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Wholeness with God

Nebblett Family



  • October 29, 2010
    7:30 AM
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good morning and about my family to join me this morning for it is better to hear how this living experience that we want to share with you today works practically for everyone that is in the family has healthcare practitioners have you ever encountered individuals who had dark experiences in their life I view absolutely what do you have to offer those who are stressed with everyday life does your personal walk with God help you to providing courage for these hurting ones are being filled with the Holy Spirit so that we can be a source of blessing to those that we have opportunity to care for do we have a living experience with God that prepares us to go through our own trials are revival of true godliness among us isn't the greatest and most urgent of all our needs to see this should be our first work that selected messages volume one page one twenty one you know when someone is filled with the Holy Spirit they immediately start having an influence people 's lives begin to change when churches are revived it is because some individual seeks earnestly for the blessing of God he hungers and thirsts after God and asks in faith and receives accordingly he goes to work in earnest and feeling his great lengths upon the Lord souls are aroused to see a like a blessing and a season of refreshing falls on the hearts of men we want to share with you this morning how the blessing of that living connection with God produces godliness which is proper the move of all things first Timothy first four chapter four verse eight we want to encourage you that if you will not if you are not already doing this but you start right now while you are here at the Inman conference and if you are already doing this that you go deeper in your experience it takes time and intentionality to nurture a deep intimate relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ and we enabled when we were pressed for time technology has provided us with more so-called timesaving devices than ever before in the history of mankind and yet we have never been more stressed we have never had less time frame for this condition we believe is not by accident by design of the enemy of our souls will know that anything that can easily lead to intimacy resulting in strength emptiness and anxiety one pastor states we have become a body of people that looks more like a herd of cattle in a stampede in living green pastures and living waters in the problem is not the emptiness itself the newer Jesus was the busiest person have her walk the face of the earth the problem arises when our busyness is not a regular regularly interrupted by client seasons of solitude for communion with God and reflection to refresh the soul that help me convert our spiritual strength that deepen our awareness of the presence of God in our lives and reveal his will for in the present so what does it take to escape this trap of modern life we can tell you from growing very already paid didn't permit and sometimes even came fall ongoing effort sometimes the calls for difficult decisions that may now be understood it requires that we take inventory regular basis of lies and reevaluate our priorities it calls for a relentless commitment to please God rather than man and a willingness to abandon a myriad of good pursuit in favor of taking up the spirit let pursuance and requires a daily deliberate and in corruption of our busyness to refresh our living connection with our master that we like TSS will be able and able to discern Cox plans for each day Jesus did not center on every single pressing moment before him at the father 's mission for him to realize that he was intimately acquainted with the father with his will for him each day and he could be at ease with delaying his visit to a Bethany are infants when Lazarus was deathly ill in here he and Martha sent to an urgent message to want to lead to when we encounter pressing needs or opportunities that we feel come hell to take advantage of in the moment I had one such opportunity a few days ago I was in town I was at the gas gas stations and a lady approached me to invite me to become a part of a support group for ladies that are engaged in caretaking of their aging parents now I do this I'm not feeling especially in need of support because I have been extremely supportive family that helps me with the him brought because of our ongoing outreach efforts in our community my first thought was this is another opportunity to connect with these women from our community on a personal level that I should not or anything the question needs to be placed before the Lord in these attending the support group meeting of your assignments for me or is my life already sold out with the priorities that you have placed before me that this will cause me to one of those it is in my quiet seasons with God that he has brought into sharp focus what his priorities his highest priorities are from the indices of life and a English first and foremost daily nurturing relationship with my master secondly fulfilling my calling to be selected having faithful efficient wife and help her to my husband was able to create in our for a lovely orderly for peaceful inviting place for heating and for the rest of our family and for all those who enter our home for my third-highest priority is to be a devoted mother wise counselor to our for young people who happen to be still living at home God calls me to help shepherd them through the ranks exciting season of their lives that surely won't last very much longer a season that is full of opportunities for them of learning and change in vision and growth for God has entrusted me the privilege of being a caretaker to my elderly mother with the invention and I consider that a privilege and since there's our family ministry and minister to others in our abroad we are engaged in outreach in our community including holding evening with Patti and fellowship and music and food in our home when discussions and practical Christianity and mostly recently we have introduced the health message and blasting these at first people are coming including one of our law enforcement officers who come just before the last meeting that we had he was at the gas station overheard and went getting an invitation to someone else he forgot his appointment bookings and when you say that was going to happen and he wrote it and he shall happen at next meeting what I with his children and his brother who was also a law enforcement officer in the next town over what I know about what God has in store as we are building a relationship with people in our community with patient of Edmonton friends and neighbors and sharing through them that is blessing their lives now friends as I listed all the things that are top priority for me I don't know if you've noticed but let me tell you if you have an easy task that I have an great and being part of my primary calling in my life at the present largely consume my days I don't have time for many other things I might enjoy for selling or even attending weekly support group meetings without compromising the faithful fulfillment of the most important task time had given me to perform nothing all that on these priorities requires that I regularly reevaluate and make adjustments to my course to avoid distractions I do nothing those quiet seasons when my ears are tuned to hear the voice of mind after in my heart is fixed unpleasing what about you I want to challenge the learning you tuning in to the voice of your saved you slowing down in half interrupting your business to take that time again can you distinguish his voice can you discern his will are your priorities in gospel order or are there so many good things on your agenda that they are crowding out God can kindly in your time with your family it is when we are living our lives from running to and fro performing how can you be my really good staff consistently insula lies such as you have ten Bible study going on every week depending this means souls to Christ you have one that controls the price in the past year estrangement there is tension between what you are alienated from your children my prayer is friends knowing that we have a room full of people here who are very earnest and very committed to Christ but who are very busy people my prayer for you this morning is that if you are not first and foremost engaged in this glorious pursuit of intimacy with you with the disease to reporter your priorities can make those quiet seasons with him on a daily basis of reality that you can begin it with wisdom and discernment regarding his will making his agenda for you your highest priority friend family apartment hunting with me for a moment how Christ in this word of God we are privileged to hold in our hands and even more privilege to take into our heart we are told in Hebrews chapter four verse twelve the word of God is quick and powerful shot than any two edged sword the word of God transform our lives as we take that these are the quiet communion of my mother was talking about insistently on his really do opening up the word and praying for the outpouring of the Holy Spirit on our life I literally changed by the grace of God three three zero QUALCOMM the book education said the creation and energy to call the worlds into existence is in the word of God this warning track power it began life every command the promise accepted by the will received into the soul it brings with it the life of the infinite one it transforms the nature and re-create the soul in the image of God education one twenty six this means that by taking the Bible is precious Word of God written to me and to you and spending time in it consistently our lives will be changed will be empowered to change the lives of those around us by the grace of God you know it starts with a commitment to spend that time every single day and I know that our lives are busy and many people who are claims on our time with all of the things were wanting to do good things with our life every single day and sometimes it's really hard I know that in my own experience I've found that time with God can be eroded away little by little they can be hard to spend more than just a few minutes in the presence of God it can be hard to take time to be Jill before him and really know him as our Creator and our Savior as our friends when the alarm clock was off in the morning often I am so tired I'm not a morning person and for those of you out there who are morning people the thankful for that I think because when my eyes open in the morning I often feel like I wish I could add four more hours that the moment when God calls to my heart what is most important to me do I truly place the highest priority on my relationship with him am I willing to spend a few hours or a few one minute sleeping maybe another half an hour forty five minutes and trade that pressure if you have communion with God or that little bit more sleep don't I believe they got harmful and not to give me the energy to make it through the day if I will get up my faith and spend that time with him it's at those moments when the Christianity that we claim as for the rubber meets the road are we making God 's highest priority in our life are we taking that consistent time with him in his work in all their time you might think consistent time and went and got my devotional life is night I hit and drive if they were rich and beautiful environment for a long time and then I hit a drive and I think that there many out there who have experienced the same thing I think that all of us at one time or another will find that will have a dry spell in our inner devotional time the thing that is very helpful for me is to read to spend time reading and it is practical and life-changing for me right where I am right now in my walk with the Lord there are many things that I've studied over the years I remember when I was a student nursing student in a public university I found it very helpful to study the lives of men and women like Daniel and Esther who were in worldly environment and yet remain true to God I rarely go to the word out fine morning after morning all will looking these principles this is so applicable to my life right now and it motivated me to go back again and again and find more of what God had in store for me in his work and ever other time I remember when I was having struggles as a teenager in honoring my parents and I did a topical study in the Bible as their prophet it was a very helpful very practical to me and now if I'm having the opportunity to work with my father and come into contact with our community more and more often I'm studying the book acts of the apostles and convention with reading that the book of acts in the Bible is a little more consecrated life to the Lord I'm fine how to lead others to him and he loves spending time in the word not drive in the and not have to be the next chapter Weber but it is today I'm excited about going back and spending the time of communion precious communion with my God as he spent time in the word of God it will become more and more precious to and we will find from there then we feel with Britain shot at I believe that God if he was writing the word had me in mind had you in mind as we go and spend time we will find us then it will become soul it will come to mean so much to us what you had if I were to do this morning Jeremiah twelve verse five is a certain level experience I had stands out in my mind I was waiting to the Bible Annex I never read front to back there before and I was good enough for the first time management is first in Jeremiah for the very first sign that says termites August five if thou hast run with the footmen and they have wearied the then how can some contend with the horses and the land of peace wherein thou fastest they wearied the then how wilt thou do in the following and Jordan and you know that that person released it out to me that morning and I remember writing in the margin of my Bible it's still there if they were Jesus teach me how to run with the horses and I edited what I wrote there well as often happens in life I completely forgot about that experience I'm still several months later I found myself in the midst of a very difficult circumstance I think that maybe many of you have experienced this before and if you have not probably will sometime in your life I had friends someone who is very dear to me who said some very believed some very untrue things about me and our family and started talking to others behind their back about it never thank you never confronted that and we started hearing you third-party the things that they were saying and I have a very in my natural personalities are very strong keen sense of justice I just felt like that was told wrong you know my faith that you have a problem with something and doing here if you think that I've done something wrong don't be talking about me behind my back and definitely don't be talking to my family behind my back that you know I found this other place I had to forgive that person when they were not sorry for what they had done had not come to me and asks for my forgiveness and yet God was asking me to forgive them and I struggled with that and I did I would give it to the Lord and give it to the Lord and the feelings that come back and give it to him again I remember several they think of it I was spending time in the word and again the feelings of resentment were coming up and I thought about what is happening to me I feel we didn't do anything wrong and by the grace of God knowing his perfect timing as flipping through my Bible and I came across that little note and I read for Jesus teach me to run with the horses and the still small voice of God said in my heart I'm answering your prayer to this experience I am teaching you to run with the horses I am strengthening your character for a test that are ahead of you complaining when you have friends it but the situation to a completely different light for me and I actually rejoice in the trial that I was going to because my concert about me and not to actually take the time to sharpen and shake my character for what he has in store for me in the days ahead those words are precious to me that occurs every time I read it I think of these things and now it's not something that was written thousands of years ago to an ancient people it was worth it repent percent pay nothing in two thousand ten the Lord wants his words come alive to us in this way each and every day and they can you know if we come apart from those times of crisis mean the guy others will look at and it is Peter and John and that in the story and asked for verse thirteen it will looking at the new marble and it will know beyond a shadow of a doubt had been with Jesus and your friends one SVG for just a moment about the importance of not only knowing God 's word by hiding it in our hearts that he can be wholly consecrated to God now I know you guys we are speaking to a brilliant audience here it all adopters of doctors in training dentists all this now stop actually you know I I wanted to be a doctor once I thought I was can be a doctor from the assessment father we all love the medical field by the doctor mother is a nurse into the nurse and off-limits young people EMTs so we love medicine but among other reasons I realized that medicine require special level of brilliance so I settled for accounting instead but I want to this moment I know that you all have these brilliant minds I'm wondering if you wouldn't mind me to tell a simple little story of an illustration in ODs 's illustrations he did stories is not right they were called parallels parables listen to me for just a moment and see a simple little story regressed began from imagining your minds a general goals powerful general and he is getting ready to fight one of the most important battlefield ever fought in fact it has been to decide the destiny of nations and he's poring over sitting in his and his office chance before the battle the night before and just pouring over all of his Wuornos was like how can I ensure victory here and all of a sudden the same view that the tent door versus top spot and he says stop I just came back in and I got news for my cheese why is new the about about where the camp the enemy camp his opposition and I come to you to the club can happen and that G5 has looked your use and your men this direction in that direction behind that little knoll and you will pass assured a victory they are not expecting any general said at victory is sure because he had met he had a nap to victory the friends we had a map to a man we have a map absolute victory in the word of God in some chapter one hundred nineteen verse eleven says that word and I watched Janet hid in my heart that I want that I might not sin against you the word of God when he empowers friends to not sin against God it can empower us to live a victorious Christian life is not incredible and similar verses later in that chapter and verse one hundred and five it says that word is a lamp unto my feet and I license my path it's as if God is saying is the best time he's holding a lamp walkie simple as it is and so the importance of having God 's word in our hearts that we might not sin against God young US right now what is your name I would say when he was traveling now why would I know my name why wouldn't I be like you are not sure what they might evening while because I been told all my life that my name is often a blitz and so that name is indelibly burned upon my mind I cannot forget it unless they had a severe case of dementia in which case I would forget it again it's like organic decomposition so I'm yet I can't forget my name because indelibly burned upon my mind and I think you are correct in that the Lord wants when he said hide my word in your heart make it a part of themselves have indelibly burned so that you can not seen against me Mister Hyde Edward Neihart had as part of ourselves live it lived by talking to walk with its guide for that we might not think God immanent potato is specifically memorization hiding out for the hearts noticed research says in an IV license the Internet of doctors that know way more about this nineties of forgive me if I'm strengthening on describing your mind or cockney later research cited the brain actually grows exponentially so when you use your brain these I get my eyes and accuse right here because I'm not a doctor okay so it literally grows new new neural pathways Susie is the ring ex-husband ran a great neuropathic and cute antipersonnel pathways if using a greater potential the rain was goes our new neural pathways of the brain the brain gross gross gross the more you use it so actually and specifically by memorizing it talking about so I are you my personal test nature with universal testimony on memorization I've always been kind of the slowest at memorizing and all the family and assessing young people I'm die with had been historically the least talented after surrendering things I mean so it needs to back it has a brilliant mind so I'm up against the young Aristophanes as an excuse off well yeah yeah I realize memorization is important that it doesn't minimize important but it's very difficult for them so maybe she's not the gift that would give me while I first lied flat essay that was definitely an excuse I want to say to all of you dentist Doctor there is and nurses anonymously medical professionals out there if I were to add all of the IQ in this room between all of you are serving to build a spaceship and liked reading I think there is a lot going here and doctors have to remember so many medications to many side effects of some honey I'm getting well to remember like the ten drugs we can give on the ambulance but you'd buy new physician can immerse in a smart so I just want to say that you have a gift for memory and so I think this is important for you to reelect the Lord can't find your heart hide his written hearts as well so I always have is this picture that yeah I'm the least talented so whatever while justify spring some of you might've heard about the flooding that happen in Knoxville Tennessee and that fighting was on the news and step the lever they are actually doing is letting a natural and we were visiting some friends in a farm and use the rain came pouring down of course any runaway church that founded and the car went through a deep puddle and it kicked up with the cup with water and the lineup sputtering back home inside the church so we had a home church there instead but it was a blessing because easements is a great amount of time studying the word of God and office discussing memorization week we took some time to memorize together and was amazing to see that experience we memorized one of the Psalms I realized I actually can memorize as I say okay well memorization maybe this is the origin that myself in a little more as amazing as I've done myself greater and greater at memorization the Lord has laid before me but it is his calling to me just memorize the entire New Testament with references so that's Michael I'm immersing the entire New Testament and it's amazingly amazing to me to see how the Lord blesses you know as I've been memorizing things it does get easier really does it of course the growth is very slow the ants memorize an entire chapter of how much I would love to do but that's coming with him what a blessing because as I found as I type this word in my heart is transforming friends it's like that math that is the direct road is long as we follow links when the way of the Lord the Lord can lead us to victory encouraging young for physicians as you are in your room discussing with the patient as you try to share the gospel the word of God with the patient it may not be possible for all of you to pull a viable off-the-shelf and to read a verse that is perfect for the case so I think it's even more important for physicians the hotdogs were in their hearts and memorizing so that at the moments when you need it when you know that this person needs that verse you can come right out you can share the gospel with people and that if we did the Lord wants to give all of us if we invest herself at hiding his word in our hearts I have talked about the Word of God for all my passion about I talk about prayer in the subject I am incredibly passionate about dosages mentioned of course it privately and even so essentially that what we are trained to do is keep a patient alive until we get him to use definitive care and the first thing that we are trained to do when we come in contact with the patient is assessed airway breathing and circulation in order for you all already know that but rather going through the unity training package was drilling of the many you can kind of the patient airway airway airway airway breathing breathing breathing my heart about our spiritual law as beautiful as alive and are most basic level because airway breathing circulation is what keeps him alive to me the most basic level what is the keep alive spiritually and are most basic level our souls airway are sold breathing what is our soul rest we all know it this prayer praise the radical and if we are not grieving how can we expect our soldiers they alive any longer banging her body is not breathing it doesn't make sense so this is something that I had grown to love because God is taking me over this subject over and over and over again since I became a positive drive time I turned thirteen outside throwing the subject in my head until it has become my passion is subsequently can't cover an entire debate is want to share with you three basic things that the Lord has recently been specifically communicating about prayer the first thing comes from Matthew six verse six this is what I enter into thy closet and when thou hast shut thy door pray to thy father which is in secret and that her father was using secret shall reward thee openly all too often because it's the formal community one way communication with an abstract concept read and communication to our father it's so easy to slip into these trends the online am I need like my mind not generally positive infinity is important like stop loses your moving too fast even think about what you're saying to me and what I want to hear is what your heart is right there Matthew took fixed rate to your father not just don't dismantle off all these words in the United when we look at Calvary we see that the passionate the self giving love our father the worn out there his willingness to die for us and that willingness to die for this positive proof of his willingness to live for scenario to that as though going to class it's your door and pray to your father you got called my heart recently together as a senior energy areas need to confess to Allah of course that that will always be there along with those things to view him more friend to invest myself in pursuing him in pursuing the things laying the things that make you smile learning the things that make them saints and those things I learned draw me closer to him until I get fed on sixty three his loving kindness and grace and we spent all day under the shadow of his wings and we grow so close to him rather than being distracted by the distracted from them by the things of this world were distracted from the things of this world by him he's beautiful to and is willing to give us the double study purpose to keep us in prayer over and over again I like everyone I don't schedule it it's not getting the devil is so invested by scheduling of my schedule changes I'd change the time that I have scheduled into my life and program for doctors and that is everything when you have some patience during the day maybe just ten minutes you admit there little to drink was greatly if we don't have time it's probably because of some guys confronting them at one time been using Yahoo football if you don't have time it's probably because there's something on your plate I put there because my will will never schedule me out of your life that they had I have time and time and you know he has promised that if we will spend time in pair with him in secret will reward you openly and I have tasted the rewards of that the second thing that I share with you comes from first Timothy to race a distance I will therefore than men pray everywhere not just not too long ago I was memorizing and ActiveX reviewing MMS a long time ago the first committee to outright will definitely pray everywhere don't do that but I will let me just try this new venture I think I can learn of me everywhere I go to my aunt on my hands about and she suggested something practical as they don't want to write down a little harder stomach the names and situations and you want to pay for a premium Continental when being a mindless job like showering or driving we all have jobs immediately don't really need a lot of mental activity for this reason those things I looking at my truth in my mind sites cruising the double type thing listening and viewing Holahan on my sites going down this unprofitable channels I have my food on the shelves I've lately I've been able to gain such a blessing by I came eating and interest eating for people think myself asking for God 's Holy Spirit in those moments the last thing comes from Daniel ten et al. about everything in prayer you know what I my brother 's timeframe for an hour at noon when he was sixteen estimated right even though the high school years and I thought I do miraculous things like when he says that we would like like those necklaces in my lifetime all I pray everyday Nugent was happening everyday needs you and I see miraculous things in my life will seem to me an e-mail then after a couple months of persevering with that something happened and I scheduled my prayer time and that when I saw the different analysis it was encouraging to me dented a difference but even beyond that even beyond foot with an in our own lives their historian Daniel ten it has really been such a blessing to me recently and I'm summarizing in my own words they don't read the whole thing here Daniel did not think I he is older now events that he was younger he can still connect instantly all like without the younger he prayed to God and ask God 's children with the rule of the road dream life will come in time amazing answer prayer Matthew Daniel praying and mourning and fasting for three weeks before he get an answer meant the end three weeks of angle comes to picking out that when you first started praying God commissioned me to answer but then he explained the angel explains as he was coming to answer Daniel this comment battle in that enable the highest presence of high heaven and I heart of darkness and into three solid weeks of fighting for the attachment in January all he knew the heaven seems silent and give you in for fourteen days and an anti- respond in coming times to begin a frame to the discouragement so many times is it just enter in with me how many times do perhaps our prayers ignite cosmic battles and then halfway through the human gets discouraged because God doesn't hear but it seems like to live by we get a praying enemy lead the most powerful beings in the universe stranded in between the valve a long-delayed and yet God has told Christian you don't have to have if you do ask you will have so we want to keep fighting but not asking any more often do we we need being stranded by giving up in discouragement said to me in passing as if the players of one degrees profit ever lived on this world took three weeks after don't give up when the answer seems long in coming to haven't seen silence and this is the confidence we have intended we ask or think according to his will he care and we know that the zero when we ask enough of it we had to petition the word hallelujah let us not be weary in well doing for in due season we shall reap if we do not I present the gospel not simple Internet having the things that we've been talking about things that we've known all our lives we've established where power comes from comes from the word of God comes through the grace of God and we've established the need for us to live by every word that proceeds out of the mouth of God to live a fortified life we've also established immediate connection they don't do is know that the buzz around the house and and go through the motions of everyday life or even the motions of Christianity without being plugged into the source of power I liken it to a vacuum cleaner is to waste vacuum around you can run over every square enhance of the carpets and leave the carpet exactly the same as it's been or you can plug the vacuuming the wall and run over every square into carpets and find lasting change the motions are not enough we need something more but is there more is there more than simply getting up in the morning pouring ourselves into the word of God pouring ourselves into prayer you can look at nothing to say yes that is enough but that is only enough when it leaves us to one more step I don't even stand before you and tell you that our society over the last decade in and beyond have become more and more and more and more till dependents you mean by that disease and sickness is on the rise of people don't want to change that is one of the well with the telecoms always increase side effects and then the need for more pills and it's a vicious cycle goes on and on and on and now researchers and doctors like yourself are looking at as with everything wait a minute maybe there's something more to this front there is something more to this army tidied that's why we're here but as Christians I think we've taken maybe a very similar routes as our society the last decade and beyond and that increase spiritual problems increased stresses and strains and pulls and worries call for increased connection and if we don't get an increase connection we do increasingly spiritually sick and eventually suffer spiritual death bullet solution for many of our age the solution is to run a Christian bookstore pick up the latest book on their yell the subject of our need to lower events and the type wildlife is that the solution back and how there's no question the weakness solution that is deeper because that solution I think if we look at the fruit around us is not proving effective for all of Christendom what is the solution lifestyle just as in medicine the solution for all these patients are becoming more and more and more and more pill depending is a change in lifestyle friends in our spiritual lives there is a need for a change in lifestyle what I mean by that I found in my life that I can open my Bible in the morning or myself or the word of God I can pray I can love the experience I have there but unless I order my life on the site ordering entire day to decrease distractions to weed out of my life those things that are not conducive the lifestyle of victory I can't win I want me I'll be thirty minutes removed from my devotional time and it will do me very little saving good not because there is no power in the word of God but because I am turning my back on the power of the word of God by my choices in the day not how long of his district was brought very forcibly to my mind I was reading about the story recommend last rescue member that story set in the sixteenth and determining their lives sixteen evening this story is one that's been sometimes misunderstood because if you take it at face value you know you can say what Jesus teaching that the obscure that was not the idea of the purpose of the story Jesus was trying to to make an illustration to the Pharisees but worth it we had a story is rich man and Lazarus the bagger and written and is extremely rich and he has everything together he lives what people around me get a holy life and the beggar sits outside his gate we pass by everyday and all the back driver does ask for arms and yet nothing seems to be going in his favor and then one day things that you turn beggar died and then Lazarus dies in both of them go to heaven since the guy wander well yeah they both go to the next place one having one to help and and the rich man is sitting here in how looking across the advanced NEC 's what the bagger in Abraham 's bosom he says how can this be so yes they were handsome and on the earth to visit his finger in the water and bring it over that I might quench the dryness of my time but that was the answer that Abraham hypothetically gives to the rich man missing anything with sixteen verse twenty five starting in verse twenty five but Abraham said son remember that thou in thy lifetime received the night good things and likewise Lazarus evil things but now he is comforted and thou art tormented verse twenty six and be defined on this between us and you there is a great golf fix for the day which would pass from hence to you cannot neither can they pass to us that would come from that's seems a little heart assessment seems almost unmerciful but what is Abraham really saying is I writing price object lessons the commentary on this passage I learned the slacker it was not just some random abyss that had been built between the rich man and his ultimate desires it was not a random of this he constructed himself he had put it there himself and now it was so deep and so abroad the guy himself could not bridge it that amazing by the choices he had made in life the friends you chosen to have his footprint of the questions that bitch friend it doesn't have the things he had chosen to love she had built an abyss between himself and heaven that in the and God could not cross he had decided his own destiny so what is the lesson for us for poor rich man no amount of wanting or cleaning or banking could change the outcome of his life because he could not change the outcome of his choices so I cannot expect greatness to do for me what I constantly contradict we rejoice in my life I cannot I can live a lifestyle with the remember the word lifestyle I cannot adopt for myself a lifestyle that is not conducive with victory expecting God to make me victorious after the parable teaches me think hard choices by the sisters this means hard choices it means if your friends are not inspiring you to do rights if your job requires that you compromise even the tiniest little bit if your beautiful home is so mortgaged that your life is tied around paying it off if your hobbies or your favorite recreations your aims and aspirations are just the random details of our overfilled lives are not strengthening us for what is right and they are killing us and friends we must lay aside every weight on our lives need to be pervaded her mediated by a culture of victory and it will require sacrifice but it's worth home this is God is what he wants for each one of us Christ patiently wants to restore us to our relationship with him brothers and sisters this process is not complicated but it requires something that requires a revival in our hearts that we are connected with our Savior who knows exactly what and who wants to restore us to the kind of a relationship where you and I in our fields of endeavor dentistry medicine what however it may be those of you who are in training that your lives can be a powerful influence for the kingdom of this is what it takes in addition we need to come men's ourselves do you hear the power of choice we need to commit ourselves that we will spend time in God 's word so that we can do what the word calls to our hard to do by the power of the gospel of Jesus Christ I will make a difference it will make a difference in your lives and it will make a difference in the lives of your family and will make a difference in the lives and your practice and no we cannot rely on price however is my son said to do what we deliberately undo by the choices that we make we must cooperate with the Holy Spirit of the Holy Spirit is called your heart with what we have shared don't turn it away saying Lord what would you have me to do we choose when we commit ourselves to Romans six sixteen says a well know you not that whom ye yield yourselves servants to obey both of you are Bible students know that word sermons mean doodles slaves what we choose to be slaves his servants ye are to whom you are being whether settlement to death or of obedience unto righteousness and choosing to commit ourselves to Jesus Christ on old man himself has to die then we discipline ourselves on the godliness study of that which is not good and we choose which is excellent will that which is good the best news is that the Holy Spirit would be there to help us to develop that friendship with God which will result in a lifestyle that is consistent in overcoming temptation so that his shoes today the advantage of the power to help us to have one living experience of over comers in the Christian journey as we wait for our Lord soon return we want to close with a song that is a prayer of our hearts of personal revival breathe on me breath of God he me I gone him name and I on you and I will it does and you we go along the you a whole duty of is the view you are you alone as I mean him him to understand I is in an he and he is a I wrong or a need man and knew I wanted to invite here to kneeling groups of two or three I think I together asking the Lord to give us the revival of a soul wants to pour out and then I will close in prayer rules is not together when I'm wrong this year was the use of audio verse four amen Pentagon analyst format you would like to learn more about me then use visit www. amen and so I might as more free online sermon www. money verse


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