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Phil Mills Sr.

Dermatologist in Northern Georgia



  • October 29, 2010
    7:30 PM
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I want to say one word about Doctor Harding Fred Fred is my husband 's memorial he was a great medical event in the lives it means that others are going to have to take from his broad shoulders the work forward and he was on so dedicated to so get into that and I can't not say something about Doctor Harvey's to such an influence on me as a medical student in the his family and friends her father loneliness in his approach to know him others that have fallen recently Dana Griffin is why fix is here parents may opportunities for service of medical evangelism in use cases are opening up and we have noble people on the floor for this digital wonder what happened to people after Jesus healed them perhaps they were healed of an incurable disease maybe they were raised from the edge of the gray what happened to the person who is homeless and helpless in Jesus by Tom L were a prayer raise him up you would think it would always be faithful to Jesus you would think that gratitude alone keep them faithful in medicine one of the most important aspects is follow and in research what was the follow-up on these field people did in any wise disciples of Jesus and a continuing faithfulness receiving the blessings of eternal life him enjoying call produces that where were they when the mob shouting crucify him most of the people Jesus Fielder lost to follow-up but for some we do have follow-up in the days of Christ C was an incurable and fatal disease although leprosy became increasingly less common it becomes increasingly less common as you go in the northern latitudes worldwide it is still not a rare disease Doctor foster friend of mine diagnose to in Seattle and he was not it is I believe I have seen it while I practiced rehab medicine one time Doctor Chung has seen it one time I've not seen it but I know I'll has a dermatologist during the twentieth century in the United States you got leprosy for most of the twentieth century would go to Carbonell to look like Presario it was closed down a few years ago today in this country you get a multi- drug treatment to cure the disease but what did it mean to have leprosy in Bible times that you would lose your job even if you are okay you are banished from family and home you could never hug your child or your grandchildren you are isolated in remote areas with other letters and for public safety you have to shout wherever people came unclean unclean when Jesus healed the leper he restore life a family could welcome a letter back he could return to his job we have three case histories of people that Jesus healed of leprosy in their follow-up hello Helen says that Jesus healed many lepers the Bible leaves me as representative samples for us there were others the first account well look at this evening is found in Luke five verse twelve but before we open the Scriptures let's close our eyes in prayer father in heaven we need your Holy Spirit to speak to our minds that your word may have the power it was designed to have changing eyes as your word changed lepers in ancient days with iPhone with your presence as promised we pray that the Holy Spirit may report out in power tonight in Christ name we pray in the alone star is found in the first chapter of Mark it occurs in the second year of Jesus ministry the story is also given in Matthew but we are going to be focused on Doctor Luke's account he gives more medical details than the other writers and happen when he was in a certain city that the whole of man was full of leprosy saw Jesus and he fell on his face and implored him saying Lord if you're willing you can make me clean there is a man with Doctor Luke says was full of leprosy desire pages describes it this way is a loathsome spectacle the disease is made frightful inroads in his decaying body of his horrible to look upon her same presents as a continuum between two distinct forms of leprosy is a mild form of tuberculosis are the more official but less widely used nomenclature posse vascularity the body defends itself grossly from the lettuce in my provider that the immune system limits the spread of the disease in the second form however the promise are multifaceted Larry the body is unable to mount an effective defense against many germs and they multiply and spread through the skin and the nurse as it advances you become full of leprosy the skin becomes more inside and there are often many deformities in this man was full of leprosy had severe promises for marvelous position Matthew was the position so they just said he had leprosy but the clinician Doctor Lu describes the patient with medical details it was far advanced it was hopeless verse thirteen gives us Jesus response he put out his hand and touched him saying I am willing be valid plans him immediately the leprosy left him verse fourteen gives Christ so it's safe to say postop instructions these instructions were simple and plain first in a letter was to tell Nolan second he was go to the priest and lastly was to follow God 's instruction through Moses exactly on leprosy cleanse it limited is fourteen was a chapter in the Bible but was designed for the time of Christ nor the time really was it utilized it gives instruction for the Temple offering in service in the case of a Guild lovers the demand followed price post a link here when a partially universal into the freezer confirmed the cure Mark tells the rest of the story that begins with the word however however he went out and begin to complain it's really however he went out and begin the plaintiff freely and has read the matter nine hundred people speculate that Jesus was using reverse psychology but Jesus doesn't tell us what you doesn't mean he means what he says essentially means and what was the result of this man's disregarding rice post care instruction the ministry of Jesus was cut short you are no longer openly enter the city but was outside in desert places Marco there was a man that was healed by Jesus of his letters in this regard of Christ's instructions because he thought he had a better way to advance God 's work and though he was well-meaning and actually thought he was marketing Christ medical evangelism to cut short the ministry of Jesus notices insight from desire pages as to why this regard of Christ clear post healing instruction containing that it was only the modesty of Jesus I'm reading here I didn't put it on the screen conceding that it was only the modesty of Jesus which lay this restriction upon him he went about reclaiming the power this reviewer the resort ran felt a little help is very precious he rejoice in the vigor of manhood and in his restoration to his family and society and felt it was and felt it impossible to refrain from giving glory to the position roommate in whole then I put in the next sense of nonsense but his acting and blazing abroad the matter resulted in what Hendren Satan 's work in Gloucester people to flock to Jesus and Santa multitudes that he was forced for a time to cease his labors is not something Christ ministry was hindered by the very man he as ministering would have been better off if this and you desire my visit tells us Jesus was not satisfied to attract attention to himself merely as a healer of physical disease he was seeking to draw men to him as their Savior you desire to return their minds away from the earthquake of the spiritual mirror worldly success would interfere with his work address like a leper do we have ideas that we think would advance God 's cause but really would hinder and cut short Christ ministry in our office in our practices medical evangelist today face the same plantation is the yield on not following every detail of Christ instruct the anyway to bring greater success the God caused by this regarding some of God 's methods it's easy to fall into the trap of thinking more worldly success somehow advance gospel success there's an interesting letter to physicians in volume eight of the testimonies and I was listening to love remnant publishing is just put out how wonderful reading through the testimonies of you don't have it get it for your MP3 players is its life-changing and I was listening to this there are those entering the medical missionary work who are in danger of bringing into at the objectionable sentiments received in their former educational like this leopard they need to practice the principles laid down in the word of God else the work will be marked by their as an expert preconceived ideas when we work with all the sci-fi ability that God has given us when we put aside our wealth of the will of God which self was crucified why results are saying we move forward in faith knowing that our Lord has promised to undertake the work entrusted to them and he will establishment you for he never makes a mistake or failure when my faith is then placed themselves Lawrence here am I send me to access them for service by a man must not hinder his plans by ambitious devices for years Dolores had a conversation with his people because they follow their own judgment and have not relied on the vine with but the workers take the less they get in the Lord 's wife noticed the sex organ hindering investment of his work thinking that their wisdom is sufficient for the successful planning and carrying forward of the work am I following my own ideas to advance God 's medical missionary cause really hindering it point number one and follow-up are ideas of what will advance God 's medical missionary cost may hinder medical evangelism we must seek to know God 's instruction and strictly follow the lets look at the next case report all of Luke seventeen twelve then entered a certain village there met him ten men who were lepers who stood afar off they had to stand far off from Jesus because the public health rules the day they lifted up their voices and said Jesus Master have mercy on us as the silent cry and his lepers for mercy remember that drive mercy for our next case report but when Jesus saw them he said go show yourselves to the praise they were planning from the left Jesus did there was a test of their faith they made tonight with the privileged insult was that as a way what was to follow Christ and construction they were healed of leprosy was gone the hypo pigmented glass faded away the formerly hypertrophic nerves from to their normal size systems immune system was restored the micro bacterium was cleansed from the system the lepers were no longer unclean they were no longer lepers they were no longer contagious their disease was now only a memory for them for their friends and family and one of them when you saw that he was healed return verse sixteen says in with a loud voice glorified God and fell down at his feet giving him thanks and he was a Samaritan Jesus answered and said were there not ten cleansed aware of and I were there not any found a return to give glory to God except this foreigner nine Jewish lepers cleansed and not one not one glorifying God they went on their way without a further body Jesus they were too busy getting on with their life to take time to come back and thank Jesus have we received blessings from God are we filled with gratitude are we too busy to express our thanks notice verse eighteen again where there not any found the return to notice and x-rays give glory to God when does that expression makes you think up as a Seventh-day Adventist first Angels message direct quote we have a message to call people back to give glory to God that's the first Angels message this story changes in gratitude is an important part of giving glory to God than of all people on this earth Seventh-day Adventists should be grateful of all people will call it what it offers wonderful mercy upon us yet we are told and volume three one eighty I was showing the denying he did not return to give glory to God they represent some seventh Sabbath keepers who come this patient don't be either surprised or disappointed or discourage in your medical missionary work that sometimes it will be more appreciated by nonbelievers and by believers that his housewife introduces the new Gaza most of all four are sometimes no more the most ungrateful just as Paul says Mori and the less unless you take his blessings for granted I was just talking to a pastor who had a chip medical evangelism minister in the community people were so excited and grateful in his own members were grumbling I had to make the sacrifices of their diet to save their lives two post- restoration follow-up don't be discouraged when you discover that sometimes her medical care is far more appreciated by those not of our faith that's what happened Jesus speaking of the levers who had been called by Jesus for mercy but then run thankful we are told this is by threesome gospel positions have their efforts treated by it in their labor to help suffering humanity one out of twenty makes a right use of the benefits received and appreciated their efforts in his behalf this is as you know rifle and satisfy medicine and show gratitude to God for allowing us to be medical evangelists and even giving us an occasional patient will appreciate our efforts allowing us to enter into that same experience of our Lord Jesus it continues with the King of glory the Majesty in heaven work for suffering humanity and so few appreciated his divine aid the physician should wash to complain if there notice our efforts feeble efforts are not appreciated by all in seem to be drawn away by some miscellaneous follow-ups that we have on the two stories of lovers being cleansed the first one cut short the ministry of Jesus and the second shows you are grateful here's another story of India the New Testament book of Matthew and Mark referred to Simon has the letter we don't have an account of healing we just have the fact that Jesus had healed we don't know was the one of the nine that had to come back to be thankful though he had been healed his former disease set him apart for life Matthew and Mark the leper this identifier would never change in most minds but he had another identifying characteristic he was a Pharisee we all know about the Pharisees that strict secular Jews silent his life was occupied with many detailed rules of human effort to keep from committing sent Simon lived in Bethany a suburb of Jerusalem Luke begins this case report with the meal then one of the Pharisees asked him to eat with him and he went to the Pharisee 's house this down now we need to really understand what it means that of Pharisees asked Jesus to eat with Luc Besson in the context but we gleaned from John's account John tells us that this meal is heard on the last Sabbath Jesus life six days before his seizure crucifixion at this time the Pharisees were an absolute hatred of Jesus are determined to kill him notice the verse just before John twelve one John eleven fifty seven now both the chief priests and the Pharisees had given the con man that anyone knew where he was he was initially reported that they might season was in that context that Simon healed leper affairs invited Jason Steve they were not only trying to kill Jesus in season but they were also trying to stop any grow of Christians and to isolate and persecute Christ followers notice John twelve forty two on the store were studying a sandwich between these two verses John eleven fifty seven and jumped four two nevertheless even among the rulers many believed on him but because of the Pharisees they did not confess why lest they be put out synagogue if you are a follower of Jesus you are ostracized you are shut away from the benefits of worship you are considered a traitor against Israel in any of the Jews in this man Simon the Pharisee only two miles from Jerusalem and invited Jesus to his house is a brave thing to do was inviting scorn persecution Simon justified it by inviting Lazarus at the same time as a Pharisee and a believer in the resurrection even if it has action by showing he was simply highlighting the Pharisees believe in the resurrection Simon was sympathetic to Jesus because you've been healed of leprosy that's the context for the story of Luke seven was that behold a woman in the city was a sinner when she knew that Jesus sat at the table in the Pharisee 's house brought an alabaster flask flask of fragrant oil instead it is the baseline and weeping and should begin to wash his feet with her tears a white van with the hair of her head and she kissed his feet and anointed them with the fragrant on generally will look at Marion 's story but in our study today will instead focus on sign Doctor Luke doesn't even mention the name of Marion 's account this action of Mary was very embarrassing because one of the charges against Jesus was that he consorted with this type of person and here in the presence of everybody could see the charges now when the Pharisee who invited him saw this he spoke to himself saying this man if he were a prophet would know who and what manner of woman this is who is touching him for she is a sinner the phrase you spoke to himself is interested generously gives up it got yourself all the time talking to yourself to write him to continuously evaluate and get to him worries and praying something out up up up up something that we wanted him up drawing out and put together a kit called this will make up for that handle transparent skin it made his skin saving zero to see the inner organs visible now dermatologist I see that that was the wrong emphasis by the Bible is really a true visible man because it makes the thoughts and intents of the heart visible Simon the Pharisee was talking to himself how did Simon begin his conversation with himself how do we address Jesus in his mind this man we find what he really thought of Jesus we notice that there was a certain contempt there was a certain distance in the expression this man to his face and called his rabbi but in his mind he said how discouraging it could've been for Jesus Jesus had healed assignment of his leprosy but this assignment can manage to think about Jesus is Smith and silently say the thought processes of a judgment person Simon the Pharisee was very practiced in judging others we see how we judge Mary she was a sinner now we see how he judges Jesus and those who judge others will judge Jesus is not a true prophet with someone who went around condemning and exposing someone else's sense Robert was a person would not allow sinners become close again a problem drive to center away and set aside judgment of Jesus was that Jesus could not be a profit as he didn't drive is prostitute away some thanks Jason Scott for healing time at a leper concludes that Jesus isn't even a prophet from a human standpoint it seems discouraging when we look at the follow-up of Jesus Mayor 's other letters over and were hailed the first and then what shortened the ministry decided has nine lepers Jews without any gratitude in the third Jewish leper does not even believe his benefactor is if Jesus was healing from something other than love and compassion he would quit if our Jesus I wouldn't waste any time on lepers all of the grace of Jesus why does he get his kids to anyone this brings us to the third point in the leprosy follow-up each of these lepers had a spiritual disease worse than their physical disease what healing the body alone wasn't enough something further stated the letters needed more than cleansing of the sin of the scan they needed cleansing of the sin the first lever needs a follow-up cleansing that makes him obedient to every word pursuit of public than I enjoy flappers data cleansing from ingratitude Simon McNeil Lehrer news becomes Simon the Hill Pharisee private services medical ministries thirty one every medical practitioner whether he analogies that are not is responsible for the souls as well as the bodies of his patients healing the physical is not the theme of our conferences Christ patient restore it restores patients but is a patient restore part of Christ's restoration is restoring our souls is David say he risks are a nice so we watched Jesus is a yield body of electors but now we can observe them as it heals the soul of affairs and Simon watches the way Jesus behaves ordinary he concludes Jesus is not a prophet people are offended at the nice way Jesus treats others they want him to denounce others since but Jesus was a physician and physicians don't drive six people out of their office they invite sick people to come to their office they can be treated and chaises in by the sec to come close to him but they can be healed and since Simon began to talk to himself his mental Supreme Court was but when we speak to ourselves we have more than ourselves listening God listens into our conversations and he did with Simon the Pharisee sometimes you'll enter in in our conversation that happened here noticed you said Jesus answered this unspoken question and send him Simon have something to say to you many stop is a consummate general news and in your face he doesn't push down silencers on Simon doesn't want to hear he pauses to see his son wants what he has to say synovitis I want hearing more Simon citizens arrest teacher used to say it so with silent permission Jesus told the story is a certain creditor had two debtors one oh five hundred and area are the other fifty five hundred in the area I was about two years of wages fifty was about three months adding the Roman taxes and fifty generic I would be hard to repay five hundred and would be nearly impossible silence listening closely perhaps it going to death trying to treat his leprosy perhaps even gone into debt because he couldn't work only half percent I don't know but Jesus always selects the story that is going to appeal to the person is talking some must've understood something about that as Jesus taught him about it when they had nothing with which to repay he freely forgave them both tell me therefore which of them will love him more it's a story from since Simon was not sure where the story was going notice his cautious reply I suppose the one whom he forgave more close-knit Saint Simons hasn't saved you does something so important to drink this is the right time right now will I contribute all right there times when I've had teachers a single love questions we couldn't help but miss Jesus he liked to ask questions that people couldn't miss but noticed Jesus combination of Simon 's reply is not simply that Simon had answered right Jesus said that Simon had John rightly or righteously this unrighteous judge had judge righteously and having heard that pleasant present truth Doctor Natalie Jesus the medical evangelist maintenance ADM testing truth those of you were here last night know that what I'm talking turning to Mary but speaking to Simon Jesus contrasts the two when I came in your house you gave me no water for my feet Simon had neglected to manifest the minimum time hospitality for Middle Eastern dance undoubtedly he had been influenced by the Pharisees hatred of Jesus and try to keep arms distance only when you get into more trouble but Simon 's neglect and supplied binary this woman has washed my feet with her tears with his wife in the here and beginning of this Simon had neglected the customary Middle Eastern greeting but his neglected also been supplied by Mary this woman has not ceased to kiss my feet since the time I came in you are not on my head with oil Simon had neglected the customary Middle Eastern kindness of placing perfume on the gas with this neglect who had been supplied by Mary this woman has anointed my feet with fragrant oil therefore I say to you her sins which are many African Jesus was teaching the same truth asylum that he taught through the prophet Hosea and twice gave to the Pharisees in Matthew if you know what this mean if I will have mercy and not sacrifice you would not have condemned the guiltless yes her sins were many that they were forgiven for she loved much but whom little is forgiven the same loss Jesus was performing a healing more important more difficult more delicate than the healing of letters point number three the healing of the body is only one part of the treatment the medical missionary shares for the sole as well as the work of a medical missionary it was a feeling of hope by that over the all for Jesus to come into Simon 's home that was the entering wedge but it was in the hall that Jesus could address assignments real problem the health was not immune it was the beginning of Jesus work for me CCR Fleet patient restoration Simon now had healing for his soul in that why in a moment which is this is the same discovery relied to have a looking for the God of judgment by the earthquake the win but Elijah was transformed by this bill and that still small voice changed the proud Pharisee knows a few simple but profound words of Jesus he had the same homeland had the same humbling experience that Isaiah had when those coals of fire touched his lips in the first three chapters of Isaiah uses the Isaiah was described in Wo is calling on woes of others went into the influence of the divine image Isaiah said Walt Disney for I we live in a very secluded area in the foothills of format miles from the nearest city our house is nine tenths of a mile up the steep gravel winding road during the summer you can't see our five neighbors houses but there is a six house that sits by the road that you can't help but see is your driving up to our place it saves it has sat as an eyesore until this house decreases the value of all our homes it was empty for a time a year ago backdoor in a broken window the roughly concessions were swaying ceiling was falling and I called up the zoning board and hat and asked that it be condemned with the zoning world 's one of our neighbors is an attorney so he went down to the zoning Board of the last they came out to look at it zoning commission member came out survey the house when I condemned we actively sought to discourage anyone look at it from buying the languages fall apart and then we could get into the house we saw with no potential was viewed differently by another who sought as part produced we knew it was purchased because profound changes begin almost immediately the roof was repaired the house was painted job was hauled off the purchaser saw a lovely little house to live in the rest of his life my outgrowth was to condemn and teardown Christ approach was to transform the mess what I want him to do in my soul and I desire to see through his eyes every patient who comes from my door I love the following quotation since five seven two twenty five the conditioning blank I was listening to the remnant publishing spirit of prophecy I want to emphasize is little blessing it blesses the like it's less than I was exercising and is just stuck out the condition and blank is no more disheartening than was the condition of the world when Christ left him compensate people were saying we should go to this area in missions Stu Hart to discourage he saw humanity saucepan and wretchedness and sinful he knew that men and women were depraved in the rating and sharing the most loathsome vices which are angels marveled that Christ should undertake would seem to them a hopeless task angelic love is good as it is is not enough to save me because hopeless they marvel that I could tolerate a racist sinful the casino rooms Christ came to this earth of the message of mercy and forgiveness Satanism boundless love for every human being in each he sees infinite potential God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son that whosoever believes in him should not have but have everlasting life it goes on Christ came to this earth of the message of mercy and forgiveness the Savior has a boundless love for every human being in each one he sees capacity for improvement with divine energy and hope you greatest those for whom he has given his life in his strength they can live a life rich in good works feel powerless Simon began to sense that he had little love for the Lord Jesus Christ while Jesus Christ had a great alone the goodness of God is to bring us to repentance his love of Jesus this goodness of God brought sign repentance medical missionary work is to reveal the goodness of God and bring others to repentance until we would never be ladies gentlemen medical interventions Jesus James Simon from an unrighteous drive a righteous judge England's Simon the Pharisee just as it went silent is seeking to do the same for every medical evangelist have ever been then in your life Simon will you cry out for mercy and been healed from some dreadful condition news here is physical heavy event ever been silent with Harrison judging others many have dealt with the area as with traders when they ought to have been dealt with in the mercy and compassion Christ Simon had cried out for mercy and received it but he wasn't willing to grant them mercy it cried out for and receive the opportunity to dwell my twelve manuscript releases one forty three God has revealed his characters were fallen man by giving them a savior Jesus Christ he commented that it is not as Sarah 's wrath against the perversity of his children not to censor them in his hot displeasure is a ever imagined and given them to alter from his this usually is not the time of contract is frustrated because the judgments don't fall on those displayed don't be frustrated it's of the Lord 's mercies that we the time is coming by and by but today they offer part is just available it must be given to every person on the an error that is lower than the medical evangelist we present of all private offering of healing the body he can and will resurrect that we can absolutely promise of God 's healing power even if they die but we present all the other feelings it goes on the elimination refuses warnings his messages of invitation presentation of his righteousness when they continue to sin in the face of line evidence still he will not bring forth on the screen should we he leaves all judgment whose son he gave the sin offering for the world is physical blessings is help blessings his various blessings are designed to lay your name to the position of letter first the center the center of a difference I want him to bring me to that point don't you you shall love the Lord your God with all your heart with all your soul with all your mind with all your strength is in comprehending the greatness of our sin and the greatness of God 's forgiveness the greatness of the granddaughter of part that we love God loves us with all his heart with all his soul with all his mind with all his strength if I want him no sacrifice will be degree no offering cost no rises to high God he has given everything to me in the same way God loves me I want to love him I want you to have all of me and all I possess present your design I love this sorry grew up hearing impaired brother singing on our old LP records Henry and then love oh Sing the wondrous story far as their glorious news claim out for all God 's only son was given bringing life to all trust in him today his love was wonderful to me his love is wonderful to me for Jesus loves me so he didn't count Ringo 's love is wonderful love divine the long number everyone loved it my the refugees of my soul and my wife possess final inmost nature overall mind being in control love divine was manifest in Jesus as he walked and talked my Galilee he who knew my sin became my Savior on the cross all for me as his love wonderful are your sins two million dollars for governor just twenty cents for twenty five million dollars grateful because twenty five cents grateful there may be a strongly God the audience you all no idea of the anxieties the heart is the problems with Jesus is speaking to you last Saturday night I was speaking on the presence of God had no idea it in the audience is a sixteen -year-old fellow who really never been in church much once twice about this background the sort of this in the his parents were drug addicts and drug and told me after the messages as you know if it was cocaine on your distinctions as I can't resist this places I want to be in the presence of God and maybe your experience Jesus will never turn on you if you turn to him you may have falling again and again with some say when God calls you I wonder if we couldn't just saying those who would like to say and respond to Jesus stands as a him so you must use my audio verse four amen a Pentagon analyst format if you'd like to learn more about Nina please visit www. iodine and I will like more free online www. online universe


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