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The Medium is the Message: A Grave Turn of Events

Ron du Preez



  • March 1, 2006
    12:00 PM
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yes it's good to see you high sometimes I think my wife often reminds the end of this that I said I don't think people ought to be interested in those books or whatever I just don't I didn't bring any long product to call out the examples and Jason said you must than the whole book box the books which I did and that within twenty four hours they were gone so I stayed for a praise Lord I'm I'm glad that many of you will be blessed by reading more by digging further I tried to dispute your inbox also has some of you know because the special conference the ABC by the way says the week please don't sell less than what we charge we saw baby futile fifteen dollars but at conferences we can go down that's why here we are doing selling you for ten dollars per book and even the ability to mail some more if you're interested we would like to share with you some of these wonderful biblical insights that the Lord has blessed linen are glad we can share that with you were also getting a website going this week my own website Doctor Fred Bishop is offered to help me I'm not technologically advanced so hopefully within a few days of website will be dead we can also get free materials that you are interested in sermons and other things would benefit their unwelcome backward glad we can grow together in the Lord yesterday we had an interesting time together I know it is a controversial topic some people think it is a hot topic but today is going to be the hottest topic ever you'll see in a minute yesterday my way of life needs to bring souls to Christ we decided with me my way of life needs to bring souls to Christ that's the purpose that's why we live firstly thrusting lives in God joyful lives and then we put into practice into our personal lives how we can give it everything we do we want to do for God 's glory rights to bring people to Jesus Christ before I open the word I want to pause is the moment more Lord bless now that has opened your written word it will be your words that will be revealed not mine Lord be behind the cross of Calvary so that Jesus will be seen in his name I pray I couldn't resist starting with Sharon with God 's authority of this today is going to be the hottest topic you've ever vitally listen carefully e-mail I got this one the title is simply wrong e-mail address three words wrong e-mail address a couple from Minneapolis decided to go to Florida to thought out that during one particularly icy winter night before California might not understand what that means unexpectedly from Minneapolis or Michigan we know again so they decided to do that they planned to stay at the very same hotel where they spent their honeymoon twenty years earlier the little to bring back wonderful memories because of hectic schedules it was difficult to coordinate their travel schedules so the husband left Minnesota and flew to Florida on Thursday remember the details the husband goes on the floor on Thursday his wife was going to fly down the following day Friday from Minnesota where it's cold down to Florida to fall out and enjoy time at the same place they spend a honeymoon the husband checked into a hotel there was a computer in his room so he decided to sit down and send an e-mail to his wife however he accidentally left out one letter in her e-mail address and without realizing it Eric he sent the e-mail so you can get back to work no meanwhile meanwhile somewhere in Houston a widow had just returned home from her husband 's funeral him as a pastor for many years and I'm reading from this article that I got in the e-mail it does what it says he was a minister for many years who was called home to glory following a sudden heart attack the widow decided to check her e-mail expecting messages from relatives and friends after reading the first message he fainted the widow 's son rushed into the room found his mother on the floor and saw the computer screen which to my loving wife subject I've arrived safe extreme May two thousand and two is the second giveaway but I know you're surprised to hear from you they have computers here now and you are allowed to send e-mails to your loved ones I just arrived and have been checked in I see that everything has been prepared for your arrival tomorrow looking forward to seeing you then hope your journey is as on eventful as mine PS sure is hot down here in Florida FO slide at the Israel Florida defendant of the wrong e-mail address anyway I don't even be a hot topic the hot topic indeed what is the topic for today I'm been to get to the issue of health the late amendment to start in the right place so let's open our Bibles I know there are many theories going around I thought you'd enjoy that story is eventually got to the people nasty yesterday I have a few copies of those lastly okay I'm not saying what it is little I don't find a zillion more coming arrived at the the question is what the Bible feeds on this particular issue and incidentally today and I'm in a bind because I'm in a try to have three sermons in thirty minutes and so how I've tried to go through carefully but without getting indigestion what does the Bible talk about because you know there's so much going around popular belief and as close to the windows of February two thousand and six in other words yesterday right with today's Martian welcome to wash every two thousand six Reader's Digest okay Jesse Law nine years old when her heart stopped now either twenties she says quote I was never more alive than when I was dead okay example level one number one number two fabric two thousand six Reader's Digest again possible plane crash this person sent out e-mails sent out text messages and even text message you wrote I would be watching over and and my father and my brother from heaven as of the plane crashes blinkers didn't happen she's not watching over them from above as she believes she would be doing pilgrims all pathway is not a news article does what it says people were arriving pilgrims arriving some said they had come to pray to Pope John Paul after he passed away John Edward and I had a thing on television called crossing over and here is an internationally equine site acclaimed psychic medium who can communicate with the world beyond the same time there was another guy on some other program called things went wrong I forgot what his program was called but here he was he also said he can communicate with people after they die constantly everywhere would be exactly the same message communicating with the dead end of this type of idea and then of course Harry Potter again I just read Harry Potter sees is that there is a special mirror and communicate with them and if you didn't the last of a heavy bottomed boat but about the how fast were they selling the first day that it came out the last so far with selling per hour then when it gets unable to sign for our cool two hundred and fifty thousand books per hour that's how popular Harry boundaries that first day two hundred and fifty thousand books per hour were sold day one of the last one that came out in July and of course it's saturated with and I've I've have not read the books know I borrowed them from the library at a public library one day and I just glanced at the beginning of the end I'm a little bit and sure enough says death is but humble door says as the Harry death is not the next great adventure I'm it's accurate everywhere so the question we want to ask this today because let's go back to the Bible but for a few moments in these three sermons in one and only whet your appetite I'm telling you ahead of time I'm not going to satisfy you might be satisfied with a meal you having today but you won't be satisfied with this little something to wet your appetite to get you interested to spend time further in the words to the deeper let's start at the very beginning a very good place to start and that is where Genesis go back to the book of Genesis when God created Adam and Eve how did he make them we always start at the beginning of any story it's always important to get the context to get an idea to understand what does the Bible to know what interesting as you turn in your Bibles I suggest that you agree with you the other Christian scholars who are now discovering more than Edward fudge what a book called the fire that consumes about a decade of Oracle colors like John RW Stott come to mind with these that clocked in a these are well-known writers in other than nominations were finding the same truth here in scripted and we're going to share a few with you right now Genesis October seven how did God do it need the Lord God the Lord would personally love that Jehovah God Yahweh God formed man from the dust of the ground and green into his nostrils the breath of life stop there for a moment so you have to exactly get the form of man from the dust of the ground this is added by the way and the next thing God does need reasons into his nostrils the breath of life that the life-giving work of what God has given life to amend the breath of life that's specific to the breath of life and when you have the breath of life and that dust that was formed there man became a wasps living soul a living being beverages and man became a keyword is a nifty notice that and man became a living being man became a living soul when you look at Genesis do we find in simple language two constituent parts but the dust of the earth that God formed and shaped and the breath of life that goes into the human being and man becomes a living soul interesting years ago since rebuilt like when the Titanic went down and they spoke about one thousand five hundred and twenty one people you know they said one thousand five hundred twenty one what souls were lost at sea they use the word correctly a generation or so of a hundred years ago so I am the sole interesting and that's how they used to use it over time many have moved away to a different idea but like you are so you are is so interesting the reverse happens go to the New Testament now right at the beginning would I got to the end of several courses I want to share with you a few you have to just write down because you have to reason it home but waking hours or even Berthold this process not a reversal but a corroboration on every iteration of it by James putting it this way James chapter two verse twenty six we had Genesis separate to verse seven James two verse twenty six as the body without that the Bible says Spirit River compact that is dead the body without the spirit that shake their without the spirit is dead so faith without works is dead also now the Lord spirit but we can look at it you think ha ha that is correct interesting no authorities in Greek Yuma Yuma as I went back and I thought there's another place would use the same word turn with me their second Thessalonians chapter two verse eight notice what the translators do when they get to James the user would feel my to mean spirits batting second Thessalonians chapter to notice how they translate the same word from Yuma and second Thessalonians to recite and unfortunately the way in which the translators at present the same wording different ways has caused confusion because of that look at the second Thessalonians two verse eight and the lawless one will be revealed whom the Lord will conceal him with what with the rest of this mouth you look at a Bible which has good it's the same worked with the puma obvious now the breath of his mouth interesting I went back and checked my dictionary again when you expect today that it should again make sure I get the puma lexicon blowing when wheezing breath that definition number one second definition as a condition and agent of life breath of life it is breath is not some other kind of plot it is according to the dictionary lexicon and according to the way the president as an insect that alleged oversight this is fascinating breath breath you don't interesting the satisfying than some of you might not like one of an Italian today but when you look at what the animals have guess of the animal talk although the genesis of the one it's a hard subject the comparison we aren't the same as animals know Dennis except that once the same term the city sold the living being the same term is used of animals and look at the translators are gentle on us I don't use the same word living beings Genesis everyone was twenty and God said let the waters abound with an abundance of living what living creatures if you have a little footnote mine is a footnote I think it says that souls is a little thing that it says with his creatures it says souls okay living souls and that's what the creatures of the framework they are the fish I yeah living soul and you know for another example that the one verse twenty four and if you find a different placement is give you a couple examples the sheep and the creeping things and the beasts and it says that that they let the earth bring forth the living creature error living creature living soul the animal has the same what if the net first Kai Ya same word abuse of human beings the difference is this is the difference exist God made human beings in what his own image the difference is we are made in God 's image and the animals were never given the test don't eat of the fruit okay they were never human beings have a moral sensibility animals don't have that right we have to choose between good and evil animals operate by instinct so yes there is a radical difference between us and animals however it's interesting the Bible uses the same terms on us as it does of animals we are living creatures living beings same identical language fascinating that what was according to the Bible what does the Bible say was the only one who has immortality through the first of the first of the chapter six one of the capacity of its critical path is the apostle Paul writing to Timothy and these highlighting their thumping very important first the midweek chapters six and notice what he says I want to stop verse fifteen you can read all chapter later on but here he starts talking about God in verse thirteen verse fourteen verse fifteen first Timothy six fifteen which he will manifest in his own time you is the blessed and only cultivate the King of kings and Lord of Lords God right to sixteen who alone have lots immortality only God has immortality dwelling in unapproachable light whom no man has seen or can seek speculative quickly the book of Job because that then Joe recognize the same factor that we are not immortal interesting it was God 's plan to have Adam and Eve lived from the tree of life the go to Job chapter four Job chapter four that's a forty two chapter book coming before the book of Psalms Job chapter four God initially intended for Adam and Eve to eat from the tree of life constantly showing their dependence upon him and they would continue to live but they send so let's see what Job recognize the Job for verse seventeen can a more full be more righteous than God the contrast between mortal and God he repeats the concept in the next part again for seventy ten man be more pure than his maker so Joe says there is God the maker here am I a mortal man interesting so the question is briefly when then do humans look for immortality yes before you get the win Romans chapter two fascinating fall record I used the government either neighbor ever noticed is worth I read the Bible somehow never remember ever reading this one until I was preparing to hear the message this afternoon step into an asset there is an interesting verse six and verse seven my God who will render to each one according to his deeds you know that already from other passages verse seven eternal life to those who by patient continuance in doing good seek for glory honor and immortality human beings are seeking for immortality the implication is we don't have it when do we get a good one for Pauline passage the very next book that first Corinthians chapter fifteen Paul is very clear as to when immortality constructs that I don't you confused between immortality and eternal life you know I was confused about this myself for decades Savior confused right now don't feel bad but interesting immortality is going to be given at a specific point in time and I want to point it out your comments and views of eternal life in a minute here fascinating immortality happens when first visiting verse fifty one behold I tell you a mystery I'm in a reveal a secret killing innocents we shall not all sleep will come back to that later on inevitably sleep but we shall all be changed in a moment in the dwindling of not at the last trumpet for the trumpet will sound and the dead will be raised incorruptible and we shall be changed for this corruptible must put on incorruption and this mortal must put on what immortality and when this is happening so when this corruption has put on incorruptible this mortal has put on immortality then shall be brought to pass the saying which is written death is swallowed up when will that be completely vanquished and swallowed up in between when Jesus comes then you become immortal at the last trumpet first Thessalonians four EP that the trumpet call for Thessalonians four sixteen at the last trump fascinating so that's when we receive immortality incidentally eternal life folks guess what you and I write now right here can have eternal life through Jesus Christ you believe that okay right now Jesus promises that we can accept that just but we don't become immortal unsolicited when he comes again very clear eternal life is God-given I used to confuse the two and I was confused but he promises that offers the best plus right now we could have that promise and the assurance of eternal life immortality comes at the last trump with the good of your text that support this whole biblical idea Ezekiel chapter eighteen very interesting verse two easy to eighteen and again folks today I went and checked to make sure I was going to give you material I went back not just assumed everything that I've studied many years ago I went back and checked the actual words again is the soul sure enough this is from the Scriptures easy kill eighteen verse four is a verse for you to reflect on notice what easy to eighteen verse four says behold all souls are mine who is speaking go to the story the Lord God write the soul of the father as one of the soul of the sun on his mind now notice the last part of the verse crisp words the soul that thin shell of what shall die the nest that soul will die interesting thing I want to share with you here the soul that sins will die I would which so you hundreds of times in the Bible in Greek and Hebrew but never one is the wood stove connected with the idea of immortality the immortal soul has never put together so this felt the soul that sins will die it will not live and move and live with you some examples of that now that's going to Ecclesiastes but wisemen Solomon yes he right here in the book of Ecclesiastes some very interesting material on the share with you from other places as well but the Blake Solomon puts that as he gets with the end in the he says remember your Creator chapter Ecclesiastes chapter twelve is focusing on God firstly remember your Creator in the days of your youth before the difficult days and then he goes on to verse six he repeats it remember your created before the soul cordobas per seven then when you die the dust will return to the demagogue Adam from the dust of the ground the dust will return to the earth and and now the Bible says and the spirit will return to God who gave it so I said okay well what does that say the spirit I went and checked other translations and guess what for example the review revised standard version a look at the work will go off quite as well check the dictionary I went and checked the dictionary defines love as the following rest when spirits and the NRC says the dust returns to the earth as it was and the breasts I'm going out and the breath returns to God who gave it very clear just as God breathed into Adam the breath of life when you die the dust returns and if the reverse process interesting does Joe confirm that go back to joke what is he saying that he could go thank you Joel chapter fourteen verse ten interesting information how does go see this process helped happening in the life of a person Job fourteen that it will quickly are several Masonic point at first ten Batman dies and is laid away in the deeper he did last week and where and where is he as he thinks he breathed his last that's the rule that goes out for the puma as an investment that the breast that leaves any document where does he go and he says in verse six verse twelve so man lies down and does not rise to heavens are no more they will not awake nor be roused from their sleep the Bible you would repeatedly that he says oh that you would hide me in the grade that you would conceal me unfold your glasses asks that you would appoint me a set time and remember me if a man dies shall he live again all the days of my heart service I will wait till my change comes the dose is there is a specific time I will lie in the grave in the meantime waiting until the set time we find the same happening the New Testament yes accepted to write there in that vital Pentecostal sermon listen now to the words of Peter reflecting on what happens when someone dies including someone whose name is in the hall all spiritual flame where that's found he was eleven all of Faith David for example he was Chapter 11 referring to give me off what is Peter Satan in the Pentecostal sermon of Peter speaking now about David he says this extra was twenty nine men and brethren let me speak freely to you of the patriarch David that he is both dead and buried at his tomb is with us to this day what happened to him the code was thirty four for David did not ascend into the heavens he did not easier with us in the tomb that's what he says this is Peter in the Pentecostal sermon we laid in the grave and we wait for the resurrection day but even if you ask this question that answer the question are the dead concert there are many of them right if you don't go up into the book of Psalms I wanted to read the rest later on here are the ones I wanted to write down song six verse five but noted that the hundred and fifteen through seventeen Viscount Fama fifteen verse seventeen what does the Bible say what happens when you are in the grave but you can write down phone six was five Isaiah thirty eight eighteen and nineteen Isaiah thirty eight eighteen and nineteen on our others here and share with you later if you want to some items of the verse seventeen the dead do not praise the Lord nor any who go down into lots silence so there is silence in the two phenomena and forty six three one overthrow the book of Psalms Solomon forty six was for another passage I want to share with you here one forty six verse four what does it say is the same woodruff and that the King James says what he is what is breast together DJs you noted that his breast the parts that lacked his breath the party returns to his in that very day his plans perish the revise the numbers of the King James version of many of them the new living translation puts it is different when they're breathing stops they returned to the earth and in a moment all their plans come to an end very clear one more rest Ecclesiastes ago not the one more begin to quickly get the Psalms Proverbs Ecclesiastes chapter nine I have to make sure I end up with good news at the end today I think we just have to nine verse five and verse six talk about living know they will die but the dead know how much nothing gave her six older mother hated the ending to have happen out there is never more will they have hearing the thunder is okay whatever your hand finds the dude dude with your money why for there is no work or device or knowledge or wisdom in the grade where you are going interesting over and over the stalker to talk about the sleep of the just as sweet and go with me to the words of Jesus we always want to go to Jesus language go to the book of John favorite beloved John who wrote the words of Jesus who recorded that incredible story in John step eleven when Lazarus 's friend was dying and Mary and Martha had sent for him he didn't show up in time and he does can't even see and now Lazarus is dead and Chapter 11 verses eleven reporting these things he said and after that he said to them our friend Lazarus sleeps but I go that I might wake him his disciples said Lord if you think of that well nobody was sick but notice was thirteen however Jesus spoke of what is death but they thought he was speaking about taking rest in sleep then Jesus said to them plainly what Lazarus is dead so often in the Bible the word sleep is used to member when Stephen was dying accept the seven were sixty he fell asleep the Bible says right on a few more Matthew twenty seven verse fifty two Nephi twenty seventh of the tube all of those were sleeping the greatest women when Jesus was resurrected they also came forth from their tumors first within fifteen fifty one we talked about it we shall not all sleep but we changed in a moment over and over Old Testament New Testament one more Old Testament passage Daniel chapter twelve verse two the well-known apocalyptic prophet Daniel any final chapter he makes this important point as he talks about death being asleep and adept with twelve is too many of those who sleep in the dust of the earth shall awake here's the good from everlasting life bad news some to shame and everlasting contempt interesting Daniel will be people who will be resurrected to life those who will be resurrected to shame and contempt let's now go back to the woods of Jesus because want to see what Jesus says about this that Alina want to do noticeably to put on the bio on on the board here Jesus in John chapter five John chapter five talks about these very same resurrections in the meantime this is the content that I get from the Bible talking about the people who are in the tomb the dead rest in the grave till they are raised that's what we see in the Bible over and over again the dead rest in the grave till they are right you were offended with me the dead rest in the grave so they are ready that we seek repeatedly in Scripture coincidentally so that the thirty one twenty one verse thirty also points out the same ideas of the resurrection is when we are raised let's look at what Jesus words right here John five twenty eight twenty nine Jesus says Watts twenty eight and twenty nine do not marvel at this for the hour is coming in which all who are in the graves will hear his voice and comport those left on good to the resurrection of life those what do you look to the resurrection of condemnation clearly again the other two resurrections Matthew the words of Jesus Dakota Matthew Jesus talks about those will end up in the time of the bad resurrection the resurrection to condemnation look what he says in Matthew chapter ten of that event is limited to goodness some more do not fear Matthew ten twenty eight do I fear those who kill the body but cannot kill the soul but rather fear him who is able to destroy both soul and body where in hell yes there is a hell coming now the for the twenty first then I noticed numerous of dismissing it at that hell will burn for ever and ever but hold on folks don't forget when I promise to love my wife I promise to love or what forever and I to say till death do us black it's interesting in the Bible says the six times who would forever is used about what seems that last when Jonah was there in the belly of the great feast he says I was in the belly for ever three days on a again first Samuel chapter one verse twenty two it says Samuel Selby a priest for ever before the Lord and was twenty eight said he was a priest until he died forever is used for limited these you have to look at the context always look at the context Matthew twenty five Mister Goodwin to Jesus Jesus does talk about health and uses a very specific time and today again I went and checked every Bible translation I had about fifty or twenty on my computer and I noticeably very busy I've instructed Greek on this matter twenty five is forty six listen carefully now and these the wicked will be difficult as it amended the wicked will go away into everlasting punishment methods and I look at every Bible translation not one of them says everlasting punishing interesting is a difference between everlasting punishing and everlasting punishment punishment you punished that's the everlasting punishment interesting but the righteous into eternal life as we study all of it I eventually end up with Romans chapter six verse twenty three listen to the way the apostle Paul puts it very clearly is something some of you might know by heart Romans six was twenty three and you know it safe with me Romans six was twenty three for the wages of sin is what is best but the gift of God is what eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord always Christ centered in contrast fascinating contrast she doesn't think the wages of sin is eternal death or eternal diene it says this I think there is suffering yes wait from what the Bible says some will suffer longer than others to him would much as been given much is expected that's clear but there's nothing that says you are continually burning fuses the wages of sin is death but the gift of God is eternal life contrast here between death and eternal life first John five verse eleven is the promise on a leave with you as I share with you a story about my own sister my only sister no brothers first John five verse eleven and twelve this is a testimony that God has given us eternal life and this life is in his son he who has the son has life he would does not have the son does not have what we can have eternal life right now right here immortality comes at the second coming my sister was twenty five years of age to love the Lord served it with all our heart she was a growing question yes unfortunately she worked at three job simultaneously she was raising three kids putting a husband to college and her body couldn't take it active in the church how can you hold on three jobs look at the three kids for dozens of college and be active in the church our body couldn't think it's a bit age of twenty five she had a stroke she survived the first one rusted to the hospital whilst was in the hospital death brain century in South Africa she had a second stroke she didn't survive I have sent my sister a letter I remember very vividly arriving at her funeral when somebody came to me and handed me the letter that I had sent to my sister still sealed and thing wrong I'm sorry she didn't get it Pam died before she got to read my letter of the honest I look forward to the day when I can see my sister in the kingdom the point I'm making is young people and my sister was twenty five years of base don't put off making a decision for Jesus Christ life is fragile I'm not sharing this to warn you distinct think you don't know I don't know the only opportunity we have to accept Jesus and to live for his glory is right here right now there is no guarantee that you will live five seconds after you leave the store God forbid that a truck comes by those things do happen my sister didn't expect it and she died for my thing live ready for the Lord every moment of every day live in the assurance of salvation to the assurance of eternal life that Jesus has offered to you and to me right here right now but ask him even a range of the Lord I want to live in the assurance of eternal life eternal life through Jesus Christ 's hologram of the fund have a brief prayer for you Lord you father Shiva has going up all over we want to live in the assurance of eternal life so that when Jesus does come he will grant us immortality and we could live with him through the ceaseless ages praising you for being such a merciful and loving forgiving God in the name of our imminent coming King Jesus Christ we pray amen


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