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Little-known Miracles of God's Creation, Part 1

Matthew Priebe


Matthew Priebe Naturalist



  • March 19, 2011
    10:00 AM
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good afternoon morning everybody I'm usually speaking in the afternoon this is not normal for myself there with me as I used to this well he has been a long time since I was here is been now three years since I last was speaking at an event hope and occurs at that point you weren't even in this building you are still in burn all know I've never actually set foot in this building in my life so this is actually yeah quite interesting to see your new facilities and all answer the how many were here on my last presentation three years ago out maybe forty percent hike it was a presentation that dealt with creation and evolution and the ways that the animal world reveals to us information that we never probably thought we could get from this source only when we talk about creation evolution we look at it from fossil records are from various different scientific studies in sedimentation rate and various difference very specialized sciences like that but with the animals sometimes we tend to ignore that because the book and the animals tell us about the natural world and the way the creation and evolution works and so that's what we talked about last time and we looked at the animal world to work fine ways they were specialized complicated very intricate and the ways that those things reveal a very intelligent designer intelligent designer in the Bible God who created all life honors in the beginning and how it doesn't support the ideas of evolution evolution has a lot of ideas and theories of the animal world and of itself does not in any way support when you look at the way these animals are put together that's what we talked about last time and with the continuing on with our today the sequel to that anyway because really be looking at more animals and more ways than animal also together both physically and mentally to see how they are a living testimony of God 's wonder and design and so what really do is bring look at individual species and groups of animals to see what we can learn you doing this all day because our needs having meetings in the afternoon and will tell at all talk about at the moment later sooner due to start out is I'm going to read from the verse in Scripture that I finished last reason Tatian with regular Joe twelve verse seven is what was the theme of last year last times presentation it was kind of the salvation of what we were talking about and it is the theme of today's as well as let's will start Job chapter twelve verse seven is now the beasts and they shall teach the and the fowls of the air and they shall tell me or speak to the earth and it shall teach thee in the faces of the six seashell declarant to be who know it's not in all these but the hand of the Lord hath wrought this in whose hand is the soul of every living thing and the breath of all mankind in child guidance we have the passage nonwhite next to the Bible nature is to be our great lesson book for today's theme is nature nor got started with nature this morning where you continue that right now because it's all about nature today so when I do now first of all is how many here are familiar with the term intelligent design are most events God is very important topic that everybody needs to know because it is very important in our society today in our scientific circles intelligent design is the ideas by scientists that nature is too well-designed to be anything but intelligently designed it cannot be the result of chaos and chance and random selection and Matt so I work is been done in this area you probably familiar with this even comes in court cases become a public school issue intelligent design in various places one intelligent design has been not trying to be an instituted as a intelligent design is a very important familiar concept that we as Adams can use because the science is doing these studies are basically giving us information that we can use to promote creationism is very much in a it's very important to us to be able to have this information available for there is one area of intelligent design it comes up short when you talk to someone who supports the ideas of intelligent design and you ask that person who is intelligent designer what is the force that is creation and that is responsible for this creation and at that point the system tends to break down at that point you'd have a blank look on the face because they do not want to answer that question most intelligent design scientists will say that's not my field I don't have any idea that's not something I can study therefore I'm not in a speech that and so it kind of leaves a question mark at the end of their of their sentences because they have no really strong answer that that they're willing to share with a wholesome and privately and I've no idea but publicly they will not share the answer to that question and so that's that's a missing link in their presentation to borrow a phrase because when we think about it we need to be promoting the intelligent designer is not just the fact that it's intelligently designed we need to be able to say that yes God made everything that we see around us God made it special and here is the evidence for that and here the Scripture in Genesis we have a record of how to get it and to leave that part out is only get half the message we need to give the whole message in order to be able to really do our job is done as witnesses of creation we can't just say it's intelligently design we need to save the signer is so what are you doing today is a little bit different than last time because last time I talked about the animals I was specifically using album at ill illustrations from the animal world that refute the ideas of evolution that make evolution look pretty silly in many ways but today when I could do that because I feel that sometimes we get older to negatively limit to anti- evolution because it's always easy to poke holes in evolution but a lot of time we tend to miss the point were ready to be promoting God and promoting creation and Saturday's meeting is to be showing ways animals are well designed in order to show God 's power and God 's creation and the way he makes animals very special sort I do now is really get into the main presentation get office slideshow and we will get into the main section what were doing cemented onto a different setting so we can watch the videos go to Oxford Norway and Iraq surrender start out with a bird that you may never seen because if you haven't been to the East Coast because the only places this bird lives in America is in the southeastern part of the United States Ms. anhinga and it is a water garden is very common along the Florida swamps in an Everglades and whatnot and it has a very distinctive lifestyle that you may not be familiar with because there's no other bird quite like it in North America they are found throughout the world 's variety of species we only have one in North America this right here is African darter it's found in Africa it's called darter and most every other place in the world but in America we call that Hingis is one who has built a very bulky stick nest in the Everglades of Florida and is now these birds live near water always because that's where they get their food they will dive under water and swim around and catch their fish underneath the water serve San Antonio find there in their foods with her and for letting something very strange about this burn when you think of the waterbirds gives in to the water immediately will sit there on the water surface floating away because they're very buoyant but as you will see with this very best now what happens they get onto the water and immediately sink underneath the water surface and they are not floating on the surface at all and usually only their head and neck will be protruding above the water surface as of this is a very unusual lifestyle from Waterbury that we look at Jonathan very strange looking system in fact when they get into the water you will see that they immediately sank beneath the water 's surface he sees a face down under the water surface there and then he will step into the water and immediately he is underneath the water surface without any buoyancy whatsoever in this allows them to marry easily move amongst the rocks and underwater vegetation without having to constantly fight and kick like a duck led to get underneath the water service where you can see you soon and so is very well built and very well designed to be able to swim underneath the water 's surface in this way that the danger now the problem with this is the reason for this is because their feathers do not have the same water coding protection that other ducks and Waterbury staff and why is that because they do not have the same oils of the coat of feathers with the wind and waterproof feathers normally a bird when it waterproofs its feathers make some very water resistant so water rolls off a ducks back that's why you have that expression but these birds do not have those water resistant oils and so they do not have the ability to water their feathers and therefore they sink immediately to water soaks into their feathers and they are then able to think underneath the water surface and move around very easily not sure what that is when they get out of the water after they finished phishing they need to dry off the feathers of soaking wet and they can't even fly because they're so waterlogged so they have to spread their wings in the sun let it dry off for half an hour depending on how long is very ended up front then they can fly off and resume their normal airborne existence if a predator comes along during this time if the dive into the water and swim away because they know if flying off and so this is a very specific unusual lifestyle for a water bird cormorants do a little bit of this but not quite as much and so why does this bird not have the oil 's well because it helps it to be able to swim around in this way so in this bird we have kind of the reverse of what we were talking about last time and what will be talking a lot today where God gives us a specific trait or physical ability to a bird or mammal reptile this is something taken away the oil of the feathers is not there and so it is kind of the same thing in reverse where God is remove something from the species in order to give it a specialized ability that other birds around it would not have so is going to get us started to show how an individual animal will have a trade or will be missing a trade there makes it unique and special and that's what makes it and able to function in its particular habitat and survivor it happens to live the blister beetles are a group of beetles found throughout the world a specific family of beetles and when we look at them and will be being fairly ordinary looking a lot of the time but they have a very specific ability to play with chemistry now last time we talked about the bombardier beetle and how they are such a wonderful testimony to God Street of power and these guys will do the same thing play with chemistry but in a completely different way these guys have the ability to exude a dark oily fluid out of the joints of their legs are out of places on the body that is so filled with toxic chemicals that any predator coming along the id. will be so totally free doubt that he will run away and not wanting to do with it because it's so toxic and so unpleasant and so is very much a repellent to all the other predatory creatures that would try deepest inner Beatle and so they come in a broad yes sizes and colors a lot of them are brightly colored a lot of them really stand out because they are trying to let creditors know that I'm toxic you don't want to mess with me and so this is something that is very much an advertisement on their part to let editors now leave me alone and see you have a lot of brightly colored ones Reyes or interest yellows also is interesting contrasting markings these guys right here found in as a break of the Desert State Park just south of here and when they come out they come out by the thousands eating every last little flour they can find on the looming shrubs in the springtime very abundant creature is on right here is maybe the most typical of all the ones because this is has the one that exudes the most oil the most fluid that helps repel predators this is found in the eastern United States and they are so large and bulky but they can't fly they only crawl around on the service of the year ground through the leaves of the forest and they are extremely bulky and cumbersome but they don't need to worry about escaping predators because their toxic chemicals defend themselves so well that they are able to crawl around about anybody bothering whatsoever this right here is why we get the name blister beetle because this fluid they exude if it comes in contact with our skin will form a allergic reaction blister like a bump on her fingers and that's why we've given them the name blister beetle and we've applied it to the whole group of beetles even though this is only a very few of it will cause an allergic reaction with us and give us blister but that's how they get their name in its own right here is found on the Imperial Sand dunes and just to the southeast of here on the border of Nevada and California he's a fairly common down there as you're walking across the dunes in the middle of nowhere down there you'll come across these beetles scuttling across the surface of the dunes and they will be solid black as their wings are down and when they see you at that point they raise up their wing cases these covers up here exposing their bright red underside of on their abdomen and thereby warning again a potential predator I'm dangerously toxic leave me alone and so these guys will then race away at full speed across the desert sands and it's quite humorous to see half a dozen and scattering from you all of them with their wings raised showing off their bright red abdomen slave away to other places Missouri here is one of the strangest small blister beetles this is found in Texas and is a very bloated looking one it's called the inflated blister beetle agency this beautiful metallic coatings of its wings that it does or not it swings as of the win cases that cover the wings and inside those big win cases is his abdomen but it's a very small Aladdin and his normal size but it's not a big bloated face like that those are just an over hang on the abdomen the reason for this is because in the hot desert sun of our Southwest when the sun is burning down upon the sand it is very difficult for these creatures to be able to function in the heat of the day and so most animals that live in the desert will go away and hide during the heat of the day but thanks to the inflated body cases of these blister beetles there it will actually function in the middle of a heat of the day because it acts like an umbrella he carried an umbrella over your head through the middle of the desert the sun will be kept off of you and you will not overheat as quickly as if you were completely exposed to the sun and Sundays when cases actually do the same thing they form a little barrier that the sun will bounce it against them in order to reflect this and here's found here in California and then they will then protect the inner sensitive abdomen from overheating as so because of that this is one of the few creatures to be able to be active in the middle of the heat of the hot hot desert summer days and able to function in times when other insects would not feel the function so again we have a case here were God is made all of these very different Beatles very special each in their own niche each in their own way as an example of how a diversity of creatures using found in even one group of most of the meals and they all have different trades and different abilities in different ways of functioning and God is major them in a very special way to allow them to live in their particular habitat after those are very familiar animal now one thing is you will notice as I go through my presentations I threatened to pick animals that are unusual that are not something most people occurred outside to find animals that do not get to see if I is turning on PBS tonight I like to find a strange creatures that most people will never say no this obviously is one we are all familiar with and so this kind of breaks that rule by the hippos are an amazing animal that we sometimes take for granted because we see them all the time into the nature programs and self house specialty maybe but hippos are amazing creatures when you look at their traits in the abilities God has given the start with their huge and we learned about the intimate animal we sometimes don't realize how big it is a female hippo will get up to four thousand pounds and that's not very big when you consider that the male hippo will get up to eight thousand pounds that is in fact one of the largest land mammals anywhere in the world it's probably third on the list of land mammals in terms of both in size and so these guys are just incredibly enormous animals of a rest in the water all day to taking the weight off their feet it is floating in the water so it doesn't really matter enable discipline around during the middle of the day now that's a great lifestyle for these guys except for one thing you notice in person there is no hair on their body there is no protective any kind of shielding to protect them from the midday sun and so they're very sensitive to being sunburned same as if you go to the beach and lay in the water all day you're going to get sunburn if you don't take precautions so that land out here in the sun and you will notice that their faces very distinctive they have their years there always in there knows all of the top of their head they can sit as much of their body as they possibly can underneath the water surface protecting it from the sun and just exposing bare minimum you still be able to hear and see and smell what's going on around them they communicate with each other using a deep rumbling groan and is able to travel many miles through the water is there able to actually communicate with other hippos all the way down the river system depending on whether needing to say to each other tsunamis guys land and water are not eating they are sitting there all day just goofing off hang around waiting for it nighttime become because of nighttime is when they are actually going to go feed and get themselves some food they do not need the water plants in the river they wait until dark sun goes down gets cooler may come up out of the water service and then take off looking for grass to eat these guys basically a giant cow they will walk along until we find grasp its by the river bank that's fine if it's a ways away it would have to go farther and that they sometimes will travel many miles of a region plays with his green vegetation available green grass once they get to the green grass that is start to munch on the green grass and able eat all night insulating around a hundred and fifty pounds of vegetation per hippo per night and when they done that and they come back and spend wall around the days and in this and the water again so it's a very laid-back lifestyle for these guys who don't really have a lot to worry about and most predators are knowing there's no chance of being attacked by predators and so it's not too much stress for these guys they have very strong season they used to grind their food is basically you know grinding teeth to get that the tufts of grass and and and grassland which vegetation in the mouth and they are deceived taking drawing their whole life so they're actually counseling growing like the rodents almost religiously never stop growing so they can be worn down the males which of these enormous tusks inept at twenty inches long the teeth in the mouth which they used to defend themselves and ending territorial combat in that sort of thing so these guys are now coming back later on the water now the one thing notice welfare land in the water there is no expose on top of their back and I can be completely underwater and so they have to worry still about being sunburned now here is where something really special that we only figured out a few years ago Dick sent there is a pink oily fluid that is given off by the pores of the skin of the hippo all over its body was that it loses out not visiting fluke holds their skin and sciences has studied and is fluid and analyze it and found that it has the capability to block ultraviolet light and so just like when you put on some sunscreen on your arms protect your arms were being sunburn these hippos are basically coding themselves with their own sunscreen so they will not be burned by the summer sun and they're not getting get sunburned skin so here we have this little minor thing but little fluid is coming out which is absolutely crucial to this animal to be able to function properly and scientists said okay what else does this stuff do so they studied it smart and they found out that not only does it block ultraviolet light but it also is an antibiotic and sword fights off infection upon the skin of these hippos because there is no way for these guys to groom themselves and so they have to keep themselves from getting some part of the skin infection are having problems that we develop and sell this fluid not only blocks the sun but it also fights off any kind of bacteria or any kind of things that come along given problems so when we look at the hippo we are seeing one of the most amazingly built creatures we can imagine with some traits we never dreamed possible and how much other things that we don't even know about with animals and we haven't discovered yet and here we have an example of God making a totally familiar animal that we hardly see all the time he made his maven is one of the most amazing animals we could look at anywhere in the natural world that they hit those are an animal are all familiar with now to show you an animal that can almost guarantee that nobody here is some value what nobody has ever heard of or seen at all because this is an extremely set as secretive little creature found in the eastern United States found in the Great Plains found hiding underneath rocks logs places where you're not likely to see it unless you really looking for like I tentative that's what I do looking for the creatures hiding away with it know what else can I really want to take the time to look for in this little creature is at full size one inch long tiny little toad sitting underneath a rock in the middle of the eastern forest and grassland now you'll notice it doesn't really look quite like a frog which are you still doesn't really look like a told you used them and narrow mouth frog sometimes culinary milestone scientist don't even themselves in know what to call it because it has a lot of weird traits of no other fraudulent has you'll notice that it's got a little covenant pointed snout appear NSB cousin has a narrow mouth that's how it gets its name and it's just a little plump little fellow sitting underneath her log like I found it here now in the same place that I found this guy when I turned the rock over I also found this in a colony because this is exactly what the narrow mountain road wants to eat this is the sole source of food and so we find some shelter finance colony and sets up shop and that's where he is going to live his whole life as long as the supply lasts which is pretty easy to do because answer very common and easily available so they are eating the answer you know Marvin Cuba the ends as twenty food for the only big mouth that's a very small now that's what you have been a narrow mouth to mouth pants will defend themselves and that's where you get into the special trade these animals have the first one thing more about these low guys they are very solitary animals find one here on over there you know you do you're very lucky enough to find too many of them at once except for one situation in the springtime if you go out to a swamp in a place where there is a lot of runoff Springtime Eastern United States we also elicit stand there and also hear a very strange call surrounding you and also you realize you're surrounded by hundreds of narrow mouth Jones scenario wasn't a few of those calls because one of the strangest calls you never hear this is the mating calls of the narrow mouth so and if you don't find this to be particularly appealing as a meeting hall then you are not a narrow mouth to when I was standing at this spot reads at this picture listening to those calls that we regarded we were surrounded by hundreds of them literally hundreds of these toes were all around us in the slot I looked for about an hour and I could never find a one they throw their voice they hide out in the water service they float around notes and crannies and they are just the most secretive impossible to find creatures you can ever imagine so even when their abundance they're impossible to really study your watch because they are so secretive and they have such a strange and amazing ability to hide out from detection and so your best chance finding them is under their normal home underneath their log if you turn over the right law now what is special about these guys that really is different from any other toad or fraud that you could possibly imagine this is something that is just been learned again in the last few decades this is a truly amazing thing that is unique to this particular creature now a member when I said the dance and answer cursor can defend themselves by biting and stinging burning on the species and so at this point you I think that would be sufficient to drive this total way of soccer mess with any kind of fighting and staying but for some reason they don't seem to mind when the answer biting are trying to bite them on their legs with her back or anything it doesn't seem to faze him there apparently are not able to penetrate the skin or something were not sure but it doesn't seem to bother the but the one area where these guys are sensitive as there are they do not like to have their eyes bothered by it and they don't want to fighting stinging attacking their eyeball and so at this point now is where they have something very special you notice right here there is a weird little role of skin all the way across her one-sided ahead of the other and in fact that's exactly what is in the skin actually rolls up over onto it on top of itself it's actually overlapping and these guys have the ability to pull that flap of skin forward so that it actually covers up their eyes and actually shield their eyes from attack they can use it like a windshield wiper to knock away ask to clear away debris and to protect their eyes from being bitten and attacked by these answers they are trying to defendant Holly and so you have a very specific and unique gift given to this particular species without a doubt this is a perfect example of the little-known miracles of God 's creation because stuff like this were just discovering these tiny little animals around the world that they have some of the most amazing skills and abilities that we ever imagined given to them by God now fish are a huge group of creatures when we look at the fish world we are looking at half of the vertebrate animals in the world because when we look at all mammals all birds all reptiles and all amphibians put together we do not have as many species as there are fish fish are enormously diverse they have the most amazing sizes shapes colors forms you could possibly imagine some of them are saltwater some of them are freshwater and then have it every note and cranny that you or imagine in any water area and throughout the world weathers the top of a mountain stream or the depths of the ocean you have fish of one type or another this is one of the very strange ones found in the deep ocean areas were in walks around on these opportunities spin and it is called a walking bass fish and has always weird strange projections and whatnot and sufficient income and some of the strangest shapes and colors and sizes you can imagine that when we look at the fish world a lot of times we fall into the trap of thinking that these guys are very dull listless animals they don't have a lot of emotion I don't have a lot of intelligence they don't have a lot of feeling because they discussed when around in whatever never granted I haven't they don't seem to react very much to any kind of stuff that we do do then they don't seem to communicate to each other and so we have a very kind of disregard for the fish world as kind of one of their kind of pointless groups of animals out there but at more sciences study the more they figure out about these animals the more intricate they've turned out to be in fact it turned out to be one of the most amazingly dull creatures around they all have very sensitive abilities to allow them to function in their watery world build move around one thing all fish have in common is called a lateral line this is a line that basically runs along the entire side of their body in this operator you can see invisible their sentiments very easily visible zone it is almost impossible to see that all fish out this is a series of pockets along the side of their skin which actually will register vibrations in the water so that anything that is swimming around in the water any movement of the water currents around them will actually register on their skin and they can then move around often in pitch darkness Oregon very murky conditions and these lateral lines will allow them to know when enough to run into something when they're about to be chased by a predator all the sort of thing they can then register using this lateral line they also have the ability to smell all fish can smell to one degree or another and have a very sensitive ability in this regard that allowed the function in this way but one thing that a lot of these have in common are these weird little marbles that stick around the face of variety of species of fish here and as you can see it's again in the upper left on the other ones you see on the lower left right here in six here and this is something a lot of fish out and these are basically the same as whiskers on the mantle they basically are feeling touched that they can then feel what is going on around them and know if they are not to bump into something they can use it to figure out what is there in fright front of their face and so this allows them to be able to move around this I hear is called the drum it has a whole forest of low projections on its lower chin which it is able to run through the gravel in them I didn't know what is edible and no one is able to be eaten in front of it so these are very touch sensitive the same as your fingers for their able to feel what is going on around him he has been depositing like that so they have to have some way of feeling what is going on in front of his face of this years call the sturgeon now there's not too many species of sturgeon in the world but they have a very specific and special way of sensing what is going on around them they have the same title of feelers here from their upper lips and they have a set of four of them in these contests in the same way as the other feelers we looking at but more than that they have the ability to sense chemicals they have what are called chemoreceptors covering these tentacles and with that they can sense any kind of chemical in the water there's in a very dilute very diluted percentage in the water and so they can tell if there's something dangerous approaching toxic if there is food available in the area they can then move toward or away from whatever they need to do using these chemical reception ability on their upper lip feelers but now the most sensitive and the most amazingly belt of all the sensory fish are the catfish catfish company wide variety of forms they are one of the largest families of fish anywhere in the world are found in freshwater and saltwater some of the jungle rivers and South America are mostly species of catfish in one form or another and so you have a huge variety of different sizes shapes colors and forms but the one thing they all have in common is they have whiskers they're called catfish because they all have a series of whiskers sometime soon sometimes for sometimes six or more event allows them to feel what is going on around them so now these are very sensitive whiskers just like a cat moving through the dark users whiskers no one is not to bump into something these guys are able to do the same thing they also have chemoreceptors like the surgeon they can sense chemicals with their feelers and know when danger is approaching a no-win food is coming near and that and they use it in this way very much but it has one more set of sensors on these chemicals that the other fish do not have now when we taste our food we have taste buds in one place in one place only in honor tongue in her mouth however catfish have those same types of taste buds on their whiskers outside the face so they can feel with their list or anything around them and know what it tastes like before they were put in their mouth now this seems amazing and often this is like okay that's pretty weird but not only do they have taste buds on their whiskers but they have it on their face and they haven't on the events and they have another tale and they have it on their whole body there are taste buds all over the surface of this fish all yesterday was relevant then rub up his tail rubbed his body against any food object around you many know instantaneously what it tastes like and so he has have to waste his time to the taste bad or even quickly gobbling down if it tastes good and so this seems very strange and very foreign to us because we never have any kind of awareness of taste outside of our mouth and that these guys were able to taste everything around them very easily without any problem so the catfish are without a doubt the most specialized of the fish world in terms of their ability to sense what is going on around them in one form or another so now we look at the cat as we look at these other fish however there's one more thing also Shannon one thing I haven't mentioned yet and that is the ability that all fish have the ability to feel pain now vertebrate animals the same as reptiles mammals birds and amphibians all vertebrate animals have a nervous system and a spinal cord and nerve endings in the same way that the other we do and so all fish have the ability to feel any kind of damage done to their bodies to their lives their tails and fins announce whatever and this is why fishing is such a cruel and bloodthirsty sport because when you're putting a hook into the fishes mouth you're doing the same thing as if you put a nail into our mouth and so you're doing as much damage in as much cruelty to them as you would as if you hook your cat or dog in your backyard and drag it around to see how much fun that would be because these guys have the same sensory perception that all other mammals do and so that's why I make a big deal about fishing is not a practice that we as Anna should be paying any attention to because this is something where were deliberately causing cruelty to those animals out there which are doing us no harm whatsoever in fact there is sensitive as any other creature that we could possibly imagine so when we look at this world and the ways they are special we can see one of the most amazingly built groups of animals God is ever made he is made them so diverse and so special and so strange that we find an endless source of intellectual and curiosity when we look at these very interesting and different creatures found throughout the world 's oceans and freshwater areas one of the most amazing groups of animals God is ever made now again here's some ordinary looking animals tigers lions I don't easily show that kind of animal that were to be looking at a very strange cat pretty quickly here is an ordinary tiger than everybody has seen before in ordinary lions living than an income is a great day and Arafat belong to the group of animals called big cats and so now biologist call the big cats because they're big but sometime this will work okay in small cats are usually smaller bobcats and the other animals that set around the world is a lot of cat species that are very small but an outline is considered a small cat even though it's a very big cat and so this doesn't seem like this makes much sense there's a lot of internal differences that make sciences class one group of animals from a different group from another one of the interesting things is kind of fun for the layman to look at is the fact that all big cats can roar but they cannot her while the small caps like this care Carol can her but they cannot roar animus anything that most scientists no one paid attention to but it's kind of a fun differentiation between the big cats and the large cats here again is the captain of the Jaguars and here's another one of those strange ones the cheetah which actually blends a lot of the characteristics of both is considered a small cabinet has a lot of characteristics of big cats but there is one other cat which absolutely stumps scientists may don't know what to do with this particular animal is called the clouded leopard the clouded leopard is very rare animals found in Southeast Asia it is a very specific habitat of jungle growth that likes to be up in the tree tops and it is a very small cap its seminude synthesizer Bobcat basically but it is considered neither large-cap small-cap because it has a lot of internal differences that set it apart from all the others so let's take a look at this very interesting cat to start with these living up in the trees and jungles he's a very nimble Jackie 's has a tale that's as long as the rest of his body put together and he's able to use this longtail to balance himself disease running through the treetops because he is looking for a specific type of food you eat is looking for porcupine sees looking for monkeys he's looking for birds that is what is out there hunting for now if you're any going after nimble animals like monkeys or extremely well armored animals like porcupine as you have to be able to deal with that sort of defensive armament you have to build them somehow be able to overcome those defenses as so as clouded leopard has a unique gift that only it has left it in this world that is enormously large teeth when you look at the teeth of this guy they are the longest teeth and jaw ratio of any cat alive in the world energies are enormously long it is extremely long sharp fangs with which they can deal with even if a working fine here is a skull of a clouded leopard showing how enormous those teeth actually are the only cat in history which had longer teeth the jar ratio in the entire history of life on earth was the sabertooth cat of prehistory with their enormously long of front fangs they had and even now we wonder how in the world of those guys eaten it will function with such seat like that but they somehow were able to do so arrogant as the sabertooth tiger the fiftieth cap Anson out of the clouded leopard has the same body size as a Bobcat the bobcats to their much much shorter and much much smaller than a clouded leopard Steve and here is a Snow Leopard and Snow Leopard is much larger than a clouded leopard and their teeth are still probably not as big even as a clouded leopard Stephen terms the actual size let alone ratio so these guys are extremely well armored enough now they are running around through the treetops chasing their prey and full speed they can run straight down a tree trunk straight up at full speed doesn't matter they can actually run along the underside of a horizontal limb on the underside hanging from the lamb at full speed running long after a monkey or whatever to try to catch it they are so well balanced with their long tail that they can does nimbly jump between branches up and down sideways everywhere they need to go and so they are able to do this kind of thing very easily and rapidly making even saying by their hind feet from a tree lamp upside down differencing for easily can ground passing birds as they fly by them so these guys are amazingly built creature to move their way through the jungle canopy hard to study very hard to building and observed because they are so secretive and hard to track down question might be asked by some of us that is this really a design of God these guys are out there killing other animals and how can that be a design that God put together because it doesn't seem like that makes any sense for God 's world if you want to find out the answer that we will be looking at that tonight at six o'clock in our evening program what are the purpose of the predators where do they come from what is their purpose in God 's plan and how are they supposed to be part of what were doing out so what would eventually do is were going to and our meeting now this morning because it's eleven o'clock and seven were to finish up this morning were going to pick off directly where we left off here at this point on this is not the end of this presentation we still have the second half of this presentation to go or we can still look at smaller animals we have moved the time up to four thirty this afternoon because we want to have some time for question-and-answer after my meetings and sewers and actually go from four thirty to five thirty and seven four four fifteen have some question-and-answer time and then take a little break and at six o'clock we'll be starting our last presentation in our last presentation like I said will be dealing with creditors what is the purpose of the plot predators were to look at the Bible and look at nature militants from crossing to seeing what their role is in God 's creation are they supposed to be here why are they here how can we relate to them and what is our what is the way that your what is the reason for existence so the first to four thirty will be continuation of this the last meeting will be a brand-new meeting that has never been given before anywhere at all this is the inauguration of this meeting I've been working on this being for the last two years and I say good for you guys to make it how do it here for the first time I can nail the turnout for that one it is the most important meeting of the day if you can only come to one meeting this afternoon come to the six o'clock because it is definitely brand-new important stuff that has never been touched upon by most people we never really talk about this issue and so this is a very interesting and the Serb minority leader looking at tonight now for those of you who remembered my last presentation when I was here I didn't on this creation presentations in the morning for the evening music meeting at animals ethics and Christianity that dealt with our treatment of the animal world the way that animals are abused by humans and the ways that we as Adventists have a better responsibility that we need to do to care for those animals that we come in contact whether it's in our backyard or on our plate or in our closet or wherever they happen to be and so this is something that we look at last time to see what the Bible and spirit of prophecy have to say it's what my topic of my book is animals ethics and Christianity for those of you who come tonight for the evening meeting we will also be having available those books for free like we did last time for those of you want to pick up a copy of my book that deals with this subject and so that will be available this evening as well after the outline in the last meeting we will also have our materials after sundown that we have for sale for those people who want to get a hold of what were doing here today because everything using today is available as DVDs all the meetings today will be available in high-quality DVDs so that is something that after sundown will be available to the books themselves be free now those of you who remember that sermon I might be afraid of tonight sermon White House in pictures that you don't want look at and so I want to assure you it said that that's a nice evening meeting will not be in any way graphic or anything like that this is the same type of presentation during this morning this is about the labor got quiet it has made the world and what we do have an excellent gap is beautiful when I could be dealing with the ugliness of man's abuse of the animal world like we did last time I don't apologize for showing those types of pictures because we need to see what is happening in the world if we are going to back away from it and not include ourselves anticipating and supporting those types of drills he saw that something I feels very important that we all need to realize what is going on in the world but today's meetings are not those kind meetings so don't feel like you need to stay away in order to avoid any kind of unpleasantness that you might have thought about Alaska so tonight 's meeting is set in the lightest at six o'clock to seven o'clock it will be ending at sundown we would not be keeping you here past Sunday sermon finish up now with a final prayer and will finish this thing has me as we close morning if other heaven we thank you very much for this opportunity to study your nature and the ways to make it special we ask for your continued blessing as we witnessed to each other on the ideas that you put forth that we need to share and asked her to continue to help and strength today on the Sabbath day the same


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