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Thy Will Be Done: Knowing and Following the Will of God

John Shin


John Shin

Physician-fellow of oncology and hematology, Mayo Clinic- Rochester, Minnesota



  • January 29, 2011
    10:00 AM
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good morning what do you think okay I think that it is good to see everyone here but some of the WordPress differently father this morning as we share this message I has a crispy with my mouth and help the worst speed to be to worsen he wants to hear heavenly father Jesus Lord how we should go about understanding what your will for each of our lives is and more portly heavenly father to distort how to obey all reasons of training event the topic for this morning is understanding how to discern and know the will of God and the title for my message is thy will be done knowing and discerning the following the will of God and I think this is a relevant topic to everyone in the room if you have ever wonder what God 's will for your life was as please raise your hand fantastic I'm glad I chose a very relevant message for everyone yesterday but the problem is I think of honest with ourselves all admin and very often we come across the problem which is where not sure what God 's will is for life section it's not a hundred percent sure what would you do but what personal wouldn't it be nice if God would speak to us and say a pillar of fire and cloud became down one day and he said this is my will for you and you spelled out clearly wouldn't that be nice it would take all the guesswork out of it how would it change your life if God came down and he granted you of all the people in this world granted you attend many interview in which you could ask him anything you wanted and your guarantor direct response what would you ask him for more poorly one of his answers du jour life what ramifications with a half if you told you for instance that the job you currently working is not the job he wants to be working would it make the decision easy to quit your job of course if he told you the person you're dating right now is not the one I have intended for you would it make it a little easier to go through the pain painful process of separation with that certainty of knowing that God himself told you this is what I want you to do which you find it easier to obey ask yourself the question what with the ramifications be so the question is does God still speak to us in that way today is it possible to share God 's voice in such a clear and distinct manner because often resource in the Bible of how great men of faith like Abraham and Moses on this is tremendous things for Lord but I know that there are many times when I read those stories myself if I had the privilege of hearing God 's voice the way they heard his voice I can do similar things to the housing got hold it against me if the signals not coming through as clearly and so I'm confused as to what is willing at any of you felt that way perhaps there's a comedian who once said why is it that when we talk to God were sent to the brain but when God talks to us was that the schizophrenic is could be done more often than not we don't hear the voice of God in our lives because we don't actually expect to hear a response from Donna when you pray you really believe in your heart of hearts that someone out there is listening and that you listen carefully enough you will hear what he has to say to you do you actually believe that that's what the Bible has to say about whether it's possible to hear gods voice turn with me to John chapter ten it will be reading verses one through five John chapter ten twenty five it says truly truly I say to you who does not enter by the door into the fold of the sheep but climbs up some other way he is a thief and a robber but he who enters by the door is the shepherd of the sheep to him the doorkeeper opens and the sheep hear his voice and when he calls his own sheep by name and leads them out and he calls his own sheep by name and leads them out to listen to this verse four when he puts forth all his own he goes ahead of them and the sheep follow him because they know his voice a stranger they simply will not follow a fleet from him because they do not know the voice of strangers according to this passage friends it's not only possible to hear the voice of God in our lives if we call ourselves Christians it is expected of us to recognize his voice because it is by the recognition we are to follow so the question remains how do we hear the voice of God in our lives while we start by seeing what is revealed of his will and his written work let me reframe quick succession of passages and rather than trying to turn follies just listen and see and catch a common theme in all of these verses I would start Romans twelve verse two and do not be conformed to this world but be transformed by the renewing of your mind so that you may prove what the will of God is that which is good and acceptable and perfect first Peter four one into therefore since Christ has suffered in the flesh arm yourselves also with the same purpose because he has suffered in the flesh has ceased from sin Celestine lived the rest of the time in the flesh no longer for less than men but for the will of God Colossians one nine ten for this reason also since the day we heard of it we have not ceased to pray for you and to ask that you may be filled with the knowledge of his will in all spiritual wisdom and understanding so that you will walk in a manner worthy of the Lord to please in all respects bearing fruit in every good work and increasing in the knowledge of God keep your commenting in his text regarding the will of God yeah maybe do one last verse to crystallize for you first Thessalonians four verse three for this is the will of God your sanctification our initial problem in discerning God 's will is ever focused on the wrong things in life were primarily concerned about our decisions are education decisions regarding her education or career or spouse in God 's primary concern primarily concerned about her character he wants to conform us to the image of his son we are concerned about what we should do is concerned about we become to see a little tension here and will disconnect so God is primarily concerned with our sanctification what is sanctification this is one of the terms of the church wherever not careful we thought around very loosely without fully defining and explaining it to people come into with preconceived notions which may or may not be correct but choosing the petition is candidate messages get through so I would dig into nature of what is sanctification the Greek word used for sanctification in the New Testament of how Theophilus and it conveys it is it it conveys the meaning of personal dedication to the interest of God holiness consecration being set apart sanctification first drink dance one thirty six this book by his doing you are in Christ Jesus who became to us wisdom from God and righteousness and sanctification and redemption and we noticed a look as to five it says let this mind be in you which was also in Christ Jesus sanctification my friends is a process of becoming more like Christ being set apart to do the will of God to execute it perfectly ultimate sanctification is to become Christ like that is what the Bible means Christ is our example just as Moses builds the sanctuary according to the pattern shown to him from the mountain we are to build the Temple of our lives according to the pattern revealed to us in Christ listen to disclose and desire raises page two oh nine Israel had chosen their own ways they had not billed according to pattern but diced but true temple for God 's indwelling molding every detail of his earthly life in harmony with God 's ideal he said I delight to do thy will O my God EA and law is within my heart so our characters are to be building for an habitation of God through the Spirit and we are to make all things according to the pattern even him who suffered for us leaving us an example that you should follow his steps the words of Christ teach that we should regard ourselves as inseparably bound to our father in heaven whatever position we are dependent upon God who holds all destinies in his hands he has appointed us our work and has endowed us with the faculties and means for doing that work now listen so long as we surrender to the will of God and trust in his strength and wisdom we shall be guided in safe paths to fulfill our appointed part in his great plan I friend sanctification is a journey it's not an event but the best part is that in this journey the moment is start down the road God considers you sanctify it is not when he reached he and because we know all to think impeachable until we had a pleasant reunion with God in heaven cracked but the moment you decide them only purpose in your heart that this is a journey I want to take and you set your foot on the road sanctification God considers you sanctify sanctification is about the banks of the heart is not about the outward adherence to a set of rules Psalms fifty one a song that were all familiar with David penned these words he said this he says in verse sixteen seventeen for you do not delight in sacrifice otherwise I would have given you are not pleased with burnt offerings the sacrifices of God our broken spirit a broken and contrite heart O God you will not despise when David wrote these words he was not perfect by any stretch of imagination she had just been exposed as having committed the vilest of things by Nathan the prophet and yet God considered dated a man after his own heart because David was still quick to make his heart right with God again so knowing God 's will regarding questions such as what line of work you should go into who to marry these are very important questions and you should seek out answers but these things are of secondary importance to God please please understand that if nothing else my message understand that these are not a primary concern to God finding answers in these areas of life is the root of knowing God 's will but it's not the root the root is for you are the fruit is what you do please listen very closely this is the most important statement I'll make this whole message if you become the person God wants you to become you will do what God wants you to do you will inevitably fulfill the will of God in your life if you become the person the Lord has set in his plans need to be from the very beginning sanctified heart to God so sanctification must precede occupation whether that occupation is your work or your occupied with this preoccupied the decision of a spouse when education or any other decision before you sink occasion must proceed occupation so let's go with this exam no other career he can be working in a job that God wants us to be working in it gives it it's very possible that the work that you're doing right now is indeed the work that God had intended for you to do since the foundation of the world but listen closely but if you're doing a job on sanctified heart you are not fulfilling the will of God we can see this an example of King Saul how obvious was God 's calling for the vocation saw Israel's first King unprecedented scandal himself anointed his head with oil salt had all the earmarks of having been divinely chosen by God to be the first king of Israel when he was King he had any doubt as to what God 's will was for his life in terms of a career not at all but when Saul theirs became a point or something changed the bank to solve hard and she fell out of favor with God and God chose for himself a man of his own heart replace all when that moment came did matter the salt was working the job but not wanting to work not at all was he walking in God 's will not at all not subsided since even if you working as were so using the example of a career even if you're working in a job today and may not be God 's ultimate goal for you in terms of a career if you if you purposed it in your heart to serve God you can be assured that your walking as well and that you will eventually lead you to what he wants to be is in a reassuring thought he eliminates no we won career God wants you to be in but if this very moment in this very moment in your purpose in your heart to serve the Lord with all your heart all your might on your soul you can be assured one hundred percent and walking as well isn't that a wonderful reassuring thought and that as long as he stayed in that state of connection with him he will need you to do things you wanted to do with your life in Matthew thirteen in Matthew five or thirteen Jesus calls us what the salt of the earth now this is a very interesting illustration that he uses to describe us before salt can be used for human consumption you know what has to be done he just takes all the ocean I just use it in a dish right away no salt must first go through purification process before it's fit for human consumption sanctification is God 's means of purifying us before we are fit to do the work of God if we focus our attention on the decisions that we have to make in life without first seeking to sanctify our hearts to God we become unfit to his work because we become like uncured five salt and wants to be used for food purified salt will enhance any dish that was closely purified salt will enhance any dish true into her salt will really every dish matter what we do we cannot hope to fulfill God 's will for our lives in our hearts are not sanctified but when our hearts are fully devoted to Lord people become his hands and feet where ever we are whatever we do and then so then how do we obtain sanctification if this is so important how do we obtain this there's a wonderful quote in desire of ages page six under sixty eight it says as Christ lived a long humanity so we may do if we will take hold of the strong force strength we are not to place responsibility or duty upon others in wait for them to tell us what to do we cannot depend for counsel upon humanity the board will teach us are doing just as willingly as will teach somebody else if we come to him in faith he will speak his mysteries to us personally our hearts will often burn within us as one draws ninth commune with us as he did with you and listen carefully those who decide to do nothing in any line that will displease God will know after presenting the case before him just what course to pursue and they will receive not only wisdom and strength power for obedience score service will be imparted to them as Christ has promised the knowledge of God 's will and the strength to obey it comes only to those who first purpose in their hearts to do nothing in any line please God nothing in any line don't displease God song sixty six verse eighteen says if I regard iniquity in my heart the Lord will not hear me Isaiah fifty nine two six but your iniquities have made a separation between you and your God and your sins have hid his face from you so that he does not hear it we want to know God 's will in our lives we must eliminate all known sins from our lives if I think of that something in my life is displeasing to God and I don't act on a conviction that I cannot expect to know the will of God in my life why it's only fair right if I'm not obeying God 's will in this area which is convicted me why should I expect me to obey anything else has tell me I am not qualified to receive further knowledge of what God wants me to do if I'm not already acting on that which is what he told me plainly through the Holy Spirit and convicted me so it is very important that we eliminate all known sin storylines airlines and here's the thing God is faithful and he could pray to him and asked him Lord if there is anything in my life is displeasing to you today please revealed to me he will reveal to the things that he wanted to change to draw closer to him so he can have a clear communication which is them sustained dedication house and achieved sanctification is achieved by getting our hearts and lives right with God through the confession of sins in my trust in Christ to give us victory over sin by molding us into his image were not doing this alone it's not inevitable is not to be by my efforts of your efforts that we achieve sanctification but with the promise of victory over sin Christ we can sanctify before God amen what a blessed promise what a blessed hope so let's say that you sanctified your heart to God and now you're confronted with a very important decision in your life and you want to know what God 's will is in the not now what do you do all the pieces are in place if you let your mind with God you're not convicted of anything which are rebelling against the Lord and you have this monumental decision yet to make what you do to get the answer from God how likely is it a Silicon Valley cloud and speak to you or set the bush in front of your house on fire and sticky I'm not probably not Sven was introduced to be assured that we will receive guidance in these matters is a story of a woman who lived in Ireland who had a very strange habit every morning she would come out of her village and should walk out of the village runner ends for the day the road leading out of the village voice came to Fort and when she got to the porch and have a walking stick and she thought the second year and would manage to look at the stick and the continue on our way our neighbor would see her do this every day he got soldiers someone to stop delaying he asked him to ask what are you doing when every more Eucharist in the air and you look at the stick before you have on your way and she said well this is my divining stick with this fork in the road I thought the stickup in the air and whichever way lands whichever path points to the path I think so the man said what he thought to himself some very strange way to determine which way to go but makes you happy you know nothing of it one morning he looks out the window and sees the lady at the fork in the road she's sure enough she socialistic also but this time she picks up exposing again in Michigan the patient was again and she keeps doing this finally comes out and he says all is a divine Rod Bigelow ambiguous is going what's going on in the lady was very frustrating since she's the veteran is just as well I wanted to let the festivities going right and couldn't be that this is what we often do we pray to God could be doubled where asking him to reveal his will to us we already have our hearts set on what we are going to do John seven seventeen says if anyone is willing to do his will night I gloss over that quickly if anyone is willing to his will he will know the teaching whether it is of God or whether I speak from myself to discern divine messages the prerequisite is that you must first be willing to do the will of God so often we pray and we try to interpret our impressions in our circumstances and we are unsure as to whether they are evidences of God 's leading or simply a result of our overactive imaginations we pray the Lord what is your will regarding this matter my life and then you spend the rest of the day looking for signs as to what as well as you're not sure if that just means such as coincidence when making things up which is really God 's leading God promises that we will be given the ability to discern his voice in the sea of noise and confusion all around us if we want nothing else but to do as well otherwise will be lost and his message will be lost in the noise around us and we won't be to discern which voice is his testimonies going five page five eleven success until you have the resolution to obey God 's will you cannot have his guidance statement strong statement you cannot have his guys until you are resolved before hand to do this well this my friends is the greatest obstacle to knowing the will of God in our lives George Mueller once said this and this is a wonderful quote he says I seek at the beginning to get my heart in such a state that it has no will of its own in regard to give matter nine tenths of the troubles with people is generally is just here nine tenths of the difficulties are overcome when our hearts are ready to do the Lord 's will whatever it may be open one is truly in the states is usually but a little weights and always what his will is this calmness of mind this having no will of my own in the matter this only wishing to please my heavenly father in it this only seeking his and not my honor in it this state of heart I say it's a fool 's assurance to me that my heart is not under a fleshly excitement and that it helped us to go on I shall know the will of God to the full he says the calmness of mind the results from knowing that you wish only to please your heavenly father is the greatest assurance that you will know the will of God to time and remember friends it's not in your time in his time and when your heart is set on on following the will of God no matter what it may be and when the right moment comes in if you have the patience to wait on the Lord you will know exactly what his will is regarding any matter set forth that is a promise God requires fool in total surrender of our wills to him ninety nine percent is not good enough Jeremiah twenty nine thirteen what to say you will seek me and find me when you search for me with part of your heart all of your hearts you must seek and you will expect to find not just as you saw because he sought with all your heart is that how we see God 's will minister healing pages four eighty and four eighty one since many who profess to be Christ followers have an anxious trouble hard because they are afraid to trust themselves with God they do not make a complete surrender to him for they shrink from the consequences of such a surrender may involve unless they do make the surrender and they cannot find peace worry is blind and cannot assert future but Jesus sees the end from the beginning in every difficulty he has his way prepared to bring relief no good thing will he withhold from them that walk up rightly our heavenly father has a thousand ways to provide for us of which we know nothing those who accept that please listen to this those who accept the one principle of making the service of God supreme will find perplexities vanish in a plain path before to be fully surrendered to God and his will means that we must be fine with any option set before us when you pray it's a boy what is your will regarding this decision have to make any single or I can either go with a musical in the ascendancy the EFG beset all the options before him with a board once or well are you truly fine if the Lord takes any of the options spread enforcement or are you really saying heavenly father what is your will have illegal for a exodus be able to have had a long talk and I'll be first in man than more often than not when I pray I have a gut feeling which one I'd like okay but the hardest part is to indeed knowledge me in the face of that feeling disabling I will be done honestly Lord even though I really want to go left becoming to go right I promise to go right just make it clear to me what you want me to do this is the way we need to pray we pray to the Lord to reveal his will to us so far too often we just forgot to reveal his will when we know deep down inside of reporting made up our minds in this sense we need to take a lesson from the life of Abraham into trucks and profits page one twenty six it says it was no light test that was thus brought upon Abraham no small sacrifice those required of them they were strong ties to bind him to his country his kindred in his home but he did not hesitate to be the call please listen here because is very convicting for me as well she had no question to ask concerning the land of promise whether the soil was fertile and acclimate helpful whether the country offered agreeable surroundings and would afford opportunities for amassing wealth God had spoken and a servant must obey the happiest place on earth for him to be was a place where God would happen to be the happiest place for Abraham to be less to live in the center of God 's will bring these are the Microsoft that it doesn't matter what you're doing it doesn't matter who you are doing aware it doesn't matter what your circumstances are as long as you have knowledge that assurance that you were in the center of God 's will is all you need for happiness in this life he said we need to stay in that frame of mind if we are to ever know the will of God for lives as far as Abraham was concerned she was fine with living in a new land as long as he knew that it was God 's will for him to be there so has been the options before the Christ we must be willing to accept any of them our greatest desire must be to know and to do God 's will not to receive affirmation of a decision that would coordinate the ultimate example of being fully surrender to the will of God comes in the example of Christ when he was in the Garden of Gethsemane in Luke twenty two verse forty two Jesus says he is in the throes of his most bitter anguish when the weight of the sins of the entire world of all of humanity is pressing upon his shoulders Christ prayer to God is extremely revealing he praised father if you are willing remove this cup from me yet not my will but yours be done did Christ have a personal predilection just because of its human nature of which option he wanted he said father if it's possible please take this cup from me we pray to God and we have all the options lined laid out in front of them is a long feel an inclination to one or the other because it might be an easier way out is not wrong to feel that Christ felt that he had a sense of self-preservation because he was human he said if there's any other way please take this cup from me over the way he and that prayer is a is a pivotal importance is his but not my will yours be done this is our example where I wanted to us I went to share with you my testimony of how I came here to Loma Linda I'm currently a first-year medical student but I would not be here today it wasn't for God prior to this just two years ago I was working as a patent examiner at the US patent and trademark office Alexander Virginia and I was well on my way to quit law school and I had long ago took any idea of medicine out of my mind then in May of two thousand and eight my father became diagnosed with brain cancer and for the next five months I basically lived in a hospital taking care of him else in our hospital and I got to see the best and worst sides of medicine during that time but to make a long story short in October of two thousand and eight my father passed away for free to rest but through the process she really reignited passion in my heart to look at medicine again so after my father passed away I started being a book ministry of healing and it was by reading the book I felt so convicted the medicine was my calling for my life I can't not want me to continue to work as a patent examiner but what I do can I just jump ship and is going to the medical school application process it's been three years since I taken any science courses all my teachers have gotten me however remember any of the seven material whole litany of excuses of why I cannot apply to medical school came up before me but I told the Lord I said is you want me to go to medical school show me and opened doors for me so in faith I begin the application process and in faith I apply to high range of schools twenty some schools some of you in here may be able to relate the very expensive process I had actually taken the MCAT when I graduated back in two thousand six and a lot of the schools still accepted my old MCAT score and it was it was decent it was enough to get me to be competitive for most schools but the only school I wanted to apply to that date except my MCAT score can guess which letter was this fine institution right here is the only school of interest in applying to that except my MCAT scores for the ritual by six months no less so my knee-jerk reaction was well I guess Lord as well as another loan lender makes a very easy but I couldn't help shrug off the feeling in my stomach that John mean you're not getting got their chance reveal his will to you if you're not applying to the school that at one point used the textbook the book that you're reading at this textbook in its curriculum the ministry of healing which convicted you to go into medicine the first Place Loma Linda at its inception use as his text message on how can you truly say that you are giving God a fair chance to choose your school for you if you don't but Loma Linda and running fifty five Ms. attitude and had again and if I do that if I didn't like it a lower score then all bets are off and here I feel deep within my heart were surfing with the vigil so after much him in high I wrestled with this week 's I finally said board under the creek my job and in a few months I have left office study like crazy free MCAT amputated again and what happens is completely in your hands so I told my boss including he was shocked I quit my job with no guarantee that I be doing well I started studying free and can and freeze the Lord as I was studying students practice exams I was scoring higher than the score I have received back in two thousand six on these practice tests and always like the Lord this is confirmation to me that truly your beatings are enabling what if you are with me there's nothing I cannot do I'll go all the way so I was feeling really good to give exempting MCAT it was the hardest test far harder than any of the practice exams I've taken up to that point but all throughout the test .com assurance you get when you know that the Lord 's hand is on you it's difficult when you realize the power hired in yourself is guiding this process back home assurance again that's what enveloped me all from exam and I let that example knowing that it was most difficult test but confident in knowing that whatever reason whatever the result the Lord 's hand was in I got the score back it was the lowest score I've ever received practice or real boost for the standard deviation lower in the average which are doing great and with that grade without MCAT score every one of the schools I applied to basically laugh my application to the garbage can except Loma Linda him and so before our competitive for all these goals except Loma Linda because the government can't score tracks again Callaghan second time it was even Loma Linda or bust size of the Lord this is a really interesting position of being called try not to sound desperate I called him and I said we can expect to hear from you guys either ways really like to know a lady with my application she said oh looks like you finish up patiently you can expect to hear from us may be eye-opening of January and this was October -ish and sources to more waiting November eighteen and too much utter shock in the mail was an invitation to interview at Loma Linda months before my point in time and they were squeezing me in right before Thanksgiving for thanks giving sites that you want it's a horrible time to fly under the undergrad so went there thinking that holiday must have stuck me in with the left overs for this one session by mail landlord I'm going to take it anywhere I can get it now was the interview I found out to my complete bewilderment that this was the first interview session of the season where they only ask the applicants that they feel best about coming an interview and I talked everyone else thereafter like lactation application back in June July but you three weeks ago so that made me say hi maybe the Lord 's hand is in this I went on my interviews they went well my largest student who interviewed me at faculty and a faculty member it was well until the very and I said something that didn't sit right with him was regarding my philosophy of medicine because just going out there my father received no chemotherapy and radiation because we believe that his states it would have done more harm than good and we believe that chemotherapy radiation in many cases is not the best modality for cancer Solaris said that this unit obviously did not agree with my philosophy of medicine and so she was just peppering with moral ethical dilemma questions and walked out of the interview with mixed feelings you know the first part went so well the last part is not so well and I prayed and I said Lord I did the best I could your will be done in the waiting began and we know how fun that is running the waiting began and I said Lord I can only see my life when one of two ways at this moment is either medicine or ministry did you close the door to medicine heavily father obligor 's ministry for you so just so I can cover all bases and because I know that God canst your parked car I applied to the amazing fact that evangelism because they would have a session right in the interim time such that I can attend antifungal except meds life is still attended school from fall so this was in December I applied to Apco and then I went to ask on January and January came around and I have phone call with the nine oh nine number I learned to love that area go to him and him and I missed the call and in the end the lady left a message single exotic colors back to the admissions office and you and make schools cannot call students to let them know that even rejected him defend you that's my envelope in the mail that anyone so I was about to call my mother and my family and save it happen clean is the notion return as ladies golfers called back to the topic is so much for calling back at the gas what's the news is that while Johnson are important we wanted to come in for another round of interviews was flabbergasted and I said things in my grittier and you want me to come in for another round of interviews so I decided after go so I told his two people there and I had to book the next to get out to Ontario two thousand Sacramento Ontario went on another round of interviews this tenderness around the student at two positions interviewing me for over three hours they grilled me on my philosophy of medicine at and I don't blame them because I'm sure fundamentalist wackos on radar was on full swing what is also prescribed water oregano tell my patients before I went into the interview I knew I was been called back and so I pray to God and I said Lord show me some things drama sickness drop my dealings with my father and you reveals need something of what you are methods of healing include helping to stand up for these principles but to do so with gentleness and respect and I don't want to say what they want me to say to get in Lord if I stand up for principles espoused in the ministry of healing and that rejects me from Loma Linda that's a clear sign to me that it's a ministry for me and not medicine so I went in there with a prayer and when those three hours are over both physicians at separate times illegal it is a wonder to behold seizure next year and felt locked out of the interview feeling like a positive songwriting of the Greenland running inside praying a prayer of thanks and I felt so good in the waiting began again no matter how clearly God reveals to you but he's pleased with you give it some time get some silence and see how you feel after a few weeks that gnawing pit of anxiety my stomach this was the last chip that he needed before they can make a decision on my case and Summit Asko and SUVs twenty two weeks as a weeks would enter into months I started wondering why need to take his final worker training classes a little more seriously maybe God really is saying there can be going to ministry and I knew that I wanted medicine clipboard how can you convict me about medicine so much and suddenly having a U-turn at last mangled all this pain equipment job and music MCAT it would've been so much easier to just go directly into ministry widest system roundabout route down never forget February eighteen humor was the first day of outreach for us at Apco and a class of forty four on train went behind your students descended on the city of Sacramento for three hours to knock on doors without knowing what we're doing on the wings of prayer that's it to ask about studies we went out there and we had so much prayer the Internet event in three hours our class of forty four untrained but highly zealous for the Lord students obtain over a hundred and sixty five on Sundays three hours in Sacramento and tonight we reconvene and we were sharing testimonies of how God had orchestrated divine appointments for each one of us and were singing hymns hearing testimonies and I went late into the night and it was a highlight of my apical experience I woke up the next morning I kneeled on my bed I support I am so sorry for insisting in my heart you choose medicine for the work I now realize that it doesn't matter what I'm doing as long as I can feel as clearly as I did yesterday that you are using me to touch lives I couldn't care less what I do I could be a possible worker I could be a pastor I could be a janitor not the technology enters the physician I could be anything you want me to be heavenly father those are just the details what truly matters my father is that I know that you are pleased me and that you are using me in whatever position I find myself a blessing to those around me Lord I don't care if Loma Linda never calls me back I have fulfilled my desire for this life by accepting you with my proportion and I'm happy today and for the first time in my life I pray that prayer and augmented for the first time in my life actually gave give my options before Lord and I said I know I want medicine Lord but it doesn't matter anymore use me where you can best see fit from user and I have the best emotion of my life went to lunch that day happy as could be ten when the lunch ended my friends I would gather together the same group prayer and in the middle that prayer must follow enough I forgot to put on silent so I scrambled to show the Gnostic muscle timings if someone was calling at this hour I thought hit me assess Loma Linda and him and him off and on my mother 's is probably wanting to him finish the prayer and I want to get my hopes up so I look at my phone with call nine oh nine number him and analysis of voice message is docked in Iraqi on John Oliver Sadat near Adi at the Loma Linda school of medicine could you please give me a call back whenever you can it's very important I looked at that and I thought to myself third interview back and at this point I'm not expecting anything and sure enough says John think you were calling back I just want to let you know you can accept the tour school of medicine it was at that moment that I knew that the Lord had opened the door to medicine for each me and my friends do think it's a coincidence that the board did get a phone call on the day when I got on my knees and for first time really gave everything up to the Lord was a coincidence all my heart I don't believe so and he says now your ready to be a physician from our part so what I like to say is you may have a decision to wrestling with in life you may be seriously seeking God 's will because this decision is so important to when you were unsure of what God 's will is sanctify your heart and first don't be concerned about the outcome of your decision be concerned first about your relationship with God duties are to be conformed to the image of Christ above all things and once you've done that you really are you really prepared to accept God 's will for you what decision he makes are you willing to accept the following just for the sheer desire of pleasing the Lord if those answers are yes and you've met those requirements he assured the Bible tells us that you will have the knowledge of God 's will in due time the strength and your heavenly father we thank you so much for molding us for shaping us informing us Lord through our life experiences to learn how to trust new more heavily funny thing to protect in such a personal interest in our lives that you seek to let us know when your will for life is as we learn to listen to your voice and followed more closely heavenly father I ask you please sanctify her hearts it is right with you and teach us Lord to trust and obey voicings of greenery and


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