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Is This the Time?

Nicolae Dan


Nicolae Dan

Physician at Herghelia Lifestyle Center in Romania and Nutrition and Diatetics Teacher at Targu Mures Medical School



  • October 30, 2010
    9:45 AM
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now we were going to our time when the policy does come before us this morning and when I called up Doctor McBride then this morning my coming up this morning and morning are you doing this once a few words about you and it you from Romania argue and what you go to medical school Bucharest and the rest and whether the loyalty you after after after medical school while let's call center in Georgia and then from their blogging or CPM from there back to me a man please let your pathway where you were fulfilling his purpose for your life right and what are you doing presently where it will raising meeting you right now I'm working on the last lesson learned have you mania and therefore fourteen years in an overhaul of the Lord bless you there and in this dispenser and while you see the future life assets of the to fulfill God 's ministry or you will see season let's listen funnier every receipt so I see a bright future for twenty seven work although it doesn't seem like that but not a sniper season when necessary a man like that I like that for the local doctor to accomplish now for next twenty minutes and thought what is this the time and it worked before hopefully work will still follow all I would like to thank so much for inviting me to speak and know when the president is out there are a lot of background people reach the mouth and I'm thinking now about my wife the children at home covering the whole base I'm thinking about my mic was a verse we just finished the session last Thursday we had BBC patients and then me I'm so thankful when I'm thinking about our ministry I have to diminish on people who are hearing of the decelerations thinking about for the children from having a single nation in working with us even from the beginning and the immensity forgot p.m. -year-old daughter many others I'm sure on to get the Nvidia 's field goal in the light it's happening okay okay so I'm so thankful for theme because we don't these feel I can go nowhere and well you know maybe some apostate meeting go through the VCR feeling comes in some help when they were very disturbed the amount of land of BG 's reach our rate than about seventy pounds less I sent of course we understand that's medical and surgical work but you know doesn't seem to be conveyed maybe someone here three cellular beats our power the software we method is that it is not the time to be more sunny elements United States White House is not sci-fi one thousand working Western societies before Sony selected cultures less developed like any world before then on the island lifestyle about the these not working out in the postmodern society be both available Smothers the needs of the someone that they are not looking for the one touch myself the time because that's working this information was not living restoring doesn't working day colonies not working well now so if you cannot be similar wages what people get outside and say government of the day are highly self-sustaining witty mother hospitalists and not less centers which I still have a month among the best use of movies is not leaving Poland the same arguments many people include our brothers said that is not possible to have a hit in the eye when you people doesn't see the abuses and I'm very anywhere see here about knocking many words they are US about so this is the geographical argument it were that easy surmised that I bought not know the time we are for reset and Romania it was not many cover people are better about the young I'm selling up with my father who thought us know on that the speed of prophecy should be read as a sweet and when Landis is what the sovereign fall of companies we been waiting for them my father thought about that you know there will be a time that Russia and the comedies doesn't have a place in the prophecy and there will be a time when the United States believe in beauty and of the event that is the time when contrasted no close schools across coming so when the attack on the following of the phone companies we were so enthusiastic and we had that sense of urgency we have lots of really good we need to do so and we read statements like these that the establishment of sunny fountains for the care of secret and suffering is just that this is are you in your resume then we read about this establishing good as I thought his developing countries the most perfect seat question rights but from the life of human beings to do something these therapies which elect for small movie garden by God 's blessing becomes long larger and stronger but if I be a simple useless making that seventy five North maybe it's the me that the best way beast reach the highest plus he sees through our Sunday thoughts and is virtually great just last session and leave the beast Thursday that we had fifty three people attending the session and we have to find reinstated about to be together but it happened that we have five mayors gather one of them was former be presented in the house so be present at the and the loss of rupees of us they would never come church eBay they come to speak a few words maybe when they read over the church and then they are gone because they already busy box what he saw not the most successful means of reaching all glossies of people in the same session visa just the second piece is not his awesome plans the speedboat saw these will be just a moment would be set and it's that I guide for good if it invites and that they are influencing this in place are not written here let's send our parents submitting that about one month ago and the parents found so well they send you need to build the space so they came and I had before I think the United States I had the privilege to talk to them and the usually I tell them the story of a video because patients are very the signal is behind these maybe the church the applicant 's church is behind and we like the story that Billy God is behind and the beast you know you should franchisee 's and this is not the ability basins have been many recent past usual franchise the city such an interesting thought is just such a project is that I have a few pictures from the promo and get the young wheat you know I saw that report and to develop a space thousand people and cultures so we didn't give up I congratulated him via after ten p.m. slot but these varying back on in all of this is for God 's grace that we are on the scene here but I just want to see you what happens when you go bankrupt and the elevated voices it says possible there is a map and your recipient you and want to know another site I was opening his value for me about half of the workers they are trained or former Microsoft house of the separation of powers the mayor and he told HTTP cigar he is so he went home we these usually snappy something here because I is that all of the conferences Romania one that a site currently has six conference and that so he went home and got in touch with the church and the he offered the duties would be something 's just just new people so the church has to be something right now when we are working together to develop a nice plan architecture plan and the younger leadership theory the conference they want to get people were in their cups selling two years here and then these these long so soulless developing and they are other tools which are enough mass these awful sources I be if I know we are coming for the girls to having a signing out of here every big city and we thought we at least one hundred thousand people were infected by very closely back to you when you have people connected with you and then they go home and talk to their spouses that musical selection dropped or Romania almost everywhere you go people know or heard about the video then our health magazine of America the scene even every month and he is the first the joint venture between the focus on supporting easy to shonen for the church we had been depicted by the church owns like actually had anyways goes heavy months to about ten thousand people and the bookmark distributing it so about fifty people hear about these and then you go to the government local or central and you you have people who know what they give you in the church speeding back to the fastest seat for lymphoma patients from Nvidia searching for a church building for the church and the daddy pay our research we had the Peace Corps from the beginning the research and let somebody see and believe it or not the money and a sparse sponsor of the saddest support these the dilution of course not you know they did in common with the cause but they were involved in the Woodmont and they were involving researchers to do these any of us might know knowledge I did a lot of research it was the first vendor was screening at five eleven leaving less facet I figure out that even bustier maybe almost close to a half a million dollars from soon such researching me know it didn't cost that much and just to show you what happened to Daniel in ten days the cholesterol dropped about thirty one percent LDL dropped the ball thirty four percent of the lease arise from Babylon the high carbohydrate diet but he said the Diebold had fun going to these monkeys that industry is that would last at least contagious dose of pain and the group obtained a treatment group really good that one for group and you see here what happened at it I say since I was not so happy because up to forty five days there was not that is because significant difference to believe that the rules but as a copycat profession I was so happy because it works good let's face on pages two and any data presentation we trained more than three hundred students from sixteen countries in our medical missionary school and then we we had us will K-1 twelve we lost one hundred students enrolled and then beyond that have cost a info we believe will save you from Hungary we spent a sunny townhouse of graduates were arrogantly outworking currently more the body politic establishing this sunny garden regarding up Crane Israel this is just a picture from more the light Bobby Witt we are very close we hope by next year to be able to open these his left of center of this was the first glass 's graduation in two thousand four in Bulgaria we have former student of followers send it on this property just you cannot beauty the money he bought it you cannot be a basis that a very nice and they are remodeling right now and I want to build these are left with me by my sister up here because she just gave Thursday she returned from these out where we had the first last session ever and she she was the coordinate the bad I just want the value that he shall be in the Sudan with two thousand eight unless invited by the reduction they are by the minute I start off charging the lobby and from young people I went to see the config to see the culture and another advice then stopped retaining the laypeople and we did that in April two thousand nine three month course the daily course and then allow me to help exploit plus the first half he said and seven hundred people attending the church there said that it was the first success with social event they have to they are glad that he is registered the following that we do have to but guess what in June two thousand nine weekly nonstop five had thought because we didn't have the people so people said that Israelis so hard to be worried about me we found out that not that the grace mother brings the problem the later you see the problem about that one long a health club which started its field around the RVD in the Lord and he justly and there are some people who already opened the chest from their and into thousand ten we had the first left the session and most of the workers are from they are nates of the sock that students graduating and let me tell you something interesting happened just one day after the first let's assess in handy these new copy of the menu was in journalism and post docs the society and that it was talking about these outstanding musician society has decided to talk to patients finally about the last of changes including smoking cessation exercise and diet and disease while while there they say that oldies that prescribing just another big patients lose weight is impractical and even dangerous season it was a willful prognosis of the country the high risk of heart attacks these entities is society has decided on the boards that hope from now on either problem he's been a Hashemite something for patients on what lifestyle changes including smoking cessation exercise and petitions that they discover what we knew for one and one year ago one one hundred thirty BCCI needs as a little shoving a society we just an thousand members we as a society that uses the chairman of the society believe that the something did not get a bonus of these are for many years as a spasticity medication because we thought it was any think of anybody else in between France patients to change their life a free will push for peace regarding this in mortality and morbidity cancel and so far we failed my thinking is Sawgrass so these less money after the last thousand session and I have a million here and I want to Oscar how deep these less the session go you how many patients need to have injured slaughter and I'll link to say unintentionally that I have in my hot Latin American 's argument is not still be using you and her grandmother and then the Navy nation to go and had been in the one-month training on PA I never really had a lot going to happen and he is here that we had seventeen days in the last session I made it clear that is not many people have told him that I may not sleep and has our outing look at how we have to do is utilize the command and England one of the cell and what is a on the mother story about the station yes hunting I add when you believe in letting the Angel hack life as session he will continue that I had a beautiful array of any of my property is not like I said I think it makes man I think the link between the index tedium and one day in eighty CE three pints and should look at hacking is gone I went to go I need had I need some kind I elected to be me myself and I should really sit down and handshakes all the time when the economy to face him and even and on the way and she said she will she finally gone down there and did finally all elements of the authors and see how things should be competing in the UK after the flood basin we should continue when we should take going out drinking to know when an employee opened and she and their children in the back to Galatians he had some problems but with the know-how to develop and put her on a very strong term I delivered my baby she didn't want to take them and my company indeed and we can we learn from God of regulation got back and back and should not be he must die and I do not like talking and you might be found back in Jan when the flu today and you will see a we had from United they and my mother pointed you will you will you wouldn't mean anything to me means I will be I see the advantage he meant that there had now and I guess I be an anytime she had to buy it I think she was on the than happy to meet from nine from Danielle and Leon in our team we went to a meeting a young daddy leaving the Navy people and less growth in the field and she wasn't as bad as it happens in spring that have not yet seen the lifestyle and she fantasized enough money and you know what time she only do I not like a community he hadn't so be united to be and I is yeah it has an e-mail and I don't see how the argument on the iPhone the city of candidate to go and I understand you and leave you high and every morning when we would lower exercise she would do that easily have information and a you and me not the nineteen hundred months ago she was heartbroken could any action that no one had and what to and she said in my heart but him access is not as we know him before he living hemagglutinin and that he would be here and I day when heating up and say they were there that cannot hold one hundred twenty men when the patent actually Monday will color and XML and they would be when they haven't not want what I connected that we would like to know that we need in the nineteen and nine an annual and they are and mean back in the last lesson as well as what happens but the big guy is awesome by not asking some very very united they be riding only thing that the some mild hydrotherapy just one show you the you know anyone that was age eight Fannie Mae and not very happy when she came the Internet after cheated anybody know England is that she change that to another while the debacle in by the back of the less elite about the additional select of seventy five a.m. we only talk when he will be written on Ricky that he would be content and had to say that every time I control them right away and telling up through my everything and said we may actively would be a link of my property I wanted you and I that she went home I met with and seemed lonely and how quickly you can go back and fill my family and I think that him on the landing twenty nine Phyllis L Anderson Natalie I don't think the job you really need is already setting no actually another nine to eleven work policies and will be catenary are here they were leading one on the walks possibly while five final work we love must be bearing grand wellspring what say I have a school bichon and I'm not a prophet they could like that I have the school be shunned and I need to talk to you you are a special is not the plot but you know Helios preview of your team to see in in a medical missionary work best why you are here and I think it's high time to have left the center in the leeches you present at the United States are young young a reverence don't not know you have saw so much intelligence hearing discomfort and I think we all week to the world that's not the way up to Doctor warmish log e-zine you know that he said that his Asian tour you must agree that these Obama lobbyists and so let me move you to reimburse for last comments that's only and then jump on the back I think we all wanted to the work to have an ancillary study found I have sent or what ever you want to call the United States I will do the things I've always should be maybe maybe we should strengthen the more and then work legal money about the Boogaloo outstanding research of maybe we should have something your money down Doctor Harkin Gary had his dream to have overland Doctor Haas only this is what in Overland there was say you have everyone laughing having believable the problem has somehow be the workout you will not even enough obviously and I think it's high time sexy honey over these oldest people outside anybody you go to Harvard with mayo and nobody encourages anybody good evening everybody is a bad busy than at another baby doctor somebody from the petitioned Parliament and he sent anybody's business become becoming fashionable everybody saw the plant -based diet vegetarian rotation so I think this would be such a blessing to have such a representative institution here United States and that he will not it will bathroom because if I think this is not that he didn't give up on having a sunny value and the sending it is not I'm not talking you know your japonicus why without doing a great job we were in the editing of you know that but probably they are more evacuated abilities in the twenty first century and to have students and to have the students weakness of this show is about saving grace so I I did review the procedure and because they say there is no not the time of the speed the prophecy says the species type patients long as the AC that these should be franchise like metal bangle and let's help me out to Doctor Ornish succeeding that that's as we know and my question for use by the signal in so small this year was using my audio verse for a man and his medical management you would like to learn more about the man please visit www. a man and I like the more free online sermon in WW on universe were


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