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Strategic Plan: Is God Calling You?

Amy Sheppard



  • December 31, 2010
    9:15 AM
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him him him this message is presented in this GUI scene two thousand ten no turning back on their brother resources like this visit us online GUI scene led to an election is in I fell in and in and will welcome you and welcome Blu-ray is here in and about women in the workplace is an and their and balance our own lies in figuring out how to do all of that today and I really will go the first session we want to talk about is calling your life is difficult for you to go into professional career is nothing going to full-time ministry is costly as a twenty one Final Fantasy morning actually to help determine that you should grab my violence and that is dynamic and has three other women who are going to share out their own story when open was requested he questions about how they balance their lives how they can do is investigating there are all having an education work independently professionalism of them have on modern family is figuring out a way out between us you felt you could ask them any number of questions and officer at eleven have young enjoying doing is a lack of critical and you will him get started differently I will come in this morning a giving is analyzed we know that our lives are on the scenario is like himself I just ask that as the only year where this money morning was a study in your Holy Spirit is the one and only he knows how to highlight on everything on you each and everyone will like to bring you glory thank you again for all that you are help us remember that he is a volume in the eye and I felt were going to be doing a Bible study on going overseas and very practical in my life first let's gave me when I was really figure out and I'm really falling in my life what do it together and will believe anything is practical but it is in your multi- program of way I love with easy use in writing is like taking a young lawyer is not only in a lot of trouble for things like you I may take my exam in July link by this time next year and a lawyer but I'm a lazy right now and I think the lawyers and recently said he practically all of them will a lot in that we learn how to apply to a news and live on the Bible character as they went about the difference in their life it's just the principle from that do not apply to our own life make you operate all we have the benefit we can meet with Bible characters cannot find the things that allegedly made as well we'd like to do that while Islam is going in the morning him talk about things that actually is not a friend that her name is reading their there Abraham 's wife and both bringing before he was turning is there I is yeah he or no warning as will probably criminalize human malingering there is an eleven on so let's go ahead and turn to Genesis Chapter 11 verse twenty nine it is presently know it is there I is allowed in a Chapter 11 verse twenty nine he may like them why is in life then an aimless life was not the daughter the Cardinals last in their eyes I see somebody white now in prison and the item is that many religions about what I say on when and what I is only one of them there was an living reason is twelve and one degrees with that number will run goals and senior KJ and your father 's house the lad I will show you I will make you a great nation I'm a blast you can make your name great and he will be a thing I'm a black life you can handle it accordingly I've occur continue on family and something like that we are and what you there later go there and there were married until he was called Ehrlich called the Christian life he is doing a great nation is common in the black is black and are you I will curse him he promises all nations will be blessed through you but what they are in how is the more link I hear what you are you going to last I is able to have children he lives in exile for the young don't get me wrong I'm not a eye of my life is Sunday okay so that when a wife and a you a presumably the first is that there is something in order to fill those of you in NYC when multimedia and video life as he was called to have children I have a deeper level this is all amazingly black thing is out and it even creative as possible I is not having his people when he inherited in the company now called to be a wife and mother you mean the person who began a movement that would change the world it was her privilege by bearing children in order to do that in any way I called each of our life the number one on each of our life is writing a book committee meeting another maybe you had until nineteen eighty you need a lawyer in business and doing my homework we don't know that we handle you know how has had on the downside and the world wherever that we are I think I can simply tell you just like you believe is right I will give us exactly what they were supposed to in no way okay I didn't really have any visions in the know what I call in a way and if they were not communicating with us today I'm on I only say in his lover I will have the other partner notwithstanding the eloquent over the world on the area and how do I know .com are you meeting out where you are in replacement one in Cleveland the three five zeolite is in the mail and on and you had in your life I feel like meeting a person is that when you look at increasing our not obligate a limit on Scripture promises and talk about saving money that thing is reflecting the importance of looking at who got has made is what happens at me I look in the seminary yesterday brought that attitude can ask for confirmation in what I learned about it when you call I had on my life the number one is wanted in every arena looking at schedule is on one nineteen verse one oh five is my reading and looking to Scripture in the first place as God promises that in his way he said no word is a lamp to my feet and a light for my path you know your personal belief again the power of the kids of the numbers that had become in life is not worth in a landslide the weight is going on in her life is that in a way to monitor that I have given you what was your calling in my life he reveals what I is what it is that you would like the first one on thirties University I finally read on many zero versus eight I will stress it seems you in a way you should go I will see when I finally be like a horse or any law without understanding which must be curbed with an brittle or I will not go near you I is reversed nice easy and not returning anything at the ready when outlining a Islands just a few agencies you in the way you should go I will leave you with my eye I pray you will mean that you are able to use language way to go I know that your wife is available even got in a personal God and I and while there may be having an approximate even in the world and all comers signing out and there are human and I want to everyone and reason are like me you are you he is in the way that a single in Jeremiah thirty three three I ran in a you and you and plaintiff time I have for my life you get a salivating I don't know I is even more important than when I turned thirty three three thousand calls me to go and see you are you raising me that you have not been hot for me to ask me about it I know what in your answer is not all you want to let his know what his plan is our life and he also is greatly living thing that we have no young I like the company that never even crossed your mind and you are working on a permanent deal that's what you are lighting up in a position in all now I want to be in college is looking millennial view if you're okay and you and his AF twenty eight and that the Lord your Redeemer only one of Israel I like your God which is prompting will meet you in the way you should go and I are going to acquiring the practice he is back and see how he had been interested as a result that means that he is the Lord our God is not now I know you are in need in the Hebrew is called me I flipped out you will is what is positive as well when recalling her brain and I know you need a life of mediocrity in any economy to get married and with children one evening the most telling them and in or if you can't even be willing to hear you one evening and will continue I claim this comment without one or making money although he may lack in the interim where I want to make killing one and he occasionally do Blackrock housing is for pricing and product of a nonnegative and only one guy I will come twenty five five the Bible says maybe to know your ways away it's usually your hat Lee in your truth is for you are not of my foundation for you I offer you believe when Thomas is right and I got our foundation and in order to shock and when I have a plan for our life no black-white annoying to most of them immediately and emotionally yeah and he is angry about talking about this morning you are the one he will be infinitely until you know what I'm talking to some sort of occupation I wouldn't want to deal in one run question I want to take us to the occupation that will help you know you were enough people tell me in the welcome is also worried about the interface will not wear most likely he will also most likely to be other people as it may be okay about where God is calling us to check if you want to see you in as myself that is one of my favorite records and all Scripture in any face Eric Young is having an advantage so I have to admit is on politics talking to that you white people in the seventeen and thirty there is very very intelligent people but I don't read everything on five could be you another unknown is tomorrow will bring there is not a bad year for a reason right now is inversely twenty six and he begins by making one man every nation of mankind lived on in our German climate the founders of the dwelling place occasions he got home that they might feel that way and I is you are awake as everyone is using an earlier private personal time he is individually the parent is visually two thousand and eight and I in order for him I is not far away as I he wanted to be close enough that we can be just as he I and as long as all of you forgot that I will help to direct our past is going on in the series revival is right and what is your call on my life as a measure Wednesday that you can get anything relevant about an lifetime doing this but the creation when that will happen I live in when we pray because it is not the power of his word I let there be light and there was white light he is that you be in the formulaic OKI Adrian as amazing to me what I want I will not go anywhere around you was you and I didn't know about it is created in a very being and him me than just the way I do not live the way he is and as any a lesson on the way a user wasting was needed in his mission he is now going on in my same as in but hopefully he'll I'm having about and everything is a really really long will you let you know you all on it immediately will when he released you as half-time as an planning is actually out of the catheter life work is in chapter thirty one you're really trying to determine whether calling for you and whether you're currently is anything going to work harder working than when you learn a lot more different more easily seen by someone on that language I strongly recommend you go read education chapter thirty one on the minimum and she is thirty one he talked about the lifework is actually lying I think the most noble and the unit is capable possible to the world in this and then I is directed very precise house the Army is a change in the Gospels no one will is celebrating how to figure out or by calling us as well I read the book and is blatantly enough in life is determined by our capabilities not always the same development regulations will efficiency the same work got back to attain the proportion of the theater when all the height of the stately palm is a just high human with the firepower makes it possible for to reach him within my income and foreign power and they do not they might lay hold on the virus strain emerges from the lining which they might misconstrue is that the greater honor from work and how is something from which they are not in many his talents are adapted for some of their calling is ambitious and her fashion he was very successful at the farmer artisan partner is incredibly adequately the position of the master a lawyer or physician there are other things to my house I was literally who are wind energy application or persevering themselves the easier it might we need to follow more closely I like to do that in the workplace near it the commission is God watch when indications of his property these are rules that ensure safe and the patient is approximately depicting an important is how what I know is that I is what the work life near as I went in and about yesterday and as a result of that commitment is only one for what directions itself to what is on your life and property what opportunities keep popping up in thing over and over again I is reflecting on how it am totally going to do is to be here that was really really interesting is many united on Wednesday night because they do not like the power and is she people would be great article or he said I pray on it what you armor I is that there is something that is needed in the lawyer the minister and how their capabilities and is the people who are ardently and I think he is a which is not because people are not willing to put what is in their billing national level occupations I think I do not think that we should maintain or higher occupations and methane is in regular training he easily manage what our capabilities are going to play for I will perform at the online legitimately look at fighting as I confront on and on and on and I definitely know they were the bulletin with regular college-educated and is open Monday very high as me of a lexical response to a little while he is the first time and money to be a lawyer because that's the education committee hearing how my meeting in the vision of the world or an estimated lawyer and I is very different question I is during that is an overly exuberant and women you will graduate from college and graduate will I when it is resuming high-level education by revealing that education is almost too late I was doing it was exciting there's nothing wrong with aiming high and sell I have nothing on any highways is creating high-end and of itself are not called back and are putting our company and I will do I will think of myself as one might like to highlight video young and in and in indication the starlet okay what do you think that I actually like video and what capabilities one thing that I am able to do and trying to be our one is classified as I think the problem is that without information about two minutes where capabilities whenever that I didn't even example when you're writing about one hundred and editor of inviting I am able to work and I can work either I know other people on healthcare than I can read and analyze very quickly and is I know I will and Alan and I think the able to share information and hopefully you will and ability in accounting to work on the one thing that I'm able and able to take another minute and you will and you and let me again later in the evening I will learn the capabilities of the human race and it is everything in our building and dealing a little and found that some of you struggling with that but I don't know what I'm capable on coaxial of the characters go back to work back to where ever you are coming from people we work with you regularly and provide our own ability other people are in that area I will call you back in and have enough time dealing with rendering capability and you and I believe his ability I nicely loud identifier it even further according to Gladwell and Florian detail oriented and she goes well good for elevating me okay and I believe a lot of help you in the next thing that we do it what occupations nasty ability mailing to an agreed airport five or whenever I sell for me personally when I went into capabilities with thinking like that manager or the teacher after being a lawyer with one and only will eliminate you and laughing and I even than I thought the missionary had one and only human being should probably remember that I write about my inability were clearly others in and you might brother as I can tell you he is anything you like my head is that Seo is nothing a capability because you like it was an evening like in the nineteen -year-old runaway in my vision about what he is doing and what capabilities you think those are what occupations of the ability to emulate a great executive staff or something like that like running as I got all as he is having adequate services that are working women like that something is telling you I like you live in his life when I questioned only okay and I didn't than on the flight and what occupations Maxine what are one or the way I like the number one occupation is not what the procedure but no one I knew what when I think it was when I view for different reasons and what does one incorporate the most of the other my favorite is important law because unit a lot of administrative officer of them you have to work with other people you he will indicate to other attorneys would you learn or is very wanted to bring back a break in radio and hear and also use the guilt that in other places in the country how I felt that even I'm currently on the one for grandma and a kneeling figure in an occupation when one or more other teaching in the family that he really abilities are a lot occupation your capability going electric other people know any infantry and you're working out like a malignity and had to say about leaving she don't play in hematology and area away it would let you you are a you in ability and I requested his observatory in on in the window labeled about the filthy critic that can help us develop new skills and enthusiasm they have to be traditionally served as trade anything like I got my servant and they know where her private company on him and live in Google and I like the public and I leaned my public service plan meeting even service-oriented and it will help me with anything that is looking about me are going on I cannot and will help me develop these young and probably didn't exactly what he wanted to have been arrested your life is the continually growing what is really growing a newly and learning in an always there to ask yourself is observatory because it is missing is about to pick up personality and personality are you I admired rate a.k.a. crazy date of a father freethinker you and your children are so solid that can help you be an independent meeting work with other people liked to write anything at the time your personality went okay until I call you need to be integrated to get up in the one hundred and twenty of them do it where you really want to be an engineer I had me five he and I probably I went into the personality I think the film is like letting hospitality information you can't be think about what your personality is a connection when needed you are in our home him made me really are calling I knew there was not my policy and I think the University of quitting I remember not only do I need a little help that he knew that self belief after he got look good when I'm not calling you be not made in a smart mouth and I is responsible for their and is reading a Bible that now my wife and go see an interlocking house the last I will show you how amazing you agree to you unless you tell me case in that he will be a blessing I will bless you what you and I you I will curse and continue our family and the black who he is angry and you are the one making it an increase in worrying about what the obligations of the world and had already as well indicating that the users worry about making Gotham going in what he got in across the table and guessing but I cannot tell you a little bit about it anyway doing that in a high officials in the country they were in no way really mean anything thereof right guy you know why I is one of the people within the very top of the Babylonian is and is not him he can print the first is anything I got to put in my country and prayer you are a human file as a result and why there is everyone else and that in that event and university as well and I was able to use Red Hat three hundred dollars a effect of that is different I sell are beginning to realize there I was finding on one of the clinical name for myself he united the best parent in the whole entire world the best way after they are considering a ice cream guy Lori 's occupation is probably not a ultimately where he is on the slumbering figure I is asked by his and in Jeremiah chapter seventeen I know there is anything I can't do anything you remain messy handwriting on another thread on managing the final set the heart is deceitful above all things definitely think who is he will not let the beginning I wanted you the thing that we wanted to as our heart is only half is totally great learning on a help message everything in the world I know you have the right of the you are in is that maybe through a familiar moniker wine and we are in the phenomenon of the home of the late Mister Blank he is for conversing I hope that novelist while I think you for the word of God is living and active sharper than any two-edged sword he is the longest year and joined their desert and hot intensity of the heart if he was leading a Bible not the product of the claim to knowing where I'm leaning but we continue to study the Bible is very minor motivation ASR floriculture is right to our heart 's delight I think that he will bring conditions are not your motivation for going on is really not the right way to the director and I are going in the direction we were a healthy heart I can really connect on a different path but regardless we need is attitude before we move I think I went to my real motivation for doing this it is certain you can bring your anyway or if I think I than the last confirmation now and I will I write when I'm going about it but I always Lily and Company has shown you as a result of her without any way is not to leave the friendly biography is deleted by Genesis chapter twenty one he doesn't have been talking about this first and that is one returning to the value of fasting the doubling by the doubling of Pharaoh 's dream means that the mistake I thought I will shortly bring it to bring out the remember that their identity is not relating stories and more than anything is not that healthy years according to a healthy thing he is going that is not me he added that an healthier way to what the world is he and he thought that the house is not on my behalf and then I cleaned house he and not really in the welding and after you are you and his wife immediately I was amazingly known to me that pressure is causing some intellect is worth one lines in an era when unbelievers we didn't you believe I got annoyed his wife and her adoring you your life is revealed Mark Martin is my first day as the Bible that presentiment go into all the world to proclaim the top of the long creation what he believes and is baptized will be a Wetherington not believe will be condemned easy night for committee those who believe in I love you amen they were feeding and hot Filipina American and he plays that it will not hurt they will listen me let him think and they will recover the main goal increase and make sure that people will be electric not believing they're going to find confirmation of the word and he had met her way I I don't help unless they've already been going through all of the other five on the other path in the prancing one million ninety I information is not in the defeat I know it is not meeting abundantly clear that he won reversing the Hebrews chapter two I think this is me teasing you and me I is you are in there for me I am the more they are given where he is the effort I let we handle there is nothing in her brain pray you are and will him that he is the reward house and will neglect the original nation what he had been spoken by the Lord or I I heard the back he and I are united in because they are him without actually learning one or a thing might you give me a million dollars and I live in the communication company you can say a word wow that was exactly away in an is intervening in a city anything that time you are always other indications at the beginning site and I'm in the Congress is not the method of calling the young what caught the eye felt he was an story of creation as their easy I gave up on this as well he really is an mammoth ivory communicated in more more detail than what you are is a fifteen degrees this morning I think that the whole the word of the Lord came to him this man shall not be your air your very own funds healthier air and he brought him outside and said look toward heaven and number the stars if you are unable to remember that then he said to him Bill shall your offspring be they are wary because they are likely with Celtic area it even there is no to fulfill the calling on my life like you having giving me his name I know this topic from your own body and an inner child know that you will invite you to be involved in the immediate information on this child you put it in his I will than twenty one thousand likely have a little bit more about what's happening between these Saturday but I really didn't even warn that he had I I don't blast her talking about their and moreover I will give you an unbiased prior I will bless you see something on nation and people some comment from her and that he invented out John Child and the boys run manually configured on the south there was ninety years old their child and eventually got all that is nominated for you on that verse twenty one and I miss my honey I will bury you in an no the products have you the roof down on the accident nothing in this parent and child and all the nations underneath what he is out of her as a result I reconfirmed that promise is in a long and in and what the Lord appeared to him I hope that monitoring and/or hat and he adored he something on every the Lord that I will certainly be raising you about in your area myself there is stored in an aberrant or advanced in years the wailing and be with their the last thing you I am worn out by Laurie 's boss telling you an Ayn Rand White House they shall I again there I will meet me too hard at the appointed time and I next year if they are one hundred and fifty one and now they need a laugh meeting I hope there is no way in hell I'm getting the lesson of these is not belonging to you what I is there really anything is possible for me and not have possible forgotten a few new healing to enable us to the location you are in the accident until there is now in Genesis chapter twenty one and we see in the confirmation and the actual fulfillment of it was in effect on a life in your life and the ability even know me and in BRCA1 in this era is that the learning into their hands yet there will be more in assigning one is at the time of five at the time of which I have spoken to him Abraham called the name of his time who was going to hand their abortion I usually read that Abraham called to him I Moynihan and body downward and I is given in Isaiah when he was eight days and got there at half Abraham was a hundred years old when I was going in there and got his new laughter ringing everyone to hear you laugh over me and he said whom I had ever had they are when there's something going for one days in language when we are calling highlighted link is that if you think you really are I will be amazing I thought bringing life his name is and is living his life and our life now is that the story anointed on the improvements to be we designing a final and complete understanding of what I love our life and but we tried to get into our own hands is anything a long way in the way that we think ourselves not ever going out and when I'm calling you don't go back to Genesis Chapter 11 for thirty three to all listings began he had about in the last imprisonment zero then I was very she had no children that is worth in life and driver activated adhesive white is very busy and the mother of all indignation now usually when you eliminate the impossible I will reason I all I can do on their unbelief I think I can not but they are their own and a single about it in the winter is on the vehicle is Monday on that as well he wanted to the whole thing when you can send a twenty then you get in that there is no beautiful that I I will narrow it they had your very new to me as I really worried about him getting held in fact and five hundred and I got to keep me in the thinking in within a incidental down payment and accident and is and how they will send well-documented and now all that's needed to be in a massive manhunt though they live in when we talk at the very beginning I be after that we think are buying is not costing that is a sixteen minute afterthought in the child and body again and there is getting in a younger mind and I know they are getting any younger children are born to younger women older women maybe you should take my handmade music with a hairdryer and is credited by the way that rely on God trusting in him build a plan for life as a result I brought her a misery is I was born there on the hate I is now the design for Abraham who was in the easier way and he went abroad and in and meet with the labeling and filling out indefinitely from the island that ability that marriage is an easy one man and one woman here is my family he and he and he him clearing away I importantly he's only calling in our life than I have been e-mailing as possible I pray anything that we know is clear from the word of God is not the wind and hot climates during the kindliness real-time and how and why is there and I live in England all three nations have no way that I think in the world if they lived his life by the way that he is going on in making clear to me what I wanted to do is I remember that it doesn't make the circumstances right I think the circumstances are not married he's the one making a never ending to the story and he probably will try like me and he eloquently in a fair and well-meaning person in the Hall of Fame and the only one of the Hebrews eleven CV Chapter 11 verses eleven and twelve he was a great guy I heard you say on Monday and he was laughing in the heart I monument for the optimal but because I is definitely possible I knew it is not able to make enough money passage in Scripture as Carolina dining room and I made their first cell receives power to believe easily slip past the age is in baseball who had prompted therefore from one man and send good and bad appointment and him having any of the innumerable brain is that I be gone as Abraham and Sarah after calling their life and what I want for you I want to be a couple is the world as they were able to Holly and I is in the column in the late again and I think there is an Hollywood apology for what I'm recognizing our own my thinking is I see she was able to have our order is missing I think that there is a Monday evening in CJ and becoming a mother lawyer becoming an engineer with average may be enormous economy in our life because the lingo I think the circumstances what they need to be given the power to help us overcome the impossible even believe that was helpful to you I will eliminate about five minutes and is something that will have a lot of questions on a result I open the floor for questions I am young and I is figuring out there is a life you will fill any questions that you have no relevance in this offering alive okay I'll have a regular definition this is a lobster while a invention envisioned as an environment as a refrain I have been the question right I think they money is making a video online and I really need is fair I think you certainly are calling me are you in a different direction and I'm a sucker I will pray that immediately afterward that there may easily understand and give them he will be using the Internet each of us for a special purpose you have work for each and everyone is in a united even during the differently with the fact that you've given us our capabilities in order to reach that college he given each and everyone in the event I enjoy watching you that you are likely to remember that so that we may never doubt you in your ability in any circumstances in life father their young lady here this morning who known as a calling and addressing the relation between letter is still in school and not sure what occupations are calling you calling your if they are already working in an uncertain economy turns I just try to go this weekend your voice is father to take the time to clean your website reflect on the capability is to evaluate attitudes and on our way and make clear what it is the you can turn the hope that it is a long way and even the people in the Bible like were able to be called faithful and in the same district to help overcome this I know you are dissipated to the earth is now going as he will this is thank you I see you choose the UNC cease to inspire young people united in these rising very download and print design resources like this you've been making waves in domain this is nice when done e-mail phone and you might see when done with also rejoice in the box set heatsinks and Arbor Michigan eight one oh six this recording is licensed under creative Commons this means you can share please attribute this recording device every as in my resale and alteration in the


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