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The Two Image Makers Part 1: The Alpha Deception

Brian Dunne


Brian believes that agriculture is indeed the ABC of true education. This conviction has been developed and solidified by his long experience as a home gardener, by his seven years as a photographer at Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds, and by his recent work of farming at one of our academies. 




  • October 16, 2010
    2:00 PM
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welcome my name is Brian Don and I thought our care at Southern for a good few years recently I moved to Missouri I'm working there is a photographer 's ROTC company there but alone open up in a little I guess untraditional way and that is I like to come before the Lord with song just as a prayer just to come before him in song to so I invite you to kneel with me and I will sing as a prayer the AEC and who will be learned unless you as being in my scene on the team will is wrong and you are denying us a watch me and the sound of the way there is saying me to show in the review and soil to I was so a whole we may use it is the man I is you will and sin is shown in midair to whom the time you send a gone around the nice days you and my shadows alone go buy it right is is is and precious father as he counts you with doors and David we pray that they would be they cry our hearts as we look into this great theme of your incredible love your creative power to make beings that can be made in your image that could learn to love in the way that you love the could reflect you Lord the subject I pray that you would tell his room at your Holy Spirit Donna Shani you know thoughts or interference from the enemy that would be here help us to have hearts like soil that is prepared for the seed ready to receive it ready to let a germinate we pray that your word is uplifted as we look into the subject of your arts on the subject of the enemy 's art help us see the clear distinction the clear power of your glory as opposed to the darkness of the enemy give me wisdom Lord as I speak give me cardio speech and thought signed up on my lips cover me with your blood on all of us here we ask in Jesus name amen welcome come on in I call this series the two image makers in the first chapter of Genesis one of the first things they run into is the fact that God crated man in his image after we've looked at his creation of the world out of nothing he says that there be light outplayed us in the second we find out that God made man in his image tells you that it's a very important thing to God and to his word that he introduces in the first chapter of the Bible that man whom he is writing to his made in God 's image very very important and yet we find out in the second and third chapter but immediately one comments to intercept image and not battle has been going on ever since there's only two images in the cosmos is only two images in all of existence is the image of God is a rival image is no gray area is the image of God under the right limits all the enemy has to do is pull you one iota away from the image of God calls you to accept one thing against the image of God as he did receive that's all you did was ever simply disobeyed a command of God and he had reciprocated his own image image of the creature that's my theme is about how we has seven minutes giving the trainers message of void under the warning call law to allow the enemy 's image to be in the butt to yield to the image of God us of the trans- messages yield to the glory of God nor any major use interchangeably is a video I put together to explain a little bit of this in the beginning God created heaven and the new year was a holy seasons on the face as he missed your call on this case is one and God said let there be a new was lying and God saw the light and that was using in God the darkness in the beginning was the word on the word was with God and the Word was a scene was in God all things were made by without he was not anything made in his life and the life was the light and the light shines in darkness darkness comprehended it not or was God 's name was John the same day as Umberto 's awful lot that all land through him might believe he was not that I was sent as a that was the true light which like every man that cometh into the he was in the world was made by hand and the world knew him not he came unto his own zone is but this is due that day they are the sons of God even to them in the Lord not one nor nor of the will of God and the Word was made flesh and dwelt among us and we beheld his glory glory as of the only thing the car is as long as I will I like I is not by God so love to you as you is a God sent not his son is in the world and I like this him a rumor everyone is number and the name he will I have graven thee upon the long line I have a right to your home theater now that I is as is listed on with this is an little while the line was when the balloon is an even more darkness and light really is a you know so and is Lori is the only begotten in him for the time so as you is a sale of the new was lying and also gone in an inner and to see this video with light drawing that you just heard the videos entitled in the beginning log onto www. images of the light .org that's my website or you go to three angels to .com has many wonderful videos evangelist videos of its three angles to .com and do a search in the search box for Brian Don that will bring up my videos hope you enjoy the message thank you for listening to catch how the Scripture takes the Old Testament definition of God creating light and applies it to mankind being without form and void then it's a Jesus is the light that comes into the darkness if you don't believe me from what I said listen the descriptor for God who commanded the light to shine out of darkness referring to Genesis has shined in our hearts I shined in our hearts to show the light of the knowledge of the glory of God in the face of Jesus Christ the catch once an artist goddess when he created the world he did it in such a way knowing the future I believe that it would help facilitate explained to us what he's about he knew what would happen he didn't make it happen he knew the possibility could arise at least and Christ is ready to be a light for my again and can into our darkness Illinois work as an artist and I paint I discover by mistakes and by running into brick walls and going around this way may have to use a human creativity to get over the humps you don't find things out God doesn't work that way is an artist he knows everything and everything he does is deliberate and has a meaning that unfolds among folds and unfolds into infinity because when he makes at first it's infinitely perfect look of the cosmos you learn lessons from the cosmos it's interesting in the cosmos one thing that seems to repeat itself is that you have the solar bodies and then you have the dark planets which have no light of their own innate revolve around the light right now let's move out of the solar system are out of the billions and billions of solar systems without the galaxies I never noticed if you look at galaxies the galaxies also revolve around a central mass of light out the earth and the solar system is like a little pinpoint somewhere out here little tiny pinpoint but even the massive galaxy out on money light years out is across no but it revolves around a central license everything God does is deliberate there we are as the Milky Way signed his finger this comprise the whole of space where we have her shock back in the nineteen twenties and it was we found out that this massive galaxy is but a pinpoint and probably less than that in the expanse of galaxies that are out there there galaxies much larger than ours and they can count on it no sign to say we think there might be his money galaxies of there are grains of sand on all the shores of old knows of in a help on this was even try we don't know what we just admit it you know we don't know about each other we know there's so many that it's beyond our mind is the human Milky Way by the way I was deposited there there's a glory in space is a glory that we see the physical glories of space the solar system the song the galaxies and the bodies I can only reflect them in revelation later on we'll see how God uses his own work as an artist to explain how man is to be glorious only by reflecting he does not have his own independent glory Satan himself does not have his own independence glory that are not the divine glory but he has realized something and we get into that little bit later house to steal the glory of God is revealed trying to do for millennia trying to steal the glory of God and make sure we don't look out into space in nature we see that things are originally graded not to live unto themselves everything serves everything else and not original plan nothing was created just unto itself God said let us make man in our image in our likeness of God crated man in his own image in the image of God created he him male and female created he them Dennis is one twenty six and twenty seven what is the image of God is a question not of both the Christian and pagan world of thrown around since the beginning image of God this seems to be something in the heart of man even fallen where he aspires to the image of God this is what the Bible says celebrity agree that we should go to the Bible to define things wrong within our own reason we should subjugate our reason through the word we shouldn't throw out reason but we should subjugated to the reason of God right this is what the Bible says Psalm eighty five for thou hast made him a little lower than the angels and has crowned him with glory and honor speaking of man here in the Psalm this is where Paul quoted in the New Testament now made a simple little lower than the angels and crowned him with glory and honor and it set him over the works of your hands now if you notice how similar it is yelp always quoting from Hebrew are the Septuagint was the other promises use the Hebrews used is quoting from the Hebrew but the King James translators knew about job there in the Old Testament translation a lot of the newer translations are see nested up they say thou hast made him a little lower than God now the reason Paul it that way is because I think he new surveys first the Holy Spirit and also through the original understanding of the Hebrews that it is actually meant a little lower than the angels the word that's used the word that is used in the Septuagint which the set to in the Greek translation of the Old Testament anybody know when that stores translated it out I believe so before presently theologians year study that the Septuagint was a translated the Greeks were amassing writings from other nations they were information junkies they had libraries and Alexander different places you know and I'm in Athens in different places and so they loved to get the writings of different peoples and bring them into their libraries and they commissioned as far as I understand that the Jews to translate their writings into what was becoming the universal time I don't love that is universal to that time but it was certainly growing in popularity and so the Hebrew scribes translated back then their understanding of it they translated into Greek as you may have a little lower than the angels but the word in Hebrew is Elohim by the word Elohim is used in different ways in the Old Testament sometimes it's used to describe God sometimes used to describe magistrates you can prove this from Old Testament usage it doesn't always mean God under Hebrew scribes of that time understood it to mean Angels newer translations sometimes will say you made not a little lower than God because they say well it's on typical use of the word and you know but Paul we only have to go to Paul and he says man was made lower than the angels of the Jesus took in nature of man which is lower than the angels and Alice put all things on in subjection under his feet for in that he put all in subjection under him he left nothing that is not put under him but now we see not yet all things under him and he will back into Hebrews chapter two Paul is actually referring this text about man who can go back and he was doing to reach or you can open your Bibles and look in their you find out that he's referring to Jesus cry ice house the father has not yet given the kingdom entirely into his hands at this time and he is still awaiting the full coronation as the head of mankind a representative of mankind we know that all things were under him in heaven when he took human form is a process he goes you can receive the kingdom it's a big Darvocet and that is teaching understanding of the judgment by the end of time is where Jesus receives the kingdom right all right but you see Christ's has taken our for me to become the head of our race and now God shows his approval this is son of God who took humanity he showed his approval and reinstates to his son everything that he had before but now as the representative of the human family incredible is why Paul says and that will go there but we see Jesus who was made this is Paul a little lower than the angels for the suffering of death crowned with glory and honor are not in those words glory remember Dorian image a very similar glory and honor that he by the grace of God should taste death for how many men every man right for it became him for whom are all things and by whom are all things bog knowledges his preexistence that he was overall things you need to inherit anything than what he says became Emperor who were all things and by whom are all things in bringing many sons unto glory this incredible love prices down for us we realize to make the captain of their salvation perfect through sufferings Christ's humanity was enveloped for us like a furnace of fire his history money was tried and perfected for us for both he that sanctified and they were all sanctified are all of one realizing this fax is saying this is incredible I get to share in the glory that Christ earned by taking humanity I get to share in that knee who is a raffle on the lowest all God 's sentient creatures almost in August Satan would be lower in the sense of morale and morality but but you know what would God do this for us this is incredible we get to be exalted in fantasies of this as we are seated in heavenly places with Christ Jesus because he is exalted and he represents us if we agreed to be part of seventy and him then we enjoy this exaltation but it's something that God has given to the whole human race is not incredible he's made it available to the whole human race in Christ Jesus image and glory I mentioned before that these two terms are linked together Jesus is the image the express image script resets he is the glory John one full of grace and truth we beheld his what glory full of grace and truth and then it also says in Colossians one who is the image of the invisible God the firstborn of every creature for by him were all things created that are in heaven and are in earth visible and invisible it goes on to explain how magnificent our Savior is who came to save us he happened these last days spoken unto us by his son whom he hath appointed heir of all things by whom also he made the worlds who being the brightness of his glory know what the receipt and minute ago he was the image of the invisible God now we see he is the brightness of his glory and the brass image of his person now it's not said about them nobody was made that he was the express image the zenith he and the full manifestation was in Christ that out of any one of growing towards for who knows how long crisis infinity he's all the way there another was the full glory was manifested Jesus Christ here's a question Jesus possessed our compromise form and yet manifested the image of God expressly about that what does that tell you about the image of God for God commanded the light to shine out of darkness in our hearts to give the light of the knowledge of the glory of God in the face of Jesus Christ another text says the fullness of the Godhead bodily dwelt in Christ the gutsy galoshes do we have this treasure in earthen vessels what treasure do we have an earthen vessels but they talk about though image and glory image of God we have in Jesus Christ the full manifestation of it that's possible and it created for right we have this treasure in earthen vessels that the excellency of the power may be of God and not of us what's the point here none was made a little lower than the angels but he was made to manifest the glory of God I believe in a way that would increase into eternity that's what you were made for Satan doesn't want you to know but there's something that was always we must always guard against and that is the doctrine of pantheism of thinking that therefore we were made and to manifest God we've got God it is already at the state out of a need to have a manifestation of God 's glory in them but they for circuit right this is the problem that we are now in we do not naturally manifest the image of God especially for character we have this treasure in earthen vessels these are people not an accepted Jesus Christ we have in Jesus in an earthen vessel but the excellency of the power may be of God and not of us and then again we understand that it's not only that this is manifesting Jesus but why did God manifest in his son inhumanity this great glory was it just so that he could show his glory and in leave was the point what is Satan accomplished in Eden to interfere with the glory of God right answer make manifest another image right and so that is the tie-in with are located within minutes and so God 's purpose in manifesting his glory Jesus Christ taking argument of your compromise humanity he took the nature of Mary Wright who had the nature of who our mother on what major to see half of the nature of the right and sort on the nature here at the complex term that means different things to different people but let's just keep it simple right now Jesus took the humanity after years of scouring and smaller it was weaker than mine faculties were weaker everything he did not appear as twelve feet tall right he was definitely compromised he did so so that he could manifest the glory is not against the nine to be restored to the image of God now after unbaptized divisive they become twelve feet tall I'd like absolutely out of laws no why not that I still have the compromise humanity but the mind is to be transformed right it says in Romans twelve one and two that were not to be conformed to be transformed by the renewing of our mind right so that Lori in physical terms we don't manifest the glory that Adam and Eve had in the beginning I I like going on around me and I don't have a you know what an amazing capacity in my mind as you probably figured out already right as far as 's intellect goes but something is changed when I set Jesus Christ that is central to God 's glory there appeared a great wonder in heaven a woman clothed with the sun the moon under her feet and upon her head a crown of twelve stars who is this woman the church and this woman was closed with the sun symbolism for the glory of God with the moon under her feet and upon her head a crown of twelve stars the woman the church is to manifest the glory that Jesus brought into humanity and that Jesus has been bringing back into humanity from the start lamb slain from the foundation of the world he alone is the glory of God we are not independently deployed God and Paul says in Ephesians and to make all men see what is the fellowship of the mystery which from the beginning of the world hath been hid in God who created all things by Jesus Christ the intent that now unto the principalities and powers in heavenly places might be made known by the church the manifold wisdom of God this is on the same subject Christ brought into humanity to glory that I've need for so I'm now he wants us to yield the three angels message give glory give place to the glory that I brought back to you heal your life a sacrifice right be transformed by the renewing of your mind what is the image then what is the glory the point here is that if Christ manifested the image while he yet took sinful slices were told in Romans eight three Biarritz primarily is not a twelve foot body as the grace with the image is not primarily my great skill and are my greatest scaling music on my great intellect in scholastic learning the image is connected to these things in a certain way it's connected to a holy marriage on a godly family but Jesus was not married physically and didn't have children physically himself we say that that's the image of God I were missing something image of God is primarily moral and spiritual it's also physical is connected to the physical and that we know that's true in a sense but primarily of Jesus manifested the perfect image in the form that he took we can see that image of God he followed me is primarily what was it about Jesus I was the image of God it was his Holiness 's righteousness is purity of mind that's the image of God you can't have the other things BD image of God independently does my point that the resembling and is also strongly is that I studied secular art education I have to trace back their view back into where they get it from which is from the Greeks and Romans and Greeks and Romans get it from the baloney and the Babylonians get from the Egyptians in a different dinner from dented the move is on the other Bolivians get from primarily canine Kane gets it from Saint and you know what that image of God is glory in my dominance of others in my superiority in my competitive drive out to everybody else than the Greeks thought it is so highly that they build arenas to stage this and this was actually good then hard all their religion it wasn't just you know someday sports sedan it was a profession of their belief in the image of God in man you can study their literature and find this out as I see religious service or sports their theater their actors their warriors it was all oh and there thought pattern to display the image of the gods not his dominance the Greek dominance over other peoples are probably less a rivalry are you know vicious ambition to set ourselves up after them was the image of God know what's what's wrong with that image of God and they tell me of where the emphasis that's right to take attention off got a place online where the emphasis is on the image of God there are character does it display as outward it shows no great scale the Greeks were deathly skillful people the highest level of visual art was developed by them we know that it's at least a certain time in its history there were brilliant brilliant artist before them the caveat didn't know we don't have record on guns of the movie is one but I need a broad music and art and philosophy to its highest levels of the creature could do it apart from goddess for that way and when they said this is the image of God okay and I tell you what was wrong with it was it disagrees in nature with a very central core of God 's character which is now and the danger in educational focus oftentimes is my friend here point out new Luther fear that the great universities would become the gates of hell you know why is he understood I thought he understood that the tendency of the great Roman institutions with their love of the grapes on their love of the ancient Egyptians was to take their focus off the central theme of the image of God and look at the externals excellence in the externals right I believe it is a place for excellence we better on the dear friends of mine is an inverse connections about is not just a matter of taking Jesus Christ and placing them over the top of the excellence of man you have two echoes of the next one good one so it's it's a whole different excellence that God has been mine because mine has send i.e. by nature manifests the excellence that Satan tried to introduce self pizza we take the externals and we say I'm going to be the greatest athlete I was once a world-class Runner my life is very anxious very self-centered very imbalanced and I cry out for God and that's why God in on me at that point God intervened in my life because he was showing me while I was lacking but I was viciously seeking for the first place I know rest of my heart I was taught by her body around us the image of God your mother testing image of God are developing your gifts yet so what shall you do better than others it's the image of God whatever you have to do the manifest image of God and then I read this Scripture it says steam others more highly than yourself and God said to me it may be a perfection of a type that your manifesting but it's not mine the nature of the gift is more important than the external okay I'm crucified with Christ you see the excellent see all the falling creature needs to be crucified God can accept that he wanted different and inverse excellence nevertheless I live yet not I but Christ lives in me to glory the image on the life which I now live in the flesh in this body this sinful flash this affected slasher deficient you might call it I live by the faith I believe the King James seared in a very wise translation by the faith of the son of God is not just that I happen to have a fate that sort like Jesus faith in our ice thrives about my faith life is no need to a knowledge that what I have won't I need the faith of the son of God because without the faith it is impossible to please K not a certain faith in what he was doing but it wasn't the fate that God could accept it was a sacrifice that God could not accept Revelation three twelve Dayton overcomes will I make a pillar in my temple of my God and he shall go out no more and I will write upon him and unity realize that this is saying and relational were talking about God 's graph to the human family into his divine family in a tender expression of love that the whole universe is at once the word amazed at and is drawn closer when they see is that what our God is like we love our God we already have been fatal for God we haven't send like a world that we didn't know how deep his love goals that he takes his little rebel race and he takes him under his bosom and he says Satan I have brought them into my cherished protection and we have a choice to not matter whether or not going to accept it and be be part of that so we are to be that new Jerusalem we are to be with them so you have a Greek image of God which is external religious ritual scholasticism and great intellect am not saying that that's bad don't get me wrong but apart from God it can only go wrong direction and you know in that the glory of the body and I drew this picture as a soda that an illustration of first Corinthians chapter one where Paul says the wisdom of the world is foolishness with God on what God is foolishness of the world we preach Christ crucified they can't understand it you know why because they're chasing after this external glory in Christ doesn't manifest you didn't come here to manifest on external voice he cut out he was more glorious editing wiser faster stronger than any other man and external human ideas or in you no one thought the aptitude tests and a lot service thing between greatest scientist why didn't she invest his time in being the greatest athlete white amigos of the great theaters and show the out act all of their actors but only he would but why didn't he you know that the politics and show himself the greatest politician but why didn't he go that direction 's workers fraternity not temporal and I explained to you another reason why root out of dry ground no form are communists that we should desire him it was necessary to a humble man's view of his greatness and that God would come in the humbleness with the glory was really in the character and not in the externals because Manny Silva dazzled by the great athletes and the great no politician he doesn't see the corruption and underneath it all we look at the externals that God looks upon the heart he wanted to show us that the glory he's talking about is not dependent on the outward glory so Christ came and ninety Isaiah says he seizes to the spirit of God 's prophetic energies is when we hit as it were our faces it was unacceptable to the Jews because guess what they were chasing the same glory of the Greeks it may have been a little different way same they were buying the same base for me race where they were chasing the fruit of knowledge of good and evil instead off going back to God and as children allowing him to reflect out of them that's why Paul says they chase after their own righteousness and did not receive the righteousness of God you see so there's a reason why God manifested the glory of his son in a form that would old-fashioned the error of humanity which was to see the image on his glory and his great great achievements on his grades prowess in war and in battle and all these things when Christ comes we can lowly sitting on 's by the way that image was one of things that help convert John Haas the great reformer to artist painted that image of Christ lowly Ananias and the Pope and all his pump he was already been convicted by the Holy Spirit to help be a turning point in his conversion experience in the Reformation the image of God is not primarily the love between a man and woman because if a man and woman are in love without Christ is not a very pretty thing at all that's not the image of God by itself it is related to it this amount and the woman are yielding to the glory of God image of the invisible God is Jesus Christ Romans a trait of the likeness of sinful I got to finish up here real quick one of the fundamental differences is a good ending point one of the fundamental differences between true Christianity on pagan estate spiritualistic and syncretistic blended religions including profess Christianity it does live up to it is the definition of the term the image of God false religion focuses on external attributes as comprising image deemphasizing all terrain or subduing the moral character of God 's law all you have to do your feet and get rid of Asia's soda deemphasize in a really emphasize noncompetitive drive to excel and you've already denied part of Major Jesus Christ because that's not his way to limit his switch as a nominee in the second one won't explain how this ties in with the art culture that you are cultures in the universe there is gobs and there is the creatures and we need to give way to God 's image by the way greatest art ever created and hung on the nail is right here this is a display that all can see all the while God is like an man this is a display of what he is like without God he doesn't want to accept this because it doesn't give you money glory of himself he wants to have his own glory so understand and the second one I'm going to talk about the history of art in Egypt Babylon media Persia Rome Howlett infiltrated the fall of Protestant churches and how home now were battling against this in the media world because media artists you know whether trained in the basic philosophy of the Greeks and Romans which was carried to the French Revolution and brought into the art schools I know I'm an artist I studied at all and I could see it all through it you and in our sports arenas in our theater which image you think were really more preoccupied with this one or this one the good guy wins in the annual rumble with his machine gun and you know and if the glory the great Sith the glory of belongs the glory of fallen man all right one last thing I'll say Daniel to finally know what the image of Daniel to is you tell me bring it into your mind always in an image of annual to a man you know we get caught up in the individual nations will we miss the big picture you know God saying a Empire set up on set up upon the glory of the creature the stone that is Christ is going to crushed you must manifest my image I can only come through Jesus Christ must falling be broken or else want to happen to be crushed it rep the image represented all times and in media Persia Greece Rome and are represented the fact that God can't except the human image of God as man defines it we must yield to the image of God as God defines it which is a broken and contrite heart we can do great things we can be great scholars and great physical athletes in the sense of doing what God wants us to do with her powers and it's not going into an arena and fighting one another look at Moses look at the men of old and figure out what God wants us to the metaphysical powers anyway one and Ron have a short break I went over my five minutes of sorry inelegant onto the history of art in the Anthony's going to give a very powerful testimony Anthony back there by some of the very back was in big advertising big business I need when I relate my my thoughts seizes your you and I remember those running into those very things that they can give you is a personal testimony his conversion experience from the big competitive world into the gospel of Jesus Christ in a different mayonnaise is freeing from the diction to media on other things on drugs and needs a lot of story to tell and let's call it a quick prayer precious father Lord we want your glory the devil has often bedazzled us with the shallow image that the enemy has fooled us into believing is your image but help us to manifest the humility of Christ and realize that's any greatness that can calm can only come from that help us Lord to realize your nature your kindness your image as a servant of servants washing the feet of the disciples help us Lord to manifest the same engine in the art and media that bombards us helpless to shut it out and instead place your image in people my guess is in Jesus Parliament will media was wrong audio nurse a website dedicated to spreading God 's word through reading sermon audio and much more you would like to know more about our universe the more certain that the visit www. audio verse .org


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