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Belonging and Be Living: Your Money Where Your Mouth Is

Ron du Preez



  • February 21, 2006
    12:00 PM
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holy father thank you so much for the privilege of us spending for their time in your word understanding you better getting to know you closer being able to learn how to reflect Jesus Christ better be with us in these few moments as we reflect on your holy Word and on Jesus the living word it is then we pray amen you might have heard the story that kid who was going to go to church one day and his mom gave him to quarter secondary was walking down the street than it ought to stop playing with the quarters and is monitored to listen son one quarter is for you and one quarter is to put in the offering flights as it was one of the seedling with quarters one quarter he dropped accidentally it hit the ground and it started rolling down the road and fell right into the wicked into the storm drain and the kids are all there goes God 's quarter yes are we to some degree all like that kid we always are thinks you're not ourselves we don't want to lose these we want to be sure we had the pleasure of the happiness the joy and here are two distinct contemporary scientists have come up with incredible studies I got this time magazine last year I don't subscribe to use magazines but ever known and I called one of the most I want and here it was January two thousand and five the science of happiness and it was like a sixty page spread on it incredible studies that have been made and I thought I would share with you just briefly here's what have the scientists contemporary scientists discovered about how you and I see four one hundred will will enjoy happiness and contentment and what does really happen little good to the potato came here when she was ten years of age from Russia she arrived here in the United States and she says she was greeted by all of these my holes like the government to rush the people are much more serious you can use that term she said she came here and she said these words it was sole mediator she saw everybody was smiling and spirits are focused he was in your later name is Sonia you won't miss music he and Sonia Olivo Milstein carried on Libya for a while and continue to study and eventually guess what folks she became a psychologist teaching at the university of California at Riverside more than that she's got money from the national institutes of health to study different kinds of happiness boosters why are people in the United States smiling and happy again notice what are findings that one is that she decided she found that it was illegal the gratitude journal and diary in which subjects to write down things for which they are thankful she finally has found that taking the time to conscientiously count their blessings once a week significantly increased subjects overall satisfaction with life over a period of six weeks compared with a control group that never wrote down why they were thankful for anything gratitude exercises can do more than living ones mood listen to this at the University of California Davis psychologist Robert Emmons found that gratitude improves physical health you people in the medical field listen carefully again it raises energy levels have you felt I him experiment with this myself unintentionally I remember running one day with the coach I was in the race and the sky ten years old and I came and caught up with me hasten a run with me I said no way he was going too fast he was ten years older he's a note or comment me you can make any encouragement and I tried and I started to run within spitting told me I'm a coach of an athletic team how old are you sixty one I was fifty one about fantasizing good shakes but as we ran together I listened to almost everybody has to be done to the policeman because of the water for forces everyone to thank you so much I appreciate what you're doing and the sky was like on the happiness gratitude campaign I love you man and I listened to the coach and I watched him and as we ran I made up my mind that I was going to experiment with that same thing and the most of the race I greeted and I think people I found that I ran better was when I ran better my time was faster this works folks is this right here the psychologist at the University of California Davis says it raises energy level when you grateful and for patients you many of you in the medical field your users for patients with neuromuscular disease and relieve pain and fatigue gratitude you are given diagnosis and then tell them what to do say going to get a journal but for I would go doing a writing device on no no no when you go by a journal and started writing what you going full for second going get some pain medication you might not need it okay now that they give you quickly here these days they have eight that Doctor Noble Ms. Steve has come up with these things you want to go back to the Bible what happens if you want to the level of your happiness here are the practical suggestions on the rest of California psychologist Tanya Yuba music and complete based on research findings by her and others satisfaction at least a temporary boost a site is guaranteed here are the eight things you want to be happy when I find satisfaction in life number one at the top of the list count your blessing sounds like the Bible this is the social psychologist like your in California Calgary listings and then they say one way to do this is with a gratitude journal I just mention number two practice acts of kindness wow sounds again like in the book of acts of kindness what are they safe they say these acts should both be random you know like you standing in the checkout counter and as a woman with her with a crying child behind you'd think why did you go ahead random acts of kindness and systematic like going to give a supper or a meal to somebody was shot in who cannot prepare food for him or herself be kind to others it makes a major difference in your life and your happiness level number three flavor life 's joys as they sometimes they can enjoy the moment take a mental picture as I walked up here today I looked across at those gorgeous mountains but I don't like snow don't misunderstand no I'm not there I'm here I was raised in South Africa where the only time you see snow is easy to drive to it I mean I don't understand why people but it will get cold in the first place but anyway I still don't get it my wife loves the snow she actually went and went to school in Colorado so that the ghost the ex-wife they went to Campion Academy not the study of the ski I love you and I know for before thing saying amen all are this is what they think you want to be happy incredible as I read these days recommendations for satisfaction it made me reflect they wait a minute are these people going the Bible this is scientific evidence if you want to be happy are those who get number one count your blessings that were to practice act of kindness number three savor life stories number four thanked unmanned door number five learn to forgive we automatically forgive people don't like for them they might never come in place already even because they hate you or because they don't know if they've hurt you and you moody and angry and in the meantime here it is learn to forgive you want to be happy be willing to forgive them before they ask or even if they never duped by the example of Jesus are never that he was hanging on the cross did he wait for them to come and say sorry what it is a father forgive them for they don't know what they're doing number six and give you all these incredible eight conclusions from the scientists the psychologists invest time and energy in friends and family the others don't be focused on yourself the more you focus a result the last happiness you will find number is seven take care of your body getting plenty of sleep exercising stretching smiling and laughing scan all enhance your mood in the short term practiced regularly they can help make your daily life more satisfying and finally number eight develop strategies for coping with stress and hearts we know avoiding hard times and without my exams and financial problems and illness in the family and death and so forth religious faith was as yet scientists have discovered this all really just faith has been shown to help people K as the reality compared to that in a minute again but so do the secular belief in some axioms such as this too shall pass anywhere that thing another one a thing that it doesn't kill me makes me stronger than that who despite just a brief moment here incredible as I looked at what the scientists say they have now discovered incredible evidence that yes the Bible of concepts are actually two religious faith is the big study that do religious people have less stress and are less stressed and happier than nonbelievers research is beginning to explain why is a whole section on when you want to get studies show that the more a believer in Corporation religion into daily living scientific studies that is what is the daily living and they tell you what it is a attending services which you are doing right now reading Scripture and praying a very specific if you do those three things attending services read Scripture and praying what happens is the result the better off he or she appears to be on two measures of happiness yet there are frequency of positive emotions and overall sense of satisfaction with life attending services has a particularly strong correlation to feeling happy and religious certainty the sense of unshakable faith in God and the truth of one's beliefs is more good with life satisfaction if you didn't believe what the words that we have now scientific corroboration that the Bible is indeed telling us the facts of life the site does have now confirmed what the Bible has been telling us all along political now back to the Scriptures will be driving up to forty three incredible information last year is January seventeen time magazine you want to be happy follow these eight things the scientists I know could work with you and what God tells us about how we should live I think of forty three was one but now this is the reminder of the context in which we talking here now thus says the Lord who created you notice that old Jacob and he who formed you O Israel fear not for I have reading you I've called you by your name you are my in simple terms you and I and him that in the broader context because Israel we are all in a certain sense through to Israel that the New Testament reminds us up because we've been redeemed because we've been created by God we are his God that you are mine we are gods by redemption and by creation so if we belong to God the question then is if we are belonging to God how then shall we be living for God I can do the conclusions of these scientists concur with the vital ability not the James the one were seventeen some beautiful structures that will help us see that yes the find the evidence that has been discovered is not contrary to the divinely inspired word of God James chapter one verse seventeen answers a very vital question where does all this good stuff from which all the gifts come from every good gift and every perfect gift is from above him come down from the father Almighty with whom there is no variation or shadow of turning every good gift comes from God now folks in a certain sense if you believe if I believe we belong to God and God says these gifts to us then we are in a certain sense and is an old revision would be used we don't use it much nowadays we are stewards but contemporary language you and I are God 's business managers you have a nicer title you and I are the CFOs of the company what is that she financial officer not CEO know that God was okay God is the CEO right of companies we are the CFO and I'm using the financial in its broadest sense we can't not talk about money yet hold on we'll get to that down the road but let's first talk about what we mean by the manager yes we talk about God 's gifts I like the divided up into four separate categories were to talk about some of them in the future number one all of them come with a T digital right these are very easy to remember we are God 's stewards his business managers in the following four areas if we believe we are his children number one the Temple the Temple and you know that the Bible talks about the first group instructed three and chapter six you are the temple of what couple of the Holy Spirit therefore treat your temple well not in a weak stomach that would talk about that issue the body Temple concept and how are we expected to live in so that our temples can be taken care of a second T yes we are stewards we are managers we all see opposed all the talents that God gives us an first going to twelve fourteen will talk about that also in the future day of the next week we'll talk about the gifts that God gives us we use the word spiritual gifts that people play the piano beautifully got people who have a beautiful voice leasing well you notice I've been doing is to get the best of my talent that my spiritual gift I dabble at home on these things and sing in the shower but you don't see me doing that here God gives everyone gives to be used in order to talk about those things later on but the two autofocus on to them getting right now the thirteenth thirteen with the first evaluate temple the second team talent but these are the things that God has blessed us with that we if we believe we are using we need to use as proper business managers the thirteenth that everyone has the same is what time you're right time time let's spare a few moments for on time right yet Ephesians chapter five three with your Bibles I believe that somebody the pew in front of you I wanted to go with me to this letter of Paul Ephesians chapter five verses fifteen and sixteen couple of verses I want to highlight here Ephesians five first fifteen and sixteen beautiful verses that brings us to a recognition of the importance of time never sifting to see then that you walk circumspect hold on a minute what does he mean that you want go to the beginning of that same chapter chapter five this version wanted therefore be imitators of God as your children or students and walk in love as Christ also hath loved if the political back on diversity windfalls to see that you walk circumspectly he is not talking about physical walking what is he talking about spiritual walking easily go back him off spiritual walk with the Lord Steve then that you walk through unsuspecting not as fools that is why you mean Paul Redon reason to see the time because the days are evil read deeming the time one translation puts it this way making the best use of time now I'm the first pointed a very negative use of that because sometimes unbelievably we think academic and best use of time and so we say Thomas Hart soul strength mind everything into one side to the negligence of other things in a short story the following Shane personal friend of mine yes make a long story short seasons of the Lord so passionately that he spent virtually all of his free time he was in a full-time job but all his free time he was way over here but he was married with two children make a long story short his wife was so unhappy with that if her parents had lived closer she would have left him fortunately for him for folks with a thousand miles away I had a chance to meet with him to talk with him to challenge him to hate you got to get Dallas back in your life and I thank God he listened to me because I was getting calculated as a covenant tell you what to do for you know who's a ministry and sometimes folks we got to talk straight the people and adults recognize that you can do this facility to delete individual wife and your enjoyment was your ministry and he woke up and he took it seriously and he called back within minutes he called on the phone he was supposed to be somewhere helping out with the sorry I cannot come right now I have a family emergency she went home with his wife he confessed sorry forgive me for making the church my wife his wife accepted his apology he began to plan how to balance his life better you know what happened folks the next day his wife and we haven't set a time is going why don't we why don't we go to church tonight the same wife who want to believe it was not thanks little dejected he got the balance right at least when a public beginning the time making the best use of every opportunity I'm not wrong but imbalance will talk about Dallas as well I wanted to make sure you don't go overboard when again I say reading the time making the best use of time I am not suggesting what so many do and you see of people driving down the road and were they doing talking on their cell phones they have now discovered that talk when yourself what I believe is three to four times as dangerous as drunk driving again I'm not suggesting you don't drive drunk revenues or cell phone okay but we got the place we went we would he want to review the time to the point where we are trying to multitask at every Spain your time is a you know that I could not 's you agree that I love multitasking I don't minimize that you have young on my bicycle at home cycling the computer in front of me I have friends there I microwave there and I can have breakfast while cycling I'm not getting it so I haven't my bike at home and I'm busy reading and cycling site can multitask with the life you want to get you but not helping with the laundry 's on the table next to me there and I'm not I've now learned how to fold laundry at thirty miles an hour okay this is through Christmas in pictures and in a month or so to some of the folks here and it is that you cannot find your shortsighted okay if I built a little ironing one in life and I've now learned lines read that fifty miles an hour multitasking UNIX dreams that's what I'm saying we need the time I think make sure you don't waste time we prioritize I remember sitting within thinking how am I spending my time and I took a piece of paper and I worked out exactly how I was using time and I was really shocked I couldn't believe how much time I was wasting assists what you doing in your life time lost can never be regained use it or what visits you know that the Putin number four I get to spend time on time now that's good to know before was number one Temple number two would those two later on number three time and finally number four treasurer let's spend a little time here on that aspect of our many visits how does God expect us to do with these things Deuteronomy chapter eight hours just to give an example of the ancient Israelites and God knows how people handle things he gives them and he already was fully aware Deuteronomy chapter eight verse seven and God saw the caution here to his people existed on the glass you can't take you to the land over flowing with milk and honey however watch out God says good morning to the April seventh for the Lord your God is bringing you into Goodlatte LN of brooks of water fountains and springs that flow out of valleys and hills a land of wheat and barley of vines and things and pomegranates a land of olive oil and honey she continues her I noticed he goes down there her skin when you went he did an awful and then you shall bless the Lord your God for the good land which he has given you think thanks that's one of the big visit count your blessings write down your platitudes that the plaintiffs at said correct and God says to the people remember is you number is eleven you have entered is what watch out cost and the way that you do not forget the Lord your God by not keeping his commandments his judgments and his statutes which I command you today less when you have eaten and are full and have built beautiful houses and dwell in them but it was forty when you half when your heart is lifted up and you forget the Lord your God who brought you out of the land of Egypt from the health of one's going on over seventy venues playing your heart my power and the might of my hand have gained me this well now you can become crowd is the danger got to watch out and you shall remember is looking is to remember the Lord your God for his key who gives you power to get well God knew what could happen when you get rich and then you start posting that's always the danger that doesn't always happen I praise God for some people who think this is God 's money number John Wesley who said burn all UK in this work are many just say he all you can but John Wesley was a Christian believer Katie ended up I think to all you can as the chief the key to happiness is not burn all UK and horde all UK will get to what the Wiseman Solomon said about that in a few minutes time but John Wesley was actually right now I can use what you have for God 's glory I know the people who really gone overboard I just came across this one where people are spending him up and exaggerate their pets are in trouble and they had an MRI for a one thousand forty bucks for a brain scan and now at the countries leading the teaching hospital surgeons are routinely performing procedures once reserved for race dogs you know okay race these are Brennan Dawn nowadays are performing kidney transplant chemotherapy and even joint replacements people are spending thousands of dollars on their dogs cats and other animals you just have to ask yourself the question are we using this are we being proper managers of God wealth that he is placed with in our care and it was very important to think about the picture and ownership because sometimes we are blessed I know here's a picture by the way rules of the country 's identity this was the New York marathon just a few months ago and it's a picture to show you here these men spend their lives in training the Temple and they go to the extreme length all they do is one state healthy physical fitness and here at the end of this waste on the on the right-hand side is a South African who had won the New York Marathon the year before and this on my left is a Kenyan they ran twenty six miles and when they finish the race the guy on the left the fall of the wanted closer to us your development team meeting less at the twenty six two miles gaining less than one third of a second before the other guy three to August second separated that I think and when when they asked Paul Terry got the one that's on the left inside he's actually color he answered in such a humble way you read about this meant Mac incredibly is the fastest marathoner in the world that he has such an incredible attitude unfortunately find others who are always boasting about themselves I am the greatest you heard that phrase okay we one point fingers but you know I don't but as I some of these athletes may give you gratitude I'm so thankful I have a good coach again to think about it always being grateful for what you've been blessed with how did God establish he ridiculed there was a system that would help us to always be grateful that you are to Deuteronomy chapter eighty one and just a few chapters for the economics of the fourteenth got the nominee visited a system whereby you can always remember how to be grateful Deuteronomy chapter fourteen verse twenty two beautiful passage you shall truly tithe all the increase of your grain that the field produces every year on year increase yes God is going for a tenth of everything that we have I remember when I was I just gotten married Linda Knight and I share with you my story as we began the series we were in South Korea back then and just about something seriously gets glistened in a honey within a think about something seriously gets the thing and I was in I talk to when we do is explain we dig into our honeymoon funds because if we remember Malachi chapter three you can turn in your Bibles we talk about Malachi three what is Malachi three site about giving back to God what belongs to him very interesting passage in fact very strong words there we show you are ready for Deuteronomy fourteen says we should return a faithful type engine is a lot of that content is reiterated in message of the twenty three by Jesus Christ himself the principle of returning a faithful type but here in Malachi chapter three verse ten is a complex even a wrong God and then burst didn't bring all the tithes into the storehouse nine the New Testament talks about the storehouse is providing finances so that the gospel of Jesus Christ can be spread throughout the world you find that the enforcement instructor and we talked about this should we do that and God says listen bring it all in that there may be food in my him from me in the Caspian is infinitely the only place in the Bible where God challenges you and leave prove me test me to try me says the Lord of host if I will not open for you the windows of heaven and pour out your list of the blessings that they will not be room enough to receive it and I think of and it lets you off on our honeymoon fun and let's return a faithful type two hundred dollars this is twenty five more years ago so we took that out and I had as we traveled on a honeymoon we got the one place we went to South Africa on honeymoon I wanted to get to meet my family and friends we got married in the South Korea I don't like parents of been able to come there for the wedding so here we were traveling and I can quickly tell my dad in the past two years before twenty years before fifteen years before and here we were and I said in a height of two places I love to take you this is the town of postwar well-known for its neck this is the caverns like Carlsbad Caverns with stomach like this incredible place in the main all of the Vienna boys choir had common data concepts she was so huge that we should take into the tangled case I don't have money we reprint return the faithful thought they could do it my dad built the church and where he worked and if it is one other place I could take it and that is to see ostrich farms but we can't afford we arrived in oats or the past as did the pastor showed up good friend of mine as he showed up to pick us up we got in the closet hey Sam it's good to see you again and he said Ron was just luck I would like to take you somewhere I like to think you'd like to think the tangled cavelike now before I could say but then I is it old urologists and other favorites I looked at my wife wow how did he know and so was the victim because as we got visited I've got work in the court I've been into these crazy enough you guys going to enjoy ourselves we did we came back out of the case as soon as we got in the course of vitamin is one of the affected thank you into an ostrich farm you know how I want to go Lord how did he know yes we Federal Reserve the same guy we got the authors while we enjoyed ourselves I got a picture of my wife riding an ostrich and left the office farm they had these beautiful magnificent plume feather duster is made of ostrich feathers and limited I wish I could get one of those as a souvenir the husband said sorry honey no money we returned a faithful time what we got in the car and we drove off and as we were leaving with it just from morning to evening catching the train going out again as we drove Sam said anyone we stopped to visit with one elderly church member she is still alive since your dad was a pastor your fifteen years before I suggest we stopped on the way talk with her system cats are never forget and said good to see his sister goodbye and as we were saying goodbye to all affected and you ran into the house and she came dashing out to guess what a feather duster how did she know that the one souvenir that my new wife wanted was a feather duster and I tell you folks we kept the feathered nest of years reminding us that God is the correct when he says be faithful in returning the type and I will shower you with blessings so many things happen as I look back as much as the tide God also wants us to agree to give offerings and if I had time today I could share with you more but I is in the book of Exodus by which you find there how the people Exodus thirty five Exodus thirty six they were asked to bring gifts to the Temple you might deliver the story they were going to establish this new sanctuary of God is the oldest things we can so that I may dwell among you remember that passage had to hear the people brought and they brought Roth Roth so much they gave so generously that I don't want to renew this one verse the guys were working at the Temple for the builders and so forth to Moses in Exodus thirty six and spoke to Moses in verse five that people bring much more than enough for the service of the word which the Lord commanded us to do so most of the commandment Exodus thirty six was six and caused it to be proclaimed throughout the camp thinks that neither man nor woman doing any more work for the offering of the sanctuary and the people were restrained from bringing imagine that imagine Dusty blogger just so much so that you can visit the folks we aren't anything any more offerings for the next month we've got too much on the Proverbs are to eliminate the problems the wisest man who ever lived what does he tell us about this idea of giving it oh so many times we think if I keep on getting richer it's interesting the Christian concept is counterintuitive Proverbs chapter eleven verse twenty four and twenty five safe there is one who scatters it in Greece is more there is one who withholds more than is right but it leads to poverty the generous soul will be made rich and he who waters will also be watered himself as you give you find out that you are blessed incidentally I remember some years ago I did we put this into practice very very seriously and I kept giving increasing increasing and the weird thing was that we got more and more and I never forget the day I have to turn to God and pray that the Lord please stop the blessings I actually said that folks like crazy but it was so overwhelming I asked he asked the Lord to hold on the limits it was just so much it was more than it wasn't any more room to receive I will now do the book of Matthew I always would go to the words of Jesus Christ as your domestic twenty fourth until you use it oh well two thousand six decided were going to go back to that practice of testing the Lord yes we've been returning a faithful time if you notice I never spent any time in everything give tied you cannot write type twenty five note impossible title belongs to God you can only return that's like us if you don't pretend you're a thief not items he was ignoring fascinating so I don't think you type a type of no return what already belongs to God that's biblically speaking by the way and so this year Lebanon is that okay on the now start making sure I continue advertising and also I'm going to by God 's grace that I would like to you want to provoke unbelievable again why my thing unbelievable I should've known the Lord kept showering us and we look at our meager account it wasn't me it was overflowing well when I was sitting for months where does all this money come from I know I just eat the Lord is the showering us with blessings in a sometimes we think the more we have the better off we will be listened to Time magazine again before you directly for the money for worth money can buy happiness I'm ready for my next significant money can't buy happiness the things that really matter in life are not sold in stores love friendship family respect a place in the community the belief that your life has purpose of those only sensible human fulfillment and they cannot be purchased with cash everyone needs a certain amount of money but facing money rather than meeting is a formula for discontent to many Americans him through the motorcycle of work and spend their principal goal then they wonder why they don't feel happy with Jesus Jesus year challenges us towards us in Chapter twenty four and a context the top twenty four as you well know is the end of time look at verse forty four therefore you also be ready Matthew twenty four forty four for the Son of Man is coming at an hour you do not expect and then see the docs in the next two were about the faithful see you all if you believe the faithful business manager the faithful steward that uses God well properly until one more passage of Jesus Matthew chapter six diseases one must be careful folks verse nineteen do not lay up for yourselves treasures on earth where moth and rust destroy and where thieves break in its field but lay up for yourselves treasures in heaven where neither moth nor rust destroys and where thieves do not break in and steal for where your treasure is there will your heart be also and because it was thirty three Jesus says in a nutshell seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness and all these things shall be added unto you I love to the short story I met this young man just last month his name is good he says these stories I can share it with others and began to study the Bible folks and as you study the Bible in the past that he was letting withholdings and the Bible principle challenges us to return a faithful tie and was studying yet joined any of that that church and was studying he began to reflect that around the same time to the throne the same time he finished his MBA at his school loan came due and you are talking about when the school of come along you know there's that other temptation is a student at Southern when they came to me him from any story you think you have the classic professor I don't know what to do because I have my rent do this weekend the only money I have in my home is the type as enough for my rent what should I do professor and I talked to at what do you think you should do she looked at me she said I think I should be faithful to God I think you're right and she went home deciding to return the faithful type because it belonged to God she claimed that after the weekend exuberance and you won't believe what when I told there was a set for my grandfather would just as much as I needed for my rent while that's incredible the story still happen folks they still do that directly and stored as is Mike my loans are doing now is not the sprinkler to the Lord Lord I need a job because I have decided under the return of the private starting the last week of August he told his young click on the stock in August when we started turning back he said I was impressed by God is and what I need a job with good money because I like my loans of the Lord leads you get bonus and I'm using mode when I get a jump close by I read some of New York City's dance with a good job Softimage outpost by the folks the last week of August was when he got a job the job he says was with three times over what he was now returning and tie and it was five miles away from his home in the woods of it according enough thank God for giving me the courage to trust him and old Bay yes it is still studying the Bible he hasn't joined any church as he's been studying now but that's what he said and I want to put up on the screen just one short phrase it says give God your breasts him to take care of the rescue with a Britney you got your back you take care of the rest again he is God your best to take care of the rest remember the passing both his and my God shall apply all your need according to his riches in glory in Christ Jesus the question when I leave you today with is simply this are you willing why can't to trust God and obey him and the VA faithful manager of his difference that he has placed in your care let us pray holy father thank you for entrusting each one of us with various gifts all of these good gifts you've given us whether that be the Temple he blessed us with the time that the talent the time or the treasures help each one of us to be willing to trust you and to be faithful to you in Jesus precious name on their


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