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Nomthandazo Malambo-Amankwah

Vice-President of Missions, GYC



  • January 1, 2011
    7:00 AM
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him him to this message is present and she scene two thousand ten no turning back on Baltimore Maryland brother resources playing this visit us online GUI scene led to dad and I on in zero four and now it had it lining again please have your Bible you know what I had a phase of Scripture if mining and studying this beautifully decorated the Romans therefore we began to form and the thought begin just by Highway of a brief background many of us will remember that God had given Abraham and Gary got linked on in promising him a son in promising and defendant guilty as you S bistro in innumerable in fact right and you may recall that the Franklin the promise was made in Genesis fifteen but a program dollar eleven recommends the wife of Sarah in taking Hagar and the result was the birth of Ishmael and bitterness in the family right and the promise was repeated in Genesis chapter eighteen and the time the form is a deep seated the second time around this summer on it women's Sarah Landon winder they had exhausted human means in trying to help guide with the promise and so by the time the promise comes again to the tenth eighteen they had a point where they can do nothing but wait on God and it of this icon the Romans have before right I'm reading from birth to thirteen we then imagine the pilot phase for the Prime Minister that he should be the ad of the world was not able to be there when the law after the righteousness of faith and as a reason when asked if they pay at Princeton how many times the way promise is repeated a May fourteen place they went to all the lobby area fate is made void and the promise of none effect because then it all went wrong for a non- is there is no transgression therefore it is Allstate they might be by grace you and the promise might be stress all the seed not do that only we could all than the accident also you have the faith of Abraham was the father of all as it is written I have may be a father of many nations before him whom he believed him and God will quickly notice the data and call that those things which be not as though they were in eighteen life games hold believed in hope that he might become the father of many nations according to that which was spoken silly soundbite he'd be recognized in and being utterly weak in faith then I cannot see all inviting now dead yet an hundred years old needs a aspect deadness of Sarah 's dad did not at the promise of God through unbelief but was strong in faith giving glory to God ending always say that NYC had from this he was able also to perform read with me and in nineteen violent husband that being that we think they aim to say that I keep on blaming knowledge dad being a nine hundred and yet all neither yet the debt net of feminism any paint the picture for you as the Bible is painting again at the man willing about a hundred year old spindly dead in the sense that none of them had children then you might view the wife Sarah outlaw with battering and second law student has manifold and better than them and possibility right now you have the seal body with two people who I've been ugly Betty that knowledge can come out of there their body and environment in aim being not waking me because then I can not only by the now dead neither yet think that none of hours nonmedical science would have declared this impossible right timing and beyond childbearing age or older it's impossible for you to have the fun but in the mind this situation was not a bot medical science it is about the God in whom he believed in the Bible ties that invite anyone being lonely isolated and what he had promised he was able to perform they are Muslim it has stated that what God had promised God was able to perform an element submit view of the reason Abraham believed that God was able and I've will I say that is given five in breadth seventeen since being will not about the faith Abraham Festival he was slowly that they have a God was able and second he did not back at the promise of God November seventeen a representative for Eminem the written and maybe a father of many nations before him home he believed in him got the crank end of the data and call those things as being non- as though they were the recommended time that Abraham believed in and got the quick enough and dad I got the call of things that don't end there as though they were Bill and Kraken in the King James version that word in the Greek means to give life to cause to thought in your mind the reason we did Abraham believe in a God who could cause they got Suzanne you get an intimate God who could bring life to get a creative look at call into existence that this was not string it see their billing is going south yes my body physically dead yet started looking beyond the dead but I didn't even a God who can bring life from the dead that he was fully persuaded Emma God promised God was able to perform because God is Creator he quickened a dead and therefore being not weak in faith he comes in and not the envoy the now dead US learned the favorite that God is able out weekly president is gone and is unable today the second thing to note about the faith of Abraham is that theoretical boards he's dad did not at the promise of God and if you can see clearly the difference is the way comments occurs so many times are promised on God he did not waver at the promise of God now you know human promises out then I make a promise to marry you today change his mind tomorrow night it's sad but it happens my friend this was not just any promise why this this is why the Prime Minister on the end is something that so something fundamentally important to remember about the problem instead of God and in writing about this the right of the book of Hebrews had this if they cleanly think that humans have the thing to me about how he is painting a picture of Abraham 's not seem very at fondness of God right humans have instinct when you get there please see none yet we want biggest signing humans have different than many of you there amen I'm beginning for you next eighteen and I can see in the electronics repeated here and then remember what Abraham was fully completed the method that he was happy that Colin God made promise to Abraham because he could set by no greater heathland Vineland fell saying surely blessing I will bless the and multiplying I will multiply the end so at and yet please send the angular he obtained the promise for men then fled by the greater and all of the confirmation if the government and of all strife where Irene God willing more I'm underneath issue of the act of promise in the instability of his console confirmed that five hours that I feel immunoblot being the end when it was impossible for God to lie we might have a strong consideration left to hold upon the hope set before right on another theme through the tiny pin that you can't imprison men make a promise they slammed by somebody greater when God made promise to Abraham God that their eyes then you know what is not in God and the guard thought that he felt he made a prime minister and it confirmed it by an old they need to a mutable thing when it was impossible for God to life and then with me what Abraham did before because it was because it's impossible for God to lie he gained a prominent and his blob I doubt confounded by an old and Abraham did not waver at the kindness of God he believed fully persuaded and that they became confirmed that after he had patiently and you would he obtained the promise and then next twelve the writer consoles out you and me that you be and not lawful I follow less of them who through faith and patience inherit the promises see how this time including you and me that the promises are there said that feeding had a fed but they inherited by those who acted thy faith and patience faith and patience and that's we find recorded in the famous chapter on faith in Hebrews eleven the rapid name is eleven X11 installed for the battle can't find the phase of Abraham and Sarah tells us in chapter eleven verse eleven I we then because of these have been over him and then press eleven it was saying also that myself received strength to conceive seed and I've been limited to haven't you ever had aid because he's acting faithful who had promised and I think the logic of that great a death that it did Wiesenthal have faith if she had an convention got a place you have not believed without wavering the promise of God she may not have received strength and speed the idea that women barren beyond childbearing age simply because he believed their promise on God she receives grant to concede the end God would be impossible in her life a classic trust that the promise of God the fundamental way this morning France's comments from this God not anything that he was eleven and is a famous that we read over and over again if that chapter the great Hall of fame in great policy into a college in verse three as he was eleven a something fundamental about faith that I wanted to understand this morning it is a talking here about a faith-based litmus rated eleven makes me the violence how does that through faith we understand that the world was framed by the what of God the things which has seen when it made of things do appear the phase I and that the world framed by the word of God is not always the same I understand that God will amend that any good staff they understand that when God said let there be light at the not the way I created saying handed down they create an ability on the light of God they understand that when God being he transforms reality in our life friends in the mind of somebody will have made so many was lonely isolated when we got me if anything is done by being there bought it and Janice can read that the warhead of guidance by me as making the way God created God creates he get these and it's done the firmament it's done several million in the a deeper picture of why I believe Abraham possibly say that because friend reality by Christie and reality fundamentally is not defined by what we feel and what we go through is defined by that saith the Lord God be therefore it is when Alexander Weatherly I'm not going to be therefore it is in writing about this in the book education page two fifty three other night has its name from Holland statement since they what am I give God promises is in the promise itself I listened what am I gifting God promises it in the promise itself as she only as the old is in the acorn does she only is the gift of God and his prominent if they receive the promise we have the gift the gift of God is in his problem any who receive the promise we have guests tonight the bag got promised Abraham that rent diet lifestyle habits son got the promised big enough and in and in and then ran in and there is that when got to love the way it that red light white cell of a plan in thinking the way God gave Isaac and Abraham the government not the promise and when God spoke it with it is done the why would you waver and promise of God that said it therefore it is the kind of fate they believe in the light of God the kind of faith that is fully persuaded is critical five critical five before at the having nothing back with a bit of this kind of thing that without you met this morning is the only kind of faith that will enjoy try it without paying back the only thing that will end your without turning back an independent event that humans have been eleven you reinvent that if they abide men and women of faith in mechanistic tool had signed all of crew of marketing and writing game all about fines and imprisonment and risk that is seven it was spelling it was stolen and that they would find that there was delay in with the slide they wanted a bargain since him and goatskin being that it's unique link that an informant said that societal accrue a Mockingbird Gardens by and fades in and there was still they were following you have found a non- mean so mainly before and any yet breast-fed and nine records that they still take a good report their fate and that child but my face softening of the acrylic feet and marking the binding for them and they still have any and their faith did not waver their faith did not waver being floated as stated in fully translated and now I submit to you this morning that the reason many of the content that has child is because when not fully completed I got promises eyes sure as sure can be when I first stated you see verse thirteen if he was eleven thousand that these all died in faith right not having received with the promise that means seeing them how far off and in and of them and embraced them and confess that it was string encodings on your and the ESV translates this verse this week if they these all died in faith not having received a big problem with adding a number far off dating naked received that not it was coming they fit the promise of God and that was enough for them God had promised the Bible goes so far as to say in birthday find something nice Betty five and you anything about a faith that Ravi tweets from the promise of God no matter what the twenty five husbands and women received their dead raised to life again and have an excellent sense not something done that they might obtain a better resurrection what kind of president refuse to rent from sponsor what kind of person does it refuse deliverance of the amount of pain and better resurrection it hadn't be the resurrection physically the only way they knew that there was a better resurrection guess what the promise of God until they had gone from Ms. and better resurrection and I didn't need God had promised and got promised living wage Philippe has stated that what God had promised God is able to perform our weakness stated many unless child attempted to shrink back shy are currently we doubt it then met them in my feeling that we got the love of God and then I think of my friends I have to ask what child what you would consider titles you get rejected by a wife and I got enough striatal NIMBY is that the embargo act me anybody else see enclosed with you I see that strong and child in Iowa I keep my African head all of its glory one minute telegraph my hair was announced to the men that afternoon there and visit myself my Menendez my hat is all right and you have been in let me invalid to try and my hair is matted currently upon friendly to get help now the gods plan and not indeed as we think they are running a ninety nine the book cross examination links anxiety to read because it goes on my reasons why we can believe right L5 establishing the evidence will be not believe and I'm going to believe because I can't find less days and nights editing it they must meet it but in this book the Oscar duck the time that calls for someone think of the disciples afraid and you call it for us how they would like to kindly face arrest and prison meant beating heart blood death and one of them not a single one of them turned back into the P&L I've driven five upside down you will christen my site found James was stoned to death Matthew was killed by the sword James then obvious as crucified body of flesh jobs really are rolled to death Simon with Christmas by Thomas killed with the via Paul he had an wink bingo we had trial we've been trying to nine and be understood some of our shy on may be deeper I mean the unraveling may face major health challenges them here this morning is no matter how big or small it is that Scheier is irrelevant if we are fully translated if we have slowly has stated on the front it says of God that this child had blue will not turn back small eyes bigger they are the sound returned because God has problems has Abraham asleep as stated God had come God was able to perform and Alina submits EU advanced the kind of faith you and I need to call me wise it was even a concept the first time I read it right he is my eyes this am that looked like it for Christ and again I I'm a bookworm so forgive me I recommend a lot of books I love both on this particular book is a must-read to gain some perspective on our case each child in this book describes him try that with PSC is sold that Chris is coming at countries have suffered for their fate the eyes that we should one brand right tonight how do you find me high at eleven years old seeing his parents arrested and cited for their faith in Christ and I cannot reconquer you the kind of horror as that they suffered enough sometimes they would have gone the rat trim at night at amazing imagine that when I been missing in Zambia this summer in July with the impact found your missionaries went to the island close to the island is there for a couple of days three minutes ago North North King Bible says a key point of being a missionary Institute and the floor the cold hot concrete floor in a room with rough mosquitoes I remember my first night going to see in my thinking that hit in the rats living in then I thought to myself only lazy only when he is an idea that rights as the coupler at the Corinthians had done in rats via an Internet of the night and resume to stand up to you each day and night and then put into refrigerated and repeatedly frozen and taken out again women wear rate cruel and it means I can re- seated during software he wanted in his mind how can a good and loving God commitment transit system anything without reason and he unfastened and the fate because his back at him I believe in a God who would commit this to happen my parents who've done nothing wrong any know what happens he went insane hot in faith and cannot a lot be her and when he saw his mother behind bars right behind by Susan week since then he's buried soon bad and citizens anti- son and the fact things you think that you made me I believe in Geneva Canton woman who led yeah I can crash at my points and the five thousand and five please believe indeed that has some arrangements trying on did not make her point that I think that might be even and then me I look at even my better anything into it my mind that if my mother tends to believe in Christ even now Christ must be a real estate year annualized credit he reminded me even madder I'm mistaken they wanted right here that woman was slowly faded and him I know what I stop that right now God has brought me and got promises assure God promised it would never leaving a completely God promised that it was a black and pink stuff up for Christ they got from the beach and Endicott got from Ms. he did not waver I'll easily persuaded Lee Lee said I want to remind us this morning from the Bible has told us that in this while we so had accumulation it just say that afternoon matter of fact that the lingerie fluorescence segment negativity typically last night that all who live godly in Christ event that South Africa's vacation it did not say that they need faster execution if they base out it will come gathering he outlining is called for in mind that will repent later young people of faith then I know what I got to guide a guide and God has promised and the child will come in and do something friends I unite and recommend my pride is it has made the public understand will guide it does not rely a bit impossible for God 's Allawi why did I believe they fully completed maybe some of us have in the light and I haven't I know him in whom I have believed that and has stated that he is able friend absolutely and I got a label that God does not think that God can not I him and if you wanted to and you know why he cannot lie because he is way creative reality Damon and God wanted satellite clinic a couple of God recognize the Poland he would sit by and say times though is a Zen the many think that the company is an answer like I cannot live same document you went from fun reality and believe in love how do not believe the book and what of God we create your reality got beat therefore it is an believe makes no sense at my feet as mom role of the eight mom went out healthy and Marvel how can we not believe in confidence and card race page three sixty nine the seventh of the Lord right I think Steve then distress and actually will read why here at a backhand change your weariness delay and hunger FAQ that will not change though think the elite tried at times ahead on that required that the Fed will not name those big BOE tried an friend I submit to you this morning but even when not welding things your hardness as a good start Jack Christ event we managed to attend back right now that kind of faith that fans only in good time is now all that's not great but stony ground state is good for nothing adding to them I finally showed some backbone into my family so at the world what it means to believe in God even when I make no sense backbone bandwidth backbone this is a hint of software running away from God on this set is in the wilderness when MS agent anytime sometime and came all was as it go back even as an agent for the better nineteen have mercy and unilaterally with eleven transitions the receptor twelve after giving us these examples of faith even goes on to state humans have a twelve verse one the Bible is safe with more seeing that we also I can think of five with so great a cloud of witnesses that him Anne-Marie weight and then with Doctor Ian seemed that I've irrationally hasten the race set before his game I'm thinking that the author and finish up on me what a joy that a flaming deal went across this I think the same and expect on the right throne of God for consider him when do I affect hundreds if not then I gave himself the effort that you be leery and faint in your mind you have not strength instead uncivilized striving again when and if you have faith that the fault that he would tell you even with not just the author at the finish obviously and eliminate sample of the kind of faith and we must cock demands while for the joy set before him in deal at the crime will leave with a joy that before I think you are the highest child by the grace of God and after Christ unexampled Abram on the knife back at the promise of God came back to receptor for someone to read this again in hearing Chang back to Romans chapter four and once you read again in your hearing Mrs. twenty and twenty one Abraham that did not have the promise of God really my strong faith giving glory to God and informally had created the life he had promised to in the Arctic to perform friends he intended valid and electronic the one thing about but please please let having a common and not not the doctor promises of God that's not sized garden crimes he has not committed an act of favorite Bible prime one of my needs met is a thirty three not that one phase seeking birth the kingdom of God and his righteousness and all these things will be added on see you may not many of us do we waste life the aching thing that God wants to add and feel at California Pennsylvania God save just the one thing now add everything off unto you easily persuaded I think of the promise in John five to fourteen one through four what he promises that his father 's house are many mansions anyone who can't play for us that he would come again resume at himself and Lulu Carron is the environment that is being the same some HTML economy we doubt how easily translated I think of first John one that beloved continent that if you confess I think he's faithful and just to forgive us as the cleanse us from all unrighteousness Yelena come to God we pray for forgiveness then we arrived from France new Brighton I can evidently hobnobbed high then I will pointedly I think of how in announcing Christ right to marry in Matthew one twenty one needed figure will call his name Jesus when you will save his people from their sins back from you think the lesson with a alley boule rated at about many of us go through life struggling with the same things all at and over again suffering defeat after defeat as mutually harmless radio and I'm afraid that in some ways may move it would come to think of Jesus as somebody like that nine fifth chronic CMS saying he doesn't net asset is not within the knowledge they have from them telling her I thought about that we currently fully persuaded the right of amazing Grace Abdullah 's and him and him and many much on you and love you may know that John uses hundreds leadership on or before his conversion they think an active black bags are a bunch trade of men when you have credit throughout the song amazing Grace I once was blind but now I and in old age he is quoted as saying this my man marrying is nearly gone bad remember a silly thing very clearly that in a great sinner and that Christ is a great Savior I youthfully postdated the kid go on and on existing these precious promises the question is I was fully persuaded in second Peter chapter one running on five feet these precious promises future phases in second as have the lab there therefore my levers than before victory and risk for eye we then think again I once lived in the van before the violence they are climbing as his divine father had given us all things that they think the life and godliness through the knowledge of him at that's a glory and virtue when I give and take me any rate San Francisco Chronicle then fighting these you may be predicated of the divine nature having gates that corruption that is in the love these standalone or what I read for it invite the X meaning great and precious promises that we had a picnic on the divine nature in the promises of God is contained and anything we needed why then would we not believe in the promises of God it I them know that he meditated on the divine nature friend the promises of God as your extra can be enacted it stressed that no matter what negative believes no matter what that's not good that they did that they him accusing him as a liar but a lot of things of God between given thy ear an imposter including death even evil he's not good enough is that somebody yet again willing to believe in the goodness of God in the meadow what they suffer willing to believe the promise of God is synonymous that what they go through the undead I feel like I know in my mind I will not stress what it can accept what God has said because reality is not what I feel going through it what has God said that reality is that so many of them will leave it and yes there is pain yes the seven but God had promised a better day God has promised to never knew you must never think God has promised that not being ninety nine ten up from the level of God God has promised now is fully persuaded that what God has promised guiding able to perform at least loaded as needed I'm afraid for and I'm afraid because he was sent before I talked about a dangerous when he can guard again in our last future a receptor force nine 's elite is breaking the hearing as a syllabary not as a sobering thoughts when I read this is why many risks you are either the violent phase intercept a phone line to let us therefore fear that's a promise being the best of engineering is an indirect any of the recipient becomes short on for the gospel friends what the gospel up trees as well as unto them but the way free did not froth them not being mixed with faith in them that heard it read to me talking about the wilderness experience of Israel at the way they carried they had away our right I think I'm nonprofit not being mixed with faith in them that heard it and visit us therefore fear that a promising left us and we do have a promising left it amazing his rest that year that I hadn't believed we've lost some of my prominent and believes in the most offensive thing in the world at it and believe in God and belief in the promise of God is nonsensical because I'm that it gets done and I fear that the primary thing lasted of mentioning his rep with some shot at victory in the last therefore enclosing outlines reminded of way would be kind in Romans chapter four when environment has a baby mammoth believed history that God had promised government able to perform you time and succeeds the late fact for us it is Abraham was absolutely convinced he was absolutely convinced that God was able to do anything he promised and I think the final reason why we cannot turn back it is left floated as stated on what God has promised when victory is guaranteed anything you do in life where I think that's a guaranteed what you want with your organic chemistry five things I guaranteed an A+ how is that you decrease the engineering if we believe that what I've got if we believe the promises of God then there is a guaranty agency that the defendant you are going to battle and using your that your enemy was defeated we demonstrated how can you retrieve from battle with a defeat that enemy makes nonsense friend faith and in a defeat that full commentary in the DL on the battle you think the and him not to bring the child then and bring the temptations you can see I left my community at forty three believing even if we believe the promises of God Revelation twenty one metaphor is still true today is coming a day when God will last I wait on you I when they saw been no line him now must thou cried God had from it that I deeply believe the promise of God we can not go back into me and parents need to victory is assured we cannot go back at the child that it's time to come we cannot we must not go back fully uploaded and stated that what God has promised God is able to perform the December issue of the voice of my newsletter has the stamina woman the name of Gloria and there has been ninety well Glenn moved to a remote village in Columbia that was controlled by Drive 's trafficking guerrillas they went there as missionaries then area the villages with all sectors had been closed that what was hard I think David Alder ethnic e-mail one morning at the family tram they heard somebody outside causing my name and remind less depth outside the biblical realism that shots him through five times in my live site this same again make sure you had and Gloria walked out of the house to see her has been lying in a toothpick at his body he is slimming down her face and said Pioneer might see an issue in the hospital wrapped her Bible he is crying and had many bad name of the governor on what's going on Gloria him why am I seeing Neil and I have had with dad body and to read the Gospel and on intimate and that my husband believe in themselves and faith and did not wind out of me God is cigarette and on reaching the bottom of all have been losing a husband that he is a nonsensical way Gloria had ongoing gone one battle and development will the song writer me I'm standing on the promises of God in human apartments is that not fail Ellen F Holly Lyndon God and yet I failed I definitely never promised seven five and neither of them in light of God Heise job female standing on the front was standing was standing with me on that front he says of God from his bad back and not Seo standing on the promise that God being on my being here thinking and healing he had been a test of my sleep late and now in a present at meeting face-to-face and then I'll must think that Atlanta Emily twenty five years old yet graduated an experiment I don't have any of the other constraining barely a year experiencing one amendment and the ceiling and God and that he was I know I absolutely afraid of letting your weakness and make practical I look at anything in the megabits I point my article rethinking the name for a miracle I have got I was learning agreement and what God has promised even when we don't be feeling if you attended by prominent and one from me you can do that will never ever have gotten an error anybody limits even one really gotten and I is impossible we will look on me will have the back lawn and have information act title because I thought it stuck them on the one fact that both will cause that look I think and learn and turned it all joy in God yet ignorant I could all enjoy because not one tries to answer I can be drawn and in making human attempt but while all were fixated right but even then you may need by management and United scenes I know I'm having a real and we even went on commitment to him hanging may not help but will I will and ability to equinox anymore yes how many can only weep and cry and cannot quit landing at you and you and they allowed plurality in the Mac I know that we believe in the mountain in the garden director will will he believed God and you will find that you are right and I believe please believe I be on a banking and financing meals together very bad some of his skin this morning who had been facing different child times as they attempted old bad even come to turn back the zip is a child is just too painful if that you lambasted it raised a hand to me that guide knowledge that though I don't thought I was tempted to go back I believe help my end of the Reagan hand I want to trade and ask God to forgive unbelief and help create off the train father when kneeling the same we believe how the bow I believe that if he just suits your youngest and claiming to be fully stated to believe in your goodness in my skin began laughing matter how much we let thy word and I wanted out Molly defined in the health of life handed down creative enough even given the faith of Christ save for the same type of faith that he will not try and back ability child father forgive again I believe to the faithful fineness with me previously believing this message was thank you I see supporting ministry seven hundred and two licensees to inspire young people I have a base price in February download and print designer resources like this you been less making like to donate visit was left on one see when done with also reaches new mail box seven eight six harbor Michigan four eight one oh six this recording is licensed under creative Commons this means you him him please ensure you have read in my resale and alteration is


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