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To Make Man Whole - Christ the Patient Restorer

Mark Finley


Mark Finley

Assistant to President for Evangelism at the General Conference



  • October 30, 2010
    11:15 AM
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John is originally the last the amen organization is growing rapidly and the need for a man is not going to diminish as we enter into the closing days of earth history it will be in racing so this morning we want to pray especially that our Lord will be near us they don't talk each heart I will speak on before calls to medical evangelism for reasons that God has called the church in medical evangelism and for appeals Sharon Hartson let's pray father in heaven we thank you for the opportunity today to come to study you were we pray that happen we come here there are hearts would be touched that we would since the moving of your Holy Spirit that you would in large part you would enlarge our vision that you would open our minds to the possibilities that here today you would help each one of us to take this step to expand the sphere of our ministry for Christ in Jesus name amen the daughter of the nineteenth century was full of promise for the growing union of states that is until disaster struck the nation 's president George Washington was stricken ill his illness continued to progress the nation 's best doctors were called in fact the president 's personal doctor was called in the first thing he did was to take fourteen ounces of blood in the president 's themes you see the president had a major that he is a physician to be is that when the fever rose the best thing to do was to take the overheated blood out of the body that didn't seem to help the president too much so to other physicians were called for and while they were waiting while the White House is waiting for them to come they get a second copious bleeding when the children salting of physicians arrived they agreed on a third bleeding of about twenty three ounces of blood at this point the president was so feeble and so near death he requested that he be allowed to die in peace the next day the nation mourned Washington's death in the press reported quoting from the press the next day our beloved leader had receive the best care that his untimely death occurred in spite of all that human knowledge and skill to do to arrest the course of the disease what was medical care life in the early eighteen in the eighteen hundreds what was going on in the soil in which the Adventist health message group one eighteen fifty eight Doctor Worthington Hooker wrote a medical handbook here are some of the remedy is that this is renowned medical handbook suggested in eighteen fifty eight Mercury is one of the best remedies to cure chronic diseases or medical community day is so concerned about mercury that even if you have mercury fillings in your teeth it's so righteous under Michigan have a heart attack secondly Doctor Worthington Hooker recommended that leading forefingers of the patient has a fever be sure you have a sharp glances near to blame them thoroughly recommended that if the patient had a sleep give him an abundant amount of alcohol and that will help them fourthly if the baby has Holly was twenty nine for comment Doctor Chapman wrote a book called the family medicine chest dispensary in fact was a book on home remedies in any e-zine thirty five he predicted the use of tobacco as a remedy for ailing lungs in fact I am quoting the patient should frequently draw in the breath of smoke-free ways so that the internal surface of the hassles may be exposed to the action of the vapor of the cigar smoke Doctor jingling developing any treatment for children suffering with high fevers he said that the little patient be bled freely at the commencement of the case and give the child three years old rock wood wine mixed with partner if necessary repeated every half hour the second dose does not cause vomiting double its quantity unless the case be very mild the abomination bombing should be encouraged by warm drinks and the nausea continued for a few hours this is the soil that the Adventist medical message from heaven it grew when in fact was in eighteen sixty that Oliver Wendell Holmes was an anatomy professor at Harvard University talk about medicine in America and this is what the anatomy professor at Harvard said he said if the whole material matter that's the knowledge of medicine as now use could be sung in the bottom of the sea it would be all the better for mankind and all the works of the fishes it was eighteen sixty three that the Lord gave dwell in white a decision of the health message based on rational treatments of the Adventist church certainly needed it JN left Carl was advised by his physician to use the Doris he was early advent pioneer don't judge him too harshly him this led him to the habit of smoking cigars so did you know the one of the early Adventist was a cigar smoker before health message was given that this is these error Loughborough 's own words I was a great lover of animal flesh is food I wanted pork fried for breakfast boiled meat for dinner slices of ham or before supper one of my sweetest morsels was bread soaked in pork gravy do you think the unfinished church meetings invasions on health at the age thirty four JN Andrews was in such poor condition that he said my general strength was easily exhausted I found it difficult to perform the labor that devolved on hold on me as a preacher he said here is my understanding of health of this is just an average he said I suppose all agencies was good to aid digestion aged the more aged better estimate me Ms. Han and sausage I had no thoughts before harmful I love hot biscuits butter donuts pickles and preserves to gloppy pork in a reformer in common use Andrews were sickened James and Ellen White forsaken God in his mercy and love looked down upon Baird Otsego New York capacity to Michigan at the home of the brother Hilliard LMI was given a vision by God and she was strewn that the health should be as faithfully guarded as the character she was shown that Seventh-day Adventists waiting for the coming of Jesus would prepare the hearts and minds physically and mentally and spiritually for the coming of our Lord this morning I want to prove with you the miracles in the New Testament I want to look good he let God 's purpose of getting this people a health message we want to look at the basic principles that undergird the health message wire health message what is God purpose in giving this church a health message and what is the future medical missionary work and what is the call for wrong hearts we begin with a miracle in Matthew nine chapter Matthew chapter nine what is God 's fundamental purpose in giving to his when people a message of health are there some deeper issues here than merely community public health Matthew the ninth chapter and we begin Barry Matthew chapter nine and we look in verse one and two Matthew nine verse one and two we look at the deeper purposes of the health message that God has given to the unfinished church the four basic purposes of God in the four appeals of God those of us who teach and preach health Matthew the ninth chapter of the second verse so we got into a boat crossed over and came to his own city and behold they brought to him a paralytic lying on a bed just was there for a moment it is a little aside to the main point but we won't get up later it's worth knowing they brought to him a paralytic lying in a bed the paralytic did not come by himself if you look at the miracles in the New Testament there are thirty two and thirty three separate these histories and other times that Jesus healed an entire village there are times that he healed city the number of miracle healings infuses three and a half years there were only about thirty two in three and a half years there is another message in that itself but of those thirty to half to two thirds of them did not come by themselves somebody was concerned to bring somebody to Jesus somebody had a passion to bring somebody to Jesus the Scripture says him behold they brought a human on a paralytic lying on a bed that is our chief work is medical missionary evangelist to bring somebody to Jesus we do everything we can with rational treatments and scientific modalities but unless we get them to Jesus we now that we can cooperate with Jesus in facilitating healing but Jesus is the restorer sees this is the healer and the Bible says first to behold they brought to him a paralytic lying on a bed and Jesus seeing their faith faith is not something that can cognitively believe faith is translating the actions of Jesus even faith is something tangible the Scripture says seeing their faith said to the paralytic son be of good cheer your sins are forgiven they now notice the man is healed in Jesus as he could achieve reason number one that God has given his people I help message is to enable them to enjoy life to the fullest John chapter ten verse ten John ten verse ten the reason God has given my health message is not as some legalistic requirements to make people feel old rest by all the things they have to do and all the things they do help messages given by a loving God so that you and I can live life to its fullest so we can live in abundant life John Denver stand the disease does not come except to steal and kill and destroy I have come that they may have life and they may haven't agreed language that seems super abundance so God has given to the church a health message so that we can live happier so we can will so we can have more choice and more fulfilled lives Deuteronomy chapter four verse twenty Deuteronomy chapter four and verse twenty so some people 's attitude is I will be a health reformer if it feels and their health reform the Israeli health deform and it looks like it is killing that our human advertisement for the joyful life that Jesus is at the health reform review enjoy life more than you want if you are healthy is the Palestinian side of your face was speedier man I'd love to be exact I now find that I could say that I owe Lord help us Deuteronomy chapter floor Deuteronomy chapter four verse twenty four verse fourteen twice twenty Deuteronomy four verse forty you shall therefore keep his statutes and his commandments which I command you today that it may be well with you isn't that our loving heavenly father came to the Commandments I've written every law and every tissue of your body they may be what everybody well with you and with your children after you that you may prolong your days in the land which the Lord your God is giving you that you may want to help message is not going to enable you to live eternally Jesus Christ is but it will help you prolong your days there are environmental factors over which we have no control merely because a person becomes sick doesn't mean that they are not following the help message there are issues beyond which we have no control but the closer we follow the laws of health the greater possibility it is that will be health if there are things I can't control a better control of things I can and Jesus has given us a health message to prolong our day is that it may be well with us why do we have a help message to lengthen our lives so that we can live a more joyful abundant I love the Wayland White puts it in evangelism page three hundred and three of all people in the world reformers should be the most unselfish the kind of this the most courteous learning Christ waves and words and works if indeed the purpose of the Adventist health message is to enable us to be healthy and happy with the abundant life are you an advertisement for health happiness and a like button are you are you part of the health reforming gestapo I don't know if you ever had any people ever visit your home that were part of the health reforming gestapo my wife and I fasted for number of years and we had a fellowship dinner one day I had member of the health reform Gestapo come to my home but she wanted to see whether the pastor had any mayonnaise in the refrigerator so she checked out my refrigerator you know she's a privacy foundation is the thousand in story she wondered if the pastor had any intention there because it might have a little vinegar in it and he let me destroy the delicate linings of the stomach I would suggest to you that if I would've had to catch up there if I wanted that man is there that would been more helpful to me than her attitude is him will him to don't worry I'm a vegan vegetarian our right to redress my son God has not given us a help message delete as part of the health reform is low to evaluate other people 's spiritual health of the women a feeling urgent attention God has given us their health message to women I will surely go praise God we can present his positive message in a positive way so we can get positive results reason number one the health message so we can live longer happier life reason number two guys given this people may message of health is so we can know him in all of this focus there is a linkage in the New Testament between physical healing physical health in a relationship with God physical health and spirituality are you inextricably linked in the New Testament you that I let's look at it in the text itself why is not given us a help message of one so we can live life in its fullness so that we didn't know human in all of his fullness back to our passage in Matthew chapter nine Matthew nine notice that relationship in Matthew not itself in the text between physical and mental and spiritual health Matthew nine we're looking there at verse two and behold they brought him a paralytic lying on a bed and Jesus seeing their you said you are letting son be of good cheer your sins are forgiven you now notice there I was but Jesus heals and then says no sin no more there are times that Jesus forgives that he owns because in Jesus my feeling is rest Corporation is restoration physically it's restoration emotionally from the scars of sin is restoration is spiritual in your relationship with God something Jesus mine ceiling so so would you mean since salvation is also translated healing in the New Testament is to make one whole CNN has separated us from God psychologically emotionally it is separated us from God 's plan of health physically and the gospel is to restore men and women's to the image of God physically mentally spiritually so why has God given us a help message because if we are using the fluid that destroys the quality of blood that nourishes the brain our minds will not be as clear to understand the problem things of the Holy Spirit in the mind in the heart you see our greens are nourished by the quality of blood the Holy Spirit doesn't speak to need reminding old he speaks me through my brain and if because of inactivity the blood passes to the brain does not oxygenate the brain and if he indeed because of a high-fat diet I have affected the quality of my health that affects the quality of life after the him for his thesis that he is becoming immune to the brain from Holy Spirit are those of you who have white hair ornamental hair will understand this illustration I need to explain it to the medical students in generations ago there used to be something called a radio today is an icon but I can't recall at such time when we have a radio in the house if the if the station was too far away you are a lot of static right you knew there was some voice on that radio you have ever been traveling in your car and you get on a range of the radio and Internet staff when you fail to exercise the high-fat diet we do not into the top physical shape the Holy Spirit are from hippo sanctuary attempts to communicate to the brain understanding that white health message because health of the body the brain is a physical organ that's housed in the mind has been the cranium of ahead take your my medical stuff later on secure the theology stuff the brain is a physical organ is a physical organ is not sharp and clear to communicate with heaven if there's honest that there in the voice of God is muffled in the heart our body is the temple of God is a sanctuary let's look at first British chapter six verse nineteen it's first previous chapter six verse nineteen it's notice first in chapter six nineteen new sanctuary language were looking at appointment is given us a message of health so that we can be clear minded so we can understand the messages that come from the sanctuary to our brains first Corinthians chapter six verse nineteen or do you not know that your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit who is in you would you have from God and you're not sure of therefore your book with a price glorify God in your body and in your spirit which are God no notice carefully the Bible says in your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit is there a template happen is there a temple in heaven is there a real sanctuary and if you say there is no real sanctuary in heaven that it's all ethereal than on my next question is is a real God and receive there real soon is to deny the literal nature the sanctuary happen is not the literal nature of God because if there is no sanctuary that is a real daughter is not just a cosmic effervescence the so there's a real sanctuary in heaven but if that were a real sanctuary heaven and there were no real real century with his presence with that sanctuary be meaningful at all so the value of the sanctuary a real sanctuary is a real God so it's got four things that he feels the sanctuary after three words I want to link together sanctuary presence glory sanctuary presents glory and if you understand how to open up new vistas of verse twenty six verse nineteen Outlook for example it keep your finger in verse twenty six of them go back to Psalm sixty three versus two or three words looking at what are they sanctuary with secular presence once a third word glory the sanctuary in heaven is filled with the presence of God or the one glory of God now the Baptist Psalm sixty three versus two Psalm sixty three and verse two and we notice it here so I have looked for you in the sanctuary to say you are our annual ballroom so we look to the sanctuary that is a very real sanctuary we see God 's presence is Howard 's glory now come back to first transmission six our bodies are the temple or the one sanctuary of God and just as the Shekinah glory obvious prisons was manifest in the sanctuary so for the indwelling Christ by means of the Holy Spirit 's presence is to be manifest in our lives to reveal his lot chlorine that's why the Bible says is what you would be wondering it was the one glory of God so that I can reveal his presence in my life I live in harmony with the physical laws of health that revealed his glory that's why the three angels message says fear God and give while chlorine in revealing his grandson is a wireless swirling income meaning of life living in mutual obedience to the laws of them Revelation Chapter eighteen verse one it says another angel came down from heaven and the earth was lightened with his law glory or his wife Frances saw the birth of his life with the glory of God in Revelation eighteen one is not merely a message for each using message to Lynn in the hearts and minds of God 's people it's a message lived out in their lives so as we leave the house in our own lives the principles that God has given to us in health we revealed his glory or his presence to a waiting world and watching universe why has God given us the method you have brought us closer to him in prayer and Bible study so we have a clear line was suddenly opened word we have not so overworked medical dental practice or as there is quite paramedical people that we are so tired that we fall asleep falling reading his word God has given us a message so that our diet is not consistent in doing so than the blood going the day will not allow us to have a clear relationship with God because they feel ecstatic coming in their God has given us the help message so that we can reveal his presence and glory in the world by living Christlike lives and be obedient to him what we have now message verse of the window in healthy happy beauty and abundant lives be filled with joy secondly so we can know him in his presence can fill our lives certainly God given his people to get his health to enable them to be ready for the coming of Jesus to hear his words of Venice health messages you need here's what it was Seventh-day Adventist do not claim uniqueness for help message to the back to the BDE team sixties and nineteen hundred and one in Danville New York and you can look at the work of Doctor Jackson Doctor thrall certainly Ellen White in revisions by God left out some of what other contemporary health reformers were teaching because I directed her but you can see in many health reformers that sprang up as a result of the poor quality health information in the first part of the nineteenth century you can read about water treatments you can read about good nutritious diet you can read about exercise the Seventh-day Adventist don't claim you the killer out of health aspects what we hope what is unique presented that Dennis 's BC health as part of a message to prepare a people for the coming of Jesus because we see health not nearly as preparing people to live longer happier lives and not even merely to have a more intimate relationship with God we see those losing but we see health as part of a message to prepare a people to meet Jesus is for us is anyone going first Thessalonians first Thessalonians chapter five verse twenty three for us we believe that health is not an add-on that is not something merely the decision six minutes before an evangelistic call we see help not merely as something which gives us opportunity to reach more people although we see that and I'll talk about that later but we see how that's intimately a part of the message of the three angels to prepare a people for the coming of Jesus first Thessalonians chapter five verse twenty three now may the God of peace himself sanctify you completely and may your whole spirit soul and body be preserved blameless at the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ may your whole spirit and soul and body be preserved blameless Seventh-day Adventists believe that human beings are integrated unit is so emotional mental and spiritual and that you cannot separate spiritual life from emotional life you cannot separate physical life from spirit I separate your men healthful patterns that we are not compiled into lies in writing many didn't be we are psychosomatic integrated units what affects my physical health affects the mental state of mind would affect my mental state of mind of excellent physical health mental and physical health effects my emotional health would affect my physical mental and emotional health affects my spiritual and in Jesus 's longing for people that are totally committed to hear you physically mentally and spiritually why has God given us a help message and what you feel is please give us a help message for two lands of life in all its abundance and what is the deal 's appeal is follow my will that help joyfully and fully throw off legalism will be a eight health Reform Gestapo in July the health principles I didn't even go out and visit like the abundance handling wise exhibits this help message what's the appeal of our hearts personally God is said to us giving you the help message that your mind will be cleared don't become so involved in health that you miss the purpose of health in knowing me don't become so involved in your health occupation don't become so involved as a student studying health but you don't have to don't become so involved as a physician teaching health digital voice got sitting in that second appeal is see he's saying is that if one of the fundamental functions available in Harry line to be recessed into the Holy Spirit God speaks to you today give me a chance to speak to give me a chance to speak he was a dentist it has just think it was a physical therapist is in us don't allow your life to become so tactically involved in the things that are good that you miss out on what is best don't allow those things that need to be done keep you from doing the one thing that elected Scott saying you a displaced here and now and save my child I given you a health message to Kevin Greene understands my voice so you can hear me speaking to you through the Holy Spirit why would you want to follow a health message and was the voice of the one who wants to speak clearly to your mind because you follow Celeste was God saying to us he is saying I am coming for a people who committed their lives to physically and mentally spiritually and emotionally I have given you a health message is part of a preparation for the second coming of Christ you know when it's very interesting when you will be at lumen the fourth chapter any use see what Jesus said about his own ministry go back and look at chapter four because Jesus comes right to the point of why we had a health message loop chapter four versus e-zine in nineteen God has given us a help message and repairs of the second coming of Christ in chapter four verse eighteen and nineteen the Bible says Jesus prophetically quotes Isaiah about his own ministry will for eighteen and nineteen the Spirit awards upon me because he's anointed me to preach the gospel to the poor he sent me to heal the brokenhearted to preach deliverance to the captives Jesus came to live in a unselfish ministry revealing the love of God humanity the recovery of sight to the blind to set at liberty those who are oppressed to preach the acceptable year of the Lord Jesus came to do what to preach the gospel to the poor to give people good news were caught in the grip of guilt and shame and condemnation to give them power in their life to be transformed to heal the brokenhearted as he raised the dead as he opened blind eyes as he healed him with his lands are being to heal the brokenhearted reach deliverance of the captives they would have to buy disease inviting demons and Jesus delivered to the recovery of sight to the blind people were able to see divine reality is set at liberty those who are oppressed by sickness and diseases else interesting Jesus is quoting Isaiah sixty one versus wanting to but he stops halfway through verse two because the last part of verse two Isaiah sixty one was not to be fulfilled by Jesus but to be fulfilled by us we are to fulfill verses eighteen and nineteen but Jesus stopped because the prophecy of Isaiah sixty one was not to be fulfilled completely by Jesus is to be filled filled my last generation church that's what you stop now what was the phrase that Jesus left out in this verse and why did he leave it out he left it out because it was to be fulfilled by us I will go back to Isaiah sixty one Isaiah sixty one and this is a great chapter on medical missionary work Isaiah fifty eight and Isaiah sixty one Jesus leaves out of the frames in the last part of verse two no notice let's start with Isaiah sixty one verse one the Spirit of the Lord God is upon me because the Lord 's anointed me to preach good tidings of informed you sent me to heal the brokenhearted he sent me to proclaim liberty to the captives and then he goes on he sent me to heal the brokenhearted to prevent liberty to captives the opening of the prison to those around to proclaim the inseparable year of the Lord and noticed the next phrase which Jesus sitting here in the day of vengeance of our God so Jesus left out the phrase spin even self-evident and heads of our God one is that the second coming of Christ so his medical missionary work went off to the first coming of Jesus but it would be an entire generation they would go out with a message of physical mental spiritual healing and apparently both the great day of the coming of Jesus we had been raised on the moment to go out to this generation and share principles of physical mental spiritual and emotional health what then will one then is God 's holy help provide us what then is God 's call the medical students and physicians and nurses dentists what is God 's call to spouses what is God 's call to us through our fears his goal a call of surrender physically mentally spiritually and emotion a call to give everything in our lives to him is there anything that you are holding back from Jesus is there something that is putting his finger on you in some area of your life disciplines of some article of diet is there something that you're watching on television what processes are some attitude when you know you need to make right eating out the very heart of your spirituality my wife and I moved recently we were living couple miles of the General conference and we moved out into the country I don't have a way to the GZ office as much anymore so I'm able to go in a couple days a week when I'm home so we live about an hour general conference in Virginia and where we live there seventeen miles of walking trails you can see the mountains we can write our bikes and walked down the Bronx since it's just essentially wonderful so I suppose I suppose I was selling my to my house to get his new home the work we moved into the suppose that I'm selling my house and the new owner makes offer in Houston I say to look on selling this house but look at this list of those thousand fifteen rooms of get nervous and didn't listen this illustration suppose the house of fifteen rooms I sent an envelope also your fourteen you can have the three messaging application you have studied the bedroom to have everything but there's just one rumormonger nacelle that's why keep the German Shepherd in the Rottweiler in our new community doesn't allow them to go loving attention so the German shepherd their Rottweiler are there and that they only get out occasionally dealing by each one of five guests but you know you can have the home selling it to you do you think they would be too interested in getting a home with fourteen rooms but not getting the home with the wrong one but but would they be interested in buying a home that they couldn't have the one with the Rottweiler German Shepherd when you think I'm a Rottweiler German shepherds are in your mind Jesus comes along and not my child have you opened the refrigerator door from Holy Spirit had to open the TV from was he to the room your music room temperature entertainment room have reopened your attention have you eliminated his recesses of your mind is there a secure ERISA and cry Americans there is very negative critical spirit they are toward others who may not understand some of the dreams God is revealed the purpose of the health message is to open the mind so the Holy Spirit takes full control the purpose of the health messages to prepare men and women physically mentally and spiritually emotionally the coming of Jesus so the health message is a call to surrender and the same act of the wheel that receives God 's power to overcome some article of diet the same act of the wheel that is prompted by the Holy Spirit and when it was empowered in the area diet or exercise and is only that same act of the will receives God 's power to overcome gossip in criticism when we surrender anything in our life that is not in harmony with God 's wheel that after the surrender in yielding to him to receive the Holy Spirit 's power to be victorious leaves the way to overcome the next thing in our life that we surrender everything we hold in the world that we shot in our hearts and minds makes it easier to shop the next storm why did God give us a help message one reason is to teach us the art of surrender and cooperating with him in tangible things in the physical dimensions of life so we would worry how to surrender those things and I hi Stella away this one last reason his is a health message and nephews to enable us to be the most powerful witness is simple for him again noticed some passages again Matthew the ninth chapter there are many people in Washington never reached through a direct proclamation of God 's work but when you come to them with kindness and love and understanding when you sympathize with them over the issues of having in their health doors are open to the medical missionary that are not open to want immediately proclaims the Gospel of Matthew chapter nine look at what's the purpose of all this we look there Matthew nine and first two behold they brought to him a paralytic Matthew nineteen they bring in a paramedic we're looking here at Matthew chapter nine again but your eyes drop down to Matthew chapter nine and look at Jesus again his statement in verse thirty two as they went out behold they brought to him a man viewed and demon possessed they brought him go back for example to the gospel of Mark and look at March the eighth chapter verse after verse after verse somebody cares enough to bring somebody else to Jesus Mark chapter eight verse twenty two then he came to Bethsaida and they want brought a blind man to him again and again and again medical missionaries bring people to Jesus evangelism page five thirteen nothing will open doors for the truth like gospel medical missionary work what is the purpose I wish I were certainly give us a longer healthier life certainly to give us a better quality of blood in more intimate relationship with Jesus certainly the coming of Jesus but it is through love thing ministering to touch others with the God of it is not merely to wait on tables and make money health-food restaurant is to use those moments has opportunities to share Jesus and certainly isn't much more than prescribing a hydrotherapy treatments there is certainly much law are they charging patients not to smoke cigarettes and is certainly much more than getting them I love that guy there is a vast difference between health education and medical missionary work we will missionary we have a purpose for Jesus with the goal to push we are much more interested in the souls of men and women then we are in merely helping them live seven years longer so they can stay longer to burn in the lake of fire longer certainly we want them to have the best quality of life but we have ulterior motives and I apologize for that I have an ulterior love leaves me that were present position as a dentist as a paramedic aversive lovelies you work twelve hours a day for the physical health will same love for the patient desire them have eternity if you love them enough to try to keep them from having a gory heart attack will you love them enough to want inventing a few other monopolies and I activated you love them enough to get them even whether the method is him us for a desire and metalworker the missionary visionary got this vision your heart do something for him to Abraham Longworth was sixty five years old anymore the chip is an is are I will get missionaries the JC wrote back and said what credentials do you have is an wellness shopper I heard she appeared in Minnesota but right now it will burn in my car go to China the G0 back and said we don't need any shepherds in China by the Wenger tool sixty five that was not the current administration keeps eighteen eighty eight Leroux said no problem although as a self-supporting missionary and sixty five years old he raised his own money went to China it is called him fourteen years before his first convert he loved people for Jesus Craven people for Jesus Sheridan the simple principles of life to helping you do not literature fourteen years later in nineteen oh two we baptized our first six people in China it was in nineteen oh three the Harry Miller came to China Doctor Harry Miller Doctor Miller was a strong brilliant physician in fact he was sold right Miller was sold right because he was the man that invented how to make commercial soymilk it was not without Harry Miller you wouldn't put nestling on your granola this morning from the sky of a summary of the machine is commercially while the soy milk for America was Larry Miller nineteen oh three he was young he was right he was twenty two years old he said the vision of my heart in China John Harvey Kellogg saw in Harry Miller a young prodigy and he said nothing doing on stopping because I'm pretty much given Battle Creek is any part of the ESA to much possibility to waste such John Harvey Kellogg came from ballerina came to Chicago in nineteen oh three any talk of young ladies in looking at an incredible right medical future don't waste your talents in China the weeks to come and join Harry Miller Center Kellogg God has put a vision in my heart of war souls in China I have to go and Harry Miller became the China Doctor seems reading and three Emperor and ruler in China from the time he went until the time he and today we look back in China north for the five hundredth I wasn't Seventh-day Adventists in China because Harry Miller at twenty two fish of vision is not please let us but in the fortune of this world of vision of the lost addition to step out from family and Fred is the vision and commitment for the kingdom of God to witness for Jesus why has God given us a medical missionary work not medical mercenary work not merely to make money not merely live a life of comfortable convenience but he has to us as a channel for this as a golden touch people with the gospel fuel is a medical provider happening in as you lovingly reach out and touch people and share the principles of health hearts and minds of the gospel they wouldn't be faithful to us May we recognize the sacredness of our call that we see the health message is something God has given us the Dinesen may we never become so busy in treating others but we fail to hear the Holy Spirit because there's too much static in our brains over working with you and we sense a call to surrender everything in our lives we ready for the coming of Jesus if that's the purpose of him may God help us go out of this place is powerful with Mrs. enjoy this award today draw me nearer I draw me nearer to where you stand and sing a wonderful slow dancing and drumming this weekend was produced by audio verse four amen Adventist medical management if you like to learn more about me then we visit www. a man and I will like the more free online service in WW my universe


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