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The Experience of Surrender

Magda Rodriguez


Magda Rodriguez

President, Ouachita Hills College



  • December 31, 2010
    11:45 AM
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him him for this message was presented in GUI C two thousand ten no turning back conference in Baltimore Maryland for other resources like this visit us online and GUI seemed lead time for Lori and I was so excited and mom I always are looking for a thirty year when we come to a life free and I feel like the antibiotic we are in fire when we see you when your energy on your desire to serve the Lord on your commitment it also help the step up every single year in our relationship with God I need to share with you the morning five years and all in a shot I know definitely what we hot I feel like being two thousand and five my life was completely change on the morning I'm all that I need sharing deep experience with you that the impact your life to I would like to start the morning with a word of prayer argumentative father I just want to thank you for everything that you have done in my life Monday morning I want out for you Holy Spirit to give me their words they share than incredible things that you can't help me to overcome an incredible experience that you have been giving them to me in my experience with you in Jesus name we pray amen you know when Michael and I thought that God our Savior and Keno bar life that happened still years after we get married we do so many branches to that brought you are cleaning the happiness of our life I not been raised by their elitist environment where many idea about God about Christianity work on using the name of I received not life from God on all not in my mind got been a bit finally I was able to the dog loving friend finally might be the delight became full feeling of meaningful I was so excited to share with everybody what got been shown to me actually I started on iPod boxes all about the great controversy on the desire of ages I learned what amnesty was all about I went door-to-door knocking on door just for the opportunity of not selling their Google actually seeing a family theater is for me for being from people at the top Bible studies my mother and I started having Bible studies every Saturday afternoon when our neighbors it was an incredible experience I even remember one time when we wear and doing some groceries shopping dining on any Windows might have been snaked their cashier and I felt bad I think that you know the visiting current evil we had so many being credible magazine with so much information that can transform people 's lives why not be those magazine fear and to make a long story short lively players every single grocery store and every fireman in Perrigo had all those magazines in their pricier area God for whatever reason he use my desire to share what you have shown swimming but after a couple of years Michael is retired and we refer you to do something completely different I always dreamed to be a businesswoman I do want to vibration leading their strategy or have some sort of business he was not clear in my mind where God was leading me within but I knew one thing I wanted to be a businesswoman I thought to myself why not work in equipment and wild and share God went on a people they are but let me tell you my desire to serve God was deal with self-confidence and self dependence and even pride I was completely ignorant to the regional dangers that I was going to face in the corporate world I needed God more than ever but I was ignorant of that fact when God grants us in education and even when we feel completely adequate to jump and sever the Lord we sometimes forget the fundamental reality of life in our Christian walk that it is not by my not by power but by my spirit says the Lord of hosts back arrive for six but I will share with you my experience in the corporate world was incredible I never had trouble with my convictions every single person that I work with they knew that I connect this somewhat they knew that I did not drink any alcohol they knew that I was vegetarian he was really not difficult for them to affect me at all that with all the people vehicle twenty second this too also there were people that were a bit honey mocha Realty that were vegetarian that where many people that I work with that where family-oriented and health-conscious who did not drink any alcohol I then did really well with a migrating the corporate world I was prepared to face challenges my conviction I was ready to stand for those but to my surprise I then did really well with my environment I saw this sense of mission of sharing God in the workplace I started to focus on my professional development on performance my performance into business for brought me a lot of recognition and started to climb the corporate ladder by giant that every year according to corporate strategy the bottomless raise to keep me challenge frequently I was received into my work and hefty bonuses that made me feel respected on one that leadership and garnished me by all planning opportunities for me to every year and a half to work in different functions within the organization like marketing finance human resources I see the illegal they wanted me to be able to be a well-rounded leader every single time I was able not only to learn very quickly what's with selling my performance into competitive corporate while success is measured in terms of dollars that you are able to bring either a fading Re: revenue one five ten twenty fifteen million dollars and was when I was I remember like today many times to date on nights being in a meeting room when executives felt there any face and present the results in developing business strategy I realize how close I was to these people we really mind signing credit of violence I learned to read yes unable to reach their heart I was overwhelmed by defends self unfaithfulness to my Lord I cannot be needed to get out of the specious cycle that was the main and healthy studies that once you get to circumvent awaiting your organization you are try it is like being in a call not having time to even think how to get out of that business cycle this sense of emptiness of a well-meaning you have no idea there were moments when I knew that God was calling me out about life but I was not ready to make any visitation yet it that will require me to make this speech and that I was not ready to make the rendering to God the dream of my life to become a successful businesswoman was something that I was avoiding I wanted to try so hard and so high but it was impossible to serve two masters that refund on this site to live or play well that people do not like to talk about it in the personal sacrifices required to keep up with it hits eighty months from the job being in the off effect three four o'clock in the morning to be able to read and reply to so many e-mails before the stock body and leaving my work on nine ten o'clock on nine there were even many for a few weeks when I would work 3M four days in a row we know sleeping or eating hobby you really got me into a place by myself with actually impacted greatly in one of those experiences I can embed in intensive care when my life Chris then I was amazed of losing my voice I took illegal file then I really needed time to think through what was going on to be able to put everything together on the times for me and our professional that would help me to get back into my speed he was a Christian health professional but the most amazing thing happened one day I went to be good to see a softy enough I was talking to him he told me they will call me Maria my name is Maria my building an event Maria are you sure this is your calling you know when I heard those words I found an excellent way heard and confused but I never went back to and I was not ready to face that I got point in my life I felt that I was feeding the rock-bottom they could think of feeding rock-bottom is that there is no other way but I think the question that he asked me was the beginning of my journey to understand God 's will for my life I want a really means to work for God it was not easy I need to share with these with you it was not easy to figure things out but God was on my side even when I didn't even feel it sometimes drastically I started making some adjustments and focus on getting my health back I even got a running start arriving even marathons I enjoy that so much I found out that the helpmeet to relieve my stress but one morning at five o'clock in the morning when everything was dark in California it was called he was the I remember running I heard you can have only found on the describing the lobby some of you had that experience before that told me still or render your time me my life it's done more made by defendants of these present weep tears in my eyes I remember stopping and giving up I gave everything to mean for the first time in my life this sense of freedom that I felt was deemed credible in our accretion will it is one thing to know the truth and share with the author that this country and I felt with incredible idiotic question what it is one thing to know the truth and get excited about sharing the good news with honors that all we'd all be trying to design these theories in the world is interesting to share some good news but it is a problem please defriend saying to surrender completely to God dotting all the battle itself that is the great controversy that each one of the needs to face the general later I've got going I found that surrendering every after surrendering everything to gain I really believe that God was that it was my job I was just at that point I just went home I don't know expecting a miracle or something I thought God was that the something so extraordinary to take me out rabbis but you know that's not God operating procedure that reality was that success continue combing my way that year I was elected up one of the top one hundred employees in a pump money on more than thirty thousand employees him to change somehow I got going I was minded pending on gone by with a able to set my boundaries in my heart I was journeying journey to share God with all others but I failed completely only lead on inadequate I didn't even know where to start I remember I started to pray for Michael workers and their company leadership I thought that was a good place where to start I felt a sense of responsibility towards then but unable to reach out to them I've got going on was when I decided to get more involved with outreach in the community I started submitting Serbian mentor for students at public school and we all decided to Berkeley debating some mission trips I remember going to let me send drip with my cup of Earl on when you bought found on she immediately wanted to going get something farming so she went to a store and bought like a dog large one of those lollipops that caught the ball as he bought on this event I just gave it to me when I look at her iPod agency not open to children and Veronese sure glad I did same time I just realized that her heart was touched and that she wanted to be part of that experience there is one thing that I have learned that tonight I will love to share these with you you know it sharing pride in their work environments sometimes it is not easy but I will share with you what I have learned where the starting point is I will tell you one thing therefore critical things that you need to have number one is excelling in your work aspirations we should not set up for anything but excellent in one weekend we also it should Messieurs Matt Harding Sandra Dee in they are not in you know I was sharing a minus seventy nine they correct price is that we hop in the corporate world waiting for everything did you know that an average of nine dollars great week at the employee bathroom products average nine dollars per day per employee that is about two thousand dollars grant by employee and three year now home about you know the bomb in a way that you can never imagine just small things like fraud like tardiness like job hoping having another employee pointing lunch in or out from that for them taking all of these supplies for personal use unauthorized use of main turn it using the company e-mail for personal use leaving work early all you need to take to take I don't know that I stay off the know what you think that these one careless then I'd work you know there are many small things that we do that in fact what we have to stay and share with them and I will tell you one thing I find mention excellent integrity therapy still authors and you know what humbleness leadership do not need so much criticism they need prayer I need to work on the church a working data in the world also those are sold that God is calling you to be shot but going back to my experience with my not that fear and found out to my post on a nine to learn more about the self-supporting self-supporting ministry on all of the work that they are doing the share price by where we came from very little I realized that I was so excited about the work that we did here I came with an mindset that mean by that I need to work hard and I needed to work harder be glad to give me see they need financial support that was a great way to work for God you know what God wants were completely different the same year and two thousand and five month old man and I were invited to prompting he was being sent on the Lebanese the wheat when not having any idea what to expect they only thing that I knew it was that I carry my cell phone on my computer I might laugh lawyer that I was going to do work putting the same United Nations and probably during the planetary I was going to participate as part of the what I will tell you one thing he was gone morning duty nip linearization like now like right now there were thousands of people renowned Victorian but you know when that be carried that these words God doesn't need your money he needs you I found that I was not alone in that auditorium I heard the voice of God out and conflict related print clear through his servant Ollie North dispatch on higher in our relationship with him I have a godly friend that was always mentioning about me being a teacher she even began mentioned that I could do a really good job in these playful watching the yield on these I remember countless times asking her how to spend Washington I remember countless time writing things down and I remembered Palestine losing that piece of paper but why when I read the medical ID wife PC was next in the kind of phrasing that she gave was asking me why you are going to watch a guy who will and stop by you know Michael and I am not going to be shown at least that you know what the problem they just stop by and get to know these people we decided them both out we personally pressed by the leadership humbleness on dedications in school we went back off thinking life the only father reading a lot more about God 's plan for education we were actually embarrassed by their five of how leader we know about we knew about God 's plan for education to make a long story short four weeks later stuff think you Wednesday my husband and I decided to leave everything behind and go on work at Washington Hills it was that he had been a blessing since then but one thing that I want to share with you this morning it was not bad I was not being up this story when I went back to my job one of it being someone was fun and ninety fire was that we do not want to share with anybody about climbing plants of off meeting the company because we said that we were gone I was in a redesign of a being of April you know to either a single if I mentioned there were executive bonus to you maybe you have no idea what I was talking about but now you know because in the news that the net no hot topic well ID in March my executive bonus was to reset you know now I have salary difference is significant enough so we better stay quiet and make sure that I get my bonus at the end of March and ending April I can re-sign I think that made perfect business sense the name but God had a different plan to be honest I went back to my work trying to keep things quiet you know how defining and you know what I mean pages you even if I don't open my mouth you can read it in my eyes you know they knew that something was going on in my job I am really only very high cinema what I do not class inside a constant going down I cannot thought was bad well I was like citing about me not to leave on time to make sure that I could go back and read about my United Nations another book that I just realized that I didn't know anything about but the only one morning on base then you know Maria I want it gone we wanted you've got some plans that we have to consolidate operations and unbelief and I it was just a nightmare for me just leave them into that voicemail I just wasn't sure what to do I defied him not to call them back but you know they they are pretty good they never gave up on anything like that they really thought that I was interviewing with a competition so they were ready after me and they call me and call me and I said you know I don't lose anything let me just go on talk to them and see what they have to say somehow when we made anesthesia we knew that fate I was then up with something in our way to try to make us change our mind and when I went underneath into them they were just talking on your knife you have any meetings when you're just not feeling this year that there you know that's how I felt but glad he would be my mine he was just thought I was just I even know what's new I found I wanted to share so much about what I was going to and I went back to IE I talked with my husband I pray about it and we realize one thing God was calling us to start leading by fate and and we realize that what he was the right thing to do it was to share with them my deceased him when my day and i.e. I met with them I share my decision of leaving the organization I need to be completely honest I didn't want to call them exactly to college and I didn't want them flattening how many students that they could never understand that every dime of it without me I just like violent change the topic you know they had no idea but Bengals precious things happen after I share that with them you know it was almost like every time I will talk to them it's just there boundaries under the senses will go down on I learned so many things about them to using their eyes of how many times they were actually thinking about doing something like that and they were just amazed that I had recourse to stop you know I think they interview batting practice Anita Mosby was when Vicki Fielding in a Council of the company train came from Germany the first thing that she did was you know it was she wanted to talk to me I know her pretty well a very strong woman and I knew what he meant when she asked me to heal talking itself that's usually a good way of trying to make sure that I am going again my way out of your and and when she came she asked me these questions looking on my eyes Maria are you sure about what you're doing and studying I think I am sure then she looked at again my eyes and she said you realize what he means for your carrier to leave these days I realized what she was trying to tell me and I appreciated her desire to help me I look at her eyes I said you know I will tell you one thing if the Lord I help out I learned to love as is true in the Bible I need a story in the Bible but I ran out of truth I'm certain about that this claim only that he didn't care of all those people the people in the class he will take care of me I knew for sure that I was not an elite in a prestigious weighted values deleted I knew for sure that I was not to be driving the latest modern model ties but I told her my food on my bed will be certain I like trolls the Lord you know I never blunted Staples works concur both those scores actually made I mean back in her life and she said these words Maria I would take my DPO hat off and I will tell you one thing opportunity doesn't work for you I find you one I find you one I thought point that her life was touched and you know those two months that I spent over there working there where my elsewhere month for weakness being that I had never had to pertain eating apostate is something like that it is the I get all anybody he was against company policy to share all talk about religion or politics but those two last month what else could they did say so you know I just had to buy today did they share by a lengthy discussion nice way but give it a miracle that happened at the end of March I open my envelope I made on as was in fact was not homicidal I knew at that point I thought was staking Carol Voss and that safety was something that I needed to bang in my journey we've got to be honest I needed to let on learning many things that I learned I need learn new things I wanted perfect place to have that experience on inequalities like that I will tell you these morning that God had transformed my life he turned my life oxide down I will tell you God 's ways are far better than named Wayne in my life there is no turning back I am not sharing the message leads Utes morning to tell you that you should not work in the department of law just the opposite there aren't many people many professionals that God is calling right now I am sharing these ministries reviewed each morning because I wanted to understand that your time is on your time belongs only to God I knew you should only ask for you to guide him home where does he want you to serve him being member do not try to put your own agenda salamander and Volvo bought hardly stand up for your life God I know is working in the hearts of many professional people and he needs waiting for you to share you connect this with them I only God knows where those people are so you'd better just asking where he wants you if you have a burden and beside her to serve in on are we to surrender your time to him remember we are witnesses for God in any field of work that we are called the labor I want to meet BBB could be very important we are witness for God Gene Anthony field of work that we are called the labor I encourage you first taken one-on-one crash course on how to work for the Lord EDC job you are a disciple is not your agenda it is the second he strongly believe lead your role is to follow there are many promises for those that are learned to wait up on the north secondly ensure that your home union with God is not interrupted by anything these days that I didn't hire many dangerous for the creation of a Denny's OnGuard constantly to try to make you lose your dependence on God I bought one about this I'm fairly doing well enough that men probably many of you I have been equally feeding to serve the Lord but you probably like me I'm not repair or have no idea how to share your faith there are so many resources available there were not that many a few years ago you can just also both of their booth area CYC have any resources they are having on areas of supporting music they have a one month a week in a three month if these months are training program they have websites and books they have any nurse you name it I like my passage from the book of education page two seventy one seventy one we saw synonymy of work this out are you brightly training policy committee Bishop Vickers a fight reason and some plumbing favor might be carried to the whole world may harm of your physician Doctor B M on daily weekly you share your faith my prayer to the morning dew he's on every one of you surrender your time to God make your life and life of meaning three twenty four by seven sometimes we have to be we have the mindset that we have worked on we have mainstream your life completely and administering named in a twenty four by seven meaning three and you will be amazed on how God will use you to reach the souls of those that he is already falling made public to these morning unless flows with a word of prayer our father in heaven I just lost it thank you thank you for what you are willing to do for us thank you for leading not only my life but also for day willingness that you have two lead occasion everyone person hearing the valedictorian this morning I want to ask for your Holy Spirit to guide them I just want to ask father that they can have stranded to surrender help them to understand they need to serve you do need to follow you done they need to be faithful workers for your father and help us to always be witness for you everywhere that you call the sister in Jesus name we pray amen this was thank you I see when you send me she was inspired by the Bible these rising very download and purchase of and resources like this more you been blessed thank you my him I was in the morning e-mail home see when you also reach us via mail box three seven eight six Harbor Michigan four eight one oh six this recording is licensed under creative Commons this means you can't share you please attribute is every reason to keep in mind resale and alteration is


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