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Why Revival Waits

Mark Howard


Mark Howard

Director, Emmanuel Institute of Evangelism



  • May 7, 2011
    10:00 AM
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good morning and thank you ladies for that what a beautiful song we want God 's blessings a man and we need to think and the way he decides to give them another way we decide we need to get one glad to be here with you my name is Master Mark Howard as mentioned and in Michigan and Illinois Michigan is the weather is a little different room here in Michigan but other than that and the spiritual climate is the same everywhere I can be good or bad in them I think their people everywhere who are really wanting to do the Lord 's will I think they are people everywhere even those who profess to be followers of Jesus who simply aren't seeking as well and would be talking about that in fact throughout the day this morning I want to talk to you about revival and why revival Terry's art world church seven Baptist Church for those of you were Seventh-day Adventist has just this last year in their annual session annual Council voted to emphasize the need for revival among the Adventist people dwell among the all Christian people a need for revival in preparation for the coming of Jesus in response to that there have been nested messages on revival but I think you're probably as clear as I am that this is not the first time Chris is not about revival is certainly not the first time at the .net revival and we have to ask ourselves if it's not the first time when we keep asking and asking and asking and asking and it's not coming the way we would hope that it would and so will you be talking about that this morning and then this afternoon I really want to dwell on something that I think is really vital organ and wellness topic that I think exposes why so many Christians struggle to stay on top of their game why they had these roller coaster experiences so hard on fire experience but it just they struggle with it I think the Bible is enhanced for that in our last message this afternoon as enemy talk about how we can prepare for the latter rain are you aware that that you were told that the latter rain when it falsely falling perhaps on hearts all around us and we may not even perceive that it's happening and so I think it's it's by these are vital messages that we need is for preparing for the coming of Jesus are lineal now myself and ask God to bless our time in his word if your buyer has with me heavenly father this morning we thank you for your Sabbath day we thank you father for your word we thank you for the power the Holy Spirit that has been given to equip the church for the transformation and the finishing of the gospel work we pray Lord this morning as we study and your word that your Holy Spirit will give us understanding that the Holy Spirit would open our hearts and minds father maybe not just hearers of the word doers of the word today we ask in Jesus name and revival in fact even as I say I don't know how it's been here but I would imagine that the general conference initiative they deferred messages under vinyl maybe more starting this year Al my church is heard more and it's funny that I have some access with faster when we got to get past the messages about revival the something else your allies with us as we speak always be gone when we had the obligatory revival sermon once a year to make ourselves feel better we feel the pressure like okay need a mix of spiritual recommitment and in when we got where we don't have to stop hearing about revival about this when we get revised revival means what is alarming it will bring back to life in order listeners observe bring back the spirit alive what is the Bible say rather who does the Bible say gives a spiritual life Jesus said is the Spirit who gives life to flesh profits nothing right the Holy Spirit knowledge and open your Bibles to live chapter eleven I don't think I don't think any of these these taxidermy newsy you but I think this drivel speak to us this morning to these Luke eleven and I want you to go with me to verse eleven village eleven in verse eleven Jesus has just finished talking about asking and seeking and finding Annie says in verse eleven if a son asks for bread from any father among you will be given the stone or if he asks for a fish will he give him a serpent in starter obviously obvious answer is of course not no father would think to do something like that in notice Jesus next sentence in you then being evil know how to give what that gets to your children how much more will your heavenly father give one the Holy Spirit to those who ask him what is telling us does not want to give the Holy Spirit to his people sure enough as so here we're talking about revivals not the first time and is a great revival in times past here we are again Christians the world over paper a Bible and you can read about great revival meetings all through history and so here we are again praying for revival and it's not here why because God is not ready to give you share with you statement from a book called true revival to the book it's been not actually knows not to revivalist the last event this particular one page one eighty nine and the author makes this statement here there must be earliest adverts to obtain the as the Lord not because God is not willing to bestow his blessing upon us but because we are unprepared to receive it unprepared to receive is another one from evangelism page seven oh one and it says the descent of the Holy Spirit upon the churches look forward to as in the future but it is the privilege of the church to have it now seeks for it pray for it believes for it we must have it and Heather is waiting to bestow heavens waiting for the start that we are not ready for I don't think it's because we haven't been asking but I fear that we perhaps we have been asking rights and illustrate that I was sure again experience working in going to the passage of Scripture how many of you are able to attend and UIC this year as some of you are asking some of you there and you see this your name for those who invented it where there was and is not any of the catch-up quickly for the Santa school what they did they definitely had a panel discussion where several people get up in the discuss one thing or another and what they did for the Sabbath school there and UIC as they played a video clip here's a video clip when they were interviews that he was interviewing people on the street okay you can see the interview and interview are you just all the interviewees and there were two questions asked the first question that was asked was what do you think about Jesus and the answers just one after another all he's loving and caring gracious guy always positive things everything was positive everything you can imagine positive without exception then the interviewer went back to all the the same individual question number two question original was what do you think about Christians you can imagine the response you think they were always positive as the response about Jesus no Christians really self-righteous judgments all and down the line not where you are they are not going to share that with you can you relate to that can you say you know what I know what you're talking about pastor it's all too true committee can relate to that Christians in Christ Jesus yeah great Christians are not so sure about Christians now here's the question soliciting or watching of this is the thought came to my mind and asked him to pose it to you this way when I just share that with you or you were there and you saw it and I don't want to show hands on this how many of you for how many was the first thought became in your mind I wonder I'm one of those people because fishing event nine was a how many of you thought I don't see any of them this money did not know what I know people in the church just like that I know the kind of Christians to give Christianity a bad name and it wasn't you the first time talking about I sat and watched that I know was the intention of the steps below I thought you know this is thanks us to pray the prayer of the Pharisee in Luke chapter eighteen because it's natural for us unfortunately our carnal fallenness it's natural for us to see the problem everywhere else but here now with the Lord talk about revival and reminder literally means of bringing back to life if I truly pray for revival one of my admitting him I don't see myself as spiritually dead and I really praying for revival that will be praying truly from the heart training brought back to life I think I know I was need with Jeffrey Jeffrey team going verse nine Matthew Mark Luke eighteen and verse nine I went to the notice of Jesus spoke this parable to verse nine also he spoke this parable to some of the watt trusted in themselves that they were righteous and despised others market he said about that it's a natural result to despise others are look down on others when you think you're better vis-à-vis the trusted in themselves that they were righteous with the report of righteous right okay we only get this out we were so clichéd out Christie any day I think that oftentimes we find ourselves in the place of perhaps the Pharisee here but we just went down here you would save your your righteous people I want to be I don't think we greater unless you would say why register the rights of Christ we would say I trust myself in a righteous let me just give you throw something out here the reward of unrighteousness is right when God gives me a direction in my life but I chose to go a different direction even in one little point like I can follow Dottie ninety nine things but in one thing I think I'm not sure about that I'm trusting I'm writing that point over God therefore in trust in my own righteousness sake that is interesting as you look at the parable Jesus describes these two men a notice because of the same percent two men went to the temple to pray one a Pharisee and the other one the tax collector of Republican thinking James says the Pharisee stood and prayed thus with himself God I think you that I am one not as bad as those people that give Christianity a bad name I mean I know guys like that imagine I am thankful that I'm not like that I'm thankful that I'm not like other men it's interesting to note that the Pharisee did not write on a regular perfect in every part of my spiritual life it wasn't making any profession that he was perfect in the heat arrived and that he had everything worked out he just saw that he was better than some people he was comparing himself to any girls and he begins to share some of the things that he knows he's excelling in he says I'm not like other men extortioners unjust adulterers or even as a tax collector I fast twice a week I give tithes of all I possess and the tax collector standing afar off would not so much as raise it I just have invented what the Bible says he'd be his rest what is that about was that signifies arena versus Freddy in that when the conveying to a anguish this is real heartfelt prayer this man see his need of what he's praying for Pharisee didn't see the need for what he was praying for and the book price object lessons Illinois says that he says it's possible for the mouth to confess a sold poverty that the heart will not acknowledge we know understand we been training with the same questions but the Pharisee praying with himself he wasn't really asking God for something to VMC has me more about what is the that the tax collecting beating his breast in English over the lack but he says in his own life and he says as he beat his breast he won't even lift his eyes to heaven but it says he be framed God be merciful to me a sinner and Jesus sat in these words these words and burn their way right into our souls brothers and sisters he says I tell you this man went down to his house justified along with the other when he said this man went home to his house justified rather than the using that Pharisee thought that he wasn't justified no human immaturity and should serve as he went along with full assurance of salvation the Wednesday bill he was the same in all he was deceived into thinking he was saying is even looking at his own goodness the tax collector this man saw his knee he saw the spiritual death and he could pray from his heart for spiritual life and he received with great are you with me so far I'm afraid my friends that in this day and age it's it's increasingly hard for us a pic on the evidence especially in this church to pray that prayer was meaning one of the reasons one of the problems and opposing view in question for money put it this way on the asked you what was it that deceive this Pharisee into feeling like he was okay to write there is prayer I think I hurt you what was it he compared himself to other people this collector could've been just like the Paris University got his bank now that I'm not like this tax collector the one thing I'm not like the Roman Centurion the news guys and reasons that during the break by not allowing the prisoners identity aware right on down the line ending is always somebody you can look at an point at the reality is sometimes we do that were wrong anyway probably more and better place than we are but the fact of the matter is he was comparing himself among others and I believe that's one of our biggest challenges today is we tend to compare ourselves among and across subject matter this is a versatile conviction of sin and the Holy Spirit could not work for hints same with anyone about the Holy Spirit we are not allowing moisture to convict does not pick up on that in a moment there's nothing he can do in one of the Devils when the devil 's most successful means to deceive us is to get us to compare ourselves with other people the Bible says his mind holding by beholding Christ we are changed we like to behold other people compare ourselves and like I said is one of the hardest things in the average church we look at our institutions if you read Jeremiah chapter seven when Jeremiah the prophet came to Israel came to God 's people pointed out to them the need for reform documents holding through Jeremiah you tell these people not to trust in lying words he was in the line words of the false prophets the temple of the Lord the temple of the Lord of the Temple of the Lord of the busy dependency of the people in Jeremiah 's day with a set of Jeremiah God is displeased with what you have always great institutions why are we in this worldwide church because we serve a merciful God and we tend to compare ourselves to be contented to see all the good things going on and I wish we should be what over God 's blessing but we need to realize our own personal need in Italian that the Lord brings that out the Lord brings that out brings out about to us through conviction of the heart we can fix the conscience I need to end it well it is surely give you statements on the conscience I think these are fascinating in the book evangelism page two eighty three his visitor it is the work of the Holy Spirit to convict all convince rather the soul of its need of Christ that pretty much a given another statement it is the still small voice of the Spirit of God has power to convict and convert man's soul that in our Sunday school class this morning and then again conscience is the voice of God heard amid the conflict of human passion when it is resisted the spirit of God is green the Spirit speaks less to our conscience I have to clarify something for you there are people who tell me a pastor I hear what you're saying an entity has an opinion on this contrast how I feel in my heart to tell me what to write I would ask your question this morning discussing a little odd but just bear with me still the workshop for me shop they were the first thing you do when you come to greenlight couple of a gun of Greenland will you go as we follow your heart you see the problem is a lot of people let their hard dictate to them and we don't realize that there are more than one kind of conscience the Bible doesn't only speak that conscience is the Bible speaks seven others give you the references of the conscience and versatility one five if your conscience in first Timothy three nine oh eight conscience and first Corinthians eight twelve also speaks of an evil conscience and Hebrews ten twenty two and the Bible speaks of a seared conscience in first Timothy four two take a piece of me can you Syrians if you share your scan burnout all the nerve endings Paul says we can get back to our conscience the good news is that humankind is asked that burned out portion this feeling and sometimes God has to take the sword of the Spirit the word of God and cut in through the seared consciences and so you know what the devil does he want to get us and keep us as far away from the word of God is possible so we don't have time for personal study isn't preached from the pulpits and on and on and on at least the convicting stuff is infringed it happens too often but the guy has to awaken the consciences of many that have seared consciences are evil conscience is that we can just trust the consciously know I'm not awaken the conscience through the word of God why because it only has the Holy Spirit works to the word awakened the conscience that we can see our need and now we can pray that prayer meeting and got an answer and I want to tell you something Jesus understood this need for that work of the Holy Spirit convicting Harding bringing a sense of need and say is I just want to be real playing with you I don't think any of us here and clean myself has happened understanding of our sense of need for Christ we live in such a art weekly live in a generation person in selling such a easy brand of Christianity that they be popular e-zine take you feel-good Christianity that we relax exactly we don't laugh we get upset often times when seeking the generality here at NASA is that point things out why because well perhaps maybe we have recently brought to church or something else that we say we can have people getting offended and leaving church offended or upset people to come to church and mission the church I don't know people who think that way ever read the story of the rich young ruler immediately Jesus happy Jesus say something wrong that even a better example is the use understood the need for convicting the conscience is understood that he could bring deep conversion unless they brought in connection I will tell you and share with you one of the most fascinating examples that you've seen the Canadian on at the way to look at this morning and John for as Jesus is seeking to bring about a deep sense of need were going to John for looking at the story of the woman at the well now I'm trusting that you're somewhat familiar with the story this morning where this American woman is at the well Jesus disciples go off to get there with a woman shows up Jesus asks her to get them drink conversation ensues Jesus tries to sell her on the living water K are you with me now he tries to seller on the living water and here's what happens this is to me this whole thing is fascinating she says in verse fifteen sir you leave this water that I may not thirst nor come here to draw okay so I want to put it in a setting that we can grasp you bring your friend to church and you bring your friend and pastor Howard you bored with this brand grow wild with spiritual things it has been nearly and then not witnessing everything else waiting for some kind of spiritual interest will bring a friend of the pastor Howard and Pastor Howard says you would have this conversation and your friends like and I will have Bible studies are you with me so far and you're just like this is great this is fantastic I'm trying to get this person to studies by your looking with Jesus does next we come back Jesus said to her goal call your husband and come here first seventeen the woman answered and said to and said I have no husband and Jesus said to her you have well said I have no husband for that you had five husbands and the one you now have is not your husband in that you spoke truthfully okay first question did you know she did have a husband why did he ask her the question what he already knew the answer so passed out he is my friend you will eleven after that was somebody shouldn't be asked in that it really all in that is exactly what Jesus Justin we don't see them he reads are only just think everything he has ever find niacin will learn about enormity like that what happened here why did he bring up why we ask such a personal and pointed question when he knew the incident in the uncomfortable situations uncomfortable because Jesus knew when this woman says I want that want to give me that living water she was sincere she really wanted it but she couldn't nearly appreciate until the Holy Spirit had cut in and showed her where the trouble part of her life was insane I want to tell you something that the Lord works the same way today and for too many of us we some condition buying this this relativistic society that when the message is printed and cut the wrong way we didn't matter the plagiarism realizing the Holy Spirit is trying to con and bring us a reminder when writing for the Bible can't come Jesus said if the seagulls into the ground has to die first before can come alive the carnal nature has to die for many spiritual and the Lord knows how to put it to death he brings the Holy Spirit he brings conviction and we really want revival we got to be we've got to be willing to be convicted we did we got be willing to receive its know the Bible says about David when he sings Bathsheba and in Psalm fifty one he says I knowledge my transgression before the fascinating text and knowledge in a sometimes the weight weenie here what's wrong but we don't acknowledge what's wrong in our lives Jesus knew the Nina Brink imagine this one is hard and you'll find a defining in several places not only the ministry of Christ the drought the Scripture how the word comes and brings conviction what are the greatest revivals of Scripture is that of King Josiah in the original Kindle side the Bible said that this man was something for God he didn't turn to the right hand up to the last he and yet when you read about what was going on in the kingdom under Josiah images and then it will this is after he made reforms go read the story the Bible says Josiah was introduced the higher the priest found the book of the law and anybody shared with Josiah and when the word came to just sigh it cut docile as a man who had been faithful in all he knew there were things that he wasn't clear on the Lorna brings his understand you think San Diego regularly you know what else is fascinating as it went also I heard the words of the book of the law the first thing he did think of his sermons anything going to inquire of the Lord descended think the significance in that today it is a lot of people does a lot of guys people that that one maintained their following God and following the truest God-given voice in his last a church to say up you missed some pizza some pieces he missed some parts there are things in your life that you're not all the prophets did in the Bible times as they do today so some of us avoid all that some of that's another story eventually it is better not to feel the connection and some of us to accidentally we just don't have time for the great controversy tells us that Satan well knows it all who neglect prayer and searching of the Scriptures will be overcome is the tax like a second baking converting power is not there and the Lord would bring his people back to it to an understanding of our true condition first so he can transform his church unless somebody would say well I don't know if we need to be the only heard these kind of things before it's time and negative thing I'm as much as reborn I ask you the terrifying answer viewer to take one message and say that you what do that what one message does not call that he preached to his last day church what message would it be and is allowing just leave me out when we meet on it all day long we discussed it with you to discuss all day long as the Bible tells us the message God said his last the church needs of the Laodicean message and he is some cell spoken what's the problem with the Laodicean church your wretched miserable poor blind and naked when you don't know it's you don't know your true condition until the last day church in the book early writings commenting on that message knowest that if that gets that message in the surrounding responses that bring what's called the shaking among God 's church I asked the meaning of the shaking I have seen ever shown that when because neither straight testimony called forth by the Council of the true witness to the Laodiceans boiled down the two witnesses counsel basically says that you guys don't have understand your condition the message comes does not listen some will not barely a straight testimony they will rise up against it and this is what will cause a shaking among God 's people will want the idea that my limited reading and talking me the same on my spiritual condition as when shipping and some will rise up against it and this will cause a shaking now listen what goes on to say I saw that the testimony of the true witness has not been half heated the solemn testimony upon which the destiny of the church hangings has been lightly esteemed if not entirely disregard this testimony must work deep repentance all who truly receive it will obey and be purified have to save some comments this afternoon but I want to tell you this I've been reading about repentance was reading in Prophets and Kings of interest in profits rather about Eli 's sons and Eli repented his repentance wasn't sure because he represented when Sears they kept doing the same thing many of us think that's redundant we just ask forgiveness and we do penance repentance is somebody comes in God and it's a desire sincere desire for change a change in her course of action this message works deep repentance and those receiving the things we have got to begin exposing ourselves to the word of God that sort of the spirit we got to be willing to respond positively when that sword cuts it's only then that we experienced the blessing that God so much once to shower upon us just as we heard in our worship songs morning are in our offertory some we wonder blessings to come easy way to come to tears sometimes into hardship not just tears because I lost a loved one tears because I see my unlikeness to Christ God will have the people that prevail and that will be transformed I began to be those people last statement was share with you to review and Herald March twenty two eighteen eighty seven it says the church must aroused to action this is a comment on this whole chapter to which old councils of people gone surrender their hearts and not their garments it was customary in Israel it is symbolic that when they think they came into some tragedy would tear their garments when they realize their own wretchedness they would tear the garments of garments in the nihilism of righteousness this is the last thing my righteousness is filthy rags I need a righteousness of Christ the problem is they got into that outward thing they forgot what it meant entering enormous all the time it is no true repentance of those dolls as God 's visit from always carry your heart is not your garments commenting on that this is the spirit of God can never come again until she repairs the way the church prepares the way there's in the Ernest Sergeant harms there should be United persevering prayer not only can he bring individually but together praying that the Lord would give us that through sense of our need for his righteousness but nothing else in this world would be worth more there should be United persevering prayer and through faith the claiming of the promises of God there should be not a clothing of the Bonnie was sackcloth as in ancient times but a deep humiliation assault we have not the first reason for self-congratulation and self exaltation we should humble ourselves under the mighty hand of God he will appear to converse and blasts the true seeker 's the work is before us we'll be engaged when you engage in this morning saying we do engage in it how many of you want to engage in network of raining hard not to garment I tell you sometimes in some of your city here all of you I think I desire the things of God I don't know that I'm spiritually dead and yet some of the very same ones that say well you know I didn't have any time for devotions this week Akamai must be honest be honest with yourself if you didn't have time to do both is the really senior need of Christ because I needed and you wouldn't let a day pass without spending in the right opportunity condescending under saying we got a say in what is true I need remodeling Kelly this morning the speaker needs revival anyone enjoying me praying for the star has heavenly father father I just asked this morning as we look at the Scripture father we don't know ourselves we don't know our condition we believe the Holy Spirit to awaken us anyway construe the word he speaks our consciences we need our conscience is awakened we need to seared consciences and the evil consciences need tendering Lord we need hearts transformed we need true repentance that we can pray for Vince and effectual prayers for revival and father we are we are praying this this morning I bring this in my need have mercy on me a sinner have mercy on us Lord and by your grace to Brussels we can't do for ourselves we ask and pray in the name of Jesus for his sake and


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