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Richard Walton



  • March 4, 2006
    9:30 AM
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thank you no nice to be here and happy Sabbath to you Shabbat shalom Sabbath peace to you number of years ago I was on the bridge of a warship headed down the West Coast of Mexico ultimately intending to transit the Panama Canal and we pass close aboard the rugged coast of Baja past Magdalena Bay in Kabul son Lucas and out across the Gulf and down the mainland of Mexico went into the Gulf of the water back and one afternoon I came on the bridge to take over the watches on through the day and I was getting briefed by the guy was relieving I looked out again off the bridge and here was this weird looking way much larger than anything else out on the ocean we call on our roadways it's what happens is the harmonic moment of the other normal wave pattern compresses somehow and squishes one of these things in the get large and on the very spine of this one like the dorsal midline is some great big reptile were spikes and I looked at the thing and I said what on earth is that any ODI was relieving generally been seen him from time to time out here we know what it is what what it was was the opening moments of a hurricane and so into the Gulf of Tawana Beckley when chased by this thing in the storm got worse Megan and two of them won their off the coast of Mexico and one in the Formosa Straits between Taiwan and mainland China and I can tell you from experience they are not habit-forming I mean it's the ultimate E ticket ride you're looking at green water come like a horizontal Niagara boiling down the deck toward you with waves so large that even from the bridge of a warship you find yourself looking up at them you strained decline that watery mountain when you reach the craft and gravity takes over and you start down into the trough on the other side and when you hit bottom hang on your dental work because you're going in hard that's a hurricane learned something else about hurricanes when you encounter wanted to see if you are traveling all the way through it you'll encounter a deceptive time in which you may be tempted to think the storm is over the wind dies to some extent goes relatively calm the seas still lumpy but in moderates is not as bad as it has been and if you look straight up through scudding clouds you will see occasional patches of blue sky and you're tempted to think to yourself boy that was an experience I'm sure glad it's over but is an allusion is your NAI the storm which means what you got another one common and if in the northern hemisphere you happen to be traveling from South to North the storm you just pass through is enough patch to the one you're about to encounter the gauger going to be entering what meteorologists call the dangerous semi circle and that's the one where the ocean really comes looking for you something else strange happens as you make that transition from the moment of apparent peace into the dangerous semi circle of the storm when you sail from one storm to the next the new one comes at you from the opposite direction as it is trying to blindsided taken by surprise if the wind in the first storm was coming from the West the next storm will come at you from the east very much as if he is indeed trying this ratio background we want this morning talk a little bit about the world in which we find ourselves living today and I wanted turned that over turn you over if you will to an esteemed legal colleague who knows the Washington scene very very well it's been less than a year CM said he left Washington to come back to California and then serving as attorney advisor to the US Tax Court and he's one of the best tax lawyers I know and if US news is correct in the next couple three years he's got to be really busy I don't know what you sought and US news this week but they are saying that somebody in Washington has figured out how to solve the federal budget deficit problem the idea is that an attorney IRS loose on aggressive enforcement proceedings and when they do they think they can come up with from three to four hundred billion dollars simply by assessing deficiencies against those who have not correctly reported their income well if the IRS comes looking for me which is the first person when a call to find him a thing giving you a fascinating insight into the world we live in particularly the one that circles as most of world events do now today circle around what's going on in Washington rich or at step two I still managed to find over Navy at the start Israeli instead I have fun five years ago this September I Washington DC Eric close to analysis across the river in Arlington Virginia on a beautiful September morning bright blue sky and beautiful blue of the clear bright blue that we're so used to in wetter but still eleven a.m. to a lingering promise of summer beautiful warm clear day in the nation 's capital I was in my apartment on the top floor of a building just to the west of the Pentagon was on the phone when I heard jet engines they got louder and louder the whole building began to shake this is not uncommon for me to hear these Marine one regularly flies by that building is a regular occurrence to hear jet engines were also close to the approach way for Reagan national Airport but I never heard engines quite like these before because they were close they were loud I ran to the window and as I look out my window I saw Boeing seven fifty seven drop down in front of my window click the top out of the tree that grows in front of it think slightly to the left and turn to the right to avoid the Sheraton Tower nose down just over the hill behind which set the Pentagon I heard the sudden I saw the ball of fire and I was on my feet running down Columbia Pike toward the headquarters of our military I joined at the cutting range of Henderson Hall and we were some of the first people in the wedge five getting people and what was left of people out of that building I've heard some people say in the years since that said September eleven was a hoax that it didn't happen I believe it happened I was there I so if any of you care to catch me later and asked me not all will save you time it happened I saw the plane he had I was very very real and is still very real for me today despite being the years of peace and prosperity that we have been able to enjoy out largely because of the men and women of our Armed Forces pox Americana peace where we say when we say because we say so this great nation is a very much in the fight my colleagues in uniform are even as we speak and a target rich environment and in doing very impressive job don't let the news reports full-year a rack is a winnable fight we are winning it our guys and gals just need the political support at home to get the job done as I is I look at our world as I look at the challenges we face the enemy that we find ourselves confronting I also note the battle is far from over in the years since September eleven we has felt the leading edge of the storm and thanks to the sacrifices of our men and women in uniform we have enjoyed relative peace and prosperity that the enemy is not dead the enemy is out there and they are warning us that new attacks are on the horizon through the setting class we see blue sky we think we see sunlight but when we look at the careful because the sunlight we see may be coming through the off of the storm so the word first Thessalonians chapter five verse three first Thessalonians five three seems to foretell a time when people would be in great danger they would briefly think they were safe and then at the moment of prosperity at the moment when home values are soaring to new record levels more Americans than ever before find themselves going home to their own residence at that moment Paul warned sudden destruction upon them and they shall not escape all seems to describe a brief period of peace Satan distracting piece if you will that makes people forget how fragile the good life really is and then suddenly something happens but we don't get any details from Paul about what that might be we just get a general warning of the coming crisis to flesh out Paul's prediction let's do what all good and then it should be let's compare Scripture with Scripture let's go back to the Old Testament book of Daniel Daniel chapter twelve and verse one Daniel twelve one ten at that time shall Michael stand up the great prince who stands for the children of thy people and there shall be a time of trouble such as never was since there was a nation a time of trouble at the end of time Danielle it's forward in history and foresees a time of chaos as such this is never been seen human history this is a fascinating perspective because Danielle is writing a point in time that will be human history from that point forward will encompass some just terrible terrible events leave the fall of Rome the thousand years of darkness where so little survived and people were struggling so hard I could just make their own lives valuable in and to preserve their own lives almost no recorded history countrymen historians called the dark ages because we know so little about that time except that it was a time of chaos a time of terror at times when people huddled a little walled fortified cities afraid of the howling dark outside antenna includes times in history where there was intense religious conflict religious wars between the various competing religious perspectives both that Christianity and Islam and fights within Christianity different branches of belief within the Christian church fighting for supremacy of there are many many crises that one could look at and say how could things get worse than that yet Danielle says there will be a time of trouble worse than World War II when it seemed as though the entire world would be overrun entire freedom loving world will be overrun by despots who believe that you could breed a master race by exterminating anybody who didn't look like you Danielle looks forward in time he says there will be a time of trouble such as never was six hundred years later Jesus takes Daniel 's prophecies and puts word pictures with it Matthew twenty four Luke twenty one marks thirteen suddenly Daniels generalized warnings began to take form and shape and we see a picture of what the world will look like must take a look at Luke twenty one Outlook does a very good job of conveying the Lord 's warning regarding the end of time with twenty one let's start with verse twenty five percent when he read it for me with Chapter twenty one verse twenty five ago Henry Denver 's twenty six force I am so glad that you have the V NIV and here you're reading it says from that version because the NIV does something that the King James does it really brings this verse alive it puts it in the modern vernacular and its uses language that we can all relate to especially those of us who were close to the events of September eleven there will be signs in the sun moon and stars on the earth distress of nations nations will be in anguish and perplexity men will faint from what terror men will faint from terror apprehensive as of what is coming on the world in other words something very bad happens or is threatened to happen grown men who normally are willing to seek out danger and defensive country and home find themselves fading from the terror that is coming on the world all world faces tear now when people are badly frightened when people are frightened and not the grown men faint from terror what's the first thing people do with a sort there were two hunters were out of the woods and they did kill the deer in a in use at their ammo doing it and that is they were during the gear down the mountain I saw a large bear it was more interested in them for dinner than he was in the near and that they looked barely looked at each other in the second hundred reached down and took off his boots the first type turn to the second one he said he did it for I said it's real simple buddy I nearly ran faster than that very secular run faster than you so what is it people do when they face terror what's the first thing people that it's in a sense take off their shoes that's the wrong answer what's the first thing people do when they face terror they run them before they run what do they do they get red of stuff they don't need me more down the world facing terror in a world facing people that are willing to use the very constitutional liberties they are trying to destroy to protect themselves the live within the blanket of freedom while planning its distraction what is one of the first things people might be willing to get rid of where thinking from terror free could happen to us by his gentlemen make no mistake about it terrorists living in tents and teams cannot and will not defeat United States of America but could we is it possible that in the time of crisis Americans themselves could consider throwing away the very freedoms we send men and women in harm 's way to preserve I submit to you that is the only victory the terrorists can hope to win during the book of John of Stern 's book of Revelation written by the apostle John at the end of his life Revelation chapter thirteen Revelation chapter thirteen could it happen but it happened to a world facing terror Revelation thirteen sixteen so many of the audience have informed Revelation thirteen sixteen and seventeen that's good he causes all both small and great rich and poor free and bond to receive a mark so that no one liked what my horse they'll save you had the name the market for the number in other words i.e. you get me back in plain English what are we talking about here nobody buying and selling what what what is that in modern geopolitical speech like that economic economic sanctions economic embargo absolutely we find and marginalize the minority by cutting them off from Rome commerce we do it every time the world feels threatened and there is there is a process there is a increasing levels of pain that the world community brings to bear on the nonconformist such as North Korea Iran or Iraq I don't fit in with the global community you you defend your nose of the world you say were going to pursue our own nuclear program the first thing the world does is they try to reason with the nonconformist when that doesn't happen they get a referral to the UN Security Council the UN Security Council then has a range of options of increasing severity to try to bring the rogue nation or rogue individual back into line the first one that is most often employ is what economic sanctions and economic embargo you start cutting offers the things that they need to proceed with the unpopular of weapons program in this case and if that doesn't work you start a more generalized economic embargo is basically a modern version of the old siege warfare game is around the city you cannot betray his stardom in the submission that is exactly what we do today except we do it on a much broader and more sophisticated level we cut off their ability to buy and sell in the global marketplace and by bringing back pressure to bear we hope that you will see reason is that doesn't work what's the next thing we do what's the next option if you will would be on the table if a for instance the RAM does not see the light and cease-and-desist it's its uranium enrichment program military option absolutely acting range of anything the selected airstrikes that take at the command and control modes as well as suspected weapons sites all the way up to a full out ground invasion and don't think were not capable of doing we may be stretched and were not that could happen at the end John seems to think so John Chapter thirteen first fifteenth he had power to give life to the image of the beast and cause that as many as would not worship the image should be what should be delved into verses in Revelation John describes the exact way that the global community now responds to perceived threats from the minority that is exactly how we handle nations and people perceived as threats today I stopped for a moment and review the composite picture of the numerous biblical predictions regarding the end of time we started with a general warning from the apostle Paul we moved to a specific reference to a time of trouble by Daniel now reflects that out with the the Lords references to a time when men would think from terror and in John the rebel later specific recitation of the steps of the global community will take the no crisis there is something coming if we believe Bible prophecy there is something coming in our future is so frightening entire nations will find themselves lost with perplexity as to how to deal with the problem and man will faint from care and the result might I suggest could result me a catastrophic loss of liberty unfortunately far before Favre learned many years before September eleventh there was a a subtle shift in some of the constitutional protections that minority groups rely on in this country I have one and just talk about a couple of them as an example of how not only changing public perception can regarding care can affect liberty but also the changing public perceptions regarding what types of freedom people should be entitled to one item has been in the news a lot recently has been the patriot act some of the provisions of that certain groups are saying infringe on the fourth the fourth amendment writing insurgencies your right to counsel some of these more involved provisions I like to talk about those this morning and I talk about to constitutional issues that should be of particular interest of this group because they directly relate to the right of a certain religious groups to meet at even odds of something like a different day of worship those are the establishment clause and the free exercise clause of the First Amendment of the Constitution person into the Constitution provide Congress shall make no law regarding establishment of religion or prohibiting the free exercise thereof as not a lot of language but it's very important language and from those two concepts regarding establishment of religion or prohibiting the free exercise thereof the Supreme Court has interpreted that language as two separate provisions guaranteeing religious freedom in America the first one the establishment clause according to our interpretation of modern constitutional theory prohibits government from in any way endorsing a particular religious group in other words Utah cannot declare that it was a Mormon state is the state that officially recognized the latter-day Saints is the official religion of the state according the Supreme Court United States Constitution prohibits that that prohibition is incorporated to the states under the fourteenth amendment and the states are therefore also prohibited from establishing religion the second provision the free exercise clause is different and in some ways competing all the government can not in any way prohibit the free exercise of religion in other words they can't do things that would interfere with your ability to exercise whatever religious beliefs he may have how does that work out in the real world sometimes is very delicately by negating example is you are a religious organization you're entitled to 501(c)(3) status with Shad probably doesn't mean anything to you nor should I fast lawyers love to throw around the tax code provisions like inmates in jail you know the one tax lawyer tells the code section other tax lawyer and everybody laughs and sending inmates in the jail latest in jokes numbered ninety one inmate says the number of joking everybody laughs at 501(c)(3) status basically nonprofit allows the organization not have to do a federal tax well the problem with giving him 501(c)(3) status to a religious organization is if you give it to the organization the government is getting a tax break to the Lutheran Church the Methodist Church the Seventh-day Adventist church and that could be seen as an establishment of religion however taxing that same organization with other public charities are not tax the nations preventing the free exercise of religion that that's the balancing act of the court has to go through trying to apply these two provisions on foot and for many years they were both very actively enforced on behalf of religious groups unfortunately that is no longer the case let me start with the free exercise clause does that's the one that's probably of the most interest to the folk here the free exercise clause of according to an old case sherbet versus Werner applies to states so that if you are fired from your job for addresses refusing to work on Saturday you have not been fired for cause that is interfering with the free exercise of your religion and the state is compelled to play a new unemployment benefits that case was brought by a Seventh-day Adventist lady who refuse to work on Saturdays was fired from her job the state refused to pay her unemployment compensation alleging that she had been fired for cause visual work on Saturday that following the Supreme Court the Supreme Court said you can't do that that violates the free exercise clause of the Constitution and the standard that they establish means that any time a state does that they lose at sound was a very stringent standard but twenty years later twenty years after that there were a couple of American Indian guys who were drug counselors and a troubled teen program they decided to go to a powwow one weekend and what a very important part of the Native American religion is having visions well part of having visions and tasted great spirit isn't generally inclined to be kind to you that weekend is that chewing peyote which is a psychoactive drug and that helps you to get in the right spirit so the great Spirit can give you vision him get well as the said Mister Black allowed nature peyote they go back to work on Monday and when they get there and blesses a great news I dies today is the day you get your random drug screen needless to say they were fired on Tuesday while they went down to you whatever lawyer they found in the Yellow Pages which shows the young finding a lawyer was a good idea finding one from yellow pages may not have been and they they went to Evan he pulled out his law block off the shelf they looked in his logbook in the logbook said you can't do that he said you guys have nothing to worry about and they filed a lawsuit I went all in Supreme Court the Supreme Court in an about-face reversed their earlier position and said now so long as a state has a rational basis for their law out when I can interfere with that reverse the holding of sherbet versus burners under rational basis standard the government always wins as a shorthand I rational basis is something reports very very seldom step in and overturn the government 's decision so since nineteen eighty five the free exercise clause of the First Amendment has really been a dead letter in terms of protecting individual religious liberty now there are other protections their state constitutions there have been attempts by Congress to overturn that results one is the religious freedom restoration act of nineteen ninety five that now sent to the Supreme Court spring court found the law to be unconstitutional because it violated a previous holding and in the black case so as of today the free exercise clause is really a dead letter in terms of protecting people 's ability to worship the way they choose when they choose to do so the other the equation the establishment clause has been very strong protection against governments interference with our big governments of endorsement of any particular religion I bet Klaus has recently come under fairly heated attack one of the recent cases that nearly went to the Supreme Court was Columbia Union College versus the state of Maryland Columbia Union College as some of you may know is a sectarian institution I may have some unusual practices innovate requires students to go to Vespers on Friday night they require students to not take certain theology courses and unfortunately Columbia Union College also wanted money from the state to fund some of their programs so they sue the state of Maryland in federal district court instead we are not a sectarian school and therefore were entitled federal money in getting us federal money will not violate the establishment clause of the Constitution wealth of that case as it him unless he says the federal district court the federal district courts and what are you talking about you your inquiries to investors on Friday night and you require students to take theology courses you have a archaeology program there I need you discriminate in hiring based on people from your own faith and in a higher evangelist of seminary professor to teach at your school in your sectarian while unsatisfied with that result our good friends being in college appeal that before the circuit Court of Appeals may want in the Fourth Circuit about the state of Maryland rather unhappy with that result petition for certiorari to the Supreme Court of the United States Supreme Court denied certain but Justice Thomas who was probably the brightest as certainly one of the most lucid judges on the court and is writing very very bright man I wrote a dissent from the denial of certiorari which doesn't have any force and effect as is constitutional law but it does give an interesting feel for where the court is looking on these issues he began weaving together a theory which he fully stated in case is shortly followed after the Columbian College case it is called elk Grove school District versus new Dell elk Grove unified school District versus new Dow Justice Thomas wrote a dissenting opinion actually concurring opinion in the judgment in which he said the establishment clause of the Constitution was never incorporated to the states under the fourteenth amendment and therefore none apply to earlier in Columbia Union College is merely advocated turning over the eleven versus Kurtzman test which was the strong protection against establishment of religion and L Realty went you really race out in a very obscure constitutional theory which are not boring with came up with a brilliant argument and in essence said establishment clause no longer works and doesn't appliance a dead letter when it's applied to states which would mean that our good friends over in Utah could do it justice Thomas 's view is ultimately accepted by a majority of the justices are good friends in Utah could ultimately declare themselves to be a Mormon state California could become outline analogous Rastafarian state and no everybody else can pick whatever they wanted the point is the two major protections for freedom of religion totally apart from the events of September eleven over the last about twenty years have been under constant of reduction that the court has been slowly but surely chipping away at the protections that most of us just take for granted and that's not to say we should panic there is a tremendous amount of what I would call institutional resistance to infringing the rights of the minority I don't think you what I told you in any way justifies a run for the hills approach but it is sobering it's a wake-up call the black letter constitutional law it that many religious groups relied on to protect their freedom of expression and freedom of worship are no longer there on the books and what those groups are really relying on now is the England common sense of our people in government and has a lot of that to go around I work for the government often on for a number of years I have tremendous faith in the people having people work hard to try to protect this country and to provide a solid understanding of life and the people of a lot of faith in him but with out that black letter clear line constitutional protection in a time of crisis when everybody says we have to get rid of things that don't matter anymore we have to save ourselves our homes and our families could frighten people in a crisis related your journey probably the question of the sows we conclude what Richard has basically told us use that in ways that many times do not really reached the news media in ways in which we ourselves are not always aware and in terms of constitutional law in ways which many practicing lawyers do not even recognize things are consistently being set up so that in a time of deep crisis as portrayed by Daniel as portrayed by Jesus as portrayed by Paul and John the revel later the way is now much more open for frightening people who don't mean to do wrong who were good people who are good neighbors who are good Americans to still make a very predictable and understandable mistake made by people in times of crisis in which they say for the duration of the emergency we are going to have to sacrifice at least some liberty I may just tee off one pointed Richard made Justice Thomas extremely bright jurist a very very sharp lawyer and a very sharp telling justice in his argument in the new Dow case saying that the fourteenth amendment does not incorporate the establishment clause of the First Amendment therefore it doesn't govern the states it doesn't prohibit the states instead it protects the states from federal interference if the state wants to establish its own religion in saying that in using the incorporation doctrine of the fourteenth amendment which is a piece of constitutional theory he has perhaps unwittingly repeated the very argument was raised in the Jim Crow days to enslave black America is a repetition of the past found that Aaron Plessy versus Ferguson when a black man having paid full price for a ticket can't write where he wants to want to train and the Supreme Court says separate but equal is okay this was the constitutional theory that was then available and underuse that's the point riches making panic note we should be good citizens this country for all of our problems is still the best place on God Greener it's kind of indoor sport to shoot at Anna quasi- friendly way our government say all our problems come from Washington only tell you something go somewhere else come back in that flag looks pretty good and most of our government people are good people just doing their best to try to hold things together doesn't always work as Katrina illustrated but most of the people in government and there are lots of them are good people who intend only good for this country most citizens fall under the same category the question we posed to you this morning is in a time of crisis any good people unwittingly and on intentionally make a very serious and very tragic mistake we give you an example right after September eleven two professors of political science at the US Naval Academy wrote up an opt in peace for a professional law of war fighting journalists distributed among naval officers Journal of the Naval Institute Naval Institute proceedings here is what to political science professors at the Naval Academy said and I quote freedom while the main source of our string also makes us vulnerable Americans may find it necessary to accept restrictions on liberty to ensure protection from violence and fear this begs the question of whether the concept of freedom as conceived by our founding fathers is applicable to today's borderless society for most audiences and repeat that is a sharp group most of your grad students many of you are either absorbing or practicing materia medic I have to say this twice you got the first time that you get the implications this is not something I picked up off the the magazine rack at a grocery check out this is from a professional military officers Journal one other example and will close right after September eleven fellow down in Houston Texas of all places you wouldn't expect it will come from there wrote letter to the editor of him me put it this way when the Constitution was drafted we did not have dirty bomb suitcase atomic weapons computers or easy worldwide travel give me see Chevron and take some of my privacy please Alastair back to the work of God 's where we began our we always should begin as we look at a challenging world and let's review the predictions Paul says watch when you're in my eye of the storm you may see sunlight but the storm 's not over first Thessalonians five three for when they shall say peace and they've then what happens not just destruction but sudden destruction events accelerate history accelerator something moves rapidly and he adds the caveat Santa Rita and I wish he hadn't had a disk but he's a realist and he did he says they shall not escape gray prophet Daniel takes that same concept puts it in broadbrush language describing a time of trouble such as never was is no comparison for in all of human history our Lord and fleshes it out if you want some good homework to do this afternoon read in sequence Matthew twenty four Mark thirteen Luke twenty one their parallel their various accounts of the same event just before Jesus crucifixion when the disciples finally put together in our minds a recognizer is not to be under the world he said Lord how we got to recognize when it's getting near and those three chapters give you a laundry list of you look at them and then try to go back to your widescreen TV tonight in forget that this world in danger to little hard to do finally John the revel later points out with uncanny precision just before the end occurs you see an interesting sequence of events a frightened world is not a see a small minority that scares him to death in the normal plan economic embargo and when that doesn't work they're going to resort to lethal force and if John was appointed jurist he plagiarized that one from the New York Times from two thousand six contacts the world we live in let's close today we see patches of sunlight on troubled ocean home values are soaring gasoline prices we struggle with still come down once in a while even bother going up in somebody's even figured out a way to balance the federal budget it's called increased audit activity patches of sunlight but we're in the eye of the storm in hand I suggest if you look at the drywall line ahead of us in and read the word of God which are going to see is a sky laced with ribbons of lightning and hints of coming storm in which a furious Lucifer will attack the view who still owe me the word of God in a terminally frightened world as I like a lot of gloom and doom then Jill and I like about the Bible is always realistic it doesn't sugarcoat if there's trouble it tells you about the trouble but it always says through the rain there is a what is a rainbow in the end of the story is a good one see Daniel twelve starts out with a somber warning and at that time shall Michael a great cream stand up with standard for the children of my people there shall be a time of trouble but he doesn't and they are read as Paul Harvey Ali says the rest of the star me him Charlotte Daniel twelve one and that time shall live people be delivered Shelley is a term of art for lawyers it is mandatory it is not discretionary it will happen if the Lord says that you can take it to the bank at that time shall live people be delivered everyone whose name shall be written in the book the point Rich and I want to leave you with this morning is this Bible 's realistic it points us to world events and gives us a clear perspective that it won't always be as easy as we wish it were but it's not a message of doom but a promise of deliverance not a message of fear but a message of forgiveness not a promise of trouble but a promise of victory Jesus says when these things begin you who know the book have the privilege of looking up and is no better place to look as close with prayer in order thank you for this group we thank you for this church is graciously let us use their facilities we thank you for all the wonderful Christians who will be worshiping tomorrow be with them tomorrow on Sunday lead us all into increasing truth so that as a comp has a group of Christians by whatever name or denominational title we style ourselves we will come closer and closer together by simply reading the Bible and doing what it says in the meantime bless this country and its leadership in Jesus name amen


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