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The Quarantine Guarantee: The Rest of the Story

Ron du Preez



  • February 24, 2006
    12:00 PM
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a few things this last that these seven days a week and had to find these you might not realize this and just yesterday we dealt with something very important living it up for the Lord was the title song title was it's crazy to cling to cancer and specifically we were dealing with the issue of growing in God 's grace we gave you a phrase that would put up on the screen right now grow in the Lord by the light of his word that was the phrase met for yesterday ending of a drawing is sometimes tough to say no pain no gain we've been talking about God 's grace for quite a while now without much the growth that God wants to have us go through when you say that with me briefly here grow in the Lord by the light of his word up to this point in time we have been considering what a difficult least that are quite generally believed by many if not most if not all Christians starting today the second seven series with seven coming up the stupid messages and sharing from now onwards are to some degree I say to some degree unique unique to some degree not totally because today's lessons as you listen the six women that might be different from what I have understood for believers and from today onwards I want to continue to listen not to me but the rather go to the word of God remember those billions they listened eagerly right and they went this study the Bible daily to see whether these things were so let's pray before I open the word holy father thank you so much for being good to us bless us now Lord as we spend these sacred moments in your presence guide and direct us in your word in Jesus precious name amen him interesting story I came across my mother-in-law to share this with me sad teenager this is again this is just a recent one three months ago Brooklyn teenager by the name of Richie Molina nineteen years of age had an argument with his friend did you hear the words with his friend and etymologically got to beyond arguing he punched his friend twenty two -year-old Edison Guzman he punched and kicked him not into the ground and then as the train was approaching he rolled him onto the tracks and Edison Guzman was killed by the approaching train of Brooklyn teenager with his friend you're what I said his friend and as a teenager your sanctuary but obvious teams that have no morality folks Atlanta victory something updated right here who is Lena Driscoll Atlanta police say was not happy because her boyfriend 's name was Herman Winslow had dumped her wide chosen to start dating somebody else and Selena walked up to Herman as he was sitting reading the newspaper that the gun to his head in cold blood of the fire did it twice and killed him Lena Driscoll seventy eight -year-old Herman Winslow eighty five -year-old it is not just the teenagers folks we are sitting in an incredibly unbelievably morally decrepit world and what's interesting though by the way to win the 9/11 terrorist attacks virtually all Americans unanimously on the site is unanimously September eleven terrorist attacks on reading as a textbook example of evil suggesting that there is a foundational belief in an absolute standard of right and wrong so what did the Barna group by the Barna group live not far away George Barna the Barna research group from Ventura California decided to do a study until in February two thousand two a few months after the terrorist attack they get a statistically valid analysis of all Americans both those who claim to be believers those who claim to be Christians and the general population and getting economy this gives a majority of Americans based their beliefs and moral decisions on feelings and reject the idea of absolute truth it's interesting when it comes to when people hurt us we say that's absolutely wrong but when it comes to our own choices the majority of Americans given how many listen carefully the survey done every risk became a fabric twelve two thousand two this is the results sixty four percent of adults and eighty three percent of teenagers interviewed for the study believe that truth is always an appointment is not absolute the open they believe that truth is always relative to the person and their situation okay sixty four percent of adults that is almost two thirds and more than eighty percent of teenagers in general what about Christians all folks the situation isn't the goods this includes everybody I don't add that teen adults who are Christians only thirty two percent less than one third of adults believe in moral absolutes these are questions a lot I don't like questions that less than one third of those who claim to be Christians believe in absolutes the teenagers him of the situation is friendly and dismal list of the Strickland as most teenagers less than ten percent of teenagers believe in absolutes okay that's the reason that those are the facts I know that all kinds of things in fact I have something to show you here on the screen right here because sometimes we come up with all kinds of what the best wood excuses we said I had no choice that interview it was one that you do and damned if you don't and at the bottom of this come on come on feeds either one or the other and peoples now I have to choose the lesser of one two evils we have all kinds of things we come up with all kinds of easier please excuse is in fact more than a decade ago I saw the cover of Time magazine I don't have the original use but you can see the word in large letters you see the big ones that they infidelity and then smaller extent it may be in our team interesting but the problem is they misspelled the word genes that's the problem okay so this is that there's all kinds of excuses optics it is amazing okay when it affects us we want to believe in absolutes is wrong to steal my car but when it comes to our choices across the board less than one third of adults less than ten percent of Christian teenagers Kristen adult site there are moral absolutes within a desperate dangerous situation in our current society United States is with the work password is in a legally seasonal whirlpool okay were being sucked down to moral relativism and you know what as a result there are many people will be coming very very concerned and so I found this you can find the website important announcement these are Christian leaders pastors theologians in an announcement regarding the ten Commandments day May seven two thousand and six and I'm reading this couple of lines we are excited about the move we have made for the date of the first annual ten Commandments days celebration and was mindful February they moved and estimate sevens ability more time to prepare and get the word out and now listen to the last line on this page advertising the ten Commandments day when you some of you will begin to seek needed the implications of this extent of it Wednesday May seventh two thousand and six will offer us an opportunity to make a bold declaration that America is still called one nation under God who politically because some of you can see them right away very interesting blue limitations of that move for that matter rightly so people are concerned because we are living in incredible age of immorality no question about it whatsoever what should we do where do we go when we have all of these problems unbelievable problems perversion of the greatest kind what should we do as Christians we have said let's go to the Bible somewhat encouraged enough to go into the Bible and let's consider now some very very important issues let's look to scripture because we know there's all kinds of lust around us all kinds of immorality all kinds of board and not just on Hollywood is no matter where we look we are saturated with this type of thing it's almost impossible to get away from it and he would be going to the word of God there are interesting phrases and up-to-date look both at the Old Testament and the New Testament both the old and the new so let's first think of the Old Testament is an interesting statement by the wisest man who ever lived what is the mood is about Solomon you were actually right so that the Eagle easy yes these I wanted to review not Ecclesiastes seven twelve as he gets to the end of the book of Ecclesiastes and interestingly from the context it appears to be close to the end of his life this is probably the last book that the wisest men who by the way he became the most foolish man whom one was to come on guys which wisemen would take on a thousand wife's okay you don't I mean I don't do the guys not understand it but anyway you know he he made many mistakes Solomon did okay and will and I think it's the end of his life Solomon comes to a realization there is one thing only that is important in your and my personal relationship with the great king that we serve the God of heaven and earth had look at those last two verses of this book that he wrote Ecclesiastes the formerly wisemen who became a policeman who once again was transformed by God into this wise man what is the site verse thirteen Ecclesiastes twelve thirteen fourteen easy to remember the last book of the last chapter the last two verses chapter twelve or thirteen and fourteen C is the conclusion guesses can demand up his talk about all kinds of issues what is all vanity and he says it was vanity going after music and after all kinds of merriment now he says let your conclusion of the whole matter fear God oh wait a minute fear God I thought we several got a lot forty three p.m. God I love some of the newer ways it is a translated respect God Bill English there did not believe that the afraid of God it meant have that great respect for God or in simple language take God seriously as Linnaeus have respect for your creator by doing this however moment think about this how many of you have ever had the privilege and is a provision to buy a brand-new car when we see the hands anybody here a few hands going up you or your parents got a few cracked a few more hands what happens you get the car using while I'm so happy with his usual praise God and one of the first things you do if you see risk you open that manual correct because you want to know how to look after the new car correct your method of and you have a choice as an entity you can do whatever you want it belongs to you but if you're going to have a carnival last you longer than a day or two you get a try to follow the manual because you have fear in the work you take seriously the guys who made the car accident could see was that God fears that voted for you God take God seriously and do what keep his commandments for this boundary for the new King James version for this is man's all the King James for this is the duty of man for God will bring all in the absolute caution gift of this act and whatever I want listen to what Solomons is for God will bring every work into judgment as the works but he goes deeper including every secret thing whether good or evil scary thought that we could come go a little further this is an introduction to another the last book of the Bible Revelation because I want you to make sure that these concepts are reiterated both in the old and in the New Testament or some scholars will think in the Hebrew Bible and in the Greek New Testament that's the language is sometimes used or in the old testament and the newer one again expected to the book of Revelation here but for the Revelation chapter fourteen the context shows very clearly that this is talking about the end of time because how do I know revelation fourteen verse fourteen once and behold a high cloud and on the cloud sent one like the Son of Man John is remembering that Jesus is overcoming the clouds this is a picture of Jesus coming in and going to verses before and after the doors and move back quickly to verses and what we find right here in John in Revelation chapter fourteen verse twelve years it is the patience of the signs I went all texts on this project that Christians believers in God are called upon to be patient and patient's includes hanging on there when I felt the people nowadays I don't say hang in there and cakes hang on to the Lord patients of the saints very important so start to talk about people who claim to Jesus Christ and that it continues here are those who do what keep the commandments of God and Watts the faith of Jesus I was talking yesterday the government report itself was saved by grace through faith and then we grow in God 's grace we talked about the faith and the fruits remember that we talked about having the right relationship with our Redeemer as well as the covenant commitment to our Creator we talk about the balance we are saved by God to serve we never want to have these things against each other we talked about love and the law they always work hand-in-hand take so here it is those that keep the Commandments and have the faith of Jesus New Testament and Old Testament they go together there is no question about it now to spend a few moments to reflect these you see if you count don't try this at deviantART account it's been estimated that human beings have created if I can use the word or put together all formulated with just how many rules laws and regulations thirty five in thirty five million pretty love you honey evidence read and study and get to know them but let's look at the Big Ten God established ten major ones and we know where it is found many of us Exodus after twenty minutes ago there that's where we find this very important documents and in the context is clear that God was developing a nation as he was bringing them out of captivity and here use brought them out and now let's look at Exodus chapter we got a stock with verse one Exodus twenty was one of God speak all these words saying stopovers on the utility was speaking to resist all I am the Lord your God who brought you out of the land of Egypt out of the house of bondage there is very important you got a reverse to know when I was growing up and I think I'd had the privilege of being raised in a believing Christian home that's interesting we are starting with verse two where to start personally this where I come from I am the Lord your God right now shall have no other gods before me that's will be started without help you shall not have and from the convention thou shall not have any other gods before me you must start with risk to why these were student lays the groundwork got start by saying I have regained you you start with the fact that God has redeemed people and then and incidentally in the Bible and seek exit at the Egypt is a symbol of sin especially in relation he says I have redeemed you from the slavery and the bondage of in Egypt once you have redeemed now only I will require says the Lord it's in that context you must read verse two if you do start with was to guess what folks you and I stand clearly in danger of being legalists we are redeemed and then he requires we are saved and then he says this is how you can serve me very interesting so we must start with the first two ballots look at them and I want to show you and share with you what I believe it's an incredible evidence that God did this it gave these ten words as it's called in the Bible the ten laws that the Decalogue specifically to safeguard the covenant relationship he had floor and incidentally justified away quickly interesting study some demented old this only gave for God 's people when he redeemed them from physical slavery in us what's fascinating twenty years ago I bought a book written by a Lutheran professor of Old Testament his name is Doctor Walter Kaiser published by Zondervan press audience Grand Rapids Old Testament ethics and in this book Doctor Kaiser shows that the net every one of the ten Commandments is clearly shown to be valid and expected of people already in the book of Genesis fascinating and you can see examples of that when Joseph is tempted by plovers what is it how can I do this great wickedness and sin against God after not commit adultery when Cain kills Abel in Genesis chapter four it's clear that it is set when you go through every one of the Commandments to tell if they were all there in Genesis chapter from chapter one all the Way to chapter fifty fascinating and Doctor Carson is correct when of course the Israelites were Rick Branson from their literal slavery God simply was reintegrating telling to remember is reminding them of that say no how do I know that's because even in his sixties before the tenth amendment argument on month Sinai God says how and why have you forgot in my commandments they knew about that they had forgotten them they said this was not a brand-new think this is something like parents and kids you know you can simply leave on the go if not don't you remember these are the three things I told you you should always not to forget as it opens the first time you telling me know I've told you all along I'm putting them quickly in three crisp ways and hear God does that these are what is expecting from everybody is reminding the Israelites nobody had expected all the weight in Genesis even before the Jewish nation was selected as representatives and promoters of God 's expectations for all people so get in the background because of the quickly number one the first Commandment talks about that personal relationship you shall have no other gods before me folks God wants to put that personal relationships this is against polytheism having many gods be careful don't tell why not a polytheist never in modern society we sometimes have all kinds of God 's people ahead of our relationship to our Creator think about that for a moment secondly the Second Amendment deals with idolatry this is a visual representation that we actually worship or that we should put ahead of them and guess what and gentlemen of mythology was too often people think about and twenty against the other women I already submitted made a comment the guys car is so easy to have your vehicle the above God that's a visible I don't sometimes sometimes we worship as we put more money into the tires on our cars then to the times without Peter things are any visible think ideology matter what you put the opinion of this since we wish to have forgot that I am a jealous talk with the diapers will become addicted to do this because you see is a human relationship was alive Kim God is like I love you I want to protect the covenant commitment that we have made folks accident when he was alive you shall not bow down to them nor serve them for either Lord your God am a wide jealous God that's a time off as relationships at the love relationship he doesn't stop there as though for the first attack on a jealous God visiting the date of the fathers upon the children to the third and fourth generation of those who hate me now for six but showing mercy to thousands to those who do what you love me now right here in the heart of the think about is right in the second amended near the beginning who love me and keep my commandments interesting so many times we go to that the book of John right here who love me and keep my commands the Second Amendment shows glaring at the love relationship with the monsters don't think the Lord 's name in vain for seven don't take his name in vain as a guideline only on the island of Guam two years ago who want to have his name changed to G O D yes you put in her legal request and they've asked him why he wanted to go I want to I was a free country and then this was actually the newspaper and the one who responded with the writers said if he gets is done this guy 's name is limited that you remain aloft and now sometimes and that's the issue of patent name the dreaming so many swearing and cussing at other times folks take God 's name in vain in a different way we claim to be believers but three different way hypocrisy is to take God 's name in vain interesting the fourth one remember the Sabbath day to keep it holy book will come back and look at a further on because as women to send fabulous are not totally unique because they are seventy Baptists and some others but will come back to the Limited this is where God 's think I want a special day so I can have that special relationship with you I want to spend time with you again no other distractions this is a day to spend with you number five honor your father and your mother obviously that the relational one number six God welcome to human life and bodily Jesus goes deeper demanding Exodus twenty I wanted to Matthew chapter five these hours would go and reflect on the words of Jesus Jesus here is what he does in Matthew chapter five verse twenty one species is assigned for this is not simply an external thing already refining in Exodus twenty verse six of us talk about love at the interval thing and here you have learned that it was sent of old accuses Ludwick is not quoting Scripture he's rather according to the wrap clinical teachings that are limited to the external act only when Jesus was scripted he always says it is what is written is that he is not thinking is within the Israeli talking about the people who has narrowed and restricted the idea suggests that the true legal act as a singular that they've basically restricted to students you shall not commit murder Jesus and Otto Nolasco for the first twenty twelve I say to you that whoever is angry with his brother without a cause shopping danger of the judgment and he was says to his brother Rocco and that means shall be in danger of the council whoever says to you your full shopping days of the fire of hell interesting yes even the motives that must be taken into the rock of Iranians in the head okay and that's Aramaic the careful Jesus think the Commandments go deeper than the external acts him all about a relationship the Sabbath commandment of Exodus is what thou shall not commit adultery on this week this is a relational issue don't steal don't feel it belongs to me and this hardly anything worse than the destabilizing of relationships than telling lies about people just telling is vital and filing number ten captures all of it and says guess what because of the heart of the matter don't even comment don't even think to try to take your neighbor 's goods stealing don't even think to try to take your neighbor 's wife adultery and he goes through interesting to study that it goes to the heart of the matter all of these commands and commandments to you with the heart like before you know it's interesting you can you read in the English fascinating in the Hebrew language I checked again this morning I went back to take the pressure off the site the big fourth commandment contains sixty five words fifty five words and I'm suggesting and idlers from the Jewish believer who still keeps the Sabbath he says this adhesive part of our denomination he says this it's in the heart linguistically guess how many words in an tired and commanded to be stuck from the start that will enormous like you shall have no other gods before me specific laws hundreds and sixty three interesting and sixty three before hand is about sixty something and after this fortysomething and right in the linguistically in the middle is the ten Commandments fifty five if you multiply fifty five times a week becomes one hundred and sixty five and is a total one hundred sixty three with some even linguistically in the middle and why is the fourth because it talks about respecting God and talks about making sure you treat your even the servants who work with you properly that's the law that links obedience to God loved I love manifests in the busy studying this for the minute is a lot of it comes out and I want to move very rapidly now into this issue because sometimes even those who are people who believe in the Sabbath and I said I was seven they got this and other leaders as well we can visit danger that this becomes a legal listing system let's go now and feels like bondage so with the book of James NSA with James who the scholars correctly believe is actually related to Jesus by blood ties apparently was the half-brother listings the other days the disciples had been killed we know that so we go to the book of James and we will read what James shares with us here James chapter two verse nine through twelve fascinating perspective that James brings by inspiration of the things the right immigration he says every and we had read the phrase about every good and perfect gift site in the second one it's going to chapter two things separate to verse nine through twelve some first Dan Rather for whoever shall keep the whole law of course was Mighty Ducks Watson and transgressors transgressing the law for whoever shall keep the whole law yet stumble in one he is guilty of what hobbies guilty of all now the question is which law is he talking about interesting which launched back in verse eight incidentally if you really fulfill the royal law he is in the Royal who is the King of Kings and Jesus God and effecting EMI ninety six it says you are the King of kings the God of heaven and earth so he says it is would roil off the disabled list the specific which ones are you talking about James if you show faces if you break one of the viewable okay let me tell you what I'm talking about the human example for he who said him not commit adultery also said do not murder all I know now what are you talking about what glossy document ten Commandments not you do not commit adultery but you do murder you have become transgressive all the law and easily to break when you guilty of all now notice verse twelve key folks so speak and do as those who will be judged member Solomon the wisest men spoke about being to you will be just how I want by the law of what is the word liberty fascinating the law of liberty interest James says that the law of liberty so the whole ten Commandments is actually a law of liberty all of them and they free you up think about that for a moment the law of liberty that want to look at the state and if you want to remember is crucial in the context of what I'm sharing with you today saved by grace we love to keep God 's law that's the context leaf there is no legalism is loyalty to loyalty and royalty notice that the law is the law royalty and if the law from God site and from outside is the law of one of loyalty from God side of royalty from our side of loyalty noticed that you would immediately saved by grace we love to keep God 's law is something God wants us to have a personal relationship and actually the reality is that the seventh day Sabbath was satisfied and in Isaiah is called daylight that's the title is fascinating the FCC is the Sabbath is the likely use of the nickname I say this delight I must I would apologize on behalf of everybody who has ever seen sad Sabbath keepers no way how can you be a sad saluki but you believe the law but this is the law at the home on ten humans the title of my sermon was the quarantine guarantees why because God says in Exodus fifteen was twenty six I will protect you I will provide for you I will keep you safe if you choose to follow my commandments quarantined I checked the dictionary today is protection against infectious seasons as the reality is when we talk about God 's will God 's love is that special quarantine and to date I have an emphasis obviously because in this week as seven habits are unique from the rest of the story is what I call the subtitle because your daughter 's sake I want to have a special relationship with you I day of freedom free from work free from worry free from stress free from all the distractions of the secular world but for me to do something free to worship freedom Fellowship free to share with others free to go off and let others know about my love because of the way I have transformed your life this is the most delightful day if you read the Scriptures in context only one person agrees I thankful again you know I praise God for that one amen I'm very deep according to what I understand that he was anybody else's with me here according what I understand you were to talk more about the next yes because I know the questions raised we don't have enough time that I hope you come to see the common thought the picture a lot more and bring a scientist along because the discussion on evolution is such a major one because you read the fourth commandment is always imminent God created the heavens and earth in six days haven't scientists shown without a doubt that it took billions of years with an address at the ceiling were to dig deeper into this matter Cheryl what you need to come this evening ready to listen of the longer okay some very deep adversity of anybody's book I suspect this day the seventh day of the week should be and is the most full day of the week there are fuel and radio good case a lot more fun to show you a few more things unfortunately I apologize again unfortunately sometimes we have missed the beautiful meeting all the special day that God satisfied that he wants us to follow will talk about other issues with you because there is not enough time to pack it all and you notice on going pretty fast today but let me just wrap up here enough in just a couple of statements as we wrap up what would my site with me share with you and today again because sometimes we have people who might be skeptical I telephone today to check this out never again I called today I called Michigan because I got a piece of paper here from a fellow Christian group and outrage of these its overzealous published and I called them it's called Saint Catherine Catholic Church so I dialed the number today eight one zero seven nine four three three zero one I steadfastly would remember these are not allotted to bother but if you want the number of deregulated what I called I spoke with the secretary I asked a few questions I said did you publish this thing is this the sync app rejected yes where are you located to check yes I was be serious today and then I sent video published of moving cold Sentinel yes we did we don't publish it anymore I said that you have a certain priest there by the name of this what is his father Leo Broderick she said yes he retired about ten years ago wow by that time I was convinced that this is authentic and what it says nineteen ninety five about ten years ago yes okay listen to what this Catholic priest said in this thing that he sent out there regular weekly whatever this this is what he said to his Catholic parishioners are you one perhaps the boldest thing the most revolutionary change in the charts Roman Catholic Church is what he says I do ninety five you wrote the most revolutionary change the shorts ever did happen in the first century about the legal word out please is definitely the holy day the Sabbath was changed from Saturday to Sunday next sentence the day of the Lord DS Dominique God in Latin was chosen not from any direction is noted in the Scriptures but from the churches Roman Catholic churches since of its own power the day of resurrection the day of Pentecost fifty days later came on the first of the week so this would be the new Senate last sentence is not just littering my mind figuratively site blew my mind people who think that the Scriptures should be the sole authority anybody who believes that we hear okay this is what the priest says people who think that the Scripture should be the sole authority should logically become Seventh-day Adventists and keep Saturday holy whole I have to telephone today I called this morning because I said I don't come here with things that are outdated as furious okay that is what this priest wrote now retired and folks it's not just that reason I came across one were examined it is very good because I came across this one even in a commentary exit is right here Colossians published in nineteen ninety seven H A Ironside says this published right here tonight is new in Neptune New Jersey the him commandment in the New Testament in collating the sacredness of the first day of the week and demanding the Christians of the school was before holy proposals yet the consensus of judgment all spiritually minded believers at the catchphrase or what tradition hold on the consensus of the judgment not the Bible the consensus of the judgment of spirits reminded me with all the century has led to the honoring of this later as funding as a time of worship meditation and Christian testimony fascinating there are serious questions in all denominations to misunderstanding for a moment and I praise God for Bible believing Christians out there I is out there all over the world right but it's interesting how people and I just give you Tuesday these are modern ones in the last decade or six people who say we follow and keep Sunday not because of the Bible but because of tradition fascinating and it's a reality as you dig as you learn as you read you think this does cause me to seriously think of please note I'm not just talking about people who don't believe what we do some of us have accused some of them have misused some of us have been hypocritical some of us have had these long faced dreadful legalistic attitudes towards this wonderful do like the old days as a day of freedom that God set them so don't be critical to be critical if you got a critic of the self-critical you and I said I said yesterday could be tough on yourself and I is the tolerant on the change that because nowadays when tolerance is a bad connotation against tolerance means accept every lifestyle accept everything as being okay because one yourself the tender on Honduras and him because he wants to have a loving relationship with a man right here in sometimes it might be the little things a sour face and unhappy attitude that causes people to turn away from this beautiful message of faithfulness and loyalty to the royal law to put a man 's breach of the arriving Houston Texas just arrived he had a patient of the bus and traveled downtown okay and he was on this bus we sat there going downtown from his home he discovered as a set of the driver had accidentally giving a quarter to much change any second he thought all you negative quarterback it would be wrong to keep it and forget it it's only a quarter he was a you was a little thinking about this it's what this matter anyway the past charges too much anyway you know accept it as a gift from God and keep quiet when he stopped painting he paused at the door he turned to the drivers of year you gave me too much change the driver with a smile replied aren't you the new preacher in town I have been thinking lately about going to worship somewhere I just wanted to see what you would do if I gave you too much change I'll see you at church on Sunday sometimes intentionally sometimes unintentionally we are all being challenged to we have that concomitant commitment to God to reload him and we show loyalty to that loyalty only faithful as a result of the fruits that we have in our lives let's prayed right here Lord blessed us holy father forgive us for the times that we have failed disability would be affected spoken legalistic County when we have been in the for those of us who are less those of us struggling with some of the information it might be radically new father for all of us the challenge is to be faithful to you help us to be open to your holy Word so that we can better see and represent Jesus Christ the living word in his name we pray on it


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