the ten Commandments but with the inventor of modern scholarship in the last few decades there are some theologians out there who would try to argue otherwise so just for their sake let's demonstrate the office and gives you a chance to go off only seconds of the night is set up so you can put on have to make some points what were you doing here in this overkill demonstrated the ten Commandments are God 's law is against ulcerative opportunity to tie other things in now and if you give me a chance to go over the ten Commandments and just mention the Sabbath at this point okay mention some of these other things and just this brings up you always want to bring things up in advance don't beginning of spring something totally new on somebody that so we get the speed of the dead out-of-the-way on this one action paragon of students and if we get the perpetuity of the law and the fact that the pentagram it's a binding event and that's what we are working through that way that yet this worked out very nicely because were talking about a conflict between two forms of government okay so a focus on the law of the government is biological in this context a lot of times in other events was exciting of focusing a sign at élan élan élan élan but ever document the competition to give one's family and it's what defines a government is its law so if it comes in different packages and setting instances that a nicer twist that way and it gives us a chance here is one day again laying groundwork for later on when the devil 's most successful tricks is to twist the definitions instead of the transgression of the law he tells us of sin is well want to think that anybody see what only comes up with it but every time we accept something other than God 's definitions it means that we end up thinking it's okay to do things that aren't in harmony with the ten commands we do tricks into looking at a man-made definition of right and wrong instead of looking at the one gone K okay now what that's doing is laying the groundwork for the Sabbath later on the whole concept of a man-made distinction or definition of the law is playing groundwork to do with us Atlanta market can the school and will get wonderfully and often did things here nearly into this one talking about the law game casually introduce a new gadget will carry over in our next session not much here but then the third servant fortunately I guess I mentioned that you know him in the book of the I will see not really going to know why prophecy at hearing the approximate talks about this this strange little horn is an evil thing we can see that easily from life as a fight against us because it is is that it but the worst thing it does is it okay it links to change times and laws was talking about the perpetuity a lot so anything that's changing guidelines are to be a bad thing okay that's my introduction for the little horn I don't develop it a lot I just simply say okay and even our exchanging law was Lottie thinking evil powers going to change was going to try and change God 's law obviously okay so the ten Commandments and you're just all set up not made up at the IV Limited recommends that next session in her next sermon would be number four this is on judgments and hellfire again and would pick up with a little more little market was thinking to change times and laws now I don't go under the times allows any further this point we come back there later on but this little horn is an evil power and Daniel McDaniels tracing the tracing the progress of the little horn and what is it that finally stops the little court that would be gang of seven twenty one and twenty two yes I be held at the same or made war with the saints and prevailed against them until the ancient of days came and judgments was given to the saints of the most high the time came to the saints possessed the kingdom and the Daniel seven twenty five twenty six the judgment shall sit initial take away his dominion the Lord okay so it Margaret is anything you can bring into the idea here is that with our without evil power this one was bringing change signs along how this nonstop evil judgment okay you get multiple things going housework how does his work of Daniel gives us a great portrayal of the judgment and see you give them a hack and my apologies here at getting down to talking about the judgment and cannot find a version of the ten thousand times as thousands and thousands of thousands of angels know are there as in ancient days since the books are opened of it play little math game what's what's coming as we talk about life thousands of thousands of interstate one thousand nine thousand and eleven ten thousand and ten thousand in up with a hundred and one million angels it is not a user running is not as big as LA flare okay I one million hundred one million angels though watching the judgment and used every sport why are they watching why are they watching the judgment is the way God in the career of the little horn with the Angels are watching because they are concerned about him this judgment is about the pre- Advent judgment investigative judgment when I don't use those terms I do make the point over and over that comes before the second coming I don't use those terms and distributors but this judgment while you are doing established why is there wiser judgment when Mrs. Judgment Day not want on aging forty four I don't deal with that here I don't nail it down this is not getting more general terms okay I do say that only because the first incoming widely north of us and coming because Jesus comes and he brings a reward with you can't know who to resurrect if you haven't had a judgment first the people who are resurrected at the second coming and up in heaven angels are very concerned about this not that worried but their interests so that was okay you don't want mistakes made in the judgment cleanup was on the wrong place out of it and say establishing that there's a purpose the judgment has up a very definite purpose its role in Italy after the judgment comes in multiple steps we were got through this investigative judgment is entered the pre- Advent of the general before Jesus comes is designed to protect heaven that's that's that's the purpose of the make sure that nobody gets there that doesn't belong then there's a judgment during the millennium what's its purpose is not together it's to answer the questions of the righteous basically okay you got lovely thought was you you know whether I and you have a chance to find out why you write okay there's a reason behind all this okay and then after the millennium and we go through them were living in the later later seminary after the millennium question validity resurrection they're not exactly to wrestle Jasmine again okay judgment is always the always response that this is in the great white throne judgment okay and at that judgment the litigator convinced every knee shall bow every tongue confess just ensure that was learned on my hearts are changed but they are convinced and what we've done is invisibly classy business management crisis management no one oh one okay if you got bad publicity out there you identify subsets of your population how can you deal with first by the first one to deal with again is that was done across the speaker that his judgment so much but they are there their initial concerns about the government Bible met at the cross and then you have that you have the the judgment and you get the right people where they are to be okay there's another aspect I can about this and will deserve to suing accounts of it but then you solve all the questions of the righteous during the millennium resolve all questions of the wicked at the end of the millennium that eventually hit 3n and there is not a soul in the entire universe the believes Tsinghua it's it's systematically one group at a time answering the questions getting down to the point where God says we compare that with the current pocket recipes is that it will come out there in in the next hour session actually okay left message as an NFL fire whole another train spent in my seminar we do establish it on through the mail with with the same great controversy type of approach and ability with this section is entitled judgment distorted this deals with conflicting ideas of salvation in these all fit very nicely now we got this the the the the contrast between the principles of God 's government printable Satan 's government of well okay but this way once you know the story moves the money you bet on once saved always saved no religious buildings and is gone again Lucifer was saved in a self once saved always saved justice dies the death legalism and the head better yet antinomian is no there people say that the laws done away with Christians who say the laws that relate with you on about how he got his mindset of a conflict of governmental principles unit but you just try sizzle system now is easiest nasty battle with Satan over the value of governmental principles all this is to limit them to fly again that wasn't Madrid important and I call it salvation my knowledge to me to find this quickly a lot of people will tell you that Sam know certain things you have to know it's okay okay salvation by knowledge now we want to do this carefully isn't it an asset to know the truth yesterday the children i.e. saved by nine inches know you're not seem to know and you are you lost because you don't know the truth well there's anything that increases the likelihood of your being lost are you lost because you don't know what a night out last because you don't know that salvation is not determined by knowledge again a lot of people will tell you roughly that it is aiming and households a form of legalism works righteousness down the whole thing is you you must confess a few mouse Jews as Lord and Daniel B Saint the Bible verse for today but there are folks and say that that's the literally off if you if you say the words once many are saying okay I guess I wasn't always a bad thing that and if you don't know that you're automatically lost some really really harsh view on uneventful as the world I don't see God being that harsh so we talk about Romans and in the Gentiles while law to themselves they do what what the spirit rights in their hearts he will sit in their hearts of the okay so you can be saved without the knowledge of the gospel with when the principles of God 's government are in your heart okay now let's see now okay but it's amazing to just too big and involved to try and take time with them hearing now looking by that by the by eliminating salvation buying knowledge you can again come back and put emphasis on faith and to consider it very important okay okay the idea of salvation acknowledged this is essential lying at the second form of this line goes like this you have to believe what I believe or you're just lost in fact if you don't believe what I believe you're probably of the devil if you're the devil made that just changes the world a better place again let's roughly how successful and well okay I was then went on to know that may sound foolish word like that with me back on the last few thousand years of history you remember ever hearing about a religious war most of them and then relations and hope that you have in your flattery is a question that you had pagans against you use against persons claimed the disgrace of the regressions against his catheter advises against Protestants C of Muslims Muslims continues despite every other domination to think that all of this is based on idea that what you believe determines whether he will be saved but that why am what you believe is not what saves you market at that delicate line to watch it online okay how do you tell someone is never enough of it they have to believe that exactly right and so has my point is that there is not a specific salvation by knowledge component I have to know this I do not have any nobody before the Old Testament Jesus are before the New Testament Jesus now they may or may have understood now some of the symbolism but probably that was the stunning much attention that there are a lot of people that were edited on studying for them because it was never lived out in the oldest now okay I'll let see and which were universalism right in that system don't don't tell me believe the Bible and believe universalism okay nor the Lord comes ten thousand in the same statute judgment of all okay now I want to get to this area our last distortion the judgment is sadly actually quite popular even though in some ways it's about the least logical of them all it combines bits and pieces of all the other distortions are talked about I know you're part of it I'm sending you a man with a lot of different pieces of this mess it's a bit like legalism because it says that salvation depends on whether or not I've done this one particular thing regardless of whether my hardest educational I do this one thing and it's kind of like antinomianism because it says that after I've done this one special thing I really don't have to pay attention to God 's will it's sort of like salvation by knowledge because if I don't know the special formula for being saved well I'm just told the fires of hell and in result is like universalism because it would open Heaven's Gate still whole crowd who still live by the principles of Singh 's government it's a terrible way to release his delegates leaving millions of people than about thirty to forty years of Bible store they just totally refutes his whole nonsensical idea and you are the first night of our meetings it's a story estate was once not as well as for the bear divine light angel who was perfect in all his ways and so on it is funny if a gal and talk about having yes I'm talking about the teaching of once saved always saved on my salvation depends on my saying just once but I think is my Savior doesn't matter they may even know what I mean the matter my heart 's been changes matters and I think that's legalism friends and was unsaved I'm going to go I'm going to go nothing I can do will change it I'm going to have another completely epic Manitou often I get from the result was been done away with at the antimony people are so never learned the magic words no matter how much they love the Lord no matter how it is when his holy law and there are it's just too bad because they never said the right thing as nothing more or less than salvation by no impunity angels in heaven whenever anyone was say that once I have most of the moves were so I guess that whole war in heaven saying and casting of Elizabeth and methanol has been a big mistake the only game elements and then again this is making sense again that's once and only said an SMS about the most popular of salvation theories running down the street it's a utterly stupid baseball still may see him in this superdelegate were running out of time is gone switch page that was just okay I just started the demo stand innocently this sixth one goes back to the little horn arranges Lorna wants change times I now have to go through an accident in diabetes eventually did get number seven is the rapture that one is tidy and that is exempt resisted from an excessive because it's it's it's tight end of the rapture to hold the whole rapture theology is nothing but a set up a single last impersonation of Christ okay the impersonation Christ by saying the whole rapture thing is a set up for things absolutely last-ditch effort to derail the plan summation metal will have in our next exposition then the last of the above number eight and number nine given the market versus the sealed market-based seal of God and we we were confident and also the connections and things like that but eventually we end up going to identify a question on Sunday yet the future as a market-based Sabbath as a seal of God is anything quickly the seal of God if you know it has the name of the title of the jurisdictional answer so that's good then it's important about the Sabbath is that it's the least defensible of the Commandments if I continue good logic for all the other nine why should I not go people because my example increases the likelihood they will kill me the same thing for stealing same thing for adultery same thing for lying right okay and the more I do it the more you know what goes around comes around every LSAT okay anybody over the age of twenty five or thirty Nelson did not honor their father mother that he's okay maybe some young ones in question of the in the first four had not budgeted for me what once the moment you've accepted a supreme being by definition you can't ever got before him in the next town okay fully illogical don't create images that makes good sense okay I did always going to misrepresent a supreme being so why do something that lowers the conception of simple to deal with it don't take his name in vain and incident magazine with that on to hear all the way taking God 's name in vain it is not in my humble estimation only swearing it's calling yourself a Christian when you're not to take the name of Christ and not live up to it is taking his name in vain again this is this is the basis for any date Vicki diseases of blasphemy each of the name of God you can take anything as intricate as you have the name Christian Gomez don't mess with it okay so all that makes us the fourth commandment really hard to defend you to make a make a good physiological cases of arrest one million seven and it's a good thing that they will actually tried one day intended works well actually the efficiency dropped one in seven is better how in the world do you say to this day not acting down and what you want is a situation when this one commandment is the most seemingly arbitrary of all of them does not reason behind it just simply said this day this day is much like the true knowledge of any good reason to this day okay and yes but yes valued as it gets even more arbitrary unfair and I like it okay to Derbyshire is the most arbitrary than law okay and yes even keep that but there is one of a lot of people on Sunday the law I understand that you can even say it as a memorial but there is a lot of Sunday keepers who would say that they're doing the same thing why do I have to do it this day like I do that way then that element is is hard to exactly right that's my point it's because he said it's okay has to have a commandment that optionally errors totally arbitrary in order to test space keeping the commandments is not a test of logic and intelligence it's an absolutely mandatory thing that there be one that appears arbitrary day of you lefties as I is okay and if you yes I agree with that if but he's also the one who said this is aware what that remembered input as I know I I know I don't yes I'm with you I'm with you there okay but I get most of the world it doesn't make what do you know they don't see the significance of it I know he said okay thank you regulated will come in and trust me I'm I'm on your side but my next presentation of the okay this and and market a beast that whole thing is all all set up looking and when their breaks and have nothing to do it will be some together and just think the this media was wrong audio is a website dedicated to spreading God 's free audio and much more you would like to know more about hot humors the more certain it is www. on Hoover's .org


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