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The Last Adventist Deception

Eugene Prewitt


Eugene Prewitt

Director, The Institute of East Asia Training (IEAT)



  • April 1, 2006
    4:30 PM
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him better during the fashion in any other fashion because people just seem to love argument is not in life contradiction are confusing bank that make people want to hear someone embarrassed themselves and the Bigelow it is not as risky to bear false witness neighborhood rather than his verbal women against your segment reported very one-sided but instead also not very both witnesses enough not her fault witness again I know you say that she's a sweetheart you don't have to worry about wondering whether not really dig down through you can just take a café nice things about the web becomes recipe is my father not negatively check in I we are going to prayer and then enter into Alaska but I father in heaven design best answer questions raised by critics and surgeon people I ask that you would make them going the answers that you would strengthen the influence of advances from leaving the influence of English say that is misrepresented what is true in the skin and she's look at your handout out one down to the last point you'll see that the statement the statement about the last steps within the address church is just the very last deception of Satan will be handmade and not back morning by where there is no vision the people perish Satan will work ingeniously in different ways and through different agencies I can't live them got run the ball in the truth testimony the most prominent in my opinion of the anti- online webpages is held white .org an online .org a frequently asked questions section with the client of frequently asked questions if you're a millionaire check out question number thirty one the question is something like this you are a little like .org how are why do you dare to say anything while lying fulfilling her prediction it would try to make her testimony is not about the sincere questions on limit value product webpage answers reply all life .org said something like this that year searching one of our clinics like to quote the statement but in nineteen eighty the wine estate we leave the entire lecture and when you read the next sentence it was an entirely different light on the quotation of the next sentence here but I cannot read I wrote this before I got it on I'll tell you what is the next sentence roughly speaking about people that claim to have visions people that claim to be moreover Robin Carnahan and you have the Ellen half of her life hesitates about how MSN said Satan will use these various visions to create I discussed anything that claims to be a vision and would best weaken people 's confidence with house money for the spirit sure what and so in fact what the hell my health or life outlet .org website says he has you are taking the only statement out of when you put it in context of speaking not of people like me but people that are waiting to have the gift of prophecy like a white government responded his response is triggered in nineteen eighty the white estate relief the whole argument in the whole letter is not true that death sentence was released in nineteen eighty in fact it was released in the very same place in the statements from seconds like the messages page seventy eight if you agree the very next side effects but the messages if there was printed in nineteen fifty eight five that was printed in mind that I live by the same year nineteen fifty eight by more than that in nineteen eighty when the whole letter was really a sentence was released after his death sentence in front of you one of those books enough that this goes something like this it says and say who will also work through man web given up our confidence in the House of Lords and it goes on to describe a very work at home work .org is doing but you just look at the same as it is here overthinking a slave where the next three words and endeavor ways and through different agencies by now that whoever wrote that response in a laptop or had you read the sentence was released in nineteen eighty because he knew it was released in nineteen eighty and inputting sentences it was newly released and been out before and neglect in the next sentence in speaking to some not sure number two one way commissioning get into this because there's too many issues to cover already what you're brought up some disk I tell you what it says there briefly there's a quotation on your handout at prophecy of what segment do with music in our church in the end of the that's one of the most incredible predictions overnight because when I was made is not like this is normal for their religious life in North America and then Mister not have happened in Iowa but that movement was squelched right is coming for camp meetings just before the probation and has been happening in the end of strengthening the health reason in the entity that you have personally and I say it's happening now that's more than one place that is making me that while Missouri conference pass for old meeting couple years ago is your music was coming up was there you have to add he had read the statement it was even know the outcome of the meeting between the top of the music so when the topic came up and asked about the statement second message is that if you happen to have meetings with reportable probation could have but when anything like really than we had in his head and you know you are the individual director that was there told him not just taking the word of the sky was at that meeting but told him that this was a prophecy of the high hospital whites want to understand that it says are you needing a second to the last line here and yes I know that because of a Pentecostal health mullahs going strong the web of life on this earth it was already there so they didn't have music we have a very good the best nine three the nature of his regime the number of rooms in the center long long ago in a land far far away there was a sanitarium that was built in Paradise now the name of it was paradise Valley Center and I don't have the personnel and yes it is called Doctor Marino they are not in California and San Francisco paradise and now it was built in California is called the Paradise Valley Center Ballenger was a pastor when there's a line of three balancers grandpa father and son and they all things mentality so you can just call Ballenger you have the same idea of bringing Ballenger was the pastor that was over here and it she got a hold of a personal letter her know why someone that measure the number of rooms that matter why it was not now I remember what was in the letter nor what the reality of life the difference with my fourth for the both of them are ninety religious authorities actually felt like that only her number was around one thirty one eighty six ninety is and was hurt by Ballenger is evident that she can be trusted I hear you laughing about one way to try to answer this objection the pulling down by saying the old man who cares about the number of rooms no vessel selling like this on a suggestion if not the best way because it gets too much self and their goods they determine which not important but who knows which number ten percent this time were eleven percent or nine is a better way in a more simple way of it one thing about the storied balladry never published a letter in fact Wilhelm when admitted that she had written it and novellas recuse rewriting it you can source the rolled over today and you will find the critics don't have it twice they got in Brisbane a copy of it around values in public behalf everyone will it wasn't a religious one it was a Commonwealth and profits also have to write a letter and income and bank pop-up pop one element responded about that letter that said she said is that common letters must be written I have to happen you know you and you happen to live in this life even if your profit but don't be confused that I fire and uninspired are not mixed together and some confusing conglomeration what's Rittenhouse is written out my copy of her testimony might have life and copies of the original if there is inherent like the last one noting his hold on the thing like that hey I have a life ending thank you dearest I appreciate that you be very dangerous for me because the shape is like Hitler now for something children and any other electronic than right here from dangerous that worked out and yell came out here during intermission of a number of objections I get to my point you want to go through a bunch of that are listed here the first one was brought up was that held lightning prediction that Great Britain would enter the war England on the fight itself and while that was always mentioned there's a great deal more to it that Great Britain would enter the war the war cannot be conducted successfully that in fact it was impossible to conduct a fast way that you don't conduct the Civil War software community you have undergone you got to go Great Britain never did enter the lower end of the war was conducted successfully and we only have Lauren they are not brown why was about half a summary of the accusation that he is a will you can find the statement yourself first when the testimony or three chapters there in the Civil War on the summarize the answer for you our white word that paragraph about the whole thing to say in a very hypothetical situation life I like the first twenty fifteen four this morning that if in this life only we have opened right your all men most miserable doesn't say that we are of all men most miserable but if there is no resurrection we are of all men most miserable balancing which indicate there is that as long as the North American hierarchy United States was willing to let slavery continue that there is no way that they would be glad their efforts to conduct the war to save the union and that's true you can read about our dear link Lincoln was right playing that he does not care to help condition of the slaves if you could save the Union without doing Lincoln made the right lane and a number of his generals also were the very same mind they're not interested in abolishing slavery in fact in many abolitionist movements in North America that his movements were saying we should abolish slavery blacks were not allowed to be members of the respect prejudice even the north but slightly before Gettysburg when the battle on on much longer than later Lincoln saw the light video not seem to give you half if Lincoln was hearing was resurrected in your African what was your conversion experience you know you talk about the battle of Gettysburg making sure that the turning point in his life is on policy and efficient the summary of heaven make a change of policy about slavery and said he was going to abolish it documented policies related to the northern administration and what was the number software is that the reason Britain had and had not entered the war is that Britain was afraid that if she didn't issue the week nominations with African-American governor via General Wilmore is they can bring the number the more I'm making this change of policy North America and then press is not one of how many were not it all happened just as it should have in view of the fact that making changes JV stands for Jupiter someone you go to our website you can find a statement in the picture I saw brought up here and I thought picture there about holiday assortment on Jupiter the eleventh how ludicrous doesn't Paul and Sherman on Jupiter are Jupiter or like much less than three hours until you only never saw short men are on their bungee that picture came from putting together two statements both of which were misunderstood and twisted recall what I her statement pay from the helmet from the ministry when adjusted for vacancy happened was unconvinced as you and again a vision that happened that in his presence she began to describe things that she saw what he described to me that he had seen and studied astronomy and yet is on telescope Hubble about working the issue described asynchronously it would have been entirely useless relic is starting the Bible reveals what the right things are helpful enough and that women be that span what if anything he could see it I'll split his time was that Hitler had for the L1 felt planning ahead for the end-user all that Jupiter don't ever think of growth hormone holds himself up at whatever will also hand on that's Wednesday nothing happened there except what I've expect to profit the God who gives that vision to establish the privilege of the basic meanings of the base command that men help us so much gone one now the understatement later Ellen White saw a fight it out in the universe somewhere working it was visited and event planner had four movements another planet she saw living being and they were all identical which was her main point aren't you glad the critic is the one who said that because ad for mood like I should see another vision it must be format John Griffin there are angels on other planets in the enough and if they have to have between zero to six million the most common number of vitamin B zero one two three four five following same it's just not credible fine but there was when the planet had one this says something like that L O W not relentless about that when those amounts will slaves back to that is that without I might have read that I'm writing on my hands there have been critics for unknown light from the eighteen nineties in the nineteen seventies because early writing to thought economy and invite him back he saw that there were slaves that were free from their masters as I later went to have and the master didn't maybe read some of the statements and the critics are saying ha ha now like to thought went back to slavery slavery ended in eighteen sixty nine Apollo I think when you read National Geographic last year in users labor shortfalls are less later date in the reason for the journalism and that the articles are more places than ever before in the Earth 's history the critics wrong why didn't there were we know that there is not to be a revival slavery but might very well be in more than readily for the Marriott will not be renewing by printing about Jeremiah chapter eighty turn with me off-line this placement is Jeremiah eighteen Berlin and Martha necessity is that I speak concerning a nation concerning the kingdom the plot got called out of the destroyer if that nation against whom I spoke in terms from the table I will relent from the disaster that I thought you bought at the good and bad news because verse nine and nation against him I've spoken to me and if I speak assignment and nation restraining hand on the bill in the plastic if that doesn't be able in my site so that it does not obey my voice then I will relent concerning the regardless I said I would benefit these are general statements not about some specific prophecy the general principle God gave Jeremiah about his one hundred policies are conditional any property that hinges as a judgment or reward for wrongdoing or good doing is manifestly conditional on the continuation of the letter on doing it following to surrender my initiative AA out like an apostate considering the fact of a very good billing process was going on the road prior to some romances in our church when Angel said him all in the meeting some are going to be good for work while harsher half and some of them are going to be subject to the seven last laugh is not only impossible about to happen but I really don't expect to there will be a special Resurrection at some point prior to my coming I don't think that's inevitable that he'll need the ability anyway going and some of them would betray Philadelphia and that lack there all day is coming based on a calendar or is it hinged upon the welldoing of his face in applying to well doing to these people in the gospel of the entire world in a generation and reproducing the character of Jesus we can do and what instance of Lord spoke to haven't done it yet we turned away from what we're doing well that wasn't done in the gym is the second half of the medication is ever going to candidate in God when eventually got there but the ones that were going to get you some insight to write one critic said it was a conditional prop of their is nothing the prophet said it wasn't conditional for my aching federal conditional provision on the right or wrong doing someone asked me this is the only felt like I was in my audience well why I will remember personal information wasn't filled with people forget Alan light Road and article called appeal to mother that particular article was an attack on the life and they all masturbation but not like they is called by lots of things but none of them were that and some of them are easier to say like secret vice medical use that with the rest of this meeting a life that a number of things about secret vice that you ask psychologist and positions the day they would tell you that those things were ridiculous she tries to that I'll happen such space as well this is the worst one for insanity and death and you know they're not spending the way to nap or read that your mother position today they were telling that there is nothing harmful visibly with that I don't believe in talking with Doctor Nutley about this couple years ago and I asked Neil P had an interview Neil Nutley does not develop independently about meeting this month ask about it after the any information on what he said was that there's only been one clinical study done by the double-blind study on related even possess the entire history of medicine in two years ago I asked anyway and you know Neil you know that he doesn't just make both of them thought was one of those funny people it was not a 19th-century was gone insane asylum and was a study of the practice of secret vice and the continuation and the suffering of people that suffered from ten the conclusion was that they contributed to the problem and made a worse longer last analysis value that is the conclusion of the Holy Spirit study covered me my thinking was shortly followed life has changed direction there must've been some some study to change the direction but no one anything it was just a change in presupposition languages and medical studies and see what comes up now so you're thinking common sense that the increase in the practice of that has been dramatic but we have dramatically increased insanity sawdust of the whole color catalog is not logical because we are heavily medicated society and in fact there has been a true menace increase in bipolar disorder and again even in schizophrenic a tremendous increase why are we seeing the increase as we look around it's because you and bipolar disorder to connect the suicide are in a position to say that it's a legal disorder that that's just where you have science of the study and eventually shows a connection between that and will practice an increase in guilt and oppression that eventually produces the and him problem without the nickname elements that are the last ninety three for no other studies contradict the people the state is just ridiculous I just make that up in the weather talk about life they also go to the issue of the next thing to be sure in his relations I don't know enough about it don't go there together things were simple makes more sense your thumb brother came up here and half it was true that the brother in Europe are not in favor of the spirit of prophecy the generality and that is fair for certain parts of Western Europe and the question he brought up was the life it might be useful for you to know no formula making an open at all churches remain just want to tell you that I think about how to know who's in level anyway was able to hear Elvis Romanian by the time Romania was under an iron curtain and when the Iron Curtain fell to her more at this Romanian and the rest of Western Europe what was your night in Western Europe put together in Romania they believe the testimony that point in the rest of Western Europe and then how to come to be the visibly upset story there is something to it that you are one version for you in writing with the discouraged church leader was driving in the eighteen eighties early eighties he was thinking about giving up his position as Nablus ministering giving up his pockets with testimonies I just didn't make sense to him involved myself up in the European field media in frame one hundred and twenty and having peers out there I thought he would give at the Manoa campus he arranged the congregation any additional conference to seek for help with his discouragement has doubts about the testimony became the Minneapolis instead of getting how he found the brothers in general in the San Juan mire of confusion and doubt that he had been suffering from volumes in your Internet help he went home I concluded that own life what about the other Sabbath was still the sound that is so he began teaching faith as he understood that did help him too much we came to the issue of World War I the satellite time he was going to this fellowship the numbers we would not support the German war machine by bearing arms working on that note and understand in fact a number of years later some of the pension with satnav 's church he could retire with a set pension that day out of the Bengals lose the week I'm really on retirement party resigned Sunday on the nomination is a member not only is the director of the European division enjoy the something that was in the denomination until his death Western Europe was under his tutelage from more than twenty five years the rules of the lot when you are more than thirty five years that the Arizona State from under his influence began to prosper in the restive areas are suffering as they are southeast Asia division ended up having a later version and you will have teleported for the selfish are someone mentioned the holy cat making the fun out of life and the basis of gender abnormalities in the relations of the early believers your legislative thought is not right by eliminating that some of the early Adventist movements there were some uncouth things going on people throwing around and barking and yelling and a lot of only kissing and some other stuff that was there home I didn't want to write about the holy cats possibly but you don't need to conjecture that she got it from the fanatics that should review from day one the rent is out of business you know she was rebuking him from day one that was her business some unwanted elements talk about the naming trial like it was her friend she wrote against him in opposing the poet is imposing even the night they got arrested for selling but am it you're going to use a life for her one statement 's monopoly chess you understand that his voting Bible is often Puerto Rico last weekend I saw a lot of holiness I even received one of them my wife is right beside London returning from America when a lot of the world there's a lot of link if you still going on you know there's nothing bad about America would be a different story in some places in some way my point was just earthquake how to profit from the chapter after the flood all white come the closest she ever got headhunting she writes there is one most interesting things that happen like that mask field of education with their busy fall in oil that many of these are very subterranean places are superseded by the campus down there but they frequently ignite because the action of the limestone in the water that sometimes there are great explosions underground and these sound like muffled thunder on the surface and caused volcanic eruptions and earthquakes in your read that statement is fairly accurate description what's there and then after she died undiscovered tectonic theory and its iconic here we found out here as always always not shipping pieces and when they run into each other and crumple up and I think I like mountains and are pulling apart with an lab comes up to the spot and pictures National Geographic shows in the lobby CM Sony looking like there are many volcanoes in many earthquakes are not associated with fault lines many fault lines are not associate with tectonic plate the fact the matter is that science really have the advanced as far as you might think in the business of understanding when and how they spent about it was in the journal nature just two years ago a study on the quantity of water that is in the mantle of the earth that is far below the surface of liquid water at hyper heated water in molten rock and the study are rather the probably more than one half the water in the world is there him around I have heard is finances not disprove anything that statement five having to figure out whether Colin a while came from enough the first time and then you get beyond that you have the rest of it don't tell me to contradict the site is we don't know and don't save drawn from the five hundred and from that geological theories of everyday is not that research has been done it's a unique piece of literature have been a okay in eighteen ninety something or other homeland was in Europe and Asia John was in Michigan is the guy is pretty excited because the church was having some complications being run without the profit and profit is their faith in right away and go on for several weeks the profit is not distance away that he heard that a young lady named Anna with having the vision I put in my own life I've met many people that have business maybe a aside arguments and cost case any of you have visions opening the market leader in the visions and dreams most often neither from the I was most often they come from our imagination you permanently know that this is not making fun I will she doesn't pay to have visions were anything special in her dreams I felt well as my wife has really need to fact that she was not as rational and why this is the life tried to convince her that her dreams as Virgil because she has to think about spiritual things and the right installments had dreams come through multitude of the business reread on the hotel you I can interpret her dreams shall tell me the pictures you have five pages when thinking about because you talk about the day before they develop if you are not figured results seriously would help preserve the age of about we just shut most dreams are the product of our own imagination Pentagon wired to have someone say things like that for her her dad when he heard that spiritual dreams took quite a different position and thought they were probably from having and she began to share her testimony and he began to write about because there's nothing like having a daughter as a prophet never short especially physical medium AG Jones bought into it in front of the tabernacle he gave a sermon based on John chapter ten where Jesus speaks about how my sheep hear my voice and they follow me they know my voice writer that he would read as their nonlife faith you hear the voice I recognized my faith we hear the voice of their users interacting with a job and another one united voice I think we are going to lecture time you recognize non- leader the glycosaminoglycan that wasn't nice but again anyway and then he uses it as evidence that if you are fishing even this must be a raw string you never should accept boxlike in fact that's a different starting a business profit can be a long drawn out slow process if you draw out long enough you will end up accepting them I mean false ones which is going on than available last audio story lately jobs he was on his sermon the post office was the momentous part of the story any a letter from the life and he opened up in the presence of another was there anything from the engine the L White told him sunlight how did you dare to stand up one of the people and read the writings of anodyne liar as if they were inspired by the spirit that story at least proves that online casinos part of God without medications Georgia said you just can't use the blow to the head I've been medical hallucinations that when that storm I was really going to happen the next meeting of the tabernacle he shared it was then left to have told you that met this lady was a topic I was wrong and I'm right and sat down in a manner I give him credit for a yeah three these measures are sometimes enough when you get enough any attention to him how do you evaluate a true prophet I can give you different viewpoints as we started with hospital profit you want to review those things but even if someone passes all the initial Telstra profit for the hotel you if one of you had a dream right here and using good people is that we should all stop telling lies he sat down it might be hard to continue with one of the type of raw I feel it is the devil can get away with even making false prophets look good for at least some period of time things like the messages of the hundred pages about how to help the one arena is when we look back in case in particular the Mac and are interesting people it looks like the only people allowed to prove their ministry of the spoken tongue is greeted next point of how true all how to tell the truth you don't talk about the shut door the minute it is surprising to me that this objection gets as much traffic cartridges handle it to be given too much for the opposition 's case in summary our life talked about how she had believed in a shut door prior to particular problem and that there was an art and there was a northern art and when Angel shut the door there was a period of time when the rain had not begun to fall but if you want to argue working to get if you follow the story from Genesis to address reported that they shut our they concluded from that similar passages of the review appeared of time clarified honey with there wouldn't be any more celebration going on I feel like you're right I thought yeah I did the shut door that in eighteen forty four on October twenty two inches then come back many concluded that this is what happened October twenty two was that the fulfillment of this clause the probation outline also believed that general isn't normal the Bible for profit sometimes the believable ideas all of the apostles believed both ideas for some time in fact a number of profitably qualified be it had to be corrected and made an evenhanded David told itself and connect fables I do think I'm the right thing for that was the pro-life database developer this time for this fun out of it for her nation use the figure of a shut door now she had a preconceived opinion about a shut door and the vision did not explain very much about that door prompting talk about a shut door in connection between the beginning the multipurpose ministry of public placement is yes the reverse of the paintings in the front as doors and revelation for one one don't have another go was certainly undaunted while the northern hoping out my father measured by John if you can measure she didn't understand it is not Wednesday on the helmet pages and falsehood on the issue of the knot one written statement without there is no more salvation for centers after October twenty two eighty church in this understudy she never taught it wrong that's ironic then when she eventually did explain what happened is a one hundred and thirty five right sooner that men are on the petitioner right shame was given instructions and help her rub her husband Jason studied about them and they get that element is responsible in our church out of this shot your idea by merging the salvation of the conversion of Mister Wagner that's the father of the famous Jones you know you're not a part of the way to summarize the shut door issues a lever you to go back and find one alike never hot air on the never thought there was no more salvation is point fusion adhesive there was a shut door and many of the adverse pioneers when her husband is understood that state left normal for the way property understood and given how they understand himself your computer said his officers are owned by the state the script will determine what normal was talking about first Peter the man and understand it it is shade that you then with one copyright they she was using directed rather than that should copyright Soviet is no objection in the shuttle will the White House Hannover House reporters don't notice they were not have an objection that you'd like to hear an answer to your defibrillator had asked the question yes if hypocrisy of that word okay they need your help is very ugly hypocrisy like that is not that you have going and manipulate those that are several hypocrisy is altogether that they are brought up our fuel grade diet and photographs of the mainland although accusations against backward photographed when even bring up know how life did write about photography the waste of money on it and if I could just try to urge reform among people I don't even know I would very guess that in this audience is available from any hundred and fifty people here are so that we probably have a hundred and fifty digital camera probably ninety five digital camcorder probably use us I reckon the body in the last two years we have had fifty six thousand dollars on picture which would hire a Bible worker were four thousand months in many parts of the world and the benefit that is my pictures are not heard him about a month of our work noticeably the previous letter that you really do need to keep updating your account theft level one on so she wrote something about this and then she ended up getting a number of pictures taken of herself you know no one ever called her on she called herself in public policy in the juvenile regular five violence and Roxanne in fact a hard time talking about and didn't do that talk and not all of them even when made it right so what about the eighty drive a lot of dishonesty in the meeting as you let me point out some things that are alike agent needs a number of times after she is sad that I'm forgetting me for I must before you get too nervous the light never did say and I don't even believe that the time had come in her life when you say that there is never time for eating the time I have not got situation wildlife in the last twenty years were those a good hybridity not traveling all around the world but I can imagine I can picture me in a situation in Alaska right throughout in the woods in the winter by myself where I can see myself I couldn't kill him was I tried with my provider I might be because there's a number of things but there rhino went around like one figure that eating meat that has information eating squirrel and not but never in this world are the compelling any sense but accusations came from a trip or vacation she made into the Rocky Mount I like copy publications it is therefore a month I will copy all of the Christian broker like portions that are and there was quite a hospital nearby but while they were going in this vacation in the Rocky Mountains they fit enough provisions to get all the way when it got more provisions this was a good idea but while they were going something happened the slogan that you can't necessarily know that you are but they haven't asked for permission but then something else happening that a true of people coming to an made for provisions and were starving they didn't know how to hunt or fish and they had been out of food for quite some time in the life group gave them a large portion of their supply now the lights were in adequately supply to make it to where there were no they did however have life and some ability I really did go hunting dog and had some success and they did eat some and this is not the Rocky Mountains a day where there is a quarter miles there's nothing inconsistent with anything alike ever wrote about eating meat with the most help you can follow insane that without what about eating wasters are typical church response not there is any record of the shushing eight wasters except by a proverbial wire the same invaluable but putting that in issue aside is not able to read her story she was announced she publicly several times admitted that what he told them want to license our time and again and she did end up saying a fiber the only thing we haven't had all-white cover of a boisterous was a letter she wrote asking for some bicycle tours responses that are charged at that point did not have any way of me and nonevaluative oysters in light of removing and not isolated because it's one of growth is I have read were a lifetime in one paragraph about like two sentences like I did not even any need for a long time were eating fish level of law issued only when the rubber things like that but I is is your typical neighbors love Israeli conflict I raise happen you can't just have a vegetarian who got felt her ongoing revision I heard another reply to that and I don't have any school might hand to evaluate this literature law is given feeling of your minor tool doing that is that she was writing a relative and they are the result that vaulted out of old name of oyster vegetables many places have pulled me I found out my travel find the names of many assails me believable but I don't know the truth I do not only had to say about the general topic of judging her by what she she said she would give up being like Hamlet should him a while now what rights you have to look at what's written you won't find in profits the ideal practice with profits right who I think I found it hurt me that ideal when she wrote the jewelry is the definition is kind of funny word is when I find that if you like .org website they have actually photographed there of her witnesses drivers and you blow and it will soon be a demented patients it is what they call a gold or silver chain and a piece of jewelry right here and there were not enough that we are over the age you are voting on health is okay thought that that is one of the island picture non-Italian I don't know how you can help with the little spring right here is gold or silver black and white photograph expanded that many times was ready to begin with but I do know what I learn sometime ago on White had a twin sister only as she had a twin sister and her twin sister were jewelry and/or number of pictures taken of her twin sister and several days of the circulation of pictures available on not never found anyone that was close to her then turned to be an enemy of person that ever brought up this issue is not never seen a picture of her with diaphanous people you recognize that people where she was wearing any jewelry in all the frankly I think the pictures on the part of Robert Francis stated any other questions objections that might bring on okay one of an element I think they feel about this and that it has been a lifelong news for down to earth but warned that there is Jerusalem Hannah Hannah Andrew Fleming S document may affect the temples the issue of the Temple and have now is Revelation say I saw no temple I think is one of the weakest of argument you often make the revelation that the path and revelation that Jonathan Fry because he sees no because when you see everywhere else in the book of Revelation I was the third of the Temple and then there doesn't want while my father was once young later when the law is just also that make an objection on an objection the Temple for salvation donations overdid on the you is that really one is not in the same woman had a few findings have never seen anything like that no my wife I don't think alike ever told anyone to get baptized now you're going to hell in fact our evangelist do that shame on them is just not a blood becoming a regular life Lavinia I guarantee you in an effort to be another one I have like that standard central position in the denomination that respect but the question and answer the thought that I could figure the thing about that helps your mother needs to be we have information and got quite typically as if it was fighting with your original is not your bunch more but if he chooses to bless the family anyway I'll be happy but he doesn't smile you are not believe him or her for quite some time because he sure warned Yugoslav Bible has many more warnings against receiving a false prophet but it does against rejecting the truth take your time to respond that is little that if the customer was about food in the table versus the Saudi legitimate request prospers today and probably no one here is his writing money and suffering and formulating both cases the statement was how fast of liberality commission and the nonviolent kindergarten chatter enclave is not as him will really become better when you have running water on it out of them we have become a better way in fact our professor giving permission gone horribly down in the Bible does have a lot to say about attention to sell we do get a lot of attention felt if we will look in those statements the visit she says for example about and about using about entertainment I think you'll be amazed not her knowledge to how much God first followed by minimizing a really rough rough really really well in fact the issue bicycles in the article back and read that I don't think about anything that would condemn you even if you letter plainly just as it is a bicycle or what you would find something you like and does one hundred and two thousand dollars bicycle with positive moment I respond of this having without and not much bigger than the Camden vision is familiar with the brother just bought me here there are a number of statements that come from dubious sources in the life felt like people who knew her like one woman who said that Helen Whitehead on next June my Canadian creative something that you find a name affidavit that she heard on Wednesday officially from the Bible for your Bibles to Romans chapter three in Romans chapter three were looking at verse eight is sad and why not say not us do evil that good may come as some we are slanderous the reported adverse virus reported in some form that we set with people who accused policy saying let's do good and evil evil the good may come your people who accuse policy and with others his age I heard them say of my own ears are others that are not ever we know it didn't matter their people affirmed he never said the closest he came to thought that wearing equity balance right is much more back be sure to visit about some reason they don't make that about there are many thanks reported that only setting in here's one of the story from a trial of Israel done you are not trials reported is accurate aligned then some strange things I would believe for a minute thoughtfully on the character of the religious right and I've read a lot that's why when you set up why might her reaction was to invade this out here anything else you certainly wasn't for writing what you love is what you should relish even about pictures over the course of a number of years found in the net waterways between the two of those experiences she did the lollies in the checkout lady you jump on me and dry Smith brought up the question and he was quite certain that you need to come up with a good solution to this alive response to him makes up a large share of eighteen eighty eight cereals not like forty percent in a like a good part of percent of made pages in the written him on the top summary is that God is not confusing and doesn't mixed together in spite of one concern is barred net profits can be relied you are and I really have not found in careful reading that profits donated still revolve today and that's good stuff ditto Elmore I think artificial patriotic is a authoritative a continuing source of inspiration you you can't talk about levels of inspiration because as soon as you do you know what is your basis for determining which the government a high level much of the low-level data have to be looking at the low level in your life on a gotten a high level in your movie night yes and in regard about this last night I think you're here about the reason we need a lesser light when a vision foresight to save us from the cunning craftiness of men provided which is all right human aggregate audience sitting here you understand that it is so obviously a reason that you were not quite Raytheon has something like this and deer are willing the time has come when we ought to be turning away from our habit of thinking about self you know you're onto a testimony if it says dear will I wish that we had painted the house blew your onto the personal life and that by the habits and careful habit unknown like they're not she's specifically addressed the issue of personal letters the gospel through her personal letters many times she was careful not to write my computer question is you know an answer on transfer of the longest word because she was instructed people take what she said and you are what inspired you whom I like you got a common enough instead a baby on committee backup Logan say more than a prophet of the two thousand and one the term mortified definitely includes a profit and before you take issue people send you a proper number the numbers of images that she didn't have any issue people call her profit jump on this is the surface that she did not think his people over profit but she is a different work herself involved more than a prophet or messenger the one you started due to the lesser messenger of the Lord that firm invited well for example someone who is qualified with software printer people put on the price something wonderful not less accurate more important darkness whose name is to be referring to one of them is in the blood evangelism this had do not bring my your life do not bring his sister wife in front of white paraphrase of it the statement is not about reading that what she wrote to apply it's about making her my what you do is regularly good guys are not the greatest length of the front I mean not to make her alternative the Bible study I don't think that's when referring to she wrote to the nineteen oh one General conference I think this is what you're going to when there was quite an issue of people the very people that were refusing her councils and how to organize the church and especially about kingly authority in the church these men refusing her counsel never daring to quote her testimony this was offensive and she indicated them that don't you quote sister wife again how you will learn how to obey the Bible because that's the described church polity that we ought to organize the representative way the business of a top-down organization with anti- biblical lunchroom the key phrases until I don't know how to allow homeowners I have a video you okay last night we dealt with his/her life issues she was only function for users or less light about herself the joy that one was talked about how we need to distribute her books at home orders that it wasn't in contrast the Bible but there are other places like first recognize this page thirty three merchandise make very clear God does not want us using our wife has a soft tube for Bible study specifically when God wanted to correct definition of what I'm restarting itself again and electrolyte when he wanted to correct us on a number of other issues he led left of rust the size of a handoff you ought to be Bible scholars identified by the Friday night was on your handheld this argument alike gets more attention than the Bible both she only gets more lip service if people were actually reading you would find that they would become Bible scholars are like a resource for answering these and there are a number of websites devoted to answering these objections Google doesn't find them as well find I will note from the Google worksite I had a numbercrunching way also a number of books have been written in white estate has material and most of these objections they fairly decent on microcredit rafting and falling pretty good messenger of the Lord by Herbert God bless answers many of these objections Bob Nicole has his own website and find that people googling in the plaintiff that you can find websites however the caveat that takes much less time to make alive that doesn't answer it maybe you can just make them require ongoing research in archives that find out that it's just a lie so you cannot expect God 's people to keep up with the business but because they really behind in the ones that were made a long time ago which are the most significant degradation of indwelling in America are not the media .au and apparently there are not the media Honda Australia AU by nephew Nichols book without paying on fourth with us for this free phone line will I'm willing to let you go to simplify the XML will give him really about her right because even if she had died of what they do Bible still support her saying that you should those maybe on my medical school year you probably know that if you get overfed as a baby the number of fat cells you have provided is nothing more than the average Joe and bad for you to maintain a low body weight is more difficult home life it have a fairly sedentary calling it should make earnest efforts to keep herself out in the open air and exercise even when she was very we can say she tried her best to get exercise and get out there and get activity she was running five miles the issues both to death much of her life and your posted that bedridden for much her life the occupations writing probably also won't look the skin using you my answer him for the first ten people that are rather give Mohammed I've met a man who is the following fanatic who like to ask likely exist time you need almost nothing and he looked normal size the way normal for nothing when many layers of clothes encircled by you is interesting anyone else have any issues you might want to see if I have any information I hear a knocking incessantly on that camping trip they were hunting and for guy coming with them Lily says world but that him or neighborhood traveling I would recommend these world you and I don't play within the bigger curiosity misfires I know that when I read one address for split from the nineteen twenties just prior to that it was still plausible that when the church reach the hundred River thousand mark that we don't want to have rehearsal talking about that in the early nineteen hundreds must be that by nineteen twenty we did not have more than a hundred and forty thousand numbers but really I don't know how many handling known as intrinsic punctuality are question I didn't get to question some objections come from people who don't want to believe most originate there many of them do confusing people who do want to believe that it is noticeably less just reimburse their you can just be alone over vital vinyl material figure I've been bamboozled both because you've been bamboozled currently reading a but yeah I have happen I'm glad I will start you on a monthly okay I'm done my best I've given you some information I think you Google search and find good sources no one brought up any one of those very questions on everything yet except for one man or one that you claim you may go to a later so you never heard all the rest be dealt with and I'm happy about that that's what you stand for closing prayer our father in heaven unless the firm in front of this year the testimonies that has so many paragraphs to describe my own struggles this is I have to use them for the purposes intended to make ready a group from this body here are you ready for your company the highest in all truths by your sphere again I ask that you strengthen the impact that I've shared is true that you weaken the influence made sure that misrepresents the truth I asked the name of Jesus


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