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The Purpose of a Lesser Light

Eugene Prewitt


Eugene Prewitt

Director, The Institute of East Asia Training (IEAT)



  • March 31, 2006
    7:00 PM
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your Bibles Daniel Jeff well then you are well Daniel twelve verse four review Daniel shut up the words and seal the book until the via many shall run to grow in knowledge selling hurries and then verse seven two member states although I heard I did not understand then I said my Lord what shall be the end of these things in verses ten many shall be purified and made white and refine but the wicked shall do wickedly and notices and neither of the wicked shall understand but the wise shall understand if we turn this down to that culture children of my workout but resulted away the first time in Daniel twelve verse ten is that a man who knows Hebrew and other ancient biblical languages who has devoted himself to fifteen or twenty years of studying those things if Batman is still a captive to his appetites and passions is incapable of understanding the book of this Minuteman was a plumber who has devoted his life to learning how to fix plumbing but it has a hearth is filled the Holy Spirit if he will humbly ask God to teach and you can understand the book and then the comprehension is a product of you will insert off your loan however women will understand this is not going to understand this weekend were speaking about the spirit of prophecy and I'm I'm in there to do something tomorrow I think I will regret it if I do I'll find out tomorrow on a dare to take questions from the floor from anyone who has encountered an objection against Ellen White on one of those anti- helmet websites from some other source and just open the floor for anyone bring up any one of them in a mid- deal with whatever comes up right here after the injections for my own purposes this week I went to the most famous one oh like .org I just went through every page I could environment our dispute for something new something I haven't seen something so comforted his rehash of all the old stuff there's good answers everything tonight I want to ask a question answer question though that I ask myself if you have a good light say a bright lights in the room why would you need a lesser life we talk about the lesser life leads to a greater life if we do not have the greater life it would be sensible that we could use a lesser life but if we have a greater light why do we need a lesser light to follow question I want to look at the answer that by reminding you are telling you of two items that were called lesser lights by Alan light before Ellen White referred to herself as lesser light if you look on your handout you'll see their ANB in their number one the Old Testament and John the Baptist L White referred to the Old Testament as a lesser life that led to the report of the greater light of the New Testament referred John the Baptist as a lesser life one of the greater light of the ministry of Jesus not only shave but the Bible does that let's look at one of those look with your Bible John chapter five looking to see the Bible and then apply a lesser and greater life and try to approach this question why do we need a lesser one John five verse thirty five speaking of John the Baptist it says she was the burning and shining lamp and you were willing for a time to rejoice in his light was John the Baptist the light within their life for a bright light it was a bright light but notice verse thirty six but I have a greater witness than John's was John the brighter the brightest light and if I could make one point from John five thirty six and thirty five it is that a lesser light is not necessarily them S unit is the John the Baptist was a lesser light but he was a bright and shining light if you remember from the Bible the purpose of John the Baptist is clearly stated in Isaiah and by him she was to prepare the way of the Lord if I can summarize the point I'm getting to one reason that we need a lesser light is that were not prepared for the greater light the fact the matter is that most of us maybe all of us can open up our Bible and to certain parts of it we just don't comprehend what we are reading but there's more than now much more than this how many of the wicked understand not and if the great life is Daniel Collins for example to a man and he has not been led yet to repent of his sentence he will not comprehend the great light there may be a lesser light that he needs right oddly enough the light that will guide him to repentance was at work John the Baptist he was a lesser life it pointed to that greater light and very many advocates today that's an understatement legacy it characterizes our church and generals unconverted church that has were naked we understand that when I called the righteousness of Jesus were not converted for convertible went in the phobic and we know under Stan and if the great light was right here forth we went to get it marginally lesser light because the lesser light points are out our sins the literature light was intended by Jesus to prepare the way of the Lord to make crooked way straight by pointing to lesser idols we could turn away from them and get out of that category of those who can't comprehend what's that category the wicked lesser light to understand for me to John chapter one John chapter one where looking at verse five John one verse five assessing the light shines in the darkness and the darkness did not comprehend it there was a man sent from God 's name was John this man came for a witness to bear witness of the light that all through him might believe he that is John was not that light but he was sent to bear witness of that light that was the true light life every man coming in the world in this verse if you didn't have John five you might even say that John wasn't a light but this verse doesn't say John wasn't the light it says he wasn't long-lived with your life John five it wasn't the right thing it was a shining light but he was pointing to a greater what was the message of John wasn't only repent and turn your sand that was one part of the papers or something more it was beholden Linlithgow and many of you have experienced the desire of ages and understand something about a need for the lesser light that has a purpose to point us to the great joy I like the little definition of life just for a minute turn with me to Ephesians chapter five Ephesians chapter five looking at verse thirteen but all things that are exposed are made manifest by the light for whatever makes manifest is light in a spiritual sense this is a simple definition we talk about a lesser Lycra greater light bulb these lights are light and windows like Nucor and Ephesians five exposes it makes manifest the things that haven't been seen the point of the first of the three points one to make tonight about why we need a lesser life the purpose of lesser light that we need a hard preparation to receive the greater life some people doubtless excepted Jesus never heard John the Baptist not that you don't have a lesser light your case is hope but for many received Jesus because of John the Baptist it would not have received him without him it would be a mistake to say the lesser light is not needed we need someone to give us a hard preparation so we can receive the truth that God has for us the second point there says the irony in the use of the famous lesser light statement I didn't study unless I'll know for five years ago and I was so interested by the context of that statement how might refer to six items in her ministry is the lesser light of mentioned to examine of course she was the third one of the one she mentioned was the moon which is the lesser lights around it and what would be the greater light under the sun when as acquaintances one that the movement rules that you are than just one there's a time when the moon is ruling when the rule in darkness there's something about that when there's a lesser lights in the greater light that the lesser life is needed especially when they greater light is the most skewered but when I found the statement relevant referred to herself as the lesser light it was an article that was written in December of some year it didn't get published in January now I was writing about how she was looking forward to the new year and how in this new year there should be a new emphasis in the church of getting the books that the spirit inspired her to write before the public it was a call for people to answer the call or work and have a revival of literature vandalism the denomination was not how much we needed those books you see the irony in using that statement him on context the single was that these votes we need him so badly because their lesser life that points to that writer like in the moment statement out and use it as if it said that the lesser light we don't really need it is just so that it's backwards in the same way that people use the other statement from the fifth blame the testimonies that statement were only said that her visions were not given to give new light and people use that statement to indicate that around way to belittle anything she says that extra biblical because they weren't given to give I'm just highly historical context of that statement it doesn't require a deep degree in research to find this you can find in the fitful and the testimonies right around six there was a man who came to church every week and couldn't stand it when people quote only church I will tell you tonight and have a Bible study and I recommend that when you study pages to I think the great idea are true very however if you study this book and concluded own life it has a true manifestation to get the prophecy and that your blasphemous something you read it's not inappropriate that is something on Sabbath in meeting that you testified the benefit you receive from reading such and such is not maybe this guy thought it was inappropriate and so he began putting pressure in the church did not ever cut my own light in meetings referred to what she wrote and indicated that she was anti- biblical because of that revelation says that whoever adds anything to this book to him will be added the plans that are in the reservoir and wife for her writings are in addition to the book is quite bogus because there were several books level written after revelation is the book revelation number not that anything to but the point of the statement the testimonies about no new light was this idea that the elements writings are not a new test of faith are not the new Bible we have the Bible is our rule of faith and what she said in a conference statement people I would be perfectly free to quote her in making the share their testimony to be openly in favor of what she had to say how I run to turn the thing on its heels lost and the point number two number three for having a Bible 's Ephesians chapter four Ephesians chapter four is such a useful chapter for so many things I can to distract myself when talking and tempted to do it right now and I think that given it is a useful patches for example if you're studying with Jehovah's Witnesses because if you compare Ephesians four list on Steve Ager sixty nine whichever one is quoting in verses eight through eleven anyhow Martha tells of China's sixty eight nineteen sixty eight if you and our Bibles is not as clear but in the New World translation is very clear and effusions for that speaking about Jesus he is one who gives gifts to men and it's very clear in Psalm sixty eight the Jehovah that gives guesstimate energy but the verses together in the Bible in order size requirement Jason Jehovah which is not quite provided all but part of one of the benefits of Ephesians chapter four in Ephesians four were looking at verse eleven about the gifts that are given access and he himself gave some to be apostles some profits some evangelists and some pastors and teachers while I didn't get some of the profits these are the gift of the church verse eleven to the verse twelve for the equipping of the saints for the work of ministry for the edifying of the body of Christ why do we need a lesser light nurse why do we need profits in the church we arty have the canon that made up Ephesians forgets and reasons the church needs to be built up and we need to be equipped for ministry that God should alike give us any information to help equip us for ministry I think the book evangelist the book Christian service the book called the ministry the book publishing ministry book councils and Sabbath school work the book customers ministers and gospel workers both versions Yahoo! Zacharias widely a lesser light the church needs to be equipped for ministry for the Bible has the rule of life and it is the bright light it just doesn't have the kind of detail about how to sell books door-to-door that I can find complimentary when using the Quidditch is is this something outside of the book the Bible recommends that was weird when asked whether Saddam Hussein the Bible is the one who said we need that much the big weapons that's because if anyone in the Bible Ephesians four Ephesians four and verse thirteen till we come to the unity of the faith and of the knowledge of the son of God there is a type of unity and that God intends to bring to his charge and how does he worked to bring us to that unity it's by the gifts of the spirit what kind of unity is that it's a unity of the site which contrasts sharply with the unity of that let's be quiet about our differences that make any sense to the two metaphoric unity of the faith is when we can see a light as opposed to when we ignore the fact that we don't see a lot for the unity of the faith and of the knowledge of the son of God to bring us unto a perfect man which is a different issue for a different time to the measure of the stature of the fullness of Christ notice verse fourteen tell me all comment to me that we should no longer be children tossed to and fro and trade about with every wind of doctrine by the trickery of men and the cunning craftiness of deceitful plotting what was one of the reasons that we need a lesser light we have a great light but some men that are tricky to take the great light and find ways to twist and turn in a way that is very confusing and God uses the guests of his spirit to expose their trickery anyway that's true and the history of our church that's what I teach more than Bible topics refuge church history the history of our church is full of for this board which is too small for you to read maybe for most of you is not the right place running you will pull over and will be someone right place for some of you what I want to do is make a case study for a minute of one particular example of trickery there is a man named Ballenger who is more famous than the oddity who in nineteen oh five came to some conclusions about the sanctuary Ballenger is interesting because he attacked the sanctuary doctrine of Adventism on the basis of Scripture in a way that succeed in winning many people away from our faith has anyone here read Bellinger that's incredible not one I was advised by that I expected there'd be a few people here that red bell well maybe it's not even Reagan because regulated rate of many delivery are sitting here back then it was going up it was a mess what knowledge or dad is he took twenty five instances in the Bible where the term with and the veil then when you put within the failure when the Bible is tricky because that letter is variable within the veil and he showed in those twenty five instances it's very clear being being being being being being being being as the holy place Susan is not what I meant is that that's not what he was showing you showing that it's the most holy place notice of Alan between the two apartments and that within the veil is always the most holy place and Northrup Leviticus Exodus numbers and then we come to Hebrews says Jesus went within the veil we want to have the logic of Ballenger was very simple these twenty five passages through beyond a shadow of a doubt that within the veil means most holy place but that's no venue takes you to a couple Old Testament prophecies speak about the temple in heaven and being active currently and it's apparently as the holy place the fact of the Old Testament he shows you there I forget now than with Isaiah fifty six and in some truly are not remembering so this is fouled don't you find out the two passages that were and if Jesus is in the temple of one we could go to this break there is Isaiah six I guess that's what I knows we could look at that washing your Bibles to Isaiah six just you can see it Isaiah six eleven the first two verses Isaiah six and the first two verses talk about how Isaiah saw the Lord high and lifted off and his train filled the temple which is just a beautiful passage for showing them where the throne of Jesus is the first Jesus is in the sanctuary is not clear there and Isaiah six one two last appointment romanticism was the other point against us it shows that he was already in the Temple long before the ascension Eufaula two disaster when it wasn't valid services for for so you don't have to visit once those in the new shows that there was forgiveness in the Old Testament and forgiveness comes to the Ministry of Jesus very clear he had to be in the sanctuary during the Old Testament I'm almost done your menu Ballenger 's primary arguments one more member twenty five Isaiah six I'll get to it I'll go through the stream on the fourth book on my mind when trying to bring out is why we need the lesser light and I want to show that it's as true today as it was when Ephesians four was written that there are men who have very great skill at trickery what it called the King James cunning crafting this whereby they lie in wait to deceive bookbinding describes the practice and it works if your digital word study on this be sure to look up fail and fail if you only look up one of the spellings you're going to miss something there are two words translated fail in the Old Testament to transfer the veil in the New Testament is a transliteration made up by someone besides me is written there I don't want to say them become afraid there might be a Greek or Hebrew scholar and hear the window I sent Ron and I would be embarrassed some will go to the English words fail hey Nina Vale and they these correspond to strong numbers here lots balance are dead is he noticed that within the veil all the statements were from the VA IL on the Old Testament the first of that list all those within the veils were most holy place and New Testament within the males are from the twenty six sixty five EE IL and not make an appointment spelling this is a confinement is not my point and he correlated the first in the fourth though I don't know very well I have taken a little morning year of it and in your portage you can find the two words that this word comes from the first one cock to the proposition that most often means something like downer in relation to and this afterward comes in the Greek word for fly like fly down to help them help you see it in the Greek mindset that is why they are is flying there especially if that window is an old window with no glass in that wind is coming now that word is a word for curtain in the Old Testament besides this word for veil you have another word often used in the same passages it's translated usually hanging in those first few books of the Bible Musick I broke down and made up the pronunciation of it my sick is more parallel to the New Testament fail in many ways to the narrowed down here first of all there's a first and a second hanging in the Old Testament the first painting is on the door the second hanging is between the hole in the most holy place whereas the first word is used just for that curtain between program cul-de-sac hanging does Paul ever referred to a seconds veil of the believers were sure to go in the second veil that would be parallel more to the smart and if you talk about within within the hangings that would distally change the fictional testament it speaks of the first and second hanging if you're than the first one you're inside the holy place of Europe and the second one written inside the most holy place and remember hanging hanging the idea of the word of the Hebrew word is more similar to the idea of a great word it is a flying down at the curtain the hanging wireless authentic by his other objection wants to appear what didn't happen but I'll make my point from the first few many people reading that again to shake in their boots his arguments they suddenly see I've been wrong all my life within the veil really does mean the most holy place than Adventism is false I don't like is the false prophet woe is me it's cutting craftiness it would really help us to have something to help with this problem I might read you something she wrote to help us with this problem have them up there on the desk I dismember the other the other argument was that it showed from numerous verses he proved this point of the so well that you just come away thinking has to be true and you know it is if you group went very well publisher he throws that when Jesus went to heaven that he sat at the right hand of God what the right hand of God where's that obviously he said it's the most holy place where the throne of God is somebody prove very well edges went to the right hand of God what did he assume bravery him the most holy place left cutting craftiness even if you didn't sincerely because when Jesus comes back in the clouds of heaven you know what the New Testament says about that kind back at the right hand of the throne of the power of God is right there the same idea but that's in the clouds of the way down it's very apparent that this right-hander 's number of other passages like this is a reference to a relationship to the father and when you asked the question where is God 's throne that's exactly the question Mellinger asking is a logical thing where is God 's throne only place most holy place question because he can get some answers the Charlotte God 's throne is in the most holy place but what about what if God 's throne was mobile like it says in Daniel seven and Ezekiel ten is very clear that God 's throne is makes his question invalid interest in insane maybes maybe one third of your are interested in particular there was a good something else than talking about but that's a significant increase in their hands it to you after reading you want to be alone over God 's throne is mobile right hand of of the father is wherever the father happens to be and in Revelation eight and Revelation five you find the throne of Jesus in the same place as the spiritual all seven candlesticks the same place as the altar of incense were just going for me read UL Reverend Bob Mellinger I'm not able to sleep past one o'clock I was aroused to write out some things that have been impressed on my mind not long ago I met Elder Ballenger in the hall of the building in which we have rooms as I spoke to him they came vividly to my mind that this was the man whom I had seen in the assembly bring forth those present certain subjects and placing upon passages in the word of God a construction that could not be maintained as truth he was gathering together a massive Scriptures such as when confused minds because of his assertions in his misapplication of the Scriptures for the application was misleading and had not been bearing upon the subject at all which he claimed justify his position with the next sentence anyone can do this and will follow his example to testify to a false position but if the position was his own and now again our brother Ballenger I left out several paragraphs is presenting theories that cannot be substantiated by the word of God it will be one of the great evils that will come to our people that have the Scriptures taken out of their true place and so interpreted as to substantiate error that contradicts the light and the testimonies of God has been giving us for the past half-century I declare in the name of the Lord that the most dangerous heresies are seeking to find entrance among us as a people and Elder Ballenger is making spoil of his own soul the Lord has entrusted me to come the long journey to Washington to this meeting to bear my testimony in vindication of the truth of God 's word what was the purpose of the lesser light to bear her testimony in vindication of the truthfulness of God 's word to help separate when the Bible and the use of the Bible explains that unsubstantiated by the Bible almost done I testify in the name of the Lord the elder Ballenger is led by satanic agencies and spiritualistic invisible leaders those who have the guidance of the Holy Spirit will turn away from these seducing spirits I summarize my three points from tonight I'll start with the last one before you get tired of rapture got tired of it balance your head cutting craftiness he showed that within the veil means in the most holy place but he didn't realize that should've been translated more parallel within the carton and ex-wife said the first group much of the curtain and the second curtain because the Old Testament there were two Curtis and I spoke about them and called them the first Doran but second door inside the sanctuary of the helpful working by the website is called the first on the second norm gets revelations reading things like that estimate is that the Ballenger didn't see it or else he had help so you can see it is no surprise that you get help like that because how maybe we could will understand not the Ballenger qualified for the not so he didn't understand that you have help with his understanding he had spiritualistic satanic health the devil make a plausible Bible study to lead away from the truth it was plausible in the sense that if you didn't know about the Greek and Hebrew if you didn't know about the mobile throne if you didn't know about the holy place references for the throne him blow you away I never dealt with that issue about salvation in the Old Testament let me just do without flex up-and-down no solvent if you are really and for example Psalm twenty two or Isaiah fifty three you agree about the experience of Jesus in the present tense speaking about something that was to happen more than a thousand years later you follow insane right now present prophecy in present tense about an event that is the long future that is the natural way of prophecies and for example in Isaiah six it looks like it's just in Isaiah 's time but what happens in Isaiah six you can go check this out your own time tonight you read through it in Isaiah six it says that the whole earth is been filled with the knowledge of the glory of God this is the temple filled with smoke to talk about holes being taken from the altar and talk about a message being given twice they had to give it is not a hopeful message original Gospel Isaiah six and the methods Isaiah has to give it some message of hopelessness and he asked how long should I give this message the answer isn't held that cities be wasted without inhabitant one revelation is the health of the smoke during the seven last plants when his articles are taken from off the altar is just before the beginning of that seven last plagues what is of the earth is filled with the glory of God let us just before the pouring out of the seven last plagues and how long is the situation hopeless for people like that SingTel gained a thousand years and this is her waist without inhabitant I said FS prophecy in private hands about events that even today are still future and that is how the ministry of Jesus as foretold in the Old Testament in a number of passages of cute analogy refers to it was a future event Jesus was not offering up his righteousness before he had shed his blood and how are people forgiven the Old Testament but Romans three indicates a different type of forgiveness in a way before the cross but after it different in this respect it says that God overlooked the sins of the people and sell I'm so paraphrasing Romans three nineteen through twenty four Intel the cross came where he could be just an forgiving those same cents so Jesus was going to die he for gave Abraham because he was going to die but there was no just waiting to forgive Abraham he just that it knowing what was going to happen and then it became just at a later date when he began his ministry in the sanctuary after the cost this was supposed to be a summary really was watching yourself a focus on real the summer the third point is that cutting is still exist we need to be alerted to it because of the testimony of Jesus the spirit of prophecy I know the last deceptions madness church I been alerted to them already when I see them I can recognize there is one of them coming I've been set for the defense of the gospel in that way we needed when winds of document blowing the second point the one right before that was ironing it is so ironic to take statements about how we need the spirit of prophecy and how we are to be free to use it and turn them on their heels there we ought to be on and we don't need it anymore in what sense why do we need a lesser life that was the first point because none of the wicked will understand and the lesser light does a heart work of preparation for us why else do we need a lesser light because the lesser light is full of information about ministry it was that was God 's purpose in to equip the church for service and has been used that way it happens and we are so equipped because the ministry of that lesser light we need the last one tomorrow will deal with people within the lesser life is just darkness the friend you have objections that you think might cause me a headache tomorrow I'd be happy for you to give them to me tonight so I can have all night to think about otherwise you can just raise your hand and go for it would have any questions now before we close out meeting questions for allowing the question of a licensed night for the start of his first our father in heaven I asked that you finish the work is starting us that she would brace us and prepare us to stand to the wins of his last days I asked if she would use the gifts of the spirit to do what you intended but they are preparing our hearts away for you they would make crooked things straight that we can be ready to receive the latter rain I depend on you to do these things and asking the name of Jesus


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