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Historical Perspectives on Adventist Medicine

P. William Dysinger



  • October 29, 2010
    11:45 AM
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him viewing you and I choose this morning to dedicate my presentations in my dear friend and longtime mentor Bernhardt is no question that outside my family had the greatest influence on my life and it was with him under him that I helped to start the mph program in the school of Public health but a he died as most of you know September twenty and there will be a memorial service for him in Loma Linda tomorrow afternoon I usually use PowerPoint presentations by the Lord live in a time when I thanked him and that he led me to give you an extended set of notes and each of you in your registration packet if you haven't seen it yet has six pages of notes and it is and gives me unbelievable freedom argument the facts and history in these notes but having him in those I'm now free feel free to give you my passion of the Lord is late on without worrying so much about the nose though I will follow generally the outline that you have in the know the history that is giving you is one that I would see the personal lives to each of you have given in the outline then you have the subtitle what would God have me to do in these last days and that is what my passion is I love history but my passion is to learn from history I have visions from dividing my presentation to some thoughts on the methods and health reform message on the training of the messengers and on the implementation of the message that three divisions that I will go through and as I say I'm going to give you highlight and what God has impressed on me as of the special value to me I will begin by recognizing as I think all of you do that health reform as a term has become in the last hundred years a better to be used among Seventh-day Adventist it is so tied up with fanaticism and other things that are not good that we know use the term health reform but the the the quote that I'm going to use introduce our talk today is from volume three and the testimony page one six one and that uses a term health reform and and I seem to use then I was shown that health reform is one grams it's not the only branch for the one branch of the great work which is that people for the coming of the lower beginning to lay a foundation good health is good and love itself but it's not the purpose of God in giving us help it at the preparation for the coming of the Lord Senate it is closely connected with the third Angels message as the hand is the we all recognize that a person without a hand is severely you have sure that I have without a lot of is even more and again men and women cannot violate natural law now we're going to really hone in on that men and women cannot violate natural law by building the praise I am a old-fashioned and not violating the law of God they are inextricably tied together but what is our automation our challenge is clearly stated in the last sentence on this quotation to make plain natural law and urges the obedience of his coworker the company is the third Angels message to prepare a people for the coming of the Lord to make playing a natural law is a study and takes work but I suggest that is our major work to understand like very much the way Neil Natalie put it last night health is good but is registered as that we have in the health reform message but the testing truth is to understand those natural laws and how to apply them and it is for the purpose of preparing people for the coming of the Lord that was given more than hundred and thirty years ago fast-forward to the present from the hundred and thirty years ago we don't use health reform but health reform is only in the message of every politician today and for good reason and were not going to go into it more than point out that certainly him here it appears that the call for health care per person every man woman child is over eighty five hundred dollars will be over eighty five hundred dollars per person per year and of course is not actually distributed in and I think all of us would agree that modern healthcare is much too much emphasis on technology and drive treatment of sentences without much consideration of disease and its cause and prevention but God is giving us another opportunity because the problems that we face today are mostly to the extent of eighty percent of their about lifestyle diseases that brings us back to what I've just given is the original purpose to study and and to recognize the natural law modern medical science with all this technology is almost powerless to deal with obesity and hypertension and diabetes and prevent and cancer in even a good question these are all treating diseases best treated at home my lifestyle changes and they are rational and reasonable natural law is an captain Joseph they considered one of the three founders George knife in his recent biography says he is the founder of Seventh-day Adventists and eleven thousand eight this is the classic example of how we can by observation and experiment make intelligent choices in will hello darling practices that NIV view a brief summary I can do all the leads that I is here by his own recognition in other words no one told him he recognized by his own observation in an experience during anything twenty one he gave up alcohol he was in prison as a prisoner of war during the war of eighteen twelve and he had much time to think and see was visiting with one of the one of his fellow prisoners they began to drive to understand how water the big problem is the all sailors that were imprisoned there what is the problem in the UK the recognition with his friend that alcohol was at the root of major major problems amongst the same and they led us to give up alcohol but it's interesting to note that Captain Joseph Bates decided well I'm giving up alcohol except it's okay for me to have a glass of wine with my dinner in the evening and so he noticed the offer while these he came back to the habit of a glass of wine with his dinner and he did that until he came to the recognition himself that he was looking forward more to the glass of wine that he was to the food he said that since he is our goal after that it's interesting that he was baptized some years later and that he and the ministry were changing from the web close to their dry clothes Captain phase sought to persuade the minister baptized them to join him in order him I didn't know what they as a continuum of establishing one of the first societies the name of tobacco not because of any health reason he was both chewing and smoking cigars and I he came to feel that it was a dirty half and perhaps the one of his favorite case helps you to understand that the he is Isaiah fifty oh two eleven be clean that bear the vessels of the Lord I have attached that to any of my health lectures but that was a favorite places in and on the basis of that he threw all his life overboard and never went back to he surrendered himself to God alone aboard a ship I so happen that Christopher one of the seamen on board ship that I and it was his responsibility to convey his responsibility to have the services for him and he was much for the presidency he held that this was a pivotal point in his life and GE new God point but he certainly never surrendered himself to God and in the experience of having to prepare that funeral sermon the king to surrender himself to God we thank you and all of his he resulted in eighteen forty three to eat no more meetings and he doesn't give us at the time and then made that announcement about why he did it but in his journal it is clear that several him or him mightily impressed as he was loading a ship to ship in Liverpool England they were loading Saul and there were two potatoes eating Irish shoveling from the bar this cow into the last forward Dallas court of ownership they were doing it faster than seven or eight of his meetings in shoveling into the home and and and and was mightily impressed that meet you not to be necessary to provide a stream I gave up to you all shortly after the I retire from the sea and his experience is illustrative of most of the changes he made in his life he was visiting friends and had that evening a cup of tea that was stronger than he was used to and it wasn't resolutely morning hours that he was able to go to sleep and he said that Santa has so much affect on my mind you never went back to your coffee again but is also interesting to recognize that they exert mostly silent info he never loses viruses on others he did not make prominent public retrial is view the proper diet unless asked about when asked why he did not relay a place for three zero highly fine foods he would often quietly replied I have beaten my share it is true that after eighteen sixty three when Illinois had received her health vision as he was much more free speaking publicly but until then he has been very careful not to push his for all others and I think the inspiration suggests that the way to go over all people and I'm quoting of all people in the world reformers should be the most unselfish the most kind the most triggers the worker shows invitations and ignorance or waywardness of others who speak occasionally fall act falsely may close the door on so that he can never reach them and we must not be conscience for those who love and serve God should be allowed to follow their own conviction May the Lord help us to be firm is a wrong to the press those natural laws to the Law insider any help is not allowed difference of opinion relative to the natural laws to be a barrier between us and our brethren and then we turn to training the health messenger is the basic purpose of our health message is to make clear that we need to learn the natural law that govern our body and and help others to understand but how do you train people for that let me go to number three in this section this is on page through the outline of ion her followers would go a long beginning in nineteen oh five Ellen White said of Loma Linda make it all you possibly can in the education of nurses and physicians and then said the workers order to qualify the ability of physicians to labor not positions but is not only him or kill another man to be qualified with all the ability of physicians to labor not professional life but a medical missionary events a new position and may manage a missionary evangelist was much much emphasized in all of the early counsel to Loma Linda business I find that I mentioned before is the evidence that God prepares the way in his word and as Battle Creek went down so went down the American medical missionary college this was the medical school founded by Doctor John Harvey Kellogg and in nineteen ten in October of nineteen can to be exact the last class mostly and graduated from a AMC and it was taken over by the University of Illinois the months prior to September in nineteen ten the first class of medical students was accepted into Loma Linda God prepared away as Battle Creek went down that Loma Linda to the plate and is very good for him to try to understand the Council of profit is given so much information shows that health and healthful living and to recognize how desperately those leaders in Loma Linda saw them know God 's will is see my there is on the details of the career and the leading of the course and so forth and she followed a very standard practice in these last years of her ministry she refused to allow anyone to even think about becoming dependent on her when they were when she was asked the hostess was that it was she in essence answered by God has given you your intellect you have a Bible you have the testimonies that I have written out and you have the book of nature and science of health and you must come to your own conclusion with prayer and study of of those revelations she would not give direct counsel on those details of how long and is very clear as you for instance look through the minute of the board meetings in Loma Linda in those early days that there was confusion I can show it in more ways than one but on June seventeen nineteen twelve the voting the board voted to ask the faculty to outline more definitely more clearly in the medical evangelism course and the clarifier at the next board meeting I couldn't find that was ever done again in nineteen sixteen in the board minutes sometime was given the consideration of the medical evangelism course and this is securing students forward shall be competent and qualified after completing a course of study to do effective evangelistic work there was great difficulty recruiting the right type of person and it was will him will you organize the course just to summarize it clearly began as a three-year core and that was the principal course talk with one another through your course which was nursing with those two courses with the principal courses that began in Melinda in nineteen oh six than near the year after the school was founded that three-year course became at one point or for your course mostly was a two-year course through the years before you finish there was a one-year course and an and after that is finished it was a three-month school which makes it clear that the fact there is not I have a clear idea of what medical events training should be but a basic principles are laid out and I think there is and there is no from the ninety nine nineteen ten bulletin this is just the year before the medical school began and you have the layout on there I'm not going to go through it but the Bible 's databases of all education is number one is very clear that it was not to be learning for learning 's sake in another words if she is fluent in it mostly from her writing scientific injury this is not essential to efficient as the medical interventions was worth should be eliminated and have been teaching every man in high is of prime importance is that if she was getting that sentence today she elucidated using of preventing or lifestyle medicine is of prime importance and she pointed out that in him are really decided spirituality should be selected for the word the fact is that whether they a problem is reflected again in the board minutes this time in nineteen twenty nine March twenty seven I would like to know the background of this is fairly strong words that were voided by the board according man who were only nominal Seventh-day Adventists should be eliminated from the faculty as fast as reasonably possible there were obviously problems through the years in Loma Linda in this area personally the man is CME Colleton medical evangelism in nineteen hundred and and that his eloquence and he gave report to the constituency in which he said now you go back with me to the day when LNC whitewall this Hill and remember her statements that we should train a few dollars and the large number of others with the qualification of the vision but without a legal qualifications and you know how an early day here we try very hard to get it together classes to train them in medical ministry or medical evangelism young men would tell us if we do get is training were not preachers were not nurses were not doctors we are nothing no degree and we were unable to continue the quote unable to stem the tide rose again against the we draw the effort that ended with his nightly Air France we are firmly of the opinion that every word of God is ever spoken concerning I will be fulfilled for the admitted to the plan may be wanted at run-time handling and in the ministry may have some training in this place an icon of the course which will unite medical ministry with the work of preaching the gospel this is one thing which must be done before the air and I say amen to that there were many small but clear evidence of their efforts in health evangelism training in Loma Linda during the next forty years but the next major effort to revive medical evangelism after the counsel given at the beginning of the school came and the nineteen sixties when this will help in this comes down to my time and it hurts me to have to share this story because it is a story of a failure although I don't know what will Berman are either than otherwise but regarding the founding be chosen to serve as the chair of the Department of Health education and the new school and very quickly organized what was called Churchill the health education is a great new recognize this is another name for health evangelism church health education and this curriculum was developed in Loma Linda it began to be implemented in fields Lulu evangelism which Andrews sponsor particularly in nineteen sixty nine the first field school that included health as well as the traditional a man is in the evangelism efforts the first two were one in Savannah Georgia and the other in and Eugene Pennsylvania and the theology students from Andrews were very very much impressed with the union that was there between the Yahoo ministry and an health and they begin asking and in fact it came through the board of Loma Linda University the request to petition the general conference to allow health teaching to be a part of the theological education and addictive a couple of years to work out but eventually it was worked out so that in nineteen seventy two a cooperative effort between Loma Linda and Andrews led to the approval of the degree program which offered an master of science and public health and found jointly with him to degree and as many as fifty ministers took the opportunity to take a day program during the next eight years that included praise the Lord current president of the General conference current chairman of the board of Loma Linda University and many others that you might recognize the disaster is that in nineteen eighty letter came out of the blue to Loma Linda from the Provost saying it's been good that we been able to provide this to a few people but it's time to discontinue the whole experiment that was the end of Doctor Minister training formally within the church at Loma Linda him as a person but I was accountable from the very beginning I should have the skills of the physician but not necessarily the life and that was on the heart of Doctor Harvey from the beginning and then it a lot of effort I can certainly recall many many brainstorming sessions as we saw pulled together a curriculum for a doctoral program and it was Doctor and the program attracted many students and was lauded by the accrediting associations as a very innovative and practical program and it continues it's been reorganized as the Doctor of Public health degree preventive care and is not as strong in in evangelism as originally anticipated but it does provide an excellent background for a non- and the river practitioner of lifestyle medicine following many of the principles laid down by inspiration many years ago in summer nearly down to train a few life positions to head the word and hotel with the ability of physicians were put to work as full-time medical evangelism for medical missionary work has been completely reversed next year the ten thousand physician will graduate from law Melinda the number of medical missionary evangelist using the original definitions are but a handful but it's not too late I suggest to reemphasize the training of many medical missionaries to help finish got some things to the world him for is to recognize the importance of getting the message as I study the history of Loma Linda I was much impressed by the new word that a vision and medical evangelism and him and Alan why and it had instigated a new approach in evangelism at Loma Linda and I couldn't know what that vision was I finally came to find that vision and I do have a original typed manuscript of that vision is just amazes but I have given you a summation in LOL 's own words from the vision is something of a mystery vision to me there is no question and needs you why this study is that it was a vision as any other vision but it is not listed in the list of visions that the LLC wife as they maintain it certainly has not had much influence outside of Loma Linda the vision itself as type in the manuscript does not think itself to be a health evangelism vision it says an appeal for labor in our cities and I'm giving you some high points of his vision but let me give you the conflict recognize this is nineteen ten ministry of healing has been published before that nineteen oh five the testimonies of them completed at least three or four years before that and from all over town there is much more green was the reason help from it all and given that more than that is underway within a and quoting directly from her account of the vision during the night of February twenty seven our representation was given in which the amorphous city representative for me as a living reality and I was plainly instructed that there should be a decided change from past methods of working from a situation has been impressed on my mind and I occurs that and this is I believe the new information here that companies I would thought I would interpret that as teens be organized and diligently trying companies being organized and diligently trying to labor and are important cities she goes on under those companies the workers should labor to into from time to time to meet together to relate their experiences this was the message that Ellen White recognized as very important important enough you I can just give you her last words in this in this representation of the vision I have faithfully written out the warning that God has given me they had been printed in books yet I cannot forbear I must write the same things over and over I asked not to be relating as long as the Lord says my life I must continue to bear these earnest messages and she actually wrote to Daniel Chris him who is now director in Tacoma Park Washington Senate during that time and she told him and this is now within five years of your dad she said I am prepared on the basis of this vision to give it my the rest of my life to leave my home never return she said in the rest of my life is seeking to do what God impressed me to do in this vision it has very little effect on the church otherwise but at Loma Linda and considerably fat incidentally Eleanor visited Loma Linda and many times between nineteen oh five first vision was in June of nineteen oh five and and her last visit was in November nineteen twelve which is been almost a month in Loma Linda including the celebration of her eighty fifth birthday that was her last visit but in between March and May nineteen ten the vision was in February nineteen ten between March and May she was in Southern California and made many visits to Loma Linda and I speculate that she prepared the way for the vision which is not yet been published so that when it was published action immediately occurred in Loma Linda it was not published for reasons that are not entirely clear until September nineteen ten F John Burton and RS Owens immediately went to John Maine Centennial and invited him and requested him to try out this new approach which inferred that health reform principles were to be used in the program and we don't have to go to go into John Tyndall 's sorry story of a young man who was raised a Methodist hellfire offended him and he became an atheist he entered law school but during his studies there was a gold stripe down on the border just pieces San Diego things from San Diego and a headed for the goals draw and somehow ended up in the home of a man Taco Bell as he was called and brother that all of the red the desire of age and completely captivated the hearts of Duncanville this is probably in nineteen oh seven for a at least in nineteen eighty Kendall came to Loma Linda is a vital lonely student and faculty was registered as I went through the records two years both times the Bible student no evidence that he took any health force but it was chosen by John Burton and our colons the Bible teaches to try out this new approach and his first company was a small company it consisted of himself and two nurses and man and wife couple and they set up and handed in this new approach as outlined in the vision that you have in your outline and the results this is word that was used in reporting the good result after five Loma Linda San Bernardino had been a hard nut to crack they are trying anytime him work without success is sixteen converts came about with his first medical evangelism approached by an example of how the world was there was a businessman a successful businessman in San Bernardino that have faithfully attended the meeting and had accepted all the truth including the Sabbath drew suddenly stopped attending as Kendall and brother gardens in the nurse visited him it quickly became apparent what the problem was he was the smoke he also had a heart condition and he was persuaded that if he stopped smoking it would kill him so Elder Daniel or development time to know the evangelist assigned regard please do stay little time from a practical standpoint and seeing through the withdrawal symptoms and were told the great businessman puts is higher on the offensive postings backyard to show the island and almost Islam and and a short time later he helped Loma Linda ten thousand dollar interest-free loan in a time when they were struggling and is one of the results of how it worked in and Elder Daniel from that time on work in health evangelism following the plan laid out by Ellen White snow let me share with you another story that shows the interest of will I knew what was going on in Loma Linda there is the problem the knowledge of Kendall 's evangelistic effort for the knowledge of the principles that behind the medical evangelism training were all printed in the original medical of an which was the Journal of the first journal from the College of medical evangelist in my early research several years ago I was in that Ellen White estate and was reading through those first Netherlands and in this happens to be the second one I copied it because it affected me so deeply as I was reading through this July nineteen oh eight issue of the cost of medical evangelist number two issues I began to recognize that someone was editing it typographically pointing out errors it wasn't really printing job it was then that Loma Linda and then only then does the no script and then there's one please looks at something LNG Y and it hit me that I was reading her personal journal and goes up-tempo to recognize this grandmother in Allen's favor of a edition nineteen oh eight it is in her eighties was so interested in Loma Linda that she was not following the news but actually a type of graphically editing him him I have no question that she read everything McCain and I believe that firs that she approved it because she didn't hesitate to say what she does not offend listeners teaches that every public effort should be organized as a training school for local church members as well as other events is the desire to train to utilize the skills of many different persons doctors nurses posed by the word and every effort included services such as massage hydrotherapy and home nursing and simple treaty probably the greatest of the three best evaluation of this world that again in Loma Linda is the result of this vision is the establishment in the faith of the convert going back forty years there was very little dropout of the converts from the help evangelistic approach it was not uncommon for John Kindle to take six months or even longer to conduct an effort because there was so much preparation preceding an effort in training church members and in bringing and other ministers are others who desire to training is interesting that he recognize how difficult it was to get people to come out nicely I have no record that he ever gave nightly meeting he used your evenings and we three evenings a week and he followed fairly standard practice that him me with her nutrition thirty euros for general health and Sunday was for God presentation to the Thursday son incidentally we are currently living in programming and and and our little home church in Tennessee and we come to this pattern Tuesday Thursday Sunday works beautifully for us far better than the original chili recommendation for time-consuming there's much more we could say about John McCain but I have given you are in the outline through mazes of the specific counsel from the spirit of prophecy and you can go over this at your leisure but 's specific counsel for these last days when every member of the church and hold to give part of the world of every church in the land every city is the internetwork restrained and I like number nine hundred D while life may fail to move an argument of the power was convinced the love of Christ revealed a personal ministry may soften the stony heart so that the seed of truth can take root in the last quote in that section is one that had tells the worst evil it can be placed in our churches want to tell you that when the gospel ministers and medical missionaries are not there is placed in our churches the worst evil that can be placed there personal preparation that is needed for them as outlined and and the sanctification process is specifically going into it's not merely a theory unemotional form of words but living active principle entering into the everyday life and he urges it is pointed out as we near the close of the him thrive higher and still nine we must begin the new with what we have and I had put into practice what you are you know and they are lazy including all we have an epidemic of crime occurring in the world today and this work is the word that will restore the moral image of God and man enclosed and according to the back I have two minutes I would refer you to ministry is there are two chapters in the book ministry and he that hit you a very complete our online I may from medical missionary work and they are chapters eight and nine the physician and educator and teaching and healing in the names of the of the chapters give you what I think must be our emphasis we as physicians I hope do not seek to evaluate ourselves by the number of patients we treat our given the number of cures we had is the number of people we have influence to carry on medical missionary work and let me just read you the first word sent when it says positions I'm satisfied you can substitute health worker without any violence to the spirit of prophecy but quoting the first words of this chapter the physician and educator transpositions are educated they recognize their responsibility not only to the singer who are under their care but also to the communities in which they health workers but that his guardians of the physical and moral it is very never not only did the right methods for the treatment of the same but to encourage right habits of living and to spread the knowledge of right principle of the natural law that we pointed to or for the preparation of people for the coming of the Lord and she goes on to say education and health principle was never more needed in now and she emphasizes that I I referred to the book ministry of healing chapters eight and nine to get what I believe is God 's counsel for us even as physicians of I would point out that it's suggesting major change well aware and I'm not saying that you have to give the medical practice but I have to say that the Council that I've shared with you I think it clearly states that we have a responsibility as physicians to work with our churches and other community groups to train medical missionaries who can provide the domino effect to help finish the world certainly the need of the work in our cities is greater than ever I believe in the principles of Illinois division February nineteen ten still applicable today they need to be tried a new in our large cities I think it would be of interest to see if it will even work as a satellite event to use this approach don't think we should fear to experiment the most effective approach I point to is always been a little approach meeting people where they are him organizing local churches and communities can utilize whatever resources are available to immediately begin training and supervising workers who provide health education practical missionaries and certainly last but not least the best way to teach health reform is the personal eleven demonstrated the benefits through improved health and vitality that can easily be observed by all history teaches me clear that we are not in the kingdom because we had not yet developed the characters are finished the work of God would have us to do the Council that was given back in nineteen oh five be given and given before and after that is still applicable I think it's up to us to see how we can apply in our home communities and churches God promises that he will bless incidental AAAI didn't give my view of of the health message but the road the General conference ministerial associated published my book Kevin 's lifestyle today which is the biblical approach to health and for those of you are interested in the details which we did not have time to go into the new book out to the people which is available in Loma Linda from the publisher and from Amazon.com gives you many details the Tyndale 's efforts and and how evangelism began as a result vision and ten are you using my audio verse four amen this Pentagon analyst you would like to learn more about me then please visit www. a manner that I will like there was more free online service please visit www. online universe


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