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What do you do when the meetings are over?

Gary Gibbs


Gary Gibbs

Vice President for Hope Channel




  • February 19, 2011
    7:00 PM
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I told you last night I left seventy degree weather in Maryland I didn't tell you to be thirty two on Tuesday when I get back home I thought I'd get a little warmth though in that younger coming here to LA this time a year I know it can be a lonely cold also available that warmer reminds me of what Mark Twain said he said the coldest winter he ever will this is our winner he ever spent was a summer in San Francisco I got a feeling that right now he's go back to the first line guys so what were doing tonight is I don't have my computer hooked up to that sum to be controlling that my computer but I wanted to start by telling you to go to page twenty three you have your book went to the annual that with you you'll manual page twenty three hours share with you some resources since then cutting out on anyway will get settled I'll keep plowing forward to doing it settled a wireless airwaves and resources that are exciting channels on direct TV room at all and therefore over what about two years now Mister wanted to use that know God namely one more hand at the really good the system is not working for them but sometimes as long as you turn this off for now no one I get my hands free I'll use that somewhere along the gathering TV and by the way I never got introduced other than Gary Gaddis talking about how the channel because I work for multichannel Vice President Mary Jo number of things do marketing I do evangelism evangelism course is what I love and his TV programs as well but the reason on that channel is because we need to reach people with the gospel of Jesus Christ with the three angels message specifically I got the I believe that we only do everything to reach people yelled into the Cole Porter work Bible studies evangelistic meetings all that and yet we still won't reach all of them but there are ways to reach the masses and as using mass communications we need to be on the Internet need to be on the radio in a community-based as a direct to video 's in nineteen million holes which represents over fifteen million people here in the United States vetoed on averages on average every one out of every six halls and people need to know out of all those channels where to find real hollow and so what we have is an outreach resources for hangers we go door-to-door you don't have to knock on the door you stick it on the door and Ron if you're scared of knocking on doors annually in that area links people to help channel and direct TV Limited and other statistics that phenomenal I I question the statistic many times was absolutely true two hundred and fifty thousand people a day in the US are making decisions where they are going to get their pay TV from Anita direct TV Comcast some other cable network where they get their pay TV from quarter million people a day a day of the huge number of people right so our task is to avoid them over to direct TV to get a sound and we way we do that is with these the and there is no door hangers on the bottom you have a photocopy one in your bottle on the bottom it also has a terrible card offering Bible studies CNA two approaches here your authority then twenty four seven message of God through the channel and DirecTV but you're also offer new Bible studies in the car didn't care off send it back in and we can send it back to you to fulfill so that you can actually go the home and do the Bible study on it or we can send it and have it done as a correspondence course we have a door hanger that focus is on Bible prophecy we haven't general wanted to deal with a very secular areas is the only family life and that we have one-on-one help so their different approaches that you can use will send these to your phrase we got people ordering mesial hundred in a time for their neighborhood we got people ordering needs a hundred thousand at a time hundred thousand like to take all their pathfinders Alice put them out on the street work is thirty six days you know don't join Dortmund on the door to door the dog I don't allow masses and pass out a hundred thousand of these and it's working we just had all got e-mail this past Christmas from a lady in Texas who is a pastor nine nine oh no phone call it would tell the story the other day she has to drink and ask someone in church the field revealed the real general conference on not one that's not even the General conference of the Navy is but a licensee is pastor of anonymous church about that so sees all she was she was getting discouraged by what she was watching on TV all times so I need hold I just need some whole outsourcing terms of the direct TV channel listing videos was a bottle of Cal I I see your dad has he been watching NASA loses her license is now baptized is now number the minister 's now her husband was baptized out to that ties a couple months ago and her husband was baptized on Christmas this past year when staff and other members is little tiny jurors other members were little small church are coming over to the Adventist church as well in our church is really a mission soon be on the holiness and the poor people in that city and it is working I got e-mail yesterday this is from North Louisiana guy named Savoy he said in two thousand nine he had a heart attack and in the midst of a heart attack he dropped to his knees and he started pleading with God to save his life and he felt his heart relax and he was fine why after that he said that some quoting his e-mail just got this yesterday is that upon realizing I was so biblically illiterate I ask God to lead me to a real charity catalyzes real where the real truth and he catalyzes truth was being taught not very interesting he sent us as we just met with a major television executive who's helped start awesome major TV networks and he said you guys need to name the people of the truth in every channel has its brand and he knows our brand real well and he studied all our programming these matters seven address of people with true that we need the brand this is where you will find fruit and here is what I am saying that people are finding their site he's not looking for the real church where the real truth was being taught within four days I was flipping channels looking for something besides farm it's a watch on TV I don't DirecTV do and landed on his as I listened more and more I realize that teaching sound like the real truth of the Bible I began watching hotel every day in watching every day for several hours several years some of several years this is as hours when he needs years I know God led me to hotels I could hear and learn the truth about life the Bible God praise the Lord my entire life has been changed since those heart attacks in December twenty ten Eugene Donald and you know this is not church I joined as a church in Magnolia Arkansas and was baptized on the eighteen twenties I don't think there's a guy out there preying on those areas and got connects the dots for the guidance residency they and it's a powerful medium and you can participate will send you these things afraid and I have a handout that where you can order them I have this here you can come see me also the other resource on what to tell you about real quick is called net online this way a lot of evangelism training teaching one here may like to order fifty three hundred videos of evangelism training teaching that you know online people watch in Eugene Prewitt stuff is on their got my stuff on there we got Eric Flickinger is a lot of different people one there were soon going to change this platform to another platform really a lot on your iPad and your iPhone and be able to use it on the run like when you're in somebody's home to see the Broxton authors on John writes on others answering Bible questions difficult Bible questions here in the homes of my Asil demobilized and you and your site you know I was just watching something on the Internet the other day that was answering that question what do you hear on my iPhone iPad and you can pull it off and you can show it to the person know some I see brought to John Russell actually answering the question or just watching yourself and learn from yourself and parroted back my sailor show you a hero not page twenty four days is worth taking note of those of you are doing evangelism you know the amazing greenness as the Rams Navy Marine his work is fantastic work team did a TV show was loss Masters Ross where he's painting and he tells the story behind each painting the inspiration he's received for and there are one a leader twenty eight of these what to say on page there twenty eight twenty eight paintings that we feature only shall and what we thought is we put these on five by seven postcards and on the back we've included a Bible study from more than lazy books studying together in the study goes with a painting now we make eighties we offer these to the viewers as an outreach but I made a mistake commonly table my mistake yes I ordered these to get out to the people who do and work were put down upon cities by award or not I should carry us into the new millennium I doubt that's the difference of hitting one wrong she on the computer in Hades and I have thousands of these in my mistake is your blessing because I was lying awake at night thinking what a marketing deal with all the stuff I like Nathan Green 's paintings that man alive I can wallpaper this whole church year and still have some left over for the one among to do with these and then I was going to evangelism count no two of these common evangelists I would give these and how at my meetings I would encourage people to collect all twenty eight coming tonight to get another one phrase got a Bible study on the back goes along with the topic that's what I meant it so what do evangelism Council was passed December and I got rid of about five thousand will you read of them below price I went to the printer that Solomon made and when he saw my order reason wow scary feeling ordering so many but he was so happy he was praying so many even call me and say he generally mean that a number as I do not assume some of the responsibility for my stupidity and he has cut the price low price shall never see these this price again these retail and wholesale retails for twelve dollars is enabling me to sell these for five dollars five dollars fine and here's a cash you made a call not in a hole like this this is all twenty eggs Germany is a one nine individuals me that while twenty eight minimum of a hungry age they come shrink-wrapped and practices of a hundred souls by time CO twenty eight is what you pay for is five dollars for the set five hundred five hundred dollars is what it is so if you're interested in that I've got a few left I got about another thousand laughter so and if you're interested in that call that number were great because they're going quickly figure an evangelist this is a fantastic thing to do and you'll never see these again at price all right it is now eight thirty two and on and at what time who's in charge now none known to mankind what's our father in heaven thank you thank you for your love for us your amazing grace that we heard marrying sing about earlier what if it weren't for your grace were whirlwind in the same thank you for your race thank you that we can be co- laborers together with you Richard Grayson even now enables us to be effective witnesses for him tonight following common I just want to pray for your spirit to be here in a very special way be present with us Lord lift us to heaven sports mainly since your spirit here and I pray father that our time together will be times that anoint it with your spirit teaching us guiding us inspiring us for your glory we ask in Jesus name amen your boss announces that this topic don't be great asked the following cover that tomorrow on the cover of different topic that I think is a crucial topic last night we talk about the most over looked secret to success what most people do in making mistakes is they focus just on convincing some life through they forget that the heart is really what you need to win if you don't know when the person will look at something now with you that is is critical to the topic that I've been assigned and that is the evangelism cycle in our cycle assumes you got a start and you go through a process and then it comes full circle and you start the cycle again and yet there is a crucial part of the cycle that is Seventh-day Adventist I think that we overlook time and time and time again but then that is four more decades than I like to admit this but what I see often is that the focus is majorly what will be evangelistic meeting itself but the follow-up what happens after the evangelistic meeting is given very very little attention now praise God that I have thrown in a volatile boy awareness we now put a lot of emphasis now on what happens before an evangelistic meeting we talk about the pre- work getting ready for meeting as I got my coworkers now when I first started out in ministry I started as a whole ordering Eugene just quoted something from the spirit of prophecy talk about a quarter work laying the foundation for other ministry and am a testimony to that really is true but I did anyone in the Bible working at that time five workers across the US on me I didn't know any other Bible workers across US dollars being paid a handsome sum of fifty dollars alone to do my homework they sent me a little flute and gave me some gas money and get me a fantastic experience in door-to-door ministry with people doing Bible were but now today we got the workers without pre- work going on we have evangelistic meetings in and yet he is still there is very little emphasis on what happens like that part of the cycle what you hear when the meetings are over until I want to talk to you now because brothers and sisters I want to propose to you that and we don't do this as part of the cycle than everything we've done before is really worthless and that we need to be much more intentional on this last phase of the cycle if you are really don't have your backs and his attacks on eternity it's really a very important thing that you need to know where you're going if you're going to get there no set of the longest that when he left saying he didn't know where he was going when he arrived in the New World you know where he lives and what it went back home he didn't know where you and I think sometimes Seo that's what were doing we will be very focused about where we're going where we are and where we then when were working with souls want to start off by asking you the question what is the true purpose what is the true purpose of evangelism this weekend word were talking jawline were talking out winning souls we talk about evangelism I like to suggest here the purpose of the church is much broader than just getting people to join it would you agree with me that sometimes we look around my site you get people to join the church and that his throat but isn't it more than I may want to try and get people to join the charges is that we can feel really good we convinced a number of people so we can convince that number at the moment we must be right is it some sort of psychological self convincing main exercise that were going through what is the real purpose of the church what is the real purpose on the evangelism wide-awake as we get them to join the church is that it is the purpose of the church is here in Matthew twenty eight nineteen go therefore and make disciples of all the nations baptizing them in the name of the father and of the son and of the Holy Spirit as the great commission as we heard this morning Mark told me she would Jesus Christ is why he founded the church is to tell the world of the good news of salvation next you as always is teaching them to observe all things that I have commanded you and low on with you always even to the end of the A's next to you getting Sacramento's personal fund our forbearers and go teach and baptize I want to ask this question when have we fulfilled the great commission when I will fulfill the purpose and mission of the church according to the charter of the church is given here by Jesus in Matthew twenty eight is that when we happen on not have been as hard at Delhi we even named conventions go for it going and that's why the sharks we are a worldwide cool church window onto the world needs is a little room of people starting in eighteen sixty and now we had gone tomorrow there were more countries of the world than any other Protestant denominations which those countries all over the big westerlies they were in those countries we don we have fulfilled the great commission 's part on it is that we need to go but can we say we've done it that we fulfill the great commission what about CH takes them to observe all things and I can any of us were done at that merely takes the Sabbath all with taking all things that Jesus has commanded that we teach at all we focus on teaching again we say okay with you always taught and retention it should worked on we accomplish what the church is called in but yes baptizing that I think I is like a tax on it all you know we get excited I mean it's it's it's a somewhat dedicated their lives to Jesus in the waters of baptism so we thought we taught and now somebody is there life to Jesus and there tries have we completed the great commission churches and a lot of them Angel is the last flare were done and we had people want to drip dry LHR until again Association cannot go back thighs again selling selling that ties to baptize only consolation of people out on the line to drip dry while we don't teach and baptize again and that's a cause we had not really focused until recent years on this on their most important for where he says they dislike us lazy are we only have focused on that more recently by looking at the newer translations that really bring out the true meaning of the Greenspan because what he says in the in the old King James visits go therefore and teach all nations right but the better translation of that is to go and make disciples of all nations as we read earlier out of the new King James version and so we're not focused on that you may realize full it was there for now we do talk about making disciples will be quite honest with you we have not had a coherent definable Stimpy lamentable strategy for making disciples in the church binary noted neurosurgeon I was asking how do you make a good sign for us how do it to Dubai no one ask you how do you make a pathfinder you can show me how you make a Pathfinder part I don't ask you how you may get older you can show me how you make an elder you can show me how you make a sound a schoolteacher but how do you make of the cycle do you have a discipleship course you have a discipleship try do people signing up for disciple making two big-name disciples in your church I believe in most churches and ninety nine the seven churches the answer that question would be now would only have anything like that and I want to invite you to be a pioneer a Revolutionary guards working on people on the memos and Jeremy does a few months ago Anna Michael Doiron has a business I have school of evangelism as I can ask over there is the affiliate when the conference not without help is writing a whole discipleship course and AJ has just come out of the discipleship course I'm not seeing there is a scene Michael's but people are writing these courses try to disciple people and this is when you have fulfill the great commission bingo invitation I think if someone are tests what purpose is that you and disciples to make disciples well what does that really mean let's unpack that a dad let's go to the what is a disciple there are many ways to define us I like the way Jesus defined in Matthew ten verse twenty five besides this way with me out loud if you will screen it is enough for this cycle that he'd be like his teacher and a servant like his master Jesus as a disciple is like his teacher or like his master the word literally means it means one who is thought and so when we are called to build me a sign we are called to make in life so Jesus the Master of us all the great feature is to observe all things that I have commanded humored is his name on Jesus and maybe like cheese on this business happen overnight do you have that type of radical lifelong transformation overnight star sick and smart Jonathan evangelistic meeting Highland Drive 's first night when even focus but I said I can come back I got to figure out what these people have to say that I didn't miss a single line there every night when even get high on the weekends as I want my mind clear to hear the truth and I see my wife was totally transformed and yet in the work can only be done only begun there was a whole lot more work to do I'll talk about that in a moment 's delay outline says in the next slide here from testimonies volume four page four eighty eight the more man views his Savior and becomes acquainted with him or he will become assimilated into his database and work the works of Christ is a this is what God proposes to do it us as we become more acquainted with cheese sauce he actually does a miraculous transformation in our lives and makes us more Christlike one hundred and the more like Jesus 's public to be his disciple listened to what he says on the next exploitation here volume five the testimonies to thirty five he proposes to make us wiped himself surely every purpose feeling and thought surely my heart soul and life he relaxes with me this is Christianity and had a phenomenal definition of Christianity doing that silly artwork Chris is right for Christians foremost Seventh-day Adventist Christians secondly more defined but we are Christians and all our work isn't allowed to help others in place Jesus Christ were to make disciples and if we are intentionally making disciples that we are helping them learn or how to become why their Master Jesus Christ Louisa Helena said all was not shot it's easy Don Fred friend isn't hindered adoption continues as it engages you Jesus is going I got a pet peeve here's my pet peeve since you asked we baptize people and we asked then do you believe in the teachings of the Seventh-day Adventist church or the doctrines of the Seventh-day Adventist church unlike that the Seventh-day Adventist church baptizes people who believe in the doctrines and the teachings of the Bible what say about why I feel ecstatic and teachings I will find all as better emphasized by the seven database search is in and when you get the Bible you don't get it from the creed that the Bible teaches Jesus Christ in every one of those doctrines and they have a transformational effect in our lives to make us more like Christ's now on the way I read raises question why is it important that we disciple new believers instead of just drilling teaching that Tyson and we sang listen your music to you for eternity we want to teach you how the wall in this life throughout the next and so we get another course that we want to sign you up for what you want to invite you to take our discipling course to learn how to have a lifelong loving relationship with Jesus Christ why is it important that we do that here in the next life share with you an answer I believe they'll like poses a volume for the testimonies for eighty five all the members of the church if they are sons and daughters on the other yellow process of discipline before they can be lights in the world now once in the language uses here if their sons and daughters of God they don't be disciplined I got two kids get ten -year-old and a seven -year-old girl and I very interesting being a father to do vocal emotional bright intelligible girls and we had this discussion recent letters and I don't like discipline me a lot less when you discipline us so honey I love you in the proof that I love you is that I didn't disciplined you Bible says over here in the resistance terrible have a preacher as a father I tell you to the right are your papers of the father loves their child cases and disciplines address for child that says a lot because they respect the Bible is available what is anonymously allied NATO like writing sentences similar done everything I mean they've written books of sentences and memorize Scripture and all sorts of stuff you know they don't come with manuals you wish every kid came with a unique manual that you don't like to spin now just how well I like it actually come out like any other but my goal to help you grow while in the bona fide Christian whose positive who lives for God it makes a contribution for his cause into this world to the other that we had has discussion they were with one of their little friends and they were complaining about what different dies their friend disobeys and mother all the time Ezekiel their mother doesn't even discipline squeezing gently forget previous conversations they don't connect thoughts then you can do that I said relishing this but now love to the mother tells him what to do and then the geologist is whatever they do and they will be on I told her mother a lot and when I kiss it and I told myself she's lying full democracy again I see hence why this is all resides inside us will they know what I'll do he is a cardinal sin in our household don't whine when we string out in the backyard middle winter opportunities no we don't but anyway they went on and on about this mother doesn't discipline and unruly kid who's not learning their lessons in all this I like them just go and go in go he knows not like catching a big fish Ron and tire himself out and then you pull in really relevant so then I really been nice as the music seriously doesn't let yes that even disciplines not yet seen his necessary absolutely batty accurately three I was also glad to hear you say that because you know we had another conversation and I was really considering not ever discipline you again since you believe it is so wholeheartedly was continued as a one nine a thought on for a moment exceeds the subject wrote nobody likes to be disciplined that's why Paul wrote what he did to the Hebrews that any chasing for the moment doesn't seem plausible remember your God loves you but let's is this a plan is necessary for all of us and we have to undergo notice the wording here assess discipline doesn't happen overnight in order to assign a sobbing she must often be God 's life in the world what is I that disciple making using the word is the same discipling is a plan is not teaching us in shaping us in holding us in getting us where we can beat his lights shining in the world volume four testimonies four eighty five continuing on with this love there is no watch for H2 on learned with respect to himself as well as much to learn and powerful to get on words things and that we have to learn something about them find the testimony says it is page one seventy two the ascension of members who have not been renewed in part and reformed in life is a source of weakness to the church this fact is often ignored is a this is the result of not discipling people every body that comes in our church comes with a certain amount of back with you in greater whether you're born and raised in the church were converting to bring a certain amount of that and for every one of us there is that there are things that we have to unlearn ourselves as well as learn about ourselves that we have to subject ourselves to God process discipling ops again if we are not helping people intentionally dove in and letting people know what it means to be assigned one for not helping them again this half of eternal life then what happens is they fall into this day of not being renewed in heart and reform in life and then instead of becoming a light to the world in a straight to the church what are now a weakness as integer each and we just ignore it God gave me a wonderful church the pastor in my pastoral years of hard church broke me out of the ministry almost quit the medicine am not a quitter I'm not quitting although still calls non- long taken a call from and stay here one of us is to survive favored to be made this Alyssa that the OS walking church one day some more entries of my first church in my second church is a major church in the conference as well while Canon alike to all turned down virtually all its warning that it's time to parse a shot of me at the right Hawaii and I had taken scanning it and that I set up you want more like the long season well so-and-so turned them all related is there a reason they drove on by says that her designs will now identify what that means those who are brand-new life they put in twenty years prior to this certain car the church like the fact they put those lights in twenty years prior and they were still fighting the battle twenty years later in using the term the blast lights off and signed a big and I sitting out once turn the lights back on it he comes around acidosis tell the pastor said the term on a thought had some authority my kitten I didn't get these online journals like salon he was writing the Pac-Man that man all the time that man was extremely dysfunctional you talk about a tail wagging the dog this was a classic case assets this time with the head deacon would not turn on the lights internal lines where worth of service because of what and when ordinary turn them all I turned the ball and I said if he comes back on the past return once it don't you dare touch those the same mandate came up to me during the wedding reception of the conference of Presidents on who's getting married in our church came up to me during the reception times and faster on the religious liberty leader and I sat on the stand off and I've got to say some about liberty well-being avoid letting the hello Paul because those we had not had this coming they would get up in the pulpit and say things like that are so good at CR story out there and sell that will likely all you visitors in the church today the ideal would abuse a little enameled to well somewhere very careful about how we let behind the podium by CV in his head in his eyes this was not up for discussion nice okay how many minutes the name is I don't know ten fifteen twenty thirty am I think the whole time I feel you don't have the freedom take some time you know this church has a value set on their everybody's time getting out on time we can do that so you need to tell me how much time he needs and I don't know all planning to take the whole time so you know they come to hear the word of God free time flannel preaching on Saturdays and master on the tape the whole time and I said late on we'll see about that was quite an quite a deal that we had to deal with their quite a deal but we dealt with it then he didn't take any time does the type situations we another guy would meet you in the foyer and if you have the right colors can become dark church he would tell you where the church was down the street level except through what color skin and AJ VL light back to party like that for sacrilegious witnessing that's only an idiot with dysfunctional in a free hand at these were people who had a door this is often ignored by all celebrities this also enabled an adult 's was it any wonder the church wasn't growing some church is well I have an couple funerals but unfortunately that didn't happen under my time there miscues and I did not say that is terrible terrible the cycling is critical if you can avoid this type of foolishness so why are we so willing to ignore such an obvious sad why do we allow this stuff to continue on Ellen White uses the answer on page one seventy two continuing this quote some ministers and churches are so desirous of securing an increase in numbers that they cannot verify faithful testimony against unchristian habits and practices what is I is a family name to doing a Christlike way we need to teach is true that when the hearts but we need to help people be accountable to God entrained continues a quotes as those who accept the truth are not taught that they cannot safely be worldly needs and conduct while their Christians in name and it continues on here little self-denial or self-sacrifice is required in order to put on a form of godliness that one's name and rolled upon the church bought had many joined the church without first becoming united to Christ in the ass Satan triumphs such converts argues most efficient age is they serve as the voice the other salts you don't want to baptize Devils converts you got an opinion so we need to unite people to Christ we need to preach the truth not the purpose of my topic tonight but conversion comes with a test version comes with the tasks I don't think we'll be throwing all the standards with columns Sanders and I have only called search standards arena God 's standards are there no standards at all with rolling out the back door as we don't want to make it hard for souls the conversion comes with tax you find Jesus when you say my getting this thing reminded that Jesus never people really find Jesus that's what conversion means you know it means the literal meaning of the word is a hundred and eighty degree turnaround right for the word means and means in one direction you turn around and turn away from the things of the world of few people within our walls already baptize need to experience that conversion the disciple making to this disciple making is really where conversion becomes practical and helpful is where your training people through a relationship that when something missing we talked about last night your relationship and your helping and seeing the choices they need in a and helping on those positives licensing following facts real disciple making us doing what the church they called to do what is yet real story here call the revival after the revival had concluded missile down three passes got together for want since they were discussing the results with one another in the Methodist minister said on the revival worked out great for us we gave four new families to break Baptist preacher said we did better than that weekday six new families and a Presbyterian pastor pause for a moment is it well we do any better than that we got rid of the troublemakers know if work is cycling we must do what it always is in evangelism page three thirty seven our efforts are not deceased because public meetings have been discontinued for a time that's not the end wants to baptize your work can use reading on here the new Congress will need to be instructed by faithful teachers of God 's word that may increase in the knowledge of a lot of the truth and they grow up to the full stature of men and women in Christ Jesus they must now be surrounded by the influence is most favorable to spiritual growth that will not happen in less you are intentionally planning it to happen because what usually happens is that people slip through the cracks lastly baptize him and we move on and I don't really get the cycle let's talk about how to do this the mission is to make disciples is to be fulfilled by the church how we doing volume to the testimony thirty one our Redeemer throws souls into the arms of the church for them to share for unselfishly and training for why you're not powerful what are we training them for are we training them just to be Seventh-day Adventists what would training them for for having for happen and thus be coworkers with him but the sharks to augment thrusts them away upon the Devils battlefield one memorable essays not my duty and then bring up some trifling excuse well says another neither is it my duty and finally it's nobodies duty can't find nobody in the soul is less unshared for the parents as the duty of every Christian to engage in this self-denying self sacrificing enterprise ways a church usually every one of us just called to go were called to teach were called to lead people to make their life to Jesus and that will every one of us are also called to make disciples dictated that new member under our wings and befriend them and teach them how to walk with Christ is a large one yet based as I have long hair down my back I had rock 'n roll T-shirts and one blue jeans before they were in style and I cried out to the church on my motorcycle inviting on my motorcycle I bring my hot rod with the adjacent triaxial speakers in the Pioneer stereo blasting what I thought was good Christian rock music when arriving church I did not look like the rest of those church members I like the rest of those church members you know what they had one guy put his arm around Maine is a handyman I'm going out this afternoon when visiting people people and came to the meetings that you came to want to go with me and the Milton okay okay seventeen years old and he took me out not me I wasn't I a lot of rough edges on status after Donna watched the ducks land here today that's exactly why I'm here today because they simply enter their ways they say then you need to get a haircut you need cleanup throw that guilty music now they existed long to let us in a befriended me and many others did that sentence let's talk about in our next eight minutes prophetic our way to disciple new believers are we to disciple new believers church is developing a disciple making focus will incorporate the following elements evangelism page three sixty seven think is right out there Rossi care should be exercised to educate young conference number one this cycling requires care that reason you care for him out of concern about you think about you give attention doing you plan for its and you can tell people here is how we disciple people know what you think of a family that tried and tried out of style and then an author they find out if I try not to have it natural lazily need to do is infertility treatments and they don't know all the correctness process expensive process of infertility treatments and finally they have a baby noted on the letter they had a baby and family can and they bring the key at home only to neglect them when they do that when they do that now why why would they not do that tell me that too much invested in helping they got to ask you would like that can result the reality is that got been enrolled in stolen base authority after they're born you know that the smartest kid on our ally in the 's for that kid the same should happen with every new child of God Tyson joins Dunster 's plan plans for them we ought to care for themselves to be a disciple new church in eighty people together say something I'd do something for every new convert and I don't care if there is a child of this church family there is in the process for every single new member in your church gives some care and attention to secondly Jesus cares of the exercise to educate young converts it is an educational process and their needs the reason the educational curriculum to this now the other thing about education as you realize that people learn everything overnight all the brand-new church member and not Baton Rouge Louisiana is where I was converted and down to Louisiana they need everything that creeps and calls even after it stopped crawling back and I learned a crawlspace in Louisiana we move from I will say here is all the first are watching people eat these crawfish other than this looking creatures you know they look like you like miniature lobsters and you those things alive honey from them in the pot alive in a enough you can understand a language you are doing this is a live evil locales law and you he knows about a tale I asked what is that yellow thing going down the river they all assess his intestines the hearing is a hot salsa went really good when and if you are traveling to Asia news they had a secret he's a finesse Almighty to eat afterwards you why not go to church Sabbath morning one Saturday afternoon shortly after being baptized went home and my family had a shrimp and crawfish boil went back from Vespers that evening and they said unto Saturday afternoon now I've also like conversation they were really checking on me as all had a great Saturday afternoon as a man we had accomplished while those of the best focus on the men alone time and yet I cannot look at each other and I didn't understand what that look wise but the next staff I had a invitation home after church on Sabbath and every Sabbath thereafter I went to somebody's home they can make anyone's a ridiculous boiling crawfish is an educational process I understand we are wanting every single meeting the drugs were just taking a long time to wear off out of my brain cells and so we have to have patience with the environmental baptizing my next-door neighbor coming on his attending church in study for quite a while to come over to my house there is working on his brakes on his car in the gallon on your grand design work on my rights and those things that only saving a life away when I went out this embrace a Wi-Fi distorting a great say I will know Sarah said I'm signing with the guy is unveiling unreliable studies owes no one to blame the site is on top of all the Sabbath keeping it is an educational process of writing years and years and years of habit on lifestyle and make a mental note let's do some more study which so you have to have patience with people evangelism page three sixty seven they are not to be left to themselves to be led astray by false presentations the walking of false lights of the third element of the cycling is do not believe new members to themselves stay close this is so very important anyway the ousting and as you increase your retention rate considerably every new member nation May seven new friends quickly people that he'll go shopping with the black TV with the building social things less you need to do that because you're having a replace a lot of their social network and by becoming a friend with them than you know learn what their needs are goes back to this when some witnessing is that mingling and advising and ministering to their needs and when incompetence so that you can recycle them and help them grow in Christ but a lot of times people come in the church and then we don't let them what are we thinking because that's called to their ultimate success in the internal life is aware not that we humans to themselves to be led astray were to stay close to them I potentially link new members with someone called spiritual friends animal program thwarted interested and happy to share it with individual e-mail it to you but spiritual friends where we intentionally link people with talent Discover your spiritual friend you're new here we want them to help you get a client when the church in introducing the folks him now is absolutely powerful illusion works on the cover but I don't notice of NGOs on the site is basically safely all that Christ has commanded us awarded to new converts the doctrines he and we need to go through it again I need to learn it again and she says this year enough is everyone who receives Christ the speech frame to ask some part in the great work to be accomplished in our world some were taken through the documents again as soon as they are joined by the lady on the start if you just on an evangelistic meeting part of the process as start ASAP the school for new members the following and taken the prophecy seminar taken through it again she's then how to teach others say is the first time around totally taken throat again and only powerful nor really help them and so you know you think them through those those teachings again and it will anchor those truths in their mind and in their hearts and in their salt cedar to do that now a series we need to train them for ministering guy were to get them involved in ministry train new converts for service get people involved right away in the chart you know sometimes we wait around we say what our new member they they can work you the other pending on how often you have a baptism in your church you could be a new member for five years know that the site while that's a new member I've had people tell with all the other new member aware they baptize let's see how nineteen ninety three new members November is in that fabulous and so you need to get him involved as soon as I got the teaching staff is still I taught an adult Sabbath school class seventeen years old still wearing the long hair and all our stuff until a dichotomy doing study my Bible I couldn't even speak English will properly and then I went to Louisiana's public schools what exact always the last Lil' Arkansas Louisiana Mississippi always live for last place in the national educational system they got me on sharing my faith trainer for service got me out as people gain as an evangelistic meetings I went to and then I had a friend take me out he's it would go door-to-door bookstore door that when the Jehovah's Witnesses do know a man of not doing that my my families adopting returned JW things in the door you know we muzzled and all we turn out the lights and we high you know I do those you do not door to walk up to the house now and I ring the door I waiting on the layout and Casey looking out like all he saw me and when I rang the doorbell are now not I stand back and I look in the windows in a heartbeat I know I can answer the doorbell rings remember service this is a guy called to lay out door-to-door with his guitar people answer the door and you say hi my name is until his name and any stronger guitar were here to singles all that he starts singing some Christians saw the house like ma'am where's the Bush I denied and I was so embarrassed but you know that I gone into holes and a gay Bibles sis corneas he lives man and now I teach people not to do it that way but I do teach people to go out and share their faith train people for service will make an eternal difference in their lives put it together chair educate staying close to teach them train down sell white formulae for this like when someone now quickly let me just go through what the Bible 's formula is here we read earlier in our Scripture reading character qualities and skills to develop on in disciples funny Ephesians four and it's interesting when you read Ephesians four per se theory says that therefore he says when he ascended on high delight captivity captive and gave DS and now word amazing man and women reside who receive these gifts help me out in the wild months is not topless wherein they reside who are these people that he gave his gives them the jars dry they reside in the chart data charting system or purpose what purpose to make disciples were to go teach at times make disciples the reason these gifts are there is for the purpose of making disciples here sat a schoolteacher who has hit should they think about on building the site here and nasal gifts of building character listen to what the Bible says about this pages four eleven he himself gave some to be apostles and prophets and evangelists pastors and teachers for the equipping of the saints for the work of ministry for the edifying the body of Christ so every other disciples were to use RDS to accomplish what God wants then we need to get people involved in ministry to get involved in ministry just like you're involved in ministry every new member get them involved in ministry right away no voices in my five page three ninety there are many who would market a nurse in the Sarvis and who would save their souls like us working in a phenomenal I have no question at all that I have experienced this type this occultation here name on in ministry to save myself yelling when you're working for others defining yearly one against the greater blessing ultimately you know you might be wrestling with something you might be no cloud hello this is something we need to allow hair and you and engaging with someone who's going to throw what you're going through and you'll end up encouraging that what the words of Scripture that ultimately encourage you this is like what was said earlier when he quoted from first Corinthians it would comfort honors with the comfort wherewith we can come from we save our own souls and we need to help avoid a disciple people get them involved in ministry don't wait until they grown stone cold like everybody else do you get them involved then it continues as we all come to the unity of the faith that consumer this new religions officially trained people have anything you were not naturally a United species yet we fight we war against each other when segregation were not actually a United States is people do not leave this insurance mostly because they disagree with the doctrines they believe because they get a disunited with people they set up with people I mainly as always Windows and potentially to Sunday night I told you have a moment about my next-door neighbor videos is a perfectionist he came from the military is perfect if you set up with our imperfect charts and he stopped attending by Theo I don't know how to talk with Jack know nothing else worked somewhat Jack Blount big guns I been thinking about you and write about here and I've got a message for you from the Lord they were so the Pentecostals one-off now I was gotten pressed my finding of intelligence things and I gave him on many Bible study on unity and patients talk more about that moment entity in the SIS is Jack God is trying to chew unity in patients and that's why you need to come back to learn the lessons God has for you and Jackson well I haven't done anything I can reverse all the insurance ASAP anyone know it will all stand and we were not as they closed in and gone back and showed what the word of God says on this we would've lost tonight no question about that continues here and on the knowledge of the son of God we can teach people how to have a relationship with Jesus what a most valuable things in life told me that goes along with this next thing to a perfect man to the measure of the stature of the fullness of Christ I totally want to first join HRC said keep your eyes on Jesus don't look at the people is the people are not your standard Jesus this keep focused on him and grow to him and not to level everyone else around and we need to help people learn how to do that that we should no longer be children tossed to and fro and carried about with every wind of doctrine when I teach them the word of God and how it goes together often evangelistic meeting they get in doctrines piecemeal but they don't realize how the whole truth it's together like hand in a glove they are sent on the truth goes together and they can articulate they can explain it we need to take them through some studies that show them how it goes the general plug my studies prof Stephen home right here because that's why road and accomplished absolutely when the people are done we know why it had been a sparse Seventh-day Adventists another God 's movement the last days but speaking the truth a lot may grow up in all things to him it was they had Christ we need to teach people how to speak the truth in love that this alternate on how to do that they do like what I did with my step father I told you about last time you're been a long-awaited man if you don't accept this truth well I would like for ten gauge shotgun so we need to teach people how to speak the truth in love from whom the whole body joined and knit together by what every joint supplies according to be effective working by which every part does its share causes although a lot of what people that every member needs to do their share spiritually physically and financially and in the church will grow stewardship we need to teach them that the Monroe and analyze them I share with you the best out of Revelation specifically for us these last days carries the patience of the saints here they are keep the commandments of God and the faith of Jesus and our disciple making process we need to go out patient endurance how to hang in there with God how to go the whole row when the vacation house all day through the faith of Jesus and nothing works you follow me on that all of this can form a curriculum where you can measure people now want to share this with you in closing the cycle making is not digesting large groups it requires one on one mentoring and how did Jesus do it brought a few people under his wing cell light of the display volume five two fifty four the work done thoroughly for one's soul is done for many but the ministers have not realized this and have failed to educate persons who in their carriages stand steadfast in defense of the truth and educate others this loosens halfway manner of working finish it with me is displeasing to God I want to please God how about you brothers and sisters I want to go I want to teach I wanted to ask God 's power to make the site I want to train people to be everything God wants them to be and I don't want to do any loose last half way work for God I want to do a word that stands the test of eternity and I know you want that you don't you does we talk about the cycle of evangelism brothers and sisters I want you to take up this challenge but if you're going to be successful if you have a successful surgeon will be faithful to your calling your purpose to make disciples you'll focus on making disciples and you'll have a deliberate plan to dealings we do that week 's challenge science that's your desire one ask you to stand your feet as we commit our lives to Jesus to make the site 's father in heaven wow what an awesome thing you take a sinful human beings ungodly on work staying in every which way was sent may you call us are sons and daughters with so much to decide once thank you Jesus thank you for the patients that you pour in our lives thank you for your grace Lord here we stand we want to be your disciples make us like you Jesus we committed in battle we also commit ourselves tonight three years huge office building rate commission to go to teach the bad times and make disciples of father help us to do that to do the work for one soul and in doing that work for one sold to do it for many the do it for eternity we pray in Jesus name


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