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Going All Out with Witnessing: Is that Your Heartbeat Doctor?

Raja Tooma



  • October 30, 2010
    9:45 AM
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him we found that I was praying before recited as these are problem filing I didn't know you think even as needed thank you for the reasons you gave me just the medicine I need to be only crying because without feeling like there is anything you might remember me I think his friends when I pay equity until well anyone really believe Jesus Christ going all-out with saying is that you have the today I was as high as my Savior I see in the only one that is worth all the pain differently I will e-mail you a proverbial expression they held message in the morning as I write on the golf ball it is that I is for the body of Christ for the good news is going to enter in and in turn that a man has been unwilling as well as I pray I don't plan on your life Islam will him him to motivate train doctors and to him he didn't enjoy with fellow believers off like of like mind with the church when multiple ministries having said this I wish to direct two DME to the commission and viewing conditions the crying silicon containing at eight this is England between he and Susan came in and saying how hard is getting to me in heaven go ye therefore and teach all nations baptizing them in the name of the father the son and of the Holy Ghost teaching them to Sarah not only here but there are all things whatsoever I have commanded you and here is an long been it in computing and the world amen to what I bring to attention he sent the EU did not say try to go he might not have been very busy want to learn to control your schedule to get the home laid there mind is fully occupied with your business and investments in peace he with my help all things are possible I converse make it a priority if I are you are going to suddenly find up how are you presuming and how do you believe he has ingress under Clinton's page three three one Dennis this will impress and will not cooperate with the will of God and become omnipotent women commission and that they are and are not really sold on this commission would be selling to anyone home at three hundred cost-effective cause the commission the power in his commission and the like in that they take the time fulfilling the will to take on the mission unfulfilled and shoot and how easy going over and such a person qualifies at General Information friends to fulfill cause to the public for a fitness characteristic he had committed person and peace that passes understanding how sorry I am enough we find that the characteristic the competition is commissioned and what Christ gave us in Outlook twenty two thirty one to thirty two of the said assignment I have the I and I pray you have not went now I kind of strength and by preventing second version and that our lunch and dinner they were the first link I provided solely as John fourteen twenty one thousand piece leave with you my peace I give unto the doctor is allowed in the unit is nice knowing that everything about you he is currently hiring case is away because of worries and links to Dynasty trust and commitment that you love one another I want you and they often came like that working hard and putting energy into my car she knocked me excuse me can you change the program twenties low-cut shirt midriff exposed belly sticking out scandal covering the convention cup of coffee in her hand I've done my groceries in my hand and I said and I put it in my car I cannot which is and she was talking to some people in the next old cars and immediately wanted to find genuine learning and I stand here and here is what him enjoy and have done everything Marcy is putting the rest and ushers in the car as she was in a different needed help in trying way she smiles in surprise as I have in my pocket and are in prayer which will together in meaningful ways I don't like her and I wanted to follow them when he was waiting when she's in the nation I must have burst I this is not me I normally respond immediately to anyone in need I'd sooner someone pointing as he things I command you that you have in them one another and if you impact to hear about an erring brother stumbling to use the punishing him deal with a salvation in vitro fertilization are demanding I gave just cover yourself efficiently among my brothers keeper don't mean Doctor is allowing Daiei will you illustrate what I will continue to die namely you will impression comes the money when your name is hunky Jesus Christlike is our thing and say I think humbles me I can take what comes to mind when people say your name what is someone in is failing in all things were made by hand what is the lilies of the field is full of Abraham and the ensuing questions and to spare firefighting Jesus parables and when they can be made on this fragrant flowering is an turn into a delicious and will continue creating an environment color and design and the new year during Framingham at twenty to eleven twenty eight as Christine O'Leary and I went to the house the exhibit opens in NYC on emotional because I want to reach out him only in the morning to find me home he is remembered as impression on my radar I usually result down my face as proven themselves in our lifetimes as time goes I think this is as close as so overwhelming as I is an open and swallow me into the commodity is in close is an extremely busy nurse I can say is recycled train and how can you find them again have you been to see a friend is a is is is they forget in the someone is half as fun as well so far have you remove the patients and he will culminate in an humanity to you humble and soft information see paying on my parent and something him but remember had claimed they are the bride is other than what is I say anything that went on in his mind I decided I is only valid if I wasn't on the mountain in relation to the north I was at the height of the class is be flexible as who you shall be brought down to hell and I had an humanism is an think this mind be in you which is not as operating illegally I think you know reputation as an officer in a slowly moving from one highly exalted that good anyways you and me in any needle about you and thinking that I enjoy him and him and is just like her on yourself and I have a lot of he shall lift you up I had gone on and go in and in Revelation three million treasures in heaven and twenty four million him will you read this is the immediately and is labeled as he holds on to you that I am hearing from employed in the commission 's trash is Christ in time I will fourteen is that little children are in is so is to have been in China given in the second and I knew I is in a way seemingly having a holy in your inventory example is you imagine facing I have an opinion regarding the OA will him to wait a long time in the first is you and I will and I will double in numbers is he is he is human and message from the right is your minimum Indonesia is the right of their him painfully I have some things assume you intend to do he Christ he is carrot to fight eight four seven heart friend they shall see God 's will is behavior to you as possible behavior all are just sure I will clean and freedom one hundred nations that behavior will converse our prayers on this verse as I am thinking behind this is above all things and desperately wicked knowing cannot all your heart is in Matthew six thirty four I seen them in power and glory are a will and will you will be in the praise and glory and when we did and he is planning on prime and paint me in a basis is my radio flattering as I tell you that the way the loan shall we stop oh no they are willing to families and faithful unto death he and I wish I had a long while and I is persecution torture and will and he is currently something that never came in and okay I will know for the slider the first angel went very well they should identify shopping at him that I was trying to London away for a few hours after that I was headed when I was sitting in my files they are playing all night and it's all worth for his strength was made in language the Bible study one fourteen with links and could not support him while he is coming as miserable as he was going to buy when they are they are going tomorrow is going to work in a second paralytic I know that it is raising the system energy and he is in Atlanta where he had me not only that they are following this Friday morning following suit again are you him I was grilling them on energetic I then anything is dominant Sunday evening my brother is coming from classified as making a late tonight I will and you shall be when he and his hair this is not just for me it's what you are is in so I wish I had hours of Italian experiences but I always knew that I will share with you first but when you sit down twenty eight -year-old black and Hispanic married woman with a nine -year-old only child home is a minor I received a lot of complaints by ceiling she is smiling as she was lazy and not help one even in here and so on also if anyone in trouble you would do if you're going to a inherent human was an right-winger the morning is the message is also how he should go home and share with her son the sound is also everything is going to the home cook showed the Lexus and completely square foot and send in their holding a and benefited it out I is the only thing that will I been changing as they are now she works optional as I hear nothing but praise is patient the antibiotic shot and killed while I was in and in her heart towards them alternative and she carried into this house right now is a principal criminal not only was cool he and he and CNN when Daniel is not really as Jesus on the British Airways you think between her child that I don't see where I'm going with several of our neighbors witnessed to an independent heart is through the ceiling is what they're planning another is is that I is walking away a child and they told Hayden and I was lingering easily into his communication to mitigate the pain of their time and when you know something how often and I believe that information I had while running into here know that side effects are something that seems quite individual time I was really in an ventilating and the printing of I very recently was in nineteen hundred and one black and white club like a bubble you change the black and current medications of electrolyte for anyway I very waiting in that they will finally convince us in I cleaned anyway that he is increased by my credibility and admitted to and from the table and in turn and I I trained a lot on my decisions and her family finally her families or something vegetarian when I was thinking to one hundred and eighty another story I think the number is about this all started in two thousand forty one -year-old content is wholly dedicated to cutting herself from the age of nineteen to getting emotional she's been through a life on the first half while she quit the outline of the respondent into entry-level at a table and invited her to an end he should give her alcoholic husband expressed his displeasure in her new and great relief by threatening her life when his firearms frequently her thin frame shook she later him and he helped me to see she is a woman of very few words walks with her shoulders then it's over to the overconfident and ninety depression recovery course said that it is according to her words the content is all that came icecaps will try to go out and started and I designed the Mother's Day and patient evangelism and I think a lot of the people I know that interacts there are so they've been on my case for a while I guess I'm coming this was last year in June so I told my patient with me number sixty nine to get things done he allegedly also that every night I forgot to mention it ASAP for lunch spent lunch at afternoon with me and my family is excellent compared to family and I after she read a book that was advertised by the liberal time all the radical pair which was not exactly what you expected she said Lord okay and if Verizon will offer you have a season-high asset where you're going to put me say that I do not know what that means you might have I think it is today in Ghana one nine she is late like a zombie she was on mind altering medications because of her depression I wouldn't harm I think we were not going to replace because she had found if one person I can be worked to be saved with heart evangelism here is the shock is diligently flight logs from a place for her attorney PLN paste the line between the two other sixty nine souls were saved yes God gave her thirty eighth and he gave me thirty one and publishing closing journey to him what part of her presentation as idea I was I getting when I was studying up and down on it as I went to Andrews from each science and replace me and she she is located to relate her experience in the absolutely solid to get to my ragged tears in my eyes many times she sat and that is part of her presentation this was the most amazing thing I have ever done in my entire life what time did for me during this check no amount of money or treasure could never amount to be learned to be more prayerful and in doing and ending and now is doing as I is doing that's how he despaired over and over again he taught me how my putting my trust in him I would allow myself to trust other people open up to them I can't do that on his word he taught me patience throughout this trip him or I was going to other people turned out to be a thread from beginning from start to finish when I went on I can't imagine and she continues physical condition to go out and spread the gospel the nose of the gospel among women of the earth to the other and so I want to challenge the everyone of you to go out to you I don't think for one minute you can because that is not what we till I tell you that most of faith and ninety five in control is somewhat as quiet as introverted as me not many friends and has never spoken in public before it can go green out there and do this I am here to tell you that anyone can whether it be in your own and another country in this country with your neighbors your friends and family anyone can step out in faith and diligence times when the only thing he will change your life five praise the Lord the Lord for this change sign and you know what since then I've been wanting to my that is because of other obligations she took over she selects are now she is looking into some courses for nursing jobs again are right sir our Lord had respect by her husband however her husband is the time I end the commission ravens go to another question in him with him when all is her vessel in his name at a seminar for fourth I is my friend always entertained angels long to give you an you are in love for you you are a child to bring them home as we speak is interesting is that everyone is born is in or is in and I will in this video was produced by audio verse four amen this medical and veterinary if you'd like to learn more about a man please visit www. a manner that I will like there was more free time I'm certain is www. online universe are


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