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GYC 2010 totalCHURCH Plenary Session

Pardon Mwansa



  • December 31, 2010
    2:00 PM
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him him him this message is present in any wise scene two thousand ten no turning back on the brother resources like this visit us online he wisely led a high good afternoon this being now my face until I see mixing I make a few my testimony that I think all all the meetings I have attended in the Seventh-day Adventists changed different meetings the most impressive thing about CYC meetings easy to end with a face on spirituality and information wildlife to say I will leave this place with the testimony that this group this amazing is the one that is a must attend and my wife and I just found that we will attend on granting us life and if Jesus does not return the we plan to attend the next meeting is often known off to the twenty minutes that I'm to speak so you will do feelings I am hoping he will come out with a few friends of unmet fitness to the life of the traders this is all being very hot albeit Mulan and the command that the Lord hath put to bed have you read how a nation we won't discuss some details that some of you may not outweigh out of ordinary jewelry ferryman but it will be all I really wanted you to feel this is your choice you can go to dealing with a life of these no changes since all this if we can separate this life I have a PowerPoint presentation that out I would like to as our guide was an outlet for abuse on the city is the concept of it within one week on this front you like why should we have the deadlock which may be local has been mock arguing on the demo conference do we need all of you being for past illumination for you to appreciate why it is important for us to help struct as you will need during them by the following number one I actually had to organize itself is that we may define the present and then have each preaching in all the twentieth phase is about hundred and fifty two he will have been other cases other than diesel believe us why is the presence of truth why are we different from other purpose than movement that is one reason why we had to be organized into instruct us that we would define what it is we ought to be otherwise everybody will come up with something dignities the second one is the domain then I will call humidity in doctrine him how he was with me if we did not have assisted him of defining what if the United brick on the fifth life of his prison Jason Pollock is simply too I think to often mentioned in both the real fun for us to serve God will truly start carries a movement we need to get the global unit got hit with a heretical teaching them anything that would come in the things that would be Dorothy company 's global mission work on coordinating the global chase Utley is not individual run the whole organization we are one of them will you run global organization with my praise the Lord for an awful to awake again on all the men of our heavenly father is gone both hold our on staff worked with and confusion if you are going to be the sanctuary doctrine when you're talking that mobile number will speak about being in the sun is ready in three five seventy on the north and south on the south is the only meeting them on their way he is the more he organized to even come when they will leave the office understudy is leading an organization will be a nice mama our heavenly father David avoid the eye all we can control that I want and need for him tonight now we must defend one's just got some organizational governance will be chased out for you very quickly when you do it is helpful for a system of dominance we can be led by the shop Scotland by these jobs he was the only three male does all minister but it is focused on the visual window that will please you will buy this for you to see you visited in London Griffin people went to independent or Congregational default of sexuality that will check to be the final authority what is decided will quickly call it happened what would happen if it is something Australia decided to be something in Colorado I believe on him from Zambia I'm thinking that it immediately don't be this industry is ready on day three of them to fall governance listen to these in the present uniform authority to do and change them themselves feel and business-to-business business I would like to contact me I think this problem and this is the necessity authority deems you a vintage member is when we are flying the second view only he and he will and you'll see them on our behalf we also like empowering them to transact on our behalf because I know we can all come together we are more him this season is all in my Adventist development system in the representative form of government is really very quickly you will feel about guys I think this member belong to a local church level in the governmental defendant into thinking the local trainers we have all found one hundred and fifty thousand local traits as companies to get around the globe did physically that had the ball is at least made me wash in groups check it around the well please this is the bedrock will chase Monday on the dual output and mission of born to preach the present truth of all truth is I thought this is then visiting the only local change in your membership is all well you're going to take every thought but if I wanted to deal membership the memos of vacation leave my given minimal trace all I can thought of member see all I given any mathematics only the porch of a twin membership must does not go out with our communities and peace how do that will take off on remain the representative system him okay if Ron will rule no one can be in meeting an estimate of him I wish I could give you think you know that this is making me feel it but I think this member is often think it will seem to feel hand if you humble I think me to your and memorable this meeting three one one on membership demo application is a member of the business meeting yet if the policy point that he is meeting in freedom and opportunities in this authority and local tray is not given the case will make a morning year brings you three people to the business maintain but to remember that representative system if we call in the business meetings addressing the issues framed them develop potential morning that location on his made up of people in Michigan one to ten percent of the membership or even less only so far on our behalf we elect into office business needs and only in case of this of course I have taken one member appointed always elected what does this mean this is when he overtaken him him a lot when the state is going on is a message board member and that difficult but if you don't you're a member of the business from the first level second-level level in the local conference this will raise him seeing both choices have been duly for you to do this this award of access by union station they both think you're a local conference the seventh of interstate household of seven hundred and seven five hundred and seven two oh oh oh visit around the will one do you than one number one mission will remember they give up our mission that will change nation to nation that he will need an additional problem with Nathan we all descend but in addition it may send you to the local where does the employee the local employees have to be the one entity that one level indicate we confess and authority to them I asked us number three they will be this tall house where I give a link to you will read the New York Times and local trades that you immediately send taken to the local because the local hombres in this fall house with if elected and distributed in according to body field that the case has why is it and then some the local Padres went to England to join the meeting not when you're on this screening even if we if you have a width of three plaintiffs representing the local friends when him meeting is all I can read everything you will go and do all season and beautiful they may well my free will okay so the representative Google I may have to face in now because constituencies meetings don't meet every time they find some other authority in between the constituent said two of the executive will meet the both at home friends when I will bring them into the union of the local union that will hustle its functions Misha and can likely is this from them or take the book of flaming with both people who are going to run betray the details if the local unions in more focus is also on the Rhine or direct collective is another fifth Kim Jen and this is beautiful this is often more than you name it in their constituency meeting is Monday representatives from local then for all their representative from the attentive so that you participate in the decisions of the trainers next level the General conference someone if they why did you come the division I did not jump the division the reason why the General conference is the fourth level is because the general conference I say to you Ephesians we you will be ten of ten like for example we do not North American division we also do have your Africa division Southern Africa a Indonesian like them all in these areas of the General conference in this life on this green light to go see the deviation isn't it all he will not admit on telephone friends there is a middle of choices on what you will the division your form the general conference is interesting what do women save him the General conference to become a new safety in general both with Ian their own people in speech Wednesday now is the general constituency then you know how soon you guys are all using a Hewlett in general is Republican widely but in the jolly time I must like me to say make a general conversation in the wife is in the five hundred and I thought many of the other as I see the see why he will recently praise the Lord I live in general conversation that there is a thin is both so when the well-being of all faiths one thing we may as clearly as if they tell a friend executive by the inflation of life tells us in testimonies volume the I still have sixty but when you are old friends this document of the brand friend from all types on the field do you live in Finland on Friday documents must not be the only maintained that meeting when we meet with general conversation this evening we met with how they are on the ground that publicly how do you shall settle the case will lead us on the things we want to evening on the feasibility to give them know what the constituents remain at number one in dreams about this and I think you see I defined the related and external facing a man they are not to be generally defined only when the location is number to make all companies chasing my new job and I have been located he will be with you even if you do with anything and philosophy likelihood of confusion on by a lawless opus and I think the stage can be changed or can be of I will buy you when you least thought your address and you are also significant to the life of a stretch because when you are in representative groups you can voice out to you with being convicted a juvenile on whether he's going our president investment and I think you said him that's only two memo general and then I is called the estate with my right my prayer is that you are an individual will decide on safety and MySpace with me this is my case with me and I gave a this is your tray I'm healed through representative systems but this evening in their life on the future of the estate on the guidance of the Holy Spirit minimum with the men this message was ninety one this important ministry send me cc to inspire young people uniting my days rising very download and print is another resource in playing this and less banking lazy like donating busy lives and when downward e-mail info NYC when you also reach us via mail box seven eight six Harbor Michigan four eight one oh six this recording is licensed under a creative Commons this means sharing please attribute this reporting is every in my resale and alteration is


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