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Dwayne Lemon


Dwayne Lemon

Director of P.T.H. Ministries (http://www.pthministries.com)



  • January 30, 2011
    10:15 AM
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or a all right to what we want to use we actually want to go ahead and get started if you are available to any of you is that you expeditiously as I because time is that it would not benefit do a lot of preliminaries went right to my final study member we started preparation in the next step was the purpose of being and now the final step the net the method that is validity testing on this time and of studying a so without any further ado let's go ahead and install forward of prayer that would begin loving father we are grateful once again we thank you Lord for this absolutely incredible time that we spent together studying your work father we learn so much but I'm afraid to help our minds to retain the principles that govern all the steps on how to properly study over so that we can be the service but I just pray for the outpouring of your Holy Spirit at the father first need to see our own sins and truly confess and seek them and overcome them by asking them to please you we also predict his spirit real Christ all right so that we may have the power to live holy lives in a sinful world finally help us that we might live through this final minutes of the hour to slipping into the via people prepared to be our guide exhausted of trademark matter we pray we ask these things in Jesus name and when we talk about the negative the method with talking about means we know that the Holy Spirit is our teacher we saw that John the fourteenth chap what I will make it very clear that the Holy Spirit will teach us all things now rethinking to do is see Lord how do you teach what's your method and therefore limiting mean anything as Isaiah twenty is really a background Isaiah twenty eight is a beautiful background because it talks about the priest and the properties of the individuals whom God would use the priest and the prophet were individuals and God work through to get his messages to his people but in Isaiah twenty eight the Bible says that the priest and the profitable became drunk with wine and as a result of that they were no longer in eclipse to teach the people and therefore neither twenty eight verse notices women whom shall he teach knowledge and study made to understand doctrine and NES was those away from the Milken drawn from the breast and so on and then he goes on to say that precept must be among the recent figure in Isaiah the twentieth chapter the masculine please say amen right now in Isaiah twenty eight you'll find that right here in person it says what for precept must be upon precept precept upon precept line upon line line upon line here a little and there a little now when the Bible explains ultimately bottom line it yes we compare script was written in comparison through Scripture Scripture is the key that unlocks Scripture so therefore bottom line with comparing Scripture with Scripture you got a find that in these verses is something very specific that God wants us to understand when we do the comparison of Scripture with Scripture were talking about the method got met it is I do precept upon precept I do apply I do hear a little and I do never that now reset what is a precept because the Bible says a precept must be off on a preset that the message as part of this method but the spirit of God uses to help us understand the word of God what is a precept here is what you normally would do if you have a Strong 's concordance you would simply go to the word presets now have a strong concordance book but I also have an electronic form my talk about ease sore and at several other ones that you can use Long story short of it is you can either go on your computer in the work recent number thirty one is in the computer when I got my computer and type in preset I get to find out two things number one what's the Hebrew word number two I can also on a computer is a little easier than with a book on the computer I can also find out where else in the Bible cannot find that same Hebrew word I can do is start now if I didn't like that guess what my Bible and take me wholesale except the five in verse eleven of the book of Hosea chapter five in verse eleven the same exact Hebrew word for preset is also using Hosea five eleven and this will help me to better understand the word precept number so the Bible says in Hosea chapter five and verse eleven once again there please say amen now watch this it says in Hosea five eleven when we read together it says each frame is and broken in judgment because he willingly walk after the Commandments the word precept in the Hebrew is also translated other places in the Bible as the word Commandments so therefore it's a preset is a so therefore a man that God uses is any time you find a command from God in the Bible God was used to compare what commandment with command true story when I started studying the Bible because this is an argument of the Advent movement remember I told you from a testimony of the high school dropout didn't like reading when I found the administrators when I found this advent message but this is aggravated through it never be the seventh day Adventist first got me interested in meeting again when the man when the preachers are the only truth I said I have heard this before so immunity when I got baptized good will that will put my hand from the day I got baptized when the little before actually five books five books one of it you are notified before no the first book that was given to me was a book called creeping compromise the second book that was given to me was called enemy at the gate the fire that was given to me was probably being the world the fourth book that was given to me was answers to difficult Bible text end of the book that was given to me was called by readings for the home three hundred topics in question unanswerable brothers this is when I started to read these books I will have fifteen to twenty minute walk between the bus stop and my house and sometimes started reading these books so much and are satisfied in the prophecies of Daniel and Revelation that I would get all the buzz and on my fifteen minute walk I was it okay for hundred ninety of prophecy where you find that you set the nine versus twenty four through twenty seventh I do know well the Bible says seventy weeks old how do you know seventy weeks in August while the Bible says in Ezekiel four and I'm referencing this up and I was at an early I was laughing when I was driving and as I was learning all these dreams I thought his children I qualify like I told you I share with my friend Amy and Minister with this person that person we saw to hit the streets of New York and we started raising everything we define well one day after about two years of doing this either we had Bible study seven days a week seven days a week just by listening I said I've never had a problem in my nineteen years of being a seventy admitted finding people who know not God 's truth and getting an opportunity to sit down with them instead never had a problem with it here is after two years of doing this is nonstop I guess I started to experience horrible spiritual burnout one day I have a just God bassinet I just don't feel like studying the Bible today outside really anything else I talked to anybody about the Bible it just so happened the same day that sit on talk anybody out of what was wrong with me that day but I did not feel like talking about the Bible to anybody but all of a sudden for an identical pieces a doing this and I need your help I said was going on to a guy from the church of Christ given the church of Christ John is the guy from the surgical starting with him and me I need him to come doctors but he told me I succumb to his church first and I'm scared that he might get me to believe the movies I want to come with me so you can back me up and I'll decide I already made a decision today run on the studying today I don't feel like studying than advised me to be relaxing a veil is a come on at least twenty cities begging the second I find coming but I'm not bringing my bike is awesome in every mobile so therefore if thou come up to speed at the image the just you know I get the intimidating is nevertheless not doing anything so I'm going to be going to the classroom is all these people there and sit in the class and send in the class amusement of the man to you also think that were incorrect nothing is wrong is wrong with you I didn't go by the savings on to require telemarketers wrongness will well eventually the studies over I said all right good and I can go as a give you good because I'm finally going to write by as I'm getting ready to leave gentlemen comes to me as I said hello it is very happy to see you here on it's a cry for the very media meeting really like to witness and bring people in it as well it am really glad to see you here and don't look familiar on what you may now in my mind as they locate even asking what's my name but eventually the master which are difficult to identify temperature they go to his potential violent places that we don't agree so I don't already psychologically processing this thing sometimes be as very short as possible what's in a doing things like they are what they go to I said okay my church was called Elmont Temple of Seventh-day Adventist I told him Belmont to that's it this is eligible and want to what denomination is that him leave he obviously gives the added stuff to get easily a level that I don't think most of all human I said Seventh-day Adventist and true story no exaggeration he goes all all you people are wrong and when you say that everybody in the classroom went from doing the business in which a look at us and now it was like high school elementary school where Robin around you for fire him and all of a sudden all these guys crowding around this eighties as you got the wrong and I said Lord I didn't want to get to is that you and I did not bring my Bible you promised me you bring to remembrance that would just say I need to do it for me and I wish that their real quick and I said all right I think you say will talk to me Charlie Weiler off to all showdown is a overall because even in a new covenant I said really is a vast likelihood of a new commandment I work with this new component is that it's found in Matthew twenty two Muslim athletes this is an investigation you become Matthew twenty seconds after I really don't imagine for a second chapter here is where we find these so-called new Commandments is a massive twenty seconds after we're going to go ahead and take a look at verse thirty six in Matthew twenty two hundred thirty six year where these new commandment that Donovan said that she does not think it says in Matthew twenty two and verse thirty six NASCAR which is the great commandment in the law Jesus said of the handouts some love the Lord thy God with all thy heart and with all thy soul and with all thy mind this is the first and great commandment and the second is like unto it thou son love thy neighbor as thyself on these two commandments hang all the law and the rock and when he saw me that is that you see the escape of these two commandments so therefore we don't have to keep the other day I said let me make sure not learn this I always working back to a person when I'm studying with them what they said secondly some clear to me so that they understand that her visit so I said let me wish I was there which is semi- are you telling me that because of what we just dramatically twenty two that these are new commandment which means that his command has never existed is that what you're telling me he said yes very I learned the mercy of God as consumers bought me my life so I wanted to show him mercy so I said are you sure us on reversals on him as delivery bowl guy sitting sure you stay on top of it I said okay I said so therefore it is our new commandment that means that they did not exist in the Old Testament when God 's people were still keeping the ten Commandments including the Sabbath is that what he said that's correct I said are you sure I need time to get his brother think that but he said I'm positive and now God gave me some boldness I said all right I think now I have a challenge for you he said what I said if I sell you that these two new commandments were existing in the Old Testament when God would keep in the tank commanders including the Sabbath will you come to church with me enemy the human pain of people just like and he said yes and I said I said all right I think with what was the first one is that love God with all your heart mind and so I think turn to Deuteronomy that the six is what Deuteronomy six five at six and verse five is seen what the Bible says in Deuteronomy seven six in verse five and when you get there I love to hear you saying that in the Bible says in Deuteronomy six in verse five it says and I'll sound what love the Lord thy God with all thine heart and with all thy soul and with all five I noticed everybody to their heads down in the Bible some dissuading commendably the next event is the wisdom of the neighbor as yourself if we did he lifted up his head he said with limited presence out to the biggest nineteen verse eighteen the Leviticus nineteen and sixteen this is because my camera so Jean says in Leviticus nineteen and eighteen we find some very familiar words that Jesus echoed in Matthew twenty two Bible says in Leviticus nineteen in verse eighteen is now so not abandoned nor bear any grudge against the children of thy people but dollars sound of crying name her as thyself I want up in front of him gently and I said what time should I think your pictures sat him down and you know what he came to church and in the seventh after that sat that that sat that that that that sat in the genuineness he was genuinely wrong you know why he did not compare command command guide teaches us that one of his new methods of how we ascertain truth is that we have to compare command command switch one verse is a document that addresses documented this will automatically do things this way documented compare command with command so that you can get a clear picture of what God is saying I I is an excellent the next one was one line right line upon line what is a lie Saint Angel the European courts for you type on your computer live given the go-ahead and you can see several places in the Bible but one thing is defined as in Isaiah the forty fourth chapter you see something here this word called out another way in Isaiah forty four and then look at verse thirteen Isaiah forty four verse thirteen is a look here when you get there please say amen Isaiah forty four and verse thirteen the sea the Bible says now I can feel because these are beautiful methods that God gives the sometimes I find the same exact work by but then when you look in the Hebrew for the word the word might be live in one place but it might come out different in another disciple that would present in one place this is to reset the English word but the Hebrew word was the same for the work commandment so now would like to see that's why Isaiah forty thirteen hundred and this in Isaiah forty four thirteen is this the carpenter stretches out his rule it has a sort for Rona okay and then it goes on to say he marketed out with the line even if it was playing a market it out with a compass and make of it after the figure of a man according to the beauty of a man that it may remain in the house so therefore he's using a term like that happen to know what happened to use as a measuring tool steels and a measuring tool to make sure things are badlands and accurate that the purpose of using the measuring tube it keeps things the balance and accurate so that is another matter that the Holy Spirit uses a winning season is upon us I is that whatever we can bring as surely it must be valid and accurate and what it does is it protects us from the greatest danger of the Seventh-day Adventist one of the greatest thinkers and administrators fanaticism we are in the greatest danger of falling into extremes we have more than enough reforms in our move remember we are the last effort of the Reformation movement we saw yesterday a little person with the last Reformation movement now understanding that this is why we need a business of the given examples of his Psalms ninety five dollars enacted sans the ninety fifth Division I season in Psalms ninety five notice for the Bible says he is balanced and accurate now watch what David says he is on ninety five and verse six the device is beautiful all let us do what you sent and bow down and what if anything is a neck neo before the Lord our major so what are we called to do as a relation of body posture when we're coming together to worship Tennille is a very consistent ally tells us that in public and private worship it is our freelance and duty to kneel before and asked why you find it several times when we would break when you it is in public and private worship now did you notice a keyword is worse in now the book of Nehemiah chapter to I like this because very interesting is because let's face it might be someone who's as well they methodically we should kneel to add everything up rat with a window to a Neil number this is the norm a friend I know somebody one day you know he believed very much in kneeling before God before we break regardless of where he was whatever he is doing and you know what he was in the grocery store and I seems in the grocery store and share Jesus with people so he met assisted in the grocery store and I think that the system in the grocery store and decided to notice address on the share thoughts you've got the password and if he thought to do that with the young lady all of a sudden the younger son our heart was touched and she was not administered in unsolicited well would you like afraid as she was able right here in in in in this area the new supermarket anything yet the sky this is what gives me so and I see this kind of actual summary the discounted and eliminate his innocent Kansas intimacy ducking her head and enclosing arrived then all of a sudden it does come from any start getting on his knees in the supermarket she loves it when he still is in Delhi he said the Lord tells us we should knew when we pray it all is inoculated and whom she was gone to get back innocently because he thought that the Bible is clearly so that whenever you bring the documents you another thirty something Nehemiah attempted nine a.m. I accepted to let go to something the Bible says it at least a net in Nehemiah chapter to look at verses one to four the Bible says Eddie came to pass in the monthly son in the twentieth year monitor sees the king then why was before him ask of the wine he gave it unto the king died not been before time sat in his presence wherefore the king said unto the wise countenance at seeing Donna said this is nothing else was are men I was very sore afraid and said unto the king let the King live forever why is it not my countenance be sad when the city the place of my father Sybil Chris lively and they get Europe are consumed with fire then the king said unto me for what dost thou make request not read this is as you can imagine Ingles standing before the king and he am I bitching of dialogue in the building and also became sons talking to any citizen you will write something wrong with you what's going on in your heart and you know him I'm getting a little nervous now along about to address the issues is taking place in Italy's little fearful but nevertheless intelligent question of is that my people suffering the king said all what would you like me to do now looking with a very nice sentences in personal essays so I prayed to the God of heaven and earth sciences certificate now need to my residences this did not kneel at that time he was having a conversation with the king the king asked him a question the ignominious ends up around the God and Vinnie Charles and this is what I'm asking of you encounter God is living the remember the publican and the Pharisee to the public inelegant he bowed his head he got his headlines so that they are second placed in a situation where it time to kneel but ended up listening times when you do not have to kneel in a Maxima Gertie driving the car the push to seek back so they can get down on the ground can you imagine going on a ladder getting exemplar your house elves in the wind comes and you feel the wind is like about the blowing and I will you try to kneel on the last minute because they are practical very a lot and this is what God warns us again and asked why whenever we study the Bible another method line upon line and the balance it has to be accurate in what I thought what if I want to think about it let's say somebody came to you and said you know what you can apply the treatment of quotations from a pioneer and even the writings of Ellen White things have to be balanced and accurate record of the movement out there somewhere with my cake yesterday to know that since the eleventh two thousand one the latter rain began to fall I like to somebody said the sprinkling of the rain started to fall and 9/11 and BJ left and I know me I told you about I asked Muslim are you sure this again I'm sure the in the game as it interesting that the same person sent me this is also a great advocate of the writings of our pioneers as one of the writers alike I said so and the latter rain began in sprinkling form at September eleven two thousand one I said why does it say in the book the consecrated way to Christian perfection by HD Jones he says we know like every evidence that now look we are and that the time of requesting the time of the lottery I think that statement is before September eleven two thousand now watch this the latter way empowers the people of God to get an outcry is that right and some may think what that would be guilty with the pioneer he could have been wrong I don't think so you know I be is the function of the prostate according to Ephesians four is to protect the flock from being tossed to and fro by every wind of doctrine for up front but to remain silent when Ararat is being taught would mean that the property is being a responsible but correct me if I'm wrong the latter may empower the people to get the loud cry in Iraq so therefore why is it that fixated in review and Herald November twenty second eighteen ninety two allow cry of the third Angel had all ready the gun in the revelation of the righteousness of what you do I believe that human beings will have no confirmation that they are inspired of God that tells me that is it began and 9/11 or do I listen to those who were clearly inspired that tells us it began with a four-day line upon line it has to be balanced it needs to be in a beautiful now Carolyn will bear little was that all about I got a couple more yearnings so you quick care a little and they are a little now the book of first Corinthians chapter is the Holy Spirit our teacher a name Holy Spirit is likely what it is in first Corinthians chapter two here's something that mindset now this is a very tall principle here a little and there a little now and violent with them Hebrew Greek Hebrew standpoint of young can find anything I could not find anything but one thing that is very obvious is here a little very little again it's very clear comparing Scripture with Scripture some here son here from the old woman the right but is there a lesson that we can elaborate this principle of your little girl missing weekend first Corinthians chapter two nine first Corinthians chapter two I want to look at verse thirteen something about how the Holy Spirit teaches that into the sump and that we can definitely take home with us in our hearts the Bible says the first witness to verse thirteen which things also we speak not in the words which man's wisdom teacher was the Holy Ghost teaches comparing what spiritual things with spiritual spiritual way spiritual now alongside the principle of here and there little again something from the old starting from the new comparing text with text definitely absolutely I believe that that is the primary application of here a little they're a little different places covering the same ground but another principle that the Holy Spirit teaches us is he says that he compares of the things with spiritual which neither he does not compare spiritual and carnal the Holy Spirit is not teach his message is not to take spiritual things and bring it down on a level and reason why the book of Romans the exact in-home in the eighth chapter to see how this begins to know and this is very important because have you ever heard somebody compared to understanding the spiritual things to their carnal ideas that carnal understanding the worldly thoughts and worldly processes and that is not related to ascertainable understand Bible to you do not take heavenly five principles inside and bring it down to your that my level we ought to be risen up to chest level and doesn't the Bible says in Romans the exactly Romans eight and verse seven the Bible says because the work this is the current online is at enmity against God for it is not subject to the love God neither indeed can be we are not to compare spiritual with carnal we compare spiritual with spiritual which again the Bible is spiritual and so therefore we compare spiritual points with spiritual point on the writings of Ellen White inspired by the Holy Spirit amen so that when you compare her writing here with her writings their spiritual all is well what you do not as it takes spiritual things and try to bring it down to our carnal let us we don't want to take the word about as many people who rejected God I was literally in Seattle one time and somebody actually said I do not accept the Bible because it does not explain the reason that explain how pyramids were built an house in sight what does that do with anything and anyone says they know everyone is supposed to explain everything he was thinking on overwhelming level electronic think these guys for the board to try to bring out a hand level of interpretation and understanding and methodology of how to write back as we can't do that we have to allow God to meet us what we ought to bring us up to where he is compare spiritual with spiritual goal bring God down to our carnal levels in reason why leaving Solomon the wise man says in Proverbs three five six trust in the Lord with all our heart and lean not unto thine own understanding and how many of our ways all our ways acknowledge him what will they do he shall direct up now another method that God teaches us on how to study his word is something called typology typology one type policy typologies very important reason why we noticed the remember that Alvarado we remember the night when he was talking about Israel and I do you remember it's not because they were as railway has read your memories that you seem to question his brother Robert to get down to my natural question for the first Corinthians chapter for this event and is a very important principles we need to understand about typology is the Bible says in first Corinthians in chapter first Corinthians chapter ten in Virginia history so that we had to be careful with Mike Mike interest rate is just pretend from verses one to ten references the story of the children of Israel it references all the space they made and the punishment that they suffered as a result of the mistakes would be me now in verse eleven something very he is stating is that the first against eleven it says now how many of these things all these things happen unto them to live in the children's obvious like all these things happened unto them for any samples and they are rentable with ammunition our admonition upon whom the ends of the world are come to watch this Paul is saying all these things happened to them for any samples what does the word and sample mean I see most of us would think example do you know that that's not exactly right the word a sample if any of you have a Bible to cross reference in it you should see the word right there in your cross-reference what the word is for examples of anybody I to Paul the great work type typology in other words all the things that happened to the children of Israel as they let Egypt on their way that Cheney land was that I also upon the end of the world come will also go through a gas line in Hebrews eight and first I know that I was in there he was a number of the word I built with a pattern a pattern and in Hebrews chapter eight and verse five the Bible says the remember when they built the tabernacle in either talk about the summarization of the tabernacle and its inverse five start unto the example and shadow on heavenly things as Moses was admonished of God when he was about to make the tabernacle was seems to me that now make all things according to the pattern shown the in the mouth so tight it would pattern things with able to say as it was in the days of Noah so some of the up-and-coming of the Son of Man this is why when you begin to study showed the children of Israel journeyed from Egypt to Canaan land is not passed through its presence or because your understanding in the light of the repeat many of the same pattern of events that they did the children of Israel even if they lose sight of the one represented Christ when he offended in the mouse yet he did so whether the people in the last days and seven administrators who will lose sight of the fact that Christ and the most holy place yes where the children of Israel getting caught up and dancing and reveling in all sorts of wild style worship yes so therefore we'll got people in the last phase will we begin to see situations charges sometimes when things are taking place would be relevant to be dancing getting into celebration was and while scholars yes the children of Israel get to a point where one time they said we are tired of this man and I want a nice pot of easy so that will surely survive it in the the last phase is not as people say I tire of this health message I want to go back to my thinking these issues apply with all these things were nice was there a Babylonian garment that was in the camp that is because God is not even work amongst the people yes do we have an issue with garments today volume for the assessment of the church a six hundred and forty seven Ellen White cities over obedience to fashion is further fading or Seventh-day Adventist churches and is doing more than any other how to separate our people from God in quote Bible testimony to the church a six hundred forty seven brothers and sisters now in understanding typology is the danger when you go typology of the one and one watch out for brothers and sisters when you do typology that if I have to have an exact fact that no it does not want to know why the biggest sixteen high priest when the high priest finished his work in the sanctuary that you have to make an atonement for himself yesterday yesterday he had to make an atonement for himself why would God revamp and make an atonement for himself because he must've committed what to say hybrids David then he committed in their need for him to make an atonement one step so therefore we have to understand that when you start a typology you are not making that I must have an exact antitheft because if you do that given up on yourself consistently falling at the pinhole is not a normal amount and I would refer Doctor who people actually believe that when Christ finishes his work in the most holy place of the accident and do a number of toning work do you have that affect teaching that's going around advantage of because what we believe is a type of having exact at that time so we do not accept the remember typology is a pattern of events but it does not need another copy every single detail what was the purpose of the high priest 's cleansing of making an atomic one someone's overall purpose to make sure that all sin has been brewing including himself and the people that was the whole purpose of a hybrid to a network the whole purpose of Christ when he finishes his work is to make sure that all sin has been done with the purpose so the overall theme of the sanctuary work in a mostly great if you come in Congress even though is not done in the exact same detail are you following our and in the final one whenever you study the Bible to know black so you can know my heart really goes one thing that's very hard is to look at before five-day meeting like this and Julie trained on the new minority in a very special place in relieving to take in everything because my question always is what if our thought my lifetime what if one puts of any of the people in the contributions put them aside and said all right put everything you just learn to work I'm been a test you visit whichever many of us who failed a test project because hard to get all in such a short this is why this is more of a simulation meeting with some people even if it is everything I want to go deeper and he knows what it will be brought to be elected in November to become the best work in UB group filing now when you talk about studying the Bible I beg of you please do this I believe is missing out when you study Scripture deal with it in its primary application first and deal with it in its local literal application first in other words I can take the Scripture and then I can put some stuff when I think that just blows it up in Michigan and it is because of what I might have been doing that a lot might mesmerize you excite you and advantages of the neck I still might actually neglect its first application and if we don't give full meaning of the text an example of that would be Malachi four five and six in Malachi four five six you remember when the Bible talks about behold I will send you Elijah the prophet before the great and dreadful day of the Lord will cause the fathers and sons of the province metadata was the first application John the Baptist Luke chapter one the Bible tells us that it represents John the Baptist because he had to prepare the people on the first coming of Christ but will there be a people in the last days that would lose a working drawing the heart of the father to the thunder thunder the father and to prepare people for the second coming so therefore in a secondary application yes so in a secondary application nongovernmental when you teach like that deal with the first application make that plain bang you can go to the second application you can magnify finally you can also pull out lessons on the lessons are given example we and his no primary application the primary application that implements and passing the fantasies over the weeds member them I thought about who we got the first enters the vascular fantasy that was unnatural like Christ the day we also know that it's going to be good to talk about this will go on until the time of the incident was not also a picture when in the last days so first application the days of Christ that's exactly the application God 's people in the last phase let me hundreds of the about week less than the first application second application lesson in the lesson we did with a garment and Romano you can confirm if confirmed would enough do you know the purpose of the lead the purpose of what we need is to indicate to the farmer that your soil is deficient in something less than remember first application second application with what the lesson for us one of the reasons why God allows needs to stay in the church is because of these meetings are here on holding meetings business week meetings were always adding that definitely it feels not to be caught I felt back but it otherwise would like-minded them I had a problem with AFL sites where it is not a minor that they are properly all know I believe that everybody here for the most part believes the same things so that wasn't like a week meet with and sometimes illegal but it certainly descended from the smoke and given a run perhaps it doesn't tear like people they love everything there is no think you are there is no spirit of prophecy now we cannot have the grimacing and when you deal with in the this will mean like qualities your response to the value of the term in the condition of your soil is the editor this is why I am high because money to the church page seven oh seven the prophet of God tells us that God will move his shirt and any other means fail heresies will coming by five hundred three seven oh seven God himself and heresies will covenant God knew that apostasy was some of the reasons why God allows us to encounter the apostasy is so that we can truly see the condition of our own hearts of the other dealt with somebody doesn't believe what you believe how you act how do they what's your prayer list like I've even on your primitives what do you waste your time calling anybody warning them about the apostates they waste their ways they wait for which you don't even pray for the weeds can show you the condition of your own heart I believe that's one reason why doesn't the weekend tears rolled together is a lesson we can learn off praise God for the tears because when I encounter someone who is chair like a healthy releasing the condition of my own Bible instill a condemning person but I still have the past utility to pray for my enemies here it is I can't even pray for someone who disagrees with me on a specific doctrine of the church so again first application second application these are several principles that you can use these on all methods ultimately to get us to the point at Mica says in Isaiah twenty eight but in the end of it all we can receive rest and refresh and processes of vessel got to get all stressed and refreshed and this is why we study the Bible understand preparation him and the preparation where are goddesses make sure you get a good ground being Matthew understand that everything that Dean got says now make sure you learn my neck and put these things into practice by the grace of God be affected by the word of God amen if that is what I want to be a preacher and teacher of the Word of God and that is let us put these things in this I am giving you what you need to send nothing in your memories all I'm asking that you please think of someone who does not know all the things you learn while you being here and do not let Saturday's class without calling our and sharing with them what you are you to do something wonderful for you amen amen with that lead us closer father in heaven will we thank you Lord for showing these beautiful methods these methods that were designed to protect us from falling into extreme synopsis deception but we pray that you will just continue to abide with us as we seek to put these things into practice we can effectively teacher workloads but I know we've learned a lot but I pray help was not to let these notebooks that we could do so much notes begin to collect us when I get back home help us look to review these things over there several times and I pray that you will fortify our minds of your work so that we will be able to effectively do you are thank you so much for these lesser privileges help with the BNL faithful unto death what is then and only then we shall receive a crown of life making overhearing him Jesus are are you I he is our mission is to break the three Angels messages through preaching and teaching the Seventh-day Adventist message to integrate healing to this hand were declaring the gospel for more information on our latest resources we provide please log onto our website www. hate ministries .com text www. .tv 's ministry or you can call us at seven seven zero two seven four nine five three seven seven seven zero two seven four nine five three seven maybe do a part to meet the needs of humanity everlasting gospel Jesus Christ's return mariner


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