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Secrets of Centenarians: Living Long in Luxury

Ron du Preez



  • February 28, 2006
    12:00 PM
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I will Thursday the love to you one is a way him and welcome once again to our time to get if you would like to join this high just a quick reminder of what we dealt with yesterday we came up with one short phrase and I want to have this right up here so you can be reminded of God 's gifts are for growth and to share his love real estate with me God uses are for growth and to share his love and interesting story I came across not too long ago his name is Mike Huckabee governor of the state upon Arkansas he had some bad news we went to the doctor the doctor said if you don't dramatically change your lifestyle you can die within ten years desperately overweight diabetic the former Southern Baptist preacher now governor of Arkansas began to die for an exercise program that led to him and then pound weight loss and a new mission in life helping others to get healthy equity doesn't even become well-known because our government has sixty one percent of adults who are overweight what is Mike Huckabee say not to because if we eat healthy and exercise and don't smoke we can add thirteen years to our lives he says the key thing is not just living longer but living better right you believe that we must than a few moments here on this whole issue of how to live better we pray holy father bless us now as we take a few moments in your presence to reflect on how you would have us live in the physical area thank you for the many spiritual blessings you have showered on us bless us now as we reflect on your desires your will your guidance for our physical lives through the regular Jesus name amen fascinating information there is so much out there right now but let's give some biblical background for this whole issue fly to be safe this is important second after Jonathan Little book couple of just one focus of before the book of Revelation third John then comes Jude and Revelation the John says this article to third John verse two is anyone chapter summaries they flirted John two eleven arthritis that you may prosper in all things and being helped just as your soul prosperity as God wants us to be healthy just as our soul prospers interesting God is interested in our whole being Paul puts it this way in first Thessalonians chapter five verse twenty three first Thessalonians five verse twenty three and he gives is with holistic concept God is not only interested in one part of our beings look at verse twenty three ohms at the end of that the Met office that the Thessalonians now may the God of peace himself sanctify you completely completely and may your whole spirit soul and body be preserved blameless at the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ all aspects not want to be healthy if he was interesting even that last message when Angel comes along and says fear God and give lots glory to him that she also has the connotations of an artist 's personal glory how do I know the first gorgeous chapter ten verse thirty one ten thirty one is an interesting and quite a well-known passage by the apostle Paul because he says here talking about this whole idea of giving glory to God the angle says fear God and give glory to him verse thirty one of first graders attend therefore whether you eat or drink or whatever you do do all to watch the glory of God right so with that angel comes along and says fear God and give glory to him we see this is not just spiritually speaking this is gloried him in everything we do Romans twelve is one repeat that idea and says we should be living sacrifices to him but why the question is why and I want to be very cautious year because of the danger of us that thing all were living legalistic I think and remember what I said before when you have been saved by grace you then want to grow in faith is not to your saved by grace you want to go so grace and growth always go together when first going to go back to Chapter six now if it is after six look carefully at as to why this is vital why is this vital first rented sector six the last two verses of the chapter verse nineteen and twenty say or do you not know that your I know what is the Temple Hospital therefore moment we meant to read these in the past what are the three keys so far time second one treasures and yesterday was talents good I tell you their fourteenth year the fourth teeth and a fourth Deist Temple it is the temple we are God 's temple to temple of the Holy Spirit within you whom you have from God and you are not your own and your people to hate it's my body I can do whatever I want with it and take hold on not according to the Bible areas the sphere is called to being serious because if you accept Jesus Christ if you live in you Holy Spirit losing you notice what verse twenty fifth for you were bought at a price what is what is Bobby bought at a price how were we bought by the precious blood of will Jesus Christ he ransomed us Jesus brought us with a price I gave therefore because human bought you been born again saved by grace you been blocked therefore when you printable block glorify God in your body and in your spirit which are God 's because you been bought then you will bring forth fruits rights the same idea comes through repeatedly we want to serve please I want to pause here for a moment I am aware that sometimes unfortunately maybe because of the way we approach things they did because of the way we live we have been perceived either correctly or incorrectly with Abelard 's Al word what do you think they'll stand for the Phyllis yes legalism and we have been accused maybe sometimes rightly I think that I believe sometimes wrongly copying legalists or incidentally you know that you don't steal that person 's car when you don't sleep with that person 's spouse they never accused you of being a legalist like isn't that interesting estate him mingling with and sometimes we have acted that way I would like to think it's not legalism we should be legal if we should be mowing unless I had a few famine those vitamins reviewed the site we should not be the Phyllis we should be loyalists yes I went and checked the dictionary definitions what is a loyalist I try to be precise here listen to what a lot of the eleventh one who is on putting out faithful in allegiance to one lawful sovereign what does that mean who is your lawful ultimate sovereign God so you and I should be loyal mice to spend a little time to be good because we love him obviously folks we love you and we loyalty and spend a few moments on first issue food what does the Bible teaches about the very thing you are enjoying right now and what they can do it in its totality okay because we already mentioned whatever you do do all the glory but including eating and drinking go back to the result I think Genesis after one right some of these passages down to give a little kind of rapidly today I hope you haven't eaten too much with the right might be rough here we get it all quickly or his life Genesis one verse twenty nine where God says I give you all the seeds of the fruits of those things in his one twenty ninth after since God added in Genesis three was eighteen when he had the nerve of the fields I heard somebody said all I don't like vegetables they came after sin view that is through vegetables are not part of the original original diet advocates the asking rental diet of fruits nuts and grains but humankind sin then after we send we then were reduced incentive to the level of animals because the herb of the field of its little originally intended for what the animals fascinate but now we do eat vegetables we needed the fruits nuts grains that will die that we inherit from even now we want to forget there was the time of the flood Genesis seven ninety one it does make him no gift in the ninth for three and four you might want to know that we remembered on the flood when all life as in our land and animal life were destroyed during the flood besides though that on the arc and so what happens here when they come out of the ark the Lord gives no instructions this is way before any Jew was around remember that this is the time of Noah Genesis at the nine birth three every moving thing that lives on the food for you to give you the context of the minute I have given you I have given you all things even as the green herbs but you shall not eat flesh with its life that is it's bought interesting you got a look at the broader context the Gestapo seven and chapter eight tell us there interestingly that the unclean animals pain into the ark in pairs only to the clean animals training in pairs of seven thirty pairs of seven authenticated seven seventy Hebrews fifth pairs of seven and why does the seven for the clean animals fascinating because the clean animals were useless sacrifices and God knew there wouldn't be any vegetables fruit nuts and grains that and so God planned ahead and those of the animals obviously that work for food fascinating study that was done by a friend of mine 's name is Eugene Moss yet the Israel ready he decided he wanted to another one I'm a crazy person on planet Earth so here he went yes all united studying furtherance so he went and did a doctoral dissertation his second one on the laws of clean and unclean animals in Leviticus eleven and I had the privilege of being that these doctoral defense when they flew in from Europe a well-known well-respected professor not part of our denomination that's the best we could test our own study bring in somebody who doesn't agree with us you can test whether our study of the Bible is accurate and so Doctor Randolph flew in from Europe and I was sitting right there and the doctor must defending his second doctoral dissertation on Leviticus eleven fascinating study began rather just go to the library get a copy read it called the laws of clean and unclean animals in Leviticus eleven Moscow he really found out that those laws really go all the way back to Genesis chapter one the very order in which God created the animals actually shows what is clean and unclean fascinating study that clean and unclean I discover a copy of several pages of a book with about six hundred pages in fascinating study how these laws go back to Genesis and Doctor Reinsdorf when he was when the defense was overcooked up the rentals that you have passed you have done a careful appropriate solid study of the Bible and I cannot fail you incredible so there is evidence additional evidence now that we have that these are expectations for people for all time and of course you find in the book of acts against a reminder to accept the fifteenth about how we should eat what we shouldn't eat but that is eleven and Deuteronomy chapter fourteen bring out a lot of these incredible to truth sometimes we said these are laws of healthful living not interesting Leviticus eleven was forty four doesn't use the word the whole chapter never uses the word health it uses the word I want you to be a holy people that's why I don't want to be in these things fascinating spell context of eating is in the context of alchemy live holy lives for God 's interesting twist makes sense why would we get the story of Daniel you want to turn their briefly with the data set the one when Daniel makes a choice it's in the same context as use of specific terms that you find right there in Leviticus chapter eleven verse forty four or reconfirm their that in the context of eating because we are God 's holy people Daniel uses is used here in the book of Daniel which Daniel himself wrote that affect the wondrous light but Daniel purposed in his heart that he would not defile himself as the same dark God stating the eleventh I don't eat these foods labeled the file you that you would not defile himself with abortion the king 's delicacies nor the wine that you drank therefore he requested a motive unit that he might not defile himself and what would you ask for verse twelve please test your service for ten days and let them give us vegetables to eat and water to drink that was his diet and verse twenty result and in all matters of wisdom and understanding about which the king examined them he found them ten times wiser than all the magicians and astrologers mooing all is well narrow the results Daniel is an interesting example of someone with it I'm going to stand firm for what I believe is right even though I might lose my life by by refusing the king 's food he could have lost his life because of it could've been taken as an affront I don't want your footnoting fascinating research done by Doctor Melvin Knisley of University of Southern California he demonstrated that even moderate drinking of alcohol destroys thousands of brain cells now I know you folk are your mostly of medical students and so forth how many of you have thousands of brain cell you got black and throw away because it's continuing it affects conscience reason and judgment effecting article that just came out from one of the professors here at Loma Linda University goal to drink or not to drink January two thousand and sixty cents what we didn't go skip the alcohol in short he says at like an Adventist University and is I just in January and that was that was the dominant general all of Antigua and Barbados to islands in the Caribbean Doctor observed James Carlisle interesting story about him when when they have these big meetings at governors mentioned everybody expects all cost he said I'm sorry no alcohol here so they refused at all some people complain that even wait a minute okay water complaining two of the biggest problems on the islands are drugs and alcohol wouldn't be nice for me to point out that there was one place where we were free of both of them at the government house people are still standing for like Daniel of all that much food about my drink but I don't want to skip the most important thing that I think many students especially have a problem with and I found this article from infinity title all dire effect of skimping on sleep if you're staying up too late and getting up too early it could have a dreadful effect on your ability to learn why skipping en suite actually impair the brain 's ability to create new brain new wrongs are you listening lack of adequate sleep is definitely not good for the brain in the long run according to again you notice I put a lot of people in California again California lead study author Doctor Ilana Hairston of the University of California Berkeley told Reuters health it slows learning as I went to the medical news today lack of sleep the effect on learning I collected quite a bit of material on sleep you want to do better in school they really ultimately they say how many hours do you need bad news folks could knows what everyone called how much between eight hours seems to be the golden number they've studied those as sleep six hours was in the making eleven times more errors than those who have gotten eight hours of sleep the same amount of errors as those who haven't slept for two days okay enough said about sleep you can check out this fascinating information we want you to be in the best health possible not talk about the kind of example with the contemporary contemporary example number one I got got this when I heard it was enough to do nothing I went and got two copies it was too expensive only to buy three but I got them I sit here is an incredible contemporary example of this and what is that say and Loma Linda California David McClain went in search of places where centenarians will be found three one eight Italy Sardinia one in Okinawa where I happen to live and work of the missionaries of years ago and want right here in Loma Linda California now the interesting news is this he studied them and he concluded that the two groups Italy Okinawa both groups are dying out and he concluded that the only group that is growing he says this on the video is Seventh-day Adventists the group that he studied here note that at Loma Linda California when look for don't wait yes this evening the ladies pictures right inside your margin on she is going to be here he's agreed to come to visit with us and to share in person for a couple of minutes some of their key idea is that it says here last year when she turned one hundred Mars ship on renew her driver 's license for another five years after and I had a chance to visit with her at outlet valuation ratios are going to be flooded with visits X what keeps are truly what keeps what Julie Keyser going she says carefully is her Christian faith asks again people will be besides a map let's try again she and other Seventh-day Adventist this one surprised me and I hope Mister she and I have avoiding junk food and caffeine continuing to do the four to ten years longer than the average Californian cheek she says we need someone to guide us in this life and we need great hope you said God is a good friend to have gas at it here's the story she'll be leaving by Doctor Gary Frazier will be here as well they summarize the key points at the half of the better looking at all three groups they said interestingly all three groups Okinawan starting to those of evidence all don't smoke all put family first all are active every day all keep socially engaged all eight fruits vegetables and whole grains not also that is known those who lived one hundred objects those who live a healthier and better lives these are the secrets of the centenarian and guess what folks I just came across another thing Los Angeles Times the LA Times January seven two thousand and six heading a city that runs on faith I contacted in today my Google website and again at the typos worth it an autopsy article subtitled Loma Linda famous for its groundbreaking medical Center is led by seven habits devoted to health and spiritual growth it continues Adventism a conservative Christian denominations and churches holistic devotion to people 's health and spiritual well-being Dominic Daly knocking Loma Linda where biblical creationism and cutting edge medicine exists side-by-side interested this is from the LA Times addicts they continue to talk about Loma Linda this very school of Leonard Bailey says he says I think the health message has been fundamental to the applesauce of your life right from the very beginning and then it talks about how many years next we live I wanted to get one line in your mind that we like to share with you here one some will find we want to invest my way of life needs to bring souls to Christ you've offended with me my way of life needs to bring souls to Christ that's why we live healthily in the two look at first Peter got the three were sixteen will come back to the phrase again first Beta three was sixty sevenths all beautifully we don't want to eat a vegetarian diet or lose properly simply simply so we can live longer on the Suncor 's birth we want to live so we can be a witness I love the source having a good conscience first Peter three sixteen that when they defame you as evildoers when other people think the homeless the Philip K notice will happen those who revile your good man conduct in Christ maybe ashamed when they say legalists they'll be ashamed because they see that you have the good conduct in Christ forward good conduct in Christ I love the way another translation puts it I read the Bible from a couple of years ago it says that so that others will likely not see what a good life you live because you belong to Christ yes FY people will be attracted to Jesus Christ by the way we live I never forget I met so many hours in Virginia once on a race walk and this guy not walk together we had a similar pace we walked together and that we became friends as we walked back to the end of the race anytime to me is that men who are you up and we talked I said on the seventh entities it I've only heard one other thing that was my life I suggest tell me you said it was a guy who was in a car accident he was so terribly messed up that there was no hope reflect what the doctors said this Jew to do I was walking with a nominal dux is that the doctors said it was that had not been a seven batters he did you will be on the other hand I never heard of one witness witness to look through that God has blessed us with now is not just the one after by which the LA Times brings up more things LA Times article says Adventism is also distinguished by Saturday worship we talked about it last week it continues by believing in Christ imminent second coming would talk about that on Friday night to continue the guidelines for daily living dietary starches and conservative dress and I couldn't help but share with you a letter I found that came from to concerned grandmothers hang on here the title team poverty in America the grandmother said we just spent several hours observing teenagers hanging out at our local mall we came to the conclusion that many teenagers in America today are living in poverty most young men we observed didn't even own a belt there was not one among the whole group but that wasn't the sad part many were wearing their daddy genes some scenes were so vague and that he then hung low on their heads exposing their underwear ice I know some of the been ashamed there died he was shocked because these genes argument below then is they were given their daddy 's goods he almost got holes in the knees and the dirty look them it grieved us in a more affluent society like America that year there are those who can't afford to give guarantees I was thinking about asking my church distorted genes drive for four kids at the mall then on Christmas Eve we could go crystal sterling and disobedience of these poor teenagers but here is the status bar it was the girls they were hanging out with at that disturbance most never in all our lives have we seen such poverty-stricken girls these girls of the opposite problem with guys they all had to wear their little sisters close their ideas or five sizes too small I don't know how they could get to my him alone but in the mouth and he very went over there you most also had on them little systems it are to cover their mistakes and all they were trying to hold their heads up with pride but it was the bad bikes I can see them almost grown women wearing children's clothes however it was their underwear that bothered us most they like the boys club of improper fitting out for their they had their underwear exposed we had never seen anything like it looked like the underhand underwear was held together only by a single piece of strength we know it saddens your heart to receive this report on condition of our content American teenagers while we go to bed every night with closet full of clothes nearby they are nearly the mold girls who barely have enough that you can keep it together we think of their poorness is why these two groups gathered together at the mall boys with their daddies short jeans and girls wearing their younger sisters called the mall is one place where they can find acceptance so get them all and doing your shopping in your past by some of these poor teenagers would you say a prayer for them and one more thing when you pray the guys and one for the girls strings one break we thank you all too concerned grandmothers need I say more yes two thirty Nevada three features up to five yeah I read that eventually we laugh but we got the message I thank God around this campus I haven't seen too many people who walk around the daddy 's too short genes evasions fibers three and too many girls I haven't seen that have been around long enough items on your thinking Ephesians chapter five verse three why why the big question as Christians gets that gets serious why why do we want to dress why do we want to live in a certain way Ephesians five verse three said for patient and all uncleanness or covetousness let it not even be named among you as is fitting for think I would read another translation on Google back in among you there must not even be a hint of sexual immorality or any kind of impurity or of me because these are improper for God 's holy people are gay go down to her face and then finally to rest then continue with other translation for you where one in .net cc that but now you are light in the Lord with the what's the call live as children of the license limits over the like and find out what pleases the Lord and additional find out what pleases the Lord live as children although like find out what pleases the Lord I thought I would read that to you second share with you a comical but a true state of affairs we are sitting in right now right here of this article from LA Times doesn't talk about yes our conservative dress he also talks about other standards all the adventures they think the traditional ones that most traditional among the most additional church members shun movies dancing and etc. but interesting study that was done right here published by University of California press Berkeley again I think two thousand two social some scientists decided to do a study of the mainline Protestant denominations because something strange is happening stomping on it is hard to explain but you see what's been happening over decades people have said let's be more open and more accepting let's be more loving don't be so judgmental and so these main churches and I'm not a named them today you're interested I'll show you who they are later on as I do want to cash disbursement of any denomination but he studied up and he looked at them I knocked off five hundred dimension him a good eight they lost everything more loving so-called more accommodating they didn't stay the same they can grow they tried to bring people in by the more loving and they lost more than thirty one Philadelphia members should be forty eight percent of membership loss George C forty six percent three D fifteen percent members of loss and George D thirty nine percent five major denominations Protestants are just as they attempted to be less just mental they let their standards go as they idea and the more they let us the mortgage in a controlled and people fit what is there to join why join again now I know if I can today and constantly in your toes please pull the feeding folks because I'm happy to be walking down this way I'm not doing this intentionally I have to share with you the actual evidence there is evidence forty three percent of denominational members of lost I just read a report in in Canada another church that they are expecting now that his concentrations if these trends continue by the year two thousand sixty one Billy one member left in old church and they were over a million before million after your two ago they know they're losing membership inquiries fast why because they have left their standards go down on the slippery slide that includes all kinds of standards that the Eastridge is difficult they said we want to be different from the world it was interesting at the same time okay this is from nineteen sixty nine nineteen ninety and nineteen seventy eight call role on twenty last name he became Pope John Paul from nine seventy eight two thousand and three they did a study of the Roman Catholic Church and over the twenty five years when John Cole stood firm for Roman Catholic standards guess what happened the judge exploded in growth Roman Catholic Church grew more than forty percent even though many Americans didn't like what he was doing but just explore growth around the world while partisan judges were collapsing and declining because they want to be more loving so-called John Paul was an object exploded in growth fascinating counter counterintuitive you agree the article I have it right here April eleven two thousand and five time magazine with a review of incredible evidence when you stand firm for what the church believes that George will roll yes Gene Kelly Methodist preacher who came to the evidence just invited him to come and talk my checkbook intelligent I don't understand I'm a Methodist what you guys asked me to come and talk to our churches Don your kids is growing in Kelly said that it had little to stop growing and begin declining like everybody else all have to do is emphasize that abstinence from alcohol tobacco and caffeine isn't really essential to salvation decided that the candidates isn't all that important and foot washing it's a little tacky Penny continues in a nutshell being Kelly said you wanted I become just like us who are supposedly more loving again refocusing today we have a choice as the method would view with some specific evidence police today I'm talking about standards health yes how we dress how we live all for the important phrase so that people can see yes my way of life needs to bring souls to Christ and rated with me the highway of life needs to bring souls to Christ that's the whole idea of the whole purpose folks I know there are some was that old but there's not that the Bible is not clear on some issues friend of mine wrote an entire book called jewelry in the Bible the wreck of the political research Institute an incredible evidence on the Rodriguez correctly in thing this one the evidence standard on jewelry is supported by textual analysis of the biblical texts is you can prove anything out of context is a pretext to predict whatever you want to believe but that's the sad fact with your usual story before and if the name is Val she was interested in the art police and when I found that out I began to have Bible studies with her I noticed by the way right away that she had on a special care of your rings that she wore white regular I said nothing about that what did I think I said Val you want to get to know Jesus spend time where in the Bible and I gave her a copy of the New Testament encouraged to read the word read the words read and feed your member that Steve Henry spent time in the word fascinating it wasn't long few weeks later she came back to the Bible study and guess what no earrings and me and my curiosity I couldn't keep quiet I have the thing though I noticed you told me that those were very very precious earrings she had told me about them these season on my grandmother 's hearings heirlooms very precious I noticed you love wearing them today he would tell me about it she did all all casually I was reading in the Bible and I noticed in the Bible that my Bible says a woman's adornment should be an inward adornment not external factor I instead would have said anything focus with the focus on Jesus must more rather than on the jewelry is referred I'm not saying we should ignore that the emphasis must be the right place focusing on God not so much on goals particularly focused on the right but again I'm not minimizing the one or the other win-win when the disciples of the Pharisees came to Jesus Jesus very clear is that these lucky to ever done is talking about jewelry in the context you think we must ignore the way your matters of the law are never that stuff the second most expensive we should also do the smaller things I said usually fatally depriving everything Matthew twenty three twenty three don't thought the one because you've empathizing the like what's the problem with the Pharisees and sometimes with modern day after the Pharisees also his we empathize the wrong thing again but Jesus says you must focus on the right area Chief Justice focus on Jesus and also take care of the other aspects is noticed he doesn't throw out one or the other she simply making sure we have the right foundation the right balance and as I watched and I listened I was pleasantly surprised to see this young lady 's whole life begin to be transformed because she was reading the Bible that the emphasis was on the Bible not the baubles brought about that behavioral change very important focus on the word of God focus on the Bible folks we have a choice effective date I've ended the thirtieth because we got some slips of paper would do they haven't already okay you guys it has enough I would challenge you because with the state and here on the screen those of you who believe in living God 's way I'd like you to look at the questions on this there is one question on here I would like you to look at and it's my desire is to live so that others will see Jesus through my lifestyle that's the key would not play with the widow of a leaderless we want to be annoying unless you do that yes we want to look for it today I've covered a large amount of a deal I briefly very quickly I have a lot more information here but I want to emphasize that it is time that we challenge one another to live for the Lord yes some horses I haven't talked with lipids five two with five left this mind be in you which was also in Christ Jesus we want the mind of Christ so that others can see him and lifestyle another one I have you'd is looking for Mercedes the informers the fifth finally brethren even below that passage turned their as well as you look at that little for the paper because needed to make it appeal you right here Philippians chapter four verse eight this finding brethren whatever things are true whatever things are noble whatever things are just whatever things up you are whatever things are lovely whatever things are of good report if there is any virtue if anything praiseworthy meditate on these things the appeal is simple today if anyone here as you look at that little piece of paper with the site yes Lord I desire to let Jesus life be seen through my very lifestyle that's the specific appeal today would like you to fill that out right here prayerfully fill it out quietly making that appeal there other things on the cubicle you might want to absorb or write down as we reflect for a few moments here but take a few moments right here and want to do that unless you need to be praying for you and will dismiss Lord I pray for every soul here you blessed this church with such wonderful messages messages that have brought us to the invention now of the entire world from National Geographic CNN ABC news all over about this group of people those who have lived faithfully the loyalists who do it because we love you thank you for this positive news out there I pray for everyone here those were reflecting on signing writing down their decision to live for you so that others will be attracted not to us but the Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior thank you father for this challenge for this call may be live for your glory only in Jesus precious name on their family Jessica withdrew it to leave very quietly today some people are still answering in writing we would like you if you feel


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