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Cardiology of Commitment: The Heart of the Matter

Ron du Preez



  • March 4, 2006
    11:00 AM
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back was so glad you joined us in the last leg of our journey in the Journal of Jesus here we are to spend time one more time together now the Sacramento Kings the bonus that is not part of this series we're just going to throw that in so that we can add on a little extra it's in the area of my specialty within a spend time right after lunch probably a couple of hours within a dig deeper into how should be practically apply the word of God ethics very very controversial area but you know what folks it's called how to grow once we've been asked with it than frosting by the grace of God without controlling this afternoon quick review some of you have not been with us and when he sees the hands of all those who visit at least one meeting onus to get an idea raise a booklet okay that's like ninety eight percent earlier some people are new here so let's do a quick review this limit is very weak I happen to be reading on the Microsoft was the second numbers chapter thirty three and said the Israelites went to buy stages and they said they want to get there from here to there is a little bit right here let the Lord be the love of your life was our first visit by lift if you want to read them with new welcome to do that we dealt with the love of God it have to be Valentine's Day that they extensively talk about the virtues Valentine God is that which is Valentine and so this was the same concept stayed with me all that the Lord be the love of your life let's look to number two that's the day we dealt with communicating in code we studied each of the Bible and we came up with this point the key to the code is to be and he we moved on into the next one I called up a trip into the Trinity him will be safe to know God is saying no to God the fourth one a ransom for a rental we don't know the whole concept of justification than what you say that Christ in a vehicle lanes you from sin number five we went to the longing and the looming and we said to God your best he'll take care of the rest number six with government-backed is a miracle make over and we said to make a new Star kingdom of God your whole heart that we talk about sanctification living it up with the Lord and research grow in the Lord by the light of his word second seven parts we started with water emptying the quarantine guaranteed we talked about the ten Commandments especially each of the seventy seventh and we said saying by grace we love to live God 's law then we moved on to talk about the in the judgment but more importantly looking at Jesus Christ he said his ministry decided to enemies that Christ died for sinners and now serves as our priest we believe they are spiritual gifts and we concluded what God 's gifts are for growth and to share his love next moved into the area of health and standards secrets of centenarians and reset my way of life she would bring souls to Christ we moved into the area of the contentious issue of life after death the spirits of those things and we said the dead rest in the grave till they are raised and finally last night the ultimate Thanksgiving we talked about the second coming finally said Christ will come back so let's live right on track a quick overview of the stages in our journey the past two and a half weeks during my complete is a story of a man he was traveling not traveling he was detained from Tanzania seven thousand miles to Mexico City and Mary was in nineteen sixty eight and November nineteen sixty eight Mexico City the Olympic Games and seven p.m. the last day of the Olympic Games October twenty a few thousand people left in the stands waiting for the last one or two coming around seven or at night and everything stumbling and he fallen he was bloodied with bandage wrapped around his knees but he was still common and shiny finish used twenty six miles in three hundred and eighty five yards and a people who were in the stands gave him a standing ovation the last runner in afterwards on the documents that I like you just quit and this was his reply my country Tanzania did not send me seven thousand miles to start the rice they sent me seven thousand miles to finish it and I pray that the Lord will bless us as we finish our series here today you will go with us on our last step the last stage of our race year to date we're going to reflect before we open the wood of God let us pray holy father final stage of our journey in the Journal of Jesus I praise you bless us now open our minds Lord touch our hearts as we spend just a few more moments digging into your holy Word so that we can see better reflect Jesus Christ the living word in his name we pray on their side of the original too long ago actually just enough in my off time in the last couple of weeks my wife sent a book along at I tend one of those fascinating but once you start reading it is hard to put it down so I had some rather early mornings I read because I realized that I wanted to use that book right here on assuring the color right here it says one hundred two minutes the untold story of the fight to survive inside the twin towers and we got the paperback it's much cheaper okay it was on the New York Times bestseller list and so I read this book fooling about three of the settings are lying in bed again and what an interesting intriguing but devastating critique of what immediately happened so are you ready for the bad news as well as the good news they were heroes their anonymous mentalist on the incredible people who came in and lost their lives self sacrificially if you know this folks before you can get some of the defined the picture stop right there were those pictures you know that those twin towers the medical examiner 's report says there were two thousand seven hundred and forty nine people who died in the text on New York all of these unenforceable passengers and crew members count quick quickly get on the omnia but four hundred and ten others with the rescuers who died at its five hundred and one fifty nine and up no more fun that night and no more than six hundred were on the floor when the plane hits Panama one thousand one hundred and sixty at how many people died two thousand seven hundred and forty nine what happened why did more than fifteen hundred other people die and guess what they were not all about me and walked off typically get down incredible story because there were some people at least eighteen people who were above the impact on the South Tower that's the second plane without a picture right here okay the second plane hit there were people above that that's the picture of the second plane on the impact devastating picture will never forget those images there were people of all that how do they survive what happened will get the picture right there okay what happened while there was believable one stairwell that was available cheese but they were people that never came in only eighteen came down that Stella is an estimated six hundred people above who never came down at stairwell there was a way of escape folks and what is worse losing is what happens devastating information in this book I read it through another spent much time by which there was a warning before the South Tower fell at the one that was hit last felt for some electrical it was fifty seven minute before it collapsed there was a warning John Perugia fire department delegates heard what was happening he couldn't believe it he could but he couldn't dismiss what he thought he hurt an engineer of the depart of buildings was in the South Tower when he saw structural problems happening and he said the low-down privileges some as an EMT which Cirillo who was what varies is a anything going nudity to the World Trade Center and report to chief dancing only did she gently telling that the building be good of the buildings has been severely compromised and they believed the building is in danger of collapse the bad news folks the religion could not communicate with achieved by radio Internet the emergency operations center had been shut down for fear that terrorist applies the plane into it so they shut that down the expensive eight hundred megahertz interface you may notice that they had were all in the trunks of their cars on use because no one with clout in the city government ever got around to pressing the issue to get them to use it it was in the car really to was not carrying a fire ground radio that morning because the ordinary assignment difficult threat the world capital communications New York City okay in the capital he had only one way to get the engineers assessment to the chief of the fire department how was that to send a messenger by foot balancing across flaming debris and falling bodies he would have to go in person to warning that message thing probably ten to twenty minutes before the South Tower collapsed lots of time was wasted he rushed over this young man several no hurry over to give the news to the chief he got that he told the assistant to the chief the chief utilities Boston Fed chief the buildings are in imminent things of collapse can field study will tell you something like that again he had spent thirty three years in the fire department and as chief he knew full well that skyscrapers right was doing not collapse from leather from less than an hour of fire and so is his assistant said Ritchie here the empty come over here with you and tell the chief what you just told me precious minutes had been lost firefighters were up in the power and all kinds of things and he came over and he told them but folks unfortunately by the time can seek just heard the news about the imminent collapse a gathering rumble filled the air and the south tower collapsed fifteen to twenty minutes were lost because they did not have the communication equipments lies good and safe the rest looks at misconduct without at least though they might've been able to communicate with the South Tower after the collapse guess what they tried to warn the people in the north out the helicopters flying overhead and he kept watching the kept sending you is yes eight it looks like it's going to collapse as well it begins is beginning to lean send the war in him the word 's origins but the work they were up on the nineteenth they were coming down and he stopped on the nineteenth floor of the north tower and as they walked in let me tell you here they looked around they could scarcely believe their eyes these three New York City official court officials one was a sergeant to Sardis one kept the nineteenth floor of the north tower at the South Tower collapsed the nineteenth floor was just as full as it did then when they came up they gone up still packed with firefighters from into end of the hallway and down the core North corridor so tight it would be tough to find a place to squeeze it along the wall with them the place was carpeted with firefighters most was sitting at start of their turncoats are not the helmets off somewhere down to blue T-shirts smacked so select blotting their fabric emblazoned with the fire department you wind her up one of these sources saw that they were lying down X was leaning against the wall legs stretched out arm thrust against oxygen tanks they could not be hearing what Sergeant Windsor underwent a thought what was what's happening to others came along but to Marion Moss most in the scene they guess there were at least a hundred firefighters relaxing on the nineteenth floor of the north tower that was beginning to collapse Captain Joseph Butler but to hear him yell when getting out of here when he told when I got a get out of the building no one moved will come down in a few minutes someone said that all the rescue workers but all the rescue workers are bailing out the court officers said yeah all right we'll be right there another firefighter replied the Lord the warning it's estimated a hundred firefighters aware of the warning simply two relaxing ignore the warnings of imminent collapse and they perished totally unnecessary as I read this story it's a heart rending story folks it's a heartrending story is not just all those firefighters out there it's a heartrending story about us right here are we and my are you sitting relaxing in a burning building that is in imminent danger of collapse the warnings are coming and we think that's okay will be right down there don't worry about us will do okay we know were five hot at least a hundred lost their lives what a sad story turning your Bibles let's look at the warning message that we have for today were going to go very rapidly the story hurts the heart I know it's an aging story lives lost on his search to say nothing of hundreds who were above the flames only eighteen cutting down to that one stairwell that they knew about house and the word didn't get our twenty six hundred other people who could've come down that's in about six hundred went up instead of coming down from the stairwell hundreds of lives were lost because they did not know the right the route to escape and a hundred firefighters they lost their life because they board the warnings ignorance and arrogance are the two greatest dangers we face dehumanizes that ignorance and what evidence and sometimes we put them together and I call that a no arrogance when he knows little or nothing everything we know a lot and wait for all of our ignorance dangerous folks story one hundred two minutes is a story of ignorance and arrogance I've only told you that is now wonderful of a story -based -based methods have to share that with you I had to share that with you incredible sad heartrending stories of ignorance and arrogance that goes to that important story revelation chapter forty the context look at fourteen was looking easy to remember look August forty fourteen from fourteen on with seventeen eighteen ninety two twenty feet shows us it's the context of the end of the world so fourteen were deliberately sixth through twelfth you've already read at this point risk of doing so within a breeze through this at the rapid pace of people on a mission people urgent again let's move quickly here chapter fourteen verse six leading from the new King James version then I saw it on speaking another angel a messenger of God flying in the midst of heaven having the everlasting gospel of the bungalow is lightweight and compact enough to preach to those who dwell on the earth to bring they should try other people saying what I got born a member that would allow for everybody can hear what is the site seeing God restocked their music what does that mean take God seriously have been incredible all and respect for the way in God that we serve food different of God again to put my friend Dwight Nelson my fellow passengers and gone but I'm not little thing don't be afraid of God the eight friend of God he was evidently don't be afraid of God D a friend of God like that is right here be a friend of God respecting have graced all take God seriously right fear God him will give glory to him we were stop right there hope you had to go quickly connected by the Woodlands is that famous incredibly beautiful sermon on the Mount beautiful Summit the Beatitudes you know the passage is so well put the methods at the pharmacy can come right back the revelation in a moment but I love you always go and look at the words of the massive wing was my cheer among us yes the whole Bible points to Jesus the Bible tells about Jesus I always like to go to where he was housing minister right here on planet Earth in person the chapter five verse six is a lot that bursts beautifully put in context what is it safe let your light so shine before men open me out we must show off no no no look at the rest lie that they may see your good works only if the question is what happened what what purpose notice actually write that they may see your good works and glorify your father in heaven that's the key we must have the good works and I talked about that we have faith that has fruits we are saved by grace so in control we talked about that we love God so we are loyal to him and I've taken over the little phrase I told you but we are not lawyers we are not legalists but we are loyalists actually belonging to it is that people get mixed up with an ethical and why they fought as a managing because they look similar remember that Loyalists legalists is to limit can be confusing so we must be loyalists with one look at best and that is forced on this topic can we talk about in depth but just doing them reminded as a practical matter we talk about giving glory to God but how do we do it we do it in a very practical weight in the way we live our light shine before men here it comes to what Google brass tacks where the rubber meets the road first Congress chapter ten verse thirty one Paul speaking therefore thirty one whether he or drink or what and what are you doing to do what do all the glory of God there is a LOL you something small English word to all my might it was not ninety nine percent not ninety nine nine percent and now I can assure quick story here I just came to mind I lived and worked in South Korea assisted missionary many years ago and I'll never forget the sad stories I just read one recently again of they have what they call on all heating florists it's a charcoal fire that they like and assembly under the floor is if that floor is not completely sealed one hundred percent guess what happens into many homes at nights while he was sleeping warm and cozy ninety nine nine percent of the floor is sealed but one percent has a whole what happens carbon monoxide poisoning and so many people have died she's fully if I may say not aware because it was not a hundred percent perfect when the government getting all of ninety nine nine percent because that one percent can be the death if you give it to did all the glory of God put the book of Revelation the J Revelation chapter fourteen verse six beautiful message the first one and says give glory to him for the hour of his judgment is come has come and worship him as the four elements in that first message to talk to feel God respective number two give glory to number three is the hourly judgment on the wood quizzes that judgment consequent ongoing judgment day and number four and worship worship will be the one who made heaven and takes us right back to the taken him in the heart of the law is remember the Sabbath day because God created the heavens and the fascinating right here is a reminder of the ten commands and emphasis on the God who created us and satisfied that special day right here in the First Amendment in this first Angels message site I called the call to consecration but VCs only do but to these messages the first Angels message I called Nicole to secretion God is calling us to be totally under percent committed to equivalent of the second one picking up now from the next verse verse patients first this is Revelation chapter fourteen moving out and another angel followed them saying Babylon is fallen is fallen that great city because she has made all nations drink of the wine of the wrath of her fornication Babylon is formed to defend here go quickly on to chapter eighty one pickup there because here's another angel sometimes called maybe the fourth Angel by some Revelation eighteen verse one after these things I saw another angel coming down from heaven having great authority in Europe was illuminated with his glory and he cried mightily with a loud voice there is again that appointed Negroponte they walked Babylon is fallen say words back down the business ball is fallen and has become a demon at dwelling place of demons a prison for every foul spirit a case where every unclean and he worked for the nations have drunk of the wine of the back of her fornication the kings of the earth have committed fornication with her kind of verses of you have become rich with the abundance of her lectures and what is this mess is all about you spend deeply descriptive a beautiful message of God people house as you might remember those my way back to Genesis eleven where the Tower of Babel is mentioned and human conflict within the Bible in the same year was the city of Babylon the beginnings of it correctly so him again synonymous with confusion and is associated with doing things our own way and sometimes legalism and righteousness by works we can save ourselves let go I think they haven't immigration if another fun comes when the site we will not draw of a few his government be careful it's a system going its own way and see what is the Angels are come out look at verse four and I heard another voice from heaven saying to you is another voice comes out of her my people lest you share in her son and it is all of these things on person and less you receive all four legs so the second Angels message essentially ends up with a call a call to recognize the problem and you expanded inversely at separating column out my second see is a call to conversion a call to step up out of the confusion to be aware that they are sometimes some places where the Bible is not being proclaim the word of God is not the foundation would God is not the basis of the belief so make sure you are listening digging deeply into the woods and come out where and when God calls you to be faithful to his holy word in front of the number three here the third Angels message back in Revelation chapter fourteen these women come to what I call the heart of the matter the title for today's summit is the cardiology cardiology of commitment the heart of the matter let's move on now and the third angel revelation fourteen verse nine and the third angel you've read this over the E.W. Scripps reading followed them saying again with on the phone a loud voice if anyone worships the beast and his image and receives his Mark on his phone orders and he shall he himself shall also drink the wine of the wrath of God same phrase uses four four which is Florida into the company 's Internet him shall require when the president believes the present relax from the smoke of their torment ascends forever and ever they have no rest day or night wish of the beast anything is and whoever receives the mark of his name fool words dearly worth by the way we've already dealt with some of these concepts would forever I mentioned more than fifty times in the Bible if you read the context it has a limited application in a specific way and if you want to listen more to that you can have a chance listen downloaded from the web or difficult to see you can hear more about some of these biblical constantly mistaken in the context of financing before his vetting and a checkout line and the person they five minutes to find their change music the understudy here forever five minutes again we use it in different ways of faith in the Bible is using specific way to look at the context we don't spend time in that area but here is the call what is it if the cost of folks because not only do we several merciful God we also set up a chess and I'm glad for that I find it interesting also must love justice when it's in our favor is not right I was just as good as you people think of when they haven't found speeding ninety miles an hour in a fifty milligrams on have you ever said that the open window and just we want to see if it raises the increases are deleted when one possesses limited off a roof using the servant God who put these together properly Beth of fluency was the worst one for sizzles what a call to consecration the second one is a call to conversion the third Michael is a caution about condemnation we can choose to be on that side or we can in the fullness of God of mercy and a God of justice and already we look at briefly in Chapter twelve percent but I would move on quickly let's look from what was up to fourteen the first well put connected with twelve seventeenths because here is the key point here is the patience all of whom a son know what that means sometimes they could literally and you don't have patience folks we might not be married of the Lord is working in our hearts sanctifying us making a citizen the patients all the things here are those who do want to keep the commandments of God and the faith of Jesus again most of these gotten into the phrases with the throats dry again keep the commandment of God and have the faith of Jesus and we looked already briefly at verse seventeen of chapter twelve and the dragon was enraged to the woman took the twelve or seventy five he went to make war with the rest of her offspring who keep the commandments of God and have the testimony of Jesus beautiful to see it in these two passages you can unlock and find more information incidentally I just bought a book this is on the level of the layperson over Goldstein about a decade ago wrote a little book the remnants and now has you covered in our introduction here at Doctor Lessig alternate studies the situation and Doug really impatient with the letter is published in the meantime here's something on the lay level and as I read this myself a few years ago I was blessed and I challenge you to read material that will show us some of the beauties of the Scriptures let's be practical here go to Matthew chapter twenty seven again the words of Jesus in a famous sermon on the Mount 's Matthew chapter seven let's go back to the words of our Savior in his ministry here on earth because I mentioned here we have the two aspects the Commandments of God the faith of Jesus these two are working here together it's faith at work or a faith that works now here Jesus and explain look at Matthew seven one not everyone who says to me Lord Lord outgained that the people who called me by name shall enter the kingdom of heaven but who but he who does the will of my father in heaven in other words if a practical experience I remember talking and sharing with the methods that you know it's important to have a personal relationship right but you must make sure that your personal relationship is a practical religious experience in a sometimes is a danger to see how many other hands yet how many of you have seen or remember what an old pressure cooker is what is at my back and talking intelligently here on a about sixty percent the rest of the best of friends that it is the dark ages we had this principle is at the condiment pot and you can be anything you see with you knowing you put it on the stove you notice that was a thing of the past and now it is that microwaves and so forth but we used to put them on and we could cook beans and so forth much faster I guess the question friend comes to where the pressure will be on it and says yes Robin could I borrow your pressure cooker and Robin says hello well you know I have got if you use it for a couple of years and that we find an chief Robin finds it and what she's as you know that I just remember all my might to that is that the lead and and and got a broken you welcome to his microscope but I don't know that question folks what is a precious good but without a leg regular holocausts you got that exactly right okay let's called up by its right name rank unit as Jesus says not everyone who says to me you called me a yes I I think is my savior is the question using your Lord is the him of your life you will help you walk by faith not by sight trusting him and he goes down then sadly delivers twenty three and I will be glad to them I never want I never know you in some of the new claim they don't know me but we never had a personal relationship it was just a pressure cooker when I know that the folks at Y yes you called yourself a Christian you didn't live that way Jesus if you call me Lord Lord but in reality you didn't have a personal living relationship with me challenge you here today these you realize your pressure cooker without a lid on just what is good news even if your kid broke the lead Jesus can and will create and know that for you so that you can need a pressure cooker that produces the fruits results of what you should be the Lord can do that and I want to challenge I know there are many here who are students you heard of you been involved with a group and encouraging one another in Advent hope as a group on campus is you see I know you know the Lord has given me so many blessings to be huge to get to know so many of you I meant the privilege of sharing God 's word this is the series of restoration two thousand six prepare me but you know what happens this is always a danger we go to wonderful meetings that we've been blessed by the Lord and then went off on a high mount caramel experience and where do we end up with Jezebel gets angry with us down in the dumps like you live is a large life is not worth living take exit what are you doing here your life is going great for skis eighteen nineteen twenty at home that's the danger we have is an uncommon experience we've got to make sure we find an kick a community of people join and get involved he didn't do it find a group that sponsored no young people here you have it to get involved in the Woodstock learned to know the Lord find a buddy who you can be accountable to check on you and say have you been spending your time in the word have you been spending your time underneath and you can make sure they are accountable find people that will help you to walk the question what is you know what folks when you have this mountaintop experience that will make sure that he will bring along a Jezebel to tempt you to test him to draw you so that you will lose your way unless you are walking faithfully with the Lord and you have a community that can help you that even makes it easier so that's my encouragement makes sure that you don't lose this mountaintop experience that we've been feasting and enjoy let's be practical the hearts well well let me share with you my dear wife Linda and it was kind of interesting we were just friends for a couple of months when she already began to notice is going back some years now I day when she noticed that I left something which I select a block what that I came from South Africa where they don't close it doesn't matter what it looks like I'm Islam's it is modest it is these I have no concept of color matching anytime will not will build on it and I remember my stint in Korea they would even be gracious or they didn't know any different than when I had the most was mixed next stop of the most garish side always it's all teacher I love your tie and I remember when it's hard I try I took a certain yet with my birthday I barely known Linda for two months is just a friend we were kind of a good friend brother sister relationship she and another friend from Andrews University was the missionaries in South Korea snuck into my room without my permission and the tags of will you this that was the fact that brand that I find like these who needs enemies it worked but it only lasted until I put in the laundry he and that I was back to my old ways you know what I praise God that that lady the Department of Health and so when I said to Linda I would've your friend forever she turned to me she said no that was with my proposal levels of acceptance as you know what to say when I go to conferences and we should talk about this one is the only one of mentorship is modern church every short as a little thing in effect without easy to talk it looks like the top of the ten Commandments used to pay you know those about his inability to listen my quick opportunity it looks like the top of the ten Commandments and guess what on the back everything I'm supposed to wear today minutely detailed the reason being that think about it seriously and think of the theological biblical implications of my dear wife wonderful modern-day parable you see where I go why where how I look is a reflection on my wife with whom I have a covenant relationship and if there is here okay everything I do reflects on the one I am married to so guess what I do everything I pull out my little ten Commandments with you know it's nice about it the bottom is pulled together and look what it looks like you hat you are wrong it's not the ten Commandments absolutely wrong it's in the shape of all hatch that's right Bob flaw in the mall what not to do they really put you off and no way God wanted Tony what to do with his EVGA has forget it if you have a covenant relationship with your maker you will put the ten Commandments if you think it is until you see the bottom on that will see it is his law he loves us but it will give this was yesterday and I brought yesterday 's one because it was funny and you know God also has a sense of humor sometimes people say it happens to God loves July my wife writing says short green and blue striped energy infections rose a slight stimulus so I will outweigh you look like you come from the penitentiary where he got here visitors on Greenspan 's F he's got my vote that by doing that I'd probably choose the wrong one anyway we canceled the big F carries on green and blue tie and ginger all that for me seriously does sports coat greenish brown dark greenish socks sunny and black pants she's got them all she knows only a black shoes thankfully I don't have tennis shoes you know that I wear when I graduate she doesn't put it on because she knows I know at least that much of my the foundation of the story and you come and read this was last night and if anybody looked at I notice I didn't look like I was mismatched okay that's it I think I followed him specifically about God because he loves us for some of us willingly by new directions in life would desperately needed if we don't find follow the directions for our lives we will make our or the one with the covenant marriage relationship with us we will make him look bad people is okay that's a question claim to love the Lord from the love they act so horribly I would have nothing to do with the person they say they love what think about that and on the back high meaning reminder you know okay hi Winnie you know me she knows I am wearing what she set out from eight ago finally and I love you so I praise God for a wife who is out to make sure that I knew the bests in every way and I praise God for giving us his love letter it's here folks it's in my shirt pocket every day close to my hearts every day every day I have a choice I can throw it up I can ignore the notes but guess what if I do so what happens identical sandbar a few words I was also the notice also be married but I was disappointed the one who I have a covenant relationship with and if I continue ignoring her love and concern it will go from the small things to the big effects if the little foxes that spoil the wine Jesus says he who is faithful in what is that which is least is faithful also in what much brighter down to forget this divided on the conduit of my sending with ninety says the heart is what this fool above all things and what desperately wicked acts and in my case my heart is desperately stupid and so I need my wife to help me and Jay in this area our hearts are awake and focused but look at Ezekiel thirty six twenty six don't do that quickly this is the promise from God yes here is God 's promise Ezekiel thirty six verse twenty six beautiful promise from God and of course I'm than to share with you a final story Ezekiel chapter thirty six let's go quickly to verse twenty six Ezekiel thirty six verse twenty six what does God promise us right here beautiful passage we know all hearts are deceitful above all things and desperately wicked so what is God saying I will give you what a new lot and what puts a new spirit within you I will take the heart of stone out of your flesh and he view of what's a heart of flesh yes that is God 's offer folks that is what he wants to do for us and not only that is what to do that he asks if he wants us he says look at the Deuteronomy that just another passenger quickly Deuteronomy aces I will do that for you and demonic this is gods desire drugs up to six chapter five eligibility five from the right that this passage verse twenty nine combined at the beginning of the tank amend the reintegration the repeating of the law here is Moses sharing that we reminded them of God 's law look what he says he says here talking God speaking twenty five twenty nine of that they had thought out what our heart in that Catholic garden holders at such a him him they would see me referencing and always keep what all my commandment that it may go well with their children or have editors God looks at the heart he wants us to talk is offering us the new locks and it's interesting because what if the next chapter six was five of us on this because here you shall love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul with all your strength in the first when he was tempted by the devil Jesus in Matthew chapter four right reasons one would be important because the heart folks story I will never forget because it happened to me October three two thousand and four I was down at Sullivan Avenue University I'm on testing in Michigan the videoconference yes and I went down there I try to do the two things together I went down there at the right time I was down there coordinating working with the faculty of the school religion will putting together a book I was the main editor for a volume of a producing counsel will be to get up by the end of the month October twenty or so we had a little time left I was down there for three or four days but I made sure it coincided with something fun as well the southern glottis brings triathlon site Cialis noted two things of the same fact so on Sunday I went out there to that link a Springs and at least jumped into the water in the afternoon and we swam a half a mile and finished a half Muslim you come out of the water and you run your Ganger not dizzy from the salon I was busy I hobbled on to my bicycle and as I hobbled onto the bicycle may fifty yards away hundreds of bicycles there people some of them on their way already many of them were pretty gone by that time and I heard to another of all somebody's to just explode too bad and I hurried over to my to my bicycle and I grabbed the back and pulled it out now is try to move it out of wood and will and I looks guess who's to bed exploded it was mine I pump it up in the morning it got hot one of those nice holidays and what happens with when it gets hot in expanded and expanded I am tired to harden the black back to visit and it was mine to that exploded and here and I say this was shame yes because I should've said does anybody really well no no folks I was so fixated on my own race I ignored the person who needed help and that person turned up an evil the Lord has a lot to teach us even if you are a pastor and here I was all like to know I pushed the bike back you can a moment I was just seeing that my bike wouldn't go there was a stranger standing a distance away six foot six and I heard a voice that said hey the arena to Anna Berti said yes and I too came flying through the air a stranger helping me and then he can close it and he said hey hey do you have up on I said yes it's in my car he said here here's a pump fake you have to I said yes it's in my car he said here they are and I'm not out to help you are not on your dental blocks and flying to the X 's are not out the back and tell you what to do if I help you in person will disqualify you to find Tommy is it any big six that is I said I have to submit me show you how we tell you off and I listen to his instructions and told in a few minutes I got back I got the tire changed with a new tube inside him him us quickly was on the bike and as I got I only stand there one of the guys that we go for a drawn and encouraged me an icon of the bike and I started cycling my heart house only because of the kindness of a strange I think I could pull the bike opposite end of a cycle on it with a flat tire I could buy just a thought my tire was my team had been brushed I couldn't really make any progress in this course and the stranger gave me back to and then gave me a pump to pump that and I was on my way and I cycled my best I came back at the end of the race and I began to look for the stranger and I took my team that was broken and I took it and I slung around my neck and I walked all over looking for the strange and I had asked his name before I trust that what you recognize the ball he said to me and when I came back I looked for him for one hour one half hours two hours where was Paul know he wasn't an angel he could've been one of my neck I began to read the results of the race so-and-so forty two forty five to forty forty forty nine what are the limits and things fifty two fifty nine second-place third-place second-place first-place age category fifty two fifty nine Ron Dupree 's I grabbed the trophy I grabbed the trophy and I began to look for Paul I looked for Paul had it not been for the grace of the stranger folks had it not been for Paul's kindness had he not given me a new him or not you pump to pump up back to I would not have had a trophy I did not desire when I think of that race that I did and then I only located both two hours out with hunting for him I came up to ball as it will listen them thank you so much for the stupid if it weren't for your gift of God is one for your kindness I wouldn't have this duplicity how much do I owe you for the two so typical of us how much do I owe you he turned to music on it was a kid it wasn't we want to pay God for his grace I said thank you Paul this you desire my brother my sister God offers you a brand-new heart yes I know some of us all hearts have been broken we cannot cycle we can do the race unless we have a new heart and you know what he promises a new heart will I put within you and the new spirits yes I could write an entire peninsula I didn't if I didn't have it filled with air the spirit has to go in there the heart and it says in Ezekiel and get a new life and a leader in this lyrics without those two things listed that I couldn't of cycle batteries I couldn't have finished the run following that without that and you know it folks when we get to the new birth that it would happen eventually and we get there to the kingdom we will take our trophies and cast them at the feet of Jesus and say Lord if it weren't for your rice I wouldn't be here today only because of Jesus promised he gave me a new heart you send your Holy Spirit because of that the empowering great encouragement of the Angels ministering spirits around only because of that because of the faith of Jesus because of remaining faithful to doing our faithful Park cycling down the road fronting the race is lexical to the book of Hebrews to look at the last beautiful passage in Hebrews chapter twelve my friend is only through Jesus and a minimum two from the modern translations Hebrews chapter twelve because it is only God 's grace I didn't deserve that trophy at all had it not been for the grace of a stranger named Paul I would not have been there my Bible puts it this way listen carefully to go to the King James of new King James if yes I will read it from there then I'm going to ask you to just listen the first time let's read it therefore we also since we are surrounded by so great a cloud of witnesses right let us lay aside every weight at truly so-called latest life throughout the idols destroyed to get windows of anything that is in a waiting down lay aside every weight and the six which so easily ensnares us and let us run with endurance the race that is set before us looking on Google home Jesus the author and finisher of our faith who for the joy that was set before him endured the cross despising the shame and effect on the right can use this and not only did you love the way this translation just listen for a moment let us run with endurance the race that God has set before us we do this how by the him being our eyes on Jesus on who our faith and from start to finish and I want intelligent indictment on my system I'm what you call for serious commitments without the grace of God we wouldn't be here today we had the consumer Price government handout to some pieces of paper right here right now our pianist will play for us as we reflect a few moments all that thrills my soul is Jesus just let him to remind us that it is only because of Christ and of the specific calls when they make the calls I wanted to look at this one to ask you right now as a canvas plays him just to reflect she plays a quietly I wanted to write the first thing put your name down an e-mail or phone number then I'll tell you what I'm been a fight you to do our last moments together here reflect on these grabbing moment to look at what's on our car there are so go ahead first to name down messages of that first and then I will make specific appeals to name your last name phone number e-mail so you can be confident out purpose and the team of restoration we're going to get in touch with you encourage you pray with you find ways to help you on your wall with the Lord everybody's receives one by now two main appeals am going to make today my first one will be will sing one stanza all of commitments and after one stands there I'm going to make one appeal and then we will move to our next appeal of the two appeals yesterday I got a chance to write your name phone number down making e-mail address plates one more time we give you an opportunity to get that those details down and then we'll call Lord is calling us and on your many of you can't afford to make a personal re- commitment to the Lord my God was written on here if you want to also check on here I want to have Bible studies would join a group you can check that off some of you might still be wrestling with the decision willing to pray for the Lord to work further on your hearts you feeling depressed even during the prayer you welcome to come down and join us for the pure delight of the single out a list of our heads yes thank you thank you Jesus thank you for offering us giving us a brand-new hearts your grace alone giving us the spirit to fill us so that we can try and run successfully the Christian race Lord bless us help us to keep our eyes fixed on Jesus on whom our faith depends from start to finish so many hearts on making a week commitment Lord giving ourselves totally and completely to you we want to live for you moment by moment as loyalists not as legalists may the love of Jesus Christ shine through us every moment of every day so that others will be attracted to the next this charms of Jesus Christ our Savior to him be glory both now and forever more I


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