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Interview with Leslie Pollard

Ron du Preez



  • March 4, 2006
    11:00 AM
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following the Iraq fiasco phone to come here if he is introducing me but I'm going to interview him as you anything is a glutton for punishment yes he did his massive divinity then he went on a dubious doctor of ministry that wasn't enough he's finished his MBA converse of his life on other matters and he is completing a PhD in New Testament studies and so he was a student of the work Doctor Pollard love the word is of course a preacher administrator and I got to know him better even though we have crossed it and was identity better when he came up as involvement on a short-term mission projects both Doctor and Doctor Pollard were there and we are proud to have crossed and here we are again with our paths crossing so let me ask you quickly yes said the following what are you studying with your research all about in a nutshell abundant in seven minutes oh you know we congratulate you as you and yes I decided to study accounting that you would probably not you you would not even imagine that someone would not do this to his limited dissertation done on the remnant in relation so I decided to do my research on the remnant in Revelation hotels about what is there is a set and we know that the early Adventist begin to see the concept of where the remnant is is a misunderstanding or is there and what is this Thomas okay first of all the concept of the room it is not a fabrication and that is anyone who objected the recent Bible in the active TV the names of hundreds of scholars many of whom were critical scholars many faith-based dollars critical scholars who have identified the remnant idea started with the Old Testament working all the way through the New Testament and it finally culminating right in the book of revelations so this is not a fabrication there is solid biblical and what we would say if I were talking this dollars exit yes certainly for this teaching current investment I think don't be an enthusiastic eye since he is here in the city they may find the word has from one another plus is very important relation twelve seventeen when this photograph from him was how does that contribute to the identity of the Adventist movement has contributed to enforce specific way okay first of all of those of us who are at it is today and if someone is visiting this is a Bible study but if you are in this paper should always it does contribute to identity writing very important ways but also we can not focusing on twelve seventeen to the exclusion of other passages in the about in Revelation was a popular timber is that that tell us about the remnant for instance this there is the word remnant occurs three times but it occurs to the class the people of God and revelation the first is in Revelation chapter two verse twenty four is in the context of five timer in Jezebel and that doesn't conjure up images for you to go back to first things he was there it's a easy but to the rest I say that word resting your Bible is the word remnant is in eleven thirteen where the remnant repent and give glory to God one earthquake right after the story the two witnesses had been at twelve seventeen as the final and probably the most impressive passage of the remnant in twelve seventeen and how it contributes our activities it shows us two things number one it shows is that the people of God in begin time are in continuity with the people of God starting in the Old Testament that's why the idea of keeping the commandments eye is made prominent eyestrain because commandment keeping is a way of urging covenant loyalty upon the people of God starting all the way the Old Testament in working through the new the other piece about it is that it also introduced identity by showing felt that this is a Christian group rightly have the faith of Jesus Christ so so some scholars in his agency will refers to Jews but in fact we look at twelve seventeen we contribute to identity it shows us that God in time people are your faithful people who love Christ to have the horizontal dimension array faith but they also have the ethical dimension right is when we say commandment keeping we talking about not only our love for God but our love for each other NetSuite in human who presentations that you had a couple hours when it's been discussing and sharing that area one last one because you can't breathe rapidly here I finished at seventy seven and that's correct I is incidentally visitation has decided now yesterday this week 's BusinessWeek has finished it is the analysis done at the end the next step is the oral defense so after the last one last question is what is the future of those people who believe we must be faithful to God where does this all an awareness of what the tests okay gets worse before it gets better our expert testimony the book of Revelation twelve seventeen is illustrated in thirteen and fourteen the fortunes of the people of God rightly says that the dragon was what everybody are all asking James version if you use the NIV was pain and see that we're receive means in race hateful behavior derivatives and he went out to make war with them against the women of her season keep the Commandments graphic Jesus well he needs help to do that so how does he do that chapter thirteen tells you the story he goes to the ocean he stands by the seashore and he calls out help to help him in his work his people because CVs because of the land beast and the dragon and his false Trinity the Dragon the beast and the false prophet meet war on the people who desperately inform him ride because by the time you get into chapter fourteen is the new fifteen do you see the people of God now who had refused the mark of the beast standing on the sea of glass with the song of Moses and the song of victory saw victories as large beautiful message you don't system Atlanta go ahead and do the rest of us are known as I seem to listen as well thank you so much are they even hasn't been an encouragement to you and they are in our car in our community right here people who are taking the lead of the women who love the Lord and I would encourage you listen learn and I know that your studies will encourage us on our way to the kingdom thank you very message my wife yesterday to join throat at the prudent choice


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