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Challenge to the students at AMEN conference 2010

Mark Finley


Mark Finley

Assistant to President for Evangelism at the General Conference



  • October 30, 2010
    2:30 PM
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I don't know of any group that I enjoy being with more than students I really am thanking God for the opportunity to spend some time this afternoon I recognize that students have unusual possibilities for the kingdom of God your God has given you a whole life puts in front of you he's prepared you with an academic training in medical training we can really make a difference for God 's kingdom if there's ever a time in history the world with the seven families church needs to harness the energies of sharp intelligent articulate young people it's today and young people to have professional training the church needs you we need you as part of the mission of the church and got to the finish its work so went right never touch a little bit about medical mission work what it is share with these experiences if you have a biblical basement webcast question so let's press father thank you for these students were eager to know how to better serve you some of them are in the first year second-year their medical school of this event for the end of their training I pray that since this afternoon you would enlarge each of their vision revealed to them the place that they can play in your cause and we thank you that you'll do something special here today in Christ's name amen let's suppose this was not this one was upset that let's suppose it was Thursday afternoon and we were in one ear advanced anatomy and physiology tests class is only taking a test now I know that students love casts out and I know particular they love it when they get their grades back even better but let's suppose I ask you a question and you are going to define you need not raise your hand he did not work out the answer but in your mind define medical missionary work in one sentence define home missionary work in what's one sentence what is medical missionary work it's something worth thinking about isn't because it's a term we use the times when used terms and those terms themselves are clearly defined right quite articulated if I were defining medical missionary work I would define it something like this medical missionary work is a lovingly ministering in the name of Jesus meeting the needs of others around us with the goal of touching them for his kingdom in meeting their ultimate needs so what is medical missionary work we might simplify and say this is a lovingly meeting the external needs of people so that we can ultimately win their confidence to meet their spiritual needs so we meet physical emotional and mental needs but our ultimate goal is medical missionaries is to meet their spiritual needs the true medical missionary is motivated by love not by money and the true medical missionary has a great desire to see men and women physically mentally spiritually pool the medical missionaries attention is not on themselves but it's on the person that their ministering to and I want to walk you through the Gospels in the gospel of John the first six chapters if you're a student of the gospel of John you realize that by the time we come to the sixth chapter of John that we come to the apex of Christ ministry by the time we come to John six thirty ten thousands of people that are following Jesus but it's what led up to John six that I want to see share with you and then try to practically apply that in John chapter one verse thirty eight verse thirty seven verse thirty eight two disciples here Jesus speak John one verse thirty so they followed him and Jesus turned in seeing the following said to them what do you see how often the Bible pack a lot in a very few words Jesus said to his disciples what do you seek what he's thinking I'd like to suggest to you this afternoon but that was the modus operandi of Christ ministry Jesus was always more interested in what they were seeking and what his agenda was Jesus never began where he was he once began where they are they were so he said what are you seeking it's like the position who sits down and says to the patient who comes into the office now share with me a little bit about what's going on in your life on I noted from the chart that you indicated that you were having a headache so they were quite severe and headaches relating to insomnia can you tell me when the headaches begin have you had these headaches for two months three months of winter they typically come on and so you're taking a history that patients aren't you so Jesus began by saying what are you seeking sites is what seems to principle he wasn't beginning where he was he was beginning where they were as you look at John Chapter to John chapter three John chapter four in John chapter five Jesus uses the what seeking principal and he always meets the needs of those who come when we go to John chapter to take the ones what seeking principal I'm going to John to there's a social need in John three there is a spiritual need in John four there is an emotional need in John five there is a physical need and so in John chapters two through five Jesus meets the fundamental needs of the human heart whether the need is social what is needed spiritual when the need is emotional whether it is physical so let's walk through this we start with John chapter to this social need you know the story well enjoy to use Jesus multiplying the changing the water into wine and it says on the third day Johnson verse one there was a wedding in Cana of Galilee and the mother of Jesus was there about Jesus and his disciples were invited to the wedding and when they ran out of wine the mother Jesus said to them they have no wine and Jesus said woman what does that have to concern you with me my hours not yet come how would you feel if it were your wedding day young lady and and your relatives were there your husband 's relatives with their religious scenario is going off to the reception and it happened to be in a fellowship hall and the back of the church because your parents wanted to save on the reception costs and as I some guy sitting at related installations that I know that I and they were and you weren't serving the vegetarian chicken sandwiches on whole wheat bread with veggie days as soon as the conference president was coming through why he was the fifty second person through and the hostess whispered in your your wedding coordinators here and you happened over here and we have run out of vegetarian chicken we have nothing left there are no more sandwiches left and what if you had to her and thirty two guests yet to serve and you ran out of all your vegan sandwiches and bring embarrassed that he ran out of food and wedding reception with Jim as they can almost take in the embarrassment and it was much greater embarrassment in the days of Christ wine was very common to be used at the wedding services and it was fermented wine at the beginning there and so it was it was quite uncommon for them to have waiting studies some of which lasted between four days there were times that wedding his last seven days so here you have this tremendous harassment is very possible that the family were relatives of Mallory and so Mary in that little village says to Jesus Jesus do something help them in Jesus as my hours not yet come now here's a little aside some people say what did Jesus actually created fermented wine he did not you can show from the Bible but it wasn't fermented wine that has a little aside but I will show you how to show that couple things if you say is fermented wine you missed the major point of the story you miss the whole spiritual lesson of the story because you see the changing of the water into wine was the first miracle that Christ performed the first miracle pointed forward to his last act which is was a step on the cross to the changing water into the wine he was changing the water of Judaism into the wind of the gospel when he was pierced on the cross out of his side and what blood and water you see now if you read this parable carefully every phrase in the parable nocturnal and little story to read it carefully every phrases pointing for the Crossley gives examples on the third day you know all those phrases thirdly phrases destroy this body what the third day it will raise up again Thursday three days with the juices in the bowels of the earth there was a wedding in Cana of Galilee Cana was the center of wickedness so Jesus cross was set between the two thieves in the center of wickedness on the mother of Jesus was there when Jesus was crucified on the cross his mother stood by the side then the Bible says Jesus said her woman what does concern that would meet my hours not yet come using expression my hour by hour is not yet come what did Jesus say in John seventeen when he was increased I sent my hours what come you keep your finger here and will go to John seventeen see this couldn't have been fermented wine why not fermentation is a sign of sin the miracle that he worked was to show about the blood of the gospel and and and his grace which would never be tainted by sin so it could not have been fermented wine from a gospel standpoint look at John seventeen verse one Jesus spoke these words and lifted his eyes up to heaven as a father the hour has what when you say in John chapter to the hour had not yet what so another wicked and fermented wine that was just a very small village it was Tina was probably at the most maybe four hundred people maybe five hundred it will probably two or fifty people at the wedding what did he do we change the water into the wine will burst six says there were six water pots of stolen they were twenty thirty gallons of pieces so that means he may between hundred twenty hundred eighty gallons of wine how much does it take medical students representative drunken again different tolerances but how much it is that you drop one glass to glass is three glasses of wine how many ounces depends on the person if you if you drank five classes we get drunk how many glasses were an hundred and eighty gallons if you figure out the math here this would've gotten six and eight hundred people drunk probably in this hundred fifty people private village maybe two or fifty so are you to tell me that they drank it all in Jesus and everybody drunk at that thing and some guy drives often oxcart gets a broken leg and has at some of the guy runs up with some of his life he doesn't make sense of your theological so it was not fermented wine sampling wall it was your juice of the grape that represented the light of Christ that would be shown across rust it was not seventeen Ellen White confirms that incidentally but you can shorten Bible and here's the big thing and John to there is a social need and she is so sensitive his history and has Iraq is so sensitive to people they meet their social needs of their not embarrassed the true medical missionary works of the needs of people so that even John to his social now you go to John chapter three many in John chapter three is spiritual Nicodemus comes to Jesus at night Jesus doesn't say to Nicodemus looking you to drink I can prove something of changes water into wine neither does Jesus say he won a significant something fantastic uprightness right now I'll share it on me have a big season because I just broke the bread on multiply that Jesus doesn't give you the less either of their treatment Jesus doesn't begin with the physical with Nicodemus and wall Jesus does what goes right to the heart of the spiritual matter why the need was spiritual therefore Jesus came directly to the heart of spiritual issue John chapter two the need is social John chapter three the neatest spiritual John chapter for now to look at John three and four there's an incredible contrast in John chapter three you have Nicodemus a man John chapter four you have a woman at the well a woman Nicodemus is that you she is a Gentile Nicodemus comes by night she comes by day Nicodemus is well-respected she is a woman of ill repute Nicodemus is part of the religious establishment she has no education wall that Nicodemus comes seeking Jesus she does not want to come seeking Jesus at all Nicodemus Jesus approaches and with a spiritual directly spiritually needy born-again she comes in Jesus is incredibly tender he doesn't talk to her about being born again he doesn't never he draws her out he says that there's well there and I really like something to drink and she says but you need giving have anything to put down their Jesus that will need to be something to drink and as Jesus talks to her first she recognizes that he is a teacher and she recognizes that he is a Rabbi then she recognizes these inside Jesus meets her on an emotional level she's crushed she's bruised she's had multiple affairs the man that she is living with is not her husband and she's absolutely depressed discouraged her heart is looking for love Jesus and John to match a social need in John three he met a spiritual need and John for human emotional needs to show tenderness and kindness but you would not talk to a Gentile certainly a man would not talk to a woman certainly a Jewish teacher would not talk to her Jesus broke while the social norms and he met an emotional need he saw a woman that was depressed for this crushing was looking for love and had treated her body like a plaything for Jesus recognized her worth and Jesus affirm that weren't even an emotional need to come to John chapter five Jesus meets a physical need he comes to Bethesda John five verse two now there is in Jerusalem by the sheep data pool which is called in the Hebrew Bethesda beckoning sign of warehouse up that we happen back in sign of we him his bread so that Lee Hammond is the sign of the house of bread Jesus the bread of life was born in the city of Baker Street Bethlehem has written that Sagan say it is sufficient that the sign of her house up later that Satan Jesus came and called Peter and John to be fishers of men at Bethsaida House official fisherman 's village that is done as there is mercy Beth 's house of mercy Jesus came where they were more sick than anyplace else they were brought and put under porches there so Jesus came into the middle of sickness and sorrow and those that had terminal illness and he turned that place into a house of mercy how many porches were there there were five they were under the Porsches of Judaism Genesis Exodus Numbers Deuteronomy twelve they were depending on some kind of mystical work faith orientation to do something for them they had strange superstitions but Jesus walked into the midst of all that form on this and with his Holy Spirit power transformed a man's life and porn turned a place of ugliness in a place of devastation sickness into a place of mercy so that has become the house and mercy every time you walk into the sick room in the spirit of Jesus comes it becomes poisoned mercy where you do what you can to help the patient you'd give them the best possible medical treatment you get your arms around compassionately show them that you care for them to listen to their heartache surprised and you pray for them and that becomes a house of mercy Jesus didn't only come to a place of desperation Bethesda what the Bible says their labors to read a great multitude of sick people blindly paralyze waiting for moving the water the superstition wasn't this angel came down there was a man that was thirty eight years Jesus saw him and he said he wanted be made well what is your desire to be made well Jesus physically ministered to the worst case he came to the worst poison administered to the worst case and that Amanda was stricken with a possible thirty eight years was made well Jesus ministered to physically when you come to John chapter six Jesus is so ministered to men and women's physical mental spiritual and emotional needs but they wanted to make him king and them prior to the first part of John six Jesus breaks the bread he feeds the five thousand Jesus always begins where he is he never begins worries not he again needs the physical need and probably one of the key passages in the Bible as John six verse sixty six at six six six six six six is probably more important than the other six six six at least that's equally him principles both of the same incidentally John six zero sixty six from this time many of his disciples went back and walked no more with him why because they understand doing that although Jesus met their social needs their physical needs their emotional needs and their spiritual needs and Jesus they wanted to make Jesus King the Bible says here that time they wanted to make him king and they wanted him to rule over them because insulin that there needs to be shared within the famous sermon on the bread of life and they saw that he had another motive and that was to lead them to his eternal kingdom and so many walked back in the no longer walk with him what can we learn of the first six chapters of John here's only one we were in the Christ came to meet the physical mental spiritual and emotional needs of men and women that medical missionary work is lovingly reaching out to people 's needs some people to connect with your office something for you to visit in the hospital it can be very obvious they are there because they are social relationships broke down and they may need you to sympathetically listen to them to help them rebuild relationships maybe the greatest thing they need is kindness compassion forgiveness some people are going to come there and they've had a spiritual break with God and that spiritual right with God is living to guilt and shame and fear and that may have led to depression and let the stomach ulcers it may have led to a rise in their blood pressure for their cholesterol levels some people you can minister directly spiritually certainly you're going to have to provide medication if they needed or other natural remedy alternatives there are some people who got that one of the well social and socially emotional emotionally their lives are shattered and you and they gone through the devastation of the divorce the canceling it only makes an interesting statement she says nine tenths of the diseases that metaphase had their origin in the mind that doesn't mean that is not of his this means the disease business of helping Warrenton is in the mine nine tenths of the diseases the arguments in the mind even when it is enabled and have correct thinking processes in the be many people that you meet that like inevitable the best of the diseases physical and art origin immunity to work with them but the point is this John one thirty seven Jesus is what are you sick when you say how you take these principles and applied in a modern-day setting to show you a couple ways you can apply these in a modern-day setting and share with his experiences in medical evangelism and show you how these principles really make an impact when you meet the needs of men and women physically mentally and spiritually you know Ellen White points out that God will open doors for the medical missionary worker to want to take it back to the vision and Alan Whitehead was February ten nineteen twenty seven on February ten February twenty seven nineteen ten February twenty seven nineteen ten in Alan White a division of their provision she was shown at seventh they had finished and haven't decided different method of working in popular evangelicals that we should integrate physical mental emotional spiritual approaches together that we should look at the whole person particularly in our evangelistic endeavors of work that there should be cold water selling our literature there should be nurses and physicians and physical therapists working altogether that there should be pastors and Bible workers and so she had that vision at that time Robert Owen was the Bible teacher Loma Linda and and then Elder Burton was the business manager and they will looking for some students that would take what a long white sandy innovation and try to demonstrated in practical terms here in Southern California and was stated that they will he was an older student fee had been an atheist and he had become a Christian and was now in Loma Linda for medical missionary training course is taking a lot of chemistry along nutrition his name was John Tyndall Tindall 's background was quite an amazing background was a lawyer and he was working for the United States government during California doing so assessing Outlook Goldfields because in the early nineteen hundreds relating to the early nineteen hundreds particularly there was a pretty lot of the mining for gold here in the government needed somebody that a lawyer an attorney that would be outcome monitoring these goals fines and assessing what they had found so tender was an atheist and he was out among the sagebrush your little minds in those years ago unit of television you don't have written much much radio along and so around the campfire then we talk and swap stories at night there was a man that had gotten a copy of desire of ages and was reading out loud at night out among the goldfields here and kindle her in the chapter as a theist on the cross and as he did and he walked down the sagebrush and in the Californian night stars shining in the desert any help down the praise and award you stick my life he began to pray what God would do with his life was Oreo lawyer and a very sharp analytical mind and he decided to go back to Loma Linda into medicine authority medical training to be medical lecture which he did what was at that time that your twenties and nineteen ten Illinois had the vision and the Rodrick Owen and another burden came down economics and would you demonstrate this vision would you go out medical insurance and was at that time don't attend his wife was not a Seventh-day Adventist his first meeting out over here in San Bernardino and I got has a number of people and this began a ministry were elder candle would follow the principles the God-given he would give lectures in medicine he would in addition to that give lectures and biblical themes when he was in also baptized seventy seven people in one baptism and at that time Billy Sunday was the great evangelist in America was before the days of Billy Graham and then also Oklahoma newspaper talk about Mister Sunday in Mister Saturday and they said Mister Sunday got the crowds that Mister Saturday Johnson got the conference so Kendall traveled he was his typical modus operandi is typical when you go into a city if spending here you have to let sitting you have nurses with the physicians they would give medical lecturers he was beaten all the schools to go all the police stations the fire department to talk about nutrition talk about health to the value of nutrition in the mind he would talk about the value exercises nurses with each hydrotherapy and he would have health means one or two nights a week and then in addition to that he would have the Bible lectures as well and people came when he was in Indianapolis he was having a large meeting in Indianapolis and a man would come in every night he noted it was an attempt then demand we commit everything is back and many believe you can minute after the opening song he believed before the closing prayer the other kindles soar him coming night after night after night of his men was impressed because Elder cancels nurses were doing hydrotherapy treatments there were health lecturers there were lectures on stress lectures on heart disease and cancer and many don't attend a breach in the biblical lectures as well so this was very very impressed and he said to Elder attendant one days and he sent them I'd really like you to come to my church and preach I am the chairman of the board of the largest Baptist church in the city Edenton was at the time and he said wanted to meet my pastor so we introduced into his pastor and the pastor said you're settled in Paris on June so yes I am aware nearly a blessing to the community and to share God 's work while I'm not under the law anymore and wanted to know couldn't take it anymore and he said may I read your Bible text on white believe you're not under the law anymore the message sure really another written about the carnal heart is enmity against God as the pastor stormed out in the businessman was quite embarrassed to his pastor enacted the business and continue to come to the meetings and was ultimately going to be baptized to be a large furniture factory in that furniture factory they were railroad tracks that came up to the factory and the twenty four hours a day seven days a week French was going on in this furniture factory over America was one of the biggest furniture factories in America and Canada was standing right by the tracks with this man Mister policies name was and he was saying to him you don't have you been thinking about this atrocity see that exactly joins them seven days a week I could never stop sending my furniture out I could never stop my background Sabbath in order to hasten I appreciate what you're doing with the nurses and doctors you making a tremendous service to the community it certainly got my attention I can ever be and have been asked because I can never stop working on Sabbath top Elder Kendall of the reason I have one question for you what's more important your business or your soul when you decide I'm not call me again goodbye and began to walk away and got halfway across the parking lot and brother Talitha yelled out my soul is more important at this original Nintendo came back out of office Mister Dodge was baptized how many have ever attended Southern Adventist University ha ha what a group this is unilluminating what is the name of the voice storm and storm out help wife caught us all because when Southern was in a big problem financially tallish donated the money to build all but he as for the home missionary evangelism team missing and one day outage ended up and describe God 's plan of Jesus wanted to minister physically mentally spiritually how God 's plan was for every church in America missionary center where every unfinished church could be open not only on Sabbath our churches are the worst financial investment if they're only open once a week why do you spend a few million dollars to open only on Sabbath morning every church would be a training school for Christian workers so that you have on some nice swing programs meeting and some nice Bible study groups meeting and none of my cooking school and stress management seminar and God is using the gifts of all his people in the church is dynamic active open alive so what happens polish is describing God 's plan for the church a medical missionary center I rather genderless describing colleges in the audience with his wife is taught his wife is not and she's got these diamond earrings on no people use the word that windows back in those days and the big diamond necklace and Elder Tyndall talks about Jesus and how Jesus was also self-sacrificing and how we want every church to be a center to reach the community to make an impact on Mrs. talk to someone Presley passed the offering she takes off her diamond earring she takes off her diamond necklace of drops in the offering plate Elder kindles sold those and they built a medical missionary wing underside of the church new hybrid therapy treatment to help programming of God opened up incredible doors Elder Tindall went to Dallas to get one church in Dallas Texas at the time and the church was a very poor part of town elder tinder was praying what is the church well the church became available this was years and years ago also it was for twenty three thousand dollars which is a lot of money they didn't have it of course an element and began to pray and God save your him will him finish in this series of manager when a big fish in a big fish will help INET search for your well Robinson was holding a cooking school and he saw a man three hundred pounds walking and watercress and that's the big fish I think there's an entry about and initializes a new pastor became to the health meetings came to the Bible he was baptized in seven or eight thousand dollars Ellerton of the cup another offering raised eighteen thousand and what the church moved into it he baptize a hundred people in that medical missionary evangelistic work when I was a young man God brought me into contact with Elder Kindle I used to walk with him in the Lord brings you in contact with different people he was in his nineties at the time his mind was sharp as anything and he was the man that Ellen White tapped on the shoulder and said to him he is a he you are the one that I want to carry out this vision actually go to Berlin Loma Linda did and the elder Robert but he was one of us to turn a once vision so as a young man God brought me in contact with on a Kindle I spent day after day hour after hour walking with talk about ministry he would say to me Mark you give your energies to something it really counts put them in medical missionary evangelism and so early in our ministry we began working with physical mental spiritual dimensions of life and I have seen God opened amazing doors I will share with you couple experiences in her own ministry I am in debt to elder tenderloin and that the people like Pastor O.J. Mills film tells his dad my concurrent with other deputies receive a people who helped to shape my consciousness as a young man for the kingdom of God and to see the possibilities I never had any idea that God would do some of the things he did and I will tell you a few experiences we had in communist countries of in nineteen eighty five God brought us to Europe and we began working with we had 3Com this country is under communism in our division with Poland Hungary and Yugoslavia we began to pray the God would open usual doors we began to negotiate with the communist government of Poland because I knew that if we could get into we might get into some other places and so we began to pray this is not just open the door for us and so I began to study Polish culture and began to study industry in Poland and this is when I discovered that Poland was losing a cooling deal of money the reason they were is because of work related smoking diseases some of the Polish government and I met with the Communist officials I said book I know you are interested in improving your economy and I know that your economy is really going behind the West I think there's something the seventh and assured to help you if we can reduce it we show them statistically we can reduce the amount of smoke cigarette smoking we can help improve the quality of health which will help work productivity basically exactly I said would you be willing to let me try a city and they said if you do this want to do in the toughest city in the nation I said what you have received this and complaints I said why that's the center of the Solidarity labor union movement is where labor unions and their revolting against the communist government and because they want to freedom and so here I have this attention I'm going into the nation on the under the auspices of the communist government going to a city with the Solidarity labor union movement has been infiltrated by American forces and who in American was supplying the solitary labor union with fax machines with all of the infrastructure for freedom and I was thereby the communist government to help people quit smoking the first thing I did was lead a protest march through the city will once again seriously as a protest against cigarette smoking I was young in those days and quite foolish so we get all those that use label cigarette you blow up so we will a cigarette I began to walk through the city because I permission of Congress government to do it and I learned the police words and jumps on any mainstream cigarettes away and I want to the city with this large cigarette people began joining the march went on a bridge between the cigarettes and we start our find a way to stop smoking we then began cooking schools and we were labeled as communist sympathizers because they were having a meeting shortage in the city and the Congress government had to find some way to reduce the amount of lead that the people want to be in any way and that they were saying all these people against communist sympathizers because there worked with the government to reduce me but we continue to work with health means and got discussed opening door after door to door in one SNL one of the counties officials he said what else do you want to do when I said I want to talk about Jesus because I wanted to let the power of God because if I cannot do that with your help people want smoking would help my better diet and reduce heart disease and cancer but it's not the stick they need spiritual power to be able to overcome otherwise just the strongest ones that have high willpower to be overcoming smoking the rest enough you get a very low percentage of sixty seventy eight percent in five days but then fifty percent of those medical backing and about fifteen twenty twenty five percent want because it have any power in their life so I need to talk about the power of God becomes official gave me a white sheet of paper with his stamp on it is if you go back to the nines you show them the stand and you write it whenever you want to do in that city we enough confidence now in you that you can do that we rented the Leningrad theater theater dedicated to Leningrad during the days of communism this is not after the fall of communism and godsend we had sixty church members in the city Gaza eighteen hundred people to those meetings and got his works are incredible incredible miracles we had health and we had physical meetings together got open those doors we continue to pray we wanted to go to hungry to hold evangelist there just pray Billy Graham was given a permit to come to hunger and are cognizant for three days we described upon his government on different style of evangelism would bring doctors and would have physical mental spiritual dimensions of health the Congress governments that we did Billy Graham three days we give you a month on month in a public auditorium when the newspaper headlines can not hungry this is how they read Seventh-day Adventists have a different style of evangelism they have command to change the quality of life of our community and make a dramatic difference here when we went into Moscow we were allowed in the Olympic Stadium in Moscow we had many meetings in Moscow we had the Kremlin Auditorium in Moscow which was Gorbachev reach Darren Chenango bridge they are leaving Congress officials preach there they sold seeds door meetings that but we went into the Olympic Stadium in Moscow we had between eighteen and twenty five thousand people coming to the meetings we brought with us are hungry to medical professionals with a hundred doctors and nurses we took is seen as a losing blood samples eighteen thousand blood samples in a matter of ten days we ran a large health fairs we had health symposiums through that city and guy just kept opening doors and opening doors and opening doors we've seen God open doors in secular Europe we've seen open doors in communist countries we seen God open doors in Muslim countries has invited a number of years ago Pakistan I knew that we could not make an impact in that country last week really not the physical mental needs of people in fact in Pakistan why preach every night there were two bodyguards one was a huge guy about six to any guy would breach here and he would say like this the whole meeting another was a smaller guy about five ten he was roughly was he was stocking you stand over here and he was there like this so the first five lines these two guys didn't say one thing engine and not one thing now certainly before the meetings we had our health they are going we were doing blood testing and helping people are smoking getting a better diet and treating their diseases is fourth we done this off to Africa South America nine at eleven twenty we leave you fly to Singapore which is one of the most secular cities in the world and economy region China inroads into the large health evangelistic meeting in Singapore that we help testing and my wife will give health lectures and all preachers but anyway back to Pakistan so I pretty sure my five nights I said I better say something for these people because they're so good God so I went over and said his big guy whose vocal languages and I do thank you for taking such good care of he wanted me with a straight face and he said what do you mean I am not caring for you the owners of this auditorium have put me here so that there is a right and here we protect the auditorium you're on your own well I didn't feel quite as good after that one night as I was preaching you have twenty seven buses that become in that part of the world women and men going to proboscis so I will bus came in and the women get off they are really really nervous I mean really nervous and sizable what is going on in your waste analysis they said because format wanted to write in response of the struggle would let them and they said that if you don't get us on your bus where to come and burn the rest of your buses now is a survey really mean it why was preaching a flatbed truck pulled up and twenty seven then get off with torches negative buses but it was outside the auditorium so it was no problem second you'll still preach but anyway they were invented torches in the police began to shoot and was a firefight outside outside the auditorium they were shooting most of the young men got away but about ten of them got captured and brought to the police station I was in the Karachi Evans hospital where he was staying at a room to stay there and about one o'clock in the morning and knocking on the door and knock knock knock conference present passive degrees of hazards don't get a promise what's the promise of your members to discuss again to bring buses yet I do ten of them got captured by the police in this part of the world we punish first and we try second so the distributor the waste and they're just being being being about the police station what we can do I said look you got your monitor out to what you have to do get those kids out there I want that to happen I know that in the burner buses he said we better not come down earlier international incident although the conference president went to the police station and we got there he knew that these kids and it's really been beaten badly he went to the police station were dropping all charges against we want them released immediately because if you have anybody to press charges in court you can't you can't hold them any longer and the police is what this is really a rough day making to burn buses and he said I don't care what amount of these kids came out and when they did the ganglioside of the conference president why would you convince these that walked because Jesus forgive us we want to give you they began to talk anything about the meetings the gang came back to meetings I baptize the gang leader will baptize you a good number and again and again we gradually became a deacon in our new church and missionary work is caring loving spirit countries you're young you're finishing your training your whole life ahead of you don't sell out sheet don't so much God can use you in your practice certainly your ethical certainly you are asking the Holy Spirit when you don't give the Bible 's one person comes through the door to ask you about a lump in the breast cancer in a single link in the Bible teaches if you don't you're not offensive but always relaxing your mind your thinking here is a soul for the kingdom of God God has called me to meet their physical needs governmental needs their social needs so their hearts and minds of the opens we can be there spiritually there are two ways that you can actively participate in medical and Angela someone is in your office this patient's condition pray with them as a Holy Spirit opens an opportunity to share with them as you have literature in your office as you have Bible study groups for your patience I know physicians than one night a week invite people as they would like to come to their office for Bible studies Doctor John Chung for example for many years has had thirty forty fifty people Bible studies once a week and so you have that opportunity the other opportunity you have is united with your pastor each of you will be members of a local congregation you can use the gifts and skills you have given medical missionary evangelism out of your local church to make a medical missionary center you can travel on short-term or long-term mission assignments there are some of you that may be called of God to leave family friends and home like Abraham when we did like Harry Miller and Harry Miller was the David Billings of Asia and God used him powerfully the Seventh-day Adventist church still needs that I hope visionary physicians over the world to carry out our mission eleven destiny calling that God has given you it's a sacred trust of another war his blush you as you use it for his team some of you may have some questions and Jonathan we have sometimes been one answer questions sure let's take some time with some questions and share with me a little bit about anything that comes to your mind are some questions and you might have about their missionary work about her own rule about what God is doing in your life any questions you may have yes we accept questions students Doctor Jim it's a significant problem there is no question about it and I think there's a couple things that can be done and I'll repeat the question so we haven't the question is how do you deal with the shortage of physicians in Atlantis hospitals there is no easy solution if there were we would've done it years ago but because there is no easy solution does not mean there is not a solution and there is I think one of the things that we have to continually do is challenge our medical students with vision if every single one of you would commit to either working in the mission field working in a dark help people working in an Adventist hospital that would make I think a significant difference Doctor Kim so I think one of the things that the general conference what do this for your organizations like the man in fact I'll give you little inside information about four years ago I was sitting in abatement board meeting and we were talking about expanding a men's ministry we're talking about how to see there we know we talked about expanding a men's ministry talked about how we could do that should we invest twenty thousand dollars in ads and union papers we came to the conclusion no let's put that money and medical students bring them here and then helped to shape their decision of the possibilities of what God wants to do through their lives so thank you Jonathan so to answer your question I think what we can do is this using every means we possibly can to encourage students on the college level and students at the university level to see a vision of what God wants to do through their lives as we expand a man increase the scholarships for students let them come to conferences like this new vistas of understanding I think that's one thing I think there is something else that can be done from a hospital side if students medical students see little difference between an Adventist Hospital in a community hospital they will gravitate to where it's easier to go and no asked the question what difference does I think that Megan Ennis hospital one of the things that encourages me about Florida Hospital system and I have been a little bit involved with that system it will become increasingly involved with is the concept of creation health Florida hospital is very concerned about will a creationist health model of diet and exercise relationships and trust in God and rest sunlight and building that in for hospital now is interfacing with churches become medical missionary training centers so I think there's two aspects one is increasing the awareness on the part of medical students that they been called of God with the unique calling and secondly working with our hospitals and we made those hospitals so that there everything that God wanted them to be a real advertisement when it goes okay and will eliminate in Hades you I think it is you is will you will to work with you as you are the groups the most of the eye is the integrated I think it is easy in and here you will and will you as a person class will be one morning I saw and I will go to the mentally prepared in a swallow study is and that is where I and maybe you are not as soon as he is earlier and it is wonderful as he is that is a wonderful idea seeking God for a together as students let me pray for you just now as students that the Lord will continue to expand your vision there is a scene in your mind that God has planted in that seed is a little vision that will grow and sprout and become large forgotten his kingdom father in heaven I want to thank you for each of the students who had such a dedication to use such a commitment to you client within their mindbending seed the seed of faith plant within their mind vision help them to see the possibilities help them to know what you indeed can do for them through their lives you want to do more with their training their background in professionalism as doctors dentists and nurses as medical people you want to do more and make possibly imagine and so Lord in the large their vision helped him to see the destiny that you have for them help them to see the team plans you have for their lives and daily field the purpose of their existence in the music rights in a year was using my audio Versar amen the Pentagon and will you like to learn more about Nina 's visit www. amen I will like him more freedom and www. on universe were


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