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Lessons Learned: Real Life Experiences of Professional Women

Nicole Parker Amy Sheppard Magda Rodriguez



  • December 31, 2010
    10:30 AM
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him him him this message is presented in this GUI scene two thousand ten no turning back on their brother resources like this visit us online GUI scene led to finish what I think is an asset in an and in other kinds that got me out on our life on an elbow just like introducing and studio run the theory theory Parker tell you a little bit about themselves like you and I I married an early out right after my first year teaching I was twenty two years old and then I offer a couple more years and then we had our first son and at that point we need I personally made the developers we convicted that I wanted to be home with my kids I didn't want to work and go on right now we have refined eliminate you be an argument of the pastor and so I was then home with my three boys ages fourteen one thank you worked part-time for the lengthy argument for your phone calls and info but I enjoyed that because I can be at home with my voice will contact very very living in the family practice physician when I finished college I was single and I went directly to Mission service that was my dream I was always planning to be a missionary conversely we all now have so many options out holding a affair many extreme how all the committee back in my day there was the general conference mission board and they wouldn't send a single woman's as someone or I fire off I called to Puerto Rico where I taught nursing and contingent college I love that was very sad time but the Lord gave me through providential guidance very direct call from it there is a tremendous need for women to take care of women think again remember this is some years ago now there is an abundance of women physicians but that there were not so I received a very direct call from the Lord I should go back and take medicine and that's that's a story in itself so I won't go through that here but I went back to the Loma Linda to take medicine I also got married to a man like-minded desire for mission service to serve also to Connecticut and I also have a strong conviction that I did not want to be mothering with work in other words if I have gotten pregnant during my schooling I would've quit because it was that important and need to be able to be a stay-at-home mom we started our family as I was finishing residency and we were again slated to answer a mission call which we did we accepted a call for a one physician and we had our our our scorn when we went to mission service and I work two days a week and my husband took care of the children we had a second one they are up so I was able to be a full-time mom or at least coverage full-time for the children and that was a special time for my husband spent with the children we never had to use a center I have never done full-time family practice I will just say that right up front that might not be a beauty ideal for some but for me was just right on it's been very special to be a mom at home with the kid but also to be able to make names in medicine and the Lord has led for changes over time I love health education as there has been more and more there have been so many more women available to serve in a online move has been much more towards health educator and also doing been working on the Bible worker with our church our local church been involved that way I still do maintain some work out of the office doing disability determinations and consults for my husband but if it is beautiful now I realize that there are those that out of necessity have to be in the workforce they cannot and they cannot stay home but I had that luxury shall I say in that we did not depend on my income for our sustenance so it was very special to be able to be stay-at-home mom I have two wonderful children who may not want him to just delete one or I have three wonderful children and I have to do is a very narrow they're all very lively children are seven eyes almost wore right now I started out in ministry long before I got married I graduated from college at twenty one with a degree in Bible work which will earn you a thousand dollars a month just the things that you had a great anyway but I had and I worked for two years incidentally accident and event listing into office in the Arkansas and then I moved to my dream job I was leaning in a small evangelistic Bible college work of the fly with an assistant girl being and then the girls team for four years and I hope ordering the is that the wonderful life I remember waking up every morning feeling like wow I can't believe I'm paid to do that I would hate to do this every day I connected my favorite job I lost my work I love and I'm a student getting out and going door-to-door with just seeing God be the thing there are five it was an amazing ministry so much so that when I was three years into that wonderful job and I met this wonderful guy have a really sure that I wanted to get married because you know if that could really mess with my life but eventually I the Lord leading and wonderful man became my husband year later at which point I quit my job and I moved to Africa where he was ministering and we lived there for nine months but he was embalmed when he was working in South Africa in within the event out at about the same time amazing Technicolor to move there that we probably hand in that we moved to California from Africa and I began teaching at Weimer Academy Black Hawk English I would open teaching English comp and research literature when I was broke been so I've taught English in the Academy they are for one year and during that year I got pregnant with our our first child our daughter and the one I had my daughter I stayed home from then on I been a stay-at-home mom ever since then and you know it it's full time ministry I want you to know that being at home with their children in full-time ministry but it's a very different kind of ministry and what I was used to I was visiting a ministry that I felt like wow I was born for this disease in the evening while doing it and parenting at least for me was more like a loud on the grinding up all the parts of me that shouldn't be here the eleven that wow I was born for this job I love my children I love parenting but it was very challenging for me a very outgoing person who likes to be in front I wasn't saying home washing this learning to cook like for enjoyment by molecular and fifty percent of my waking hours in the kitchen I might as well learn to like it and you know it's a very different ministry I covered that not only are I'm the kind of person who loves a challenge I wanted to be out there in the mission field I used to sleep without a pillow when I was in college because I was getting ready for the mission field you naturally I think you have all the more homeless people who are out there don't even have blanket I can give up my blanket I needed to get a good nights sleep I could give up my pillow your a I I wound I craved the challenge and I found that one out of parenting that I'm not actually personally love the challenge of prison conquering a challenge and there's a big difference between the two and parenting is the most challenging job I've ever had and yet I never conquer the challenges all all I have to do all day long is a clean house and obedient children yet my house was never fully clean and my children are never fully obedient to do so all day every day I told my husband you know I feel like every morning I wake up and on the beach of this river and I wade into the water my dream all day apart I can knit the end of the day I crawl out exhausted and I'm lucky in the same place I was when I worked in a lot of it is that I am slept way downstream even if I get a few feet of the river that matter I'll be quickly downstream at how the home ministry but I know not everybody experiences that way I had three children less than three years though I would like to eat and sleep my midwife told me when your children disclose all you need to do is make sure that everyone is safe and bad if they're all fake and said you had a good day and thank you for your introduction now we well as let's requested to delete anything relevant said the other different and I sitting there the only one in the back of every single and I think I was leaving your problematical meeting vitamin C but we can possibly make many of you but I question get in there I got married and I don't have children and developed but I know my mom wanted if they do anything at all like what my mom knew the situation was that she wanted to be home with me I'm an only child jointly run with me was growing up but she was unable to prevent wording and so on she had to work she was a teacher at four percent but it all worked out okay we've done all the elementary and had anyone over anything among office on Angel he is living with you and watch over you don't plan on it I I think that if anything I remember you well chat with you in publishing it I will open the floor repeat your questions just let their according as it is the question was what about the condition where anyone is deleted to make his family units located in the way I am drinking and acting on and her right hand Academy and I didn't do much studying on my own way not married I did a meeting of our before I got married action for redistricting I think I never read it before and after I deleted an Academy whatever and it was just so eye-opening for me actually because I you are here and went so amazingly I know reading and tone and I felt like they'll overwhelmed actually that it was really one night when I was pregnant I really need to get on you I started studying like crazy and how do I deny I think I read it cover to cover alike and particular discipline discipline ever got like five million but I wanted to hear about my mother is he actually told me you know how brilliant I eloquently she was working full-time you know we are so poor and she said no development and eye-catching I knew like kindergarten and yelling it when I went to what was I doing as you know present I remember thinking goes that he knew nothing about read the Bible to me and fell with that much of the Agamemnon I could have done for me and tell me that to say I don't know you said he is not because I started getting crazy and secure I can never be out of nine hundred anyway after reading at his home and child like setting in my crazy I knew you I knew it all DVD these children young he didn't even get in he's trusting to meet them and I knew I wasn't right now for thought and I couldn't can fulfill that but I you are the ones who love their children the most you know of course I love the most I feel like you know when you have kids there are specials you know no other people will really treat them like it if you're responsible you are fully responsible for them and I knew that you know with the Lords help now I I that I have to do if you continue the best thing for me to do if I had investment in them no and no I the Lord like it was it was a challenge of there are on winter I we made a decision while pregnant but actually when read we had a gallon of teaching and my husband would like to thank and worker me is something I think I was working full-time as a society insurance is actually the weirdest thing you think I was still convicted out like a job you know really confuses the donating I can fear hold you know it around like I really feel me I should believe anyone in marketing I have said to her that he but yelling at them I think that given a special gift really and so it was good enough to the wire that my contract what safe to say work again financially we needed that for ensuring think that's important you know insurance we needed that but it came down to how it's like we need to check on me and Israel agreed no that he felt when I find that contract and submitted it it was actually within like that when his mother called to full-time ministry of the pastor e-mail and that was a fax confirmation because Israel had never even you know like he wasn't trying we were like trying to go out there we didn't tell people that the personal civilians greater caloric and you and you know when a call came we were so shocked but then we were so shocked because he knew of operative plan no and so I still work full-time I think they are not often I find that home with you I be a little busy at but I have that enough help financially now with our home I want to be the one making an eye because they read like a billion times anybody hear anything about the I really obtained and relied my life calling I feel that the individual will talk about in the previous and the highlight of my life when do they think their thinking and worrying in Ukraine and in all and you will need an electron in an union mother you know obviously I want to go back to work and even grown with commonalities from school I am yeah I do feel connected like I would then make a living will in I knew that a teacher like I'm a detected imperfectly I got in a window at night I feel like you in error and that leaving teacher that when spiritual brilliance you read this you know it had to be much I think I would be willing to send my kids I don't know that I am only a little better job at them to think critically I know that is what we got I will send them you know and aptly their liking I would like to go back to teaching or you do when I feel that I had the privilege of we wanted here from all are you satisfied if I had the privilege of coming from the of items about as close to ideal as possible a very very solid two-parent home my mom was a stay-at-home mom she was a tremendous cook she was a loving she and if you know it's just couldn't have been more perfect and I grew up knowing that I would be a special mom there was no other way there was never a question in my mind that's why say during early pregnancy during medical school or residency stop right there I was so strongly convicted of that and when I got I went to work two days a week items two half days my husband was upset to have faith in with the children when we went and has a beautiful time for him with them but I was still primary mom breast-fed both kids nothing ever broke that pattern I did have the privilege of homeschooling my children for a while until I realized that there are those trained as graceful teachers that can organize better than I can with the different temperaments at least we opened a very small church school and I taught language and music and the school and was the school Board Chairman so I was there all the time out with them but had an excellent teacher who could organize to meet the other educational needs of the kids that being been able to be involved like you said there which was a beautiful thing just he was just trying option that I would be a stay-at-home mom because I also had that privilege in the way that we were set up and I could do there might my heart aches for those that want to be stay home moms the container my heart also aches for those that could be stay-at-home moms but who choose not to be for their children yes I get my patent below that and then you guys because I have never really sure if I look at the Imam my husband and I were like when we were dating do we want my children I now because we really we got married because they get the help of the team and ministry we love going out there giving Bible studies to gather going to evangelistic meeting meeting with young people doing premarital counseling for people we had a blast together just the two of us and so we weren't really sure if it wanted to have children but eventually they like it was the right time my husband like you now if we don't have kids then you have thirty years from now when all of our friends were enjoying grandchildren ground that is very good having children you know where nothing is left behind the people who can learn all of what people regret it though we defined well maybe though so then we went to the parenting thing not sure if this is really what we wanted to do the one thing we were very clear on with it we had children we are raising myself we work in a format company else to raise them and thankfully you know my husband had not quite finished his doctorate at the time we had her daughter we get a lot of frantic working on on that trying to finish as our daughter was very long but the Lord really blessed and I both been able to fit in with our kids we have to pinch pennies if not always that we have enough money and a lot of our friends have more money than we do but that doesn't bother me I don't mind living with secondhand fat and going without a lot of things and making a little more meat and potatoes and other people because to me what important time with my children and and you know right now there with my mom and my family while I'm here to make the my daughter called me yesterday mommy I really need you here I'm not even be able to keep from crying much longer will you and I'm glad that I'm glad that we're bonded that she loved to have me there and she's told me how many times I'm the best friends other day I know I'm her worst enemy though you know anything as a parent I realize you don't get as much affirmation and that ministry and doing another ministry offering your children are the ones who are pushing the boundaries all the time and know how can you do all those things daddy is the one who lived to me always understand the never discipline until that in a home with them and then I'm the one who got shopping and mommy of the one who always listens and understands never disciplined me that children are very fickle and you have to be able to base your identity solidly on what God says about you rather than going up I'm totally loving my children hanging in the day that you won't be able to discipline them won't be able to be an impartial mother to them you want me hanging ornaments and you and you know your children I mean at the time that you don't have children or even we know is a very special time as well he is really on the year at you know how it is all I know I didn't really care about getting married actually I was so independent woman who needs nine and now let me just totally take over the world hear him now you know that a single woman can do no much as well you know and before you're married where is gone how did your mom had a special purpose for you in every chapter of your life and my only telling you that you narrated integrated in their inherently good if you start thinking self I cannot contend with where you're at right now you'll never be happy definitely believe in thinking about all one I have done very well and then when kids are when a camping in the heat is not easy to keep looking for it and you can really be content and how do you know where you think that unless your content with where you are and I feel that when you're single and while you're studying the you that I feel everyone should also not have an education through trade because you looking for the management of their job you keep your union opposition anyway in this economy and I'm looking at the picnic as a result I don't know a lot of that is what if the woman is working with him even the API and the other half of the reality that even my son back to the nineties and the preparation you need you now though I think I called the women like while you're in college of every deal what your passion is what the Lord has given to whenever it is now and then when that next chapter in the long you can add whatever you get married that it seems that you need to be fulfilled life in this chapter I did what I wanted to do you know that we can not like I totally got my plate at now I knew I live my life you understand and then go I was younger were married and there is still involved with ministry to ministry out when teaching or doing what I love and then when I got pregnant when we decided you know and that I think that was the next chapter of my life and I was content innovative learning as women and being the contents in every stage of your life if you don't have children do you know that not everybody is called to have children and I will have children they just wanted to stop this and I think that's right either because then you're not really prepared to really get it all going to get it all in dissuade you don't have children you know and do what you're called to do so yeah I think one thing that I would point out that article and I was like eighteen and I read that the best marriages start when a person is twenty eight to thirty years old that's when you're most likely to fail with their marriage not like all or don't want me on that I only got married at twenty seven and at that time you would like love all may be now and a lot of people find when I was like yes I finally came alone a caretaker in especially she's the winner today in England to a money but you know those years were so rich and fulfilling I'm how immeasurably glad that I had a ministry before I met my husband because I where Y they ripen me into who I needed to be both from being a mother and her being a wife and my husband and I had met a couple of years before we would both run the other way because we weren't the right people for each other that the Lord led us to gather at just the right time he was in Africa I could never have met him on my own it was a God thing and when God brings the right person to you it's so amazing I don't think that there's only one person you may remember me I said Lord I know there may be several godly Christian guy that would meet my standards and I can work while in ministry team with I want you to pick you pick the best one and bring them to me and I really believe that we just did something come to my mind and what is the same with regard to that never make decisions on where to move or where to take a job based on I think I can find a guy more readily there and let the Lord leads you because she can bring someone into your life in the right timing regardless of where you are on this globe literally here again the idea of being content with where the Lord has you now living the fullest there will be no easier to his direction don't try to figure out where you're been a fine and then you know that Alaska there's more men than women to forget that is the reason I didn't have to I is in a I is a will and I will and will and he will know he is a you and you and he and he and he and he said and although they are having the K-12 and college as well and on the question is whether that is what will and intelligence negative not even a combination of being a woman on an incredibly convenient that may be a little mathematics education but more run from when I was in the second race in the beginning of a number from the old male bashing I hate anyone whatever you are the differences between Finland and the lives of the Iraqi while at IBM that about a month after I graduated from college I decided to start reading the Bible and and and and and and when I got in the image mailing e-mail he didn't need that Windows 95 created both men and women in printable innings the I is one and everything are something that's important I don't know what the different and are politically allowing me to identify the offending again I was about three years ago is still trying to figure everything out but that will an eye-opening and is about me being a woman that God 's glory and express my femininity I don't mean anything to grade my holiday and that they need Melanchthon isn't anything I wanted to be a woman and I didn't even Apple will have more in the public a better and in people who have an arena like to see what the people of the right and the public media wanted by Elizabeth Elliott and Mary very good book very easy to read the rest I think in the seventies and eighties and secondly as you are not preparing in his cognitive and learning your woman is mingled the last few days the single is when you feel like you need to be a mother but most of what it means to be a Christian one is writing things like this hard-core feminism do not like running away any less prevalent in public I think that is very comparable the one thing that he said what a woman can do the job and continue its needs as a woman would do it in the name of the missionary and Islamic dress is very beautiful like women involved in the people and the strength of the inherent opinion of the community will continue to the way that you got my learning what does it mean to be a woman in the profession I think you looking great in an one I cannot say I prevent public speaking class in Moscow not having to not only present but she's hot and she said that was very interesting that when I will haven't a hard time and in the workforce bargain one thing I the one hand if they're not careful it seems little girl like the way you like a grown-up woman and we play our credibility in that way but on the other hand if we downplay her femininity of American immunity in a little girl to overplay a man if we play in the McCarthy nephew is called an unemotional people don't want to respond to one the one screaming from anyone acting like cannot we just need to learn that now what it means to be alone and honestly I think we're converting and continues to grow at an indication process that really how we learn what it was immediately different principles and other people and into the same type when you think would make me believe because he needed to be a woman tell help you understand what is correct right right you and him and him and I think that they can make you question the question is in the wrong break and when they do I am making the meat high level of that they had been visiting when they are good within an organization or leadership whenever I think that what we have been in the last finale that we must worry about making a name for myself but making a name for and meeting got worried that the results of that in the present of the organization he will probably could I think there are high in usability that women are capable of doing that is significantly below you will view as a result that is needed to be our aim is able to be bring God glory and what items you need to bring the way you can trust us with the high level of on the evening of Friday and Monday because I is not only immigrant development is manipulated King if you are everything will be meeting will know if he will listen you need to realize that the high calling but he may even complement is what the world will and will and doesn't go directly on Nana Mondo spoke to this the other they also let the striving B to express asked once in everything you do for the Lord don't strive for a position that the Lord leads you to the position so that is not speaking itself you can you can know that the board that puts you there strive for excellence be the woman that God can bless continues as his channel at every step I didn't want to speak also to your previous question when I went into the medical field there's still work limited numbers of women and my father was truly concerned because for him the women that he'd seen in medicine where all human women and self-regulation is a scary and his daughter would consider that profession I do want to say here now even still today if any of you you are thinking about medicine they belonged I make sure that the Lord meeting you there I would not advise anyone to go into medicine did not feel directly the Lord Molly the one thing extremely hard on families or another thing it's very difficult on your lifestyle there's even getting through the residency training I think it's very important to be called to that is true for many positions that have different types of challenges on but then if you if you do realize a calling we as women need to do in whatever position we are the excellent but we don't have to shell off the excellence in which we will be recognized for that and still based on soft-spoken women that demonstrate excellence is you I I think I would point out there is a difference between God saying women must always be in submission to men and women in their home in submission to their husband of their tunes hugely different concept and they get to make in our culture people drop the baby with the bathwater women don't need to submit to all men and make sure that the men are always the president of the men are always over them and they do whenever the men wanted to but in your home in your relationship with your husband or with men in general who are interested in you it's very different yet maybe I can illustrate by thing you know what woman dreamed of someday getting down on one knee and proposing to her has we don't want to do that that is a nightmare that's not a dream come true if you don't want that don't start down that path I think you will have the courage to pursue a woman and a secure one will not have the courage to pursue a man in opposite I think your woman occurring in two ways and not pursue anybody and if you are pursuing he now no matter whether he find that attractive or not he is now letting you take a leadership position and what makes you think that humanity figure in the relationship knowing the whole time well I might not gone after her if she is not tracked me down and proposed me and your knowing the whole time he might not gone after me if I had pursued him you create insecurity in a relationship when a woman pursues the man and the man except the woman advances a secure man will pursue you I think your woman will not pursue him and in that very crystal clear the different between a man and woman when you're in the workplace with somebody who is your coworker it's all different and as long as you can keep those to separating your mind and your way of relating the guilty fine I thought one of the deadline came and joined us in the fact that question I you and Kathy that is a him a millionaire question in the other question is what that way that society is now impressive the stereotypes that there are all women and I need help especially for younger women on young girl early teens and younger ugly developing them positive idea and image of what language the immensely our eating and will I you are reasoning to me again your most important thing is that you have a mother this role modeling for the girls or that there's a significant person in their life whether it's that this cool or whatever any that that's how young girls learn by role modeling and in the role models are there tears that are messed up there to become more messed up like their peers or where someone's mother who has to act like a teenager they think they need I really don't know a better answer than that finding their own family or school or church some good all model of balanced administration no evidence now have a longhorn mentioned before the difference between men and women know when you train to be adored and love so much so it now I internationally I didn't want to be like I don't plan any items I want to know if they can be united on an out and out easily with women and I'm just speaking for myself it may have reported but now I'm even looking for the movement is to feel security and to feel love and to know how a man should treat her and I think the father could do that as well you know I'm glad you're writing that I was thinking that definitely needed to be added they need a daddy that now but not if not which as you know majority entities in the world know that I think the church family to that but I really feel like important threat to the church if you can I can't think of the documents in the windshield exerts you know and went with your children or whatever in mind now with added cruelty China one hundred one and she was so transformed she was really converted through her schoolteacher e-mail or relatives argue that church is so important I think and the school obviously it's so important that you have that at the same ideals that you want even if you can't do yourself no kind of seven rethink my husband leaves the shop when our children were small at home still every Sunday after breakfast we had what was called family talk it was an idea I can really promote it was a wonderful thing in family talk anybody could speak about anything that might be talking about some positive thing at school might be talking about I'm not happy about how this worker community but one of the things we did in family talk taught classes for children I remember my husband showing our daughter how does it with her knees together and how to step down to pick something up maintaining a positive modeling teaching her from the management showing how important this was to humans and men to see the young ladies acting ladylike and unlike you I know I think that if I wanted me I don't want with anyone and make a van and I thought that you like him to an and in an and in a rare and is and will be the question is after investing all this time in education measure you could give a net career or if you even have as much talent in a much preparation to be a good mother and a good life on it and being a career in film practical and is currently related content reform actually because I remember my entrance I didn't even know people really need home with their kids actually because I became like in the Detroit area and then all I think we were all immigrants though everybody worked okay then he worked like you my mind went all night my demagoguery and it wasn't even if not that one of my parents would not work delicately anyway I think you and you know you're not even married yet L you really have you gingerly discussed that I know much yet you know but just stay close to the Lord and I think you'll be like I think the division you need to make right now you know that the Lord had few their in law school in order to call you back that's what you need to focus on right now when you get married that they should designate it a nurse when you married people care not that please be prepared in any event you may get pregnant become a mom you will want to wait five years and that the NL is the uniting and at that point that's when you really need to seek the Lord when I had my son my first son I will think of it like that that I changed life so much I was very you you will very take advantage of day and but having that child and then when you're close to the Lord it's like boom something 's a quick break there and you realize how precious is your you like United changes it really does change but for right now I'm going to stress about that out they go all the way yet I really love higher than the highest human thought can reach is not ideal for his children not for his son no note and he wore it you know go for always that's where the Lord let you know and I often do you feel like you don't like it yeah I can find a man or I you know I wish I could have it I would say go for and when that time comes you never know what they the Lord management of your heart will melt at him come out and make you question there we have about the litigant on the ceiling yahoo and I know that I like that does exactly that and we talked about yesterday when we are doing a kind of like when the window is a next time intimately involved in the local church that you are called to be a career woman is invested in your career that you don't have time to being about the object to shop for divine power that it might get involved about a movie and mother born in the Bible that he names the beneficiaries of the left the other young adults the other teenagers the young girl stealing the wind with God can cause away and out into the amendment that question to about being a mom you know I was not cut out for parenting parenting and cutting me and who I needed the if not what I would have chosen for myself but I know without any doubt it went on to if and when you have children uniquely become conscious just like if you choose to get married and giving up a whole lot of other opportunities in life because you and your husband seem to make the word about when you choose the Ministry of parenting you have to say whatever ministries other ministries the Lord may call me into this is what I know I'm called to do the other stuff I may veer may not be called the God may or may not call you homeschool your children may be your child will be the kind that really will benefit from homeschooling in which case everything else in life with me I'm not sure I've never said that I and a home for my children all the way through I said I'm the theme what schools are around what my children personalities alike my daughter may benefit more from being in school because then she has elected to tell her what it was never talented video play video but I don't know you nothing you get it figured out your children's personalities tools available with your option by the complicated they just know that the Lord is already there he's already working and he will make a point maybe there had been yet I repeat the question how do you maintain your health and children but you have ideas at once there grows either in school or older and you want to go back and look like a frightening thing is clear I'm safe I will personally and never finished it it's pretty scary to think of stopping altogether and has been a blessing that I could keep my fingers into it but never neglecting the children and the children redirect there down here with me so it was very important to meet you too maintain that MI Rusty sure I'm rusty because I'm not working full-time in a profession that is different than a complete stop and will they think of ourselves that they both have definitely maintained their skill sets being utilized in some way are doing a time while being at home and even fatal my kids are our grown have a married daughter now and my tongue is a no bearing university studies but even so it's been nice being more available to them I chose not to go process like a lot of shifting more and church work that that I have chosen not still not to go full-time and professional cut I'm sure I could sure be nice to be available to go here and go there when they had something going on with significant bone mineral you don't stop having calls to parenting when they get older as you can see I like going to conferences in a little think we can hear your husband want to get there you have a good figure whatever the teacher and I my plan is to keep up with my credentials in a little confusing online go to conferences and then it out for me as well because I am a teacher and yacht have children like a practical because I always recommend women who are really and certainly if you enjoy your teaching I like the medical field or in a painting ministry is like all help is a alternate fight together but not young enough something like anything else but whatever got called into the light on all four women who can make a difference a positive impact in the world in question but maybe you can come in check is very good and I think that we can and do not know if you got a lot of very practical book that I on men should be what women should be about mentorship if I remember correctly chapter eighty three or I really appreciate a question I have the right to get on stage but after we prayed meeting in their willingness to ignore with anyone as yet unfinished back to bed and what we have in my printer for me when and the unit only father again thank you we had born bringing emphasis on questions that have been stirring in her heart when we pray that you will help us in ultimately among the thick with you guilty to the women that we need to be in the solace to the different will you call that I did you make that clear to everyone in the room whenever a student like that she then when it's deciding what occupations pursue whether she should marry whether she should have children or what she should do now as the children are getting older and my different in each woman and invite visitors that you are craving always at the forefront of our minds back our ultimate purpose is to bring people closer to you I know how the signal is given then very young and thank you again for the configure and season as a sacrifice that you say but also enable at length in order to do the work that you did it in the thing with this thanks UFC when she sent me she was inspired in you maybe I have a base price and very downloaded purchase a new resource is playing this for you then left taking place in donating this is why this is done e-mail phone GUI see when you also rejoice in male months seven heatsinks Harbor Michigan four eight one oh six this recording is like him him share please attribute misreporting she likes everything is in keeping my resale and alteration in his


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