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Gary Gibbs


Gary Gibbs

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  • February 20, 2011
    9:30 AM
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last night I told you about any of the door hangers and I have the order form for these online payroll by area and Asia and I wanted to get mezzanine and I don't think I will ship the door hangers out to you and I can emphasize a nonthreatening way what is your members on the knock on doors in this leader door hanger on the door past the house got a free Bible study author hard on it as well as tells people where to get help channel on DirecTV and as I said yesterday quarter million people in our asking themselves somewhere in my payee hereof to the measures you run across a lot of people anyone does on their door and they are comparing DirecTV when it is in contrast to say he whatever their local cable service is an exciting and out all the time who are living out in one day and so you can help influence them to go to a place where no fine Bible truth by putting these door hangers out and afraid the other they only can you draw your attention to obviously you like evangelism training but here's a great resource call hold online and toll-free you know over there and you can and use of videos training videos over turned safety training videos the presentation I did last night there are many of our videos only have I been up to thirteen minutes I have so easy to want in on the bookmark come back and try to start over again you want to segment time you use this in your church is training prisons in last night 's message if you looking that said men in my tourist visa here then is my older my church leaders easier it is black Pauline go online while there are sharing a cell all evil I need only to have them all the same room together you can send them away as I hear one this will discuss it on our next elders meeting on board meeting and you can help training out that way as well and in the other they want to draw your attention to his is is is is a great video is amazing dream postcards in your will it has this on page zone somewhere around the twenty twenty three somewhere in there the order and I notice the wording varies in Iraq and saw the one with the deal is five dollars and I sat and they don't come a lady come in no number one hundred on shrink-wrapped together number two is a hundreds again is five dollars and cents is the minimum order is five hundred dollars iPad evangelism ordering these known Allison but as this is a great giveaway and evangelistic meetings really fantastic giveaway because you getting hurt people continue coming to meetings and reflect all all twenty agencies and as I says no Bible study on the back nicely form your handouts as well and the other two things wanted tell you about some a little bit more is my Bible studies prophecy is a little and dishonorable this series is is different than most promising studies this is truly a prophetic series goes all the way through the prophecies businesses provide homework as well as evangelistic meetings and irritable things that I hear that you won't find in other other side is I started out as my coworker and one of the key things in my homework is you have to get them interested and if you are interested especially through the first three or more stunning don't say when you will lose a lot of siding their first and heating them with you is the one I think I have been hearing you might as you listen people straining to pick up some other things I could win some witnessing in one little catch phrases values and when someone is in my training course on how to get study on is you need to solve the nose is currently only lead a horse to water cube and they all so one of the things I I societally of course the water again and injuring what you can solve his will to commit a horse thirsty for the water and if the same thing with evangelism you can make somebody come to an evangelistic meeting you can make them come to church but you sure can make you thirsty for you creating desire in and what always I do this as a Bible worker preparing for an evangelistic meeting is for instance in Daniel into my first study we bring it up to the great climax of Jesus coming and down yelling make an appeal to the person in the home about us I don't want to be writing a type of payment then I say after after we close all the study also you know when Jesus can be a great event but a lot of Christians have different opinions as to how much don't happen is it a secret rapture has happened before the tribulation or after the tribulation I never thought about that no say now José Lyons it is so important of any man to not be clear on what it's going to be there are some public class is coming to town a seminar on Bible prophecy and nondogmatic time to cover this in our introductory lessons the Bible prophecy that were doing in your home but these public classes that are coming in town are going to cover all the while sad about the second coming and the rapture you don't want to miss it will race I am solving the onus for the evangelistic meeting to talk about the public class public seminar these are introductory lessons that when I was a full-time worker I know thirty Bible studies a leading Internet really should be the goal of every Bible worker can one of these thirty Bible studies a week because then I'd have liked one eight at twenty five of them actually come to the meetings and we baptize fifteen fifteen to twenty two people out of that now if you've been involved in violent working on recognizing those numbers are very high or very high averages and one of the reasons is because I made people by God 's help I made an thirsty for the meetings I created a desire for the meetings my second lesson in processing simple is Daniel Lori on the market agrees not to define precisely what the market would be said to be thinking over a comparator Revelation thirteen you'll see a perfect parallel hair and so we demonstrated in the second lesson and what we do there is we make the appeal don't you want to be faithful to God like Shadrach Misha and Abednego you might be tested here were to be dishonest to bring God 's commands and the dishonest leave your employer tells you your notes are comfortable to Lopez what will you do when you stand faithful to God 's commandments like shattering a second Abednego I want to do that you results the same principle that involved in the market of being sick step will be the Sabbath commandment is that of a Novell still not steal some dinner when I got appealed and I'll say it now I told you about these public classes that are coming to town really people from all different walks of life denominations coming to study together to be held in a good venue here in town but we aren't trying to go into precisely what the mark of the beast is in the last days but building primary public class you don't want to mess with the M realizing your solving the onus now if you don't have an evangelistic meeting coming there's another feature in these studies that will help you getting Bible studies there's what I call the looking forward in the end of every lesson this is looking forward that does the same thing against them the look forward to the future lesson the next lesson so it keeps them coming I studied with pastors by a study with seminaries I remember I study with these two seminarians at the Lutheran seminary in St. Louis and they immediately at the door to their apartment all exciting excitement we've been waiting all week these are these license are better than what we get the seminary and that's the type of thing when you're studying prophecy creates a desire to keep looking forward to stuff in their written another unique feature of these studies is that I make the problem very beginning practice on page one on lesson one that were not creating private interpretations of prophecy the focus designed not to tell you what to believe and to show you how to come to your own beliefs the same manner that's a fine distinction what are people concerned with when you go to give them Bible studies with a question in their mind what you want to what are you wanting out of me you're trying to convert me that's what there is a major concern you have to get past that concern if you can open their mind and your heart to the word of God all are that winning confidence in one of the key ways to win confidence I put in here and this is his something you know my holdings of witnessing approach is integrated into the way the Bible studies are actually written which is unique you won't find in other studies sigh I'll write my beginning where I say now our purpose is not how you want to believe no private interpretation but the all right for we are all always the personal Bible study prayer and the Spirit 's leading and were going to give you to hold onto your own understanding of what the Bible says and then I show them my statehood promise I show them through the last sense how prophecy explains itself I don't just tell him here's the truth I show them how to arrive at truth and very Christ centered on all the lessons focus on Jesus my Sabbath study I feel like the Lord really blessed on it you'll address emphasizes all integrated with Jesus Christ as our Savior creator but then I show them how Daniel to online Daniel Sabin unlocks Daniel a unmarked Daniel nine opens on the investigative judgment into the sanctuary along God staff all of that and it just makes sense that they go through it will cite this makes sense never seen anything like this before and there's no there's no human emotional surprises and this is what you'll get sometimes when you're giving Bible studies to come out with the old with something study guide will come out when you will something and it will be a type of metal type they are doctrine that is inappropriate that time to launch on somebody and then they get thrown emotional again an example there is one central lessons that the one the second coming study it talks about death and hellfire what day when you talk about that hellfire any talk about data you need explained to be just as all the side when you talk about Jesus coming and you're saying nobody is in heaven now they're all sleeping in the grave and the people who are going to burn or be burned up forever and are not to be in the fire burning forever to be turned and asked to see just throw that out there in a sentence about people on Mozilla later then I heard that severely get into a the following is some studies don't do that it is kind of early moms out there I called mine to know that my job I made it a lot bullion below the glasses have minds and then there's another side prophecy series that doesn't have a study on the US in prophecy but in their market these lesson handling one pair was the paragraph on the United States and I've studied with lots of people intelligent people may look at a site company and in and discredits the whole series this crystal series of these studies from my many years of getting Bible studies are populated not to have those hidden mines in their health you see is me give you studies many questions on the last resource will share with you is going into yes your sizzling twenty eight twenty six the eighty by ABC the whole sad like in a set like this is six dollars needed by knowing them in hundreds and hundreds of cities I think fifties and selective you to get out of number one meeting in October two goes you know that we start a serious art with more people than what you end with Simone by more of the first I got lots of easier now and am not anything about home if you can help me in London and Dayton they retail for six dollars markup on these very very long related ABCs only make any money on these my tiny paper postage a people is taken back home so if you want to leave him make these available to you for dollars diagnosis is cemented by men not the never finance below my cost I'll pay more blogs Link people were everywhere anymore anyway against it on you know they're not related at all the snorkels across a store whose of prophecy and very for me with my help edit those most amazing fact historical prophecy are not a perfect series and all storms and prophecies to the comical series this is truly a prophetic series it shows you how to understand Bible prophecy and the full necessaries could question any other questions this I don't nearly work on off-topic when I question but no I don't tell them my denomination before I started studying you know I don't have to like you is I say is a now you need to know the organ a study with you getting into that question before they get to another your study with because you would want to study with just anybody there are people out there who don't believe in the divinity of Jesus may have their own Bibles and in a be careful of that Anita tell you know who I represent and then I talk about the Christian I believe in the divinity of Jesus Christ is divine son of John and Scott himself came down lived a perfect life he died on the cross to pay the penalty for our sins and he's coming back and then I'll say something like this so that one of the own with there is Orthodox Christian orthodoxy okay showing the now about Orthodox Christian in that respect that I say this I say tonight now I have a church I sailed I have a church that I really enjoyed the blessing to me very proud of my church but I recognize that everybody makes their own decisions about churches and my purpose here is the help you get into the word of God and so do not come to the place where you're looking for a church and you want to try my church I'd be happy to invite you to come be my guest but right now I'd like to keep the study focused on the word of God is godly people worry once in the days okay is a southern and also you but what you have to answer is the question are you safe to study with that's what they're asking the asked which church you with they are asking are you safe to study with the question you have to answer when you need to answer before they even asked them canvassing for signing I show them the study guide by putting our hands then I say nothing you need to know who I represent and then I talk about these things I just mentioned to him that words cannot tell you I prefer that I don't want the emphasis in the own denomination I am not there to make a Seventh-day Adventist I am American many Bible believing Christians who lug cases of violence were and I believe if I can help them learn the work on the Holy Spirit will show that this is the why and don't make the decisions so the promise I make on page one and promise I keep all the way through to decision time and keep the focus on nomination insulin a rise in civil naturally in the Bible prophecies when you deal with the different religions and the different movements that have happened throughout time yes that's a good point to a friend Christopher and address and thought about that way was good very good one last resources you about no move into my toppings winsome studies in prophecy this is a CD-ROM will what is a visit in the meeting and seeing young people get us via my laptop owner of click landlords I like that DVD is not a DVD VCD while problem is that we never got in on a ride putting your computer and open up files the files I has on their Microsoft and what these are our mice study notes of how what to say in a Bible study I believe the best that we can present in people is a prophetic message that's who we are a perfect message but most people aren't all that are ready to present atrocities to the ultra- popular time prophecies and everything they don't know so what on his number one is if you go through this series of you will know this message is no question in my mind done this for thirty years you'll notice message I don't know how to explain it but this gives you the notes of what this guy in Daniel two and Daniel three so it tells you how to clean somebody this message this is what you hand to the person deciding whether these are your nose so you pull on your computer you can print them out just as they are or you can edit and put in extra notes if you want to lie on a one-to-one a CD-ROM client on the CD-ROM is a you can add as many printed out and you put it right next year by winning on holding a Bible study okay for people say it is designed so that when you have them read the Bible text to look down your nose the best testimony I can tell you this is out of the ASI young man came up to me not twenty years old me set up your passive dancing yes he said I got to blog on this new show it to me he's a living title I was just baptized his last he's easy that they are repaired about eighteen -year-old young man he said he came into my home and gave me Bible studies in humans using your window studies in promising out the notice he was using and now that I am a member of the church anything now ongoing in Bible study still I got my own copy on no young people can do this older people can do this makes it very very simple and got a few the fact there as well a null for the Home Shopping Network and resources are so critical you need tools to work with you to be successful you need tools the other thing I honestly felt when I started in Bible studies I don't very hard to find prophetic graphs and pictures the use in the home network convenient I have them all in there you don't need anything other than that you cannot turn to the back study Scott Beasley has a timeline every time you see something you've got a grand thing you need to be able to teach it so dull self-contained tools are critical you can have a great Bible study you can with somebody they can be a good interest you can be good at what you're doing and you can lose them over the material you're giving them so you have to be careful what you're using and likely tools is so important talking about evangelism cycle behind your notebook with you on attorney at page nineteen among the use PowerPoint today and were going to look at the evangelism cycle here on Friday night we talked about the overarching principle when it comes to setting up an evangelism cycle in your church overarching principle is you must be when the sun if you're going to win some it's all about being a loving time Christ like it's all about winning the heart pounding I had packed everything you do when it comes to evangelism it impacts your framework it impacts your Bible studies aviary impact survey was the meeting in an act will your first first time they come your turn and they don't like apparatus and they don't feel comfortable first time they come to your church will not see them come back they will not come back I had a friend now studying the Bible with and he came to church one Sabbath and then this guy was as a challenge to get him to come to church but the Lord Damien is just the way to healing in the zombie terseness Abbasid helps chart shows on and he goes through the church service afterwards agreed him talk a little bit and then on reading other people 's pastor and in the following one day we met for our weekly Bible studies in how was church he said do you really want to know I said go ahead and get someone on the learner to tell me what what it was like anything well do you know what it takes for a person who goes to church on Sunday to step out of that come to your church on Saturday to tell me is that it's extremely difficult if you feel like you doing the wrong thing isn't all the way over to your church I got thinking why am I going to church on Saturday is this the right thing house really impact my life my relationship with my church when these friends that I've had for so many years is nice I wrestled with them all the way over here church but I settled in my mind I know what the Bible says the Sabbath is on Saturday and I've committed in that pennies it is a good thing that I had to settle for diseases here's what happens in the game in your church and not easily met a lady in underwear and she sat beside Damien bulletin mental health ASAP will never heard that before but I think you guys thank you isn't as you say anything else don't ASAP enable data we could have told him dispensing machines do that is not tied up the lifetime sorry if that is our bulletin will you know you can spit out more than you but that's a belated happy Sabbath bulletin dispenser and it is like a man to your church 's reserves are a start says that near the back is good every New Zealand he said you have that little time in the service rehab people greet each other and they said one person introduced themselves to me number peoples and finances of dichotomy introduced himself to me is it do you know that after church and the amount listed in the foyer he said everybody was friendly talking to each other but nobody talk to me is in only one area ever talk to me was here now welcome time in your service is the only time anyone ever spoke to me and he said you know what it would be like if you came to my church is a you wouldn't believe that morning without having met by ten people and have had a good conversation with them where you share your names what you had in common where you might work and where you live in and you find some commonality and you would leave thinking I could fit in there like a fit in with leases you laugh here I said I know I don't and you're going come help us have been here many did he join the church in which a move that turns around changed around the scenarios when something is saying is that overarching principle that carries through every phase of the vandalism in the cycle see the ones might come to church your friend when you bring them you mean then you spend time with them I could tell you stories about healthy one quick story to illustrate this reply was insurance I just come in for my second church else get ready to get my first or second radially for the church service the preaching and lots of man in blue jeans and a T-shirt that issues and this you greater than our center data the double demand I go over to say hi my name is Gary what's yours and Easton my name is Charles Charles is good to see you here simply like to stop by city living area he said now I'm actually in the military under the local base here for officer 's training for the next six weeks actually live on the other side country I surround like to stop myself out walking and I saw Seventh-day Adventist in my wisest Seventh-day Adventists and I thought I would a lot Seventh-day Adventist doing this part of the country I swung by the team members were just starting church service wanted to come in and check us out at the scene join us for Jerry Cézanne on the address for your help walking and him and student finalists and listen menu uncomfortable the name probably on the pastor here and I got aware this monkey suit but when I gave him up front I look out and I see you you'll be the only comfortable person narrow help me feel good you try to make light on it and I said and as the pastor are leaving special dispensation that you can dress like that from the terms of the laugh I said I I really replaced now you say that you say and after church is coming out the line of greeting and probably they all write a motto to say and see how had been in the party country he began at once a bunch of friends coming over after church to my house and really need to gather and I love reading Thomas got a be what you're getting at the base and he said all know and I'll always expect the new person you know on the first invitation to Illinois by this time the committee is I said was that we really genuinely would like to have you come here cylinder the guy behind him in line to people back in Prattville is a bill is a and educator he works in the public school system here also coming over our house filling out an great time or when you sit down I feel this is Charles Charles am holding up the whole greeting line in the church doing introductions and invited Charles to come over to the house for four lines and tell him he's a great time Bill Sawyer he only Mrs. remember fun time and niceties on slut doesn't want to Veronica Montross wants to come over what is and he says yes we did have a great time and in the evening a group of us would always get together and we never fellowship time together Charles came to church every Sabbath for the next six weeks been built on all and he went home in about three months later I got a letter from him and he said you know I've been married twenty years my wife never was interested in finding out what is in the essence I want in your church thank you folks for showing the hospitality banking and and all the people who help take care of me he's gone back home now I think in Bible studies from the pastor and I'm being baptized now seven my historian Michael Wenzel witnessing and he called me up after that was published I totally lost contact with them he called the opposite his wife was radiant one seven afternoon I change the name in their and she says is also a computer as has to be in Zürich on the opposite precisely to story but that brings awareness that you know even existed reading and especially to follow when you're discipling someone by selecting now give you an overview of the plan that you can implement in your cures me of the cover is very simple lightning you'll be able to apply however he you can in your church on the cover this plan this cycle of evangelism over a twelve month period you can shrink this down at the asterisk as their shirt that are covering this doing this cycle repetitively in overlapping time sequences for example the holding evangelistic meeting in March and in the whole another evangelistic meeting in June and another evangelistic meeting in October on the same here as it are constantly overlapping each of the cycle so what they're doing is the first evangelistic meeting brings people in who are interested to listen to and say wow that's interesting they don't put a whole lot of pressure on for decisions and keyboard are encouraged to make decisions that these people typically the first timers come back to the second meeting and in the second meeting of making decisions meanwhile the search is all design to make it very friendly for these seniors come over into the church in a drive up to the church they got a level of low-power radio broadcast air that welcomes visitors drive up the property and assigned unit were also two new sites AMC channel music would like to hear what does it at Sundance Thursday here's what you can expect in a semi- green cement the car when they come into the church everybody's wearing a name tag because if you put nametags on the more people talk to you is ACU names of experimental churches we go where nobody calls each other Leslie recognize the person and called her name is Suzy but nametags on everybody everyone starts talking each other and they give they give me on the person the discount for the first time to get mobile greetings I will post a login and start talking like a supposed ally and not against mother of a southern new person is walking around with that and they are made to feel welcome new user charges are growing and ending the cycle overlapping throughout one year let me share it with you if you just start all one-year places him to start first with the planning phase and evangelism cycle and then configuring the no two months to get a job check these times around a bit on some of these but then they take a month or two to get through this where your leadership team gets together and I I suggest you start with a prayer you made everything in prayer the Holy Spirit is really none of being your church to do what God wants you to give a negative surrender yourself in this process and then you work with your pastoring a church leadership to cast vision and plan evangelism cycle for the church no most charges are just coasting along and and it'll really have any real direction as a pastor if you're passing here I was just the you that you have a preaching cycle that you go to use it down the beginning of the end of every here and say okay what are the main teachings of God 's word that I know I need to reinforce and cover this year goes on church is the only years and years and years and years to hear a prophetic message healing years and years and years to hear anything about the spirit of prophecy are about stewardship and some churches side-by-side under pastors where I swear I heard that sermon a million times before this is the same sermon every week same emphasis is no other emphasis and it's very easy if you're past the flaw in your favorite rock very easy to do that you got the thing that you're passionate about it's very easy that this becomes your message you know you repackaging a little differently every time the same message every time and the way to break out of that number one is listen to your sermon every week no most passes don't listen to their service I listened to every time I preach I go back to make myself listen to it and if you're forced to listen to your own sermon on man for him him about learning experience in a dry number of the senior sermon as it was any assortment to size announcing the same thing every single week I got a mix the solid deaths of Palliser Monica here we go through and you plan your sermons for the year the emphases that you're going to copper in that way you know you're doing right by your people your feeding them a variety of messages so the other thing that also ties into this planning for the church we need to meet land where were going on a licensor to this post from week to week doing the same old thing but if you plan many say we want to this this this and this evangelistic label that next part of the planning phases I suggest that you do a demographic study of your community you can contact Andrews University they have a department that will help you do this in a dual demographic study of humanity help you understand which people groups are the most likely people who are interested in the message that we have to present it to you not just narrow it down at the shore make it easier living example that in Seattle Washington years ago they did a mailing for Bible study parts offered Bible studies in a male hundreds of thousands something and maybe humans over a million but they've nailed huge number of these things the most embarrassing mail anytime anywhere and I got back my memory serves me correctly they got back less than ten sponsors mother father ten responses and so they said is fail miserably then I assume I said what you know I wonder if this is the type of thing that would appeal to these people so they went in a demographic study and they realize that the type of card e-mail was not the I will resonate with people in their area since then they designed a car that was informed by the demographics and then they got back hundreds and hundreds of responses so you a few look into demographics you can size out I guess the type of people were dealing with and some people to be more interested than other types of people and you know how to appeal to them so that I suggest you do a demographic study assessed the needs of your community and assess what your church can offer them and then you use that information to set specific goals that are appropriate that match what your insurance can offer to the community again another example where I go to church it's in a country location with multimillion dollar mansions around us and archers is very evangelistic but not seen hardly anything were in all the years I've been there because of such a high and not community very difficult song to not get these people in this affluent community come to church by affluent people in the Middle Ages often are facing health problems and so we have recently done the ship program and shift program has been the most successful thing we've seen that we've ever done because we got people coming in their paying for it so there is a value to it and they are coming and they're spending time with phosphor what is the tip programs B one six eight eight six eight wheezes is a long period of time your cooking with and you're eating together says a lot when some activity going on and these people are executives send important people in government positions an area where I live around DC and these folks have come to church now has to hold the testimony of how their blood pressure was high was rolled over for now send one to a animal and as an area really grateful for what we've done for them so knowing your community will inform you in your approaches can help you be successful to set goals that are appropriate to that and then plan a sermon series for the church the motivating them and cast vision for solely some churches don't understand what someone is all about and you need to actually train and teach them discharge I told him out and I have to I had to go through multiple sermon series to get them excited about winning souls and inform them how to do it because they were like intentionally running on every person who came through the door that was an interest in we had to turn that around by God 's grace we did and it may be helpful for you to bring in guest speakers who say the same thing you want to but it's safer I'm sad they say they can say is really nice clean and make it really clears the people Mrs. of the back to planning phase and for the planning phases and get your leadership team on board and set your goals then you move into your preparation phase and this is your caring for the outreach and not actually doing outreach may be but you're agitating motivating training and eliciting your membership to be used by God in the present sermon series this next three months you have a churchwide emphasis on prayer for revival Reformation maybe you heard of the new seven seven seven program has your hands in the rehab am pleased to hear that see that so that's the worldwide emphasis it is seven o'clock when seven p.m. or seven a.m. wherever you are you try for God runs Holy Spirit to get you people praying for this and then work with your membership to set specific outreach goals based on your needs assessment on the gift of your members now you're involving them planning cycle and in-house training events to help people get involved in ministry based on their spiritual gifts is magnanimous as every members administer and not given the specific soul winning skills now here's the key I found it very difficult to get people to come out for training events because everybody has such a finite amount of time Rob very busy and I want to suggest something to you that I did with great success in my church with a little pain on my ass as well but we took that that superintendents time in our church in particular church I was in our superintendent 's time with dad minute coming in a people filter in here and Sabbath school they filter and he started all three wells senior citizens sitting in the audience trying to belt out some song you know it was difficult for everybody involved and an agency of the real slogan so we just forty five fifteen at ten o'clock and what did we really accomplish basically it was just kind of get here when you can time soloing it as we transition that around I can go in on time to know that in all those details but we basically replaced it with a party in training seminar on how to share your faith and that got people in there one time and accident multiple seminars LLC you become meaning you can choose whichever seminar you wanted to we started with Sabbath school class firstly UK massage class versus what people are coming for you want in their own time and start her again and then after Sabbath school class that we were to thirty minutes in the training class Miller drywall into the sanctuary for nice ten fifteen minute group activities and superintendents on the very focused very concise so you can use this will refrain Sabbath afternoon using prayer meeting and I'll encourage you your young people let's use the Internet okay let's dream this stuff it's very easy to screen your events I live thirty minutes from my church I can't be running into the church yell after Sabbath services are over policy dinner and I don't like commenting on come back no goodbye go back home and come back I was home for forty five minutes and got o makes a long day but my church would stream in which they don't try to convince the things that do this but if they would scream at I be participating in my home watching stop participating and so you need to get your churches where there's dreaming this content analysis of people who are homebound can participate is very easy to get anywhere in the twenty first century you know we all act like in a seven-day pass so stream the content I give you some of resources here that you can use for your training and organize your members into action groups and this is very very helpful so when you start talking about Bible studies give Bible studies and United people there you need to say how many were interesting and exciting seeing lots of people want related team with you how many of you would like to work with former and inactive members you asked for that the story here that will help everyone make a team with you and you just want to have fun with people you're the party time by really creating a social group with you zero over here and you create his hands and then those teams create an ministry the gap and you and your pastor or later you facilitate them but you turn them loose to do ministry and they do it together in a new enough on why NOV said as well so you don't does everybody thought this out on their own as they will sustain him as a crazy rumor is that you have these rooms among the next phase now the top number six pick the zero 's report on Sabbath morning at church and I start getting their testimonies helped a lot powerful testimony will be in the shy guy who never has witnessed in his life and you pull him up from our enemies as wow that's like transforming I had an exciting experience they start telling their testimonies what's happening now slow with the testimonies I heard on here since I've been here and the testimony last night I was at Angelica 's angle is down you know her sushi here know her story about that lady I hope to see that lady tonight don't you you see you start telling those stories off-line people start seeing Johnny on to the lives of the members it's going to inspire others to get vomiting scene made me want to go out to the shopping place to start passing out tracts and invitations soon and I want that type of experience you get your action moves up there sharing their testimonies partnering and move into the pre- work phases where there actually out there doing it and your gold eeriness I like five months because if I have three to five months to get a Bible study is someone I can get an ready for an evangelistic series three months exactly what I like telling about ten to twelve weeks but with the church members can take a little bit longer so we scheduled five months here so you get him involved in their ministry and I tell you what to do during that during that time this is critical because this is where you're creating these relationships in the community that are now those made into your events like their evangelistic series but to hold a public meeting this is where all the contact point of contact that you made in the community are invited to the meetings elicited this video are just going out saying stranger come to my meeting Juergen again a limited number results they need to do that I mean I was a stranger who got us all handbill access all the handle in somebody else's house house laying carpet installer handbill in the mail I was tempted to steal but I had some scruples but I did write down the information that's how I came to the evangelistic series so you start gearing up framework here making friends you're making friends developing relationships and when you might meeting they know electricity and are willing to follow to the meeting so they enable your evangelistic meeting and you want to be known number three is the friendliest Bible teaching church in town that when people come and go I can like what they're hearing a lot their experiencing they like the people in their win the meetings that is a recipe for success for God 's kingdom the engineer follow and I know that amount of time last of the remaining three minutes Freeman as well be done here your follow-up is businesslike in a weekend wartime to tell you this but you immediately in the last week in your series you advertise what you doing next and I like to do another prophecy series and I like to do it during Sabbath school and I invite all most people my series I had the last couple series we had the majority of the people coming to our evangelistic meetings come over on Sabbath morning when I class we want the people you non- Adventist ministers coming because they wanted to learn more and I advertise it as the slower pace and the opportunity for you to ask questions and really dig into it deeper and we had a Sabbath last thing you put that will will n know your urinal class right now is in the sanctuary and so the only thing what is community services closet and that's where the guests that you don't do that because you'd be back there with musty old clothes of pork and beans cans on the wall in the own the shelves that you what you need to do is you need to put in the most accessible location and vascular cause some conflict we need to work through the same format and then involve people I have hungry people and one of the churches that I can hungry people coming to my follow-up of Sabbath school class in the church is powerful and then not conduct a midweek study that also get these new people engaged in you something interesting I've use the Tony Moore's in the footsteps of Paul nice get his new series on Jesus the series of inelegant people involved and have them come over tonight were every decisions for those who are not baptized as well as engaging the people who were baptized and then lastly what I mentioned last night the discipling phase having casual discipling program and plan for every one of his new members were there making friends where you are teaching them the message again you're getting them involved in ministry you have a plan for every single member not to follow cycle there is likely of course continues and you get those new members involved in the next round of the cycle we don't have to wait twelve months want to start this deli you can overlap the cycles there are any any questions or comments on this is more of a teaching practical session in any questions will not go in the gas which department on your tenacity that and I'm glad you did because of the important question and I do not have time to research that you research the formula for a video does anybody know if you know what department it is many times alas because I got to that information I would start by calling the evangelism Institute at Andrew 's guy nodding and call down and ask them about who is in another demographic studies no point in the right direction there is a cost yeah there is a cost but it's well worth it anything about that in Seattle they sent out all these all the expense of mailing we got a list of ten responses long they would pay for that study many times over any other questions or comments by this very simple don't underestimate it it's very powerful when you get your shirts on this cycle they would focus and a lot of internal squabbling she'll start going away because people now are focused on mission when I left this church I told you about the difficult church that I mentioned last night and a few other times my going away party that they gave me was all of the new people that were not high the people we reclaim from the inactive of former members they each were given a stem with a flower on it and a broad enough and they put in a vase and they had a marble in the bottle for each of the members in the bottom of the space to hold the saw silk flower arrangement and his person would come up the microphone and talk about what it meant and they now remember the address church there was a tag on each flower standing gave your name in their native baptism and many put it all into this phase amid his beautiful cat and had Alderson at least in passing ostensibly exists to win and growth souls for the kingdom of God and as of this face represents all of our members involved in the fertile soil to grow souls for God 's kingdom I for sure is basically almost killed me I want to turn around the whole thing turned around I praise God for that and it was a large part due to this evangelism cycle and focusing church where before they were inwardly focused on the anonymous estimate the power of what can happen here thank you very much


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