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The Top 5 Arguments of Atheism and How to Answer Them

Wes Peppers


Wes Peppers

Pastor, Traverse City & Kalkaska, Michigan



  • July 30, 2010
    9:45 AM
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so what's this award of prayer and then will die right in father in heaven we thank you so much today that we can have a new day of life a new day of hope and new day of trust in you only ask your blessing to be with us now as we studied together that your spirit make guide our thoughts my God reminds we ask this in Jesus name amen I remember when I was in college and my professors are was not a Christian of that tile was an atheist I didn't believe in anything I thought Christianity was really no different than any other world religion when you sat down and broke everything down and I remember I used to have college professors that would I was as I was studying evolution I was studying all these different theories are had called professors that would actually make jokes about the Bible in class and there were Christians in the end the class and they would just kind of hang your head in and very very negative but as I began to learn the arguments that are against atheism against evolution a rather of a more reasonable way as I began to learn about God and the plan against my life I began to see that the arguments or the theories or the what everyone called them that evolution presents the atheism presents as I learned that counter answer to those I realize that the atheistic argument was not very reasonable at all and so what I want to share with you are some arguments that that they often like to use to to try to refute any type of religion a type of God and then think the answer to those things you look at a number of those today the first one that size often use is that truth is relative had he heard that before our truth is relative in other words there is no absolute truth there is no standard of truth there is no standard of morality whatever you feel like doing whatever seems good to you then that's what you should do right and there's many many are problems with that but what they say is morality is relative to one's personal perspective or cultural background in other words if it's in my culture to two puts you ever seen those all I think it's in Africa or somewhere with a put those really long neck on the women and the that the more ring she has the more valuable she becomes as a bride in the higher her Darius if a woman is ever found to be unfaithful then they remove all those rings in her neck has been so stressed that her head just false to the side and shooter dies from her neck breaking from from flopping or she dies of suffocation and so you know some societies that's okay right to the punish someone like that and some societies would say that's not so right and so they say that morality is relative to the cultural background in other words whatever your culture approves as moral then that's what you should do okay since morality does not originate with God it did with human beings so essentially what they're saying is that the right thoughts the right acts as the rights motives or the lip standard from around the comes not from a higher power but comes from where from within ourselves that is essentially not atheism that is human this is not true saying that we have the power inside of ourselves to be morally right will time has proven for six thousand years that's not the case at all when you greet every time and society human beings have left have been left to decide what's right and wrong the Sasser has taken place will do that yesterday speaking about the French Revolution when humanity is left to judge morality disaster takes place every single time good or morals described by society as what is best for the largest number of people in the long run okay so that's the argument that's presented on Ernest Hemingway 's made this statement what is moral is what you feel good after and what is bad or amoral as what you feel bad after but is that not the most common answer today when you're addressing the issue of right versus wrong I think that there's a deeper issue more than a find that to be true would be a disappointment is that there is a deeper issue involved and it is not an issue of whether what's right or wrong it's an issue of me doing what I want to do when I know it's wrong and that's what else enables them to do so that's the argument truth is relative there are no absolutes rice so the question I half of that person is are you absolutely sure that truth is relative to make sense so to say to say to make the statement truth is relative there is really no such thing as truth there is really no absolute truth that is an absolute statements make sense so if there is no absolute truth you cannot say absolutely that truth is relative are you with me so that there is a very argument contradicts itself it's an absent stream a contradicting statement morality goes against the very idea of evolution and survival of fittest I want to think about this survival on sir evolution teaches that the strongest of the species will survive correct survival of fittest if you're not if there's only one banana and there's three gentlemen as the last thing to eat on the island was going to get the banana right the one that is the strongest if there is a large group of animals or whatever as some of them are not strong enough to get the limited source of food or some of them gets sick or whatever only the strongest are going to want survived rhymes makes sense and so in a sense evolution and survival of the fittest these the origin of species that Darwin wrote me when he wrote about all these things in a sense what that says is that you should always look out for who number one right in other words it doesn't matter what anyone else does my only goal in life is to be competitive with that person for the best position for the best food for the investment etc. etc. so makes sense okay and so morale at the goes against that very belief because morality says you don't just look after who yourself you look after others so if the survival of the species it is true that such rules theory then why is it that when I help somebody else when I make a sacrifice for somebody that it gives such a sense of peace to my soul or he with me another words when I held somebody when I do good things there is a satisfaction that comes with doing that that is not present when I only seek districts satisfy and gratify myself are you with me where does that come from soap morality says don't just look out for yourself but look after others write at and so what they say is that morality is relative truth is relative you should look out for number one and yet it's been proven time and time again that does not bring satisfaction to the soul is society besides what's moral okay let's would people say that society decides what's best and that truth is based upon cultural background okay so another words your culture may say it's wrong for me to eat no eats human flash but my society that's how I grew up ever since I was little boy my parents taught me that was appropriate to eat the flesh of the people in the other tribe or whatever to make sense so my society says okay to do that but here's cool gives you the right to tell me what's right or wrong that makes sense in other words what available what level of standard are you basing that judgment upon because if there is no higher standard than there is no possible way to differentiate which society is better than the other and which has the ability or the right to make those types of judgments that makes sense so think about World War II Nazi Germany the entire country basically route around Hitler and Hitler's idea was kill all the Jews kill all the blacks kill all the minority 's right and so it was that society says it's okay to widely find itself around this that that took place of six million Jews were killed correct and so you know we say that that's bad but the reality is that truth is relative then you can make that judgment because he decided it was okay for him and so that the reality is is that there has to be some type of standard and there is no human as the Dean moral stature or the moral ability to make those judgments it has to simply come from somewhere hire some accents on any there's no human as risen above the level that he can issue moral judgment and yet we find that many people that so many present the argument people really don't know what to say because there is no argument for gay so that's the answer for the other is no absolute truth is relative secondly the concept of God is not supported by science the river that argument for there is no scientific difficult evidence for the viable existence of God on scientific evidence goes against the existence of God macro evolution is evidence that for the creation story is not viable and God does not exist we can't talk about this yesterday and that the reason there is no scientific evidence will be back up what it means say that is that that you have to view gone differently than you view all other things because God is infinite he cannot be measured cannot be weighed etc. etc. right and so God is much greater than a scientific method and so what were trying to deal with this or trying to say we had the scientific method he has Norm talk about scientific method right we have the scientific method by which all things must Pass and so what were trying to do is were trying to take a big infinite God and wrapped him up and fold them down and squeeze him into this a little narrow scientific method and say if God doesn't fit this then he doesn't exist friends that's ludicrous that's insanity because God cannot be measured I mean it's really unfair because because Luke the Christian who claims to believe in God believes that he is an infinite God that he is greater than all those things and so forth somebody to say I have to take your God and squeeze them into my test to you can't do that because just attempting to do that goes the dance what I'm Artie said that God is infinite he can imagine that way and so it's very very very very backwards they say the macro evolution in other words on from one species evolving into another over billions of years of that is evidence that that God is nonexistent the creation story is bogus on the answer that just a minute Richard Dawkins how made you've heard of Richard Dawkins I mentioned him the other day his books his son a lot of his things have his publications have destroyed the faith of more Christians than almost any other person in modern history today am very very dangerous man he says this is actually safe to say that you meet someone who claims not to believe in evolution that person is ignorant stupid or insane and he says or wicked but I'd rather not consider that right and so this is Richard Dawkins of pain he actually hates the God of the Bible gasoline hates Christianity I wish I could have more time to tell you about him I know number so that what is the answer to this that God cannot be measured by science though the reality is that God is supported by science and Moores being discovered every day so this took that and I want to think about this on to say that there is no scientific evidence for God is this is unfairly closing the door in other words most modern scientific minds today they will not even consider the fact that God is involved in the creation of what we know today as the world and universe okay they will not even consider it professors are our fire from the never seen the video expelled as anyone ever seen that by Ben Stein and some you seen it is a modern documentary I would encourage you to get he can get on eBay for about three or for four dollars and does very much worth your time and Doug Ben Stein goes through and interviews all of these these once evolutionary teaching professors who were fired because they presented another option of intelligent design so science today will not even consider intelligent design that an thousand design is not creationism is not saying that the God of the Bible greater the world in six days and tells and design simply says that there is some higher power out there somewhere that had to design what is happening in the universe because there's no other viable option I mean civilization the universe is to advance to happen by chance many scientists are beginning to admit that today and they are becoming intelligent design people because they recognize that to say that this world came about by chance by evolution is absolutely impossible and so they're beginning to change their views so number these people were fired but the common evolutionists today the atheist will not consider that God was involved in any type of designer creation now to say that to make that statement to make the argument that is very unscientific as you know that because science itself is bound to itself to include all possible scenarios as a knot at the test those scenarios to to see whether or not vacant the theory becomes truth or not and so forth suffer science to reject God is biased and unfair and really unreasonable and illogical now it's one thing to faith that they tested it and I said well God doesn't exist because these these needs then you can take those arguments and show the opposite but to just rejected in general is on totally unfair and there but that's what they do exactly what they do there where is it where is the scientific evidence that says that God doesn't exist there is there isn't any it's not clear on Christian embraces reason and evidence I will only give you this little blurb in that video expelled by Ben Stein been stymied in the video actually interviews Richard Dawkins this famous evolutionists and written documents makes this long comment about how the God of the Bible is as egotistical and selfish and proud and all these things so many begins asking questions about intelligent design and and and and how the earth came about aces how does he or did there come about he said well he said and done it all began with a single cell life form etc. etc. and Stardust and all this stuff and as recent where's the Stardust come from he really doesn't have an answer etc. etc. so he comes down to the question where did that single cell organism come from his as well we really don't know exactly and you can watch this video and save yourself some really don't know exactly and he home halls around and then Stein repeats the question where did the cell come from and this is what Richard Dawkins replied on believable he says this is saw this right you saw he says it is likely that a civilization able a egg in a very very very advanced lifeforms from some other galaxy or sewer system which also came about by some sort of Darwinian means in other words evolution of course in a throw that in there but I very highly advanced civil in other words aliens he said they came to this planet 's billions of years ago and they planted one single cell on the your and from there is grew and grew and grew okay that's what he said this man is not some idiot he is one of the most brilliant scientific minds in the world okay and this was his answer so two things one where the aliens come from okay you can't really answer that some sort of Darwinian means is not an answer okay and secondly secondly all with the question whether they come from and oh and that that Richard Dawkins is basically saying that the earth itself was begun by intelligent design right because he says in advanced life form came and planted to sell the earth and they were grew right to make sense and so he's completely contradicting himself and an editor really makes absolutely no sense at all so this argument is very very bogus because it just does not present anything that's reasonable Christianity is very reasonable and very very off evidential now macro evolution you know it's been asked to evolutionists can you name one species today that you know love that devolves from another species into a new species and what is the answer silence because there is not best metamorphosis is over different butterfly from a Caterpillar but there is no evidence at all in the fossil record in written record in in any type of records or or presently today that suggests that any animal has ever evolved from one's recent unannounced animals do change in their environment to grow bigger antlers or lyrics color changes or whatever that is just simply adaptation that's that's not God created us to do that to adapt to our culture on Arthur Lombardo rather but one animal to another it's never happened Francis never happened thirdly that there's an argument if God is so good why is the world so bad right why is there evil a good God argument is a good God cannot exist because there is evil in the world or they have the they have maybe Beijing Yang I ought concept where if there is a all-powerful God that is good there must be an equal level of wickedness to balance out the good rides vendors that idea as well all the suffering the world cannot possibly declare that a moral God exists Richard Dawkins awfully he mentions that that a person must be ignorant stupid or insane and that is when arguments he uses is is God 's good wife so much evil where I've often found is that people who are atheists in her anti- God it's not some less of their convinced by evidence scientifically it's that it's a matter of the heart with them they have become on their become discouraged or depressed or sad or hurt by some type of experience in their life and they say of God is good what an enormous happening and what often when I often have the opportunity to dialogue enough of that person I asked them enough questions I find out the best the truth either there may be their parent as a young person was a no like abusive to them they claim to be a Christian maybe their father was a minister is very abusive or some type of incident or life really caused this but the answer to that is that a good God can exist even though there is evil in the world God gave we know this is administered God gave human beings the free will to choose right and that is what true love is freedom of choice right I like the way Matt said last night how John the Baptist I wasn't humble because he just recorded it he was humble because he had a choice right get a choice to be something greater but he chose to be humble right God gives us that free will choice and every decision of her life that's a great controversy moral evil exists because of an abuse of that choice correct we know that on without the free will people could not choose to love or to respond to love therefore God did not create evil what people have want the chosen in which use it everyday yes that's it that's exactly right we have an enemy on the trail and right right yes and they don't want to admit that because the over various reasons all right and so with a relative view now here's the here's the here's the kicker okay with a relative view of good and evil in other words the remember the first argument there is no absolutes everything is relative correct with a relative view with a relative world view are world perspective how can anything be called evil that makes sense so I take your I'm in God for bid in the season extreme example but I take your child and I I I beat this child or children cover up into a thousand pieces of men using something very graphic here okay how can you call that evil truth is relative that makes sense so evil cannot really exist if I have the worldview that everything is relative okay and so it it it really just it really doesn't make any sense to make those kinds of arguments evil requires the existence of a standard that makes sense a standard of moral judgment that cannot be that cannot be issued by human beings do recalls for something higher it is really built inside of us I'm not in the sense of a humanistic sense but in the sense that a righteous holy God has built in a standard within us of right or wrong are you following me to write and then fourthly all of you backup your way back up to the supplements and thus there is a there is a story of balance Albert Einstein and his teacher stood up one day and he said that there is no God because there's evil in the world and he was given all these examples and he said the disc hammering him if God is is really good wise and he stop the man from kidnapping the little girl all these different things and the young man set up and was Albert Einstein he said this he said sir is there such thing as cold can you measure goals and he said well of course he dramatically said no you can't measure cold geometrical began medical what is coldness the absence of want eat right and everything we measure temperature wise you're measuring the level of heat that's their you're not measuring the coldness right so he on-site coldness is just simply an absence of heat same thing with darkness can you measure the amount of darkness and a room but can you measure than the amount of light in a room right and so darkness is simply the absence of light right you cannot measure evil as well right evil is simply the absence of good absence of holiness absence of goodness and righteousness to make sense and so that's that's another pretty interesting fact right there all right the fourth argument what about all the evil done in the name of God right you heard this before on much evil has been done in the name of Christianity correct innocent people been killed etc. etc. there during the Crusades and history and many people make the argument that were ever on Christianity or religion is president evil and corruption is certain follow heard people say of it for no religion as hypocrites they cause all kinds of problems they cause evilness etc. and Charles Templeton said this a loving God could not possibly be the author of the horrors with seeing the world it is obvious that there cannot be a loving God and so many people use the history of Christianity as an excuse to say there is no God rinds in other words they blame L Y access something say that she says if people who's who use that route line of reasoning is they know what is so right and what is so noble what is so good and true then why is there that they do not step up to the plate themselves and be the example rather than sending back and pointing the finger number some expense and so if you're not you can use that argument was shooting a rise vacation so it will not name of religion does not prove that there is no God the same as good done in the name of atheism does not prove that God doesn't exist that make sense there are many atheists that will say all all will we can do good things we don't need God in fact in Sacramento where I live there was something like thirty billboards it went up all across the city and they said are you good without God and no response to the question was millions on another words are you good without God can you do good things about God millions of the you are good without God we don't need God in society we don't need on our lives to be good we can be good people without God we can do good things and good deeds without God in their acts and looked at their website actually should they actually have like churches where they have a church service and they come together tonight and they study the different philosophies and actually have songs that they sing and dance to do good deeds in the community many of them are doing more good things and a lot of area churches and so their argument is we can be good without God tries is what they say but that does not prove that God doesn't exist that make sense the same line of reasoning has enabled the name of Christianity doesn't mean that God doesn't exist okay that's not really an argument in itself it's not really a viable there been misguided Christians the same vacant things atheist you could say that because on a Adolf Hitler health it was actually in the cold but you could say that communism because it says there is no God that every single one of those people that are involved in communism are evil to make sense you can't really make that argument there are people that have good hearts and who are atheists okay but just because a Christian violates and is hypocritical against the teachings of Christianity that doesn't mean that God is not there it just means that there misguided and they're not doing the right thing right that's all it means very simply add everyone follow the teachings of Jesus fully no evil would be done in the name of God the reality is is that this book presents a moral standard that is flawless right as follows the teachings of Jesus are flawless they are perfect and a person that does them finds their life transformed and changed and they find themselves wholly by God 's grace right not an aroma by God 's grace and so on if everyone followed beastie to fully know evil would be gone because they are flawless to make sense so the evil that has come in the name of Christianity is not because of the teachings of the Bible itself is on a sense it becomes from people were misguided who do not follow what it says the letter are you with me I might move into too fast okay right so Christians could also point to the evil done in the name of atheism of course like the destruction of the Jews in communism but that doesn't prove the atheism is false which we know it is but in the logically speaking philosophy philosophical speaking it doesn't mean that there's an interesting quote someone to share with you and I may just be able to get through all this I will seek on Charles Darwin he says I'm quite conscious that my speculations run beyond the bounds of true science is a mere ride of hypothesis as with many four as with as many falls and holes as found parts is not interesting Charles Darwin made that statement he says my hypothesis is really just a ragtag throwing together a list of ideas and I almost think at times that Charles Darwin when he went on his expedition to the Galapagos Islands and whatnot I really almost think that he was coming chasing a boyhood fantasy he wanted to go on these journeys I got these places he's inventing these creatures that were of his imagination economy and any saw the animals that may have inspired back and then he started creating these ideas never really not based on science but upon his own imagination I may not have that personal theory not supporting that anyway but I I I have had that thought before Albert Georgi says this to improve a living organism by random mutation this man is a is a true scientist Dave is what he said to improve a living organism by random mutation is like saying you can improve a Swiss watch by dropping it and bending one of its wheels or access is what it says improving life like by random mutations at the problems the probability of how much zero as when he says Richard Li DA world famous some filial paleontologists he said this if pressed about man's ancestry I would have to say that all we have is a huge today there is been nothing found so truthfully supportive about the transitional species to man if further press I would have to state that there is more evidence to suggest an abrupt arrival of man rather than a gradual process of evolving this is of this is like this man teaches evolution and is and what he says and abrupt appearance of man rather than gradual if evolution is meant interesting very interesting Doctor Harold Yuri Tennessee says all of us to study origin of life find that the more we look into it the more we feel it's too complex to have evolved anywhere we believe as an article of faith what is it everyone in our code what faith that lies involved from dead matter on this planet it is just that its complexity is so great is hard for us to imagine that it did very interesting when you say very very interesting so here are a few thoughts to make atheists think right and I want to give you five of these and these are often things that I present to people who make this claim to be atheistic or whatever and I'll dialogue with them and then up present is Little 's own nuggets and it gives them something that you want something to think about right and so I asked him a question how do you know for sure that there is no God so here's here's the example of all there is I say this to the person of all there is so known the universe Dustin how must you think you know fifty percent of all there is no know do you know Chinese you know Korean and Japanese language you know I mean languages do you all know probably one most of you maybe to some of you are the knoll the you can you quote from me the periodic table and I mean our love our knowledge is very limited as a non- so it's safe to say that we know probably father is to know and the universe probably than the earth probably less than one percent when you say but let's just be generous and generous in my nice guidance and run sky famous Gunnison on the Jennifer must say that Dustin knows one percent of all there is to know correct that makes sense right so that's in those one percent so that means that there is ninety nine percent and the universe that Dustin doesn't know correct so in that ninety nine percent that he doesn't know is it possible that there could be a God out there yesterday no did some a sense so in reality you cannot say what uttermost confidence there is no God because in order to say that you would have to know everything there is to know about the universe right even if no catch this even if I know ninety nine percent of all there is to know and I still haven't found God is a possibility still exists if no make sense right so I cannot say for sure the most am an agnostic I'm not even a this is really nothing is an atheist you can know for sure right but nestled the flip side was supposed Dustin knows one percent of longer is to know can he know that God exists and knowing only going one percent yes or no absolutely that makes sense as so I only have to know one percent to know he's old he is real and he is alive but to say he doesn't exist I would have to know everything so the mass and the question F represents I say do you know for sure that God doesn't exist and they have to answer what know when they can say well scientifically loaded up but the reality is the answers utterly ultimately rather know right powerful powerful argument second when I use this I'm an atheist to in this country goes along with that and I have been on the plane talking with people and no asked me now I'll get to talk them out say what you do I'm a biologist drama teacher or whatever and a signal talk for a while now said to me what you do I say well I'm actually a Christian minister and was a well on atheist pages like they wanted this guy like trying to sicken my favorite economy as I said and I say all your natives I say and I say all we hold to be honest with you on atheists to say what we talk about unity is to assist down the natives and I said how can you be atheist from your Christian minister I say look what kind of God do not believe it and I say what you mean I say will tell me the God that you have in mind that you don't believe it what is your perceptive of God I'm not saying you have to believe in this God what is the concept of God that you have that you don't believe in and often they start to the end this is almost every kind of say I could never believe in a God that would bring people for all hell I would use fear to try to give people the court that the two coercively serve him right and they go on and on about the stuff and then when they fly let them rant and rave for ten minutes and I say what I say wow that's quite fascinating I signal I'm with you on that I'm an atheist to visit you can be make us a yes I am because I don't believe in that kind of got either I say that Kyle God does not exist the Bible does not present that kind of a God the Bible presents a God who wants to be her best friend that made the biggest sacrifice of any person of all time so that we could spend eternity with him and he gives us hope he gets a strength he gives us everything we need in this life to prepare us for the next life right and so I I I I die to approach it that way I can't just throw them off a little bit and then I asked him the question I say you'll let me ask you a question now let's suppose that I'm not on not trying to push my beliefs I cannot try to convince you of anything from St. Louis just imagine that God really does exist and this God was a God that cared about you personally he wanted to be your best friend he although he was the creator and Almighty God of the universe he wanted to know you on an intimate personal level right at any cared about you had a purpose for your life he would provide for your every need and then after this life you could actually spend eternity in paradise with him your best your very best I say if that was really possible wouldn't you want to know that kind of God right I asked the map and their answer almost every time is this why be crazy or stupid not the one right that makes sense and so when they say that that tells me that they're really not as tough and as against God as they what they said and so what I say to them I same so what you're really telling the years you're not an APS but Europe up a seeker because if you could find such a God is this you would want to know that God any time sometimes cultural walls you know but many times go after him won their confidence little bit may trust me and I say yeah you're right actually look what if I could show you that the current God exists when you want to follow him I often say yes right as I'd use that line of thinking that their same line of thinking I use against them to make sense very very powerful way to talk to people I don't have enough Faith to be an atheist there is a preacher that that marks in many guys probably know him I heard a story one time about how he was in a hotel and this young man he was checking in and on his I guess on this bill if something is a pastor my favorite something young man says you're a pastor highnesses yes he said one atheist and I just try not like you don't get Adam and Martin Lisette took his check and is keen he said well he said you know he said I would be in an atheist to said but I don't have enough faith and he turned around walked away when he said that he just said those words that he left young mammals like them finally the studies like watch what any ran after him and he 's police of voice and Angel NFA teenagers Mark Finley began to show him he said look he said and biology one oh one they teach you that living matter I mean is the tell me if I'm wrong but this is a principal base of biology that nonliving on-site living matter cannot come out of nonliving matter is that not true it's true they teach you that and then you come back the next semester and biology one oh two and they tell you that everything came from nothing that makes a running if the truth and when I first heard that I thought how I never thought about like that but it's true and so he told that young he said it takes more faith to be an atheist than it does to be a Bible believing Christian and so he began to share some other things that young man and he said the young man said I need to really check into this more is that I'm not that well-informed about what I believe right and so you can use that argument I'm all I don't have enough faith to be an atheist then I zero time is here we will get a few minutes pascals wager pascal 's wager of the students very briefly on David they affect data it has a great sermon on this audio verse until he could cover more in doubt for you I just want to mention a passes wager was invented by a man in the late seventeen hundreds Mister on I forget is his first name but his last name was a password leave and basically with the Paschal wager is is a says that in anything you choose to do in life you have to make a decision based upon three things the cost of what the cost that is given the personal cost to you the size of the risk involved in the size of the prize in other words let's take a lottery ticket right on on-site at the VI the cost involved the chance of them to win and then the cost of the prize to Oregon for the size of the prize will take a lottery ticket for one thing for once let us suppose you have a lottery ticket and hummus is a lottery ticket cost like a dollar right shows the costs very low with their plan I hope I know lots of you by lottery but I myself do not a refrain I've never been tempted with that even before the Christmas think it's a dumb thing but anyway the cost is very low but I'm season because example the cost is very low writers one dollar is not a cost to me okay the risk or the order the chances of winning what are they for very very what low riding I think Dave Ramsey said that you have a chance to be struck by lightning like seven to ten times in your life more and more chance of that then to win the lottery but then the prize is the prize very large the prizes larges in a very large and so the cost is low the risk is as low or on-site a chance of winning low but the prize very high right and so similarly with Christianity if you think about about that you think wow with Christianity the cost is low right it's a free gift the risk is very low and the prize is what is very very high and so the point is on for the chance of winning is very high right because our trust in Jesus so basically what Paschal 's Wager says is that it's a win-win situation to be a Christian and there's no there's no there's no risk involve the chances of winning is high the price is high etc. right and what he says is let's suppose that I get to the end of my life and I live my life as a Christian and I die enough in the reality becomes that there is no problem right God doesn't exist but I've lived my life as a Christian is that we did exist and I get into my life when I lost nothing but a fact that had a more satisfying life I've had a structured life I lived a good more life I'd help my fellow man along the way I've lost nothing but I've gained a good life right let's opposed to God Israel which we believe he has of course and I live my life as though he does not exist I get to the end of my life and I die and I've lived my life as though it doesn't exist putting guys than what I lost everything I've lost everything right and I still live the rotten life even in between doesn't mean I didn't do if you do get a few things do a few good things along the way but assembly and talk too fast with simply means that my life ultimately of Enron and I lost everything that makes sense passes wager it's worth it even if it wasn't true and then fifthly ask the Russians I really like this I really like this this example I got this awesome for Mark Finley is one of my favorite pictures of your guests by all of he went to Russia after communism fell and he was invited actually to a university were some of the most some of the brightest scientific minds in Russia were going to be there for this huge conference and he was asked to preach on three topics I think it was why the Bible can be trusted on and its relevance for us today and something else anyway preach on these three subjects and then there was supposed to be a debate and so they began to ask him questions and he was shocked after three days of speaking to these men on he was shocked at the questions they were asking they were not asking questions that saying proved to me the Bible is true etc. etc. what they asked a couple questions they asked for how do you pray how do you know that God has purposed for your life how can I forgive someone has done wrong to me how can I know God personally is their real meaning to life and they ask these types of questions and he was dumbfounded right he was kind of flabbergasted because they were he was expecting all these hard questions on science and proved what the gun exists so he he simply asked me said look is he doesn't been telling me of the urban should ask me all these kinds of questions I was expecting the very opposite he said why you ask this type of questions one of the leading scientists actually stood up at here is Clyde and he said this he said we has been under communism collapsed whatever was eighty years or so and he said and as communism is coming to a close he said it is leftist morally barren he said we have no hope we had no purpose in life we're completely and utterly empty and is what he said he said we know for a fact that atheism does not work we know it doesn't work he said and he he says so you don't have to convince us that atheism is not the answer he said you simply have to prove to us that Christianity is the most sensible viable alternative that's what they said and so my thing is when you consider atheism the people who are who are hard-core proponents of atheism and evolution are people that have not had to really live under its devices that make sense did not have to live under the full extent of what that offers i.e. the French Revolution communism all these other experiences and of people that have had those experiences had turned away from that type of philosophy to some accents they been rightly so you know what to exist without God is absolutely disastrous it is destructive and it is wicked we cannot exist without God and they turned away from it but all the hard-core proponents today they had not experience those things they don't really know so in reality if you want to know what atheism will do ask the Russians right they've had plenty of experiences I wrote quickly in the next five minutes here is before we close I was to share ten or nine points with you all on how to reach ages and steps for reaching these people on an addition to the things we share with you number one these are very quick short and practical don't assume that they don't have anything positive to contribute in the areas of ethics science and education they do okay the reality is that many times as Christians we take the attitude that atheists are just like these dogs of society economy and they have no morals they had no good thoughts and urges wicked and if they are in fact the very opposite is true there are some more intelligent people and they have contributed much to to the areas of science and education so don't ever think that secondly respect them and their opinions there is nothing more repulsive than every dance know what all Christian and here's like the common phrase of people you you may have evolved from a monkey but I sure didn't know I mean you don't I can't imagine and it's like a Turner Burnett in their turn to God or he's going to review what will that type of attitude is exactly why they are resisting gone in the first place because of that type of attitude and so if we display that is only hardens their heart it's not do anything positive for them and so you cannot be in ignorance know what all the turn of her attitude Christian towards his people we have to demonstrate true Christianity to them amen on do take the time to be informed on the other side so that you can give an intelligent answer in other words you don't have to be a master of knowing all the theories of evolution but like I presented here today you should know how to answer similar like say the top five to ten arguments in favor of evolution in favor of atheism you should know an intelligent answer for those of you can know the top five or ten I've showed you a number of today here today but you can know the top five or ten you'll be doing well right and when you meet these people and when they say things to you you'll have an answer to give them write an intelligent answer that will actually make them think about what they are saying I number five let them see my son mentioned this already let them genuinely see Christ in you don't view it as it's me against them let's say you know what this person is somebody that Christ died for and I'm not treat that person as Jesus did I may disagree with them when I'm in a show crisis and if nothing else that will when their heart that will show them that God cares about them and then number six keep in mind that you will not likely convert this person in five minutes as I have five minutes left in seminar keep in mind that this person is not going to be convinced or convicted but probably in five minutes but that a person that has been having this mindset for years it may take years to undo it to make sense so the best thing is to build a relationship with them don't try to argue with them don't try to to get into it with them and think you're going just give them all the answers in two minutes and when a fall down and cry out for born to say them that's likely not happen okay bad takes time to do that don't be afraid or intimidated you have nothing to be afraid of you you have the greatest knowledge of the universe when it comes a humanity which the Seventh-day Adventist message and then and I have the greatest message on this earth and so you have nothing to be afraid of you have nothing to be ashamed of you have nothing to be intimidated about most atheists people are not PhD 's and even if they are that doesn't mean as a guarantee of their very smart price is neither intelligent and so don't be a a friend of the arguments be informed and and when you're informed you know how to answer those things right number eight share your personal testimony if I was at the door one day I was taking some Haskell Stephen Sowa we knocked on the storm this young man probably about twenty five years old I was talking with him and he was all talking about atheism he was against God and this and that I shared my testimony within the same one on leadership and ensure the full version with them when a minister of the today about what God did how he killed me last year from this cancer and when I began sharing out that young man he said well you should probably thank your doctors for further they took care of you I said well I said I am very grateful for good the good doctors had said but the doctors reached the point where they said we don't there's nothing else we can do for you if you have a God you better pray to him and I told him the story about L tell you about my students coming to pray for me and how it made a miraculous recovery I when I said all that he didn't have anything to say he was just silent at the door and then he became even a little bit more open and so share your testament they cannot argue with what God has done for you in your life and and Justin did a great job yesterday morning talking about that so share your testimony it can be a powerful powerful tool and then lastly e-mails they reject what you're saying even if they say no one I disagree with you I'm just convinced that God does exist always leave a good impression when I'll say well I'll see you I'll be looking at you from the inside of city again a thousand tears dry on and don't know how that attitude leave a good impression because you never know although they needn't even admitted you don't even know what something you might have said have got to them and is cannot be with them for years our member some new Sony that saw this young man went to the door and and woman was in a summons is told us yesterday in woman was atheist as Jesus don't argue with him he just quoted some Bible text only remember what it was I'm a turnaround walk away and attacks on that one for years she eventually came to the Lord city so just leaving a good impression on people not argue with them are or leaving a bad taste in her mouth can do wonders in time to come in and alright I like this statement the Devils had a field day with prejudicial assumption they have to be some sort of a moron to swallow Christianity far from being in conflict Christian faith goes hand-in-hand with the reason common sense and historical factors in that amazing is reasonable it is historical and it is evident that it is true we can have confidence the day and our faith in Jesus is not divine again he cannot offer us eternal life he can only offer us more ideology which the world has had enough of right get enough of ideology in the world that Jesus is really divine his offer is real and if we miss it in the end we have lost everything to gain the nothing we thought was everything right Paschal 's Wager on me you don't want to lose everything that you want to gain everything and then and I hope that something that I presented today was helpful for you it shows you so most common arguments of atheism how to answer them I give you some tools that you can take with you so that the share with people and let them think about that she wanted and may God help us to be witnesses that he has called us to be a man to every group of people no matter who they are and what their background is whether history on a matter hobbit living today we should have a witness for every person that walks assortment and may God help our lives to be a witness and was pray together father in heaven we thank you so much today that you are true to us and you are good and father we want to ask you to help us be will wise as serpents and harmless as doves as we witness to others help us not to be offensive help with nothing to argue helpless to have the spirit and love of Christ for every person that we need may you guide us and lead us we pray in Jesus name


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