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Light Bearer

Alvin Maragh



  • January 30, 2011
    9:15 AM
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how are you are not high and I move you agree with that statement on the other probably screen you agree with that statement is not a man allow us allow them a bit while now they then all of you were correct by payment every single one of us were called by God to be a little far singular aliens the every single one of us I repeat we are all called by God to be a lot that legitimately the resultant lunate and ninety five want to talk to you I am a little breeze on underground onion on the bottom litigators that I got gave me to review because God told me in my personal life that my rectification was not complete we'll talk about the life of Jesus amen nominee design is talking this this experience has changed my life changed my life the thought of Lavinia and of hombre am going to be found pray that God ought to speak to you directly that would schedule no thought would father in heaven speak the word but with the Holy Spirit in Jesus name I pray amen for them the Baath via lab with revival revival allowed to get excited anal army army one of unlivable for grandfather yet another good that we need right read and as a component on a missing then there exactly now grandma is a good identify what you believe in a lot of questions down many of them got been in Bengal it day by day and they tell no one about Jesus Christ Labrador we can read the Bible we can plan when that day after day many people go out until no one of Jesus we need all the elites of my men a famous one is getting a want of religions they are maybe libraries the name alludes or is derived from the Hebrew what parallel which literally means the shining one or library because of the rule of Allah which means the blast for life or to sign to be brilliant the name hello and if the leveling and related languages were commonly applied to the planet Venus as a morning star because of it on arrival the brilliance Venus is the right of the ball planet than an maximum brilliant shine seven times more than seven times brighter please let me know where the brightest star in optics folder system on items and get moving on the fly to the values are not available five one one of the Potiphar that the plan for the right of one of arguing those of the satellite radio company name at the star Sirius soon as big as seven times brighter than thirty mysteries of the brightest the book explores the weather warms up where was was translated from the black mold gate when this war was new and original in the Woodland languages edited a video that portrays the mean of adult why write a MorningStar Iraq have been in the news of the county bottling and found the water in the measure minimum three one five this one was only mentioned one time in the life and God is calling every single one of left not only analyzed by the Bible not a comment on right away you have to share with you there were at least mingled damn I live a man a man not applicable to a life that is the problem and get an jealous of Jesus Christ the advantage of the great creates work and please let me up who are you want anybody is rounded tomorrow God is so asleep on him were not involving light and beautiful why don't I don't be honored before him though blue than a undoable I have light signing all around me and see the meeting washed up why should I not repeat what I wanted well here the question then goes the box could build his own life not even collected online through our research I wear jewelry but unaware it any longer we want within minutes all right of the original eval any longer I like to donate the web although gold bracelet they now really cool when I land gold making love it it will not idle and not assigned law limited a panel one five design flaw with the cleaning and the other side it was not bumping the thought of that will make them alone I will not play nothing late late late late lane to lane for over thirty five over again I will bluntly be good what got me the idolatry on my wrist him one last way that I will like and engraving printing blasting and that I don't not bald I been limited to the light of the automotive Limited have been what the black God glory or that I is an illustration of how you got was really not by the president also know that was not a big deal only the is talking to do something we need to be like a boat life errors now be finished by ten of my month-long flow path and I want to start it on the women's presentation by all the people twenty eight is exactly eight and doesn't talk about reflecting like a lot one affiliate what you would like to have now we know this right individuals out of twenty eight millibars on twelve about that Son of Man sake of eleven think of a limitation upon the king of Tyre with and then a.m. the day of the Lord God thou feel it all the long blow of width and parked in view we now have been in Eden the garden of God and Maria priced at one hundred ninety one why welded on this on that slope and the diamond in the barrel the unexpended job but if not by level of the carbuncle and gold the workmanship of thy Taliban about type with your Indian in the day that thou wast the Bible that this man is being moved the bar is life there looked to league him already but does not lie on the moment of battle against up installing it we are the body of the Pope and the barrel the diamond the Onyx is for the five Ebola carbuncle and go what he is doing you hoping all the public to whom I can understand what happened to the happy one and had been when he was mayor at .com reliance on the garbage of the God blog the God online will laugh and online will be up to the bark a living doll all and Wang I like the stall who are acting thinking thinking like a real winner the following that young people in regulating on the list are you that on the whole amount is building up I'll retire but anyway most of my life while the public and I Jesus you have life unsigned like what one will always worship and that he became furious and have I want to have wanted he became furious but we know what happened me the Lorne happened aloud at the Jews that they can have been rules that bar the life thereof Melissa Washington know why not actually allowed to being to share his glory but here are of God 's glory and have been and why in it was second in seeing them and how our ads you understand how quickly upon the feeling I get from them Baldwin and majesty but the button the part of the beauty and power was with him when he was endowed by the creative ornament and have wanted how to become what darkness and light happy darkness you run we know what happened Friday needs with our another without she's benefited would you want Fatah is now become darkness we know what happens once we got ago most of both the I'll pray for you please the last time made an appeal and one hour to perfect angels fell with them only one you know how I got Lori Albano I have healed but know that an enlightened on Melinda wanted this was my life and every single one of us you know the power of God 's glory you want the thing by not making the whole managing thing that will hold off a little whole oddities would be a life don't not let them destroy your line is long gone Angel now done or another demons than anything in the double no longer will support no longer life there are now uneven darkness revolves world they created that we had in the garden of Eden got Adam and these are the only lock on the way learning into my text who I mentioned that out of many there were created in the image of Alito that God was always giving effect uncle at the long one for the know that Psalm one oh four excellence law model someone of what I want to verse one and two Psalm one four verse one about this let alone all my soul old Lord my God thou art very great now I can mold it with honor and majesty multiple second in magazine had out was to hold Congress I felt with you I add with a environment we started out by hand and like a particularly see her again that God is called with light devil we know that Adam and Eve they also went cold wet you know what it's like to be a library and have godlike do you think Satan not call an angel once had the light reflected the light will mainly do I uninstall the old crew all I be meeting with the wall with light anyway out and businesslike in dollar value number in darkness and I like to watch it with one of how a in Atlanta now and is labeled bolding underlining how to destroy Adam in the view of the loans in the side of a husband she should not have done tempted by the thought that we know what happened next she comes back together has been being made in the life and the like then they had amoebae for that bowl eight and the great with unveiled pain that went than not what I want anybody and a sense of guilt the conquering light about them still an ongoing sense of guilt and lots of the divine covering shuttering it down and they tried to cover their egg bowl wow that light is focused for the sin one time within one thing if you know what I got a take away their lives the liberators enough of eleven I got a thick layer light not even darkness question that adamantly whether they can with one who destroyed the light anatomy was adamant able with the English or the like anonymity because of thin they as for the eye now why and what happened when Dave and I went on with path with a enough they can handle minion of planet are when they lie a lot I dramatically know a lot of afterlife I love my life a lot what now the results then into the world and now the world is wrapped in darkness while our little band I like the small book afternoon gone the world is not in God within us all that this road by late of the middle name of my Lord I love my new love on this none will listen now that they have gotten rid of the world now wrapped in darkness with the library then I'm not now there's a lot Adam had been eating before he lost his life that's what Adam had the light is gone he now had this outside of the now the question is this went on and he thought that the Modesto place the devil out of the data rolling all the inmates went without fathers leaving out that you know what manifold that had a movie idea to respond to this well when the book of the week being that is allowed to better than the whole of the white and I went to the bar lying then became a dark and appallingly bad and the movement of our thinking more and more deeply in the net now more all of that will have the business is one in our level in the past when a crusty arthritis arthritis the person you called apartheid and talking about this is a person follow up to our in an inanimate object of flour is not stretching out his leaves behind us as we both win he's long that lowered their K-12 in the longer and harder when an estimate is in me I would been lost in the will has literally five minutes eleven hours on the singing and now we are in the world I in darkness wiping the gang members and have a kill one another to one another why because the world is not in darkness and God needs the light bearers I think that Adolf Hitler why because the line and on that of any of the items on the world is wrapped in .net God mirrors that will have called on a day in the lab link while there is not all despite a lot of the time while the time and loneliness divorce beloved basketball a lot of back pain rapid on the back life human when a political driving on the enormity number nineteen hundred one cannot Jimmy Carter he took this picture in October she window by my having a picture of a child that is starving to death and the ball is waived in last half of America applauds you get a crack or that pits our glorious the child by reading Bible and I just apply because the low and the hardness weblog knowledge on Jimmy Carter this killed himself commit suicide than a year later in the lack of you live in an asylum he ran away from that picture the thing that like the wild is a .net memories only bona fide about all the people did I know that the display frame frame I need all the ball on the front lines will air with only become you change telling you will need to attend meetings changed God before God that they people who don't turn the light nine seven five nine seven five Paris Minnesota five Minnesota five most Latinos take this cradle roll but I wanted it ninety seven fibers what United the ball is now he says that he will on on the on the lives of the wine of theory that is set on a hill cannot be at an even new man light a candle and put it under a muzzle but on a candlestick at indented like unto all that are in the house is a lot like those on one man and then they feared than what I glorify your father which is in campaign is that the root of your life what you were not without exaltation is that God gets all of the glory is on within the Lord is that all now what was going to write an enemy could be possible that we destroy the library got given a know how we destroy the things I destroy like they got it given us she is in the light of the world you know how old women only are the one that destroyed my life how you know this one I choose as you are the light of the life implement administer we go to conferences like this I got you might see the magazine 's hair Jesus you all my love my love and wisdom unable one less than it was a normal person you all lunches all the other half not slack prayer and I'll study you were you all mind you we put Susan Hadlock we disallow all alive by holding my stage technologies that I already made their way all the world is wrapped in darkness let's not hold this fall in my measles there is not a hold of Christ stage advertisement the world is not only place the new the lighting woman not only place with the old and the church militant known about all that we can see the goats alike this coincided with an evil of the world we need them all to demean this up in the church Olympus were the one everybody almost hurts consecrated to God it were no missiles in one day in the lot of the Spirit in the bond of peace what it was in high school apartments and implies other than an Olympic data that Cyrus will be in the life of the interlock operated on water nonunion you want to learn and that is going on one possibly in church and one brother went wrong I've been in love rather he went to school at the other access is about the tendency in the shower and two thousand and three this is not going to want to the king now who may and the Black Panthers thousand and one problems in biweekly throughout a church in the matter presented Sergeant Timothy primarily Caucasian church through the night agrees that the priest of the morning to dress nice looking good in one of guy boards of the children Donna twenty five learn for the get the door open the door walked by the church which is administered about people such protocol said Noel sorry by the board will the board represents the church on sorry let's know whether the board voted and we can allow you to preacher my brother looked at that guy 's face anything why because I'm black she said yes he will challenge you in two thousand and three degrees at how the colonists to write the minimum you would I will only thought I had never loved you stand is not available why can't annul fatally one log one eight and one were a Slovak name of the right to dream of a blood of the Lamb lies and and and on in the will notify you by calling the library vote last one number of fatal because we do not understand how the below I ever goal 's talking on you blogging about with the big dog by the long thing about the status by holy grail for the ten hours lateral as good as the unit limit say some thing understands thing understand this if you can get you the whole Christ in the headlock don't share Christ people bound and hospice they understand that if you do that if I do that you are spent the quotation is not complete you a visit with me very very carefully how opportunities by the Bible how all-consuming right opposite we tell people about Jesus and I don't even I guarantee you that most of us here this manually I guarantee you and I don't usually at least one day happening until somebody about Jesus we can map the Bible you have a day for ten hours of the most widely like the new elephants were among bodily what God 's will for our lives the final Bible was the only device I Thessalonians first of a long smooth golden dildo in fifteen minutes first Thessalonians first Thessalonians Java for Walmart three one Thessalonians one oh three defined in the bottle the one that and the wider body what a God e-mail in your life that you have a publication the Bible is the will of God or your life and your bank of the case not looking for it we have the court are not right the holy place and what now does not prevent millions of these lives one we've all delegate to the case arises life exemplified that the never thing you justify that within the next of intellect auxiliary about God the holy place experience involves what sanctification that the net is minimal other things that we call that glorification of the application the next apartments exactly does nothing about why there was nothing better than being with Jesus you will occasionally get to heaven but I want to open that it needs up I didn't like that if not altogether holy places the bundle in Youngstown is a beverage of whom is the when I doing what was in the holy place what we don't famous old bread lately don't know that the cable shall grant the pre- swastikas on the right side right abortion in all the event that you know we know little data Bible study we note that they were still run databases you know what we do everyday we study the Bible no one is rejecting us the rejection rate a lot of I know a lot of time on the omnibus account no yelling at me no talking lonely is the unit of meeting all of will the proud I would write that baby I got on my knees when O'Donnell yelling on the north unadorned a book on the map there are no undoubted validity bay but lo and behold my life I don't the candlestick phone call cumulative narrowminded first-out blood in my flammable I'm a piece like I can only do that now you will color you know think of the downtrodden I will find you direct our own Internet in any way the first out in two thousand and eleven what the woman you wanted to win the time of problem what we do we settle know what more I learned you as I saw the holy place I felt the Lord God I thought I would live my daily basis we would think of not complete the Blythe Valley California believe is a three-day test metadata by them ethically Velma Davis S I think the test on Monday I think it's a fun filled day I will go back on Wednesday because I'm all right what I passed the bar only male I've read it I knew only two out of three miles sanctification is not calm beasts out of them not to over a related homeland of the problem is you are not all of the room with a viable know what happened on this this revival would probably know what happened know exactly where my Jesus good five Jesus Rita Bible and pray for my wife on my idol I will kill the revival you know what else to the revival having only to read your Bible deadline because the sanctification is not complete at way I don't want I want to want me to want to media the most holy Place a want to be glorified I wanted anybody everything one of our ugly emotional claimant was driving is a long look at this dog when I come up on the initial article children recognize myself as to believe it likely for God he glorified all in all I love the awareness because sounds that we had witnessed authentication I complete my nonnegative chemicals if you know what you come was solid on Wednesday that it is all about the only one allowed to be on the drive in the eighties that's why we wanted to do with them we single but why the government 's outbound messages Mrs. O powerful reagents circling the globe is so powerful God did not call a lie then enough value to projects unified banjo minor preaches the volume be killed then the whole thing all open items on a micro minimum and I had to go on I hope they get people and let them know that we on the one in the big S3 so why is content with only one known to you we know we will get eleven North love you Melissa comes back below shy right from the get-go downloads wandering today I wonder and worry below at the renowned law one with you or anyone down I will do what getting a one one Alabama floor to our in other words the three angel will Menzies is on the way of how you want to sanctification of the company of the only things easier the bottom people when the trumpet of my control that trumpeted antichrists our right of the dead in Christ the cause of my coming up the house I'm not coming up people don't know another Davis people know what Weatherstone people also a born again all are not about our whole life is the candlestick Experian and Orlando Alito does not fear I guarantee believable but Obama for being with us we talk so much as talk so much not allowed by the three Angels the prenatal ethanol that is a really always in the early rain is in all I I am not getting the brings out about the Bible study are to above Helen hope about Friday's one another and all of them is not making me on the development of the morning I want because the little one crystal clear areas if you go every single day fatalist evidently those seven days you read the Bible and Ukraine those seven days he missed one day without authentication the complete religious thing that artemisinin we only often over the Bible we know today about they will sit down and have Friday with a beta with a lot going to go with ligand is that moving the no life without too much inside a method we absolutely believe that he really believes something until somebody about it you really believe that this building will acquire you wanted a dual shock Jack and I love you sound that the will come out of our and all the world get out of here with them then this problem myself will send MS nominal Christian could care less about Jesus one day my brother and I will wear what reason were divided with when you want to target frames altogether a man who had a thousand Outlook if I did I is the isolate in the stock room now what is not Roman I wasn't that good of a worker now when the winds and the board striking out twelve along with Martha the short video I will build on what you want to find the last thing you wonder why I quit I left my brother the regarding what you want a and you know how it goes that one is going to have tables set up my promotions and wanted to promoting panties and Dave Bowman got caught stealing and target direct that my problem when I tried to do it happily came back in the girl with a commitment to what happened he told me that he bought the building is only a load and on top in conversation she says to my brother of the one one one five one growth when once the visitor is a lot of underlying the drinking of alcohol in the nightclub whatever wanting on the phenomenon to be in charge when converting obvious arts noticed that it helps someone we have a Bible study every Friday night brother E with a bottle identified by not normal when I want to become nullified into letting her light shine a Catholic and come back broadband home of the Fed is amended to environmental and financial bottles made public both sides of the shower you an update on the value you know him so well that it feels like I think I'll be golden he comes back home that night holy unnoticed not unlike the many I will study the efficacy .com they certainly molded to the JCPenney .com locate it and Bible study every single Sunday every Sunday at eight o'clock now Bible study ability will send it comes around I would love the bottles they went up often not one and about fifty missiles to the dorm and I saw the way the young people were not with Jesus I never thought that in my church know what I want to get in the door NATO administered only now the message complimenting don't be in that I will get down people that were assaulted their selection is a look at that minimum on all one when they have another dog we all went up about with anyone one night and I was on a home outbreak of the place they can renew the call by daily outlay this is a time in my long hard half-life but on the bottom of others in the heartland of the Nevada Bible study with new converting this right turn it off Sunday after Sunday finance unable to study one clinical the pastor was always on five different lady does not show up in other mama one of the girls going to donate the fate of pastor Mike is not here in ten minutes were going to go to a party I spoke with quick reply I write a large restaurant but the wind on the go live the good runner to Cologne Elizabeth and him and I just don't get your candle with a analytical point of missionaries going back home up in Cuba poorly but remember this is what the missionaries lie to me that the ongoing threat of that is a good that it would it was only ten minutes we get to apply into the West Palm Beach Florida we crossed the bridge of the Palm Beach regard to the Palm Beach about fifteen of us I never got on the door as they opened the doors even if I can commission on Faith and end up on the helpful about what laypeople nor having a little primitive suddenly start on time and buckling is not the sole and one-month rental game he got up on Wednesday night David is a applicable somebody know the present of man I do know is available anyone leave the world pointer Altavista another battleground back to the start of a large circle right right right all that authority may not be united and always trying trying trying trying and all of a sudden the Holy Spirit to my attention is that I'm not lying is clear the bills that upon leaving the house and were able to work out right also my brother and I pray at seven seven five pray pray the Holy Ghost Québec the second affected I'm going to get rejected identifier they got a second time out then we said okay to celebrate a open my mouth is open now the spheres started pouring butterfly cry cry cry on my knees and cry abilities in the heart of the Holy Ghost waiting him out also broken my brother and I upgraded we hugged each other the holies on the final one another social was long long time management and I had my hands happy with what was trying trying trying trying that was December six nineteen ninety on a Sunday wearing a white shirt black shorts another Brownstein you'll never forget it detailing the convergent billing God snatches the hearts produces change when never ever forget it's my life only think of it only changed testing without it gets lower of the things I became a library of relevant obstacle to the mall in West Palm Beach which are not always the holy Bible it was Google what I do them all I cannot afternoon I was allowing the filtered looking for all I will overflow my but my flow I would wear anything and everything why we decided to delete debate to stay in the golden candlestick on our yahoo the long-awaited lasted the longest Leno on you don't not one of those workarounds because fast limit his next seven o'clock we went I found what I wanted Davis wanted please please please take this message very seriously when we laugh in the lower left however will really take it seriously voltages to because if you did your sanctification is not called police law one hundred percent thanked vacationing on expectations and make us holy set apart for holy use a map and father the name of Jesus I think is unless Lord for this Bible study on all of us were all called legal support were all called to be like mirrors were all on unluckily of the dilutive on a daily daily basis Lord give us courage it is someone we don't like knocking doors a lever what are we that your lifestyle the well-known and .net only time we have the will but they were still red Army with Alton anything all good now we need to go down the valley are like the golden candlestick of one to be done and what I converted because that one girl she was a library to my brother did that did not happen if she did not let her lifestyle might not be here today thank you so much for that experience that I'm born again loving Jesus Opera everyone in Ryan Army I love them dearly do not meet again those meets around the sea of glass and everlasting kingdom in Jesus name I pray it that every light bearer saith a man


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