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No Law, No Life

Randy Skeete


Randy Skeete

Evangelist and revivalist from Ann Arbor, Michigan.




  • November 15, 2010
    6:30 PM
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our father in heaven we come into your presence Google because you have invited us to do you've told us to come boldly to the seventh grades of that is what were doing them format once we cannot give ourselves of that is the gift of your Holy Spirit is the spirit of truth and so we asked her father to send him direct I was thinking that we may understand your word please don't remember the promise you made to Moses in Exodus chapter four verse twelve when you said to him now therefore I will be with my mouse adaptation what thou shall say father for Christ's sake teach me what to say in Jesus name I pray amen last night our subject was the patent titles one was the United States has three presidents the other one was locked who issued your passport yes we learned that last night that they are so invisible kingdoms of the world the kingdom of God and the kingdom of Satan and this we learn from her lips of Jesus Christ himself when he said in Matthew twelve twenty six if Satan cast out Satan is divided against himself how felt that his kingdoms that event Jesus proceeded to say in verse twenty eight of Matthew twelve if I cast out devils by the spirit of God then the kingdom of God is the also from the full full lips of Jesus Christ we learned that there is a kingdom of God as that is the kingdom of Satan where there's anything that they must be subjects there are people in the kingdom of Satan and there are people in the kingdom of God the people in the kingdom of God of those who lived their lives by the Constitution of the Kingdom of that business law those of the kingdom of Satan and of those who live lives by the Constitution of Satan 's kingdom that is settled on me first of course in the kingdom of Satan of those who do not know their impacting the event there because of the darkness of the blindness of the imprisonment of ignorance so they are four kingdoms there are two kinds of subjects of the Ottoman roots Jesus Christ is the Prince of life Jesus Christ is the Prince of peace it will call him one of the chief princes and value of chapter ten Satan is called by Christ in John twelve thirty one the prince of this world in John fourteen thirty the prince of this world of a John sixteen eleven the prince of this world we cannot see visibly these two kingdoms but it do exist according to the Bible there are many things we cannot see but close existence we do not question no one can see the buds we see the effects of graphics you have never seen energy but you've seen the effects of energy you have never seen electricity but you see the effects of electricity that is the kingdom of God and that is a kingdom of Satan therefore the person listening to me now you walk in God 's kingdom or incidents kingdom the incident Officer we discovered last night that when you are in Satan 's kingdom you cannot get up and leave out when you're not skinned individuals I freely about you because God 's kingdom is a kingdom of freedom you may come and go as you please but it is golf decided that you remain in this case because his kingdom is the kingdom of life Jesus said in John ten sixteen item ability to attend that I am come that they might have life one hundred one abundantly the kingdom of God is available for the kingdom of Satan is the kingdom of death Jesus also said that it was in first John ten ten the thief cometh not but for the Steeler killer and to destroy Christ comes for the opposite is no one as if you cannot communicate with citizens because Isaiah forty four seventy tells us that he does not open the house of his prisoners that is why Jesus said in Matthew fourteen twelve first twenty five or else how can one enter into a strong man's house and spoil his goods except he first bind the strong man and that he was one of his house what Jesus Christ would say the medical use only perform a black man who was blind and dumb I saw me by the Satan strengthening him in order that I might release one of his captors when you are on the students control you bring free community Les Jesus Christ brings you free a new protocol and so Jesus came into the world this attempt is for more than I said before through which I read verses six and seven as we continue no law no life Isaiah forty two six and seven world were still reviewing last night 's message but I want to stress something tonight I did not really mentioned much last night and it is a connection with the fact that when you're in Satan 's kingdom you cannot really listen to what Isaiah said that the mission of Jesus Christ would be this is a prophecy of Christ mission others of years before he actually came Isaiah forty two reading verses six and seven before we read that the total of the version for which I preach is the King James version of offer was made to me tonight for the forces on the screen I like now tell you why I want to the whole Bible if you have and read the verses when the voices on the screen you lose the ability hi the books of the Bible because there's no need to search are you listening to me if you have a case to bring it with you when you come if you don't well award it will be slightly different but the sense I think the same Isaiah forty two six and seven I will have called thee in righteousness I will hold I have a routine fees and give before a competent of the people for a lot of the Gentiles looking for seven to open the blind times to bring up the prisoners from the prison of them that sit in darkness out of the prison house of prophecy states that one of the missions of Jesus Christ would be to open blind eyes to break prisoners out of the prison blindness and imprisonment are spiritually the same thing this is Isaiah sixty one reports one another prophetic statement of what Jesus Christ would come to do Isaiah sixty one reading verse one Bible says the spirit of the Lord God is upon me as the Lord hath anointed me to preach the gospel to hold the meeting have sent me to bind that walked brokenhearted to proclaim what the liberty to hold the captives and old man of the prison to hold them that's about Jesus Christ came to initiate a jailbreak out of such as Jesus Christ as he personally announces his mission in his hometown of Nazareth and you just before four sixteen and he would quote directly from Isaiah sixty one one with my variation in the wording but most change in the sense Isaiah sixty one reading first one Jesus says the spirit of the Lord is upon me because he often multiply to push the gospel to the poor the asset interview the brokenhearted what is the next statement saying what traits want deliverance double click six regardless I would like to set at liberty them that are bruised and so Jesus came in one of his missions while to release people from captivity and the only captivity when I can be and is a captivity of sin Jesus Christ can break you from any addiction that's harassing your life tonight I don't care what it is not only dissolve off I just think it's all very clear and direct I don't care what your dictionaries Jesus Christ can refute facts one of the reasons why he came if it's smoking twice has the power if it's alcohol twice has the power it is a pornographic abusive Jesus Christ has the power it is a sexual addiction Jesus Christ has the power if you're addicted to be the guest house Jesus Christ has the power to release you if it is your design to reduce knowledge of the Knights message normal nor life I will see Ms. Hart to Hart about to come from my tonight to understand why that is the theme Muslim in Genesis chapter one Genesis chapter one where I'll be getting on tonight 's message formally known all your life Dennis is one reading from verse one the Bible says in the beginning God created the heaven and the earth and the earth was without form and void and darkness was upon the face of the deep and the spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters and go set method otherwise like I'd also like that it was going and going to fight for the life of the darkness and will call the light him about this hallmarks of new minimum morning with the first day God made life life falls into a classification of existence perhaps a huge simple expression that several levels at which anything or anyone can exist but it's been what I mean this is a microphone doesn't exist yes I know yes is it humanly a funnel that feeling paid yes I know so it is in the category of existence that is nonliving so it is called a inanimate knock life is inanimate but it exists arguably is not of course eleven of Genesis chapter one and God said Madeira bring forth grass the European agency and the fruits are uniform of his kind whose seed is in itself a plunder of it was so Europe brought forth grass now is grass the same as this microphone yes or no no this grass live yes but does breast-feeding pain as far as we know no so while Russ is in the classification of any living thing it is not really a living thing to an item of its where I'm staying I was just walking on the grounds breathing some fresh air such as Ms. in Southern California and I was walking down the lane I saw a black cat I love cats and so the cat meow would a my Yahoo right back and so he came from his yard yes we did unto perhaps he belonged to my friends Wednesday but he came around the fence and came where he was at least other against my leg I depended upon the head of the clearly like to be begun to purpose great delight as I walked back of their lives some of the steps he sat at my feet like petted him and he prudently run the light feeds any slightly bit my finger at that I have to go back to my room to read resume I reflected on my preparation for the lot but that cat and joined affection are you with me for the cap is not a human being misled of animals and the creation Genesis one verse twenty and God said let the waters bring forth abundantly the moving creature that hath life I followed the fly above their individual lymphoma that have an portrait of great whales and every living creature that moves was the one is probably one of the depth of a time in every way father that is kind of God saw that it was going to go Trinity living things on the bid five on also in this sense Sweden from first metaphor and thought some of your threefold living creature after his time with creeping thing and beast of you after his time at it was sold out a piece of Europe the capital everything to follow the creatures of the sea they fielded the live feed the reproduce their lives at a high level of plants so we have nonliving things like lack like the firmament we have need of anything like Ross and streams that may have a higher level of living things by the animals that we keep as pets and wild ones that we see in zoos that enforced with six Bible says said Dennis Megan Madden in our image I want to the following very closely tonight as we proceed with normal life there is something too everything that God has created there's something it is this microphone in the microphone between the metal microphone is in the business feels nothing but it came from a tree everything that exists was made by God except since somebody say in them that's ours by right whether it's nonliving as a stone or has a basic form of life as a free or higher form of life as another one that reproduces it needs energy to get from one place is next on the highest form of created life on earth but as human beings everything created behaves that's why my original title was behavioral self but I prefer a normal life listen to me again someone must've missed what I just said don't talk to anyone you'll distract the person of your seventh Avenue free thing going has created behaves the universe is made up of what everyone were master assassin all factor behaves but there's been those water behave the same way as a liquid yes but that's a solid ethanol not performed oblivious with advanced was weak the solids and liquids behave the same way yes or no know that he had differently the solids and gases behave the same way no blue gases and liquids behave the same way in every respect no the universe is made up of we don't have exists a solid liquid and gas though some smart person is a blast but it is missing gas is an ionized gas I believe so solids increase tax photos normal life of the lawlessness that govern the way gases behave yes if that were the case you can transfer oxygen from air of your life your bloodstream all doctors in all things all that govern the way in which they yes all of them all step out of the way solid spigot yes you of course the cost house is made up of solids liquids gases of laptops and all the behaviors of that behavior is directed lie at all which means that the universe is run by law this this floor is not living why I'm not sinking from four physicists advance me one final sinking because the CIA serving pressure on this floor yes on the schedule of the ten pounds of pressure on this floor is not too much money to do what aerobics to have positive press although for now while my thoughts sinking through the floor because the floor is doing what to force a sweetheart Elizabeth the Bible for bonus anyhow what would listen another one only finished normal somehow you were photo must be how you don't believe me opens that wall and you will come away doing this why because the wall returns while a force equal to yours that is a physical not every single has created solids liquids gases they behave event on all of us that govern the behavior the same thing applies to human beings at a physical level with white governor that the reminder of what you already know where to live the life disability same as above said negative he did not sin let us make like in our image so while I must behave like it's not called upon to be here follow like God are you with me to visit again life is not required to behave like God or Lexington life is not a moral entity weblog of the tree as the grass Dennis is one of the thirtieth phrase not required to conduct themselves morally another don't count of photosynthesis green living thing to do that using the son and whatever else carbon dioxide byproduct assaulted and beaten back but that is not all wrote me a job if that's clear somebody say about we just need reassurance that their default this move one step higher of the animals I will already be there function by instinct of chemicals if you put the right chemical on the piano stool a dog will assume that Yellowstone is his wife are listening to me because the chemical command instinct chemicals the when God made man Genesis one twenty six the Bible says and Los Angeles Dennis McMahon how it all really is how we have something different from the nonliving which is still wouldn't that be living on a basic level trees living a high level animals over the highest level of creative existence on beer of human beings but let's not miss the vulva in our image part less just to let us make man we are also physical when the temperature drops you step outside was the blood in your body to when it's cold as it moved to the surface formula does it move somewhere yes when you cut your finger is a process that stops the bleeding was not called coagulation do you control the process do you decide you want a book like doing the Holocaust at work because you are not physical needs if you're rich you are but it is not probably set it will set itself the byproduct of eleven armed but it will set itself are you listening to me though I lost at work because you want I need a job in his image part of physical you control a physical role books absurd than us make man in our image not I say solids the degrees of gaseous feed behave as a behavior is controlled by law without human beings are also physical of the laws that govern our behavior but also more made in the image of God which helps that of the animals some of the trends cannot be set up the rocks of the star they were not meeting goals it is feasible to reflect his glory picture of his genius is not a design order beauty shape symmetry but we will they do in his image behavior the behavior of the dog does not come from its higher faculties the behavior of the tree does not come from its mind the behavior of assaulting does not come from its conscience it just behaves with no choice in the matter the behavior of a human being comes from an area that is entirely owned physical norm you could not gaseous but I lost anyone listen to me carefully the behavior of a human being does not come from the physical salts of liquid salts all gaseous 's festival there must be on all conferences different from all that governs the result is the degrees and gases behave are you willing to call the infamous because all behavior must be governed by law and says that human behavior originates on the physical and the gaseous nausea language solace there must be a lot of functions at a really great non- gaseous nonstop assaults so that the behavior that issues from it is the behavior of the control of people from all its because God shows his human behavior not from the arm or leg or the edible judges it from the source of the behavior that is the heart and soul Jesus tells us everything proceeds from the heart of the physical heart that pumps blood he means that my witch is not solid in the Greek notes drafts but it exists of the wall that governs that in order to produce the correct of a hit death that reflects the religion of golf at law the ten Commandments not the law of gravity is not the law of electromagnetism is not the laws that govern photosynthesis but the laws that allow a living human being may inhibit of golf to reflect the image of God can someone say about a UK law and solids cannot exist tackling all of you which cannot exist to law and justice which is one of my saying where there is more raw footage of warming there is no life no existence the vicinity of businesses in existence of life existence means June life means of the life breathing living reproducing life and existence depend upon the law this is the pen of inspiration bishops of Prophets page forty nine total usage of these words they have a seismic effect on you golf place and on the law as an indispensable condition of his heavy existence know about a carefully chosen she does not say as an indispensable condition of his life both of his existence even if he exists of the corpse to insist you must be underwater law not all is the basis of life law is the basis of existence let the great of the risk of irritating you nor law nor life nor law no existence that is the power calls was opposed to law which means usable to what life will be angry about short of fully and only displays very pained my heart if I speak for five minutes and the one full of what I said was a delightful there is Apollo calls Satan that is opposed to draw therefore he supposed to remind Wesley he's aware of it or not Satan is not the hearts of preachers the depth of the bridge opens using Bible verses that there is what the law is a present I living man or woman on the physical law training because the physical laws that govern that I working because they logged in government live in the complex workings of the eye and saying there's all suspects left with Satan at approximately manipulated to think of the world so that he will save his life the plot is not only the Baptist breaks perhaps the greatest tragedy is is that is beneath the Bible tells us repeatedly there would be a judgment on thinking one is a judgment when you pass judgment when you do it decided that something is right or wrong how can God judge if he does not have a standard by which to judge organization the Bible says in first John chapter three verse eight is not a citizen of the devil for the devil said from the beginning of the Bible says Satan said from the beginning soon the beginning is way before the world was made how Google determine the sentence and he violated law second peters out into force for the Bible says for if God spared not the Angels that says the Angels that followed Satan face in how was the determination made that they had seven hundred and five related law Romans three twenty three all have sinned and come short of the glory of God is a violation of law my beloved friends ladies and gentlemen boys and girls you take over the long you know what collapses level the gospel visit again differently why did Jesus come what was a possible vigil told Joseph and Matthew one twenty one and she's ungrateful for son and also called his name while Jesus why for he shall save his people from while there is only one thing from which God sees you that as soon as it will believe Jesus came to die because of poverty and cemented Bridges brings prosperity to tell you so a seed in their pockets and your beverage which never happens where you're going to the television off he was the sermon it is directed towards getting money out of the congregation the subtle messages this offer the is the reason why Jesus came to die in the worse it will do because it would be Jesus you're how cold you want to die because people have no degrees of aluminum a lack of education is not a certain I will save the glorious light I am saying it is not a set of Jesus Christ is not to die because you did not have formal education Christ came to die for one reason tell me what that reason is sent crisis is said that one reason seven the purpose of the gospel is reverse once said the golf creation and so Jesus told Nicodemus in nineteen ten the Son of Man is come to seek and to say that which was most understanding clearly what they understand Baltimore you have one problem namely sin now the problem has expressions pride stinginess short Temple amazingness or was late for church these are expressions of the one single condition said Bob I said particularly law did with the gospel of life rights education business do this and carefully restored environment the image of his me to bring him back to the perfection in which he was created to promote the development of what we find the spirit of the divine purpose in his creation might be realized this was to be but work of redemption this is the object of education the great object of life to bring him back from sin for what it was like before sin what is sin and transgression of the law the purpose of the gospel is undo the damage calls by final relation of God 's law if you go the doctor complaining of chest pains because of an abandonment of the total cumulative twice over because that's not the problem using both have been in my left arm he treat you right the gospel is God 's treatment for the violation of the law of this one little word your videos and expressions expressive violation of the law what is that little word blogosphere the law there's no possible because there is no law there is no lot there's also there's no need for a second there's no possible yields hit with a possible violation of law and gospel I like that they're Siamese twins that can be supplemented under the law the gospel I like that Jesus is right between the law and could always add more fencing master and while this decision the law was not made or given to save people one of the functions of the law this explosive but this explosive book explores how sinful sin this is a welcome from the heart under the control of the Holy Spirit but for a righteous person blew all his life of the Bible says the matted with them he shall want live in the department is no one can do so again if you can keep God 's law perfectly that's life of the human being can do that's why we need Christ the law is life Paul said in Romans seven and that which was ordained to life I found to be unto death the ten principles in golf combatants online register set up they might have life nor may you like to have a lot of questions talk about is to have soon removed from our lives are expressed differently is to have violation of God 's law moved from our life 's my brothers and sisters there is a universal law most of government for the synthesis of life plans not the angels about that double gases like the gas is not the Angels but the ten Commandments of God apply to every danger and every living being made in the image of God are you with because it is the silence that govern the behavior of intelligent beings of all intelligent beings reflect the glory of God are required to do so of the only way you reflect the glory of God is to live a life consistent with the standard of God how do you know if a basketball player is the best player in the league 's statistics his rebounds is shops free throws is what they use to determine that an important step how do we know anyone occupies a position in any competitive area they are statistics they are figures I was Miss world crown in this world where she answers a question better than the others or she has all crucial somebody else or she does something better than somebody else there's some artificial measuring system she has more points some as Indonesia beats Miss USA and she wins the hollow is gone determine that you and I are reflecting this image the most part if they were no longer measure that we could be little etc. no one would know this is regards seven thirty one whip it is no law there is no life and go one step Google where there is no law seasonal exists Satan is the god of death Hebrews two fourteen for as much then as the children of particular flesh and blood the also himself likewise the part of the same fast food death he might destroy him that had the power of God is the devil the devil has the power of death Jesus Christ is the resurrection of I brought a small Jesus Christ the glut of lawlessness since it is going to mow in your heart if God shutdown remote that governs photosynthesis we would have very little to even example because of the bottom of a free food chain is a form of plant life is a living off of the book looked at my phone Shane is a fall of plant life and got shut down the photosynthesis process of the world would starve they would appreciate law reported physical where more than solid removing gas we are moral beings on a moral being has to behave according to a sorting all just as the physical has the behaviors of the gaseous has to behave as a solid and liquid have the behavior of moral must also behave and laws govern this physical assault as the laws cover the gaps as the lowest of the communal government the moral and sucking on the highest of all most golf is because they are an expression of his fitting most of his life and is overnight I asked my friends is God 's will in you what I the subject is heart-to-heart is also seen the outcome tomorrow night I didn't go to speed you know where you have has now before you would be a light to come tomorrow night the messages heart to heart it will follow us what this is Mike's message you need to understand why I chose hard but for the also subject no law known that affected you and I live intellect tells us there is there's a life physical life and thus the spiritual life that is also guided by law because everything that exists must he guided by law as well there is a lot there is no law the other difficult to all is said and see the tries every subtle and not-so-subtle means to pull us away from Baltimore to have us believe we can live our lives and do what ever we like which appeals irresistibly to the carnal nature because says the principle that says what you like there are no restrictions there are no guidelines Gault says their guidelines the restrictions because law is life in Silverlight and the love God with all your heart I ask you tonight tell God please put your law in my local law that governs solids of the law that governs liquids a lot of his guests a somewhat related on the already functioning is not a vitamin is a good suicide what you need is goals ballroom and all the government behavior that either reflexive reflexive orchestra receives hints of fat is seasonal he's already raw by which angels live by was all intelligent created beings live by which we already are to him as we noted last night which is the very foundation of this government in heaven and earth the computer petition I regularly have a drug problem before my paragraph two gone missing man on the law as an indispensable condition of his very existence he was made a subject of the divine government of the ten people government without you Jesus said his father he advocated a okay Elizabeth normal normal milking the normal individuals involved please forgive opening my eyes put your law in my heart to us your right hand standard with which all lost in my heart as a standing O questions are simple as any scientist ever recorded a change in the laws that govern forms of the mill of the loss of electricity changed the laws that govern gases in the back River as well as gases of existing throw something up it comes down the longer trust the wave is universally then it must also be that way more gods law that governs Bull Run at the house therefore Ethel changed because his character on which it is based does not change with Satan again after Seawolves of the world into believing that the moral law change but by God but by some human being so who's double one minute change of the student by someone not go but just having announced that it is a father put your law in the hearts while hearts because everything comes from the hot goal does not judge the behavior first he judges the heart price object lesson six well I can write every act is judged by the voters for the elbow they come from the heart child guidance spiritual one originally videos every course of action as a tool for counter and importance it is either fortress officers right or wrong according to the motives with golf aloha I will both use the direct and read about a very close loving father in heaven we find you for your reflective of the simplicity of the word if we would read and study honestly the God of heaven forgive us of an advertising of disrespected your law not just your law but of the concept of law but if I've allowed all complimented the drivers to think that we should do anything we like the father was undisturbed like Liverpool clearly that all of creation of the entire cost was the universe functions by law solids liquids gases and Vogels maybe the only fish that some of our Lord to guide the moral beauty professional has not changed equipment will be gone on life 's kid with a law that is no existence and so father we thank you for this unlike the one we pray that you would put into our hearts and ever-growing appreciation for you all I called life law law and gospel please God is leaving the this is the course of normal which will vigorously enough of you bring us back to one of my favorite from my heart that Jesus may look for his sake but all God 's people say a manner other than blood pressure my beloved friends come back qualified for the subject would be what hot too hot


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