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Miracle Makeover: A Lifetime Warranty

Ron du Preez



  • February 22, 2006
    6:45 PM
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we are glad to have you back again what a beautiful song he tests the and maybe home last night we talked about very important subject what God has done for us and why we want to give back he says you are mine and because we are part human the created and redeemed by God that's why we have come with this phrase give God your best to you take care of the rest of you what you lasted or even if you were to try to memorize that short phrase is safe with me briefly give God your best he'll take care of the rest let us pray thank you Lord that we are yours both by creation and by redemption thank you that you have given us the privilege of giving back to you giving to you all best knowing you will take care of the rest come now father speaks through me let your words may indeed be words of life to each one of us now in the precious name of Jesus Christ our Savior a man that it is a phenomena that is Tuesday happy around nowadays I noticed so many places silvery time I come across things that have that one would make over lyrical makeovers extreme makeover in fact I was at the store not far away from here he recently when I came across a magazine I don't subscribe to and I don't buy it but I have to get it this time because it ties in closely with my sermon my summit 's miracle makeover I hear they had on the cover makeover miracles and it says shocking photos Jen Aniston nineteen eighty seven and two thousand and five and inside at all these pictures of all the so-called insulin him of the so-called over miracle now you'll notice eighteen years between these two pictures I take besides a lot of money and a lot of makeup that took place as well but this seems to be a big push them on the issue of make over this amusing now called extreme makeover home edition I happen to read two articles on it I've never seen it but the two articles talk about what they do approximately a thousand people every day send in letters and videotapes from around the nation trying to show that they qualify for a brand-new house and so what these people do they look at them and once every week they select ABC television I believe it is select a home and they show up at the door of the family that they selected they send the family on a weeks vacation becoming they tear down the entire house yesterday or do they care it down and then designers and others one hospital is really about they had within seven days they had one thousand eight hundred volunteers and they reconstruct the entire house on the same property and then a fourth baby furniture and they do all kinds of things that the south even to the owners of brand-new motor vehicle and so the people and come back in there in tears and on television of course since this is not enough another kind of makeover all kinds of makeovers I I've come across the programs last year although somebody who feel that their friend is kind of stuck in the dark ages you knew it out and then they ambushed a medical ambush makeover some of you are aware of that and then they take him and he tried to transform them within a couple of hours it's interesting I noticed this the transformation always includes generating a new hairstyle and invariably quite a bit of makeup him every low-slung clothing to be more sexually seductive nose of a makeover site I've seen a payout unless that I settle that's the direction that the world is going always physical always external it seems almost always noted as much as Excel is another kind of makeover that's called reengineering your body which is very interesting because medical science would hear the medical solutions than trying to reengineer people 's bodies fitting all the fascinating story of a man in Japan he was fifty eight years of age he had a rare kind of eye disease he was going blind so what do they doctors went inside the secret a small piece of tissue out and then with stem cells with this in a culture dish to the group large enough then they transplanted this sheet across these eyes looking over the sheet of tissue and transplanted it and put a a soft contact lens over that within six weeks the man could see clearly a year later he could still see clearly interesting incredible things that are happening now transforming the body you might have the final artificial kidneys at the new things they are artificial loses the latest when I read about an artificial hand that is so good you some because of this like you you can catch and you could throw with an artificial limb to hand over the closest so fast reacting to your thinking incredible things that they are not inventing this is the modern age all kinds of things are happening in a sometimes people don't change recently change in name in fact it's very interesting I'm reading how instead of changing perhaps the job they change the name of it listen to this one by the way it's called to transport patients specialist of it in a way that is him or yes or whatever the urban transportation specialists another one I like the instrument and excavation expert what is that a gravedigger PS yes but how about the individual tea control engineer at the janitor folks that's the janitor okay now that's what we sometimes we tried to change the PC human beings though are fallible sometimes even with all the medical attempts to exchange our bodies cosmetic surgery and I know the state the state of California is famous for reshaping all parts of the body take cosmetic surgery sometimes unfortunately doctors make mistakes to show you something right now related and went to Australia and she had an operation you see this scissors by the way this pair of scissors well she had operation in May two thousand and one she had all kinds of problems for seventeen months she went that they x-rayed her and is what they found the doctors have forgotten that you have scissors this is an x-ray inside of her the length of the six seven inches long that your study medicine some of you please be careful don't leave anything inside your patience when you operate their game do the best job you can as you know it's interesting we all have the threat of desperate drive for change we want to improve sometimes it's medical necessity we have authentic problems but other times it's just that we tired of the old we want to be new we want to do something new we want to make ourselves look new so people spend thousands and thousands of dollars on attempting to change things but really can we change that's the question can we really think the correct what you don't get the forty first floor Joe fourteen verse four talks about this is a reminder of what we talked about that in the last few days I'm disputing another personnel to reiterate what we have studied before can we really change ourselves ultimately when I come across many things were not and euphemistic language calling ourselves wanting when we're really the same as we were before I take which will be used to change interchange Job chapter fourteen verse four asked the question who can bring a clean things out an unclean and there is up to the answer what is it no know why no one can really bring about serious things that we talked about in the past we've talked about Jeremiah thirty first twenty three to the fifth can a leopard change its spots remember that tenant Ethiopian change his skin and the answer was no if you could then you could do good more accustomed to evil at the first look at before the hearing Joseph a very clearly you cannot change yourself by doing her doctors have been involved in trying to read the full the heart interesting is the story of a man who thinks in his fifties not fifty nine years of age it already had it had a quadruple bypass at the age of forty six particularly due to his lifestyle from the evidence you called itself is a good genuine type a person since he was in his mid- thirties he has really working too hard nothing carries body well he suffered a result they've been working with him now in his late fifties his heart really is our apostle was dying so what are they doing out new experiments medical scientists on how the gift they gave her men and drug which then started the generation of so you bone marrow then they harvested his blood and took out the stem cells there and then they in selected that into his heart itself hoping that this would regenerate his heart helping to rebuild the heart all kinds of things the medical scientists are trying to do now to help us to better was that I will say that could the book of Ezekiel can we get to really feel like talking spiritual enough Ezekiel chapter thirty six while medical scientist trying to rebuild the heart let's go to Ezekiel thirty six speaking obviously spiritual you'll see this is the context Ezekiel chapter thirty six verse twenty six what is God saying I will give you a new lock we know it's the word of the Lord because versus Dean says moreover the word of the Lord came to be saying and in verse twenty six on will give you a new heart and a new spirit within you I will take the heart of stone out of your flesh and give you a heart of flesh so God says I will take out your stony heart and I will replace it with a heart of flesh obviously God is speaking not physically he is speaking spiritually we know that from the context because verse twenty seven continued that healthy disease I will put my Spirit within you and cause you to walk in my statutes and you will keep my judgments and do them God is talking about a spiritual heart transplants by the way never forget the first physical heart transplant I was a teenager back home living in the city of Cape Town South Africa and it just so happened on my sixteenth birthday as well never forget the day I turned sixteen front-page headlines about the country first ever heart transplant there was a headline that Doctor Christiane Barnhart had performed the first heart transplant into a human being into Louis wash constantly that he didn't live very long I believe it is a few weeks before he passed away but it was the beginning of a major medical breakthrough of course my sixteenth birthday I couldn't forget the major medical news later on I was working in that very same hospital with a few hospital where Doctor Barnhart had performed the first ever heart transplant that's what the Bible 's talking about the Bible is talking really about a spiritual change in a completely radical change how do I know that let's not go and look at the words of Jesus John chapter three but for the John chapter three and we want to look here at what Jesus talks about as he challenges a Jewish believer about what is most important in his life John chapter three some of you might know the back onto the story there was the man John three was one of the Pharisees named Nicodemus a will of its use this man came to Jesus by night and said to him Rabbi we know that you are a teacher come from God for no one can do these signs that you do unless God is with the best out there for a moment I don't delay further even when he does a particular disease here is Jesus the teacher Nicodemus said that and Nicodemus himself as a teacher so innocent Nicodemus comes to Jesus in a sense professor and professor or a theologian theologian I know human teacher he redeems himself with the world and used some things interesting Nicodemus did not say I know that you are from what you say that you really believe that he was coming at one teacher to another and so you come here to have a philosophical discussion apparently he starts almost of the flattery of Jesus what is going to the next verse location is important that what Jesus does Jesus referring John three three Jesus answered and said to him most short of the Warsaw Bible said verily verily I say unto you or truly truly I say you invented this a serious visibility and as I say you are the last one is born and all born from above he cannot see the kingdom of God Nicodemus offended when we look we got and almost almost maybe sarcastically or I would love the irony in his voice before Nicodemus is how can the twentieth all can he enter a second time into his mother 's womb and be born what is Jesus and he doesn't get into debates about the about physics or anatomy Jesus says Bruce five Jesus answered most assuredly that is again to exhorting very very I think you are the less one is born of water and the Spirit he cannot enter the kingdom of God he's not expanding Jesus said you must be born again what does it mean to be born again Jesus said you must be born of the water and born of the water Mister okay with God verse six that which is born of the flesh is flesh very intelligent when you aborted the baby you were born as a human being I goes further okay and that which is born of the Spirit is spirit Nicodemus I thought what a spiritual birth look at verse seven do not marvel that I sent to you five words you him he for I can very clear that Jesus is the leader on the Bush uses strength about the cost of the chase he knows what Nicodemus is need is is not going to debate and discuss other things that Jesus was right to the heart you must be born again what does it mean to be born August the list of furthering the goal of fuel injectors down to chapter sixteen John chapter six do you want to take a diversity John chapter sixteen verse eight what is Jesus speaking about identities as yet his words John sixteen verse eight in the context Jesus is talking about the Holy Spirit and he says in verse eight when he has when this purchase he will convict the world of sin and of righteousness and of judgment a half so the Holy Spirit 's job is to convict the heart born August first in simple language is what the Holy Spirit will bring conviction to your heart he will bring conviction to my heart when the Holy Spirit comes into my heart he makes me aware of my problems he makes me aware of my sins that's what born of the Spirit is the Sprint brings conviction how do I know let's give you a practical example let's look to the book of acts chapter two and now I'm going to ask you to attend if you have a paper and so in your Bibles maybe I would like to share with you here in a five major point kind of a Bible study on switching Al Qaeda from preaching to Bible study I would like to share with you now in a actual Bible study will drink goats five vital points about this whole issue of the new heart the new birth with Doctor lad born of the spirit that means the Spirit brings condition to the heart and I'm going to show you that right here in S him when he was increasing by the day of Pentecost noticing with thirty six we do not want to be born of the water right here accepted two or thirty six therefore let all the house of Israel know assuredly that God has made this Jesus whom you crucified both before and Christ the Lord and Messiah think about that finally the degree when Christmas is the Hebrew word Messiah Michigan this Jesus that you crucified Peter says he is the Messiah think about that for a moment 's Jesus is Peter preaching to the Jews and what happens with thirty seven notice of the Holy Spirit does to their hearts now when they heard this they were cut to the heart is always working on their luck they were cut to the heart conviction comes to them conviction leads into desire and they said to Peter and the rest of the apostles men and brethren what shall we do with the Holy Spirit when you upload all the start it brings a recognition that you have a problem you have a need you have sinned and that he was a mistake to set up a start now let's go to born of water what happens what is Peter Cyprus thirty eight then Peter said to them repentance something turnaround three ten and let every one of you be baptized in the name of Jesus the Messiah Jesus Christ for the remission for the forgiveness of sins and you shall receive the gift of the Holy Spirit is born of water the Holy Spirit brings conviction on the heart one of the water you are baptized now I would like to give you five major points is why suggest that you take a pen pencil I would like to do a brief Bible study here this evening five many very important things because we all need a radical either a revival in our lives or some of us might never have had that you heart that the Lord has promised that someone just look at five major important things I give you a moment to get a pen and pencil and want to do that is going to get a story it is not far from here in Northern California Dixon that's where this little baby was his name was miles two weeks of age his mother got ill his baby other older brother got ill and then middle two week old miles he got skill milestones and and eventually got so ill that they rushed him to the hospital and from there they rushed him to a specialist Hospital in Sacramento because he was failing fast it happened to week old baby have gotten a virus into the hearts and two weeks of age he was suffering from nothing other than heart failure what to do they needed a heart transplant is very hard to find parts I like you have to wait months and months to find it so what they did as they flew in a brand-new mechanical heart from your called the Berlin heart but it is only a temporary device that the FDA is right now is being examined later considering opening for using United States but it's still on trial but they got permission to fly the horse in and then their catch this artificial heart which sits outside of the blue two week old baby and they were able to keep this eighty miles alive while they waited for a new hearts it was four to five months later when another baby died from a head injury eleven months old and they got the heart from this infant and a transplant of the heart into baby miles and within a few weeks he was able to go home with the new high heart transplants become almost routine but there's a difference folks we go about this brutal heart at the moment to give as gifts without thinking maybe mildest cases is blatantly reject the ironically the heart is getting new life is the one that is what is going to reject and so he will be on these antirejection drugs his parents at all become nurses and doctors themselves to know what to do I said that but a lot of learned a lot of training to give their little baby all of the drugs to keep his body from rejecting that hearts interesting is that the way is that the opposite when God promises us and offers us a new heart our party was Tuesday because we need that heart than I thought that we've been meeting all along is the opposite of the physical hard drive but this is the kind of heartfelt party has been longing for speakers of the kind of life that will bring about a complete fresh start in our lives he is asleep before we start these five one you do see the importance they are likely to memorize it within a reviewed at the end again it's a simple statement to make a new start to God your whole heart he was adequately make a new start to God your whole heart there is at the key point within the review that they drawn to make a fresh start and make a new start give God your whole heart here are five important steps that I would like you to take down the first one is the question why the baptized and then ask a few questions when we study in the English language they always tell you it was out five questions the why of what the where the win an outright would it exactly that was really very easy to remember the first question why do you baptize why be baptized with already mentioned it right there him him him over thirty eight Dean baptized in the name of Jesus Christ for what for the remission for the forgive us our sins that baptism is a symbol is an external symbol of the forgive is often the washing away of sins baptism is symbolic of that claim think of the Lord of the heart baptism and external symbol of the washing away of sins why the watch and incidentally the question is when am I ready this is part of number one number one why the question is I went with the steps how do we get to be ready in one hundred and eighty and see because people simply say to all you only have to do that the Bible gives us three things before we asked to go through this process why did baptize all it comes after you learn from the Scripture is what is difficult to learn as little I won a you learn from the Bible what is to highlight that the very story reading if you have your Bible in front of you go to accept it to again and I want you to notice from verse fourteen all the way through this divorce thirty five p.m. is preaching this incredible sermon and who was Peter he is doing a study of the Bible in fact in verse sixteen this is what was popped open by the prophet Joel is quoting the Prophet Joel he continues in verse twenty five for David says concerning him and he quits David Peter is doing what we might call an old-fashioned Bible study he is teaching the people from the Bible you first learn from the Bible a little like that with the movie what happens after you learn and you get to where these people think what they do and peters and we can so that the movie you repent turn away from your sins first you learn then you repent okay I can only because you accepted these truths twice with those two around the last two are sorry about that first you what you you learn you believe and accept and then you repent you learn you believe and accept and then you repent and they believed and accepted that's why they said what must we do and then they didn't repent why must you be to have your sins forgiven now I know when you look at the story on the surface it looks like right away they said we would definitely accept as a baptized and I'll tell you frankly I know of somebody the friend of mine finally I bumpy do not long ago is it is a pastor and he said as soon as people accept Jesus under the baptize them because when you look at the story such as this one it shows that he needed treatment they were baptized when should people be baptized that's the second major question the person is why why for the forgiveness of sins when one point in time in their lives because when you look at the story on the surface it looks like they were baptized in the agency that and yes they were they were baptized one would think so so why does it take some people long time incidentally I met a gentleman from the Philippines one day and he told me he's it we studied the Bible for one full year before we were baptized and yes the question is in excess these people will baptize the same day this gentleman from the Philippines study for a whole year what's the difference very crucial to take you on a quick journey here to show you why these people in the book of acts were baptized the same day yes people yet it's good joining faculty to Johnson for one first nineteen we have to get the background John chapter one verse ninety why can some people be baptized him why the sun have to study for a whole year number the wild got the forgiveness of sins now we come to the actual win specifically when John chapter one verse nineteen and twenty now this is the testimony of John when the Jews sent priests and Levites Elizabeth who are you personally but he is restless and did not deny but confess I am not the Christ I am not the Messiah who was twenty nine the next day John saw Jesus coming toward him and said the flu the Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world of divorce forty five communities were applicable to get in a minute look at verse forty five years for found Nathaniel and said to him we have found him all of whom Moses in the law and also the prophets wrote Jesus of Nazareth the son of Joseph down to verse forty nine Nathanael answered and said to him Jesus rest you are the son of God you are the team of Israel why I take you on this journey tell you specifically what you think for a moment about the Jews who were living at that point is not the David preacher was preaching the Jews you study the Bible carefully though she was already were people who kept the Decalogue they were faithful and obedient to the ten Commandments we know that the context number two they were a worshiping community they worshiped regularly in fact that's why they had come to Jerusalem for the day of Pentecost because they were coming up there to worship God the Jews were expecting required to do that they were worshiping community they would on a vegan communities they were a high returning community we know that from the Bible they were faithfully giving their type in fact they went so far as to give tithes on the little nerves what you're doing common they were very meticulous something almost too good to give Jesus a nation tied the little things that they shouldn't forget the weightier matters of the law they were tied because they were giving their offerings yes sometimes to both league and Pharisees but what a good guy I have they were giving even the public and with giving is offered through offering anti- hubristic and more than that they were health reformers did you argue that down here in this context they live healthily convey a certain foods the Jews already were practicing virtually everything there was one belief nothing didn't know one major concept that they were needing to learn and what was that for centuries the Jews will looking for new longing for waiting for watching for the coming of the Messiah the Messiah and when this person called Jesus of Nazareth was born only some of them recognizing that a five member Peter in Matthew sixteen with sixteenth twenty fifteen you are the Christ that's the great Kristof your Messiah the son of God and Jesus a question blood has not revealed with you but my father in heaven and evidence and when Paul was converted to accept it nine it's interesting there is says Paul went out and preached that this Jesus was the Messiah the key issue my brother my sister was that the Jews already believe and practice everything except one belief that was what they had not recognized that Jesus of Nazareth was the promised Messiah which is why when Peter biblically proved that Jesus was the Messiah and that he had been crucified infecting as if you were guilty of supplying it he just said that in a net accepted two thirty six thirty seven that's when they realized we you know the promised Messiah best when they accepted him as the Messiah this was the one truth that they didn't know sometimes sometimes it happens you come across somebody who accept and understand everything that is just one belief they don't know you share at anything wonderful I've been waiting for for some good news to fill that void in my life now I know I'm ready they are maybe few feet in fact I had a case it could someday brought to me and I sat down with this young lady and I listened she was not a practicing member of all of our faith and recently looked through the issues studied them and within three or four hours it became crystal clear she believed and practiced everything that we believe is an amazing pace she had actually been studying and growing she was already practicing while there was much not much left to do she was ready and she accepted and then she came and I had the privilege of baptizing accident varied within a week amazing to remember now my church you have to see when people are ready and so when you study the Bible you find out the win comes very clearly so why people must be baptized for the forgiveness of sins when when ever they are ready and different people are ready at different times these people in the book of acts they were ready there was one believe that they didn't have tentative they didn't realize that Jesus of Nazareth was the Messiah that's why they could be baptized immediately the others felt that it might take five years before they can unlearn all the things they did that I have grown up with others might take a lot less time so that's the win was the third question and I'm glad you're taking some notes that what is that this is the third question the first Muslim why the second one with the win now we go to what what is baptism to do deeper digging now we have to go to Romans six was for and it is a little introduction to robotics was always in step six was three and Romans six was for the birth I wanted to focus on here for three or do you not know that many of us as were baptized into Christ Jesus were baptized into his death now here's reservoir Romans six verse four therefore we were buried with him through baptism into death that just as Christ was raised from the dead by the glory of the father even so we also should walk in newness of life interesting Paul here by inspiration is saying what really is we know it's the forgiveness of sins okay that's why we can be baptized we know when we are ready but the deeper significance what does it really symbolized and under question number three again I haven't little egg that will be little see ABN see when they look at this verse more closely the first thing that baptism is a reminds us all is all the burial of Jesus okay so baptism is being buried there it says in the text we were baptized with him through baptism we were buried with him through baptism into his death or at another translation puts it for we died and were buried with Christ by baptism baptism symbolizes a burial okay I doubt of what all the oldest person ever to the burial that will be the second point it says and you weren't just as Christ was a raise from the dead ha ha so baptism is burial the light will be in his resurrection right at the second part and middle C even so we also should walk in newness him after you once you are you dying very to your resurrected and then you walk in newness of life the deeper significance of baptism to be interesting think about this for a moment according to Paul Howell should be celebrated to commemorate the death burial and resurrection of Jesus through one symbol to the symbol of baptism baptism for the question is the biblical message to commemorate to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ fascinating the study is interesting but that doesn't shows the death burial and resurrection and walking with him in newness of life that know what all doctors of the one out how how should we be baptized because there has been debated for centuries about that is that an entire denomination was started centuries ago because this group of people believe that they needed to make a personal choice to be baptized even though when they were babies they were sprinkled when they were babies and that started in the denomination called Anabaptists centuries ago okay so now little defeatist before and after the method Ephesians four verses four and five Ephesians four and four five talk about how effusions of performers for here Paul is very specific talking about what method does God call upon STC said how many they are in Google for examples in a few minutes and look at this more deeply there is one body and one Spirit just as you were called in one hope of your calling one Lord one faith what does it say one baptism one God and father of all who is above all and through all and in all one baptism well that's go back to the example of Jesus we always want to see him through his life and ministry marked up to one for the second gospel writer market along with nine to eleven now already I know they might be one or two of you will mostly women and asked if I thought you said that baptism was for the forgiveness of sins and my father that Jesus never sinned and I know those questions will come up so let's address that is not a K marsh after one does say he was nine it came to pass in those days that Jesus came from Nazareth of Galilee and was baptized by John in the Jordan wait a minute I thought that as a Muslim givens of says hold on keep your hand there on but you think you quickly unattended to Matthew chapter three years Matthew filled in the rest of the story nothings apathy and will come right back to marked up one in a minute Matthew chapter three years the story again it says it again methods at the Weber thirteen almost the same words then Jesus came from Galilee to John at the Jordan to be baptized by him we just read that correct papers lurking outbursts fourteenth and Shawn tried to prevent him think I need to be baptized by you and you are coming to me John recognized he was a sinner Jesus is not the center and Jesus says in verse fifteen but Jesus answered and said he permitted to be so now for thus it is fitting for us to fulfill all righteousness then he allowed him as he started the whole Bible you see that Jesus was baptized not the forget of the reasons but rather he was setting an example for us it was the beginning of his ministry and Jesus even though he was sinless he still went through the right of baptism Jesus sets an example for us folks that go not to market the wondrous can continue the story so here Jesus comes to John he is going to be baptized first ten mark one versed in any meeting coming up from the water he Jesus saw the party was losing money my conduct then a voice came from heaven you are my beloved son in whom I am well pleased synthetically and Jesus went down into the water anything up out of the water John Tepper three was twenty three even filled up a picture of little more than turn with me now to John that gospel written by that beloved disciple John chapter three that the same chapter we read before John set the three verse twenty three again John the baptized are here written by John the beloved John the baptizer this is the story by John the beloved iPods on the baptizer was twenty three now John will also was baptizing in even years Salem because there wasn't much water there and they came and were baptized interesting the reason there is a lot of water you need a lot of water even be immersed on the initiative I like to be correct so nowadays I checked the website I get covered stories before I got here to preach today I went and checked my Greek dictionaries if I remember the biomedical exactly sure on getting people correct information and I would venture to guess what the greenwood console means I wrote it down a student or even worse in water that's what is baptized or even worse going right underneath the water so that the how about we look at the Y forgiveness of sins right though when whenever people are ready when they have heard the message when it accepted and believed it when they have repented at the wind right we talked about the watch it's a symbol use of the death burial and resurrection off of Jesus we can talk about the how they do how it is by IMO urges and finally the fifth and final point I use the wood where where Isaac Pasolini where most of the number oh no no man be easy because I have come across very sincere people who think pastor I don't want to be part of a teacher 's I want to simply be baptized into Jesus Christ is on a acid aware what does the winner mean little back to accept it to where we were earlier on that important Pentecostal sermon accepted to what happens as the Bible teaches you deduct illegal Christ all was the church business why do we encourage and challenge people when you are baptized into Christ you really should join a Bible believing Fellowship of Christians is that biblical that go back to accept it too and notices births forty one Peter had already hit weekend and be baptized November forty one what happened yes then those who gladly received his word of it are some who don't gladly receive it they turn away those who gladly received his word baptize and that day about three thousand souls were added to them verse forty two and they continued steadfastly in the apostles doctrine and fellowship in the breaking of bread any prayers and going on was forty seven feet that chapter praising God and having favor with all the people I noticed that last sentence and the Lord added to what to the church daily those who were being saved as you study the Bible carefully you will find that to be baptized into Christ means that you do join his church utility and simply be out there alone on your own leader one more example that go to first Corinthians chapter twelve our last passage will go to the book of Corinthians the letter to the Corinthians first with his twelfth twelve thirty and forty wounded a look at a more in-depth next week the gifts of the spirit but here first could this after twelve is very clean very twelve verse twelve or thirteen for as the body is one and as many members but all the members of that one body being many are one body so also is Christ verse thirty four by one Spirit we were all baptized into what into one body and using what funny are we talking about here you might want to just remember you have a chance to write it in Ephesians five was twenty three says Christ is the head of the church he is a head of the body so go down not the worst twenty seventh to give to finish off here first Corinthians twelve is twenty seven now you are the body of Christ and members individually in a nutshell folks wear when anybody is baptized into Christ you automatically become a part of the body of Christ the church you cannot be baptized as an individual and something the out there you become part you join a Bible believing community is very important five very important factors about how there when why and what about this whole issue of becoming a new person I wish it would interesting story it happened exactly four weeks ago to this very day it was on a Wednesday January twenty five two thousand and six on the other side of the ocean in the old country of the mother country some call it present the UK a tourist was there going through one of these museums unfortunately unintentionally apparently he had his shoelaces had come loose him though have decent photos and so on his shoelace unfortunately at the top of a flight of stairs he started tumbling going down those stairs and even desperate attempt to stop himself he grabbed the waist and he bungles to places they were actually pauses my friends they came from ancient China from the team Dynasty three hundred years old and his desperate attempt to save himself he shattered those two three hundred -year-old priceless vases or bosses when he landed at the bottom of the stairs he wasn't too badly injured he was able to pick himself up and leave and they let them go they didn't even reveal his name but those losses was shattered into and according out very very small pieces very very small pieces the museum is hoping to piece together the scattered bosses but you know if they can never reconstruct after the way they were before it's a possible there is only one way it can be done if the original tire were there you can make brand-new losses my Bible talks about God as the divine Potter is the and the Bible is only God who can shape form make gradual hearts to put them in us he can reshape and reform us into beautiful clauses him of his glory your life my life may be to some degree Saturday like those pieces just four weeks ago I don't know when you might have tried to distract you sometimes in the form of a death in the family sometimes friends in the form of decisions that others make their own carelessness like this tourist callus as a result of his canvases he shattered those beautiful losses sometimes other people 's carelessness has a tremendously negative impact on your life and on my rough and we feel like we're broken to pieces now admittedly sometimes it's all choices this is not to we are messed up because we have a bad bad choices and our allies are broken to pieces shattered but there's only one way that we can be remade and that is if we will allow the original divine partner to read shape us and our allies into brand-new places or boxes you want to be remade you want to be remolded David we should say create in me a clean heart O God and renew a right spirit within me I know this evening 's message is a vital one I don't know where you are in your life I have no idea you know where you are you know how the Spirit is working on your heart right now yes some of us that might need to give our lives to the Lord for the first time saying Lord putting me in this heart of flesh wash me whiter than snow the others of us we might have drifted away with by the careless like the stories we might need to have a genuine revival that God needs to bring effect rack in our life I don't know where you are and so today I'm going to recommend that each one of us prayerfully participate in the singing of a beautiful in for you here on the screen is called a whiter than snow more diseases I long to be perfectly whole I won the forever to live in my soul break down every idle tasks out every phone now watch me and I shall be whiter than snow whiter than snow yes whiter than snow now watch me and I felt the whiter than snow we can invite you to stand and sing with us this beautiful in thank you Lord for being good to us thank you for offering us a new heart a new spirit that you will could be less when appraising the lease so gracious so loving so long-suffering toward us today Lord for the public recommitment saying Lord shall be saved in the was in meet that new lock that I need thank you Lord for those who made this public recommitment to Jesus Christ bless every one of us now in the precious name of our Savior off soon coming King Jesus Christ amen


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