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Preparing For Rain

Mark Howard


Mark Howard

Director, Emmanuel Institute of Evangelism



  • May 7, 2011
    5:00 PM
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I will start with word prayer O'Neill against the buyer has the heavenly father again I just want to thank you for the opportunity we have to come together and study word on these topics and more especially now as for talking about the Holy Spirit in you in the latter rain Lord they did the power of the spirit that all who are to understand the data coming father that everyone of us needs in reliance on this preparation it must take place in his cranial help us as we meditate upon the subject to understand how we can be ready to receive the latter rain we ask afraid in the name of Jesus and for his sake amen okay I will turn to a place in the Bible in Matthew twenty five again where I don't know if you have thought about this parable in connection with the outpouring of the latter rain overnight Matthew chapter twenty five and if there are those in a year don't know I'm talking about my talk about the latter rain you will will covered in the message this is not exhaustive by any means one of you here showed me a book in fact to get that book it even hold that book up it's called the return of the latter rain by Rhonda Gibson they just gave that book to me and I just barely started into but if you can call it sideways is a topic that is also enough volume one to exhaust the subject of the latter rain in this talk not an attempt to realize once and understand that idea one must understand a little bit about this readiness for receiving it because some people believe that when the Holy Spirit is finally born out of laddering power system matter of being here and getting it and I believe the Lord teaches differently by Matthew twenty five in fact in fact when I want to go just a little bit before his nineteen twenty five begins with a word was the word fan somewhere were already in the middle of a thought we understand chapter breaks were not bear in your original manuscript then the kingdom of heaven shall be likened to ten virgins so just a little bit of it to get a little bit of a setting in Matthew twenty four we understand that to be a chapter that deals with what end times signs signs of Christ coming right for us we find the signs in the world signs in the political world find the napkin in the natural world signs in the social world etc. then we come to verse forty five and Jesus moves into signs in the church and its interesting in verse forty five this is used and is a faithful and wise servant whom his master made ruler over his household to give them what meet indices in our food in due season as it says in the new King James blasting is that servant whom his master when he comes will find so doing so it's talking about a type of cervical kind of serving as a faithful and wise and he goes on a verse forty seven he says is surely a saint either you make him ruler over all his goods first forty eight but yes that one evil servant says in his heart my master is delaying his coming and begins to beat his fellow servants and eat and drink with the drunkards the master of that servant will come on a day when he is not looking for him in an hour he is not aware of and will cut him into point in his portion with the hypocrites there shall be weeping and gnashing of teeth to kind servants they are so where first of all in the world in the coming to the church and his two types of service compared here there is that faithful and wise servant and are compared with the evil servants and what evil servants doing first and foremost the evil servant says my Lord delays is coming where does he say it in his heart he doesn't verbalize it the phenols where the seven man in his terms were supposed to the dentist looking bargaining and then a coming of Jesus I don't want to necessarily say the mail-order list coming out loud because it was they won't have to star you so I stayed in my heart is trying to get practical here that's the reserve evil servant in the evil servant is described as saying his heart my lord delays is coming and he's contrasted with the faithful servant who is giving the food in due season what would you imagine the film would be a message that says what Jesus is coming soon the favorable services Jesus is coming soon evil servant says in his heart I know my lords delaying his coming and because of that and I don't know while he says the Lord delays coming I have some speculation it says he begins to be as fellow servants who would be what the faithful and wise servant that evil servant says my Lord delays coming and he begins to take issue with the servants that are saying Jesus is coming soon and then he begins July eat and drink with drunkards and without about while you know those extremists in the church draws on ideas is coming soon anyway I always be so different and we can result more people weren't so different and so we can just mingle together in a meeting arranged with the drunkards in Al Qaeda 's Laura Stanzel I were doing it for that reason this is the setting that Jesus says in fact he says this could happen right before his coming so prophecy fulfilled anybody's got the spiritual antennas up this is happening even as we speak we know I mean there there been any places where it's a psychologist again is coming soon we done before any new knowledge thought I Disney remake of the college and on and on and on the reason the community college were still here is because the Lords not wanted to come as we have rallied to the work only says effective that statement right here evangelism page six ninety six tells us that we may have to remain here in this world because of insubordination many more years with insubordination anybody have military backgrounds and his failure to come under the authority of his superior officer with a superior officer did we tell us to go there we never remain in this world because of the subordination many more years after the children of Israel but for Christ's sake is people should not ask him to send by charging God with the consequence of their own wrong course of action is not God 's fault that were still here to praise the Lord is merciful he bears with us in our procrastination and what have you but this is the setting signs in the world signs in the church and get the faithful servants get evil servants the evil servants are to receive the reward of hypocrites and in verse twenty five chapter twenty five is one big at this time in this climate the kingdom of heaven will be likened to ten virgins now he has signs in the church among the faithful we saw signs in the world we saw signs in the church of the faithful servants and the unfaithful but now we have the wise and foolish one virgins and whispered to represent those that appear very right these are not people that are apostate views of people with a purifying now finding they were wise I'm sorry the kingdom of heaven to be likened to ten virgins he took their lamps and went out to meet the bridegroom five of them are wise and fiber for which those were foolish took their Lamson no oil with them but the wise took oil in their vessels with their lamps but the bridegroom was delayed while the bridegroom was delayed they all slumbered and slept midnight a cry was heard behold the bridegroom is coming go out to meet him and all those virgins arose and trimmed their lamps break this down what I think are probably pretty well clear on this on the same page when you look in the Bible and you look at it land what is a lamp assemble up Psalm one nineteen one oh five by word is and minimize the lighting my path right word of God is a Lampeter says we have a more sure word of prophecy addition that it that you do well he is a light that shines in a dark place the lamp is representative of the word of God oil is something the user of the Scripture represent the Holy Spirit you got the two working together anybody here have an oil lamp ever use an oil lamp know most of you haven't the DC and I think I had that year and yet he is one of these Armenian has one of these okay now when oil has begun that how good is a lamp without the oil business was it doesn't do any good just like an oil lamp you don't have a claim in your land if you don't have oil to burn and it was however that in Jesus if it was written today they would have flashlights okay but the idea is that they were there they had those lamps to light the way when the bridegroom came now that the lamp is representative of the word of God the oil representative of the Holy Spirit incidentally how much good is a word of God to us with the Holy Spirit it's really not it's really not in ourselves I got an odd thing to say but I know people that have read the Bible or some class in ancient literature aren't some other reason that is not done anything affect their life because they wouldn't allow the Holy Spirit to affect them through what they were reading okay I would place down the moment but just little symbols we have the picture of these people would appear they summarize and some are foolish the distinction is that the wise ones took what what what they toiled in the foolish mistake or the other there they would land somewhere for that enamel at this the wise ones talk extra oil now does anybody besides me ever thought how in the world do you have an extra or extra Holy Spirit might be this group has Holy Spirit this group has Holy Spirit how does one go about more Holy Spirit and Jan nothing to do with the coming of the bridegroom is the second coming is there any insert is there anything there that we understand as Seventh-day Adventist in regard to an extra measure of the Holy Spirit over the coming of Jesus the latter rain I personally believe that fit their something this is this has to do with the latter rain here this extra that they had an try to flesh that out in the remainder of our time I want you to notice that I has to go on in the parable it is says verse six at midnight cry was heard behold the bridegroom is coming to me and then all those virgins arose and trimmed their lamps and the foolish said to the wise give us some of your oil for our lamps are going out but the wise answered saying no lest there should not be enough for us and you rather go to those who sell and buy for yourselves and while he went to buy the Dragon King those who were ready went in with him to the wedding and the door was shot after where the other virgins came also saying Lord Lord open to us but he said at eight and he answered and said assuredly I say to you I do not watch therefore for you know neither the date of the hour which the Son of Man is coming now something I wanted I would drop you things out of this you have a foolish virgins at the wise virgins there all emerges in the pure faith now I'm working Donnell I'm Holy Spirit they all have an initial conversion experience but I want to suggest to you that they did not continue to renew their conversion experience and therein lies the problem too many of us today even in the Adventist church have bought into the while we wouldn't say anything if this is your background I'm not trying to be critical other than just to say simply that the Bible gives no substantiation for once saved always saved religion is nowhere in the Bible it says he once saved always saved you always have a choice you can just follow Christ then you can choose not following more and while we will most seven damages would not say we subscribe to want all know we don't win once a Valley said many of us have a mindset have bought into a mindset on accepting Jesus some you know what I hear from from some people of other face is safe now to save twenty years ago I hope your same yesterday and today to because if you weren't according to divinely apostle Paul even said I die daily and if you die daily you have to be what entity born a leader to live it was an ongoing experience of the apostle Paul the Bible teaches a Christianity with a relationship with Jesus is renewed every day not just me twenty years ago if the current Cheney will growing together with Christ it is the purpose every day to begin the day with Christ that's that's Gilbert Darnell centering our life in Christ and living for Christ it's an everyday thing and I believe that the challenge here with these foolish virgins as if they were not continually grown a Jesus tells another parable on disco segue into this were to come back Jesus tells another parable along the same lines as the parable of the wedding garment anybody familiar with that parable where the King Charles the banquet for the wedding of his son while obvious imagery the sign is Jesus the King is the father and he invites people to this banquet but the people were invited didn't come off you want to read the parable that's an exact application to the Jewish nation and the rejection of the gospel I'm not going into the detail that but then the king says to his servants go out and find as many as you can and invite them to the wedding banquet and so they do when the Bible says the wedding hall was filled with guests and then McCain comes in and he sees a man in the banquet hall who doesn't have on his wedding garment and he walks up to the man he says wears her wedding garment I just want you to put yourself in that place invited to a banquet and let's just say you're invited here today Carlos Olympic on you as a Carlos man wears a blue shirt where is your little sharks we decide to me I left at home it are you say when you talk about the sure they weren't really worth publisher like it if I understand you right now and you never heard anything about a barn I started in on your beneficiary to talk I didn't have a clue what you're talking when you have a response for me more than likely but when the king goes to this man and says to him where's your wedding garment the Bible says the man answered was et al. tells us he was aware of it or even if the writing are related nobody told me anyway right tells us he was aware of it that means that means it won't happen in in in this was not an unusual certain circumstances situation Christ day waiting with your bank with a king would often send the barman stood aghast and without medication year and Pastor Howard by Susan Susan places like JCPenney were talking about our money here without a something nice that the team would soon so you've got this package from the game there's the barn the man knows about what he makes a choice not to put it on what is a garment represent throughout the Bible was not represent represents character the role of Christ's righteousness it represents character and I don't want to miss the point of that terrible because it has I think everything to do with Matthew twenty five in the reception of the latter rain what I believe is that this man in the parable was a man who he was at the banquet right okay this is the father God during the banquet for the son Jesus and he gives an indication of the Jews rejected and so he doesn't get with invitation invitation to why this is a father giving suicide they gave the destination they rejected now is given to the rest of the people dissemination and salvation okay so here's a man who shows up in the banquet hall and says that he would he didn't want accepted the invitation here's a man who has been justified and when he was justified he got this crazy idea that he needed to continue to grow in grace in the process of sanctification that he has some well-meaning person condiments a brother who is only when it was telling all that you clean your life up look at all about Jesus man don't worry about that role of character character she married the just shall as of the guys got attacked is there anything looked at the role is to put it on he knows about it these convinced that he doesn't need that goes into the banquet hall and it can safely tell you that there are a lot of Christians of it right here who think they heard about the character they heard about the need to grow daily in grace and in the knowledge of the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ but somebody stopped them out of that but we are saved by works man has other areas in the wedding hall feeling like he is perfectly has every perfect right to be there until the King comes in and an investigation is made and all too late that man learns that he's lost because he didn't form character I believe that that's exactly what were seeing in Matthew twenty five without another oil were talking about the land how is it that the Holy Spirit works through the work the two go together just like that all gives the Lambeth brightness how is it that the Holy Spirit makes this right in our lives listen to this statement Christ on the classes page four eleven says the spirit works upon man's heart according to his desire and consent implanting in human new nature I would tell you right away that that is one of the sweetest things I have ever could ever hear that God willing planting the new nature Saints I can tell you is I stand before you that if it wasn't for God putting in new nature in the Arnold lost me it and I have experienced that transforming power not the man today I was before I came to know Jesus it says here that the Holy Spirit dwelling plans in healing me a whole new nature with new desires with new motives but he does it according to our desire and consent now the problem is that some people take that consent and desire to be a one-time transaction are now now undesired that I bring some prayer thirty years ago I think some prayer five years ago two years ago Inc. and Diane consented to the Lord to come into my life that's not growing in grace that someone is talking about the Holy Spirit in finishes work with you four years ago or whenever Paul says in Philippians one six eight he who has begun a good working you will complete it unto the day of Jesus Christ Paul wrote to the Galatians and he said he is foolish Galatians you have begun to have been begun in the Spirit leaving a perfect and the flash I mean the language is using it he just begun the process yearns are Ernie the Holy Spirit is going continue that process according to your desire and consent to be a little more practical I wake up today the Holy Spirit comes in he convicts me I say something I say something out of impatience to my son and Holy Spirit immediately convicts me and says that's not the way I would speak to what why do if undesired advice on consenting to the work of the Holy Spirit and they make a personal choice and act different yes and no of it we knew that the consent is passive we found it in his mind what is its pet is passing like them just innocent back and was determined to let go and let God an army comes in here and takes over and you chose secured in a surrender to that army what does that mean you can start doing whatever they tell you in a certain thing their commander in the right musings terms we talk about surrender consent we always talk about them in the past aside and went to his Senate seat if they get to either conscious choices that we begin to make when it comes to the Holy Spirit 's conviction when the Holy Spirit convicts us to the word which would want to live together it are responding by by acting upon with the spirit reveals to us that consent when the Holy Spirit gives you direction the Holy Spirit gives me direction to consent needs to go along with Mary's leading the spammers upon man's heart according to design consent implanting a new nature but the class represented by the foolish virgins have been content with a superficial work they do not know God and not studying his character they had not held communion with him therefore they do not know how to trust how to look and live in their service to God degenerates into a form much like over talking about in the last message that house that on the outside of the things fixed up bringing signs empty the foolish virgins are not applying the truth of the words are not growing daily they're not making daily choices to go where God leads them they sent their church services every Sabbath knowing full well certain counsel God has about how they should be behaving and how they should be living and how they should be acting and how it should be dressing in advance okay I'm in the banquet hall it doesn't matter medullary Normans on and they talk about living a life that's completely centered in Jesus while they are knowingly rejecting the teachings of Jesus and the soap operas elements says in another place the foolish virgins do not represent do not represent those who are hypocritical into this one they had a regard for the truth they advocated the truth they were intending to go forth to meet the bridegroom they are attached to those who believe that their any go with them having lamps which represent knowledge of the true well there was a revival in the church their feelings were start this is unsettling is the is where the foolish ones that the Lord said I don't know who you are they like to be around people that believe the truth they had a knowledge of the troop anywhere waiting for the Lord gone there will be barred to it whenever Bible to place their feelings were stirred but they failed to have oil in their vessels because they did not bring the principles of godliness into their daily life and character living for Jesus is not just some cheap lipservice is living for Jesus is following where he leads is putting his teachings into practice withholding communion with him is starting the day with him and ending the day with a always being conscious of his presence and his will they did not bring the principles of godliness into their daily life and character they did not fall upon the rock Christ Jesus and permit their old nature to be broken while soda the picture here you have the foolish and the wise virgins they have their lands they have their oil and the Bible says that the they all slumbered and slept now this is an interesting little point the word slumbered the Greek word mistranslated slumbered counselor where real word that means tend not never see somebody nine pastor Howard has actually a story of HMS written senior was preaching a series in attempts and the man in the front row fell asleep now just to ask a question here what's the difference between nodding off and going to bat they you fight it nobody plans to nod off is not right you just it does happen you plan to go to bed they do not often is just like anyway man falls asleep right on the front row and he starts snoring loudly and how to riches is trying to figure how to handle this and so he's preaching about the coming of Jesus and he says something to this effect and he goes he walks over in front of the Mangini says brothers and sisters Jesus is coming soon this time I got any guide all of a sudden his chair questioning students on preaching but I doubt that man fell asleep again in one of his messages anyway but you know plans and not on why did they not often does the Bible say the bridegroom Terry it's a longer for Jesus to come the midline was going to take him to come so the wise and the foolish balls of them were all about the coming of Jesus both groups of people slumbered and slept none of them expected Jesus to delay so long all of them scarcely fell asleep and got caught up into so many things around them the difference I believe is that the wise versions continued to go to the Lord daily and seek for an experience with him I clearly wasn't the best experience because they slumber but they had fallen on the rock Christ Jesus they were seeking to bring those principles of godliness into their daily life and character the foolish virgins were content with superficial work in a given heart of Jesus some time ago and I thought that all that was needed anywhere daily seeking to advance and when the call came there was not enough oil to go around let me just bring latter rain symbolism into this and try to finish up with this point the Bible employs the term 's early reign and latter rain for the work of the Holy Spirit the prophecy of Joel and also gets it in acts chapter two Joel two and asked you both give this imagery and they're taking from the farming cycle the early rain was this was the rain that came when the crop was first planted and a lot of water was needed to help those seeds to sprout and begin to grow and you had a rainy season and the beginning of the the farming season and then at the end of the season when it came harvest time you had the latter rains which would come to bring that final that harvest was final maturity date say you've got the early rains that the little seeds begin to grow olives Brown and the plans growling a growing growing growing growing growing growing growing all season long but there just needs accident that little bit extra pump at the end of the season and lo and behold the latter rains come and bring all Buddhists simple question what happens if the plants that were planted don't grow all year long as the latter rain then bring them to maturity and you've got Cornyn it sprouted up against this high and a month later it's as high later is this high within the harvest rains in imaginal does not happen there's nothing there is no way that Lorraine is to be able to help that plant to grow in that proportion it is not been growing all the way along all the way along in the same way there's no way that some outpouring of the Holy Spirit is going to bring people to pull Christian maturity of faith not daily been bringing the principles of godliness into the life and care you can't wait to wake up at the last minutes I always get it I interrogated about his too late the book testimonies to ministers only says that she says many hasn't inning great measure failed to receive the former rain they have not obtained all the benefits that God has thus provided for them in other words the Holy Spirit import out thanks that we have access to the Holy Spirit now he is daily seeking according to our desire and consent to implanting us a new nature the Holy Spirit will listen we can't live the Christian life by ourselves daily the Holy Spirit is present to help us in our Christian life and grow diseases many have in a great measure failed to receive it did not obtain all the benefits the guy has thus provided for them they expect that the lack will be supplied by the latter Ray never heard this emeritus among some of the things is a loud laddering gums can fix all my problems when the richest abundance of grace shall be bestowed they intend to open their hearts to receive it just like the foolish virgins all you will be ready to will we do now they are making a terrible mistake the work that God has begun must be continually going forward every individual must realize his own necessity natural resources and I'll started realizing army helmet says in the book steps to Christ that the closer we come to Jesus the more faulty we will appear our own eyesight anybody remember reading that he or she says right after that she says this is evidence that Satan 's delusions have lost their power and that the vivifying life-giving reviving the vivifying power of the Holy Spirit has come upon solo ECR unlikeness to Christ when the closer we come to Jesus we see our own sinfulness the more simple we appear to be to ourselves that evidence was that we have an abundance of the Holy Spirit AG Jones said we ought to be rejoicing the more sinfulness we see ourselves as we rejoice in the estimate of the Holy Spirit emergency breathing back to how to deal that about any other reason you would know your sinfulness is a Holy Spirit showing why to make you discouraged now to help you realize that you know what Jesus has a cure for that how many of us go to a doctor for Nelson don't think we had I could come up here I do that all the benefits of a certain medication that you didn't think you need like whatever but guess what happens if you think in any illicit minuses that year I was the Holy Spirit is working on a CMS designee and when we see our sinfulness Satan 's delusions we can know his delusions have lost about with this illusion that we don't see our need for Gannon is hard and giving his life and knowledge must be continually going forward every individual must realize his own necessities the heart must be emptied of every defilement and claims or the indwelling of the Spirit it was by confession and forsaking of sin but earnest prayer and consecration of themselves to God in the early disciples prepared for the outpouring of the Holy Spirit within the same work only in greater degree must be done when they do they realize the necessity their hearts were emptied of every defilement and cleansed for the indwelling of the Holy Spirit that has consented to the working of the Spirit and everyday music and grow up into Christ likeness following the direction he gave his word seeking a true experience with him seeking to please the Lord the same work only greater degree must be done now then of the human agent Adelaide ask for the blessing and wait for the Lord to perfect the work concerning him it is God who began the work and he will finish his work making man completed Jesus Christ now listen to this next part Perl share here but there must be no neglect of the grace represented by the former rain only those who are leaving up to the light they have will receive greater lights unless we are daily advancing in the exemplification of the active Christian virtues of his ally could say on that helicopter to the passive virtues and active virtues with exemplification meet with the root word example fire example learning about only those were living often like they haven't received greater lighting must be our daily advancing in the exemplification of the act of Christian virtues we shall not recognize the manifestation of the Holy Spirit in the latter rain it may be falling apart all around us we cannot discern or receipt so it was with the foolish for not enough away they did not take the time and the opportunity they had to build a true relationship with Jesus and let him transform the character and when the time came they knocked at the door and he had to say to them I don't know who you are and to me those are the most fearful words a person could ever hear especially when you live your life as a virgin would appear they thinking that he repented me in the right place only to find out that the Lord says no I don't know who you are because you allowed yourself for whatever reason to become intense it was the superficial experience when the Holy Spirit came and convicted your day by day of little things in your life you know they were things you should do but you fell into what I see so much of today announced the mindset of salvation by sincerity salvation by good intentions a lot of people say what Pastor Howard I know now to be doing but the Lord knows my heart the Lord also knows that he's provided as the apostle Peter says all things that pertain to life and godliness and he expects us to get all of our energies and don't try to pull yourselves we do this is a well I don't want to do it in my own strength you know will knock ourselves out to get anything this world hats we got to get a little extra money to get the latest fifth big-screen TV get that job promotion will really help your memory not work ourselves to my well not going to close my mouth works channel network hardware when incomes are Christians there is a limited excuse ourselves for not putting forth our best energies numbers that the Lord Jesus put forth his best energies for us we understand that will put forth our best energies for him if we don't understand that maybe we need to apply ourselves to taking more time with Jesus beholding him seeing who he is focusing is only says on that on the life of Jesus at the lower day especially on those closing scenes as we see what he was willing to give for us and maybe the prompt us to say you know what whatever the cost on to live for Jesus today when the Holy Spirit comes to being convicts me under the consent to his working in my life on appraiser Lori for the desire to do his will and when applying myself to growing up into Christlike I want to be ready for the lottery now it's the Holy Spirit 's power but don't we can kid ourselves that when we met we were knowingly not following somewhere the Lord 's leading in the patting ourselves on the back because he had good intentions were to be disappointed as with all of these things is saying the wedding garment terrible the foolish virgins they come up to that door that's what it's telling us there to be people sadly disappointed in that day God expects us to use our best energies he's given us every talent were expected to put those talents to use in living for him not just because of ourselves for those around us as well the Holy Spirit is coming and latter rain power and I believe Saints it's already begun to fall all we have to be a nervous to be recipients of the Holy Spirit and moderate now I don't want to miss it we've got Holy Spirit power ladder mainly got a nearly linked with all kinds arranged the need to be seeking a growing Christlike I just want a challenge I want to challenge you not again from our perspective we think of everything so often in corporate settings were this big group and in our church and with our church doing but in your own personal life where is that disconnect with Jesus in your own personal life are you spending the time was in the shed in your own personal life argument actions warm for him like they used to be argued feel that your experience is just kind of grown along the cold Jesus can warm that experienced backup but we have got to apply ourselves to it we've got to make that our number one priority not our education not our jobs not anything else we put Jesus first we put our commitment to him and our relationship with him first nothing what all these things shall be added unto you seek first his kingdom and righteous and that's my challenge to you how many do you want to take that challenge the seek first the kingdom of God 's righteousness with our heads together heavenly father father we just thank you so much that you have given the power of the Holy Spirit to transform us to give us brand-new nature 's new thoughts new motives new designers but Lord Lord we tend to put things off spiritual decisions and and acting upon convictions and Lord were in danger many of us are in danger of waking up one day and finding out it's too late I pray Lord that you would put in our hearts the main desire would be to get to know you as it are privileged to know you that we would daily advance in her knowledge of your will that we would David cooperate with the Holy Spirit as he seeks to make us more like you that we may reflect your image to those around us and father I pray that as we continue to seek to grow in advance that when Holy Spirit is poured out and latter rain power that we would be ready was to seek restricting them in your righteousness father bless each one here we don't look to ourselves father is much as we know we have a part to play we only go forward in your name trusting in your grace we thank you and praise you in the name of Jesus and for his sake amen


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