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Revival of True Discipleship

Mark Howard


Mark Howard

Director, Emmanuel Institute of Evangelism



  • May 7, 2011
    4:00 PM
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what afternoon and found a cat I wanted you with me for a minute husband until you tirelessly looking at moving east and people in California don't have nice afternoons as an excuse for not coming out to meetings and easily that all the time was nice out today every last week and ring the week before so this week I had things to get done but here you guys get nice weather all the time so now this is not an excuse for seven afternoon and that's why you're here I is you want to build on this morning I hope this morning we just scratched the surface and I have to tell you that what we're talking about this afternoon in both of our messages that I would I would dare say even this message here is one that is of the utmost importance and this can probably be one of the most challenging for at least some of you but that's okay we like to be challenged only if a couple quiet and I think so I think so okay well if anyone asked God to bless her time and in order to get into our topic this afternoon I mentioned to your layer that I believe that what we dealing with here is something that is key to helping us to maintain a solid spiritual experience and get away from the roller coaster that so many people have of being on a spiritual higher spirituality spiritual higher spiritual it's actually not as there's a lot more elementary than most people think it's just a little bit of a cross bearing that's why we don't hear about it as much let's bow our heads together at any father would thank you for this Sabbath day one thank you for this beautiful weather and I want to thank you for the opportunity we have to come together to fellowship dispense time in your word Lord as we are looking at the things happening in the world around us and we know that the coming of Jesus is a hand not only do we want to be ready for this coming but we would help others to be ready to the father we ask you would bless our time in your word we ask in Jesus name and for his sake amen RIP are hearing out okay I ended this morning I is one of those ear those will hear Mike's I can't stand them I can say that Europe is just to let you know like you care but every time I go to have it I have little years and always end up hanging on my face on preaching and I'd like to everywhere I go on I sent this morning I think you know those things that all this'll be okay it will be different in every time you says that so I went with a lapel mic and says that did the the complaint they are wise that is not a sound level except on the mic itself thinking that a sound board and turned me down so he thought might be to out but it's not due out is a too quiet okay good did you get this afternoon I would like for you to open your Bibles to a parable in Matthew chapter twelve Matthew chapter twelve and maybe before I go in there I don't have the article with me but there was an article on CNN that came out my click the article about a block called the almost Christian that was written by a woman named Canberra Creasy Dean sees a professor and I I I want to say Princeton but she had done this she written this book and see Donna Summer survey of teen teen Christians and their religious experience and the title of the article was more teams becoming a fake Christians the basic point of your article is this these boards he is getting sold a religion that has no crossing across was Christianity it uses the challenge is when you talk to the young people there's nothing left in Christianity to challenge them anymore and inapposite think that she had that's when she picked up from her summer working with these young people there just isn't enough substance in Christianity and of course as I read that I thought this isn't just a problem for the teams and I believe Jesus addresses this very issue here in Matthew chapter twelve I believe there's a substance issues with with a lot of questions in fact I'm a newer university church this afternoon with the worship service okay talking about a Christ centered doctrines in a Christ centered religion where do they think that we're going to flush that out here this afternoon what does it mean to center your religion on Christ coming I have to tell you think sending any of you are there in the service I mean I I can I'm glad for what I heard but what when you say hey I believe in Jesus you're aware that James is the devils believe and tremble and I think we live in a day and age that we have to understand what it means when we say I believe and I believe that there are only talking about living a Christ centered experience I think Jesus addresses that hear in the book of Matthew Matthew chapter twelve in verse forty three the Bible says when an unclean spirit goes out of a man he goes through dry places seeking rest and finds what he finds not then he says I will return to my house from which I came okay so what was the house again it was a person and as a evil spirit was in the person with the evil spirit got for some reason the other last the person and he went to find some other place but he couldn't find another place that he liked as well and so he comes back and noticed that the Bible says I will return to my house in which I came in when he comes he finds it empty swept and put in order then he goes and takes with him seven other spirits more wicked than himself and they enter and dwell there in the last state of that man is worse than the first so shall it also being by me with this wicked generation what is a man look like those been swept and put in order and had a evil spirit believe what are we talking about here possession clean and orderly were being nebulous here I want specific what does a person look like what is this person look like a viewer to see him one when you probably find him doing what would you probably find him looking like Jay like we do how we look okay he probably finding a church initially and probably even hung out by the church what else reformed lifestyle is stop drinking he stopped smoking he stopped trusting he stopped doing a lot of the things that he used to do is clean up his act probably see them in church on Sabbath right in other words W C that's why the evil spirit leave way down we go to the Bible we find an evil spirit leaving Windows needles currently the Casal something else comes in now the distinction between this particular man is he's cleaned obvious what he's put in order but eventually he's empty and it doesn't say right here I'm assuming because evil spirit left he wasn't always but we find them here and dBase cleanup in other words outwardly he's got the forms of Christianity outwardly he is clean up his act outwardly he is living a clean life the problem is that there is there's no substance of the Christian life within it he's got the forms of but it's empty inside okay and what is that mean when I communicate to you exempting what's missing okay justification only no savior or some other thoughts Holy Spirit 's missing okay lack of the word of God now here's what I want to do with it that we typically I think the thought would be Yankees M.D. he's missing the Holy Spirit I wanted to look at this in practical terms what I think Jesus is addressing here is not simply that the Holy Spirit is lacking but the substance of life that the Holy Spirit provides is lacking in other words as Christians there can be an outward miss of form but there's some business substance to the Christian life and I believe that for too many outlaws we lack the substance of the Christian life that leaves us to be in experience is that we're trying to always get the summer high that we have somehow accepted the idea that some emotional highs when I feel a certain way that's what I'm on top of my game instead of instead of seeking to have that that constant of substance in Christianity and I suppose I would put it this way in a question form and ask you what is the substance of the Christian life I don't with them Christ in you the hope of glory first John three okay love God with all your heart love your neighbor as yourself I think those are good answers let me ask you this question were to get to this and I is not it's not hard to figure out and ask it this way what is a Christian Christlike follower of Christ how many would agree that it has an easy way to get to him Kristen is a follower of Christ right what was the substance of Priceline okay I'll say service let let me go to live nineteen ten the Son of Man has come to seek and save that which was lost the nastiness if I were to take the cross of Calvary and say that the cross of Calvary is a good summation of who Jesus Watts that the cross manifests the person of Jesus would that be fair with a crossing the revelation of Jesus and Julie Watson what his mission once when he may discover that serve the cross of Christ manifested let's ask what the cross was what was in essence was the craw a sacrifice Jesus sacrificing what himself for what for the salvation of others K what was the substance of Chrysler sacrificing the self for the salvation about what the Christian Faller of Christ what would be a substance of the Christian life quitting anything differently imagine it would be anything different than the substance of Jesus life shortened the life of a Christian be something different in the life of Christ I want you to turn with me to the book of Matthew chapter twenty eight read Matthew twelve and I want to look at a few passages with you on discipleship Matthew twenty eight I'm I'm fairly certain you're familiar with these passages Matthew twenty eight verse eighteen what's the setting of Matthew twenty eight verse eighteen what when does this take place after the resurrection prior to the ascension of Jesus these were his parting words right and you ever left somebody for a period of time and you have to speak parting words anybody ever happened in words like intimacy are a lot going for a while and so you get is the last time you speak a little while they may ever been to the experience usually just say anything or do you want to say something meaningful meaningful and easier parting words I just wanted to let out there what Jesus was saying here these were his parting words to his disciples in other words this just tells us the burden of the heart of Jesus this was if these were his parting words is the last message this is what he wanted them to understand Matthew twenty eight verse eighteen and Jesus came and spoke to them saying all authority has been given to me in heaven and on earth all therefore and make what disciples of all nations baptizing them in the name of the father and of the son and of the Holy Spirit teaching them to observe what all things I have commanded you and well I am with you always even to the end of the eight called the great commission right Christ conditions his followers was the commission given to where the disciples is there a difference between a disciple in a Christian I was asking our Academy students Great Lakes Adventist Academy I said I had I spoke to them this fall I'm asking that question is are just difference between a discipling Christian the majority said oh yes yes there's a difference between a site discipling Christian what do you think was different than mine the same differences often in our minds on disciples Christian right I really do think that there's a difference it's amazing the difference a month is a disciple there's somebody who goes out and witnesses for their fate and so I took them I may take you to ask Chapter 11 acts chapter eleven and when she did notice an interesting text in verse twenty six X11 verse twenty six will start verse twenty five for the setting is as and Barnabas departed for Tarsus to seek Saul and when he had found him he brought him to Antioch so it was that for a whole year they assembled with the church and taught a great many people and the disciples were first called Christians in Antioch for the different people now is the same group of people in fact they call themselves Christians everybody else called him crazy events you crazy is all you do is talk about is Christ amen and so that was where they got that impression Christian disciple I think you said go make disciples I told you below by the second discipleship was a disciple what is a disciple we need to ask yourself two questions are we making disciples in our redesign as the Scripture says new chapter six verse forty is a real is a no-brainer it's an obvious giveaway well I will still know I'm going to blame the chapter six and verse forty the Bible tells us this is probably the definition that you would give it fast but a disciple is from a very generic or very basic standpoint than six first forties as a disciple is not above his teacher but everyone he knew is what perfectly trained will be like his teacher in other words a perfectly trained disciple is somebody who's like his teacher elected to the disciple most of us with the disciples on the Apollo something a disciple of somebody as a person it follows and emulates the somebody the following is that there okay with Ari talk about that obviously being a disciple of Jesus and being a Christian of the same thing as a follower of Jesus we want to emulate Jesus incorporate the good train we're going to live like Jesus lived were going to do like Jesus did and the substance of our life is going to be with the substance of Jesus life Watts on let's go to the chapter by Lessig another qualification of discipleship Luke chapter five in verse nine notice the disciples are out on the boat and Jesus works a miracle and fills that net 's with fish and this is where Peter falls down at the knees of Jesus and says department in order I'm a simple man in a Jesus says in verse nine the Bible says rather verse nine for he feared and all were with him were astonished at the catch of fish which they take and so also were James and John the sons of seventy two were part this assignment and Jesus said to Simon do not be afraid I'm now on you will catch men the notice verse eleven especially so when they had brought new uncertainty brought their boats to land they did what they left all suck all and followed him okay one of the one of the requirements one of the biblical qualifiers for Disciples of Christ is that a disciple of Christ besides the perfect training the following is it there willing to forsake all day we see that repeated will see that several places just to clarify this I think this is really important this doesn't mean a disciple price stability which every no possession that they have right now but the point is at any time to what to call disciple into any line of work and the disciple is willing to forsake all okay go a little further in the chapter will see the call of Levi Matthew verse twenty seven the Bible says Nappanee 's things he went out and saw tax collector named Levi sitting at the tax office and he said to him follow me so he was left all rows and follow him okay just so that you know that Jesus was serious about this I want to look at Luke nine with me ever going to look at verse fifty seven live nine fifty seven I have a heading in my finalist is the cost of discipleship Luke nine and verse fifty seven and there is a cost in following Jesus and I went to see that I want to see how Jesus brings it up here in the passage the Bible says now happened as a journey on the road that someone said to him Lord I am a lot follow you wherever you go into the study and foxes have holes and birds of the air have nests but the Son of Man has nowhere to lay his head question is what Jesus is saying to this man and encouragement or discouragement will call you every now hastily hard and hard then encouraging is that like I normally do all you can follow me looking at nowhere to stay with the discouragement why Jesus is is just building on the same thing Jesus understands that unity agenda slightly better be willing to forsake all the studies assessing are you willing to forsake all it's going to be hard Jesus throw something discouraging out to test the commitment level of the person who says they want to follow in return then you look at the next and fifty nine visit denied that he said to another follow me but he said Lord let me first go and what very nice that sounds legitimate right to go bury my father and he says Jesus said to him let the dead bury their own did you go and preach the kingdom of God I consider that that's one of those contacts of the discount only to skip over that I would explain that one but I would tell you just reading from it very clearly Jesus is trying to get across that when you follow me is committed to total commitment you see that their booking and then the third one this in this passage verse sixty one and another said Lord I will follow you but first let me first go home and bid them farewell around my house but Jesus said to him no one having put his hand to the plow and looking back is fit for the kingdom of God so irritates Jesus basically is trying to communicate in a take a total commitment to follow me now this morning and the Sabbath school lesson this story was about who satellite to the call of the Lyceum and that I see it in the lesson I don't know if anybody brought it out in their discussion but that is one of the most fascinating passages to me because Elijah does the very thing here where Jesus on cyber Elijah comes and calls him Eliza says let me go and bid goodbye to my parents and when Elijah Savior member in the duality only known about LMI say that he said that to the license of testing and unit does anybody remember what Elisha did a second truck the oxen he killed his oxen he broke up the way he came for them why why what evangelist for Elisha Shelley was committed why there was no way to go back there was no turning back for a uninhabited livelihood and you said okay fine you know a lot what exactly why does it so I said no tells his oxen vertebrates of the light brings about the sacrifices that let's go man that is a man who understands discipleship Jesus at it's going to cost you to follow me you've got to be willing to forsake all is an example of a man who can forsake all below some of them are generally what happened there same thing happens with the rich young ruler Jesus calls him to be a disciple follow me were generally says I can't forsake all what happened he couldn't be a disciple right analogy does admit fourteen thirty three whoever you were there that does not forsake all that he has he cannot be my decide all the same words there is less talking I sometimes and he is the terminating her the tyrannical discipleship that's an oxymoron discipleship is radical there is no such thing as biblical discipleship it's not radical is total unreserved commitment and that's one thing that we pick up here in this passage in Luke Mister Luke chapter nine again verse twenty three the Bible says in the ninth twenty three he said to them all if anyone desires to come after me let him want deny himself and take up his cross how often daily and follow me forever desires to save his life will lose it but whoever desires it rather whoever loses his life for my sake will save this is a powerful passage if anyone wants to follow me Jesus said this is discipleship lighting two things denied himself okay very simply put that's not this is not rocket scientist or rocket science here deny himself and you say no to what you want to do why am I bringing this up because some people have been convinced that if God calls you to do something it is naturally want to do it I finally just naturally popout and have devotions on in the morning you know you guys know I'm being facetious here it yet I got people are able to Senator past as a gauge that all is when you really know the Lord it is naturally want to do his will to apartment buildings on carnal nature in fact of the matter is if that were totally true why would Jesus say after denying yourself with every cross daily but more important more importantly I I'm afraid that we read into this like okay denying myself and then taking up my cross taken the cross bearing the persecution and the ridicule that comes from following Jesus like it all I was at work and on the bed stare and hand guys he may not be in the veggie burger in a written fun and not cause man how many years have seen this there was an ad for Hummer and I and this guy goes into the grocery store his cut all this tells Berlin so I know in veggies and he's bringing it up and hand in all the clerk in him takes the pack until one goes across and ten he looks behind him and here's this guy he kind of looks it is tofu and looks at him he's just can't find him and him and the guy in line with all the totally looks back at the card and all the guy has a bunch of me and some charcoal briquettes you know so I just the whole idea was you he is is mainly guide to using alternate in the meantime frenzies now you tell to do so than the guy the guy with the tofu he sees this ad for a Hummer and immediately runs off to the Hummer dealership gets himself this big old truck and in and in the caption is home or restore the balance you know so you know he's always been ridiculed sometimes relied on the original for my phase because of the oil in this hot life that's not what it's talking about here Jesus took up across to lay down his life for the salvation of others and the most direct application of what he's talking about is when you and I deny ourselves of what's convenient to put ourselves in those awkward situations where we're laying down our lives for the salvation about that's the cross that we are called to bear that's the self-denial it's in the very context of doing the work that Jesus did were talking about discipleship a disciple is like the master sometimes we get into the idea of self-denial I think about the empty house some for some of us Christianity becomes more about what we took out of our life instead of what we put into our life seconds I stop doing this must not go amiss this was a great when you start doing instead did you start doing the work of Jesus and sentiment value I do not think for the most part that we and I'm speaking energy in a general sense and incomes that a little bit more in and in a moment here in fact and when she turned to the last answer to look at one discipleship Mark chapter one and verse seventeen and I want you to notice with this passage says Mark one seventeen Jesus sees a couple fisherman out fishing and he says to them Mark one seventeen by Moses and Jesus said to them follow me discipleship call to discipleship and I will make you what I'll known as though it says I will make you is working this significant Matthew Matthew version that's why like the marked version Matthews is not make you fishers of men the business I will make you become fishers of men was the implication that the processor has an economy can become something you must not be that something you sell one of the pieces of discipleship acres of these diseases is easier to follow me appear that any of us I thought I'm going to make you become a fisher of men and I want to make it very plain same time that it worked than it really will clarify this in the rest of the message that if you are not personally actively seeking to be a fisher of men you are not a disciple of Jesus Laurier that everywhere you want fast as it will tell you different I will tell you right now based on what the Scripture says here it's impossible to be this I love Jesus and not seeing the film relies for the substance of what Jesus likewise I think to myself today about the emphasis in a lot of Christians emphasize Washington is a nebulous idea like what Christina was the most important thing all its worship is coming to church in Santa singing praises together and win hands in the air and just feeling good I tell you this morning that I had out one amendment was a pastor when we can be done with these talks about revival when can we just come to church and celebrate our salvation let me put this in perspective for you some of your parents you take a child if you're a parent of a child you take a loved one to me and turns up missing parent your child is missing you don't know where they are you are beside yourself with panic you've not seen or heard from them in forty eight hours and you're imagining the words and all your friends come over to support you and a begin singing songs to you and him telling you what great loving person you are sending to the other Uighurs say to your friends if you really care you what you help me find my time were talking about a child in this world that may be suffering some temp oral danger God has millions of children who are in danger of losing eternity all in all doctors we come to his house and we went our hands we singsong I'm sorry I think God is thrilled with that in if I'm not saying I'm not saying anything against that but if we are not coming with a desire in our heart to see the lost say and that the mockery to go just like it would be a mockery keeper Frazier goodness music for going out the search lights out all side of half-time dramatic tango the understanding Wednesday Saints that was Psalm and substance of Jesus life and I wanted to maintain that even said this very present moment there is not a moment that passes that Jesus isn't still thinking about how to save the lost but you know what he's not worried you know why is he has disciples and his disciples are here to do his bidding discipleship is about and that is the substance of the life of Jesus that is the substance that his followers are to have and I believe it's the lack of that substance that leaves so many people in an experience where they just don't know where they're heading in Christianity because the dental varnish but the substance of what their life should be about the light of day to talk about why I will share with you some statements on this that are absolutely phenomenal the very first one comes and the Christian service page fifty eight and only makes a statement she says it is evident that all the sermons that have been preached have not developed a large class of self-denying workers was a self-denying worker a disciple that he doesn't deny yourself take up your cross and work for the master all the sermons preached and not developed a large class of self-denying workers this subject is to be considered as involving the most serious results are future for eternity is at stake that sounds solemn it sounds to me like you saying that all the sermons preached I have developed that large class where I have to ask myself this question is a pastor when I'm going out a knife baptized people in my making disciples like you said Matthew twenty eight I have been making church members how many are active in going out and sharing their faith with others while glassdoor not all called to do that as I hear all the time I do know where we get it from a biblical literature with you some of the same as Christian service page sixty nine listen to this one let ministers teach the church members that in order to grow spiritually our growing and spirituality they must carry the burden lesson that the Lord has laid upon them I cascaded into it he's just communicating what is the burn that the Lord has laid upon the members the burden of leading souls into the truth I just want to clarify time does not permit to go through every last statement is written but we have just we have made this whole idea of meeting souls into the truth is real questionable nebulous anything tiny goals like I'm been to give my labor loaf bread and I'm leaving and it known about meeting them into the truth means that we believe that we have a message that they need to receive specifically the three Angels messages Jesus is commissioned his church with and we have a purpose that they would receive that threefold message to fit them for the coming of Jesus and we as individual members have a personal burden that the Lord has laid upon us to see people accept that saving message to be prepared for the coming of Jesus that's what it means to lead souls into the truth some people set passed regulating cells in the choses as they intend them to accept Jesus how about this how about when we need them to accept Jesus we need them to accept the teachings of Jesus to good idea bad idea because a quiet lesson let ministers teachers and that in order to grow spirituality they must carry the burden of the largely upon the let the burden of leading salt into the truth those are not fulfilling their responsibility should be visited prayed with and labor for God spoke to his prominence that I want to does things in my pastors I want to tell my past is inherent in any faithful pastors you need to educate the people that they got apart the play in sharing this message a leading salt into the truth and if they're not doing it pastor you going visit with that member and you labor with them and you pray for them that they would take upon themselves the responsibility burn the car the oxen cut up the equipment burn a sacrifice and become a disciple cry subject on sacred Christian service basics to the dissemination of the truth of God is not confined to a few ordained ministers the truth is to be scattered by all who claim to be the Disciples of Christ savages one forty one no sooner is one converted and there is born within him a desire to make known to others their precious friend is found in Jesus the saving and sanctifying truth cannot be shut up in his heart 's desire may forty one again ministers should change teach the members I'm sorry this is a different book I just might reference around ministers should teach the members how to labor in the church and in the community evangelism four thirty one this house to house laborers searching for souls hunting for the lost sheep is the most essential work can be done education to sixty two they haven't appointed purpose of giving the gospel to the world in this generation is the noblest they can appeal to any human being it opens the field of effort to everyone who's Mark Christ has touched incidentally that's from a chapter in the book education called the life work I'd encourage you to read it's about the life work of everyone who names the name of Christ and I think you can guess what that life work is maybe I should clarify that I need to make something very clear here what were talking about or talk about discipleship is not everybody needs their occupation like you I should did and they go into full-time ministry what the Bible 's talking about a myelitis talking about here is that everyone who accepts Jesus becomes a witness for Jesus in whatever field they are in music God has an intention and purpose to infiltrate this world through every venue that he can give doctors lawyers nurses two architects through construction workers electricians and Elders still you name it as well as the ministry as so in every line of work everywhere God has decided both to will minister to souls and bring them the saving message of salvation that is intention that's why he raised up the Christian church that's the work that he's called us to desire may just take a twenty two whatever one's calling in life his first interest should be to win souls for Christ essays on I can read on and on and on and on I don't think I need to anybody who wants to take these honestly God is calling for run biodiesel in his church of true discipleship and let me clarify this one step further when I'm talking about true discipleship I'm not talking about this here where were all in shared and where here witnessing and doing things of the church is doing I'm talking about here in my neighborhood in your neighborhood what Alan White calls over and over and over and over the personal work the work I do not become associate what the hell am associated with Christ so when I'm next door to somebody I have learned that somebody be in the kingdom of God and my thought process is always that I can somehow lead that person in the kingdom of God in everything I do I have a hidden agenda I know some people don't like that I put it that way specifically I would tell you plainly that when Jesus went to the woman at the well he wasn't just interested in Uruguay the whole time his focus was he wanted to figure some way to offer that woman eternal life and though I may go over and talk with my neighbor any genuinely interested taken alone I think the wife and kids over and talk with them ultimately we want to see that man that woman has children saved in the kingdom of God whether my church is doing anything in error not because personally first and foremost on the Disciples of Christ I know he understands things that it used to be in the seven Baptist Church just like in the early Christian church that the church existed to give support to the work of the laity since all turned around now for example that we have an evangelistic meeting I would say well Turks have an evangelistic meeting and ninety support the church is backwards the reality was that we were supposed to be personally sharing our faith and man the leaders of the church said you know what we do put on an evangelistic meeting so that all of our members are ushering a faith privately harvesting events we can help them out in their ministry and what used to be where the church was to help equip the saints in their work we got an evil church mindset where just come into the church and helping out the church does not discipleship that's not that's not what we see in the early church and this is why the General conference of seven avenues had we also think we're way behind were not raising the world where getting further and further behind malware many get caught up until we as individuals realize that the house may be swept in an order is empty the substance is missing and what happened what happened to the man when the substance was not there when I needed a Mac and he got his buddies is actually a great place starkly not an event it's ready to move-in Mrs. Antman was the last day the man was worse than the bursting all I will guarantee that each one of you can remember when you first came to Christ and you are so excited to share what you knew I just wanted let you in on a little secret everybody witnesses wrong at least one time in their life right you learn something new and you gone you want to tell your family members and you just use development of the antichrist is person for not afterwards you regret is that you never gone that and the devil whispers in years says ACLU messed that up from now on to stay out of it and we listened not realizing that the larger new that we would mess it up but everyone says in the book education that it is in the water and not on the land that may learn to swim you can become an expert Bible study error witness whatever you never do it in the Lord gives that I mean look at we sent out the seventy and now came at the ball reports write a loyalist now great idea became externs when Jesus sake arrest why a stock Jesus knows that we're going to go out when you say things wrong to put our feet in our mouth when we try to witness but you know what that's part of the learning process what happens is start now website and make a mistake the devil scares us from sharing our faith and so we backed out of our life in Soviet we all go to church we start trying to baseball and try to keep the arms we dry clean up certain things you know we got certain habits and pastimes and watch certain movies and I don't listen to this little handle these rounds and but I got nothing else going on before I know they start finding their way back in my life I can't understand why am always fighting to keep them out to the house is empty hearing the same listen to this date absolutely incredible statement from the book from the Avenue and Harold Miner yet you should pick this is this is going to be the date review and Herald September two eighteen ninety hello my rights this is greater and wiser efforts must be put forth to help the churches in our lane the elders and those who have leading places in the church should give more thought to their plans for conducting the work they should arrange matters so that every member of the church show how part to act that nine may lead an aimless life night and I have to laugh at them every day he most likely going to anyone's life after he ate was my idol kinds of things to do let me just what I let me just say something about this empty house the house doesn't stay empty long-standing the devil fills it up he fills it up quick seven more demons worse than himself we get all kinds of stuff comes back in that becomes a problem for us I think she saw another nameless like being much of the things that we might many of the things that we allow the consumer time finally weighing them in the scale of eternity with you realize that that's it's time could have been better spent leadership should arrange matters so that every research project not merely in a list like that they all make but that only accomplish what they can according to their several ability is in working for others that we forget ourselves to listen to this but those who do nothing for their fellow man become more bit and self-centered and time hangs heavily upon their hands it is very essential that such an education should be given to the members of the church that they will become unselfish devoted efficient workers for God and it is only through such a course that the church can be prevented from becoming fruitless and dad all gets better it is those who are not engaged in this unselfish labor okay so the house was empty they're not they're not engaged in the work of saving soul and not taking an active part for whatever reason is those were not engaged in his unselfish labor who have a sickly experience to become worn out struggling Downing murmuring soothing and repenting until they lose all sense as to what constitutes genuine religion they feel that they cannot go back to the world and so they hang on the skirt designer Patty petty jealousy and meetings disappointments and reports therefore faultfinding and feed upon the mistakes and errors of their brethren they have only a hopeless faithless sunless experience in the religious life this is the condition of the church in which Christ speaks when he says I know thy works about half the name that thou latest an art dad with revival about bringing spiritual life Center were not about the work of the Lord that the spirit to the Holy Spirit the bottles as the gifts of the Spirit were given to equip the church for the work of ministry and when we're not about personally seeking to reach others are spiritual experience suffers I know you're thinking I'm talking on this in fact I living in a statement in a comment at the very outset of the Christian life every believer should be taught its foundation principles wireless foundation principles he should be taught that he is not merely to be saved by Christ sacrifice but that he estimate of the life of Christ his life and the character of Christ 's character that all the time that they are to bear burdens and to deny natural inclination was inclination was an even inclined to something literally to incline instantly for you lean towards what easy for you some people when I talk about this visit will pastor either which is saying that to better understand something that's not my gift never heard that before and it has to be said it before K is a newsflash witnessing is not listed in any of the spiritual gifts lists it's what we call standard equipment when I bought my car there were certain things I can get uncertainties I could not get near the air-conditioning one air-conditioned paid-up power windows or bags but I got the steering wheel it came with the car and I were talking about witnessing you will not find a place in the Bible where witnessing is an option for the Christian Jesus said to the woman at the well about the living water which is talking about salvation is and drinks of this water this water will be coming in that person a fountain of water springing up to everlasting life in other words we drink the living water that living water comes out to others and they can come to us and get a drink of living water why because the witnesses of that living water and the one who gives it witnessing is not an option we sell is not my guess something else about is fair to just look at the spiritual gifts they're all in connection with the church but witnessing first and foremost is here before we ever coming to church corporate church capacity sharing our faith comes when the except Jesus newborn into the new life and I think that people tend to say why don't they does my gift because it's difficult for us and for some reason as I said we've been taught that if it's difficult if it makes you nervous if you get scared about sharing your faith it must not be a gift in there when Jesus sent out to seventy in Matthew chapter ten and he said in Matthew ten twenty eight do not fear those who can kill the body but instead they are those who can destroy both body here him rather who can destroy both body and soul help you relax and keep in mind the context is sending out his disciples to witness and he says to them guys listen to me don't be afraid simple question you need to tell somebody not to be afraid is not afraid by designers and I like your balanced out an already know ultimately doesn't leave right but a friendly dog did not go to hell you say don't be afraid to those who are afraid the simple point is this even the disciples of Jesus were afraid when it came to sharing their faith they got nervous just like some of you nervous but we think we been taught to think in the Devils worked hard on making us think that is not argued because it doesn't come naturally but this is where denying self comes if you go buy a house it's burning and the flames are shooting through the roof in the rafters of the second floor coming down in the first floor would you want to go into a house like that yes no would you be scared to go in housing that I would hope so but let's just say let's just say that you have a loved one in the house a young brother and sister mother father some loved one your wife your husband wife or girlfriend and there was nobody else around to save you going to the house you probably would need to be scared I hope so so what makes a difference your love overwhelmed with fear something 's wrong sing sweetly got to have the love of Jesus Erhardt overwhelms her fear of sharing with people we got to realize that the apostle Paul says knowing therefore the terror of the Lord we persuade men people are being given paracetamol around this in the Lord Jesus is not here on the planet in bodily form instead you are and I and he says go over me and be my hands and be my fee to be my voice go out and show people my love and meet their needs but don't neglect your spiritual needs lay upon the claims of the gospel given the gospel invitation while there's still time brothers and sisters it's a bad word that will you are posting ourselves to follow that commission that will keep our spiritual life a life that will keep the house fool that will keep evil spirits out Jesus knew this he gave us the work greater than the gospel work greater than one hour I know the first initial thought is yes but about music couldn't have an okay why when angels gods people and they say in ornaments i.e. about salvation let me tell you what Jesus can do for your life we say that deliver you to say your angel you know what it's like to struggle with sin you know what it's like to have these temptations but when you go and when you go into you when I know when you guys go and you say let me tell you now salvation is a regional batting is that I know plenty enemy right where you are limiting what Jesus did in my life I'm tired of the transforming power of his grace now you've got a message I get traction now you've got something that is effective in reaching people for the King the Lord knew that he gave us this work he gave us his work not only for others good but for our own good it is the work of Christ it is the substance of the life of Christ is to be the substance of every follower of Christ's life and only says in the book testimonies nineteen worst things in the share with you in the visions of the night representations passed before me although great reformatory movement among God 's people many were praising God the sick were healed other miracles are wrought a spirit of intercession the scene even this was manifested for the great day of Pentecost hundreds and thousands were seen visiting families and opening before them the word of God you think this is hundreds of thousands of ministers know what I believe I believe in those hundreds of thousands I believe she saw some of the faces sitting here today in this great reformatory movement this is the movement of ushers in the coming of Jesus when God 's people are refined by his spirit and there proclaiming the gospel truths in the context of the three angels message and she says hundreds and thousands are seen visiting families of four than the word of God parts were convicted by the power of the Holy Spirit any spirit of genuine conversion was manifest on every side doors were thrown open to the proclamation of the truth great reformatory movement one of our pioneers in anonymity D Jones preached a sermon in nineteen oh three is a the General conference session the title of the sermon at least the title today he looked at this point needs to be a church member and in that servant he was talking about the plot final movements of prophecy the cleansing of the sanctuary in heaven the preaching of the soon coming of Jesus the preaching of the gospel to the world in this generation but Jones made this observation he said you know what it's not enough it's not enough that we preach the gospel to the world in our generation there's also got a be a people who are ready through that preaching to meet Jesus when he comes again we've got to be serious about the work of Christ then I realized that it always sometimes Ms. Evans you say well I know you come and what is waiting on you were waiting on I never in the past and second beer were talks about apathy verse twelve looking for a hastening the coming of the Lord Jesus Christ know the context of that you got them just a few verses earlier verse nine and he says the Lord is not slack concerning his promise as many talents like most buddies long-suffering not wanting any to perish but wanting all to come to repentance so let's abandon the coming enlargement delay is gone sliding along the leaders that he's not slacking is just that he is waiting because he wants is maybe safe as possible and interviewers is later Douglas hastening the coming of the alarm when the context advertisement by getting that message out to those people that God wants to say thanks this was the work of Christ raised up the church for this is the substance is lacking in the Christian life of so many today and there some of you here who I just kind of held off being real acting like while this on again while there are the people are called to do that listen you are putting a place on this planet when nobody else is you have jobs you have a sphere of influence that nobody else had nobody but you you know people you have relationships that I don't than other people in here don't have an is high time that we take the opportunities God has given us and reach out and denial of self taking up our cross laying down my life for the salvation of those around us to finish the gospel work in this generation if we refuse if we refuse to how stays empty the seven spirits come in our spiritual life is always doing this whenever no one we cannot maintain a profession of Christianity we can all stand up and say basically I believe in Jesus my life is centered with CSS and uses a center of my life is my life is not incorporating the very mission of Jesus into it the sum and substance of the life of Christ must be the sum and substance of the life of his followers that's what it means to be a disciple and God is calling each one of us today to reconsider where we are in our own witness experience totally apart from the church let's not even go to the church aspect now in my own personal life in my own personal sphere of influence what am I doing for the Lord who am I reaching for the Lord and some people say what pastor I don't know how people tell me that they been in the church for twenty years thirty years and what you don't know how you can learn foreign language in three of four years and we don't know how to witness yet may we need apply ourselves to it I spoke to a group of college gets recently messaging on your if your teacher gave you a binder that you are to be tested on Davison materials and equipment money can be tested on this he passed the Dallas Este family home class going to do it make sure you knew that material I don't care what you have to do you make sure you know that material in your syllabus and one years and years and years we don't delete somebody to Christ it's time to learn we have resources money resources in our church but we need to take this seriously we talk about revival overlooking a revival that very context of the general conferences emphasis on revivalist mission is this very thing were talking about here the sometimes is Allenby revive revive me Lord let's is okay when he revived spiritual life is the spiritual life means go out to seek and save the lost sanity without fine because they lost as a doctor than that what I seek is a loss as an architect but you make it your mission to seek and save the lost Jesus is because that was my mission how many of you wanted to that challenge your mission to seek and save the lost in the name of Jesus Starr has together father in heaven fathers were thinking about these things are looking at this passage in Matthew twelve were seeing this this experience that you describe that the person who let once was on top of their spirits again the demon was cast out and more than likely the life was full but when we find the man is empty he's got the trimmings of Christianity but the substance is missing in Lord for too many today we allowed ourselves to be convinced that we don't need to have the substance of Christianity in our lives we can still be Christians and father I pray today as we have looked at these different passages as we meditate upon the call to discipleship I pray that you would help each one here to become a fisher of men we have people in our sphere of influence Lord that you have called us to reach not because of our abilities and skills but through your abilities and skills in our willingness to be used oh father help us to apply ourselves to true biblical discipleship and we ask this and we pray this in the name of Jesus amen hour to take a break and Carlos I let you talk about that demand our last messenger to talk about how to prepare for the reception of the latter reign because of the eye I believe were living in that time and everybody's got to get the Bible says summer elements is rather some the Holy Spirit is there any pouring out and people won't even know it's happening I don't want to be among that number of people ensure you don't even answer him talk but we can


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