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Know Your Enemy

Eric Walsh


Eric Walsh

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  • December 31, 2010
    6:15 PM
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him him him this message is present and she likes seeing two thousand ten no training that will rather resource like this visit us online he wisely led the effort that is what an limit is also safe and five oh seven the evening in the morning what a first day so we don't wait until midnight I will try to weed out when the sunsets the day of ended in a new one is begun and so we a lot of first or one of the first to welcome you into twenty eleven a year to I know God has filled with opportunity and promise for the spreading of the gospel for reaching out to others and even for some of us to view with images in our own lives so I praise God for the new year is one more year to the amount of delinquency and another year you given us an opportunity to be assertive than we are of the little short on time tonight so I went to be obedient to the clocks of my statement will do my best but out of the same what would God has to be preached to be preached and so I could to pray for me and pray with which I would be new Bibles the second Timothy chapter three will continue tonight in our three-part series on the book of second Timothy R message tonight is entitled unflinching faith second Timothy chapter three I'll read verses one through five second Timothy chapter three verses one through five the Bible says this note also that in the last days perilous times shall come the information below to their own cells covetous boasters proud blasphemers disobedient to parents unfaithful unholy without natural affection truce breakers false accusers incontinent fierce despisers of those that are good traitors heady high-minded lovers of pleasures more than lovers of God having a form of godliness but denying the power thereof from such turn away message again tonight is entitled unflinching faith unflinching faith let us pray father God we thank you Lord for the show wholly Sabbath day we thank you father for a new year father I just ask right now but you make me an instrument of your peace of vessel for your truth and the canvas for your glory letter walls not be seen or heard tonight Lord Lord bring us a word from the very throne room of grace bizarre prayer in Jesus 's name amen Paul was still in the dungeon is still living in a very difficult situation utilizing Timothy trying to warn Timothy trying to encourage Timothy Lawless of the assembled angry him and I'm not angry what hungry man if he's trying to deal with the difficulties of being a prisoner of what is surely a madman in narrow aplomb understood that what he was writing to Timothy that by writing to Timothy he will get word that would go far he understood the importance of what he was writing in fact when you look at the New Testament much of the New Testament of Paul's writings were submitted an affidavit in Paul's defense soda people went to try Paul when followed to go before narrow actually would've probably read many of them much of the New Testament in doing so also what what would've been submitted are the two books written by the apostle on the gospel as well of the book of acts so much of the Bible is submitted so when Paul is writing here he understands that not only hopefully this can look to get a letter resolving attended to get them while he still alive but also the Roman power itself would get this letter because he was a prisoner that it would be right before it was distributed any further upon in writing to multiple audiences but then I will focus on the audience of us the fact that Paul is writing as I said last night a message to the last generation a message the dolls and would be alive at the cold of Earth 's history Paul is writing to try and again the same admonition you getting to Timothy Diebold and you young people would enter into a work for Christ than the last day is trying to prepare you for the disappointment that will come from being attached to the the living God that is called at times would come and will try to make sure that you understand what you signed up for limited time will be will dry in truth you will be digital by things about you understanding at a scheduled assignable program that when you get into it is that I is not what I want but it's too late design doesn't deal with us like that he is giving a warning in the book of second Timothy but you cannot say you didn't call is coming in fact as we read second Timothy chapter three it reminds us of something else and that is that all not just a great writer who helped him to expand on some of the most important doctrine in Scripture like righteousness by faith and the importance of our fellowship another thing that Paul really focuses on the importance of dealing with sin and and and a furious way of Paul also was a prophet as you get a glimpse of all of writing it off as a prophet as he began to write in second Timothy the two of the three emperors wanting to smell also that in the last days perilous times shall come more perilous in the Greek it also be stated that fierce times will comment that is the same word used to describe the data reading the men were possessed by demons they were the years he has their peers with the connotation of the daemonic element at work the last phase would be powerless but then but not the only definition you can get it also says that they want that you look at the great but please let me phase that would be hard to bear possible to bear but these days the last phase would be difficult days ahead the public doesn't like to know what these are days that if you call yourself a Christian it will not receiving Dave but you do get through the lesson the last thing Timothy the last phase of UIC are going to be perilous times I've solved Paul begins to outline the type of behavior that you will see in the last days is that man with the locals of their own selves that's how we started off man would love themselves they become because they want what other people have faith that the pollsters how blasphemous that it would be disobedient to their parents I'm thankful and unholy so much so within this forward to live in a time when people allow themselves to a point where it literally create disease in individuals there's so much more concerned about themselves the South is so self-centered so worried about that me and I know how people view them and that in fact diseases that historically exists the like anorexia and bulimia body dysmorphic disorder mental existence because the laws will focus on themselves and the other theme images of the people who spend tens of thousands of countless dollars on plastic surgery only to wind up upgrade and more three months that the negative haven't dreamed of the day and evening to look oddly I criticism him him or herself of the plastic surgery Michael Jackson human guinea pigs in the Michael Jackson when he was a child and you will get them at the time of his death and when you want to help the tribes for you I is one of the most developed of these modeling as you can imagine you almost sit in our time why did you leave them in times that people don't even really need hold themselves in and in constant war with themselves focused on himself in the English Lake themselves since June two thousand four TLD the one Michael Jackson dies we live in a time when churches by the whole services dedicated to the life of Michael Jackson all acquired from one globe and say these perilous times they become interested in while everybody else says in fact when you look at America's economic collapse recently visited the fact that we live in a society for people with all kinds are looking up an adult it sounded that they literally are always there very few soldiers to do with holsters plowed blasphemers looking at it with a great documented eventually I want once for Hollywood's war on God and in this list Christian of filmmaker shells out on the Hollywood movies at the business warnings being program and one of the individual notices that they can instantly and repeatedly sixty or seventy percent of the moving may want directly last him him God will so they really as you can watch a documentary they really want to blaspheme the name of Jesus Christ once that money to watch these movies but I will order the shirt are you going to mystery in large part but it will part I find up to the regularly way our God by making blaspheming the name of name of God a part of the comment but macular perilous times it would be disobedient to parents limited applicants tell parents what you couldn't tell Mama what to do your duty waken up China figure out what each level of the Friday music and an annual edited I'll call child services a month ago I'll have your back when they get here when it are limited I remember working there detailed in the comment what little woodland ninjas against England over the Oregon even settled in the Paris CAC and Solomon if you can't control the child of two or three years old or multilevel control it or have any implements aliment seventeen eighteen years of the women a problem with it you will for a child once while in a child I thought you have North Dakota paragraph and the problem was that history tells us is that if you can't respect their mother and your father world didn't respect the police what a teacher in the classroom him him upon us Scriptures that they would be unfaithful on holding without natural affection the Bavaria sex and the way that people are drawn to each other wouldn't be natural anymore I'm not sure things will begin to the become common in the anyways I told you last valid talk to you a little bit more about some of the emotional meeting that up into an armed amazement when I go to these meetings will wear really me agenda is a discussion about sexuality from a hotel standpoint theoretically when looking at how you make in America a better profile of the world sexual health of the last diseases more more all at the more death from some of these less unwanted pregnancies they would say they would take things like more fulfilling relationships maybe what I found was amazing unnatural affection there were people there one of whom was a doctorate in divinity from another denomination and I was amazed when this man would say things like there's nothing wrong with a man and a boy having relations out the amazing Arab leaders in our country people who are all the whole university system the whole schools of theology as they say that the Bible does not say anything would prohibit homosexuality out the amenities of everything there and it would just be a few walnuts would be trying to speak up if they wait a minute maybe there's something him him I is for men and women in relationships maybe there's something protected and you will need to what was amazing in the event yet you would be ridiculed by the liberals who don't believe in God the people the far political left but what began to suck me off the wild is the ability to produce people or members of churches were leaders in in in in in religious organizations will the argument of people who don't know God after a while I started to realize there is truly a work in this country and in this world that is blocking the doorway to the Iraqis as it were to hear eyes that were all stumbling among all of purity there is no want of thought in the last date that is going to try to make it out of the most bit crazy on all common within the church can be silent anymore Uganda Bible studies and skip the sections on purity sexual purity you got that you do what you have to instruct people of what God requires of them in that realm because it has become so commonplace that that that that exchange sexual partners if I brought out a dozen by the media work for just as a simple art the jump in on a roller coaster and a digital jump from one roller coaster to the next serial monogamy and then come the weight for many but even how is that a railroad and within an multiple sexual partners have again become the heart of the day in America the midfielder Paul saw that in the last days it would be great moral decline what's the world as great in a decline shocking and what Paul is really speaking to his great moral decline as it entered the church that is the divorce rate is the same suicide of Christendom in the United States is outside the hospital set up and pulled with anymore and say things like you divorce your wife anything except adultery and you go and marry someone of the new marriage it was accepted by God they don't think that anymore I felt anymore why other congregations of all divorcees and we don't want to offend anyone but the problem is unknown on for the next generation is in a time when we understand the media and how human development are wanting to hold America and a wife of the wild and what I will Paul could see it not just in the future prophetically when he was watching as it was unfolding in ancient Rome Balkan theater all herself would eventually collapse become one of the major way that would happen is that will link able to leave the fabric of the civilization of ancient Rome that he will not be able to the inert fill and eventually Rome fell to be drawn parallels between ancient Rome overexpansion into territories for inflation the fact that role began to I think in all of film appointment other currencies out of the basement Billy Kahneman silver and reminds you of the United States of America now what we do live in a country where the money is always insolvent because you will and any more money than someone is not backed by anything from Africa clean-cut Americans think world models predict that by twenty fifty China will be a much more stable strong and hopeful economies are with the American Academy doesn't see the same things are happening in the last days of the world power and the one I want to submit to you that just as long as they nearly look at this without natural affection because oasis truce breakers false accusers incontinent fierce and look at the last part of verse three says the advisors of those that are good with Amanda came out in the early part of last century Manny Alister Crowley ousted from his mother called him the beast he wanted to be known as the most wicked man who ever lived and something happened by him he was able British man he was able to do in fact the world by infecting key people in popular culture the Beatles Sergeant Pepper lonely hearts club album has a picture of him on the cover Michael Jackson stages album as a picture of him on the cover looking at Michael Jackson up of grade and holding a naked boy in it boy is holding the skull of a dragon out of the crowd influence both the many he's the one who introduced that it is no occult movement that is a foot in Hollywood called law also probably infiltrated so much that even when you locate someone like to see was the probably book of the law which eventually leads the go with the satanic church admit one commandment which is do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law below are in the church of Satan David you can do whatever you want to give them about seminar Russell Jay-Z most popular rapper of all time ragged rock aware T-shirt that says only do as I will than literal one commandment of the Church of Satan straight from Alastair Crowley which is outstanding in the world everyone reflects our lifetimes I believe it is even the wild but the crazy doctrine that God intended this is the wall of the climate one be bad but the problem is a department of the chart and the charge no longer have any today and that in fact the doctrines of many of the denominations now really hard to all of what they call completely wasted I am in Christ Jesus so I can do whatever I want and they used to indicate the grace of God and turn it into a disgrace taking the very grace and mercy of God and they take it and what they nominated that actually you are the one commandment of what will you want to make into a command of the Christian churches Paul seventy Limited Valentines we get to see we are living in times when you have got to be totally and completely committed to Jesus Christ because on all I will be moved to believe that you are interested anything baubles honest than it would be traders in verse for heavy high-minded lovers of pleasures more than one of the dominant mistakes that our churches are making inside automobile a real tonight one of the mistakes our churches are making is that we believe the way that will keep young people is if we find a way to entertain them after playing softball have a good time and fellowship unit that is not my problem out on problem with that I think it should go on hikes and they should do things together these of our fellowship is a fundamental problem when were willing to teach young people anything is only replace the null doctrine we replaced him with all the church at all because all we really care about adventures near in fact with Time magazine a believe it was that actually ran an article on all the young adults in the United States who are leaving the evangelical churches in general and it went any given interview of these young people at the I question why is it that you were raised about this for a method of the eleven denominated in what lies in an amount not attending church at all in your mid-to-late twenty what is it that you will document the church about when you will be unable to because we had an MTV church experience in this article in the faith and the reason is that when we got the college as a challenge left on evolution and creation of a child on homosexuality and a child is on premarital sex we could not get a defense for what we believe and what we believe we to believe anything that the seven verse five having a form of godliness but denying the power thereof from such turn away Avenue for ungodliness but denying the power thereof from such turn away to submit to you that we live in a time when so many people being religious is very popular if it's a part of their culture more than in the part of their spiritual life as a people are religious but not necessarily have an abiding relationship with Jesus Christ and what manifestations of that is that I have a form of godliness but denied power thereof you will only appear to be rare inside the church but the power job with the power to convert you did and think you could change the way you did in their lives so I being a Christian was bowled for Christ and the evidence that they are at-large David is seen in how they live their lives instead you look just like the world and hold on to what you are being Christian is a dangerous place to be in fact the Red Wings and the Bible says that God Ravi was not a whole and not lukewarm and that he would spew the people out there were in this condition was wondering up all that you should turn away from these people is a dangerous thing to be around those who think in a and an open relationship with God and really don't want anything to do with it a dangerous place to be as amazing because you know you watch a televangelist Godlike referable dollar for dollar this incredible gospel of prosperity that he preaches and eight dollars when I got the name Dollar any got a brief about money on time and on the many changes name I don't care many people will need to believe that the evidence is this the such on our relationship with Jesus Christ is not that you begin to grow in Christ and if you begin to lay aside the same facilities that easily beset you but you may designate different person a new creation a new creature in Christ Jesus but that the paternal relationship with Jesus Christ in the Latin terrible terrible days many people now is how prosperous you are to have in the bank how nice you are him they would be involving the believe that if they are in a relationship with Jesus Christ what happened to you get rich and being wealthy is the litmus test among so many Christians that in relationship with Jesus Christ Paul says that this is having a form of godliness but denying the power thereof from such a sad turn away and the reason for this is people do not want a relationship that will cause them to have to move to change their lives in fact of meeting in Atlanta when an interesting story that happened within the animals they be brought down for one of meeting that it was on religion and sexuality to get out of the maven basically produced church leaders speak themes of the schools of theology all kind of a Muslim woman at all of them believe that these are all nonbiblical ideas of sexuality and purity and I remember what it came around to meet to talk about my religion and what I believe that I said let me start by saying I believe in a separation of church and state are fed in fact the Bible says that I quoted a Scripture on purpose for them the Bible says that Jesus speaking that usually of the things that are Caesar's and of the God the things that I'm gone I put them guess what I hear what you guys think I'll get what laws they pass in the United States as for me and my house we go to serve the Lord and I could see that some of them began to get upset and began to try to remedy the mostly people who teach in the school of theology I noticed that many schools do not believe in the line started succeeded him him for spiritual warfare become one of the person at the table began to spirit coming in Munich and old it would try to give anyone a liar some of the negative on old media and anyone just in the end and I remember what that is what an interesting person I see added all general surgery and plastic surgeons he said that our bulletin board the low income and poor neighborhood and is what you wanted to do any low income and poor neighborhood is from the high inexpensive and cheap transgender surgeries of individuals make it easy and cheap upon people in America people from e-mail to e-mail up e-mail to mail for the firm of calling now what you develop that she used to be the case there is vanity now the Lord of the start of the pre- benefit begins to move around the table and then she gets her turn and ideas at first I I would method already all the time and I would be directed I've is what convinced him she him him us in the .net accident .net let's see looked at me as you look at Lincoln provisions that I was a man with G7 olden days and be married about the Catholic in a and I went to the Keenan class and if the temperature the brave American old married is the keynote of the management to manage a woman I really want because I also wanted in a man on is that it is on-the-fly PostScript and the method on the Scripture together as if I make appointments in the religious to the Catholic and JJ shots he said the government was restricting to get on top of the good and right now I'm sitting here and in that immediately is that the almost surgeons in the United States and former Surgeon General was two seats over from the end and a day without anything that anyone is thirsty said he's and I thought about it to develop a multitude things that siblings over in the system to me that what is it mean that you look to the West half as well I do watch what you want widening of February Jesus is not enough for a young relationship with Jesus Christ no one is helping to build Bali by people of all godly menfolk so how is it a try please extracted and will not the commented in and out of the one of my friends don't talk about it to draw enough of our combo drums and the dialogue around to buy a new announcement in South America the woman and outgoing leader he will I got the will to do what you any license he called that Mary Magdalene to the McMahon role that man is called whenever I like talking on a Rahul Christianity I Eileen is a Muslim places matter-of-fact almost further in verse six instead for this sort are they which creep into houses and lead captive silly women laden with sins let away with divers lusts ever learning and never able to come to our knowledge of the truth is not in the last days of setting it so terrible that he will now you have the houses you almost think all of the snow that there would be high-speed Internet morning into how little the last day that he would understand if I believed up that table will be linked up all of a sudden the evil influence of the wild one on any one of you getting what one will have more Paul seems to understand that in the last time the ability of the shield the wiggling around the globe one would be like in your world with empathy sure enough I called the Oprah Winfrey affect the treatment of how Susan Oprah Winfrey now as good as our own our network called old old WN is an amazing Oprah Winfrey who runs this June she does everyone is using also I would heard Eckhart toll of Solomon the world largest online started to go online I challenge you to look into some of the stuff on Oprah Winfrey with you literally have people walk away from Christianity and I despise it synonym ensuing like now no longer Christians no longer practice no longer method is they've been liberated by this doctrine is John and Oprah Winfrey and Eckhart toll of reaching this is Paul understood that the form is what are they which creep into houses and lead captive silly women laden within the way with diverse ever learn never able to come to the knowledge of the truth brought downfall is still riding in a dungeon cell still writing activity in verse ten he said without as fully known my doctrine matter of life purpose faith long-suffering charity patients persecutions afflictions which came up to me at Antioch and I call you at less releasers work timidly met Paul in the first place Kennedy watched Paul bestowed almost beaten to death you can read that story in a book about the fourteenth chapter with what Paul is a happy yield a purple manager at an end of the Greeks want to worship him as one of the God come down from heaven any review of the damage you how the modular electronics element being them a lot of out judgment is probably standing there is the one called as the buses of all employees and applicants will need to be abuse for gospel of Jesus Christ by the time all comes back to Littrup Timothy by now if the death is called a disciple of the Scripture is on his way to serving God because you have been through the slip out of the ball the Lord delivered me first lobby seven yeah and all that will live godly in Christ Jesus shall suffer persecution seven verse thirteen but evil men and seduces shall wax worse and worse deceiving and being deceived continue down the things without the I was sort of a knowing of whom thou has learned them and that from a child now has known the holy Scriptures which are able to make the wise and the salvation through faith which is in Christ Jesus look at verse sixteen is important that all sensitivity speeding up that all Scripture is given by inspiration of God and is profitable for doctrine for reproof for correction for instruction in righteousness and the children say they are nondenominational child of what unaided the denominations are defined by doctrine that had nondenominational are you saying that you are non- doctrinal and what you find that Erica is that literally I forget the Saddleback Church in Orange County were born in charge of the purpose driven life started and I remember this discussion at the children and what it would take you know what we believe different things what you mean about some of the pre- millennial celebrations are millennial and some of our post- millennial associate judges like going to Lafayette Indian restaurant unit of the Jubilee but a Bible says now all there is given by inspiration of God and is profitable for doctrine forward through the collection for instruction in righteousness that the man of God may be what perfect WordPerfect here means from the Greek perfectly suited to do a work for God perfectly put together to do something for God but the man of God may be perfect thoroughly furnished unto all good works based on rooms is limited to our times it is being based in the Scripture this is a solo script for the Bible and the Bible alone all the philosophy than the way they begin to come down on you if you begin to believe them you may let off some crazy stuff that will take your arrest rate and if you look at the world that will bless you going to apply for you and automatically from really getting into God 's Word in Scripture and following what God wanted to do our faith must be unflinching you've got to be so serious about the relationship with Jesus Christ because you live in relative and hard and difficult time some of you think that you can't meet you you wonder if you gone too far from God to be used but minutes out into the night that you too can be perfect you can become a perfect vessel in the hand of the living God I'm in a challenge it's a nice picture righteousness is by faith that is your problem isn't a doing problem with the believing problem that we've got to put our trust in God when we begin to lean on the everlasting arms Jesus himself will show up in the love of Christ will constrain of the things you used to do as you get information from this project as the watch and a focus on Jesus legal tangle falloff you if you are in Christ is looking to repeat you stories told of a young man went out drinking one night playing poker is a true story in the southwestern part of the United States not in California and I like afraid from Livingston California and this young man about the play poker one argument with a man sitting across the table from you guys it is argument in Regina to bag and grabbed a gun and pointed across the table and shot and killed a man sitting across the table from the man in the chair fell over dead the police came and arrested the young man who shot is of a young man is they do not have received the news bulletin had a first-round trial J I made a way for that is very as the murder jury sentencing that you try to hear the story is fascinating time working clientele are strongly believe one is not really a murder again when is when the is the death penalty you release from conviction is a you and you write that this is all over the house in the next thousand dollars bolstering her the next evidence presented by to all at once and even the know and is in and leave him in his life and I'm not in a Florida is raw and Domino enabled version will only realize there is it is another thing that you want to apply in you and I is mounted as well I will than will you deliver the letter is all is as I and is beginning pilot is in an is an and I will and will will you I will and will and will and you will and you will than to him five one don't understand losing young man in the following will and are you going to have an and will and is will is is is is is is is is is is is is is will and him and in and in a hurry I was in a government building is as is a is a will and will and you are in and I and Young manhood in downhill minimum of it on a regular out of them I begun the one I is I and you will will will will you to him what I is a will and will not be in a you he will will will will will and when it is a lot in common and he will only will a will on anyone he is anymore and will not only the number these are the more we are even more thing when he we know that more not only can you by the grace of the living we can ride bother covering one thousand monkeys that I live in the statement of live in different because the net Jesus the Christ the Savior father got a UIC let us never leave your presence no matter where we go Lorne W that is the reason of this operator is interesting this is thank you I see this important ministry lesson and she was easy to inspire young people to be vibrant Bible -based pricing is very kind download or purchase other resources like this or you've been blessed thank you lacy like to donate his life soon left on e-mail info GUI see when you also reach us via mail in the box three seven eight six Ann Arbor Michigan four eight one oh six this recording is licensed under creative Commons this means you are sharing a use attribute this recording device and remembering these in my resale and alteration is strictly prohibited


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