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Keep Your Crown

Eric Walsh


Eric Walsh

Pastor and Physician



  • January 1, 2011
    6:00 PM
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him him him this message was present and she wife scene two thousand ten no turning back on their brother resources like this visit us online GUI see whether or really do I see in Georgia Sabbath in Baltimore there was a high Sabbath begins at half new year celebration praise God we were able to keep God 's holy Sabbath day as well and it was a wonderful experience last night as I was slowly making my way back to the hotel I saw aware of whole group of young people this broke out in songs of praise one upper open areas and it was so powerful that I could as well on the upper level and look down on this thing without one of his Holy Spirit of young people to saying and I could just imagine that there were angels that was so pleased to see God 's people in praise of the rest of the world within our union and an frivolity dots before praising him to bring in a new year and I suspect out of glasses as we look at all what is going to take place in twenty eleven some of the things that would prevent here tonight the Bible like Babylon rising these things are are excited out of development of Vegas would they call it sin city for reason advised that God would be with them as they go on to Las Vegas and bring the gospel truth a precious anti- message to the city of Las Vegas we will be praying for them amen yesterday also able to go to some of the tools after we were talking that's what I'll will church service over here in front of vision and an little like I will also bear in her arms one is a happy meeting them that I am a bit beaten strong support of their ministries are really trying to get more people at least in my area in Southern California with the what they're doing I want to say that we should Apple spirit of teamwork if the people of God work together guess what happens synergy happens the more happens when we work together we support one another that if we try at all to ourselves so we unravel spirit of not disunity of synergy working together to finish God 's work on earth allows you to turn with me to Bible tonight the second Timothy chapter four second Timothy chapter four on the reason verses seven and eight second Timothy chapter four verses seven and eight word of God says I have fought a good fight I have finished my course I have kept the faith henceforth there is laid up for me a crown of righteousness which the Lord the righteous Judge shall give me at that day and not to me only but unto all them also that love his appearing our message the night is entitled claim your crown playing your crown let us pray father God we thank you for bringing us together again here at UIC for another evening service ask right now Lord did you make me just the nail upon the wall across the sorry mail Lord Black 's law what fortunate of Jesus Christ upon the nail so that the night whatever walls is not seen or heard instead father God I ask the new era message from the very slight enrollment rates the suffering Jesus 's name for the church say amen 's tallest laying in the dungeon and as he is dealing with the difficulties of being alone he tells us in second Timothy that most have actually deserted him and him left him alone Paul as he lay on the floor in the dungeon soldiers come running down the stairs in a crowd the apostle Paul they shake him up and tell them it was time for him to go and stand in the hall of Justice I can imagine as Paulus dragged through the streets of Rome that many of the soldiers on some of the soldiers would've whispered to him Paul thanks your when you get here and you have an audience with these dignitaries and what the Emperor Nepal you don't let the name of Jesus Paul if you do that they'll put you to death all the dragons of this whole as he enters in their dignitaries from all over the Roman Empire succeeded in array before the Emperor Nero but not only are these dignitaries present outside of all the regular citizens that the street and personal role if gathered outside pressing in wanting to hear what would happen to someone who was celebrated him I lie lying on the Christian then lying on Paul Lake they got all enrolled to believe that Paul was responsible to the fire that destroyed records of the city the one that I hated man by this point for building did not know him and felt it was a cloud reminiscent of the kind of attention that something like the O.J. Simpson trial resume Paul was in chains when he was brought in and he and most of the people there would've thought that Paul was a prisoner of narrow law makes it clear in his writing that followed the prisoner of Jesus Christ Paul makes it clear that he was only obtained because he chose to be a fireman of the list price at one point in that terrible night the age people apostle Paul is brought to stand face-to-face with the Emperor Nero Paul God 's most powerful agent owner stands before the most powerful human being on earth narrow in essence the ruler of the world stands before Paul was the servant of the king of the universe spirit of prophecy as well as the ancient historians tell us that there has been no greater contrast between two men as when the apostle Paul stands face-to-face remember I what a contrast using their own gave the power of a river of blood his mother Agrippina the second married his uncle Claudius Caesar Claudius either was known to be a week and Karen Agrippina with all my astrologers that her son Nero would one day rule Roman associate to talk your position and actually assisted in the death of Claudius his wife and married a man he was related to she got a sudden position once I see I got upon his note to say that narrow intensity of quality is that would be made Emperor it wasn't very long before Claudius was dead after Claudius died narrow stepbrother Britannica most log of all of the Roman citizens of a noble young man was poisoned at the dinner table while all of them sat there in a leaving their alone to rule the then known world as the Emperor of the Roman Empire but I learned a long time ago to the Honorable and please and it was long after narrow power that he will looking to kill his own mother in fact Darrell had made multiple attempts to kill his mother most of them fail but to finally be higher than an mother killed by then and train professional assassin Merrill when he married Octavia his first wife divorced or an infield error and then his wife the shortly after marrying her because he asked him without everything that I contrast between this body where is the industry leader and the simple yet eloquent apostle Paul is the term contracts is the thereon and only three love life they are allowed to poetry and singing in fact when he would sing and many of the Senators of the elite of Rome thought it was so beneath the Emperor to try and perform I remember Bill Clinton used to play the saxophone there were those kind of thought the same thing and he was saying and of course what the soldiers around the auditorium and is one when he was done singing flat out enough Klonopin zero zero templates and that it was a capital crime and wanted both born on the people didn't applaud but he also thought he was an actor delivery California and what exactly is a folly he would validate with the formula and if of the lack of performance and he is not someone can appreciate this performance now that individuals with the death but his other great love is third-rate local 's chariot race they are about the race chariots horses horse-drawn chariots and any and any with our second size love it I told on the first night that even when he when he began the persecution of the Christians because of the of the burning of Rome and trying to the fact the brain for a while himself now with you the Christian I also have one I would try and through the burning torches that were Christians so much he loved peering zero decided to postpone the eighties revival of pixel to use so we could run mania very delayed of the great Greek games of two years any practice chariot racing but for now all the crooked type of God the lighting was deprived of judges and when the time gave been to raise the age sixty seven now when everyone else only had all orthodontics area now and then North is only probably because I have been largely was really that good of material characters you would imagine I felt the race after blasting inside as well I will not have wanted the ball once everything is all quite as his recent and El Salvador they all I want from the second of the material in fact narrow never finishes the race of the individual becomes important natural as I believe why does it so well and being aware of Rome did not make a decision that I is the right it was so good that I finished the race it what along the roof is retail that he began for all over collecting crown of all of the different races and briefs and ironically began to collect the crowns and brought all the crowds him hello the most sacred of all college and eighty one one hundred and eighty one and triumphant with the plant crowns of the Olympics seem as if he had gone and won the race theories we're all different men Paula traveled all over the Empire as well we did not follow the empire looking to gain clouds that would not last grounds that as he says the first group is nine forty four twenty seven laws of the belt around your corruptible Paul thought around the Empire and the admin building up charges in explaining people off of ministry he had been preaching the gospel he admitted he had been attending the meeting in which solid attend out and even the June ball I like narrowed by affection was that the narrow as high availability did not give the answer that he was intimately the man that she be put to death Paul on the other hand the striking contrast between the two men Paul when he would leave me leaving the charts and to try to come together to pray for a Paul Allen followed leaving the people I would start with all of him and kiss him and tell them they love you and Paul by their affection when we play what happened with Palmeiro face-off .com football to defend himself because he was sulfated enrolled there we could not find any authority or any legal representation for himself I defend himself but that God 's glory because although Paul was loaded if you went in front of this group of dignitaries in the waiting mom figure although it was warned that if he lived in the name of Jesus 's history in the spirit of prophecy tells us that when Paul is out of volume probably more beautiful than this one began to speak he is old old son still powerful sermon that many of the people in the role came to see him convicted and put the death their hearts out and happen or convicted of the day of Jesus Christ and when you read is very understandable the apostles as a wind and it's hard to describe them all in the open face-to-face one thousand or even zero a lot from heaven shines down through the dark seemingly impenetrable salt that is narrow and even narrow against the trunk of the eternity because it involved of them go up there and reach a week sermon baldly to the sermon on the judgment Paul stands before the Meg and respectable crowd of people and also blessed one day every single one of you is like that instead for the very judgment seat of the living God also developing God even laughable but if you can stand before him and his authority conquered by the blood of his son by the grace and mercy that if I needed his son Christ Jesus you will not be him and never a mural begins to realize that all of the sick and twisted the boxers actually perform will one day you will have to give an answer for all begins to contemplate you those determine Paul thinks the God of the universe narrow streets that he was God in fact peoples that alters the narrow and it would worship him and when narrow builders in his house at like I said last night the erect a hundred and twenty foot statue in honor of himself between Nero and all but I submit to you or the powerful sermon at law something drawback to his dungeon after preaching the sermon you get imaginative goals whispering is finished the government should football watch the book of second Timothy after that incident and read second Timothy chapter four starting in verse one I want to understand the active experience with this crazy tyrant Nero he was a helpful user that's a hard speed therefore negativity that reformers was that I charge thee therefore before God and the Lord Jesus Christ who shall judge the quick of the dead at his appearing and his kingdom preached the word is the instant in season out of season he says the reproof to rebuke exhort with all law are Paul is not a human being out on a mission to be like everyone is either not think it would be how to win a popularity contest even if I recommend the void and will again adopt will and and and by giving the gospel it will be unable out that everyone will definitely draw the committee is really popular and liked it we can do all of the DVDs and books no author when you preach things to be reproved sin should be rebuked we should exhort but this must be done with all suffering and doctrine livable for me to talk about this last night when I was thinking there was some approach me later and said that I had offended the because I brought up one of my story one of really not talking about what bought a bottle talking about the issue of a transaction is that if I offended someone because they thought I was making a joke about individuals I wasn't going to challenge them to go back and watch last night 's presentation and see that I did laugh wasn't joking at all in fact being a physician one of days of narrative that when people are in that situation of working HIV and AIDS of many years and have many patients in that situation is probably one of the most difficult confusing or challenging enemy and from a purely medical and health standpoint one of the most that at the person in the blood off I'm funny and I was not making the jump in on me and I don't know that I would be the preacher of the gospel of Jesus Christ is how I wasn't played in the Bible says about I don't know if I can be more worried about being offensive to people or it must be more worried about offending the living God and believe me this is not very seriously if you like anything I understand the consequences of the wine that we speak when we reached the hospital of Jesus Christ upon the wall like he says that we are the one who will stand and deliver the word of God Bible study or preaching when you libel and is now in the place where the gospel can be brief questionnaire on a very serious responsibility because one day every individual is going to have to scramble for the very judgment seat of the living God and what am the only person that might've woken a lot of morning one individual was going off course and love that you know a house is burning the afraid to run inside itself both that must be long-suffering and I will admit that sometimes we than it is have been very short suffering their times were so concerned what people are doing we forget to ask a lot of questions who do they know sometimes we can talk to God if they look down at cigarette without doubt all moves away to house the not really as hard question I think doing what I'm doing because of that I always been part of one of the things I will in the addiction medicine clinic in working at a veterans hospital in Loma Linda Windows Windows automatically becoming out of date since the data only the cocaine and crystal methamphetamine than alcohol and it would stand together and the end of their meeting and they love them and they were naked I think you went on a that only he can fill it we must be long-suffering because we understand that a lot of people whether I hold in their heart and the behavior that we see them doing are really only a reflection of the fact that they do not the kind of relationship with God the whole and once they are introduced to Jesus Christ and if he is given to them that all understanding relationship with Jesus Christ all will be as the things that used to defend the things that is so easily beset to be shaken off all the other valve involvement in the molecular but I could never get honestly thought at times I was in certain behaviors are certain things about my life and myself and I thought I could never be delivered it will study the word I pray and I learned that life is focusing in a more extended right well only focusing on on on what I was doing this with my focus for my behavior onto Christ and I learned was that as long as my focus was on not doing things I failed miserably because I was not fighting the fight of faith I will apply to works and what happened in one thousand and at first when the battle over here I keep losing the battle for the government of the real dress breakdown of the different visa by a favorite I can see the letter and I love that one time in my life is difficult it unsealed and you know what happens this one to you and then walk into a nightclub all of a sudden you see the place differently all of a sudden the daemonic influence of the Batman flow dividing the money and put that on the ball rolling this is what I'm writing in your life that you can be intimate with the help with the infinite with a talk at the price you will and will I begin to consider a new mathematics now in my practice less invasive and you lose and if there is an effective exit they listed first I was in the life of a beautiful right this is my faith the just shall live by in the fight of faith the base you what to do it give you the knowledge that is wrong you see what's wrong as I got ready for you what's wrong is what it is the spirit I feel you that Jesus lives in you and you are living in your own self because some of the more emphasis on what we're doing the right and I'm a output submit to you that if you live Jesus Christ in your life you will change your life the tenth amendment and how long levy of ten rules baby this is a longtime exiles not even alarming you won't do that for you all committed up for you and I both feel don't worry about the money because you let the great work the instant in season Stephen reprove rebuke exhort with all suffering during the Scripture determines Doctor Newman will be become at me with stuff what was the last letter I am originally from the Scripture to become a valid argument and it is a shall be from the Scripture both of them verse three for the time will come when they will not endorse sound doctrine but after their own lusts shall they heap to themselves teachers having itching ears and except for the way the air from the truth that shall be turned of the fables saw someone largely been a very nice man amending jewels the un-American live show one night urging is recently retired on Jell-O stain was on Larry King was active in some very difficult questions and one of things the actual season the only use the word center Jolo Steve while I'm look at the transcript of the Philippines of note you know that's a word I've never used Larry King replies that you believe in the Bible you want to tell them how to better manage that money out a little more prosperous life the more I find about a thousand things wrong with any of that at the one I am want to highlight of God that a part of their lives whatever you may not want to keep my feet within the world invited them away and and and and change you make them advertisement to see what we do on the fly of the world and the church gets more like that I'm imprisoned them in general about how things will start to ask for preachers and teachers will teach them what they want to hear in fact if that president is changing this amendment is church after the kingdom that pressures on our church without glasses and simply walked the numbers we want to make sure that we thought charges we want to tell you that I thought many felt a lot because they know what they don't talk about the health message may be made will do better at bringing people in other actually in him and him about the theories were they decided to do that I will in all of the member to church in a small town and I met with the get week we had the baptism that Sabbath and seven eight people the big number for the church like a whole lot of guys that have that was just baptized up a cigarette smoking drive it home from drive in much the same way that the probabilities wittily got hold of smoke I don't apply on any brought something unclean thing while about a portraitist of luck is that the other side of the line that administered them suddenly admitted yelling obscenities struggling spoken to give you some help with quick nicotine but the you will probably be a bad idea then what they never told any of this is because he felt she had to be admitted into being baptized in the church I think it's only fair to you what the moment join our church that you upfront you tell him what we believe Scripture seven verse four they would turn away their ears from the truth this be turned unto fables big moments like the left behind series with each that Jesus got accommodate a select bunch of people that have been in an if you left behind his way seven years and if you were seven years like the bus stop you don't about will come back around for using a second chance these the fables not biblical at all but an insult popularized in the last things about the diversified watch thou in all things he says and door afflictions because Timothy do the work of an evangelist these estimates will prove of your ministry is for a verse six for I am now writing to be offered and the time of my departure is at hand now you're realizing the youngest of the Roman policy read this open to it he was thinking at all there would be a bit upset when he reads that all is not afraid of death you will you take away the power from your oppressor or from your or from your jailer or from your arthritis take a person is really trying to destroy you and your movement the power is taken away when they realize you are not afraid of death also we offer seven the time of my departure is at hand because Paul did something powerful Paul was not on the defensive in dealing with doctors in fact when you read in acts twenty four twenty five or at twenty six twenty eight we feel it would assist in Felix and in a Brooklyn dealing with these men he realized that I was actually on the defensive by Elizabeth captivity as a tool to be on the offensive because with Jesus said in Matthew sixteen hundred eighteen for Christ is the theater Peter you are upon this rock speaking of himself to write upon this rock I will build my church anything in the case of mail shall prevail against them on all kinds of our defenses a piece of equipment again is a defensive position you don't obligate you to run people over tomatoes they met once event go much and my check is not a run all the dates of their some of that it requires me know related theater listed by that authority like the president is black the captain looked like the weekend people want at least not in front of narrow long unless done that with God beyond all power behind the plot of his captivity have an opportunity to preach the possible not just the common man but the gospel reach so high that even in twenty six and twenty eight one of the Roman leaders that you will almost convince me of visiting all with all the offenses you die if that's what it took Edinburgh Southern of second Timothy chapter four because I have fought a good fight I have finished my course I have kept the faith Paul understood the importance of fighting the fight of faith is I finished my course I have kept the faith and I want that as I read this if you want writing so it never would get this thing back was that about zero is the one now and that his race now well it is important to Harriet and out twice and never finish the race I believe that Paul little bit it wasn't impossible that narrow hotels close to Merrill would read this letter by saying that their own children finish our race but that's not a good sign I finished my race narrow it went out of the discoveries zero at the faith verse eighty seven for there is laid up for me a crown of righteousness narrow yet you that already work on a plant -based cloud that that are corruptible I will delay but now I want you to know something is holding up from righteousness for me you cheated to get your Ground Zero you murdered to get the crown of the Emperor achievement in the clowns you've got in the Olympics the background is a crown of righteousness narrow your searches the Lord the righteous judge shall give me that day will write one word I think because not only save an individual race up with mine United States even got the crowd get a crown of righteousness will say something awful here you I want judges mineral sides cannot even ride with your money now you cannot convince the God of the universe looks at you because of your earthly power or fame or beauty blog think the narrow thin but a job at the University apparently speak about in the righteous judge says righteous judge give me at that day because and not to me only I love this book to all them that love his appearing see because after this narrow left and went to Greece got into all kinds of debauchery and frivolity on his way back from Greece he found out that the Empire was in rebellion all provinces insurrection and risen up and down but had been pronounced as Emperor not only did narrow involvement of different lives they died different this miracle when he found out he dissected while died first but narrowly found out that they were coming for him many within the power of the air the armies coming for him no more bravery no more strength he collapses inferior cries like a baby the things that kill himself but is not even are you enough to do that because please just outside of the city with a few of his closest ladies anything the column set off a bridge on the way out of the city and drive himself but because even if I could do that they rigidly secluded place where you hardly will not adapter under the end of theatrical way that he wanted to live you will not abandon the guilty but he was scared of the document follows the ground eventually Nero begs one of his slaves there one the dagger through his neck narrow dies and a noble and glorious death at the hand of a sleeve how different is Paul's death will die first history tradition tells us that Paul was being let out mirror doesn't want anyone to see Paul's death because the blog is funny thing about it is all just bump into somebody they came to know Jesus Christ as their looks easily is run and the romantic can only send them out with the assassins of the no one knows anything about but as the week evil by now emaciated all the being led to the slaughter unlike the babbling crying Nero Paula singing songs of praise was gone the executioners can even understand there's not an ounce of fear on Paul's faith he smiles at his captors and the executioners of their bring another him him down and sat on the block the killing but thought it can raise the Florida and had the thought to them that Paul was sort that would give them of what they are about to do how different whole and new what a contrast between the two men one died clinging to a cloud that was really number is while the other Paul dies with the faith within the crown laid out waiting for him July through an executive really important if you clean the ground or close by giving you some beautiful script is about the crown James one verse twelve James wanted verse twelve said Blessed blessed blessed is the man that endorsed temptation when he is tried he shall receive the crown of life which the Lord hath promised to them that love him Paul understood that if you get indoor he would receive the crown of life the Bible Bulls even further the last of the apostles alive John the rubber later in revelation chapter two and verse ten Revelation chapter two inverse ten because fair none of these things which thou shalt suffer is Jesus speaking to the church at Smyrna none of these things which thou shalt suffer all that will sell some of you and the prison that you might maybe try to set up tribulation ten days be thou faithful unto death and I will give you a clown of life strategist says that you can be faithful unto death and somehow they think that the depth of the model but we submit to you that even before that it does sell that the prime my favorite verse about grounds found in Revelation chapter three verses ten eleven as Jesus is speaking the church of Philadelphia revelations three ten eleven about claiming a crown bow first at eleven he says because the RS kept the word of my patients I also will keep the from the hour of temptation you notice that it's Jesus who does the keeping of a from of us from temptation several shall come upon all the world to try them that dwell upon the earth verse eleven is profound prose eleven said behold I come clean hold that which thou hast that I take your crown client campgrounds UIC playing a classroom were told that the Angels in heaven was seen as using the crowns that they would fix someone else's hair and as an additive that is important that each of us claim the crown because the building of this message is that before anything him I was already assigned to the messages that have your name is already written in the Lamb 's book of life and what we must do what I thought our name from May the Republican allies so that in the book of wireless our pages are colored in the black rat of Jesus Christ Linda Crown was first reported to be a related note second Timothy before five years ago when I got word mother was ill she was suffering from multiple myeloma diagnosed the Jackson Memorial Hospital in Miami by one of our good Adventist visions that were clear we encourage the young people to leave you come up to me if interested in medicine levitated in the powerful ministry for Christian physicians and healthcare workers of all kinds in a time when a family with Anita and I was on the West Coast and the level of the Miami it was powerful the sadness of this and was able to show up and properly diagnosed when no one else did multiple myeloma a rented one of my medical book said it was too after three year life expectancy when you raise three sons and a single mother father left when I was just two years of a woman who is beautiful Christie told us later on in private that they many left because he couldn't stand seventy administer to another within the regular in the church that him all a room at so much heartache in our life in the end she was battling cancer thought valiantly for two or three years out of volume one finally my brother call me Tony I needed to come to Miami Lehman Brothers a pretty tough and I was trying to get the farm we went to the hospital the hearing of never forget walking into see in the mother 's cancer and chemotherapy social getting natural shorthair thing about it for the first time I couldn't take it an average on my knees in a begin tonight with Don Moeller all this woman didn't service the Finder leader tries surefooted church was of so many years how do I go on the ball I like this how to get that in I got in and gotten out of the lies he's suffering like this hobby kneeling on the floor in the bathroom of her hospital room automatically a hospital that she was an administrator in the film as a comprehensive as those that are in Miami Florida shopping and agonizing withdrawal come to get out with their crying of the avoid for all you said you are a don't worry about tomorrow see has been perfect on only a leather versus seven and eight of the most effective remedy applied to my mother she was a happy and was what we have in Jesus will like this he was thinking it was fine with relatively busy with writing and if you she was ready to play background of the appeals on the song you want to make sure you claim your crown I thought joining out front when playing that this was nineteen wouldn't you send me cc and inspiring young people I have a base price and delivery downloading ranges of the resources maintenance Newfoundland making things like condoning busy lives well done them to you see when you also reaches new mail box seven eight six harbor Michigan four eight one oh six this recording is licensed under creative Commons this means you are here please attribute this recording device every as in my resale and alteration in


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