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Wholeness with Your Family

Edwin Nebblett


Edwin Nebblett

Medical Director of the Presbyterian Medical Service/ Catron County Medical Center in Reserve, NM and Emergency Medical Services in Northern Catron County, NM



  • October 31, 2010
    7:30 AM
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running and running in your prayers this morning because this morning 's message is probably the most challenging for a couple of reasons first of all unless that's calling to your heart and you start getting uncomfortable you say Lord what would you have me to do and that's the first challenge the second challenge is do it all now can't do it all now as the Lord what he would have you do first sorcery share with you this morning we're really struggling to distill a lot of information into a short period of time to do but we just want you to know that were praying for each of the families here because as you hear you will say I wish I had done that don't do that say Lord what would you have me do now or you may say Lord I want to do that all right now you know how we are the you know I know who am talking to I fall into this trap and the answer is Lord what would you have me to do first so does Mike that's my plea to you as we share from our hearts this morning because you will hear our journey distilled and that's not an easy thing to do because we understand what is the challenge in the hearts of those who are parents and when your children have grown and Dave left the home your burden for your children and your grandchildren Lord what would you have me to do so please when you leave here this is a highly experienced enemy is going to do very much in his power to derail you to discourage you to distract you Lord what would you have me to do this is the secret we don't want you to be discouraged because just imagine how are you or your life your time your effort into your child hoping to build a godly character in them would you consider that to be a worthy endeavor imagine what if you knew that according to the researchers and the broader evangelical Christian world that seventy to eighty eight percent of teens leave the church by their second year of college what use would it bother you that nine out of ten teams leave the church by the time they're twenty years old the reason for this in our researchers found that teenagers who still attend church and identify themselves as Christians I believe systems that are not consistent with Christianity for example they found that eighty five percent of teens who identify themselves as Christian do not believe the truth is absolute more than fifty percent believe that Jesus Christ sinned during his earthly life is the reason for this first John two verse nineteen says it very well they went out from us they were not of us for if they were of us they would have continued with us but they went out so that it might be revealed that they were not all of us could this happen we believe that we as parents have a responsibility to help our children be Christians but this cannot do unless mommy and daddy then we must follow the admonition that is found in Deuteronomy chapter six six and seven and these words which I command you this day shall be in your heart and you shall carefully teach them to your sons and shall talk of them when you sit in your house and when you walk by the way and when you lie down and when you rise up so what we want to share with you today are for areas for principles if you will that we believe promote wholeness in the family they are first of all to seek revival in our own life and then take time to connect your hearts to the hearts of your children and thirdly teach your children diligently as it speaks of in Deuteronomy chapter six and then to cultivate honor and obedience promised between a very close to cracking read faster than I can talk and there's so much as so much that I want to say that the family is important to God it has been the object of his special regard of his glorious purposes since creation this is very evident as we look at both of the old and the New Testament and how he dealt with family fare as well as it being evident in the beautiful revelations about how high calling for families in the writings of the spirit of prophecy and sometimes God covenanted with faithful man such as Nolan Abraham Isaac and Jacob and many others from messing them unspeakable blessing is being fulfilled his glorious purpose for them to raise the kind of families that would blast all the families of the earth with the knowledge of the light of the knowledge of God and the pen of inspiration tackles unchanging purpose and design for families when it tells us that now ordered eight godly family recommends the truth and the life-changing power of the gospel to the world in a more powerful way than is possible through any other means and wife says that he wants our families to be quote on-site in the community and argument that the infidel cannot gainsay source from which will close dreams of healing to us and pick where families are falling apart he wants our home therefore we can conclude that he wants our own fish to be screening schools for missionaries it is no wonder that families have been the target of Satan 's attacks in such a prominent way especially in these last days as we look at the world today and even if we look within the church at families and we consider statistics such as the one that the ones that Edwin shared we are compelled to ask black hard-core morons and how can we fix it writing the parent Ellen White challenged us to ask ourselves the question which we believe is very timely today am I raising a family of children to strengthen the influence and swell the ranks of the powers of darkness willingly bringing up children for Christ is so much that we would like to share it from our experience in the way that God has led to black and unmentioned just for principles that we are going to highlight and that first principle was the need for seeking revival in our own life the example of your godly life as a father and his mother is the most powerful argument to your children in favor of Christianity parents she says sure in their warts and deportment toward each other give their children a precious living example of what they desire them to be our actions do speak louder than words when there is disagreement she goes on to say between mother and father Frank and the children were partake of the same spirit it doesn't matter what your time to do to get along with each other they copy your spirit and the spirit of a scene you portray mom for now when they had toward mom a copy back your life is on living a pistol ran by your children what are they reading is gone toward the standard of your life in every area is that obvious to them those your life as your head to a drinking mean or reflect a loan the character of God anything attractive to them parents if you educate your children to serve God into good in the world meet the people your textbook whatever else is talking a home or in the school felt by able expand first that reminds me of Phil nails and families and ministry my people first if it is given this place God is honored and he will work for you in the conversion of your children so really is not about changing your children it's about changing your life that it can be a powerful appeal and testimony to your children the second principle that he brought up with the need to connect our hearts to the hearts of our children and the promote family cohesiveness good that the hearts of our children need to be connected to the hearts of their siblings in the hearts of their parents this is critical because when you have your child's heart you will have the influence in his life needed is elegant like that in our habits in my notes but I recall when she says you must win their hearts if you would impress religious truth upon their hearts make your home atmosphere is not as anxious as a flagrant with tender thoughtfulness these are things Shauna will speak a lot more about that but these are things that will bind their hearts to you buying their hearts to home we live in a society that separate I am from early on in our tendency in the same in the church were always as we enter into activities now the children go to one place and it's no wonder that by the time our young people get to their team their hearts are proud to the hearts of their peers their friends much more than the art to the hearts of their family mom and dad their siblings so we need to be very intentional in this culture in order to promote family cohesiveness again there's a lot we could say on that point but God is willing to teach you with youth teaching fifty has been teaching us all along the way to do such there such a well of the Council that we have at our fingertips that we normally don't take advantage of to become wise in the ways of God number three was teaching our children diligently according to to the fashion that is evident they are in that chapter in Deuteronomy six doing it all the time make the admonition in Deuteronomy six four six and seven making a lifestyle we need equally culture in your home make every moment of family life a teaching moment they need to be learning from from the time that there bade him and we need to be reinforcing this time we were made for a relationship with how to bring him joy and glory Revelation four eleven they need to hear this again and again they need to see that that is what your life is all about we were made to worship to enter him to live to please them and to make his name known among the nations to make your name great in our neighborhood in our church in the world to make it great among all that we come in contact with our children need to be confronted very early with the problem of sin the wanted man in the fall their nature for nature mom and dad nature is is selfish and simple and so it is with them ever striving for economy and independence they need to understand that the only solution to the same problem is that all take them to Jesus in prayer again and again helped until recognized selfishness in their lives and not just and take it at night and one other thing to me at one point they were actually going into debt to to build an addition in their home so that they could have separate rooms because the children taught so much and so this was there at the end the way she explained that was what my children of the type of people that are tried it you know they like their own space when we really need to be helping our children identify in this is selfish and that they know when you have to go into that to get a different room it is because the selfishness of your heart causes you to behave in a fashion that you cannot live in unity and share in the heart and give to your sibling wife parents don't just think boundaries on their children in order to control their behavior but that they seek to expose the thought and the motors of the child's heart which join date his behavior showing him the truth about himself the truth about ourselves and the truth about grace and mercy and love and his life-changing power in the last thing I want to share is the importance of cultivating honor and obedience this needs to be a high priority for parents and something that again happens all the time and you see we cannot look at others around us as we try to teach our children the importance of being you know those that God has placed in an interface leadership in our authority over them we cannot look around us to see how to do that because true I is a foreign concept in this culture in this age of disrespect goddess honor don't like to think I was honored when we shall have friends recent have been Connor to those that he has played in positions of influence of authority and responsibility over like ministers teachers parents we fail to show honor in this in this time in history because we don't even know what it is so why it's so important away or how important it is to got the will to go back to word to learn what it means to honor for instant honoring parents and an alternate which is ultimately honoring God we can see it defined in the likes of people like anything in his respect trust and reverence for the godly influence for the guidance of his father Abraham not just until we got to age eighteen and then how can calling the shots he had that high regard on throughout his life will to hunger how there was displayed in the lives of know what's children what along with their one eight hundred days after they heard his admonitions they entered into their offer into the art within you know as grown men with their own families we need to study honor it was if it was revealed in the life off of Ruth for Naomi and the recognized talk toward their father Jonah dab is recorded in Jeremiah chapter thirty five gold of those I don't have time to go into the details of those stories now but they read the fine honor Frank displaying a very high standard that is foreign in our inner modern culture and one that so important to you why the I teach learn them teaching them these lessons when they come learned that there is a sacred pain honoring those that and deserve to be honored and respected this is the safeguard can then learning this when it becomes indelibly etched him him their souls and their characters and then we God-fearing parents and others ministers people who have influence mentors godly mentors will have a larger influence in their lives to protect and wonder under temptation when they get to that age when they feel the pull of the world having been and having these lessons of honor and obedience and respect and reverence infield into their souls will be a safeguard against the many influences in our culture and our society that destroy spirituality silently practically begin to put into practice the biblical principles that we understand and are trying to bring them into our family-friendly do this one the place to start we believe is in family worship in a how many families have regular morning and evening worship in their home we believe that this applies whether or not you have children in the home whether your children have left the home is just mom and dad went to grandma grandpa and the reason for this is that this is how we learn to put into practice these biblical truths while we think that the biblical definition of cheerfully teaching them if you have children still in the home is the way that we go about that so when they were smaller we started by doing Scripture songs that we learned in family worship and then we taught by reading the Scriptures and then we as they got older we began to teach them by using practical applications of what we read we used real life situations we studied how we would deal with that in by using the word of God I would come home and then say how was your day dad and I would say why had this problem today and then we would talk about how we would use God 's word to deal with that situation so we made our worships practical and we require that everyone be involved and then we had involved in our daily lives so this is how we develop a biblical worldview and our children's hearts in a several out when researcher George Barna found that less than ten percent of self-proclaimed born-again Christians this again throughout all of what is Christendom from a biblical worldview sadly he states that this percentage is probably because the teachers don't give our children an opportunity to develop that worldview so we want to encourage you that if you are not already doing family worship that you start doing so I did not in our first journey is as a family I did not have this burden I'm a third-generation Seventh-day Adventist my father was a preacher but I had no understanding or burden to do this I'd like that a lot of praying and by God 's grace never opened my eyes to see the opportunities that worship has it enables us to communicate to the whole family the priority of seeking first the kingdom of God and his righteousness and it also provides a consistent time for practical instruction in righteousness and lastly it gives us an opportunity to address any specific needs or issues that are rising up in our family so I just want to encourage you that if you are not already doing this by God 's grace asking what he would have you to do and start family worship to Fleischer for a moment from the perspective of a young person on family worship it becomes such a sacred and special tradition in our home in on a world where everything is rush rush sometimes it feels like we did very well to have our time with the Lord in the morning let alone coming together as a family and having more time with the Lord together but I feel like it is so so important for the reason that my father stated and because it is so precious to come apart and take time three still before God singing praying sharing studying the word together and draw there together and it draws us closer to the Lord and so it is it such a blessing can for that to be a priority even when we're dealing with very busy schedules I know all of us are one of the things that we've done in the morning which has been a real blessing to me is that will share with each other what we learned in our personal devotional time and you know not only does it help to cement in my own mind what I have learned the lesson that I have gained the increases that blessings fold because now I'm not justified by what I read but what the rest of my family members have bread to that that's been a great blessing for us I want to say that I believe from a young person 's perspective the greatest investment that parents can make in the lives of their young people I was spiritual investment that they make into their lives and I'm not practically making a difference spiritually investing into your children's lives now I know that a lot of parents are committing to their their children's walk with the Lord but often times the investment will take the form of sending their young people their children to place like summer camp or to let the rates Christian no high standards boarding Academy or finders or other activities like that and you know there are in those environment be many very dedicated people teachers who are invested in helping your children to meet the Lord and give their lives to him and until thinking great lesson from those places but that cannot replace the role of the parents in the life lives of their children and I know it is made is amended impact on my life why why walked past my parents bedroom door early in the morning and dark outside and had just gotten up and as I walked the open door and hear my name and I see them on their knees and I know that they are covering my life that their prayers I can't tell you how much that needs a young person and I can tell you that the single most reason why I have the largest reason why I've chosen to follow that the Lord is because of the impact my parents have had on my life because I see how much they love the Lord and that's kind of been taken to talk with me to share with me to listen to my heart even in the middle of their very busy lives and schedules even with all the people that claims on their time I know they make this a high priority and extends such a blessing for me a notch and how you back as young people now we have ourselves embraced the vision we have chosen the Lord for ourselves where we are running forward in the past landlord because we love him I can't give it such a beautiful vision of God that we sell them up with him and we wanted to spend our life in his service now we must service in the love ministry and we really enjoyed the last years of our life which we we believe will not exceed in our life will not last much longer so are squeezing out every drop of joy out of it or we been able to have the rare privilege of traveling together the family ministering to family as a family it is so much fun besides being such a blessing and that the challenged spiritually and help us to grow so much and when we leave our home we are all committed every last one of us to taking the torch of truth as we are to build our own homes in our own families and taking that fortune running into the darkest places of the world lighting out with the gospel of Jesus Christ that has changed and transformed our lives by his grace well but everyone I talk about the entertainment of our principal beginning that they are happy and cohesive family when I was binding of hearts together so what am I thought about not having there that he may come back later to build a happy home because he happy home and it was only down we have grown we learned a lot of things the most foundational thing to having a happy family is unselfishness and anyone that doesn't want peace and happiness and joy in their families at the same time we ourselves are our greatest enemy to our peace and happiness enjoyed were fighting art are so close be locked in the happiness in our family is ruined because he hurts my feelings she was so insensitive to me I can't believe they said that about me and Mimi are family members are in fact they are on time and time but it seems that if we take our eye off of ourselves we put them on Jesus what was his example Ephesians five first defense walk in love as Christ also hath loved us and had given himself for our God so loved the world that he gave were in this was manifested the love of God toward us because God sent his only son into the world that we might live through him herein is love not that we loved God but that he loved us and sent his son to be the propitiation for our statements and for strong there is no greater sugar got the family happy family must be an unselfish family and that focuses must be expressed in acts of kindness and love toward one another it must be unselfishness in action all the time yet as an illustration of this developers could write realization is nothing they can quickly more quickly and actually grilling on selfishness and our family bank permitting our minds to go in negative negative channels and an example of that will go we were having calibration it had his great way certainly know how to pray and be as golden retriever and he will be yes he just turned one on Friday night any of you that are familiar with the goal if you read they don't really mature self a lot lay on an electricity that they do not instrumentally never married puppy all the way to access any we had in his pram rolled over in the corner Dan Nankin nondrinkers is where God should behave and so thinking that he was then again filling out after prayer and halfway through prayer something you think not I don't know what mischievous spirit and intent that he wanted to be in prayer I have not been being a has no kneeling on the handful and he is running over and frustrated masculinity now have to be to admit that I am the one most likely to indulge and will play you will like to have roughly one in while and not many my family members are willing to enter drop in and I and so it has all been in the interview guide to wrestle with them when he most likely target media picking up on the knowledge I don't think you might name a handful of my lap he didn't attend my life including I'm friendly like sixty five pound weight with over half the ideas that can't really keep them quiet knows how to restrain him and he thought I was wrestling without you getting more excited and made an impact it was even here obviously that is not directly and so went frantic and didn't jostle examining his way it has to what did you promote animal you could do something thoughts I do it to God to help they need during an event ranks I would never become like that but I never think that we would never use online as reality and respond to same the only declaring my innocence but the reason I suspect that you is because about ninety five percent of the time when the dog because revoking duties as I have a lot of fun and I don't know what that guy is in thing because I never did any document for me during this visit were talking to God obviously I am often guilty of this crime but any non- dancing rabbit of promoting the dogs were living so anyway I eliminate ninety five I shall an achievement that might like the default because I live I felt that he did not think I have of me are my standards and so I will remind to go down the track and a half hour that that situation path nearly when talking about anymore but for the next time I suddenly definitely do not know but in my eyes because the then keeping me up and become unremittingly mighty doneness negative trash England my happiness for all half-hour ahead in the habit of tossing when you select okay and Syed side-impact document contact him at me for me to get back at you mother thing if family is doing is begin the negative thought last winter about a year ago since he was visiting a friend of hers and they were going to depression recovery seminar at the what I think they got the idea that everything may be overly focused on about the negativity that you are going to ask their negative words or five for two we efficiently and if you fail highly good that you expect over while since I came back to life I think we can do now while the New Testament allowed me to imagine making a negative eighty one weeks and ended in the intimate of doing so unilaterally and so we learn that tonight you know how to clean with I think the best ever we had a happy family laugh we talked all the time police found out I would encourage all of you to go on the money you are depressed are not depressed because it is good news I am finding out how many negative word games are listed in order not because were happier it is now president them up in my room looking outside the dog running into the horse after the horses running around thinking about caring doctors to try to get outside without an independent document comes on the details of limping well that he would be in it we added or the example just this morning the Anna told them I really just cannot assassinated not to go in we were talking about the whole rule while the build expensive shampoo and conditioner technician I don't a lot that the event will come down like that I do anyone any incredible and I shall tell you the you I will greet you let them ever had me when everything is delighted to tell you have received it in exhibit a month to complete a negative effect on the day when I like coming to Wheeling the timing is further noted that there were starting early in the week make reading room at an airport a very relaxed I tell you what you really are pumping about three fast if it makes negativity really ugly to your heavenly reset at the ceiling I got five days any slip up and you reset negativity of the ugliest thing around so I see it to go I revolutionized the way we let her mind I think and the way we let our words come out and it was such a black thing in our family and Lenovo things in the pastor talked about unselfishness and wanting to my mind that really exercise on lately in my life is the grace is that Brighton family life love that little phrase listen to this statement the principle the principle inculcated by the injunction the kindly affection one to another life the very foundation of domestic happiness Christian courtesy should reign in every household is cheap but has power soft donations which would grow hard and rough without it the cultivation of a uniform courtesy a willingness to be by others as we would like them to do by us would banish half the ills of life as you hear that this isn't she that banishes Hatfields of life she called the foundation of domestic happiness for president of the foundation let's not skip merrily past it while we try to build the walls but is rather give proper attention to these little things in our lives doesn't been working in my heart lately in this very area and I have come to conviction that there is much more than I can do in my home in my family to brighten the lives of those around me and I feel real responsibility to do that because while since I mentioned we are hanging on for the last few moments we suspect of life together as a family life in our house ministry together we realize that God is using this as a training ground for the next stage of our life I don't want to move on to being instead of a son in my house a father and a husband in my new household at this only restart and relearn and you don't step back in Christian life God wants us to move on from big Judah greater victories over all you students for all you young people out there I would encourage you whatever situation you might do something with it a little family in your dorm room or do whatever applying these principles mouse and as you move onto the next stage in life you can take those principles with you and they'll really be a blessing in your next home in your next family just little examples doing dishes doing you know we all do our own separate laundry in our house that we all use the same washer and dryer so if I come to drive myself and just the stuff is in there it takes three minutes to fully little pile of flows you know and what a smile puts on his face and I love you I love I have some present is to keep a little pattern sticking out your post and not even just a meaning anyone's in your pocket and a pen and one day follow on it or I L Y and stick it on somebody's something in house you'd be surprised commonly keep a little sticking out with three little letters are or a hard little things but they brighten family life I know thing you can get bank the cook every single don't make it a habit and never get up from the table without thinking the cut for the UK Scott is beginning think it's a convenient smile smiling is smiling a little thing but you know how far it goes Sandler you will get your sibling that your husband or wife your wife your husband when your children are just a little thing that says were on the same page we're together I love you I'm thinking about you yes house hunting I missed your point here I know he hated that because it growing up and likely to be I am you very soon he decided that he made a commitment that he would do the dishes are as girls every now and so we girlfriend trying to cleanup kitchen cleanup but we cleanly and really clean the counters and Shawn is there I think every thing I'll know they needed to know some things that you to find this funny this lunch is served it is time to get and I have found that thinking in our family just enjoyed increases not only in my family I love you have happy sisters and he had no idea what kind of food they make drastic like to know what love you not just little things little things that take five minutes to minutes seconds then little things but there for the foundation of domestic happiness for a minute I want to talk just a couple more minutes on this and binding of hearts the other the principle of planning our hearts together so that begin truly be a unified family under God now again he says Sean son did mention it but for all of the students here that that bad and that students I want to believe you may not have a family at this point with young people you can implement these principles right now if we brought in our hearts then you will be able to transform the next generation of families so none of us can just put ourselves increase you don't have to listen to you these are important principles for all of us not in today's society the concept of family is totally confused I'm not like secular society given in the Christian run because them as a whole the cost of the families of the computers I went and I looked at the definition of family in the dictionary this is when I came across the kind of a sociological perspective a family of that family primary social group minutes to although the eBay Facebook is propagated to the ever-present people descended from a common ancestor again that's not necessarily to but it is as well correct social units living together now again that's true but that's not always to be against brother I mean you agree with me that just because you living together doesn't mean that your family right so there is so much more to the picture family than the dictionary puts it at hand and if we were to go to say a little Bartholomew from some Christian school someone were to ask him what your definition of family in my talk with something like this again member this is a good conservative Christian school this Bartholomew might say that family I got finite definition here from the Bartholomew of yes a father to bring home the bacon so to speak are these really conservative to bring home the veggie bacon a mother to keep the family happy of the meal table that is if they eat together and siblings to be housemates that show us the same last name and again that's not always the same either and unfortunately that is the perspective of the world as a whole but friends we has some again as Christians have so much more behind the world they were examined the Lord has so much in my I just want to give you a little bit of a picture of what that would be one perspective of families should be edited imagine you are a believer in the power of one I you not one individual can have so much influence over so much they can change the world just one that is connected with God now imagine that same person links together closely with a bunch of other individuals in a family unit that are together brainstorming and that are lending their influence against the enemy that's incredible power you know we we economic family we have meetings quite often I just discussing different ministry possibilities and opportunities I would playfully call ourselves the Board of Directors so with another family Board of Directors and the half Board of Directors meetings quite often and I say something different story and it amusing at least until we were in one of these board meetings as a family and it just ties were meeting to ensure at all it is on some kind of awards and having a life but means you get quite tedious sometimes if you're going to a lot of details like and do the same as were having I found a board meeting so one time I disclosed to go we were having one of these meetings and the girls found in the calendars in a Catholic of the sticker book and the fact that they appoint names you know good weather camping whenever you know that you can put on calendar what is one that comes to the Fed meeting while the girls picked up all the stickers said meeting and were sitting in our Board of Directors meeting and they put all the speakers all my forehead during audio of the real-life that if we were paying attention we had the honor keeping us to draw that is recited setting out the tickets across South but we enjoy we enjoyed meeting together as a family and planning strategic stabs at the enemy 's agenda you know I you mean demo for the war once again I didn't imagine the power you board meeting to think a lot about right thing imagine having avoid living together when you have these board meeting and plan new strategic moves against the enemy is incredible and I think the power the Lord wants to instill into all of our families the prevailing to take them to take unwilling to allow him to get back but the question is how do you get to that point how to get to the point where your family is willing to sit down I strategically plan while we believe one of the greatest areas is Spain time combining harvesting and it isn't if your hearts are not bound together you not spend time playing together you not to spend time planning together and you not to spend time working together so some things that we've done to help bind our hearts together yes the simple stuff we made up this word it's called family net he can't find in the dictionary but it's something that we think describes the action and the interaction that happens in our family and cameras is all about being together loving being together planning working playing everything in a spirit of families and adults play a little bit about about what this says you know we have some friends that continually inspire us when it comes to the area of family are just just very simple things one of the new young people decided that he wanted to push a program a hundred percent hundred consecutive push-ups in like six weeks and so he was assigned a Valentine 's average admission program and would like will result in academic so sure enough three nineteen week the whole family some are floor liberals included doing push-ups it is one hundred percent in the while we heard about that hi I don't think a great idea so actually when you present here as well we did an hotel this again tonight I think the rest but it is doing things together and enjoying it together young position you have an dentist you have a wonderful opportunity of meeting with father comes down we love to hear the things that he'd been going to bring that you might not think the Angels might be interested but actually you might be surprised we love to hear the only emergencies that came intimate situations the father dealing with just because it is a totally different world but yet we've got up in it and we ask a lot to enter in with him into the world as well but don't be discouraged friends and his guards if you're attempting to bind us together especially if you're young you grow older and assigning a limit later on this process and things are happening as quickly as they should need of electronics that we rely fully on him he will bless us an answer may not be exactly what were thinking it should be or that it will be but the Lord will bless us in our efforts energy as you continue to make these efforts the minor parts together again I think that the young people might not grasp of the vision right away but as you continue in the process their hearts will be changing your hearts be bound together as many other simple things we've we've done family time where every evening consistently become together and we do something fun together as a family that we were younger that looked a little bit more like playing hide and go seek or reasoning with his love to listen to father readers but treatment find some fascinating story about the Huguenots being persecuted or whatever you know as every evening he was cooking it we'd love to get back to the stories we could hear the following redress we do other stuff we would enjoy together now as were going all day and we are more of a family of adults he did say we all have a separate lives in a way universality and the same you we really enjoy talking so these these days our family time consists of just sitting around the living room and discussing the things even going to be discussing the future and different things like that but the important thing is not being particular activity it will be different for everyone but find something your family enjoys doing together something that will blind the hearts together and you have friends as I said at the beginning if we do this we a lot of other minor hearts together the enemy will tremble because he knows that together before playing together were having fun together working together against just can't the government lets efforts and he was really separate so that is our prayer that that we will all grasp that vision of what not only one individual can do but a family the father when he comes home from work in these visiting with his family and their planning about ways that they can serve God together the power that God can have with that unit will challenge what a challenge to try to cram it all in so this is what wording to do it's time for us to close me know that the Holy Spirit calls to your hearts in their ideas and their thoughts are things that we can do as grandparents with our grandchildren grandparents with our grown children and their families with our young children that we still have them in the home just ask anyone what he would happy to do it do it one thing and the light of the whole thing but what we're really do is that at the close of this message were going to stay behind and were going to take a few minutes to answer any questions that you might have as a family because he wanted me sensitive to the time that we have remaining I know Maria wanted to have one more word or two which we left here and so then we will have prayer we will ask that we join in groups of to add or three and then what we would do as I will close with prayer and then will half human half I just want to think first of all I fit in giving you random details of enough family nothing in our responsibility parents to begin to create that plasma atmosphere in the home to show ourselves loving to enter into their interests with them so that a relationship with us becomes class and then they follow that example to ask siblings with one another so but I want to say one more thing in that is if you are sitting here today feeling regret thinking whole that would be a good thing to do but it's too late my children are out of the home they don't really there not interested in being with me if you have way were children you are not alone has a multitude of wayward children but his heart of love Uris and is ever in pursuit of their hearts and he will not let them go until he had everything in heaven and earth to win them to to win them back to him to face them you nor your children if your children have have gone from the Lord Nelson of you have gone beyond the amazing grace and mercy of our God e-mail weekend think as we as we begin to look at those principles as we began to reach out and then I decided counsel when the nuclear child if it is just loaded with practical if they do get discouraged when I read that book and she says you know parents as they see these things may ask cool is sufficient for these things but God has promised to give us wisdom is that Apple want to be in an discouragement and be paralyzed by heat near his home has always hoped he is pleased with the faith that gave him at his word here's a passage that I just love it as you said the mother Augustine prayed for her son conversion she saw mill and the Spirit of God was impressing his heart but she was not discouraged she laid her finger combo pack presenting before he is words and she pleaded is only a mother can hurt deep humiliation for earnest opportunities for unwavering faith prevailed and the Lord gave her the desire for heart today he is just as ready to listen to the petitions of his people can't hand is not shortened that it cannot face even if you did all the wrong things when you children were with you and even if your children are still with you but they're in their teens and their child not tuned into the family there is his heart heavy that it cannot hear an inch his ear heavy they cannot hear and if Christian parents see him earnestly he will fill their mouths with arguments and for his namesake will work my elite in the behalf of their children there are two things that you can do Jesus said as he was praying for his disciples for their sakes I sanctify myself you may not be able to control or to yield to do anything to change your children in the course they are in right now you can change yourself and your life can become a part powerful argument and number two the prayer of the righteous of you are consecrating yourself to God prayer of the righteous avail much we want to end organ end with a song and then Roger will pray for us all those who are really hungry need to have the breakfast can do so and those who would like to stay behind free to do so we want to sing a song that Sean wrote a good or a man who is very and raisins mayonnaise on is a is and some high on Dan and is a boon it is all I say to loan to the man and add nine nine and then hangs mean and mean on me and he will name as I and he is and I you he is is a and that the news than when there is he is in times when is a win-win that is all in that the van and ninety nine and I and him we now have a man in lean lean on and Gaiman Sandman will and nine and he may find that sometimes a sign in that he is a man whom he and will will him and his father in the American long and will I need is a is and he will move in and in a he had a mad that he is in him in a day and I is in the eye and being him and him and a boom in finding him him him and him and him playing games and moon as he is a name and you will you do now and down in an announcement to make an energy that will pray and you like to stay in a few minutes of question-and-answer living habits family and special requests for that otherwise whoever would like to go to breakfast you must talk to him when and while this exhibit will be open for an hour after breakfast so the only symbols are the young but they never tell nice following discrimination in Scripture NEDs so important only in a family context work with your fellow with your freelance radio leagues if acquaintances is so selfish and as they said one of them had cheated one person 's lunch causes a change in throwing around them I know we can personally experience to be thinking thank you Soma 's lists you can't please everyone if you and thank you so much for attending routine in high demand for a man at him so happy that you all were stated this morning if you see were given higher than what I would like to leave for breakfast the number would see progress humans working to refine it thank you so for this privilege to be part of this organization thinks the programs that we've heard thank you for the number of families will enjoy the day here everyone has some give their testimony during the less you actually can continue in this ship you create a one off offender Anthony family presence year and every representative and let you know every member inside out of better than they know themselves determined her large intestine rate heel where healing is needed needed help us to be some crazy so when Jesus comes in the comments of glory the rent online they are getting free and lying to me and him looking around and seeing it that I consider it as an intern in the agency 's hearing impaired to be with everyone as they leave to go home and travel safety contact him behind the cooler for your needs free writing action for bringing the precious name of my Redeemer and you are going to learn Linux only in this video was produced by audio verse four amen at this Pentagon analyst that are to learn more about a man please visit www. a manner that I will like the more free online learning WW online universe


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