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Bible Work - Part 2

Wes Peppers


Wes Peppers

Pastor, Traverse City & Kalkaska, Michigan




  • February 20, 2011
    11:00 AM
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poor to move ahead here and I'm hoping to cover this little apart right before lunch as afternoon we will work on how to actually give vinyl studies and normally I take this or you know nor that take much more time with each of these so if you came to our output of the course on which is ten days or a few came of course a four-month course really get much more utilities much for our astronomy so I'm doing my best to cover everything I can as depth as I can about in just a short amount of time we have so anyway working a look at said this in this class a little bit why we want to Florida I slipped I skipped over a few slides serenity on the very next section of the sly section two that starts at all these on paint below have page numbers today on so but if section two there you'll see there are so right in this class and discovered covers ska the ABCs of doing Bible studies then after lunch we'll talk about how to actually get studies and then we'll talk about how to write studies right sources Bauer heads and again because of our time I'm hoping to take be able take some questions but if not I'm happy to answer them individually for you okay sources have prayer followed heaven once again we are delighted to be here and we thank you so much for the time we have and draw our hearts and minds near to you and be with us we pray in Jesus name and brightest one start with a scenario for you here and I want you to imagine that let's suppose that we have ten people I sent people that God wants us to witness two okay now what's the biggest fear people have about either witnessing to someone or thinking about giving a person Bible studies what's the worst group I have Warsaw nurse there's more on one but okay that there might be a question that I can answer right so therefore I have to have more wives knowledge K so that's one and people often think that they imagine burying themselves in their closet next ten years and learning exactly how to draw that two thousand three hundred Bay timeline how with gusto right and learn exact that I do it how do you nervous about doing that I gave your test right now to do it to do it I you good you could really thought about and so that's one reason on I'm afraid some of his tenacity something that's too hard rise therefore I just back away and I don't do Bible studies at all okay what else was another reason okay I'm might be rejected or mask your question was Jesus rejected SNL he was rejected by the majority people are not picking on you sister saying that but understand general are you better than Jesus so Jesus was rejected then should you also at least be willing to be rejected okay summary people are afraid to say anything because they're afraid people will say no but what if just what S there was a chance that they might say yes right was another reason anything you don't know how to what is not a Stargate Bible studies examined a motive to do so primarily the biggest two reasons are one rejection and Sue because people are afraid that somebody might have the question that they don't know the answer to write yes okay okay I'm enough hopefully in our time release show you some principles were okay all right so the backup money so let's just imagine I want to I want to dispel the double has convinced people that for these reasons and there are others as well that they can do Bible studies they can't share okay so I want to paint a scenario for you that will prayerfully dispel that any sphere any thoughts any missed conceptions that you have about this okay so let's suppose that we have ten people how many people than people and God impresses you to witness to those ten people okay and you go up to to a group of four people not a group we talk them one by one and you start talking with them in and you engage with them and after a few minutes on you say hey I'd be interested in chairing the Bible with you would you like to Bible studies etc. etc. and they look at you in the IMSA which Manchester Jessica and I looking as they just got you got to be on your mind I want nothing to do with your God your Bible your Jesus you're anything you're crazy you're hard my your stupid for even thinking about one of me wanting to do it down my face don't talk anymore would you be a full you feel bad but was her life over his life go on yes right life goes on she goes on and it is she's not that it's not the end of the world she's still alive she's just been a little bit insulted but shall cry little bingo row case list for people right that said absolutely not it's on it I have left I have six people so ago to three of those people have so that covers the rejection right you're still alive you're okay then I go to the next three people that I say if a brother sister would you Ross and I wasn't it's absolutely I would love suddenly I been looking for someone who I can study more deeply with and so I go to that second person and and they say yes and slice are starting with them and after some time I say the wrong thing I say something really dumb you think I'd want it a few times on the backup you think Pastor Doug Bacher is bone a few times as well he is blown and if you thought you think of Mark Finley is one a few times you think I'm going to three times no I haven't is no I haven't because I wanted few times I've blown it a lot of times today as well as science do people make mistakes when they get Bible studies they get mistakes don't they do people say the wrong thing at times yes or no I continued countless stories when people said the wrong thing and God cover their ears and made that person he right thing okay let's suppose that you say the three people the wrong for some reason or another they in the Bible slicks would you be sad about that yes would you learn for your mistake and do the right thing the S&L okay so for people said no right off the bat select characters care rejection three people you say the wrong thing and they and the Bible studies and somehow means that total that seven hundred people will left three people seasick the next three people would you like to do Bible studies and they say yes and so you study with those people and after a couple of Bible studies they give their heart to Jesus may talk to about the ten Commandments and they began keeping the Sabbath and they talk to them about baptism and they have a desire to be baptized and then you study within God 's church in last days and you go on to the line most people give their lives to Christ you become baptized like me profitable fruitful Seventh-day Adventist Christians and those people will be your neighbors throughout eternity was it worth rejection yesterday now was worth the embarrassment of saying the wrong thing S&L okay so that we have ten people that's that three of four said no three said yes but it messed up of three or not going to be where in heaven can God still resells other people in Chanel he can canning now on the flip side but suppose that I have ten other people that God impresses me to witness to and I say well God you know I know I sure that I know I know you give me this opportunity but what if I said the wrong thing and so because I'm afraid of saying the wrong thing I say what nothing and I let that person go and they never study the Bible to never accept Jesus and the watched comedy people are lost in that group all that you realize this so let me let me know me just break it down for euro quickly is it better to say something now God can teach you what to say right so ultimately your mistakes become less and less but getting started you can only start where your ass are you with me is it better to say something risking that I might say at one time or another the wrong thing or is it better this and and and and actually possibly save some people risen better to say nothing leaving up to somebody else who also says why don't I know say the wrong thing to do so they don't know anything and risk all ten people to be lost which is better friends I would say how they say the first option is better to say something and risk it to you not book do not believe that God can take what you say and make that person here in such a way that they will accept it friends Truscott it's all a matter of trust if you won't say something somebody because you're afraid that your trusting yourself more they are trusting in God to make sense so I wanted to demonstrate that illustration for you so you will see the importance of stepping out in faith and allowing God to lead you to write a way to share sunny with you and this is actually Gary's book if you read Gary's book you'll find us there the soloist on chart was just suppose and we have my good friend Donny and Donnie becomes an amazing facts evangelist it becomes a very powerful amazing facts of Vandals in the Lord uses in a mighty way I will suppose that Donnie here goes out he preaches in an illicit meetings and he baptizes one thousand people per day how many does he baptize one thousand and one year comment people has done he baptize three hundred and sixty five what thousand let's say I have Clayton here was just a common fellow in his local church and Clinton goes to his neighbor or he goes to his coworker he goes to someone who needs a Walmart and he says would you be interested in doing Bible studies and they say what sure would love to so Clayton is begin studying that person at the end of one year that person is baptized and becomes a member of his church and Donny on the other hand has won three hundred and sixty five what thousand people into the Amish church and were looking at Donnybrook and Clayton were saying wow what a difference the Lord for Donny he is a great evangelist and so at the end of the year notice how many people has Clinton one though is really one how many who the other person before it all weekend self right so after eight years UC here Donny winning three sixty five people per year has won almost how many almost what almost three million people and Clayton a few goes out and wins one person a year and then he says let's suppose he wins Jessica he has wirelessly with Jessica identity in a year he says that Jessica Jessica would you be interested in learning how to share what you learn with your friends and family was Jessica say oh yes I'd love to do that so he shows right to do that in the second year she goes out and finds a friend he finds a new friend a study with them and those people were baptized they guess what happens now in this end of the second year how many people for right and it grows and grows each year but it looks like Donnie has really outdoing to Clayton right but watch what happens after eight years it's that amount but after twenty three years Don is one eight three million people but look at Clayton he is almost caught up with him he's almost got with two with Donnie right he is now studied with Sony people and train women one training one said it with me please winning one train one I went somebody and then what I do I trained them to win somebody else I show them to how to do what I did Gary talk last night in his discipling I train them to do a Jesus did but look at this at the end of twenty four years look how much it grows see when you win one twenty one A begins to grow I starts out slow but it's like a snowball Ibanez it rolls it picks up speed and picks up intensity and pics of weight and it's called exponential potential what is their running backs financial potential in other words my growth goals because the more people that are involved it becomes like a web and it grows exponentially after twenty five years to see after some time it just takes one year to double and triple and quadruple the Donnie here is one nine one bytes Clayton has one thirty three and a half million and then after twenty six years it sixes out these numbers are are sort of expect the extent of meager unrealistic but are they really funny think about if every member in the church what when one and train one what you think it happened just a few years friends we'd be in heaven we be in heaven we be in heaven I want to notice the statement here it says that beauty and true efficiency of the Bible study method of personal evangelism lies in the ministry to the one no one so audience the winning base one's soul to Christ or ten thousand souls surprised is best done by the effort of an individual winning one soul at a time usually results in the winning of a what multitude of souls in the process of time there was a pastor who did an evangelistic series and he was preaching is hard out night after night and at the end of the four weeks there was one young man he was wiry he was skinny he was about sixteen years old that came forward for an appeal for baptism to give her life to Christ the pastor at the end of that series was so discouraged he said my entire ministry as a failure he was like overgeneralizing but my entire ministry the failure I feel like I said is quick I suggest and and and and going find a factory job or something but the young man that came for that appeal was a dozen young man six years old by the name of Mark Finley and I asked you how people smartphone one three officers are thousands right and so never feel like if there is someone there is one person if you can when that person it often results in generating morsels for heaven we baptized on the and the church I worked in before there was this eighty five -year-old woman again for meetings and she went to the whole series should be like a method saw her life and she ended up being baptized accepted Christ been baptized and then her daughter came to an evangelistic series and she was baptized she was like in her fifties and then her daughter began to study the Bible she wanted of as a Sixers and she was baptized and then I started Bible studies with her son and studied with him he went through my one of my advances of series and he was baptized then he the young man her son for generations now on the church the sun once asked go for four months and went out now he's giving Bible studies the people and winning souls see you see how that works if you win one then it usually results in winning more in the process of time all right here's another statement for you from the book same book art of personal evangelism he says that you can not reached eight thousand and until you can reach how many one you have to learn the mastery of the art of winning one person that here's a great promise now let me see your hands you are nervous about being asked a question that you don't know the answer to write okay you almost certainly raise their hands okay I want to read this statement for you comfortable cries something lessons page three fifty four it says he who begins with a little knowledge now there is there are some steps here and him and take you through them what's the first step yet what yes the if you don't ever do anything you never know when anybody and I renew anything original something what's the first thing you have to do everybody you began with a little knowledge how do you can drop the profits of the time charter twenty currently profs and Syrians are the few you most of you are not raising her hands but how many of you on the flipside have a little knowledge we Syrians does Jesus love you does he love other people you have little knowledge that Jesus down the cross for your sense of purpose in the world yet a little more knowledge right on that make sense so all got ask you to do is tell what you know tells you what don't you know if you begin with a little knowledge in the home way and honey your humble cry and I'll think I feel like there's only like three or four people raised their hand right erasure hand you lose it is fast he had a right but Hubble just means you're willing to be teachable on it are willing to be taught by Christ RI in a humble way and tells what he knows how many can do that you tell people that Lisa Jesus loves them if you know you can always do that right while seeking diligently for further knowledge you see many times people get this promise backwards when writing that because they feel like they have to go seek for more knowledge before they can begin to make sense to say why does need to spend more time I run studying I need to figure out how to draw out this twenty three hundred a prophecy time chart and fourth in longevity Bible studies in an unknown God says what what do I first begin and then do all these other things and then while you're doing that in the process of it seek for more what seek for more knowledge and then notice those of the can this one time where they began have a little knowledge being teachable tell what you know and singularly you can do that in all the right and what is the result she says will find me why she say some this is a most how much the whole heavenly treasure awaiting his demand the more he seeks to impart light the more he will walk receive the more one tries to explain the word of God while the two others with a love for souls of planar it becomes to himself I meditate I something some of the greatest revelations that have come to me about the Bible have come to me either when I was preaching a message or when I was studying the Bible with one person in their home now certainly God teaches us things in her private emotions right but it never fails that when God teaches us enough that we need to know to share with someone else God does not always give us more unless were willing to get rid of what we had right so it's when I learned the basic thing in my personal study and then when I share that with others it's like being start looking and I'll tell you I probably given the Daniel to Bible study more than any others on and every time read that chapter I know how many hundreds of times and every time I read it every time I share it with somebody else God brings one more link in the chain is so powerful so if you want to learn more you've got to be willing to give it away you understand that I read that if you can get over this you can do you can get Bible studies no problem giving Bible study is not the hardware it's getting over the line the devil and embracing the courage that I want to do it okay all right let's just suppose another scenario hero quick because modified oh five minutes over I knew you when and because I was not good anyway living without your commission okay just suppose every church member was willing to give one Bible study week about how long does the Bible city take a week and mail drama teacher this morning roughly one hour gay if you count preparation and driving time which you only have to compare a Bible study in depth one time that you have a right menu make adjustments if you go about two hours assist figure three hours with preparation the first time okay which are advisory driving time little preparation and giving the study roughly two hours a week okay the waste two hours a week there you only wastes most of his wife's right imagine if you took just two hours of that time and turn it into doing something for God K just imagine if we had a unchurched of a hundred members and all hundred note will say a hundred twenty five but there were a hundred that were capable of giving one Bible study a week okay think everybody's capable of math absolutely so if we have all hundred members giving a hundred Bible studies a week I just messed up on that level hundred cable people giving one Bible survey week how many Bible studies that week is not very hard how many hundred the average Bible worker should be doing a full-time I were thirty to forty Bible studies a week as a full-time by worker so if they're giving forty Bible studies a week that's the work of two and a half full-time by workers you realize this if every member would just do one final Sunday week at the end of that year is kind of the law of averages that about one in every four people sometimes more sometimes if you pray more you do not have to do it anymore but no one averages about one in every four people 's about twenty five percent survive a hundred members giving one study week at the end of one year how many people would typically send Jesus and join your church about twenty five so now my churches is grown in one year from nothing else except one Bible study week from a hundred and twenty five two hundred and fifty now I trained those people to give Bible studies and now I have a hundred and twenty five people giving Bible studies a set of a hundred and so the number the second year rose to be like thirty so now I have instead I have grown my church from one fifty two one one one eighty them a sense so in five years in action about three or four years you could basically double the size of your church by every member giving what one Bible study week can you imagine would happen if we would do that and then train that person is phenomenal all right so let's move in row quickly for a few minutes what are the characteristics of a good Bible study and trust I knocked in a run through every one of these is you have in your notes here but some people that have on this one ahead of the main ones people to have an end despair earnest desire to know Bible truths there are some people that will argue with you your Bible studies right I mean there are some people that would just matter what you say they just want to have a good argument for people that are sincere and unique these people from time to time they just desire they just raise anything that they can glean from the Bible right on these kind of people are some got me some of your best Bible studies because they're willing to learn ever try to say with Jehovah witness and Ray were try that I don't recommend this but Wells a Bible worker I just don't have a little fun and I called the local Kingdom Hall and I said I like soda Bible the money they send it up right away someone to the church and was like you know I discern asked in the mall it was too young guys about twenty years old as an asset mall these questions are they to know the answer to and they just were flabbergasted because they couldn't go by the little script or anything like that so next week I went they had liked this this other gentlemen they are and he was older and more experience and I was asking questions that he took it as though I was arguing with him after a while he just got so frustrated as he could answer a question he goes are you just trying to refute everything I tell you and I said no I'm not just trying to learn us truth so what actually happened was weird but he gave it up being the one arguing with me and he was supposed to be the one giving me the Bible study on now obviously you don't want to be that person when you're given a Bible study got be patient with people because sometimes it takes a while to learn other things but the reality is is that you want to find what we call right fruit with the call right for people that are ready to receive what you're willing to share with them some extensive bomb people that are lonely unhappy people that sets in need of change in their life these are primary candidates because sometimes people reach a point ally for they say you know life my life is so crazy out of control something has to change to make sense and they are at that time when their formal and if you're there for them Juergen have an opportunity to share God 's word if you're not there for them than the better be assured that in a very short amount of time putting things can slip in and bring them something to satisfy them the devil it's right benevolence people that don't belong to a church these are some of the best people study what because they have not been poisoned by so many false ideas right on Alan Junco lastly her share people to share with others what they learn I had this guy wants I was starting my with him took me a long time to finally inside of the twenty fifth he was soulmates of the prophecies we were he said we were doing a summer program we had a team of Bible workers and they were all going out door-to-door I said you have any of those extra surveys with you and I gave them some and the next week he brought them back and he gave me said these are the people that are interested in Bible studies and medical visit them that young man went door to door by himself giving Bible studies and I'm not giving mostly the sign people up for Bible studies and entered by workers will study but at the door he would share what he was a man you got a do these studies because I learned this in Ireland best dramas it was powerful it's changed my life Bill something does not go door-to-door by themselves unless the converter thereof or a salesman right and are desperate for money it's not easy to do that but this young man was on fire after some several studies he was baptized he came to ask what is actually in my first alkyl session and now he is doing my work in Hawaii winning souls for Jesus so when you find the people you study what they say you know I I I told my sister what we learned last week and she was so excited and I then offer your spur sister Bible sites right say what she likes and why why can start her were we started out we have to study with her too it's also a way for you to gain Bible studies okay so if you find these people are doing that it's a powerful tool on and you know that they are right fruit then we have what's called green fruit ever tried it green pair or green mango but some of the nastiest fruit is in it I mean you have that taste in your mouth like the next three weeks at green case is awful if you try to pick on green fruit to eat it him the fruit doesn't come off easily but can you yank it off the trainers are now you can jerk about the trade people are not right but it's going to be nasty mouth there are people that agree fruit and the characteristics are virtually the opposite of the ripe fruit now if you don't pick the right fruit in time what happens to it a rot so what actually has a vision where she salt got it was a vision of God 's people put in and pulling these fairies and she said that some they were very very busy work point bears in the Bears represented souls of people and they were busy pulling off all this green fruit and Jesus showed heard down beneath the Bush when there were all these rotten berries that had fallen off the tree and were smashed into the ground and they they were they were ruling I said all this work being done and yet look how many are perishing we've got to find the people that's why we've got to pray that God will give us the ones we got the spray has been the greatest amount of time with the people that are right for that whenever one right from the best thing you can do for people that aren't as interested is not spent so much time in their homes to spend more time on your knees for the make sense praying that God would bring something into their lives that would cause them to cry out for him so I sense a right way to categorize your interests we got just a minute or two here I categorize them in four categories I call it ABC in the a is the willing and the what able these are people that are interested in is really nothing on the line preventing them from study Day Mosaic built this is like every Bible workers dream is to have a Bible studies a entrance coming to rest six series secondly there's what's called the somewhat with Wayne and what people know words their willing and interested but there are things that come up in the life that sometimes prevent them from following through right so what you do for these people need a private right then there is see the unwilling but what able these are people that could do it but they're distracted maybe by the things of the world and distracted by work distracted by the family etc. what you do for these people pray for them and then see you have what's called the unwilling and the unable reserve people that are pretty far from gone right and again when you do these people pray for them right for even more and I could say more about this but I'll just say this however many people that you are studying the Bible with or if you look at your church interests list of people that are coming to church the need to categorize these people in Neshaminy mother there either N/A the Rivera security and what would you think you can spend the most time with the A's and the beats right to give them the higher they are on the list the more time you spend with in the lower they are on the list the more time you spend in prayer for them right now you certainly frame the others as well all right Bob let me slip passes for time 's sake I deciphered much mention this on and I just want to drop to this and will have two minutes and will close actio cover this this afternoon but let me to share with you the ABCs of viewing Bible studies if you'll follow these three principles these are principles you will be ahead light-years ahead of most people that attempted to Bible studies how much light years ahead okay BA is always present Jesus what verse always present Jesus first another words in your Bible studies all start with the Sabbath bill on the reddish orange suitcase for you don't start with the mark of the beast don't start with the Antichrist okay start with who would you start with the foundation 's AMI can use the antichrist and prophecy to get people interested but start with Jesus first always present Christ before further presenting testing truth the reason for that is because are they going to keep the Sabbath because the right day has to know I'm anti- dissent because the Bible says so he has no maybe for a little while or they really get to keep the Sabbath in the right way because they love Jesus if you can get people to fall in love with Jesus first in your Bible studies then when it comes to these other things that Jesus asked him to do that you may want to do them why because they love who because they love Jesus right on I can read this to you you can you can read it for yourself is just a statement that verifies that on the second one is revealed truth gradually revealed truth how Bradley again not the market basically you start with the foundation you start with the basics any Bible study series will do this Gary studies newest amazing fact studies do it start with the basics first okay and then move into the harder difficult subjects on typically the subjects that people have to make major changes in the life you've got to build a foundation before you reveal those things to them again fallen in love with Jesus and then this is the one that most people struggle with the last one make regular what appeals you should ask for a decision in your Bible study every Bible study you give that if you preach sermons every sermon he preached you should ask for a decision from people and every sermon you preach there is the statement said close of every meeting and Bible study decisions should be what hold for other words if you're just starting out and giving Bible studies with the person you're just your first couple Bible studies are you invite them to fall down your first Bible study on her knees and repent and asked Jesus to take control her life Israel now you're probably talking to do that what can you ask them if they would like to know say you study Daniel to your first bottle said was what most people do you say that person are you looking forward to being in the kingdom coming kingdom of Christ we want to be ready for Jesus when he costs now you don't go into what it means to be ready at that point life you know all the things we present what you are asking in that decision what do you want to be ready as we continue our Bible studies women will learn what it means to be fully ready for Jesus right and if it's appropriate even asked them would you like to follow Jesus and give your heart and the day he sent some whisper we do that but the little decisions lead to what big decisions that makes sense you get them in the habit of making decisions and when the big decisions can't and they love Jesus then it's likely they're going to follow both things right you believe that God can use you give a Bible study I believe that he can if he made no provision for mistakes he would ask the Angels of the right burritos at times when I make mistakes but long to learn from those mistakes and are willing to learn he will continue to use a segment twenty one the Lord to use you in a powerful way our ice after lunch were going to look at actually once you get in the Holm how to build step-by-step to the Bible study that I'm awesome to teach you two methods are very own Bible studies one with a series of study guides and another method that's very simple one easy from scratch is not enough that I would have ready government eat some lunch Tony too much enough in the too much what's good happen to falsely noting too much enough gate need the two dollar meal and maybe give them in a dollars worth back have to day I was prayed together and then we'll break father in heaven or delighted Lord that you have an interest in our soul such an interest Lori came down from heaven to walk along among men endure a life of trial and difficulty and then a life of sacrifice as you gone cross Russ Board just as you are interested in our soul you're interested in the soul that neighbor that coworker that friend but you can trust us many times before to share you with them but we've neglected it Lord we don't want to do that anymore we want to have courage we want to have willingness to step out by faith and trust you that as you presented that opportunity you know that person is open so help us Lord to reach out to those around us give us love for them give us at AA desire for their souls that they may be in heaven with you as we follow your principles in your methods or we will indeed as the prophet said find true success in reaching people 's hearts so we thank you for then we has to continue to bless us in Jesus name amen


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