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The Ultimate Thanksgiving: Family Friends Forever

Ron du Preez



  • March 3, 2006
    6:45 PM
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final Friday evening together we will meet again tomorrow we hope you can join us far message then our last meeting we met we talked about the death today we're going to look at another aspect but let's just mention the phrase he used last time the dead rest in the grave until they are raised was all last message that we dealt with on Wednesday evening when we did with me the dead rest in the grave till they are raised today we want to consider another important topic in fact it is very interesting I just picked this up this was a November December two thousand five three months ago big title in search of heaven the well-known tele- vision reporter Barbara Walters interviews true believers to find answers and entire article in Reader's Digest about that interesting as you look to see if people are interested in what's happening and what's going to happen I found a Time magazine article the Bible and the occult apocalypse why more Americans are reading and talking about the end of the world people are really focused on that enemy statements in that article and I just want to read you a few that article came out six months or so eight months I believe it was after this was July one two thousand two shortly after what September eleven at the vessels of the article talks about of the books called the left behind series of terrorist attacks not only deepened the interest among Christians fluent in the language of Armageddon and apocalypse is broadened to does wealth to an audience that had never paid much attention to the predictions of the doomsday talk Nostradamus or been worried about an epic battle that marks the end of time or for that matter read the book of Revelation some September eleven people from the cooler quarters of Christianity on quintal time Magazine July one two thousand and him asking questions about what the Bible has to say about how the world ends the book of Revelation as always held its mysteries but for millions of people the code of revelation was broken in nineteen ninety five the spy magazine thinks when LaHaye Tim LaHaye and Jenkins Jerry Jenkins Jenkins published the left behind a novel of earth history if you've kept up with the news they plan to have a fourteen part series at time magazine says the interest in the end times is no fringe phenomenon listen carefully about half of the left and readers are Evangelicals which suggests there is a broader audience of people who are having this conversation Time CNN poll found find that more than one third of Americans say they are paying more attention now to how the news might relate to the end of the world fully fifty nine percent say they believe the events in revelation although sixty percent of events and Revelation are going to come to some of that interest is fueled by faith some by fear some by imagination but all the faith your imagination are fed by the left behind series those books about a major had had a major impact across the board I have a picture here that you'll see on the screen from Newsweek magazine May twenty four two thousand and four and it says the new profits all of revelation why their biblical left behind novels have sold sixty two million copies and counting these two authors are not considered America's best-selling writers to my injury think of their books movies CDs greeting cards games children's books are having an alarming impact on people according to Newsweek article a poll taken by them Newsweek shows that fifty five percent of Americans in general Christian agnostic Jew Muslim you name it fifty five percent in general think I'm going that the faithful will be taken up to heaven in the rapture is the widespread belief nice and alarming impact what is alarming because of the focus that people have a focus on the land of Israel specifically in fact one evangelical from Australia a faithful believer was so anxious to get the Lord to come for Jesus to come in their understanding of Scripture that he went to the L ox some mosque one of the sacred buildings all of the Muslims and he set the Alloc so Moscow liked hoping to burn it down so that they could go and destroy it and rebuild their temple right there he wasn't successful even though you try this book time magazine says the first article I mentioned before to some evangelical leaders books are more than a spiritual guide they are a political agenda and are then late on the fifth this helps to explain why some Christian leaders I'm going have also pressed their case in the Bush White House as if their salvation depended upon its it's a serious phenomenon just looking at that but why is it fears that we share with you me and I'm simplifying yet the three main tenets of the left behind series the rapture theory number one they say this is a secret rapture it can occur at any moment there are no signs predicting it only those who are wrapped her up they haven't well know with those left behind will possibly find a personal effects of those raptors of their watch may be that the answer is whatever AK that's what you'll find up behind then you'll know that the president rapture you wouldn't know it except what's left behind secondly after the rapture there will be a time of persecution called the tribulation but don't worry because all of God 's true believers will be in heaven they want have to suffer and number three number three those who miss the rapture and about fifty five percent of Americans in general believe that those amiss that the rapture will have a second chance to be saved but the week is limited by weight of Jerry Falwell this game I just last year Jerry Falwell says talk about this route these left behind series he says he has a major impact in terms of its impact on Christianity left behind is probably greater than that of any other in modern times outside of the Bible major impact on this whole theory and so I went to the bookstore one day and I bought a book called are we living in the end times that I didn't buy the series I went I found this book by LaHaye and Jenkins published in nineteen ninety nine artistically put a copy of the few pages because my suitcase was fully loaded and I couldn't carry it carry many books I brought these photocopies and this book the authors LaHaye and Jenkins safe we are not dealing here with fiction this is what we believe the obviously are a fictionalized story and so in this book they say this is actual prophetic interpretation and I've been reading and looking at the book and in this then they explained what they believe is what they say on count the millions of men women boys and girls will recognize that although they missed the rapture and thus left into the terrors of the relationship yet God is still calling them willing them to his side we believe these two relations and goodwill number into the billions of the be and do not forget every one of these new believers will have been left behind apparatus precisely because he or she had to that point rejected God 's offer of salvation yet even then the Lord will not give up on now that's the theory and they continued on page two forty over their book and they say if you don't accept Jesus and he comes the rapture happens firstly remember that the belief and then you have time and then they say Jesus comes if you haven't accepted Jesus by the time he comes to worry you have a third chance very clear only developers to forty and when you have a third chance they say during the millennium the first one hundred years of the millennium you have a chance to repent one small unit is paid to forty we believe that believers will live throughout the entire but the unregenerate the centers will be given one hundred years to repent and accept Christ because God doesn't want anyone to perish so here's the question now please don't for a moment think I'm being critical of the evangelicals I'm just warning you that sometimes they are interesting theories they are and I want you to keep an open mind and to dig into the word and yet the state what does the Bible teach let's make sure we go back to the word very very important and I just caution you about these dangers because I was guilty to pay I say I plead guilty why I remember how sincere I was that sincerely don't advertise that we ourselves are dug into the wood and we haven't seen it in all its clarity we brought into the Bible ideas from outside night a minister on a tour to please pull your feedback quickly after the Daniel chapter twelve of the given example of what I used to do because I want you to know that all of us we love the Lord but sometimes in our enthusiasm what we do we do Isaac Jesus I called enthusiastic ice of Jesus Isis is the technical term for reading in the Bible what isn't there we are supposed to be exegetes read out to the Bible what is and then apply it to our lives client world but all of us I say I plead guilty that's what I did I remember preaching in Korea with translations and here I was sharing but it was ice of Jesus I was putting on to the Bible I spend more time reading the newspaper magazines are used by me as an illustration on the uptake would get Hebrew word that I spend my time and I can with all the Time magazine Newsweek and because it has the fulfillment of the prophecy but I was looking outside there instead of digging deep here the lesson for all of us and so here is my guilty plea when I got to the Daniel chapter twelve verse four I read this first but you Daniel shut up the words and seal the book until the time of the end and many shall run to and fro and knowledge shall increase and I said folks we are living in that they went many shall run to and fro and I began to talk about space travel and how fast cars though inject travel and I was in Korea and I could talk about all the statistics and all of those things that fast that incredible improvement in travel around the world okay and then I went on and I talked about the increase of scientific knowledge this was almost thirty years ago by the way there were no iPods they wouldn't does the Internet the way back in the dark ages and I thought we were way on the cutting edge I get you know I'm trying to say and I was talking about all these things unto a deeper study and listening to its people think wait a minute let's not take things out of context what is the immediate context I would talk about additional secondary expanded into predation you always must go is it what does the Bible actually say and mean that goes to that what is a talk what first forces Daniel shut up the words sealed the book and of course this is when dad was alive at the Bengals it until the time of the end up to study the history and when you study the prophecies of Daniel we haven't had a chance to do that yet but I'm hoping that you will have a chat some Bible studies because here for example is a Bible study hour day in Bible prophecy this whole study is on Daniel chapter two of course you know Daniel has many prophecies the dream of Nebuchadnezzar and of course even right here that book I was just referring to all reliving it in times the Hayden Jenkins to they got some very good to verify the rate of nothing but they've missed everything they show that the prophecies did come through going back to Nebuchadnezzar has some wonderful things so we have to go back and fix is does this line of the sculpture so they have some wonderful things I'd want to minimize that and I don't want you to think the moment that I that I think I'm going to want to understand the Bible there are many wonderful solid Bible believing Christians and other faiths I'm glad there's one person who agrees with me I gay thank you Michael let's repeat that what I just said there are many sincere people who love Jesus Christ Bible believing Christians and other faiths I'm glad more of you believe okay I'm not doubting that I'm saying we must all be careful on your confessing my own enthusiastic exegesis by simply reading into the text what reason there was a text document seal the book till the time of the end user hint if it's healed what's can happen at the end of the top time of endless I haven't opened and when the book is opened to understanding of people that's what happened when you study chronology study the weight of the book of Daniel itself identifies what's going to happen the time of the end happens towards the end of the eighteenth century chronologically speaking and Devin scores on careful Bible scholars for centuries who recognize that principle and a time but in general is understood by the way this is way before there was a Seventh-day Adventist you know that eighteenth century there was no such object but there were scores of Bible students in many denominations who recognized the timeframe and at that time him the book of Daniel and I think Doug Doug for therefore that they solving so what are they doing if you think about the way the Bible was written on scrolls and for moment I think how you read Daniel chapter two if that is grown throughout the whole scroll down for I bought a scrolling through some sort of years ago so your urine Daniel two and recently admitted this prophecy reminds that whatever W Daniel seven is the same thing Medo Persia just and Daniel H repeats it and here we got begun eleven twelve and when that reminds them of what's over here and so what you don't guess what you're doing folks that's exciting Jesus is going to come well I see it right here against what you're doing when you think you're doing you running to and fro you are and where is knowledge and increase the knowledge of the book of Daniel and that's when the knowledge of the book of Daniel was explosive historically it's proven you can see that in a Volokh points called the prophetic faith of our fathers written by us to see this volumes so I would challenge it make sure we don't take things out of context that's the primary application of the primary now you can expand that and come up with additional but you got to tell people I'm putting my own additional explanation the context shows if the understanding of the book of Daniel why you see how guilty I am okay that's what I was doing using a secondary application that's all I want is that let's be careful Bible students I would challenge you to do that this evening so let's start getting into the word that's moved and incidentally against there are lots of studies on this topic I mention this afternoon when I was speech critiques I have your five Bible study that you will do with this essential topic am trying to cover this evening so we're going to go rapidly after you have your safety belts on and do you have your flying fingers ready let's look ability to have a pencil I'd like you to write on some text because I would like to encourage you to go and read him home this is just to give you a fuller picture my only caution at the beginning is be careful let's not take passes out of their biblical context but I challenge you to read more carefully in the immediate context what the word teaches okay now let's turn firstly to the words of Jesus Matthew chapter twenty four here is a very well not all of it address and as you notice this evening stopping is the ultimate Thanksgiving I'm dealing here with the issue of the second coming of Christ according to some they are at least two hundred and fifty prospect eleven fifty versus in the New Testament pointing forward to Jesus second coming in other than one out of every twenty five verses in the New Testament talks about the second coming it's the hope of the questions that blessed hope we're looking forward to that Matthew twenty four is a beautiful section and as we go through that today I want to point out what this Matthew twenty four deals with that start at the beginning within this on careful reading of the sculptor not take offense like this is vital you can learn something not just was happening in what Jesus predicts but also how to carefully read and then we can see things that are clear in Scripture verse one then Jesus went out and departed from the Temple and his disciples came to showing in the buildings of the temple neck this is an temple that there was right and they were almost boasting about that look at this temple and what does Jesus say this to excuse is that it do you not see all these things as surely I say to you not one stone shall be left here upon another that shall not be thrown down and when that Jesus was really the Temple is where God 's presence is and for the Jew when the temple is destroyed what does that mean essentially the end of the world on them right that's the way to understand the next verse was great again so eBay has now as he sat on the Mount of olives over the dress has accepted the disciples drinking privately and think plus costs when will these things be and what will be the sign of your coming and all of the food of the aides they put those two together because for a dress for a believer that God was present it in the Temple to say the temple affinity down to be destroyed means what the end of the world I think that's one of these two are one concept very interesting that's the way they solve things and understandably so no one when I look at that's it wait a minute are we reading is on the reading the Scripture carefully because Jesus was aware that the Jews thought that the kingdom was going to company needed to did you know that Jesus was aware of it and he cautioned FTP attending that if I want to show you Jesus was so gentle all love the picture of the Cebu resort don't you think he did it so kindly folks that by God 's grace I hope we can do that is good for the book of Luke in the book of Luke we find that the Bible is very clear look chapter nineteen Jesus is just gone through Jericho unit of the story taught that short man right with turned out to have update heart because he was convicted that the Lord was Jesus was the Messiah and then he made this confession and at the end of the confession looked up at night interest in G Evans nineteen said deep today salvation has come to this house because he is also a son of Abraham for the Son of Man has come to seek and save that which is lost salvation while an and so keep that in mind that the context read the dexterous now as they heard these things that he spoke another parable because he Jesus was near Jerusalem and because they elucidate his disciples followers thought that him of God we would appear when immediately they were expecting the kingdom of God to appear a need to think about a hunting law is the Greek word city at once without delay uses this word by the weight of the nineteen times this word is used in the entire New Testament uses a seventeen times the kingdom of God is come right away and what diseases realized the disciples through the kingdoms that are common why in fact just it was pointed quickly was twenty eight when he said this at the Powerball come back to the parable you that I'm a talk about in a minute when he said that he went on going up to Jerusalem and gave the best we don't need to bet that face indefinite amount can call that he sent his disciples and you know whatever it's called the triumphal entry Jesus came riding in on a donkey John Chapter twelve verse of the invited down that we find the verse that says Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord the King and it's a reminder of Zechariah nine verse nine which predicted that the Messiah would come riding in on the donkey that Zechariah nine nine you see the predictions fulfilled clearly stated in John twelve was fifteen so Jesus knows the triumphal entry is coming next he knows the disciples think that the kingdom is the stock when immediately so he tells them a parable that go back now he told a parable verse twelve Luke nineteen verse twelve then he therefore you said he knew that they thought the kingdom was that I happen right away therefore he said a certain nobleman went into a far country to receive for himself a kingdom and to return so he called his ten servants and he delivered them ten meters and said that do business like we called the parable of the watt balance that's right out of college we don't often report the parable in Luke we often put the devil where in Matthew so let's go back to the Matthew so Jesus tells them a parable to warn them and that was I'm going to a far country do you think Jesus himself that's right left go back to Matthew twenty four the story the parable is also told actually in Matthew twenty five the continuation of the ultimate address in Matthew twenty five verse fourteen Jesus tells the same basic parable Matthew twenty five verse fourteen for the kingdom of heaven is like a man traveling to a far country who called his servants and delivered his goods then there it is again right now he gave one five the moment to go down to first nineteen what does Jesus say after a long time to hear the Jesus knew his disciples the Jews the followers were expecting the kingdom of heaven just to come went immediately and Jesus is a lot of folks on the Tokyo parable it can be a long time I think long time I went back to check the Greek it just met that there and that it has full moon below him or not after a long period of time extension of time Jesus knew that the second coming wasn't to be right away he cautioned that he warned if he said this is the parable you have a talent work the noble man is going to come back after a long time so Jesus knew that now let's go back to Chapter twenty four I say we do get a little tangent here let's go back to Matthew twenty four the disciples think it's at the same time they put the two questions together when will these things be the collapse of the Temple and they ask and what will be the sign of your coming and into the world they think it's the same thing that you know when you read carefully it becomes clear that Jesus answered it tenderly they remembered it they recorded that Jesus did it in such a way that they can later go back and reflect finally have you ever had somebody with you you excited about something and the answer to you and you reflect a visit you notice right him clean my excitement I missed the message he did make it clear so kindly now I understand what happened that's what Jesus did he made clear so what he does they actually asked two questions thinking about the same meaning when will these things be and what will be the sign of the end and what Jesus does not even separates clearly and the language is clear I wanted to follow with me Jesus has done an bother with this solves two or three major problems quick example the well known Oxford apologist by the name of CS what Lewis you heard of them CS Lewis said there's talking about negative twenty four verse thirty four ninety three four thirty four C is talking about this passage which said it which says assuredly Jesus began I think you this this generation some will by no means pass to awake till all these things take place who said what that verse according to these the most embarrassing verse in the Bible and that for us I just quoted is used by Christians agnostics I expect Gnostics by Jews by Muslims and others to attack the credibility of Jesus to attack Christianity and destroy the New Testament visit Jesus said that generation would not pass and they they definitely did die when is was like all the agnostics like West look at the Bible carefully in context if you have a son and all written music you know how it goes he write a poem in the old stop always it into the modern politics doesn't quite fit this but in the old style in hymns for example you'll notice there's an AED AED pattern heavy that is the old hymns I take it says something about I grace and they love and that it's as though you save the human race from above in a a baby you speak you think it's in the in the way that the survey Greek the Semitic mind the Jewish mind works they went patterns a beef about what he does Jesus actually answers the question starts by talking about starting with verse four Jesus said now listen carefully I wanted to take a few notes if you have time and can write these down and read more at home I wanted to give you hints with your appetite distribute Jesus answered at the two questions and showed something fascinating to the evidence that the depth take heed that no one deceive you caution now noticed I've been to suggest from Bruce for clear through verse twenty dollars seventeen versus Jesus is now focusing on the full old Jerusalem specifically because he uses the wood these things he's talking a close by these things I know personally to use when those it's going to the transition to the next section uptake but those verses of focusing primarily the primary application is on the fall of Jerusalem for many will come in my name and say I'm the Christ and will deceive many you will hear of wars and rumors of wars see that you are not public for all these things must come to pass but it is not yet they shall rise against nation etc. etc. and continues by the end uses the wood these these fascinating okay it talks about the incident in verse six the endotoxin in verse thirteen go diversity he who endures to the end will be saved this gospel looking to boot rates in the world and all the ones with the stormers and then come now I know sometimes we do that who first talk about the end of time but you know what folks that for us in the context is actually talking about the gospel big spread right there in the then known world and in Colossians one twenty three by the celebrated at home Paul says the gospel has gone to the whole world within a world of this in its context is talking about that him I know this was fifteen confirms that therefore when you see the abomination of desolation spoken of by Daniel the prophet standing alone with whatever read and understand then let those who are aware in Judea flee to the mountains is talking about the problems that the visible face when the temple collapses confirm that in the thirty twenty one says we are all the armies will surround Jerusalem and that the first section all the way out that was plenty given was twenty and pray that your flight may not be a window on the Sabbath it's all talking about the fall of Jerusalem the primary application is the way we understand the language uses uses he's not talking up in the world in its immediate primary application will get to secondary application in a few minutes now when it was twenty one now we get snow was the transition here was twenty one from breast twenty one onto Bruce thirty one eleven versus you can see specifically now deal with the end of time for then there will be great tribulation such as as not been since the beginning of the world until this time no nor ever shall be and of the world unless those days notice the language is no longer public these these is when he uses for the fall Jerusalem Jesus says those days when he is the wood back or those it goes for the end of the world every interesting different language those days except those days will be shortened no flesh will be saved but the left then if anyone says to you looked here is the Christ or there do not believe for false price and false prophets will arise and show great signs and wonders to deceive if possible even the elect honest upright and practical application watch out folks there are people who claim all kinds of things I've never seen you and add one date in the newspaper and if caught my attention because of the date it had on its October twenty eight nineteen ninety did the same at October seven nineteen ninety two in what is a full quarter at page at Jesus will come in the feast of trumpets October twenty eight nineteen ninety two that happened to be Linda and I mind our thirteenth wedding anniversary to the very day so I couldn't help but see that as a hero to us and a big ad saying do not receive the mark sixty six barcode on the board of the right-hand watch out in fine print they are all weekend how can we prepare and this was a predicted coming up with all of Jesus a specific date even though Matthew twenty four is explicit think no man knows the day nor the hour for thirty six about that day and hour no one knows not in the angel seventh but my father only so sometimes there is the danger of the enthusiastic ISA Jesus is coming along and we go in that direction so be careful there are false profits arising verse twenty four false price that will try to deceive you be careful don't go after them okay and then he talks about was twenty seven as the lightning comes from the east and flashes to the West so also will be the coming of the Son of Man you notice the signs who talk much year clearing the Communist automatic it will be visible lightning flashes it will be sudden again it will be clear for everybody to see here are things coming right out of the text for whoever the caucuses within the Eagles will be gathered and notice was twenty nine East TV after the tribulation of those days were talking what the point of elation and you study historically we often referred to in the past we politically correct nowadays we don't use the term but we used to talk about when I was growing up as the dark ages many of you remember the term I see you are to view a specific now how about what they call it nowadays Middle Ages that's why he is gay Middle Ages him will and is well known up I'll been tense tribulations that many believers suffered for their faith people who died because they wanted to be faithful to back and historically it has been recognized for a good millennium people were suffering because they decided to remain true and faithful to their belief in Jesus Christ and this is towards the end of that notice that what could happen okay right at the end of tribulation begin to subside incidentally around the turn of the set end of the seventeenth century beginning of the eighteenth century what happens right after those days the sun will be darkened in the United States it was recognized and not just United States it was all the way Canada down to Mexico and of course is where much of the great second Advent awakening happened where people leaders from all different churches got involved I have some statistics right here figures that they were involved preaching about Jesus coming they were excited about the great second Advent awakening all over different denominations but right here when they saw this dark day the sun was darkened and the moon that evening looked as bad as as an almost like an blood will not give its light for the stars will fall from heaven and the powers of the heavens will be shaken yes I know some naysayers if all of this happens every thirty three years the Leonid shower but that time was the greatest ever leave that shower that was ever recorded they counted the estimated sixty thousand meteorites per minutes I imagine I is you wanted to shooting stars as always like wow multiply that by sixty thousand per minute and you know what an impact it had on people basic here clearly is one of the signs that Jesus predicted himself that he had the signs that were coming to people recognize it and they said we are moving towards the end folks let's get serious and people began to dig into their into the word verse thirty one he will him a great sound of a trumpet is another's another in people think when Jesus comes will be secret now every loud they will be audible to be visible it'll be worldwide in the cataclysmic all kinds of things come writing it from studying the book of Matthew fascinating as all deals for the second coming it specifies that those the second coming now notice the change now so we got to stop at the fall of Jerusalem primary application then he goes to the end of the world and now he goes back with me talk about the fall Jerusalem first thirty two now learn this parable from the victory when its branch has already become tender and puts forth leaves you know that summer is near summer is near so you also when you see all those things all these things these isn't it interesting to think these of these always rising with the fall of Jerusalem the disciples to tell us when will these things be and uses response using their own language these things and then he talks about the end of the world but now he's back to talk about these things so if you want to make a thirty two through thirty five Jesus is now again focusing back on the fall of Jerusalem and he says what yes when you see these all these things know that it is the Epidaurus the falling of Jerusalem the collapse the Roman army coming out as short as they give the most generation that is in this phase this generation shall not pass a day will by no means pass away till all these these things take place at a notable passing but by words when it meets Catholic question how long is a generation according to Scripture forty years you're right that's a general term is forty years now I know there been some look to distance it off when Jerusalem became and when Israel became a nation in nineteen walked forty eight remember that forty eight Hugo a generation the biggest one year nineteen eighty and so early in the nineteen eighties in nineteen eighty eighty one was some people who began to promote books of that we got maybe less than ten years before Jesus and become a generation later but actually this passage was dealing with the fall of Jerusalem specifically so when did Jesus under this just before he he was crucified what's your approximately was he crucified generally accepted by virtually all Christians thirty thirty something thirty one that's what we hold from thirty one headcount forty years when we end up seventy rights seventy one right around it Wendy Jerusalem fall seventy Jesus was correct yes this generation shall not okay pass until all these things are fulfilled now after talking to the voters of enough statistics with aggressive now we get the more exciting technologies is focuses back but also that they language changes no longer the city 's ego got the best those of the A.B. A.B. pattern fascinating as you dig into the word here but of that day and hour no one knows not even the angels in heaven but my father only but as the days of Noah were so also will be the coming of the Son of Man the days of Noah folks are bad days listen for as it wasn't as in the days before the flood what are they doing eating and drinking by the individual media drinking no that was the focus that was of ethics that's when everything was fixated on stealing and drinking and incidentally okay this is a problem with having right now you can in many countries focusing on enjoying those pleasures update rather than having balanced lifestyles making sure we have God first in our lives marrying and giving in marriage until the day that Noah entered the ark and did not know until the flood came and took him all the way so also coming of the son of the coming of the Son of Man be interesting the flood came and took them all away very positively to men in one three one we taken together let's taken away yes take it only means they think they were they died all those were taken away with those alumni committee on to the Bible fascinating people think you'll be taken away to haven't the biblical idea is when you taken away you take away because you know Freddie I've heard of the man whose writing a book think I want to be left behind I don't want to be taken away by the flood I think that's what since it's interesting the biblical concept is those who were not ready were taken away verse forty two watch therefore for you do not know what hour your Lord is coming by the way in Luke chapter seventeen write this down you can lead it home later on Luke Chapter seventeen verse twenty six and twenty seven it says Jesus is as it was listened carefully in the days of lots nine big about it for a moment maybe we should look at it and take a few minutes to reflect his seat it's an important question are things getting worse on planet Earth yes they are the question is in which Gary can we prove it unquestioningly I believe in the area of moral collapse there is ample proof across the board Luke Chapter seventeen verse twenty six as it was in the days of Noah social of being right now go down we read that quote October twenty eighth at Westlake likewise as it was in the days alone lots both know and what they ate they drank they bought they sold a plan that they do nothing wrong in and of himself but that was what they were fixated on and not balancing their lives back and making sure that God was first in their affections but on the day that Lot went out of Sodom it rained fire and brimstone from heaven and destroyed them all I'm aware that there are some were saying the the problem in Sodom was the lack of hospitality yes they were not hospitable people there is one thing you think of a talks about that but it's interesting but in the Old Testament and in the new it talks about the people in Sodom and in biblical language they were going after strange flesh contains language again I'm not sure if I need to say more just maybe I should thought about them country I'm from South Africa and South Africa with what the kindest word I can use why I'm so South African I have saw the capacity to lift that your site is nicely South Africa claims to be the first country in Africa to do what to publicly authorize what you think gay marriage and what they do they make the proclamation December one two thousand and five by the twenties December one you know you haven't been involved in promotion of things that I have had a choice of doing the students of the on walks that is world AIDS Day you're right world AIDS Day on world AIDS Day my government said from now onwards homosexual can be married I take with the first country in Africa to do that and if you go to other parts of Africa and certain other countries in Africa guess what you are executed for that interesting moral decline in the world incredible moral decline that go back to Matthew twenty four hundred to just go and read that Luke and me just mention that now please don't misunderstand me for a moment maybe I should clarify here because because this is crucial you know I don't want people for a moment which I enjoyed teaching and sharing and chat chatting is in the area of how him the Lord we want to learn to know how to live for his glory his neck like and we don't want to eat it anyway in any shape or form for the condemnatory so I like to think about patterns of driving time to do this but I fear the Lord impressing me here go with me to first Corinthians we got to make sure we have everything in balance prescribed and six I'm so glad that passes as Vic inspired by God I thank God that he inspired the apostle Paul to put this year because now whether or not to even put your toes in I been a step on the 's God is going to do that correct number that lets me that in context was my love the Bible the Bible is always balanced is the right word of God is alive and sharp piercing to the inside of our hearts I gave it to member that don't forget now let's go to first and sixth and will bet that Matthew limited but look at that now Paul is talking to to the Corinthian church I think this is not a perfect hurt anybody and a member of a perfect church here no I don't see it okay so let's look at the heart on the roof we all know we are going to grow this and what he says to them go down to verse nine first night hey do you not know that the unrighteous will not inherit what the kingdom of God okay now a report who are the unrighteous are you ready for this list voices do not be deceived and others don't think you could get off Scott free advice and a medic unit but opposing years Paul speaking right now not speaking through ball neither fornicators of my job is peopled with it I thought is all the people done in Africa okay if the idle worshipers nor adulterers nor homosexuals in my Bible even as another would north sodomites about every Bible translation has words that come across with us the concept recovered both areas everything ha ha then on again to heaven too bad all in all the different verse ten nor thieves noticed Paul doesn't stop that the people who put the verses he broke appear after it its continued indoors the Bible down over his divisions to carry on when he is just north homosexuals nor sodomites nor thieves nor what confidence Paul puts it all together folks sin is sin in God 's eyes we human beings we look down on people they are go to hell God looks down at our hearts and sees that we will too unless we turn to God in repentance Paul doesn't make any difference Victor nor covetous materials nor extortioners over covetous nor drunkards nor grieve virus nor extortioners will inherit the kingdom of God by the I think it would revile there is slanderous as another would be stuck to the TOS what is that gossip Earth 's Moon UK now for the good news am glad always in a good look at verse eleven if you ever read verse nine to something else make sure you read was then do yourself a K and then at then end of reading with eleven for all of us here is the good news is I love you read about in context it gives you hope there is the hope bosses and slots what is the word were some of you know if my question English majors if any of you took English what is such where mean past is what is happening on a stool no no longer no longer in other words they are no longer adulterers they are no longer homosexuals are no longer reviled is no longer called covetousness no longer drunkards him on your back power of the gospel folks can transform the vilest of sinners I'm glad you said amen praise the Lord he can do that number wonderful thoughts where some of you can thought you said you were badly but you were sanctified sanctified you were made holy not you group you became only on your own know you were sanctified how let's read further exciting that you were sanctified you were justified commonly Mister you were forth given you have given you are forgiven carry-on how in the name of the Lord Jesus and by the Spirit of our God God knows good news let's officially ends in context with talks about the end of the world when things are really bad it seems to me that maybe one of the largest problems is what we call was that word now the TV listen okay in a public materialism summary one is that it's weird I have done I have an American passports over the talk about us Americans are from the materials yes I do have two thousand five praise God of the three citizens of you know what I mean okay my my real citizenship is where and have an okay so with a lot of Americans from all of them without effort and they look at the site or its Americans always love things that we we love the latest of things we have a cell phone but no quick I get the nuance that depict pictures now although no that's not good enough six months later the clever people they knew they could give you this later ability by the twenty ninth by the next old not the blackberry will literally spend our money and somebody one day said Americans are unusual I could let myself not guilty do we blindly behind but we can reported all over this none of place and all over the guess what sprang up storage for a third married of the most interesting people they haven't found a place in a huge bonuses the Red Wings are not made by the places to store what they not using me why so be careful remember what Jesus pulls this comedy about money and material goods what is the love of money is the one most of what all evil folks to challenge you again I mentioned that some time ago I love what John Wesley said that wonderful saint of God he loved the Lord he challenge us to live not just to believe mentally he said this error all you can step to say he all you can unfortunately too many may stop there then he said step three you have all you can Ira three a man's today I know you are still born to dive in the wall Americans let's try one more time on it John Wesley said what what it is a site with me it are not you can number two correct and number three for God 's glory do what you give all you can ask like that's the challenge folks so we might look down on others but we are in danger of making materialism our false God let's think about ourselves danger without much signs that go back to Matthew I had to go unattended to balance things because I want to make sure we don't take things out of context it's Lisa's story of Matthew here we were not each of the twenty fourth we down now to verse forty three no caution the warning against the end out a message a few more passes on to share with you but know this that if the mast of the house had known I was watched and not allowed his house to be broken into therefore you also must be what Brady Y four at such an foot the Son of Man is coming at an hour you do not expect that the idea of open in the next sudden unexpected Jesus is coming unexpectedly if we are not ready so the challenge together the challenge the meat is to do what the move ready moment by moment step by step article to a beautiful promise in it and what would you do with the restaurant is not a parable so here we have an eighty eighty the first verses four to twenty before Jerusalem second set of verses twenty one through thirty one dealing with the second coming thirty two through thirty five the fall of Jerusalem and then from thirty six two forty four talks about the end of the world that you know you might expect isn't the fall of Jerusalem a prototype and type of the end of the world yes your rights yes but in its primary application if the fall do 's and don't think this definitely means that you can think a secondary application of the fall of Jerusalem we can apply to the end of the world 's you could be a phony secondary application so let's be careful how we buy that and the reason for my caution is because some have gone to Isaiah chapter sixty five and sixty six in its primary application in which a medicinal Dubya not divided on Isaiah sixty five and sixty six in its primary application that was God 's wish and will support Israel little Israel the Jewish agent if they return to him in faithfulness it was good to do all kinds of magnificent things for his people and it says there yesterday if you lived one hundred years of age you will be considered a child if you died a hundred women in something with it oh that's the new earth it's a secondary application to put that onto the north and so be careful make sure you understand primary application and then when we get to the new him we can see now which things can we carry over because they will be able to be any death in the in the world made new no and Revelation twenty one says it clearly still be no doubt that if Isaiah sixty five says there will be death so in the primary application on its Isaiah sixty five and sixty six are talking about promises Doolittle 's Israel if they would return think we got we didn't unfortunately they said we have no king but Caesar and they had Jesus whose life had been the Gospel went to the whole world and we are all now part of spiritual Israel God 's people and so we look forward to that new heaven new earth which in Revelation twenty one twenty two talk about there will be no death neither sorrow nor crying there's going out to the woods of Jesus in John fourteen beautiful passage so well known some of you who might have had the privilege of learning this could probably recite it by heart but if go there to remind us of the words of Jesus here is his promise we trust him we know we can believe and fate put our faith firmly on these clear words of Jesus as you consistently worried in the nuking tanks let not your heart be what troubled you believe in God believe also in me in my fathers house are what many mansions if it were not so I would've told you I go to prepare a place for you and if I go and prepare a place for you I will not come again and receive you to myself that where I am the you may be also Jesus guarantees that folks and ending in the book of acts when he went up into heaven the angels confirmed that in acts chapter one verse eleven what are they safe this in the King James this same Jesus who was taken up from your eating habits will slow come in like manner as you saw him go up again we have the guarantee of Jesus the confirmation of these heavenly Angels Jesus will come back if you don't have to worry yes I'm not saying for a moment exhibited easy I'm not minimizing some of the trauma that we have been facing on planet Earth I don't want to minimize the time will come when things are so terrible that we feel like we could never survive someone a challenging focus on Jesus folks focus on Christ don't focus on the crisis we know at the end of time sad news people who might not have focused on Christ mighty focusing on other things maybe materialism or money or whatever it may be will not be ready we might have our own gods there to be two groups of people at the end I want to challenge you to be in the right group is a short phrase that I could to memorize Christ will come back so let's live right on track even as they did with me Christ will come back so let's live right on track one more time Christ will come back so let's live right on track incredible things are happening around the world and sometimes the danger to you the danger to meet is to focus and to read and to watch I know I fall into the trap sometimes to read more time magazine then the most timely magazine Emperor word of God sometimes we spend so much time watching the bad news we never get delivered the news that's the danger so here's my challenge I've made before and I make it again here in the setting folks how many of you know to be afraid to tell me what is Hugo Chavez how many of you spend on average fifteen to thirty minutes fifteen to thirty met her day with the bad news reading this paper magazine television whatever it may diminish the amount of your card you get I know you are busy people and yeah that's a good maybe a third to whatever here's my challenge if you can spend fifteen to thirty minutes a day with the bad news sure you spend at least fifteen to thirty mins a date with a good notice to know the Lord focus on the lights not focus on the darkness around you very very vital for us as Christians folks or anybody who wants to move right on track in of the two responses that end of time by the pride and doubts you find one in revelation the said response of those one not ready it's in Revelation chapter six is very clear in the context relations six forty sixty when those who have not accepted Jesus not believed and lived for him they will say the rocks and mountains fall on us those who do believe in Jesus you find the response basically in Isaiah chapter twenty five was nine thousand eighty 's while to the unbelievers those of turned away from Christ who call on the rocks to fall on them the believers Isaiah fifty twenty five his ninth book called to the rock of ages and excited they were they will save low this is our God we have waited for him and he will say that if the different calling for a different rock it all depends on who you put your faith in me show you my own conversion story in was born and raised I was privileged I thank God that I was born and raised in a Christian family notice I did not say I was born Seventh-day Adventist no one is born seven epigenetic then you might have to be born in a subnet of his family but you can only be born again as a set of data 's question you see that so I was born in Abbott 's family underwent and study little bit and got interested and when my friends within a get and give their lives to the Lord I just decided to hop into the tub with them for baptism by pure pressure ever that him dangerous okay I'm doing appears going otherwise guess what you also go sad I did not make a personal commitment to Jesus Christ I thank God he was so patient with me so what happened I went and studied theology for years and at the studied theology for four years I still hadn't really give my life to the Lord can you believe it is possible it's possible as he daily commitment walking with Jesus because I love him and then a story quick story here I went down to Cape Town South Africa and what was done in Cape Town South Africa I was down visiting my friends I was about to come to United States how to say goodbye to my friends I was living Johannesburg at that time and what happened while I was there I heard the news my mother I love my mother I called to talk with on the phone is sorry Joyce is not here they rushed her to the hospital for an emergency and so I said okay what's wrong we don't know we don't know where is she just rush the hospital we did have a telephone we just moved into new apartment could get old my dad and I said Lord you know I love my mother I think it home unlike a typical young guy had no money I'd hit directly at Québec this tells Miles is a load of erotic I was Thursday Friday by cousin said hey Saturday night we're driving one third of the dozens up futile with us I said yes amount journey next morning I got out of that got the iBook on Sunday morning drove through the night and I said they should take him as the no-no zero I go to get back home I got to see my mom before she dies thirty milliwatts and so I stood in the road nitrite is a foxhole Christians when the bullets are flying suddenly you you've got a similar please please I'd I get home to my to my mom give me a ride and there I stood I remember looking at my watch and within less than twenty minutes I saw a car stopped pulled over and looked at and run because you know it was a Mercedes-Benz it looked like it was no sign that he was a stuffy since Linda Mercedes-Benz of brand-new one-stop work the check is on the road shyster then I waited and I looked around nobody else okay so I ran up debts it skews the music don't you want to write while you had to Lord I asked for a ride I didn't ask for Mercedes-Benz sullies a copy and I see where you're going is a Johannesburg I said thank you and Isaiah sat down in the car it was so new I sat down on the trees sank into those plush seats so I felt I was thinking it felt like the side became armrests almost accept this and I lord a new miss Mercedes-Benz while the third of the drive how old is your cock is that I bought a brand-new four months ago yes Lord it was new and you know what the loser to get through to me I was with somebody Michael and gospel hardened kid who you don't think God has to reach us when we are and as I was driving I thought I was sitting there the driver turned in after humans is it but it's fun what do you have a license I said yes when he stops Accardi pulls over to sit take over taking over a note I suggest a high jump if I knew if I was so nervous I was so nervous I had just got my license to month before he denounced me that he said what if there was him him one step behind the wheel and I was so nervous with the Brenda Satan was anything I put it into third gear I knew what it is a manual I fourteen he had learned to drive the manual and I pulled him into what's wrong with this new car and I delivered a and I waited for the gears to get to the place I noticed the sound of the second thirty miles an hour forty miles an hour is happening with this car around forty five fifty miles an hour I realize I needed to change and then it struck me was in third gear and the driver was so kind he didn't say a word and here I found this out behind the wheel learning to drive a brand-new Mercedes-Benz driving home as it thank you so much Lord thank you for being kind to me God answered my prayer in the magnificent but this is just the beginning I began to get both around this time and I said to the guy who happened to be a Muslim I got acquainted us about the mind I have some cassettes with me and he said no as I pulled out my Christian music and I popped it into his play area and the hypothesis this is an incredible antidepressants not only do I get it say he spends it happens to be new I've been trying to get myself and now I can sit and listen to Adventist music I see evidence that the singer is okay some have a single and my father my favorite is the I'm driving to get why thank you Lord driver transmitted by the RU hungry at all yeah I guess I am I'm wondering if and why we stopped at the nearest boys let's buy some food I'll take care of you a while Lord thank you for pulling me over with your incredible grace thank you for showing me that you care for me yes Lord I only turned to you when I needed you desperately I've ignored you Lord thank you for showering me with your kindness that evening I don't do is get a gun with him so we took turns I drove three hundred of the last six hundred miles in either just enjoyed myself half of the journey out at my cousin dropped us off we got to the my home that evening we lived on the twelfth floor floor I looked up I saw the light on this enough my father 's home and then I looked a little higher and I said my father is home I know that my son looked at my watch it was twelve minutes to twelve that night never forgot it and I said Lord tomorrow morning God is not unreasonable it was late I was tired from driving the new Mercedes-Benz is a low tomorrow morning I'm going to start spending time with you and retain in your word and from that nights I've never forgotten that was the turning point in my life I gave my heart completes to God and he began to shower me with blessings that if I began to share with you just a fraction of a percent you would be here till midnight this evening another do that but I want to tell you especially young people I have one regret about my decision only one just one regret but given the heart of the Lord what if anybody knows what that is I wish I had given the heart to the Lord years earlier if only if only I had given my heart in a decade before when I was here baptized Peter pressure baptizing arm's-length if only I do that with so much heartache so much to others so much hurt to my Lord would not have happened when I think of my own learning experience here is what I want to say to you second Corinthians six was two for he says right on the first please pay you want to go to it here is what I want to challenge you to do we serve a merciful God he has been so patient with us is not to and this evening I went to make an appeal effect our pianist is to come and play for us a beautiful song are you ready for Jesus to come and sociopolitical to second Corinthians chapter six verse two for he says in a next step will time I have heard you and in the day of salvation I have helped you now notice the last two lines behold what does it say now is the accepted time behold what now is the day of salvation and I say young people some of us might look old just because we haven't died out here today but it's but this is an appeal for everybody and as the pianist plays are you ready for Jesus to come I want you to think seriously our deacons and had a very cooked we hear there are several of them they'll take just a few seconds I want to just prayerfully reflect the very first question on this card says simply first thing for you to check off I want to be ready parentheses and help others get ready for the imminent second coming of Jesus is the reason I use the word imminent folks is because we don't know when it's cannot be don't think I'll put it off why do I say that I shared a story this week somebody might not of been there about my only sister my only sibling the sister that I looked up to two years older than I who had a stroke at the age of twenty five she survived the first three four days later she had a second stroke she didn't survive the second I'm trying to scare your unkindest of the remote remind you of the fragility of life talking about we know and know how long we have here to make decisions so read that here I want to be ready and help others get ready to seek when you wanted to get ready you also want to bring friends coworkers colleagues fellow students you want them to also be ready for that great day you want to be ready you want Christ will come back so let's live right on track and you want others to see Jesus in you okay if that is your wish on the challenge of right now prayerfully check that off there would encourage also the picture name there we want to pray for you our restoration team or to get together when it is going to these cards if there's anything we can do to help to encourage you walk with you Joe you want on your Christian walk want to do that so join up with a phone number or an e-mail there please do that when the challenge of eyecup prayerfully if you want to be ready and help others get ready for the imminent second coming of Jesus please let that down right now if you need a pen or pencil raise your hands on they could probably share was with you if you need one so let's seen anybody does raise and got some extras looks like everybody has fun with the other things on that card you might want to check more than one we encourage you if you so choose to do that if you want to have personal Bible studies you can do that incidentally I'll be here until Monday morning five thirty when I head out for the airplane so yes if you would like to have a chance to chat with me pray with me you can check that too you might have question or a prayer request we will take that seriously and be in touch with you that if you will suit into the woods of the song have you fought the good fights have you stood for the right have others seeing Jesus in you that's the key friends beautiful words of it him a ready for Jesus to come with a missing soon as you get a chance to focus cards missing a beautiful hymn that captures the joy the exuberance the expectation was already cited the beginning during song service some of you are still arriving solution is seeing we have this hope that burns within our hearts hope in the coming of the large and this evening as you leave here again with and ask you to leave quietly prayerfully drop your cards as you leave the want to say have stood seeing this beautiful hymn and anthem of praise to our coming king solidity like you to stand there right now with us we have this hope that burns within our hearts God is the guy doesn't be I hope that you can be here tomorrow when they do wrap up our time together with a special message called a car twenty all commitments wouldn't hear the heart of the matter will talk further about the commitment that we each one of us need to make to Jesus Christ we invite you to bring friends family loved ones they might not of it any of the meetings that bring them along folks as I know by God 's grace they will be blessed by the message of the hour tomorrow eleven o'clock tomorrow before we leave today I want to invite you to kneel with me in the presence of the coming can view in commitment to our coming King holy father we have just sung this rousing anthem we have this hope that burns within our hearts hope in the coming of the Lord thank you for that help thank you for the promise that Jesus himself made we don't have to worry he will come back therefore Lord by your grace through your power and only to your glory we dedicate ourselves to living right on track so that others will see Jesus through us we will uplift him and as we uplift Jesus Christ he will draw others to him father thank you thank you for being so merciful so gracious so long-suffering so patient with us fallible faulty fumbling human beings thank you Lord for the times when you've overpowered us by your mercy bring us close to you Lord forgive us when we have failed take us now help us to walk in the light to lose in the light so that others will see the light of the world Jesus our Savior in his name we pray and


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