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  • December 30, 2010
    9:15 AM
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him him him him this message was present and she likes seeing two thousand ten no turning back on single family and brother resources like this visit us online GUI see whether or I are worth in dairy seventy five thank you so much for this opportunity to come together and sharing to learn these precious truth about you Lord I am as we discussed this exact topic of idol worship today may this be to your glory and Lord Bailey made me you speak through me every single thing you want everyone here to hear Heidi behind across Lord love you human sister so today's message is titled American idols were and it's a little exposé on this whole phenomenon that's coming out lately called the superhero movies how many of you I just want to I just wanted series of hand I've seen a lot of superhero movies in my life so don't feel like you you you know you should raise your hand rethink I didn't want to see how many people never see the Superman or Batman movie galaxy guys that look around the room and see how many hands went up they that is why the impact of what would you talk about today is is is necessary today's message is not necessarily for the faint at heart I want to give you a sort of a disclaimer this stuff can get really heavy and what were to show you today is is it's not easy to digest I remember the first time that that that somebody showed me and I was just one oh wow so that Leon you know I want to leave you with that disclaimer if you've never ever seen these images if you never ever going to see these images may be today's message might not be for you but I believe it's necessary as we travel around and speak to a lot of our churches and schools we notice that almost everybody seen these movies that I want to talk about so the title is American idols when Christ was being asked by a lawyer which one of the Commandments is the greatest commandment in Matthew twenty two thirty five to thirty eight it says you shall love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind this is the great and foremost commandment and he goes on to say the second one is like unto it that you should love your neighbor as yourself but the greatest commandment that he's saying his love God love got completely in fact when we look at the ten Commandments I don't think that we look at this enough you look at the first commandment has said that and God spoke these words I am the Lord your God who brought you out of Egypt out of the land of slavery you shall have no other gods before me why did God say you should have no other gods before me you know all the cultures around the world that have worshiped many different idols Bale you name it whatever idol they worship you know that each one of those idols such as Bale what was Bale giving to the people of your member rain and prosperity but if they needed something else they had to go to a different thought so these gods that were worshiped by the world could not be an all-encompassing God and here I thought he say no no no you don't need another God I am the only source of everything that you need therefore you should only worship me second commandment and you shall not make for yourself an image in the form of anything in the heaven and the earth beneath or in the waters below you should not bow down or worship them for I the Lord your God am a jealous God punishing the children up for the sin of the parents to the third and fourth generation of those that hate me pause for a second did you see that in right there punishing the children for the sin of the parents to the third and to the fourth generation family has to question if you walked out the store today and you were to murder somebody is your kids and their kids and their kids to be punished because of that that's a heavy stipulation to put on something would you agree because of our sin of following and making other images and worshiping those images God is very clear that this is definitely one of his most if you will he did things this is a very serious matter idol worship and we don't really take it that seriously it's passive in art in our culture we hear the bed the word idle a lot that it's it's it's just not quite as heavy as I believe God needed us to understand so Isaiah sixty yeah let the Israelites were supposed to be to the world what did God raise up this people the lowest people on the totem pole they were hit it's just slaves for years they were the people that were taken down by everybody and God said I may take these people and I'm in a raise into the top like in Isaiah sixty so they will arise and shine for the light is come in the glory of the Lord to be risen upon the four behold thy darkness shall cover the whole earth gross darkness of my people but the Lord shall arise upon the in his glory shall be seen in the God intended to raise up Israel and show the world who the character of God was through Israel that was the purpose many of you heard that we are spiritual Israel lots of you out any of you read the story of the of the Israelites coming out of the land of Egypt into the promised land that's where whereat today we are you wandering in the desert getting up to we are now standing on the river Jordan looking over into the promised land were so close brothers and sisters we are so close I just like the Israelites guess how Satan got them to fall from their position constantly idol worship over and over and over again you read the stories and Deuteronomy redistrict Texas is just nonstop the Israelites calling prayed to idol worship so I believe that we can learn a lot from this experience and effects first Corinthians ten is a whole chapter about the dangers of idle idolatry moreover brother and I would not even that you should be ignorant how that our fathers were under the cloud and all passed to the sea all were baptized into Moses in the cloud and the sea and all did eat the same spiritual meat all didn't drink the same spiritual drink with a drink of that spiritual rock that followed them and that rock was Christ but with many of them God was not pleased for they were overcome overthrown in the wilderness now these things wherefore are examples to the intent that we should not lust after these evil things as they also lusted to Paul insane even in his day look we can learn from these guys what happened to these guys is the same thing is happening in our date and I will you will even learn from Paul and promoting other people happened back then he's still happening today on a grand scale so that's that's a pretty pretty straightforward thing first against ten twenty three twenty two but I say the things that which the Gentiles sacrifice they sacrifice to devils and not to God I would you did you have no fellowship with the Devils perhaps ye cannot drink of the cup of the Lord and the cup of the devils you cannot be partakers of the Lord 's table and partakers of the devils do we provoke the Lord to jealousy are we stronger than he is a pretty clear words is it possible like the world follows in worship singing and and and is really into some of these idols is it possible for us to have an sit at the same table are we stronger than year we are we provoking the Lord 's jealousy BC writer says they sacrifice to devils when they when they sacrificed to idols is the I don't really walk and see and talk the idols of representation of devils what's behind the idol are devils so let's talk about superheroes what does it mean to be a super hero where do we get this idea of of of superheroes if you ingest the definition of hero in a dictionary if the man of distinguished courage or ability admired by his brave deeds noble qualities which is the classical mythology or number to a God of being of godlike prowess and beneficiaries who often came to be honored as divinity says superheroes in a nutshell our super God 's now business but dammit Michelle you is of some of the DC comic writers themselves talking about where they came up with these ideas for the superheroes her reception is not going to come from here was an category saved from the outside is in God is greatest protector is still developing at an early age is the world 's greatest type is parsed and evaluated as an anthem that has a bazillion dollars and one of the reasons that has been so popular for so his iconography is that they deem a look at paintings of the Windows Devils in museums that we saw on a deluxe like something that's dark and evil in these origins are in an act of murder and yet he's on your side and is a perfect transition from the Angelenos there are echoes of the Amazons and him and was writing the first to try and live with them that would terrifyingly efficient social and asses near the speed of light can probably supplement which target can run the side of a building can actually the ocean is saying that there is no fast and then there is the new flash at the flash is a perfect counterpart for home use of mercury in the old myths you know immediately when you see the helmet to helmet with wings on it it refers to the God of the messengers of death anyway the artists were created or taking a timeless tales and him and he him and leave the writers themselves feigned look all we did with the Greek and Roman God puts in spandex on handed them back to you you see the devil doesn't really have very many new tricks as the bear not new all he does is rewrap them read Hammond to different generations and just we all like get the same messages that probably the Greeks and Romans way back then so that's just in that in the comic books where the comic book world comes from does this theme come across even in the normal superhero movies and the and the like Batman Zen and all those in real life in an and you and me through and in and will you know him to the Angels different cultures colors by different names now all of a sudden a superhero picture you are you are not that they are the gods of their selfish gains flight around the web is sure to follow him and share our and your hero that only between them that's a loser using he will not very nature of humanity 's only hope is our government is this tendency is to live my life in a way as to him to show the way that capacity as is him and him and I and you heard that story before interesting on interstate now they're still putting this out there that that you are the only save your world this is the guide to humanity 's only hope is held by why in the notes course like Superman they said my only son there these are very spiritual themes but did you notice see if you listen to the words that the power of the media if you haven't seen one of our home hypnotist videos the toxin at the sides of your brain you have so much information flowing into your head at one time it's so difficult for your brain to digest it all at once so what happens is you can't just go on and your brain 's thinking on the right side of your brain not the left and you're just so been in everything they tell you Superman just told you I'm I'm a die hard being me keeping secrets who keep secrets not the only son suck you listen to what they say they exposed themselves quickly I just found this in the New York Times Superman returns to save mankind from their sins wow they know that in fact I I've given this presentation in front of Adventist youth pastors and one time I had an embassy is best equipped me extremely upset about what I'm saying about Superman and he was like man I'm using this to bring people into the church and him just like wow you should really look into where the origin of these guys come from before you equate them to write and of course I just found this DC comics has a comic of Superman on the front with angel wings and says redemption and they're not hiding who is this character is the idea Superman came from Frederick Nietzsche of vehemently anti-Christian are hated Christianity and I thought it was absurd in and week to to believe in Christianity he was going insane there is no God only Superman and that's where Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster got the idea for Superman when I first came out of the Superman comic book Superman was actually evil is called the reign of Superman and Superman was the bad guy and then all of a sudden in the forties of America went to war with Germany not the Germany came up the power and because Frederick Nietzsche was German all of a sudden they were like all will nobody's been up by our magazine anymore so they slipped Superman to be the good guy changed a couple of things and that's why we have the good Superman today that Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster was the guy that God created us there were two Jewish writers why that's important is because Superman is fighting against Lex Luther Wright left his is great is is great arch type of the Weller whatever Caldwell is Superman 's real name which is he the Hebrew translation is gone all that his daughter totally God Lex Luther is Latin for law so you have something that's totally claiming that even God fighting against the law interesting and some of you are at Magic Kingdom presentation you see this constant attack of the law happens over and over again in such subtle ways even as the names of the people that are in involved in them in fact Superman has a comic book called Superman the beast from krypton where he had the six six six markings and this this comic book is all about how Superman is sick and tired of serving the human race they decide the demon possessed Batman wonder woman super woman and Green Lantern and they proceed to go out and destroy all of humanity that is that someone did Jesus Christ that you and I know and read so how is it that they can equate this character if they say he looks like Jesus Christ is here to save you from your sins what does it mean when you look like somebody you talk like summative but you're not that somebody called the Antichrist the Superman is in a sense trying to claim and be assumed that Christ be sure is nothing with the crisis they you and I know that Batman if you notice member and a little bit more they were asked in the guy who writes for Batman where he comes from and he says his iconography is that of a demon that doesn't apprise you that Batman has a iPod book titled son of the demon Batman the ultimate evil and like the one in the middle Batman and this is Batman with Bethlehem burning right here in apocalypse is is canceled until I say so and this is Batman Batman in Bethlehem they know where these characters are coming from they know who they are they know what they represent but they repackage them and send them out there and make them into the heroes and if you watched enough of our videos like the Gnostic Gospel video that we haven't we show how Hollywood flicks this whole story the great controversy upside down and is constantly placing up Lucifer and demonizing God and once again that this is a perfect example of how they do that oh we didn't freeze in all of Gotham is wondering what to make of Batman friend or foe you want to turn off the light I have given a name to my paying back here and disappear to eat this is one of from the nineteen eighty nine vanity say no way Olive Goffin is wanting to know if spamming your friend or easier flow because that was the joker that you saw is the possible trouble lights of a gotcha how I computer is acting up so here is one of Batman 's the comic book the Batman in Bethlehem and this is what it's saying right here it's saying we are sons of the same file at this at Batman in our own way and this is been a year and this is also bound and his son and and women's good one was bad under third there fighting against each other insane we have the same father where sons of the same father but me I have another father our father in hell and it says I'm surprised the son of Satan doesn't remember what they did to the son of God and I guess the Dragon forgot to mention the bargain that he made with me when I was fourteen forgotten survival the Batman is saying that that elated deal with this Dragon to save Gotham in return for my soul and eighty seven I prayed and I prayed indeed saying that old man the Dragon became with wings of blackened skin like a bat and he anointed me his Messiah wow this is where the real origin of the characters come from you notice if you if you see the history of the superhero movies are getting darker and darker as they come along and now you can know because their origins in the dirt there there there calmly now and really showing you these characters actually are the dark Knight agency writer this is IMDb international movie database showing in the top movies in the world look at avatar almost three billion dollars Titanic is holding strong in August two billion Lord of the rings prior to the Caribbean 's Toy story three dog night 's number seven I want to just the top films in the world for a second I called to a cultic occult they occult they are called technical take the gold in a cultic what is our world being indoctrinated with occultism at its highest level so Batman am I show you this as having themes for a long time of Egyptian themes in fact in the old nineteen sixties Batman this right here is King taught and he played a major part and a major role on the television show so this got me thinking okay that meant I had these Egyptian themes to it I started looking into each one of the characters to see if I could find Egyptian mythology intertwined with Batman and here's what I found quite you really can't see a late-night my screen here though that I can work updates this is one of the scenes from from Batman Ellsworth this right here this right here is the Riddler as is always is I will I want you all to notice things in the background there's a face in the background right here okay stop point that out and in a second the review knowledge is power than he thought and the facing of knowledge is power than a God M I E actually shares a lot in common with Osiris in fact if you notice Osiris his cane and you start looking at all of the chains that he went that he holds all have this this stripe be going on here with a little corn and it's interesting to me that that he's always wearing green and Osiris was was noticed is as always depicted is green because he was the rebirth that the change at and now Gypsy mythology alliances though if you're an American woman from one of the Batman 's where she gets tossed out of the window it's the ground comes back rather looking sort of possess goes into or around smashes out the lights that are in her dances held here he appears as Catwoman she had this really kind of seductive leather suits on so I found out about this woman Catwoman is just like the Egyptians have a cat woman also called the stack the devouring lady worship in the Delta city of the state but it about this and usually depicted as a cat in animal in with a cat 's head can see the red they must be missing the red human form at the head of a cat she is a life preserving goddess of joy and the protector of women and she was also known as the cat with sect which as the sex symbol but it says right here so here is inside Mister to face his later today you can't quite see this because it's very dark there is a split down the middle right here in the screen this size is depicting his evil side yet like all is dark like Italy's roasting pig on a fire in on this side of him is an Angel side but I wanted to point of being out and you cannot see it is it's really dark solids that you'll just have to trust him askew I put my computer and see later you can have any candlesticks are right there seven you are correct yes why there is good on a table there is this smoky stuff here there's an inner room right here with the thinking of Jesus Christ of the crown of thorns on his head in the outer room wow messy with the sanctuary message I think a little bit and so Mister to face here is now easy it is now depicted as the bad guy he was Harvey Dent who was the good guy there's the seven lamps candles and myself as we staff semicircular base here actually shares a lot in common with enzymatic or the official God of the ER he was having to face is and is not active in the messenger and sometimes we shown bringing the bird man before is not and for those of you that have seen the latest Batman the dark Knight what was Harvey Dent 's job it was an official right and here here he's even official said very interesting about their sharing all these like Egyptian things that you member the Penguin and had the scene in here when he tosses you spin until the first born for these names in our first car in fact Chiron and I mean him terrible things when you want to salute was was claiming that the firstborn organic dye it was that Pharaoh did Pharaoh say the first organized Moses said it right so there's always Egyptian might like things that are placed in this movie so I started telling me that they have this Egyptian scene going on near what about this scene where the penguin because they are him and him him and me that he ran out of memory is a rumor mining and I know where not right now so I is on the bad guy in the movie he's starting to see how they flip it upside down and handed to you Batman is the good values on this side and who defied in against the guy that was lost in the river in a basket they're starting to act task God and his people and his followers and everything and they miss pretrade them as the bad guys and Satan is is is his portraying his characters as the good guys so the dark nights this movie that came out the tent the world by storm it's the seventh largest movie as a character in it that is probably one of the most notorious characters in the whole super hero in saying that the Joker in fact Jumper said at a major role in the whole Batman series for a long time so I would ask a question based on what I just showed you using law of deduction if Batman is the devil who is the Joker interesting interesting you see if you have a movie where you have the devil fighting a worse example of that very exciting now so he's got a fight the other side now there is a see the car with Joe Crawley 's handout these cards and it is seen right here were something blue and is only a few cards you can actually pick out what the description of the Bible to let it but the cards look like discard discard discard in this part what does that look like a dragon what does that look like with the Devils failed what does that look like a snake and then you have a picture of the Joker the jokers card so in Revelation twenty two says and he laid hold of the dragon that old serpent which is the devil Satan to hear the cards that are shown to you are the Dragon the serpent the devil and then also the Joker and will come back to why they show you this but how many of you have ever seen playing cards and seen these pictures on playing cards these aren't playing cards the Joker wasn't handing out playing cards he was handing out things it looked a lot more like these and these are for real tarot cards so it's interesting is there telling you something there giving you a message by handing out these cards and for those people that know about Taro in mysticism and New Age and all that will be able to spot this in a heartbeat to us Christians goes right over the tops of most of our head we don't read tarot cards the entire pack of playing cards is symbolic in its origin and find its fullest expression in the twenty two major enigmas of the Karabakh followed by the fifty six lesser enigmas the latter comprised of fourteen figures in each of the four suits when the car goes to specified area goes on to specify various symbols used in the playing cards such as the king and queen of the night in the Jack were in relation to the tarot pack the Joker means the fool because he's being held up for ridicule during the tarot card have a tarot card that is called the fool and he's the one that's made fun of of playing deck are you don't ever play with the jokers you leave them aside because he didn't play with the rest of them so this full description this jumper discussion and as some of you pointed it out already where the Joker is more of a representation of Christ is the fool is being held up for ridicule is that there are teachings the full card this is what it is and what it means in the full cart in a sense beginning simplicity fresh start and blind faith is not sound a lot like like Christ Christ is innocent these the beginning is also being the end but he had a fresh start it be he was the lot it wasn't blindly believing God he put all of his faith in God exacted a colt website take it out vehicle origins of the Joker and they said it's also significant the very name the Joker it is reputed that it is based on the tarot card the full goods only that it be only card that appears in our modern deck of playing cards and tarot joker or the full is the only unnumbered card in fact another website that the tarot symbolism in the dark Knight this person picked up on it for the Joker in the dark Knight struck me immediately as an interesting and particularly dark interpretation of the fool the full card of course I had to show you that one innocent so here in and out one of Batman 's comic books right here at the top it says vote for me or all did I'll kill you it's just a great marketing if the gods honest truth and everyone knows it saving you say look if you don't vote for me I'm it kill you and that's easy you don't understand the way that the devil is God is through these eyes if you don't pick God is good to come down you can burn the world is innocent of everything out that's through the devil size of looking at what's going on so as they write these things that's kind of the either that looking at it in the moment that I am I was meant to be a cosmic joke the occult world calls Jesus Christ cosmic joke you know that when you read through some of that New Age beliefs they believe that God is up there one day all the sudden essay ha ha hi everybody this is a big joke this is what sin does to you but now everybody can come back to the real world and they called the cosmic joke will find this is different from someone you trust first in the mid- desperation things in him and they didn't fully understand something looking for him to come in recent negotiations with him some slow-motion while the people are you thought you say is what important was the word this is the theatrical trailer that they teased this movie with when it first came out Batman it are his side rather is talking and saying look some people cannot be bought or sold they just want to watch the world burn remember you're looking through this to the eyes of the devil he's looking at not saying all God wants to do is burn the world that it talks it comes from the perspective of the Joker saying starting ten night people are to die in the end for those of you that saw this movie what he was talking about was the resistant Mario in the hole into the movie where they were to have to choose between the criminals or the good people interesting scenario in which one should live in which one should die and he says I'm a man of my word was a man of their word Jesus is a man of their word this is what this is what was said right here and this is the final scene people might not have not seen this movie Richard actually pointed this out to meet these are the only two minutes of the movie that I have seen and I want to watch his movie but but but Richardson you really got to see the scene this is the final scene between the Joker and Batman as he is this is quite fascinating so that's what this whole thing is taking place that the Joker is waiting for this time that everybody's been a burn and that's the scene right now for our golf is to improve everyone's essentially zero so you're saying you saying okay right now it could happen what time it on the clock interesting what hourly it right now wherein that goal as well together clock there is no more time on the clock people and they know it and we know it in their push in the same agenda as them so here he's sitting there waiting for the world to burn at midnight and guess what it doesn't happen so that's where it's taking place right now so after the midnight all of a sudden is on him and him and finally he is interesting so he's saying that the money will be living you know how I got the scars you know what if they would put the scars on the jokers hands a lot of alarm bells probably would win off in your in your guises minds but guess what they put the scars on his face and he just goes right over the tops of a lot of people 's heads straight draw them off the building any saves him by his little life them in Cairo thingy or whatever and any schedule wheel him up on the thing I want to point something out remember when I talked about the tarot card thing is him on his left leg and he's now getting wheeled up in this position this is very important that I want to see this him a in his e-mail he is this is what happens in unstoppable force an immovable object you surely are incomparable as you have you won't kill me Melissa misplaced sense of self-righteousness who has been misplaced sense of self-righteousness is the enemy of self-righteousness and here he's even calling them out like that that you have self-righteousness and add the camera turns over he actually does this whole entire scene upside down with his arms outstretched like this and because you see the scene in a right side up way and he's actually hanging down if you want to hang upside down your hands again like this it actually takes effort to hold them like this and that's how he's actually doing this entire scene him prosecution if he flew for the history is a fixing RC guys I rebooted on which event is people lose hope on knowing by then move the cots you can speak out at me and as you know you see yourself as I is as you know even if he gets that right there is probably very hard to steer is now saying that that the jokers get a win because because this Harvey Dent person is killed and all of a sudden now it's like everything that they had worked for us to be destroyed so he's saying you know what you either live long enough to see yourself become the hero or you are you die the billing or doing that he said he died here are you you you you you see let yourself live long enough to become the villain and he said then I'm not the hero that is not the hero to villain and he's making that point but you know what's going on right here member this is after the midnight hour okay so all of a sudden this next scene which again is what you get to hear him say things that you can say everything that that that happened to Harvey Dent which Harvey Dent killed and murdered a bunch of people I now want to transfer that on some key and everybody's getting chastened me and then he's got a go running that ringing any bells David Solomon 's scapegoat transferring the sand onto onto yourself and then becoming that that bill and that takes everything on for the sake of Gotham him him to enhance you are racist sometimes the truth isn't good enough sometimes people want more what's in the true is there anything greater than the truth and here he had been a weather program that shuts their whole operation down is called Lucius Fox in a confusing or at the word Lucius of the cause of the word Lucifer ever heard of Lucifer trust which is now the Lucius trust this word derives from the word Lucifer the new Batman movie that's coming out the next one after Batman run the way and everybody chases them he basically be a scapegoat guess what happens now Batman movie the next was titled the dark Knight rising it would ever heard of the Phoenix rising from the ashes you're the Devils get a deal after he gets transferred all the sins on to him and have to sit here for a thousand years and think about what he's done enormous of the city of Jerusalem comes in the sky again guess what he can do it Araiza one more time to get everyone to fight against that city but a very interesting that that that's the title of the next one this whole thing with bed with the data card that I was going out to earlier the only card that burning is which one the joker card not the devil not that not there Dragon or not the snake card in fact the dark Knight it makes a lot of sense whether poster said welcome to a world without rules and they're putting this out there with Batman symbol on their even though that may be submitted to Joker said but I find that son of a subtle interesting thing to be put on their Dubya look at all the superheroes the Christ versus the character of Satan which side do they mostly start to fall on Christ's shows his true identity never changing not noticing that physical beauty on this earth was not turning the other cheek the power of God and Satan 's power age as multiple identities always has as Max himself with physical beauty bent on revenge and its power comes from himself not God is moving for just came out or you know is coming out I think this is the trailer to Thor and Thor is one of the original superheroes also and I want you to listen to the scenario that's why it's so important you guys to just listen to the words that are said and tell me if any alarm bells go off in your head battery may begin below all yeah this is the scene in the end date what is that like ballast like it looks like not anything we know of on this planet it's beautiful it's like this like depiction of advocate putting your mind have been him me for them this is the him and they all live in and will and in and him and I him and him and leave them open your eyes to know this is a video seeing you why you were talking about it why it's so important not to see it in a dark room soaking in these thoughts I can't even begin to tell you guys I have seen movie after movie after movie after movie I sat in a theater in college and just jump from one to another it was only after I started a relationship with God and started reading my Bible and started praying I was still watching the same movies that all of a sudden I went back and I re- watched the first movie that I watched I went there attacking the Bible to attacking God is so difficult to pick this stuff out you don't even understand until somebody pointed out to you we watch it with an open eye when you get into the theater it's an amazing experience because it's dark and all of a sudden the guy always like emotions going to music everything and you get lost in it and you know what I don't even have time to see that tonight but I found a guy if you guys want to do some interesting research go home and typing to words on you to type in the movie inception and hypnosis and watch the little videos of the guide it's like standing with there's like a nature background behind them these a hypnotherapist and he sitting there talking about how they're using hypnosis in movies to bring you an plant seeds and you and he think 's it's a wonderful thing and he goes through it shows you exactly the techniques of how they use the hypnosis they tell you shape story to start the story appear they tell another story then they moved down the ladder and when you get to the bottom of the ladder you are in your deepest midnight state and they indoctrinate you with the sea and he says he'll do it in movie after movie after movie and Chris Nolan who did the dark Knight anytime you get exceptional memento all of those are Gnostics down these guys have a big data to put out there these ideas that they believe to be careful you guys know what it is that that the devil is is fighting just as hard we know were in the midnight hour seller show you this Anna Leedy on this one the Justice league of America is when they put all the comics superheroes together they have Superman Batman wonder woman and everything and this is the very end of Grant Morrison 's run of this whole entire series so this is like the final battle if you will in the whole light justice league of America series and see if any similarities about everything we've been talking about is it is happening even in these super climax the Chris Ron you can World War III which climaxed with every man woman and child on earth temporarily inherited powers so they can team up with justice we define off Armageddon as long as the most amazing site rising from your all him this guy seems to him and any alarm bells six million people flying off in the area all going to write a coming Armageddon in this guy you think six billion people are going to heaven but I hope so but but but you know what this is this is them sitting there saying here comes the city of Jerusalem let's fight against the Revelation twenty first seven twenty one verse seven minutes thousand years are up sit at an expired Satan was loosed out of his prison to go on deceive the nations Goggin Magog which of the four quarters of the earth to gather them to the battle the number of whom is that the sand of the sea and they went up to and end on the rest of the earth and encompass the camp of the saints about that beloved city and fire came down from heaven and devoured them do you think it's possible that the devil has been conditioning people to accept and believe his characteristic his leadership we know that the last masquerade for Christ is to come is the cosmic Christ to come is the new age Jesus Christ there is no mistake that you see Neil from the matrix as Jesus Christ you see Superman as Jesus Christ is the always other depictions of who Jesus Christ is because you know what devil knows why the Jewish nation Ms. Christ the first time because they were looking for the wrong Christ so all of a sudden if the Donald without all these ideas of who Jesus Christ is our noise like that's known unknowns like that and you're not reading your Bible and you don't have a relationship with Christ let me tell you there is a deception that will come and it will be greater and grander than anything you can imagine I used to think that that deception was to come from the television I could thought leaders televisions everybody's home now television people 's cars and televisions and gas stations in the gas pump in the food line that's how the Devils got to get around every eye shall see him but you know what some of the new technology that's coming out and he has ever seen a hologram band did you see that they've now gotten so good with holograms that they could actually have a hologram band in every country around the world simultaneously playing and it's like a real concert people go there just watch these holograms they've been experimenting in Japan with holograms coming out of the scenic of dragons and all the stuff coming out of seat on a grand scale but it saved us only satellites floating up there in that area it is going to get weird that's why I'm telling you you have to react and learn to have a relationship with God office space not offer your emotions because if you get on your emotions what can happen when we tell you as all these things are getting are getting comments you from sounds and sights and people I meet to be an emotional roller coaster if you don't know how to have the commitment to God just like Christ did in the garden to disseminate and we are to see a lot of our brothers and sisters fall I don't have any time for any more I was going to show you a bunch of stuff about Michael Jackson but I do want to see that you had it makes sense why first Corinthians said having there is no temptation that is taking you with such communist demand but God is Lewis suffer you to be tempted above that ye are able but with with that will with the temptation also make a way of escape so think about that God will always give you a way of escape wherefore my dearly beloved flee from idolatry do not follow after the superheroes and things as the world does this one a computer thanks so slow I so Mister Michael Jackson exchange of thought the reason I wanted to bring this up is because you know it he was the most watched thing on television in the history of the world right now the most high it ever watch television at one point in time is during his death that tells me a lot of what people were really really into the Michael Jackson misguided dresses up like a woman and he dances around screeching on himself and that reminds me of better use but look at this he's more of a Corey bought a cornball was an old Greek worshipers of the goddess symbol they had long hair waved like a women they were heavily made up their faces resembling white washed walls they were castrated keepers of children and infants are taking a coming-of-age rituals they practiced magic and divination to make money they made wild cries and high pitched shrill as they perform their dance is to the music of the pipes of the Dolby in the tambourine and when the DNC and to them they were possessed by divine power and it would dance uncontrollably in a misguided frenzy what does it take to become big thing of plot the key how badly did he have facility guys want to see an interesting documentary on YouTube look at the music industry exposed only to moly these guys are all deeply new that had everything but this this looking like a woman and look at how they portray them as Michael in why Michael B Archie Amy Angel to portray an image like this beautiful androgenic God and Alan you can't even tell that the man so you been to Disneyland do you remember this arrived in the eighties that video never met Michael Jackson is 3-D now like honey I shrunk the kids are made able to do something else now I've been using an analog but this was arrived at Disneyland where was like one of the 3-D attractions and everything right Captain EEO and Michael Jackson was the leader of the captain EO so this Captain EO here interesting that it's a triangle I'll let you think about that for a second spear systems upside down even that video it seems minor but the actual term in the Greek version of Isaiah fourteen twelve that even though there's no one way to accurately translated it to eat all for the MorningStar the don the white luciferase is called good morning the dawn of the light and they had no way of translating and so they called in cat you and hear you have a ride at Disneyland called Kathy you interesting you know why a triangle is used as an occult symbol what are the degrees of a triangle what is it sixty sixty sixty adding a agent in the zeros mean nothing and it's also the strongest shape so that's why they use that a lot in their Indian cultic things is sixty sixty six basically this Captain EO character here who is a rant Sam band that travel around the universe sharing the now why with the rest of the universe and fighting the evil that Darcy out there in the universe and they're very small group study gets uninteresting in this white like tingling runs around and dances and sings in fact to be our shoots his legs are like things that people and they also transform into on these beautiful characters it coming out of the walls that are on basically all my typing tethered to the walls notice how everybody is tied there 's symbolizing that if you are involved with God you are tied to the school system notices just do notice that he has this thing on his chest that has a rock sonnet that light up eddies where and why don't the very end of this whole thing he transforms this sound this person that's at the that the leader of this whole group that everybody's tied to and everything and turns her into a beautiful woman in the whole story is quite fascinating that the that they use all this light you know lighting music and that she transforms into what almost looks like a woman wearing scarlet a little bit from and so the movie when he's sitting here singing dancing yeah the whole world is turning to this beautiful place this is what he's singing another part of me were taken over we have the truth this is our mission to see it through don't point your finger not dangerous this is our planet you are one of odds we are sending out a major love this is our message to you they are promoting that that this is what they're trying to get across to you that we are the ones that own this planet business hours the planets align enough for bringing brighter days they're all lined up waiting for UK to see you just another part of me behold call world is waiting for those planets the lineup and hear you singing that in his song you're just another part of me so here you have this thing on his chest white ordained with all of these rocks I didn't have time to go into it but I have to start looking into all the different colors and it's very interesting that is also somebody else that wears white and has stones on his chest that is our heavenly mediator right now and is that Michael Jackson is directly ripping off and he's a musician any sharing his music and that's how he's transforming the world then we tell you we talk a lot about the movies and movies would not exist without the music the ever try to watch a movie and silent totally lame input some people at some cool beats on their and your like you have with this chemical the devil as he was in charge of the music in heaven let me tell you the most twisted thing and then move the industry is messed up but man that's the devil 's forte he has that music industry totally wrapped around his finger and those guys are spreading their messages like there's no tomorrow you can't you can't walk into a superstore today without the music blaring at you and you can choose whether you want to hear that are not you know downplay movies just on the sidewalls where you go with my music everywhere they are creating this whole atmosphere that the devil is wanting to promote his kingdom and his is regime here on earth so as I leave you guys here this afternoon I want you to really seriously consider some of these things seriously consider the ten Commandments are very clear the whole Bible is chock full of warnings against idolatry the children of Israel when they were standing on the promised land and and the Midianite kings and a invited bail them to come over and and curse them and all of a sudden he was saying all I can curse them I can only bless them so so he ended a blessing Israel but he went back to the meeting I think and he said you know the only way that you can beat Israel to get them to worship anything other than their God and they're yours that's exactly what they did so be careful the devil knows that that works is putting these idols out there be careful to be ensnared by them and I implore you know what you are putting in your mind guard well the avenues to your soul because that is the only way the devil has access to us through those avenues with our heads for work the gracious heavenly father we thank you so much for this weekends I pray that this message is that that that these everyone is heard in this room that some largest will inspire them to have a closer relationship with you but may you send your mightiest angels to guard well everyone it's here and Lord may just be a wonderful and precious status and may we draw ever so close to you on this message was thank you RC is an important issue to set the QA cc to inspire young people I have a base price in February download and print 's other resources like this you then left making lazy and donate him or e-mail phone you might see when done with also reaches new mail box seven eighty six Harvard Michigan four eight one oh six this recording is licensed under creative Commons this means you are shared please attribute this recording device everything is in my resale and alteration in the


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