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Secrets of Centenarians: Living Long in Luxury

Ron du Preez



  • February 28, 2006
    6:45 PM
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community we would like to join this welcome once again just a quick review of last yesterday last night we had one phrase God 's gifts are for growth and do share his love he would've stayed with me God 's gifts are for growth and to share his love let us pray holy father bless us now as we begin again guidance may we be faithful to you so that we can share your love with many others in Jesus precious name we pray amen it is a story I came across recently but before we get to that I should mention last evening I failed to remarry Michael mentioned to you that there is a book the prophet and her critics the London Doctor Brandt spoke about last night I did not mention it in our meeting I want to make the personally authentic for example that helps us to fill out some of the information about the discussion we had in our last evening and that's what we had this phrase here God gives all for growth and to share his love that's the whole concept we want to share with others and he was a book I wanted you to be aware of this evening I thought I wanted to switch gears and talk about the fourth key with Doppler yesterday about the thirteenth we talked about what are the three keys so far if you remember the first he was well time you're right second he was treasure is the third he was talented correct and tonight the fourth key as well temples that's correct interesting story I came across toys for your picture of the settlement the governor Mike Huckabee governor Mike Huckabee on the left then on the right now okay he wins that due to the hot doctor and he got back to the building within ten years you could die he was desperately overweight diabetic youth is a former Southern Baptist preacher who became the governor are you found that he had ten years nothing ten years left to live even I got to get serious and validity do we begin to lose weight you lost a hundred and ten pounds I gained and he became actually a runner and he is well known now as the runaways he said he said this he decided he has a new mission in life governor yes but an omission what is helping others to get healthy let me read his statement is what the governor of Arkansas said if we eat healthy exercise and don't smoke we can add thirteen healthy years to our lives in any finishes up I think that this evening is not just living longer but living better this is from the governor of Arkansas as it was even worse than a few moments reflecting on the why the how why is God is not interested in our physical health medical nuclear John chapter two thirds on verse two is a little book couple of weeks before the end of the Bible that John has one chapter there John verse two you can turn there with me this evening I put several passages of July to share with you you need a pen and paper so that you can write some of these fixed down we will not have time to explore all of them but I will be sharing that he's the references with you here now from the new King James version third John verse two has third John Bruce to beloved he says site third the authority on verse two beloved I afraid that you may prosper in all things all things and be what it health just as your sole frost errors yes God is concerned that not only about us for life but also about the life for this ammonia five Paul reiterates that concept here is that in the last chapter of that first letter to the Thessalonians four Thessalonians five he deals with spiritual things yes but he also makes this statement in verse twenty three first Thessalonians chapter five verse twenty three now may the God of peace himself sanctify you completely and may your spirit and your spouse I made us whole spirit soul and body be preserved blameless at the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ Spirit soul and what anybody all three so he is mentioning every aspect now must be preserved blameless at the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ Paul wants us to live healthy physically mentally and spiritually until wet until Jesus comes very clear that's interesting with regard to the book of Revelation not far from from that the book of John earlier at the last book of the Bible and is a passage there that we might not always think of in the context of healthy living Revelation fourteen those three angels who are giving this important message at the end of time and here we find in revelation fourteen verse seven this is the first angel saying with a loud voice with that their holiday we told you about the Greek word megaphone yes fear God and do a lot of give glory to him to give glory to him right for the hour because of this etc. now how do we give glory to him we go back to first convince the writings of the apostle Paul and he begins to outline some of the ways we can give glory to God we are called upon to give glory to God in the context of the end of time and here first Corinthians chapter ten verse thirty one says ten thirty one but when we talk about our important how important it is to live spiritually for the Lord now we're focusing likely on physical lifestyle first of December thirty one therefore whether you eat or drink or what ever you do do all to the glory of God to all including eating and drinking and I guess I know there are some who will bring you looked at from the book of Romans which says the kingdom of heaven is not a matter of eating and drinking but of righteousness and peace and joy Mister yes but we must take every passage of Scripture in its proper context number that so in this context the Bible is nothing live however you want to know it's getting that the proper emphasis and here now we're focusing about how can below for the Lord in our physical bodies because you know as well as I is you don't live right you can be very let the magic you don't eat like you don't sleep right have you noticed you have a shorter temper I remember once when I didn't sleep well at I wasn't speaking what I was trying to work three jobs one of them was to be a lifeguard of the swimming pool unfortunately at noon during summertime we had about a hundred kids coming there and you know how long my temper was how long it just didn't work because I remember one kid running along the full and active father was and I blew it so long and so loud that the entire swimming everybody froze and then I suddenly realized that I was so what's living on the edge I couldn't control myself and I reflected on that realized it was because I was working three jobs and are to be sleeping I was trying to make money but I couldn't control myself sleeping is important to talk about in a few minutes so that I can only get away with you to go I can sleep five or six hours there is new information you got here but it's unbelievable you want to study wealth but new studies have been done incredible that give you a little later on everyone is gone was the healthy growth like this one done Romans twelve or someone we don't have time to go there we got to go through several Scriptures Romans always one of my giving our bodies as a living sacrifice to God so might want down for you he does with it we must remember that the context of Scripture is we are saved by grace once we are saved by grace we want to grow in God 's grace correct grace and growth will together okay and is a versatile with we are bottled up for my flight because of that stick out in Corinthians we are right here right now to go to chapter six with the back of a few chapters that go in the first two hundred seventy six the very book wherein first Windows 7 six with nineteen do you not know that your body is why the Temple is a key tenet of a flaw in the temple of lot of the Holy Ghost of the Holy Spirit the sanctuary if you believe my body your body is the Century of the Holy Spirit who is in you whom you have from God and you are not what you're oh you're not drunk have you ever heard people say branch of self a who cares if my body I'll do with it whatever I want hold on hold on guess what the Bible says is that your body know it's not sure if I want to look at the next verse verse twenty tells you why for you worldwide you were bought at a price you were bought at a price you were bought at a price at the same guideways therefore there is it because he was saved by pipe at a price bought by Christ dying for your sins you are ransomed therefore do what glorify God in your body saved by grace and now move and glorify God that's what it's called upon glorify God in your body and in your spirit which are God 's belongs to God so that's important during the balance is not in any sense or formal legalism knife through its truth sometimes we can go that route we can say if I don't need right now I'm been a die and I will be doing it so I won't die for I'm trying to do this so that I would go to hell you'd like to earn merit you cannot do that folks and incidentally these two verses here nineteen and twenty are in the context of your bike was eighteen I don't did the context they they we use them in connection with health it can be applied but it's also it specifically great talking about sexual immorality yes were speaking fully sexual immorality I think the seventeenth he was joined to the Lord is one spirit with him anything once you accept Jesus as your master you want to make sure that anything you do in your body up lift and glorifies him that's the key I take solely every aspect of the way we live yes sometimes unfortunately we have been rightfully labeled as legalists in your letter said because of the way we have lived because of the things we have said we deserved that legalists not because all our theology by the Adventist theology biblical theology says when you are what the price then you will bring forth the fruits of the fight of faith because you love me you will live according to my will we haven't always done them I think sometimes we been wrongly labeled legalist wrongly yes because we love the Lord and we want to be faithful to him and so I suggesting if somebody said you are a legalistic site you know you got the first letter writing out and you've got the list right but you must be on the three letters I am not a legalist I am even change the second and third letters I am a loyal less again him think through no thing to do along those letters that were very similar the EU looks like an elk and big Z looks like a why yes I'm not a legalist by God 's grace that those two letters you might've missed read it I am a loyalist I went and checked the dictionary says what of the loyalist upgrading out one who is what is called faithful in allegiance to one's lawful sovereign what you say yes if God are lawful sovereign yes are you loyal to him because you love him yeah so therefore if ever you are not there might be times when you are being illegally so don't get don't just think you get away with it updates loyalists of it on those who love God and whose serving out of the heart of gratitude when you married him if you are not married these events at Ohio voters do not get an idea left about forty fifty percent okay so it don't you promote raise your hands okay when you are not married you might not understand how the importance of the concept of loyalty is when you are with your love the one you are you committed to and you do it in the biblical sense you would do almost anything for that person because you love them and is not legalism you love to do what you microblog the thing I thought but frankly I still hate doing dishes okay that's a fact I said I still don't enjoy doing the dishes but I love doing it the difference I don't enjoy doing it but I love doing it why because of the person who would help us and that's my wife I been married more than twenty five years and maybe I'll never get the love doing the dishes but that doesn't matter you know that something to the Bible we might never get the love to do but because we love God we will love to do that even if we don't enjoy them because our hearts are deceitful it's the him we really struggle with everything God I do it because I love you like a glory but I love doing it because I love you if you want there and then out into the very thing you guys raise your hands you understand that in later opportunities now getting some of you understand now because I know some of you raise your hand you already have confronted healthy loving friends when you do things for the one you love is not to even before you marry you understand the concepts beautifully carry on here with a couple of our food wasn't mean is that the fourteenth the Temple our bodies with minimal time and food but Gilmore asked about it as we would just reminded a few minutes ago Doctor Gary Frazier is correct for his own nutrition is one aspect but let's talk about that briefly right here I wanted to write in a few verses already limited resources Denver thirty thirty one whatever you do whether you eat or drink you all the glory of God let's go back to Genesis one two brief nudity original diet Genesis one verse twenty nine thousand one was twenty nine and I'm good to read that Genesis one verse twenty nine beautiful what a contrast with verse thirty this is a guy that God gave Adam and Eve year you created them and as you well know him in speaking about automobiles the automobile maker is the one who knows what gasoline to put into that correct now you can if you want to you can go and put in water yes it's much cheaper that will affect only how long is your vehicle been a run and one run at all you still remember what it over to the author and we were to see what God recommends as the best for us again now you can putting cheaper gasoline incidentally if it says you need completing ninety five order a new putting eighty seven yes it will still work but it might not work as well so you can do something seek things that help it go but it doesn't go as well so let's look at what God recommends that the wondrous twenty ninth to add a video God said see I have given you every herb that him that he you he noted that which is on the face of all the earth and every tree whose fruit yields a theme to you it shall be for food and we have found the right fit that's not fruits and grains correctly so none of his worst thirties because now got there for the animals were studied also Debbie views of the field every bird of yet and everything that creeps on the in we says life I have given every green for food at it so for the animals they were given the green earth we use the dump will be there that's what Festival interesting and you know careful to the listening figures and him on-the-fly vegetables vegetables of animal who answered is how originally vegetables argument for Idaho hold on this is before us and look what happened the Genesis chapter three Adam and Eve sinned going out to bars eighteen verse eighteen part of the course all gifts on kids will cite you write faster gay visible talkers will okay part of the current president the ground was seventy four euros six boards of the schools was aching it shall bring forth and you shall eat the good of the field so in a sense when Adam and Eve sinned God did okay from now onwards you will also eat the same things that were originally satisfied for the animals and we've added in not fruits grains and vegetables and we need those four things so that we can live healthily that's very briefly just to mention that affirmative but what about me no actually there was no animal there was no death in the Garden of Eden at first the first on the become across meet mentioned in the Bible that's what is in Genesis after nine now we fast forward a couple of thousand years almost so that the benefits of benign quickly here we notice story of Noah and the flood and how into the flood went all these animals all the unclean animals waiting in what to him right there clean animals went eating what we use the word seven when he was at seven seven modern franchises like tears of seven about Greg he was in seven seven QB should be a winking seven seventy pairs of seven write everything in seven hairs that's why some of them uncovers correctly think they went in tears of seven interesting think about that for a moment unclean animals so there there was a distinction even before the flux between clean and unclean because if you look to the Bible the only clean animals were to be used for sacrificial services like now that the doctors to know what keeping in mind the distinction that got it made bringing in only a male and a female mail and it's making that in the Hebrew bringing in unclean one tear into the box when they came off here is what God says to know every moving thing that lives shall be food for you I have given you all things even as the green but you shall not eat flesh with its life that is its block has always taught everything they could even know the context shows that it was clean unclean how do I know that there's more evidence now a friend of mine Doctor year he must from the Czech Republic he finished a doctor out there and then he came and saw been my thing is a glutton for punishment I can empathize he went into his second doctoral degree and some of us are crazy love studying he did a second doctor on Leviticus eleven will be going to just mention that you briefly Leviticus eleven is a whole list of the animals that God wanted people to be selected if you're going to eat meat eat the following ones that you find it in Leviticus eleven the doctor must in a study of Leviticus eleven I disrupt photocopy of a few pages the dissertation was called the laws of clean and unclean animal in Leviticus eleven and so he studies it now of course when you don't care for letting of the Bible compared to the end they invited from Europe a well-known scholar I believe that you might belong to the Lutheran Church I know he is not part of awesome that this community of faith and they invited Doctor Ruben talked to come to the doctoral defense of Doctor Moss forty second doctor I happen to be in the country I was a missionary serving in Zimbabwe and I was glad to be here in the USA and I fourth went to sit in the doctoral defense fascinating to hear the questions thrown at Doctor must because most was saying listen to me that even unclean food goes back to Genesis chapter one yes he has now shown from these careful six hundred page dissertation that the very way in which God created the animals and set them up that the clean unclean goes back to Genesis one and Genesis two and there was documented off by request as and when everything was said in the document essentially was that song right yes Doctor Moss you have done thorough careful correct contextually solid biblical hermeneutical analysis of the text therefore we you are passed for your second doctorate front it goes back to Genesis what do those original concept was embedded there and God allowed people to eat clean food after the flood but he did say don't eat blood and medical signs are showing us why what transports most of the germs the blood is not invited with that law continued all the way to accept the fifteen was twenty nine when Gentiles are coming to the church they said that don't you do don't do I don't get involved technology sexual immorality the first one the kind of coverage you can take covers the first four commandments make sure you would God only and the second one is you don't have any kind of immorality the Boulevard interesting if you're a leader the concept is not biblical from Genesis all the way through the investment you are a meat eater makes your that you need with the Jews called what kosher you know that train have the blood properly trained if you do eat meat generally we encourage on more more people are recognizing the best diet is that without you have not always been a vegetarian confession time again I shared some of my own growing pains I'm so glad God is gracious to me again so I haven't always been at it again but I when I wasn't I found out that yes I dislike these I thought it was healthy well I became a vegetarian I've only been of incidental half of my life now that's all but you know it's interesting this half of my life has been so much better than the first act unbelievably and is noticeably vegetarian diet is the one of the things that has added to it notice that is a photo I dismiss anyone gets the flu is important and of course whatever you going to fast food and all kinds of food of using the diet is important there's one example according to look at and that is Daniel chapter one verse eight quickly very well-known passage Daniel chapter one verse eight he is an example of somebody will love the Lord and who chose to live as healthfully as possible when he was then the king 's palace if he was tempted yes but Daniel purposed in his heart Daniel chapter one verse eight by Daniel purposed in his heart that he would not defile himself stop it that would be filed is the same word that you find in Leviticus chapter eleven verse forty four invited under Bible in Leviticus eleven forty four it says God says I don't want you to eat these fluids the unclean ones because you will then define out your self and your interesting the laws in Leviticus eleven Daniel one with a minimum of the laws in Leviticus eleven now all you want because the holiness yes but they don't do these things because I want you to become a holy people separated to sanctify people that's why got one month us to live holy lives so we can best reflect his character is the issue of how can we live holy for the Lord Daniel chapter one verse eight by Daniel purposed that he thought that he would not defile himself with abortion the King Philip 's know what the wine which he drank therefore the request of the people units that he might undefined soft verse twelve leave your eyes words leaves Destino seventh for ten days and let them give us vegetables to eat and water to drink so here Daniels 's arm of veggie okay I'm a vegetarian I would like to have vegetables he is the best way to go here as we look at the whole case shows that I kept the weight interestingly enough from something called wine writing a Bible to slide on a note of Proverbs twenty was one you already read it in the Scripture readings and Proverbs twenty three versus twenty nine through thirty three we don't have time to go did you read in that responsive reading Proverbs twenty verse one wine is a mocker strong drink you know those passages is a brawler and Proverbs twenty three versus twenty nine through thirty three analysis to Doctor Melvin Knisley of the University of Southern Carolina clearly demonstrated that even moderate drinking that I've heard in the news all outgoing red wine is good for you it's not the wine is the residential hall so I tried to get red grapes as often as I can read great juice okay but listen to what he sports up from the University of South Carolina even moderate drinking destroys thousands of brain cells I'll give you thousands of throw away any medical infinity we know to get rid of them and it continues it affects conscience reason and judgment and an article last month January to drink or not to drink by a professor here from Loma Linda University is what you spend up what we call what we conclude to conclude skip the alcohol in short he says live like an Adventist episode Loma Linda University an article just the other day there's a governor general all Barbados and Antigua his name is surging Carlisle and if the governor you are expected to host many parties and when he became governor as a Seventh-day Adventist governor people wanted him to continue the normal practice anything I'm sorry there will be no alcohol at our governor 's mansion from now onwards and people complain and complaint two thousand soda sardines stood his ground no alcohol at all some of the dignitaries actually mess left in disgust a few days later somebody came to talk with you and fit you need to cater to the whole population they told him look so James Carlisle said drugs and all calls are two of the biggest problems we have in the country and wouldn't it be nice to point to one place that we were free of both good and so from then on it they got the message no alkyl he was a modern-day Daniel standing for men think we're not going to promote allow endorse that in any way shape or form he is anachronistic and his governor they are in Barbados and Antigua but let's switch gears would think all I don't drink I have a good diet hold on this and carefully put your feet and because I'm a start stepping out of those starting right now all of the name of the article all of it dire effect of skimping on sleep numbers left it if you stay up too late and getting up too early it could have a dreadful effect on your ability to learn why skimping on sleep actually impairs the brain 's ability to create new brain neurons Woody from Doctor Z Lana has been on the University of California have you noticeably a lot of universities about here yes University of California at Berkeley what is you think I'm going out lack of adequate sleep is the big one definitely not good for the brain in the long run and again Doctor Hairston says it slows learning listen carefully how much sleep do we need honestly do you think you're right a tower seems to be the golden number he has recently written a Pennsylvania that determined that those asleep or six hours at night make you laugh but I don't even have enough fingers against eleven times more mistakes in eleven times more errors than those who had gotten eight hours of sleep eleven times more and they said it's the same number of our number of mistakes usually six hours the night you make the same number of mistakes as those who have not slept for two full days that's careful research focus by doing this anymore I've got gotten medical news today lack of sleep and so forth in and they've been studying these issues I checked on it sleep is important we talked my forward the government drink with Doctor Boxley how many other aspects we would talk about the past Daniel being an example and now here is that National Geographic article that's when I first heard or read about margins upon and here is a picture of Mars does a muck in November just last year National Geographic the secret of living longer can read more about it November it was then on that they could assert a special picture big show together you can get from National Geographic David McClain was the one who did the study it was on ABC news it was on CNN I have to thought of the unit it was world news and inside is a you are all who else mars right to complain because like Hitler when he was putting gas in right next to the bank the death at a big advertisement for what and peanuts so when they put the picture in my heart is not he told me that she said them why do you think you're an Isaac Mark I think they got a lot of money from the coca and peanut people again she was very happy because here he was putting gasoline and at the good part of the article at the Mars renew your driver 's license for another five years when she done a hundred what Julie keeps going she says is her Christian faith she and others said they haven't listened Jeff Reno with Melissa she markets on an other Seventh-day Adventist who avoid junk food and caffeine tend to live for up to ten years longer than the average Californian we need someone to guide us in this life says Morris and we need great hope God is a good friend to have yes that's because the market is worth what they've done and I've looked at this I was especially does it because I lived and worked as a missionary in Okinawa with three places on the planet where David McLean found was the people that lived one hundred Okinawa California Loma Linda California and sardine yet in Italy and they look at all the studies and then I have put together the things that the three groups have in common who lived to a hundred unit is all three groups are promised his secret was sent off Centenary exerted all of them do not smoke interesting project number two they put family first is putting all the results together remember that's okay you might think it is not sitting well the other groups might not regarding women at whatever the stupid but this is what common in all three groups they are active every day for those three days reaching out to others helping them and number five they eat fruits vegetables and whole grains five things that are in common on all sent their nanny groups and the sad news is that a big reported not big the twenty fifth the groups in Sardegna and in Okinawa are declining and are dying out and that thing that they sent out the National Geographic David McClain says there is only one group that is not dying out not remaining status study but is actually growing he says that is the group of Loma Linda California just if we live according to what we've been blessed with and as Doctor Fraser just that God has blessed us so that we can do what most know so that they can give so they can share with others some of the things he's blessed us with so that's what I'm doing this evening went on postings with think thank you Lord how can we share some of the lifestyle with others please read that we are not legalists what are we loyal less dry loyalists remember that in your iPhone in January this year January this year a city that runs on fight by the LA Times January seventy units that level of the edit is an article about Loma Linda was with the Loma Linda famous for its groundbreaking medical Center is led by Seventh-day Adventists devoted to a two health and spiritual growth fascinating article about at this year talking about what we do etc. McGrady has a couple of statements because of lack of time Doctor Leonard Bailey well known surgeon heart surgeon says I think the health message has been fundamental to the Adventist philosophy of life right from the very beginning that is to continue the article says besides in this emphasis on nutrition has paid off Adventist men live an average of three years longer at those women four four years longer than other Californians at the fourth health study that was done of course a second healthy is being done right now why do I share this with you folks for one important message here is a line I'd like you to remember them are going to go to the Bible to get that clear biblical concepts the reason we live healthily so that in mind way of life needs to bring souls to Christ you agree that with me my way of life needs to bring souls to Christ turn your Biblesoft to first Peter chapter three verse sixteen by way of life needs to bring souls to Christ never left our health reform become health deform and drive people away no what we do how we live should attract people to Jesus Christ analysis talk about people who accuse us falsely and so forth I'm just catching on the middle of the sentence on Pole first Peter three verse sixteen says having a good conscience that when they define you as evildoers those who revile your good conduct in Christ may be a shame those who falsely accuse you will be ashamed if they recognize for worth your five words of your good conduct in what Christ did in articles five words your good conduct in Christ that's the key along the way one version has been in the cyclist do this translation it says this so that others will would will see what a good life you live because you belong to Christ as the key is important people need to be attracted to up to what we can share with them I praise God this has happened to some degree over time people have seen that's why the nationalism to develop our willing to spend tens of billions of dollars in order to study what seven-day him think what you are doing and can be a blessing to the entire nation okay remember that the never go out probably we must go humbly and think thank you God for blessing us how can I be a help to anybody in a compassionate kind way find ways that we can be of help never boastful never crowd only grateful for God 's grace in our community keep that in mind that ethanol is what that article says that Russia gets each visit Adventists are distinguished different because they worship on Saturday Delta but that's about a week ago just a few days ago right they also believe in Christ imminent second coming would interview with absolute yes the second coming of Jesus would never thought about that that document we believing proper living dietary restrictions and conservative dress and I had to share this with you because you know I came across this too concerned grandmothers wrote an article called team poverty in America is the what basics we spent several hours observing teenagers hanging out at our local mall we came to the conclusion that many teenagers in America today are living in poverty most young men we observed didn't even own a belt it was not one among the whole group but that wasn't the sad part many were wearing their daddy genes some scenes were so big and baggy down low on their hips exposing their underwear I know some of them Muslim of the machine that Eddie was shocked because your genes went partly with the Veronese they were given their daddies good team for most holes in the knee and the dirty look to their ingredient asked in a modern effluent society like America there are those who can't afford a decent energy I was speaking about asking my church to start a Dean's dry for poor kids at the mall then on Christmas Eve we could go current therapist is going I distribute what happened here is the saddest part was the girl they were hanging out with that disturbed us most these two grandmother said never in all our lives and we seen such poverty stricken girl the growth of the opposite problem the drive they all had to wear their little sister will then seems what I thought five sizes this long I don't know how they could get them on the button and then he barely went over there on the most also had on their little sister 's top it hardly covered their midsection although they were trying to hold their heads up with pride but it was a fad like to see these almost grown women wearing children's bows however it was their underwear that bothered us the most they like the boys because of the improper fitting of their clothes they had underwear exposed we had never seen anything like it looked like the underwear was only held together by a simple piece of string Reno with that of your heart to receive this report on producing all on the condition of our American teenagers wildly while we go to bed every night but with closets full of clone nearby they are billions of all girls who barely have enough material to keep it together we think therefore Nessus why these two groups gather at the mall boys with their daddy short jeans and ten girls wearing their younger sisters close the law is one place where they can find acceptance so next time you're at the mall doing your shopping and you passed by some of these poor teenagers would you say a prayer for their need I say more I love the way he feeds five write this down because it wanted to write it on Ephesians five or three verse eight and verse seven reading from a modern translation says that but among youth there must not even be a hint of sexual immorality ninety million for any kind of impurity or read because these are improper for God 's holy people you believe that you are God 's holy people why he says in verse eight now Ephesians five are thankful you'll worldwide in darkness but now you are in the life death and that is adverse to live as children all the lights and find out what please visit the bar half-lives we want to live isn't that right how many of you let me to see that did you and I will get an amen here how many of you because you love the Lord want to live in the light more lately to his glory many of you praise God for that it's exciting to hear that you know what it's fascinating and sad because there's another fact that I have to share with you right here right now unfortunately here's the reality of the maturities of this except from University of California press a book published in the two thousand by two social psychologists wobbly stock and Roger Finke the book is told at all places I photocopied a page out of it at all faiths like the book of act actual places they began to study denominations major mainline Protestant churches now I'm not to mention the names of these judges I don't want anybody to think I'm attacking any questions just because they are God-fearing people in every Christian denomination who love the Lord with all their hearts again so I'm not mentioning the names of the judges these two scholars studied the major denominations even I think what all the mainline church is not evangelical once not the newer ones are the ones of the garage for a few centuries like for some time now and he studied them because he found out something interesting out of the industry stock and think SDA archaic and F I N payee they found something interesting these charges were all decline in membership him maybe the big concluded they did a thirty year longitudinal study from nineteen sixty to nineteen ninety why do you study these churches receive this something that's been happening since nineteen sixty five ago remember that the health anybody want to live in the Beatlemania the British invasion you know what I'm talking about they came from the nineteen sixty four I was in South Africa I also heard about it from the nineteen sixties and nineteen ninety the cultural Revolution in the United States and around the world happen and people began to say is not easily judge men will list the more one would accommodate more so-called loving and as churches began to do that and some of these whose names are not limited right now are still doing the same thing I have information here within Loma Linda on these churches that are dying at an incredible rate they are still following the same idea let's be more accommodating what do these writers found at these social sciences unit is five judges on the golden eighties CDC mainline churches that have millions of members what happened over thirty years instead of getting more people to join them as they became more loving more tolerant their membership didn't remain static they went downhill such a major turn lost thirty four percent of members judge the forty eight George C forty six George D fifty percent accurate he lost thirty nine percent of its members on average five major denominations lost more than forty three percent of their membership as the left there standards down as they said let's be more loving let's be more accommodating and that includes standards often rests by the way fascinating study very very serious we need to reflect very carefully now without him what salvation by works was the missing are there biblical standards that the Bible teaches us so that we can live will glory so that we can attract people to Jesus Christ and you know what's interesting at the same time starting around the nineteen seventies and give you an example I talk other Protestant denominations now on the other hand was the Catholic Church also questioned that many people of the Lord in all of these judges public John Paul became pope in nineteen seventy eight and eight into the study of twenty five years old while he was in charge of leading the Roman Catholic Church and so when he passed away in that two thousand and five they assessed twenty five years Outlook two thousand and three they did an analysis and in the April eleven issue of Time magazine it was the report even though many American Catholics didn't like what Pope John Paul was doing because he stood very firmly for Catholic standards he said no no no we will not allow this in our pathogen these are out short standards what happened you think the judge lost members know over those twenty five years the Roman Catholic Church exploded in growth forty one percent church growth while that the charges that were becoming more loving they were declining the judge that was they would understand from four hour standards they grew exponentially fascinating folks don't believe the lie that you stand firm for the standards of the community that you park don't believe the lie that the church will die that people will leave the opposite is true that George will grow if you stand for what you believe you must make sure that it is biblically based yes but don't buy that unfortunate misconception that if you stand for people will leave I guess what a man said this many years ago on the courthouse is a Methodist preacher a Methodist pastor Dean Kelly he wrote a book called out of the title why conservative churches are growing he wrote this in nineteen seventy two something you don't want to conservatives is both published by Harper and Row that's not a religious publication you know that for the sociological study and then Dean Kelly was invited after Kelly was invited to come to an University and the copies at the rear I don't understand here I am coming from a church at declining I be invited to come to the evidence search that is going to tell you folks how to have turned both because of the strange then it tongue-in-cheek event I'm going to tell you know the refunding is what he said in an endless want to stop growing and begin declining like everybody else stop by the launcher is what he says all you have to do is emphasize that abstinence from alcohol the lifestyle issue tobacco and caffeine is a really essential to salvation I think is what Kelly says the five that the determinism isn't all that important and that foot washing is a little tacky and he carries oxygen and I'm almost afraid to make the wind introduced the idea that one can worship as well on Sunday as of Saturday and he continues is that you want to let your church that is down you will die like the rest of us until he is very clear and he is the one who study from the inside how churches grow as a Methodist by the way he says stand for remember the key is that phrase I gave you earlier on okay we want to make sure made my way of life needs to bring souls to Christ your estate with me my way of life needs to bring souls to Christ that's the key we want others to see how we live for the Lord so we can bring them to Jesus Christ you know there's one other issue I must button and it deals with these in a very controversial and I want to say this is a technology director for the consent of oversight for the conformity says whatsoever things are good too noble on and so forth write it down and Philippians tubers five mine being you which was also in Christ Jesus we want to represent Christ of rights we want everything when it be music I'm going to the Amazon if music movies right meet at gate or the other aspect of our life music movies meet at the IMI use was make a try movies music meet makeup and whatever maybe they chew everything you do a nasal makeup for equal adornment everything must be biblical but it must be scriptural it must be focused on the Savior it must be self selfless not doing attended ourselves and we must keep in mind the confidence to which everything we do we want to glorify God based upon the Bible focused on Jesus our Savior stewardship how can we best use God 's money and how can we not attract attention to myself and I know that people is a troll but the whole issue of jewelry that is been shown to have no place of the other Mister Stokely foods from a Victorian age old on folks there's a book on it I recommend nowadays I'm recommending one book every night have you noticed at least one I don't get any royalties of it but I like the single to the library and you can read get a PS3 just to look it gives the book I read the book before it was published the manuscript docket on on the Rodriguez well-known well-respected biblical researcher wrote this vocal jewelry in the Bible Doctor Rodriguez has studied from Genesis through Revelation everything done a careful analytical study and here is the conclusion of the review one senses the edge understanding what we now hold the Adventist and unduly contrary to some naysayers even amongst ourselves thoughtful but it's too we have folks who don't believe it but when you study the Bible in context notice put in context when you study he says once in the agonist ended on jewelry is ordered by textual analysis of the biblical texts medically and I regularly before it was even published I was blessed life he doesn't have analysis shows in and I felt that the jewelry was used for different things in the Bible eight purposes and as he studied every aspect in the Old Testament in the New Testament he found out that six useful Julie's work looked down upon was spoken against you shouldn't but there were two uses of jewelry that were okay according to Scripture I know what they are we want to buy the book I'll tell you he is found just two one where jewelry was used as a means of exchange we don't nowadays hold coins it's used as money in a soft monetary jewelry was actually uses the monitor you look at how a bride wealth when you transferred money they gave jewels use and some people still do they put their money into into gold or whatever it's used as a medical exchange right money and number two bodies careful not reliable number two eight specific functional use of jewelry and so he concluded therefore that our standard is solidly biblical and therefore that he does read you one phrase here the official ever ever the zeal which has been shown to be solidly biblical Moses follows the wearing some of you might think that's not too passive this is the act of the standard worldwide and I know there are some that still struggle with this is the official view based upon our sculptural study the wearing of a simple marriage band is a symbol of faithfulness to the marriage vow and did you know this business worldwide okay I know United States as major debates on it and such persons should be fully accepted in the fellowship and service of the church that is the him for a long time that is what we as a drug test before we've said we should use mod cold sober as a matter of exchange and the wearing of a simple wedding band only those two things are the one that we are officially at the church have held now for more than a century about a hundred and fifty years has been our position that some of you might not be aware of it that is the vision I have with you I will share with you later for those that question but you know that the red end of the story is wanted to reflect on this and the hand up pieces of paper at the end because we'll be ready to listen to the story while deacons get ready for name was they'll never forget it I was a young man I met her but I realized that she was interested she was visiting me I was interested in her August that because I was blessed I said that satellite single and seriously searching just but a few have at it I was a young man I was interested in urbanized and I realized she was interested in guess what she was interested in we as Edmund is not liaison evidence that it's okay if she was interested in the Bible and I said why don't we study together and she said okay and so Bell and I began to study the Bible and I did notice she had a pair of earrings I think that she wore almost every day and of course my curiosity enough generally people were defensive Jihad Amarnath Valois you had is getting all of this is an heirloom these are my grandmother 's earrings they are very special okay thanks for letting me know now I invite I noticed you been wearing the same ones didn't say anymore when I say to her I said no I want to encourage you every day of your life make sure you read the Bible spend time in God 's word seed on the Bible at all and we began to study the Bible and read and read and read and she got fell in love with the word praise God it up she began to date and should be will one day he showed up with a Bible study I noticed those heirlooms were not honored years and I thank you and my curiosity was piqued because I knew they were precious I know he wore them all the time and I have to ask enthusiastic bell where are those precious hearings your mother and grandmother she's an old old nonchalant with all I happen to be reading my Bible and I noticed that my Bible said a woman's adornment should be an easier adornment the Christian 's life should be an inner garment not an external adornment so I took them off I stood there in semi- shock only so much because you see she had been spending time in the Bible I didn't focus on the baubles she focused on the Bible enough with our emphasis shouldn't be focusing on the jewelry but our emphasis should be focusing on the Jesus of the Bible we shouldn't be looking at the goal but rather after our God okay now I'm not saying for a moment of misunderstanding I'm not saying we should ignore it believing that the twenty three twenty feet at the Fort Worth remember when Jesus brought to the Pharisees he complained about them they were paying tithe retarding side rather on Dylan and of ignoring faith and justice that way your medical blocks and Jesus said these you should have you should continue to type objects but you mustn't ignore the site that the weightier matters you must do but don't ignore the others make sure you have your emphasis like the way your medicine from first focus on Jesus but don't simply think you can do whatever you want no focus on Jesus make sure we have our priorities right I know I said stepping on toes this evening that is the official position of us as evidence I will be challenging especially young people the reality is that if the evidence is overwhelming that searches to remain faithful to this him go but then decided to be more accommodating and so-called loving they are dying at an incredible rate one just now in Canada I went under the knife they have not estimated I have the fact year at the apartment I think they figured the search continues at the rate of decline they will have one member left one member in the year twenty sixty one that's all they have been millions of the dying because they are think let's be more loving when you become that kind of false loving you become just like the world and nobody wants to join your community because there is nothing different from the world whatsoever I know I might've stepped on toes but I hope it was a gentle stepping on toes because of this statement my life of my way of life needs to bring souls to Christ we want to challenge right now because of it quickly handouts on the deal and as the pianist plays for us a little bit here reflective gear is a challenge out of place before you tonight it says what are the top mom I want my lifestyle to reflect and draw others to Christ and everything that's important the lifestyle must enjoy chase people away we want our lifestyle to extract people to Jesus the simplicity the love the health the faithfulness we want to live as loyalists so right now right here I want you to reflect that the major appeal this evening if you want to make a checkmark there say I want my lifestyle in everything I do the way I see the way I drink the way I smile the way I greet people the way I when I do with it in my sleep habits everything I do the way I dress everything I do must reflect Christ and control others to him reflect carefully on this as you want to we encourage you write your name on their phone number and e-mail we would love to call you right with you if you want us to we want to encourage you that your life can reflect Jesus and draw people to him so that like the National Institutes of Health we will have others coming if they pay activists tell us how we can live better lives so that we get to be an encouragement to others that the purpose here this evening we want to be like Jesus all day long in the home and in the wrong the song says I would be like she says we're going to have you just think a few more moments will plate is the one more time so that you can write something down and then we're going to sing this hymn of commitment will do just the first and the last stand I would be like Jesus by the way if you have any other things you want to write on this party welcome to you might have a question a prayer request on my phone immediately you can also write it on their and that we will put our team will get together will be praying for you and for those who need immediately I will arrange with you to meet so we're going to invite you now to stand with us and at the end we when we file out we would like to encourage you to drop this on at the deacons shall we stand and sing the song I would be like Jesus will sing the first and last sentence be like Jesus this is my song in the whole and in the wrong I would be like Jesus Lord that is our prayer that is our desire that is what we want to be so others can see you through our lives forgive us Lord for when we have been leaderless thank you for your grace and your birth and Lord help us to live lovingly as true loyalists so that others will see Jesus through life and will be attracted to him our Savior and our soon coming to you these things we pray in his precious name on mad


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