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From Fractured to Whole

Allen Lloyd



  • October 28, 2010
    7:30 PM
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before we begin this message I like for you to run around with his with her father in heaven we thank you that you have given us this great message of the gospel and also great message of we know you came to give us life and give it more abundantly but you also promised that when you left after your resurrection that you would send your Holy Spirit and we pray that each mind in each heart they might be inclined to the full voice of your spirit and that also this voice rightly inclined by your spirit to speak your words in Jesus name we pray amen are you lonely young entire series this weekend is CPR and actually CPR stands for our if I get my remote to work the right hand maybe top button still no alternative I'll try to write and Alan work cut I CPR stands for Christ Haitian restore and of course when we teach CPR and hospitals and other clinics around the nation I called basic life support training and often the basic life support training is what online organization most commonly call all anyone know actually the Red Cross that often puts on the CPR training programs and more the Red Cross get his name really from Christ the patient and restore inside today are some of this might be reviewed because for some of you might be basic life support training bioethanol alas I better involved in hospital training have to go through this at least every error zero is a review and pass even the CPR aspect of things the integrity advanced cardiac life support training for the ACL S etc. and I've often wondered if you are working in the ICU for many years and running many codes etc. online at the hospital continues to insist that identity is these basic certificate is that every time I go back and I realized that actually it does have some components to it on the actual remote might be a challenge I'm pressing the same button it worked a little bit ago and I'd like to introduce a couple of studies in medical literature this is one of the sixteen year study whenever we're going to start raising that spanned many decades I'm very interested in enrolling and knows that this was I a study that said religious commitment may help prevent physical and mental illness and a recovery from illness and I has mentioned it was review of religion and health of these banning sixty years and instead of view is that a lot of these studies is that it was non- and Georgetown University here's some calls from the study surveys of the US population during the past sixty years of establishment religion holds a central place in the lives of many Americans ninety five percent of Americans believe in God and maybe more than what you think of the general agent as part of the country of violence when you average the entire country it is ninety five percent that at least half a belief in God more than fifty percent of patients stated that they pray on a daily basis what's safe I can back up here what is their backup when we ask him a more than forty percent attend church weekly again you might not think that's the case for the Californians it is less than that of course in California but still more than you might think seventy five percent of people want their physician to consider spiritual issues in relation to their Karen Nelson without any attempted rhyme even raising so just on a survey seventy five percent of patients stay that they want their position to consider spiritual issues in relation to their care fifty percent want their position to weigh when that and again without a and introduction or bridge although I don't pray when every nation on every visit I have fungi and twenty one years I actually been used to have a patient be prayed for on at the time when I'm there in the visiting again if I were doing across the board I'm sure it would be refused on whether the time or two but usually there is talking regards the condition retards talking regards to the spiritual aspect and how that's important and also in regards to the study as if someone was seems to be alone or resisted will they may be a relentless and after that I haven't had anyone refused to for me to pray for the second potential after doing this about three times and go to the religious commitment has an effect on specific health concerns I protect against depression suicide substance abuse cancer and cardiovascular disease other researchers theorized that adherence to health promoting behaviors such as abstaining from alcohol red meat and tobacco could partially explain the lower incidence of diseases been observed among members of conservative religious groups and religious commitment and also give people greater peace self-confidence and purpose that could positively affect their health and investigators and actively religious people may help better with illness by relying on their beliefs and of course I these are kind of in discussion aspect of the this study where their theorizing in regards to why religious commitment does seem to positively affect the study goes on and concludes that physicians can help religious people by encouraging them to pray more meditative to attend worship to follow religiously based morning practices to seek forgiveness from others and read holy literature in short it was saying that many religious practices the patients find potentially meaningful might become resources for enhanced prevention opening in recovery and saw the Journal early archives of family medicine stay in a primary care journal very clearly that the spiritual aspect and religion and particularly even particular what where they were the more conservative type of religions definitely have a role to play in regards to the health of our patients and you know I'm a handball depression recovery in our depression recovery program we get people from all walks of life and some that are not religious most I would say a greater share of our patient succumbed to our depression recovery program haven't been to church in many years and wonder and actually down in on whether God has a role of plan their life I think God is actually forgotten them or somehow neglected and of course that's why they feel like they are not there is a depression in this study from dues it has done a lot of the studies on religion and mental health shows that depressed patients with higher intrinsic religiosity scores are more rapid remissions in patients with lower scores and it also shows on patients recover from depression seventy percent sooner with every ten point increase in the religiosity assessment score external religious activity had much less of an impact external religious activity means like doing the rosary or even just formal church attendance what I found this practicing over twenty years in the Bible Belt is not everyone goes to church actually has a belief system often they don't they are for business purposes and only handing out their business card and letting them know about services that they can provide etc. because it's a great meeting place and they might be going to the forms of religion but not actually allowing it to affect their life in our depression recovery program we show them what the Pats fans look like now well established whether made terror terror and virtually all press individuals who matter what the underlying cause of a significant decrease in the frontal lungs blood flow and activity this is an individual and probably don't have a laser pointer on here and I might try the centers of work doesn't but I those are the same patient six months apart one obviously the patient was very depressing you can see how the metabolic activity of the brain is down in many areas of the negative before and after differences there is half the frontal lobe of the brain and we now know from research that is done by rep is and others this frontal load suppression occurs first and then the depression and if we were really want to get complete recovery from depression we have to actually reverse this and get frontal lung circulation in place so you are or program were very overt about it but because of this envelope phenomenon we tell him and secular neurology textbooks that spirituality morality and will use center there in the prefrontal cortex withdrawal of the brain if we really want to get complete healing we have to increase this area and circulation and so this is why we deal with the with we had morning and evening wear since we have a spiritual connotation to the entire lifestyle program I remember one individual who was an atheist who came to our program and she came up to me after the introductions of this first night and sing the Pakistan's incision I understand your atmospheric component of the program I would tell the was the son of spring on them but I don't know she misses that are wrong whatever which he was a little concerned about this and she said we also for depressed patients unlike other lifestyle programs where we will have and everything kind of optional for depressed individuals if you make it optional on they just won't show off to sleep all day work etc. and so they really won't be able to get on the current treatment program so we were knocking on their doors at six o'clock in the morning forgetting like there really exercise all those sorts of things and when we recommend that they attend every presentation she says I know what you recommended but I'm an atheist and you're going to have worsens in the morning in the evening I'm just thinking would it be okay in my case the skin that and I just asked her question I said Wolf how how firm are you in your atheistic belief and she said her I am I'm convinced I don't think anyone's ever convince me out I said well then you don't have anything to fear from attending the morning and evening worship I sent you I go to the medical conventions where people that are devout atheists are teaching things about cost like cognitive behavioral therapy and just because their devout atheist doesn't mean that I don't attend their talk of backfilling them talk about their atheistic beliefs as part of the novel I can bring that off but there is still some truth that I can learn from Atrios and what I would suggest that you do is go to those versions and see what you can find that you can resonate women agree with Ann and is true you him and run with that and she says okay I think I can do that and at the end of the of the program we have a final visit and so I was going over scores and to significantly improve we were getting ready for discharge summary where we column the exact recommendations for their particular type of case and being able to get off the medicine is a continual improvement center and then she does volunteer I wasn't going to approach the subject because I knew that she might have some resistance which you volunteer and she said you know three principles that Utah as part of this program the spiritual component of the program I agree with one hundred and all our energies that I'm getting a little hand myself going to use those three principles here in a moment but I think it's intimately connected Christ patient restore see if I can yes Christ three foundational principles that restore and you know what it is one of the concerns I have sometimes I've attended some Christian medical conferences that are not a member and medical conferences where they talk about introducing Christ to the patient etc. but Christ is often used almost in a superstitious man I almost like a magical charm and if we just got down to you no big knowledge this sort of magical charm then somehow that's going to be able to help things but when I found out as if we really want to get to know a person we not only have to spend time with them but we also need to know what is very important that and for us to really get to our patients to know Christ I think it's very important that we get a patience to understand the principles the ultimate principles that are important to Christ principle number one from the Bible I am the way truth and the life Christ said there is one thing my will says God can't do both the old and New Testament says he cannot tell truth is something that is of ultimate importance to Christ in fact Prius it is very clear when I was asking them questions why are you here to crown of thorns upon his very clear that Christ would've rather the currently nonexistent that point forward them to sacrifice truth truth is one of the ultimate three foundational and with being in the medical profession we have the opportunity every day an individual patient visits for your radiologists speaking to other physicians or a path followed this other physicians we have the opportunity to explain truth the patient's and this of course is a tremendous blessing because they are often interested in hearing the truth it's not just you know writing an article were not sure who's never read it and what their background is etc. you get to know some things about the background so you can really explain it in a nice way but some of the truth of course is precious truth we revealed to them but also often it is our duty to reveal testing true the patient and although it's our duty to reveal knees testing through their response to those testing truth is kind of a screening test in regards to how the spirit of God is working on their life let me explain I hear a will twenty pressure is through an testing for two fungal back again here is precious for the Lord has given you a great beautiful smile as the Dennis is now working on the seventh Kerry and filling it he has to reveal some testing for in that testing truth is if you quit candy sodas and sugar your team would likely not have to have any more now I even see the difference there but you can also the variously opportunity on the patient's part although your real sick you're still alive and with a Lordstown you'll get that suppresses your testing three visit your switch over to planet a sign of your atherosclerosis would stop progressing in your circulation would very likely another example and sometimes we can be this over particularly with people women have depression and think that God 's abandonment to just stay precious truth that Jesus loves you with your lines continuing to worsen I know he wants you to quit smoking do you want to make that choice to quit once and for all if the answer that question is yes then you can press the testing through the little further and say if he really didn't you think God wants to quit you think it's also possible that God can give you the strength and the power to overcome if they say yes I think you can then say well will a decision of your visitors your request then let's get rid of all the cigarettes buses throw these away when you think which is go home and throw all away and step out in faith the opportunity for them to make that choice in regards to the testing truth and many people will do this we call that a three minute I stopped smoking in any prayer of course have a prayer with them in regards to the Lord giving them string is not afraid to follow loss plan for you as Daniel Lynn and of course this is the opportunity when you're going worship studies with them we study the book of Daniel in our depression recovery participants every chapter starts out with the disappointment and ends with an appointment but there is a spiritual key that gets it there in Justin chapter wanted to step out in faith and follow a plan for you as Daniel J Donald R Grace and your life as he did for Daniel and so sometimes the precious truth and the present route are combined truth is what moves the patient from unconscious incompetence to conscience conscious incompetence those of the first two stages adjacent first days of people and are are usually unconscious incompetence their ignorant that their lifestyle and their really ignorant of their lack of Christ is adversely affecting their life but as you start revealing truth about they start realizing that their lifestyle is that and of course the problem a lot of people I ran across doctors that say you I don't want to tell him that because he's going to think it's too hard and is not doing anyway that's a pretty paternalistic attitude the result was a lot more patients interested in following a better lifestyle than many doctors might lead and they just need to know a better way in all were there willing following by we first have to move them to conscious incompetence in math requires truth or not to move for America are not given an accurate knowledge entries always awaken the Holy Spirit to do his work the first thing that the Holy Spirit of God 's Wendy according to Christ price and when the Holy Spirit comes the first thing the Holy Spirit will do by the way the Holy Spirit is called the Spirit of truth first laid eyes as to while now what is the company a conflict as someone who was declared guilty so the first thing the Holy Spirit this is when we reveal truth when the spirits there that person is going to you guilty and by the way pop psychology says all guilt is bad not true appropriate guilt is good if it leads to change and that that the Holy Spirit courses are change agents that spirit and of course comes from God and Christ some might ask but not all truth comes from Christ does it I've actually been criticized in some of my writings and proof positive and also depression the way out and even our DVD program not by a lot of I actually thought I get a lot more criticism and in writing those works out I'm grateful that the criticism has been rather minimal but it are some of the criticism has come from varied faithful Bible believing individuals who are upset over the fact that I quote people who are not Christian such as maybe Dean Ornish or other types of hi everyone not Doctor Warren Ellis and the cognitive behavioral therapy align etc. because I'm going truths from people living obviously don't have an active faith in Christ on white thoughts on this in the book education she says is the mode in the stars of our solar system shine by the reflected light of the sun so as far as they are teaching is true do the world 's great thinkers reflect the rays of the sun of righteousness every way must thought every last and intellect is from where the light of the world so actually all truth comes from God there just made revealed expressions of truth in their assignment I've actually revealed aspects of the character of God whatever line of investigation we pursue with a sincere purpose to arrive at truth we are brought in types with the unseeing mighty intelligence is working in and through all the mind of man is brought to commune with the mind of God the finite and the infinite the effect of such communion on body mind and soul she says and so don't underestimate those individual patient visit or you have the opportunity to reveal screws to the individual as education thirteen fourteen and Arthur through that affects your health as I mentioned earlier is dependent on two things what you put in your body and what you do with your body and interestingly the Bible states this in first Corinthians ten thirty one whether therefore you need or drain or whatsoever ye do Paul says what do all of the glory of God in other words God is interested in what were eating what were drinking and what were doing and he's very interested also and what your patients are even drinking and doing I don't learn that away from you where are they going to learn often you're going to be the only avenue for labyrinth is Christ second foundational principle that restores and that is the principle of freedom was truth is revealed the individualism to go further unless they are introduced in the second foundational principle and that is freedom freedom is what allows people to move from stage to stage of change conscious and competence to stage three conscious competence and a lot of people when their first revealed through Dell really recognized that they are free to make a choice for the better I bet it certainly would have us now such as smoking drinking etc. they'll think you know if I were to actually give this up my life would be much more miserable in my case I need in order for meetings and not just Yahoo totally go off the deep end but they often don't realize that they are indeed enslaved by their habit of freedom to choose is something that Christ also died for if you give us freedom there was never been sent in there were even no need for him to ever die and so that freedom of choice is one of those foundational principles of the government of God not God 's choices are all about freedom he gave he gave many trees in the garden of Eden these you may freely eat none of them had a objective fruit as part of the devil tempts people to exercise their God-given freedom and choices and the difference is let's see if we can go back please someone turn help me out back there is good the difference is that his choices and slaying people well-versed feel better dopamine levels of norepinephrine levels of God as they repeated it just goes up in neutral and in between times those levels are at a deep level distressing sense of deformation when there is nothing sad going on in her life that is what you call slavery and as a resolve he will have to continue those the enslaved habit to get back up to mutual the Bible says because I was against an evil work is not executed speedily therefore the hearts the sons of men as fully set in and the renal what is that thing and saying because there is no immediate adverse consequences of bad choices these choices are thought to be harmless and pretty soon they enslave and effects of those choices start to catch up with people in their unhappiness level goes way up as a result of those choices while also says by the writer of Proverbs his own iniquities entrap the wicked man and he is caught in the cords of his whenever you are caught in the cords of an addictive lifestyle there is no way to get free from unless Christ is influencing your life and of course many people don't realize the influence of the divine on their life this is one of the important parts of Romans Romans chapter seven six yes for the good that I would I do not but the evil which I would not that I do follow describing a person that has been asked that his been exposed to true the boy has a low let alone the truth recognizes really benefit by is not applying the truths in their life consistently and as a resolve their actual laying in his life this is this is an yellow one is a slave when you get down to it a slave is someone there has to do things that they don't want to do or doesn't do things that they really want to do etc. now I do that I would not is no more I been doing that sin dwells in me I find a law that was when I would do good evil is present with me trying to lie in the long-sought after the inward man in my study of Romans in the rest of Paul Paul talks about this inward man you're what is actually talking about there we could just substitute almost every time the frontal lobe brain 's frontal love knows what's best particular were exposed to resign the line in the long-sought after the inward man the frontal lobe knows this would be best but I see another law in my members warring against the law of my mind and bringing me into captivity to the law of sin which is in my members and then he exclaims O wretched man that I am who shall deliver me the Saudi discuss this wretched man was described in Romans seven much of so-called Christianity claims that this is and will leave the condition of every saved Christian these Christians using price of a superstition just acknowledge Christ as your Savior and somehow romantic things will turn out better for you but it sets people operator curves were in the first time don't worry if you feel wretched or Liberec in life you're saying anyway their proof of his Paul's allegory and runs and unfortunately they haven't really read deeply the next chapter of Romans chapter eight by the way downward ratchet is only used two times in the New Testament once in Romans chapter seven any other time is the message to the last church and latency Revelation three seventeen seventy thou say as I have need of nothing and knowest not that thou art wretched miserable and poor and blind and naked what is the word naked me know and that means you're not clothed with righteousness of Christ an individual it wasn't of Christ and Christ parable was cast into outer darkness this wretched man is not a statement this wretched man is the condition of a lost man and before you have the assurance of salvation he must first have the assurance of damnation Romans chapter eight sat there is therefore now no condemnation to them which are in Christ Jesus a lot of Christians just stop doubtful Romans seven allegory with that phrase only to go on to the rest of the rest of the verse says who walk not after the flesh but after the spirit for the law of the Spirit of life in Christ Jesus hath made me what free from the law of sin and the SL one Christ visible in the line you have that freedom and you're no longer a slave and you can actually do with your front alone says the best for you to do and not do with your front alone says that would not be best to do I wish we had time to go into the rest of Romans eight because he also is a highlight verse one years is going down the runway versus you that freedom that's when you start to get list that you reimburse Pinehurst you're gaining altitude in meters is going up and up and it's it's a wonderful experience on our patients euros for an desire in their walk by the end of Romans eight were introduced to the third foundational principle that restores and this is when were really gaining a lot of speed and altitude in the third foundational principle is love not just anyone but agape altruistic self-sacrifice thing antithetical this is also actually been studied by Prochaska the attribute and the caregiver that most likely brings about positive change in their patient is empathetic once they realize that you understand that that you understand their condition did you have empathy for them that you desire something better in a sense that there actually are more likely to change them if they're just revealed the Colfax and that's why those individual patient visits are so important where they can assess that empathetic lot the Bible says God is love not just that he loves which could almost be said of any creature depending on which love you talking about a God is love and that self-sacrificing way it is to use he wants us to experience his love for many people not understand self-sacrificing love is not something we experience naturally in our fallen state it's why we need that experience of Romans chapter eight it has to come from outside of us just like all three firms comes from God it really is outside of us and just like that freedom has to come from outside of us so that while comes from God as revealed in Christ himself and that's the basic difference between Christianity and these other religions where many of these other religions is talk about the good that is within we just have to somehow nature and nurture the goods it is within we need to recognize that comes from outside of us love takes us all the way through the stages of change including from conscious competence to unconscious competence and when you're unconsciously competent this is when you start to experience what the Psalmist says I will show me the path of life in my presence is fullness of joy in my right hand there are flashers for ever this is the experience that our patients can have by being introduced to Christ the restore and of course we know that Christ came to give us life and to give it more abundantly that's what he's talking about in regards to restore now up to looking the opposite side of these principles sometimes is helpful on price foundational principle the first principle is what truth what is the opposite of for all the truth is not just a lie is a lie but only and that means the deception and the problem with many of our patients and also in ourselves is that we have actually believed lies in the lives of hurting on minus as my people are destroyed for lack of no intercourse is not as lack of knowledge but we've actually been incorporating knowledge that is the size of knowledge that is wise to cause a whole lot of problem the opposite of freedom is slavery what about the opposite of love is not hate God is love is gone actually hates in the Bible was the opposite it would be impossible the opposite is prime or selfishness says that God hates one set above another it is sin of pride the sin of selfishness and so our patients need to see that love of Christ it also comes with humility even though were in a position that is sometimes thought of as a superior position she was enclosing independent of a valid way those who are willing to inform themselves concerning the effect of sinful indulgence upon the help and who commenced the work of reform even as the from selfish motives in so doing placed themselves when the truth of God access to their so even though your patients may be there for selfish motives they will place themselves where they can find work on confined access and on the other hand those who are reached by the presentation of Scripture truth are then in a position where their consciences will be aroused by the subject if you run across people that are oppressed by quote Scripture truth would make make no advancement in all that is sign that the superstitious Christianity that the false gospel that actually give them the assurance of salvation but it will bring about actually damnation and of course that's very dangerous to think you're in a saving relationship which are not if you are in a saving relationship when you're exposed to true you're going to have the freedom to move forward true enough some say while on other people to make positive changes without God she says that one step to be taken without Christ every step of the way of salvation might be taken without Israeli right reformations in our conduct are often made where there is no express Christ many have not even a knowledge of Jesus but it is a compliant influence that makes man capable of any change in Leeds and the Reformation and she says once you see individuals going out and stepping forward in making positive changes in their life it's a sure sign the Holy Spirit is working on their life and she says you need to get closer to them because they're going to be interested in more like and so when you see those changes don't discount them on the back and go happen and not exposed to them the more line these are individuals that the Holy Spirit wants to lead all the way to be a full follower of Christ so excited to be involved in caring for patients and I've been asked by two famous evangelist and life as one many years ago in one more recently to give up the practice of medicine and just go in to the lecture circuit one asked me for them to become evangelists many years there many years ago and am one more recently so just be in a healthy manner was thinking on the media and those type of thing the reason for the people aware in a patient interview you're just eating one patient but it is a diary in volunteering for patients because you have the opportunity exhibit all three of those thing and what about us to actually get paid for Ya I'm interesting in the pastoral sign of things I wish that people would be interested in truth you have people there interested in truth right there in front of you and you actually have the opportunity to give them a Bible study interviews on the Christ and actually write which at the end of the visit in SI it's pretty amazing of course you can actually put that chat right back into the work of the ministry and those who don't get paid for for doing the ministry but not she says the work of Christ was largely made up of personal interviews yet a faithful regard for what no one saw it from that one sold the intelligence received was carried about and by the way even our quote for God so what will the world many days he said that one person one soul one and that was carried second Corinthians chapter five Paul says the love of Christ constrains us because we doesn't judge that if one died for all the world that was false thing here is looking up on humanity the sole studies meeting on the street or the passing ministry needs recognizing that without Christ there is good is but because that love of Christ was in him it constrained him to reach those souls and to do everything possible and of course that means when we have that desire reportedly part of the forest club of Christ loved the nose for us as our surrender selflessness sacrifice and service to the version you understand the responsibility accountability of his position will feel the necessity of Christ's presence with him and his work for those for whom such a sacrifice has been made he will subordinate everything to the higher interest which concern the lie that might be saved in the life eternal and this is why it's good to attend conferences such as this I recognize that sometimes I walk into the hospital room I'm just thinking about the pneumonia front thinking about the congestive heart failure and renal failure liver failure but is that the working responsibility of the position subordinate everything to the higher interest which concern the life that may be saying on the life eternal there are in a position where they have that opportunity to be presented with crashes in testing dreams and the step forward in that saving relationship he will meaning the physician or dentist he will do all this power to save all of the body and the soul he will try to do the very work that Christ would do were he in his place the physician who love Christ and the souls for whom Christ died will seek earnestly to bring into the sick room and leave the tree of life he will try to break the bread of life to the sufferer notwithstanding the obstacles and difficulties to be met she says this is a solemn and sacred work of the medical profession he says is not necessarily an easy every time there will be obstacles and difficulties but that is solemn and sacred work of the medical profession and then just ask and I will very gladly spend and be spent for you we need to continue to have that in regards to our patients although Paul said this if I find that another more abundantly I love you the less I do in other words sometimes when we do this on behalf of our patients early times were long less just as Christ was when he gave everything but yet it is a work that will produce a joy cannot be compared to anything else Christ patient restore and this is life eternal that they might know the only true God and Jesus Christ analysis we cannot really know Christ until we know what is of utmost importance and these three principles are of utmost importance many desire to have the assurance of Christ without really spending time with them to really know him and what is but it's clear that those three things he will he would've sacrificed his own eternal existence my final taxes out of Ephesians in this I've seen an patient after patient who has taken hold of that message of Christ and change their lifestyle for the better and allow Christ to actually dwell within them and have that freedom and that love and truth Ephesians as to know the love of Christ which passes knowledge which you might be filled with all the oldest of God now and him that is able to do exceeding abundantly above all we ask or think according to the power network is we pray locations in particular disease and that he change his lifestyle for the better but when that happens things started occurring in their life it's far above what ever they were anticipating in regards to the patient that particular patient visitor being healed from that disease and when we take all the price being the patient restore in the fullest sense we will save no loss of joy and wonderment in regards to how their life is change and how far matter exceedingly abundantly above whenever they ask for that price is capable of doing for each of our patients and authorities capable of doing for us if we step out and fully embrace his three principles with our heads father in heaven we just touched the surface of these three principles we can spend the whole month on each one of these principles and still not expound all that there is their infinite principle but we know are that they are precious to you you actually value them above your own existence and Lord I pray to each individual in this world would recognize the power that there is in your principles and then we mind through every patient visit be able to present precious truth present testing for to be able to open the doorway of freedom to a and to be able to exemplify your we thank you for such law that you are willing to die that we might be say and not just say for life eternal malevolent Marmor nineteen thirty nine as a disobedient was produced by audio verse four amen at the Pentagon analyst networking you'd like to learn more about the men please visit www. evenhandedness I will like more free online service www. audio verse one


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