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Knock, Knock. Who's There?

Alden Ho


Alden Ho

Wheel Salt Ministry



  • June 8, 2011
    6:00 PM
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my father in heaven as we come to you this evening we acid the holy spirit will be with us and especially the you will speak through my mouth Lord that your people will not hear me that they not be here the prompting of the Holy Spirit upon their heart Lord May the disturbances distractions around this just disappear and fade away so that we might hear more readily your voice speaking to our heart because that is the issue that we have tonight is that in the world in which we live Satan is providing very hard for position to be able to get access to our heart for the Lord you stand there in your knocking and we has to deal coming this evening in Jesus name amen I would like to ask you to turn in your Bibles to Revelation chapters three in Revelation chapter three we find the messages are given here to the seven churches this had a friend of mine actually talk to me this week and he said he would like me actually that the Senate you're going to hear tomorrow morning is titled LNG why I wish I could say that I came up with a title that actually was my friends title and he called me and said I got this great title for this book and he told me since but you can use it I said okay but when you get to publish the book he says I should have it up by the end of the year and this was September I said I'll give it to the end of the year if you don't come out with the book I'm taking the title he says he got a deal it's been a year and a half obviously you can tell there was no book that came out and I got the title from him but he called me up nieces and I want to go next year and I want to come with me I want to go visit the seven churches in Turkey and I want to be there because I need you to document this for me the photographic and video tape this whole thing so this a be very exciting to be able to go see the seven churches that are going around but in this church the last church is what would it be focusing on right now it's the last church that we find in Revelation and the lukewarm church the Laodicean church or as they would say in Greek the Latakia church and it says here in verse fourteen and to the aims of the church of Laodicea write these things says the amen the faithful and true witness the beginning of creation of God I know your works what are works well we find that our works are pretty useless if you look at what Paul wrote keep your finger there and if you run over to second Timothy chapter four verse three we find the works are going to be evidence to hear when Paul writes and he says the following words for the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine but according to their own desires because they have itching ears and he will keep up for themselves teachers and they will turn their ears away from the truth and be turned aside to fables now I don't think I need to go any further than this for you people here because you are an Ohio conference in your very aware of all the things that are happening in this conference this this is exactly what John is right about big he's saying I know your works you are neither cold nor hot I wish you were cold or hot so then because you are lukewarm and neither cold or hot I will vomit you out of my mouth King James version I will spew you out the reason being God does not like a half-baked Christian issue there's a big difference you have to choose a side note to Joshua said in his closing speech to the children of Israel because Ginger this day whom you will serve but CR problem is if we look at this perfect line down in the segment we want to be in the world but we don't exactly want to be so notice of the worldwide enjoy all the things of the world but yet we want to be in the church we can't do that as Jesus said in Matthew chapter six verse twenty four you can't you can't serve two masters a mystery three can two walk together unless they greet you can't do this and so you're going to be either bonfire or you're not on fire I like the way a friend of mine Jeffrey Rosario says it he says you either pregnant or you are not pregnant now brother have you ever been pregnant no I was hoping you would say no that have you been pregnant how many times twice they do know when you are pregnant oh yes if the pregnancy is you are either you are or you aren't either you are on fire for Christ or you're not on fire for Christ and that that's the problem that we have but the problem is many of us like to regulate the temperature either we are or sometimes the pain on who were with we don't want to look as hot BC this is the problem that we have we want to be one or the other so God says look if you can't decide then out to come verse seventeen verse seventeen basically outlines the problems that we find our church today the Seventh-day Adventist church today this is the dilemma we face because you say I am rich have become wealthy and have need of nothing and do not know that you are wretched miserable poor blind and naked I member number of years ago I was preaching in Cambodia and they the people came and they took their shoes off over there and he came and he sat down on the concrete floor right here about a hundred of them and had my translator we were talking about this issue and I said you know somehow the topic of a refrigerator came up is down if you have refrigerators and out of a hundred people one person raised their hand I looked at my translate I said maybe didn't translate correctly I assume you don't you go to refrigerators it enhances in real good in American English ease is an old refrigerators is as you know the Boxee plug-in keeps food cold I suggest but you can translate that is only one person raise their hand if it looks rather these guys don't have a front door why do they need a refrigerator and I realize we have become so rich we become so wealthy and the inherent problem is we've become so rich to the point that we don't realize our need for Jesus Christ because when they are hungry we just go to the fridge open the door see what scared rabbit in the edict if it is not in the phrase guess what it's in the pantry or somewhere in the basement that we can open up a can someone get it but outside of been to some places where they don't have those things they don't have those luxuries I was helping out in Japan right after the tsunami I was there in Haiti helping out over there hated and these people have nothing I mean they didn't have anything after the earthquake they didn't have it before the earthquake either but we are at the point we become so rich so miserable and because of that we become more for physically financially we become poor spiritually you see the remedy to all this we find is inverse eighteen the remedy is I counsel you to buy of me gold refined in the fire that you might be rich and white raiment of white garments that you might be close to the shame of your nakedness may not be revealed and anoint your eyes with eye salve that you might see I wrote a book of a number of years ago and this is a wonderful book and its author broke this down so well I want to share with you some of the things that he penned out and then most of it is actually blended from the spirit of prophecy you see the three factors with the goal the goal is not just any old gold in photo jewelry store and buy that goal it's not physical gold in that sense although the gold must be bought meaning that the gold is going to cost you something and it's not anything that your American Express card will be able to buy it's been a cost you something number two that gold must be tested and must be purified it's not just any gold it's not like going out and buying a bullion it is a refined piece of gold because it has to go through the refiners fire to remove all the dross number three that gold will make the poor related to CN rich debacle that's the goal but we certainly need Ellen White says Dan Christ object lessons page one fifty the gold tried in the fire is faith that works by love only this can bring us into harmony with God we may be asking we may do much work but without such love as well to the heart of Christ we can never be numbered with the sound I have been just the right in the second testimony page one seventy the place of faith and love any evangelism is reflected by Ellen White when she says God bids you with one hand faith take hold of his mighty arms and with the other hand love reach perishing souls we see that this I got to tell you that quotation alone had altered my paradigm of when is someone ready for baptism I never exactly it was May of two thousand seven I had went to Kingsway College for my twenty fifth anniversary for my alumni there was an older man a team talk to me Pastor Wally he was my pastor a member as he was associate pastor my church when I was a young boy thirteen years old in Toronto Canada and he came to me Ashley said Alban how do you know when someone's ready for baptism is simply it is this a trick question so all these is no notices Sirs question I said well I'll give you the pat answer whether they love the Lord with all their heart and they understand and accept the doctrines of the church I mean that's would probably all of you would say right he said yes but no I said explain this is what you see my father was a very successful event lessee said is it okay because he baptize more than a thousand people and you can count on one hand home if left the church not Don you know that that's that's some pretty startling numbers you got a thousand people yet less than five and left the church yet you go to one of these programs in India where we do an evangelistic series and at the and you've got three thousand people that are baptized you come back and Sabbath fifteen hundred left in the church and you come back to lunch from there you have five hundred last you come back a year later news barely a few hundred and I want to hear more of what he has to say and he said you know when a person is baptized when they don't just accept Christ or accept the doctrines of the church you know when the ready for baptism when crisis already affected their heart and Romany winning souls before their soul is been one that shifted things for me dramatically last summer about a year ago I was in Munich doing evangelistic series and they do things differently in Europe and I was very excited to see what was going on the young people went out into the main square that they have we don't have squares like that in our cities and if we do it's nobly walks there but because everybody's on bicycles it's the main thoroughfare they set up an image of Daniel the Daniels image of Nebuchadnezzar 's image they set that up right there and you see people walking by and are looking at this thing like what in the world is that it's like that but for tone statue maybe someday ran out of paint and if it looked really strange and so that as a walking by they had people station and they would ask them do what that is not know what is that so they would explain these things there were two very cute girls out there that were with our group and they were handing out these invitations to come to the meeting while they invited this one young man he was actually from Indonesia he was living over there so he came to the meeting and I I've I saw him sitting out that I thought okay here's the young guys come he's a smart guy this to young girls and so he's trying to connect up with them and I thought okay he's not to be here probably later because these girls so we went to the evangelistic meeting that night they had a Bible study guides the sheets and so when it came up on the screen everybody's looking down and I'm looking at him and he's still looking at me okay he's these deathly not either he doesn't speak English or he does understand German very well or if he's just not interested interested in spiritual things at all so I thought probably not be here tomorrow the next night he was there and he was sitting there again with the girls thought okay so there must be some sort of interest but still never looked in his notes at all and I start thinking this is interesting the next night he came but he wasn't sitting with the girls he was sitting by himself still never look at the notes he was just glued on me I thought this is interesting by Sabbath it was the hook where we haven't come all day on Sabbath now for the full Sabbath day instead of just the evening time and he was there Sabbath school church potluck afternoon outreach evening meeting he was there the entire time and he came to me and he started talking to me I went in were talking and he introduced himself to me and what that pastor told me before came to fruition then because he said to me you know I've never been to church before but the things you are saying there to and he said I was very excited by what I was hearing that when I went home last night I called my friends once in atheists another one is a a Muslim and I said you need to come to these meetings because what he's saying is right now you tell me as Christ only touched his heart absolutely initiated and this is a paradigm that we have because of our church this gold that we have my girls of my twin girls are here with me my wife was not able to make it because she's in some of offer corporate meetings at Florida hospital right now with Sunbelt and down my sons at home right now because he was supposed to be supposed to be working they've asked me for the longest time they want to be baptized since they were eight years old nine years old not not for little children getting baptized that young I think that they need to understand what baptism is all about especially now that my whole paradigm of this has changed and so as I was talking with image still trying to keep them excited and then that I started thinking you know this year their birthday falls on Sabbath and it will be twelve years old how ideal I think that would be a good time for them to get baptized the nineteenth and I said you think you might be interested in getting baptized this year yeah I said did you know your birthdays on Sabbath really so we studied really hard come January went through the all the baptismal studies with them one a make sure they understand I was really pressing upon their heart to make sure they understood the concept of what baptism is about and it was trying to drive home what she was saying here with your right hand you grab hold of God with your left hand you reach perishing souls now this has a two way paradigm because you have no effectiveness with reaching souls if you don't have a hold of Christ and you have you have no abilities doing a whole lot of other things unless you really grab on the Christ's once again and that's exactly what she's trying to say here once again she says God bids you with one hand faith take hold of his mighty arm and with the other hand love reach perishing souls the second element that we find in the latest insurance year is the that aspect of the white raiment in Christ object lessons page three eleven the white raiment is a purity of character the righteousness of Christ party to the center and constitutes for him purity of character desire of ages page twenty five many of you heard this one before Christ was treated as we deserve that we might be treated as he deserves he was condemned for sins in which he had no share that we might be justified by his righteousness in which we had no share he suffered a death which was ours that we might receive the life that was his Ellen White writes since she says justification by faith is the third Angels message and Verity in the eighth volume of testimony page one oh four we what she I wish I could read to you this whole thing but this is what she refers to as the subject heading what might have been everyone you ever read that she writes about what might have been in eighteen eighty eight at the Battle Creek if the people had surrendered their lives to Christ she said the meeting she was taken off and she was it felt like she was in a dream and she pictured all these brethren out there and one rose to offer prayer and then he he rose up and asked for forgiveness for another brother and a big fight upon each other 's shoulders and she said over the course of that whole thing she said it was as though it was Pentecost all over again there was this renewing of hearts and she said I awoke and this was what the Lord it shown me might have happened had PeopleSoft in their hearts the third aspect that we find a third element is the ISAF in the fourth minute testimony she says page eighty eight the eyes said is that wisdom and grace fitting which will enables us to discern between good and evil and to detect soon on size I love what she writes unit defined the testimony page two thirty three FBI said is this that spiritual discernment which will enable you to see the wiles of Satan and send them to get texts in an airport and see truth and to obey it wouldn't it be nice if we could put on spiritual glasses to be able say after all nice try Satan I see what you're trying to do their enough to pull that one over me what she's saying that yes if we had the ISAF we can see those very things you see this is the problem we have is the latest in church we don't have the goal we don't have the white raiment and we are certainly lacking in the ISAF that allows us to be able to see these things out like implication of the true witness is that the latest scene cannot discern spiritual things the experience of Christ's disciples who before they were fully converted in the upper room they couldn't discern they couldn't comprehend his teachings about the kingdom that he was illustrating Mrs. White indicates that God does not and cannot reveal the gospel to those who claim to be rich and in need of nothing those are the issues that we have Christ wants to come in so that that's part of the issue that we have is that we don't have these elements and these are great and lasting in our church there greatly lacking in our lives and you know before before Christ can actually come these things have to be part of what we need because verse nineteen of Revelation three as many as I love I rebuke and chasten therefore be zealous and repent behold I stand at the door and knock if any man hear my voice and open the door I will come in and dine with him and he with me that's what that's what revelations telling us right now and because of that awareness state where we are lacking in most rethink I'm not talking about in the church parking lot at all lives it's very easy to point the fingers to the people around to be able say look brother you cannot say in our own lives we are certainly lacking in these areas and the only way this could happen is as we continue to study and as we she'd receive this visiting knocking that comes Christ is what is standing at our door and he's knocking because he wants to gain access I remember many years ago Harry Anderson painted that picture to picture the archway door by standing there he's knocking on the door he wants to come in but if you look very carefully the details of that door you'll notice that there are no hinges showing so that means that door can only be opened from the inside that doors the doors the heart cry stands at our door and he knocks he says will you let me in but she writes in the first volume testimony page one forty three I saw that many have so much rubbish piled up at the door the heart that they cannot get the door open some difficulties between themselves and their brethren to remove others have evil temper selfish covetousness removed before they can open the doors others have ruled the world before the door their heart which bars the door all this rubbish was taken away and then they can open door to door and welcomed the Savior in you notice when she writes here and we have difficulties between ourselves and our brother and to remove you see this very presently in our church because it especially comes the potluck we don't modify like we got our food would looking around the cable connected by knockdown knockdown may be them oh yeah okay over here is that that happens we go to church board meeting because we have to jockey deposition we have to sit in just the right position is with Winona Supercross in that table because you know that persons always in opposition to me and Jesus Knox he knocks at our door and we buried in from the door anger and hatred jealousy envy some of the eating disorders in their other super pornography there they might be drugs it might be alcohol others have issues with temperance and it's the temperance is not just eating its time its finances imbibing other issues with her brothers and sisters but you see this is why Jesus patiently stands there any knocks because he's a loving God who wants to come in and make the change but the problem that we have to be is that Locke is not to continue to perpetuate itself Jesus is not the kickstand and there all the time because what happens is if we cannot hear that not now guess what tomorrow it's off to be the same volume listen from desire of ages before eighty nine with every knock unheeded the disposition to open becomes weaker the impressions of the Holy Spirit he disregarded they will not be as strong tomorrow the heart becomes less impressive book and lapses into parentless unconsciousness of the shortness of life and great eternity beyond our condemnation in the judgment will not result in the fact that we've been in error but for the fact that we have neglected having said opportunities for learning what is truth the tickets that from life sketches page one sixtieth evening meeting I was taken off in vision and the power of God fell upon the company are we related what the Lord given me for the people and it was this return on and I will return entity and she'll all that backsliding tear down the rubbish from the door of thy heart and open the door and I and I will come in and some would be I saw that if they would clear the way and confess their wrongs Jesus would walk through the midst of us in power in power this is what he wants to do he wants to walk in anyone's to help us but the problem is we enjoy straddling the line by barricading the door second Chronicles chapter seven verse fourteen we sing this is a beautiful song sometimes sung for special music it says if my people who are called by my name will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways then I will hear from heaven and I will forgive their sin and I will heal their land the knocking persists Jesus is knocking on our door and he wants to come in he wants to take control and reference in Matthew chapter eleven first twenty eight Jesus come unto me all you who labor and are heavy laden and I'll give you rest take my guilt upon you and learn of me for I am gentle and lowly in heart and you will find rest for your souls for my yoke is easy and my burden is light you see this door some of us think that this door so heavy so fortified we cannot get the door open but it's very simple it comes with on a practical sense all we have to do is simply asked the Lord to help us know people always come to me makes it hot how do I draw close to Christ I said well first of all all you have to do is turn around the article for turnaround is there you have to have won a committed relationship with Jesus Christ how does that happen what happens only on a daily level a daily level that means when they realistically should I study in the morning and evening live in was a proponent for studying in the morning why because in the evening you know you go a little cross site after while because you're so tired or you studying any kind of fall asleep doesn't doesn't God want our firstfruits I need to pay when you when you write your check for type and you return your time you return what's left over what he returned that as the first thing of course we do it as a first think and this is what he wants our firstfruits is what I'm talking to young people in a practical sense I was taking a look worst of all it's a surrender all the things that you like to knows that you like those things that just tell them that you like these things as with anything that can help you to make you hate those things but don't ask in the making handles things one time than enough asking today asking this afternoon asking tonight and tomorrow morning has been to our afternoon and continue to ask them and then once these things go away guess what then you can pray it every daily and all the things that you used to like you will slowly finding you will begin to hate that work for you but you see yet finished and we do have an adversary unfortunately he's there and he knows exactly what we should be doing in his eyes and he will do everything they can to stop everything and to the block your way messages young people page two seventy one Satan knows that to a great degree the mind is affected by that upon which exceeds he is seeking to lead both the youth and those of a mature age to reach storybooks tales another literature I would add in there to watch TV movies and play video games the readers of such literature becomes so unfitted for the duties line before then they live in on real life and they have no desire to search the Scriptures defeat upon the heavenly manna the mind that needs strengthening is enfeebled and lose its power tools to study the great issues that relate to the mission and work of Christ truth that would fortify the mind awake in the imagination and kindle a strong earnest desire to overcome as Christ overcame you see the knocking on the door is so that Christ could come in and make a difference in our lives there is a lot of personality types here and here we have some typeface we have some type bees we have some that are very perfectionistic who are you don't raise your hand but you don't you know who you are because when someone calls you initiate contact can I come over when what time could you want to do what you want to clean the house you want to make sure it's already and you know what I I'm kind of one of those types of people shall confess I wonder these people I tend to be somewhat obsessive compulsive and want to make sure it's clean I like my house clean if I go on vacation I would like a clean so that when it becomes any would look around says someone with your that's what I would like what you see many of us think I can't let Christ into my heart until I cleaned it up not look to be honest how much power you have to clean up some of these issues that were talking about you have no powering yourself at all this is why Christ says I'm standing at the door to the world 's greatest housekeeper is standing at the door and he wants to gain access to be able to come it to be able to help us he is not asking for you to clean up your house you say help me to come in by opening a door and I'll help you with it the review and Herald November two eighteen eighty six the family justice standing at your door while you are piling up obstructions for his entrance Jesus is talking to the prosperity gives you kilos you with blessings to test your fidelity but that they may flow out from you and others will you permit your selfishness and triumph when you squander God 's talents and lose your soul through idolatrous love the blessings he has given you see the Lord lays upon no man a message you will disparage and disheartened give me proves he rebukes he chastens but it is only that so that he can restore us and approve us at last you see the reason for that white raiment is so that when Christ looks at us know we rephrase that the reason for the white raiment is that when our father sees us he does not see us she sees his son he sees the righteousness of Christ that's the very reason and you know what is this the challenging part of all this is this righteousness is the work of a lifetime it doesn't happen at my age it's a work of a lifetime and you know this is why she says the prophet says someone will have who have been converted near the end they will have a great amount of work to do some live live live seek this is the probably would have as Seventh-day Adventists we have this message and it scares me when I see people who been administered for thirty forty years and their state of religiosity is the same as it was thirty four years ago there's been no progress because the door has been locked the door has been kept shot but when we opened the door to heavenly guests comes in he says finally you are allowing me to be able to work and help you in early writings page seventy one I saw that none could share the refreshing unless the obtain the victory over every assessment I did you catch that it is every other less iPods for a moment it's a fairly beset men's over pride over selfishness overlook the world over every wrong word in action we should therefore be drawing nearer and nearer to the Lord and be earnestly seeking the preparation necessary to enable us to stand in the battle in the day of the Lord are we in a parallel argument of the times in which were living were watching Revelation thirteen and fourteen just unveiling before I in Hebrews Chapter 11 verse five the Bible tells us that by faith Enoch was taken he was taken because he did not see death and he was not found because God had taken him before he was taken yet his testimony that he pleased God in I sit down sometimes and while I'm driving I just ponder that he pleased God Enoch is a very powerful example for us I see an example because our real example is Christ but Enoch is it better look at another example enough would be another very good example for us to look at because those who are waiting for Christ's return we will be represented by who Enoch and Elijah how did he do it I mean you think about the antediluvian world in which he lived all around him was with evil I mean if there was TV and that they are sure that the TV programs the you would be playing that time it would be pretty nice what would playing now in their NASA chapter or page twenty five sixty five Eos had temptations as well as we it says that's he was surrounded with society no more friendly to the righteousness then is that which surrounds us the atmosphere he breathed was tainted with sin and corruption the same as ours yet he lived a life of holiness it was unsullied with the prevailing sins of the age in which he lives so that we may remain pure and uncorrupted he was a representative of the saints who lived in my amid the perils and corruptions of last date for his faithful obedience to God he was translated so also the faithful who are alive and remain will be translated so exactly how do you do it if you read paychecks and profits page eighty five tells us distressed by the increasing wickedness of the ungodly and fearing that his infidelity my lessons his reps are in fearing that their infidelity might lessen his reverence for God is not avoided constant association with them he spent much time in solitude giving himself to meditation and prayer thus he waited before the Lord seeking a clear knowledge of his will that see my performance to him prayer was as the breath of the soul prayer was as the breath of the salt per was not just communication between he and God prayer was his breath he lived in the very atmosphere of heaven not think about this for a moment he lived amid the moral dictate of his hi yeah he lived in the very atmosphere of heaven what does that say for the possibilities for us today is a possible I daresay yes it is possible because of we're living just before the time of Christ second coming then it has to be possible and this must represent the life in which we are living today revolution chapter twenty two verse eleven tells us she was unjust let him be unjust still he was filthy let him be filthy still he was righteous let him be righteous still and he who is holy let him be holy still in the selected messages volume three page one forty six some of few and every generation from Adam resisted his very artifice and stood before and so forth is noble representatives of what it might of what it was in the power of man to do and to be Christ working with you and efforts helping men to overcome the power of Satan Eli Jeff and Enoch are the correct representatives of what the race might be through faith in Jesus Christ if they choose to be Satan was greatly disturbed because these noble holy men stood untainted amid the moral pollution surrounding them perfected righteous characters and were counted worthy for translation to heaven as they stood forth and moral power in noble uprightness overcoming Satan 's temptations he could not bring them under the dominion of this death the triumph that he had power to overcome Moses with his temptations and that he could market his illustrious character and lead into sin the sin taking the glory to himself before the people which belong to God we face without doubt trials and tribulations were facing a lot of things today that you didn't have to face many years ago is it easier today for you or back when you were a young man 50-50 society doesn't make it easy it only makes it much harder much harder we all face trials and tribulations and you wonder sometimes Lord do I have to go to this it's like the springtime now when we start going through we see the trees we start pruning everything we wonder why do I have to go through that it's so that we would bear more fruit in the correct I remember when I had just moved to Carolina 's our house that we bought had for a great finds the people who had it before never took care of the great finds and they were so enmeshed it looked like an upside down birds nest added dear member the church he was at a young eighty three years old any he knew about the place I thought you knew about the Grapevine Sydney sat down need some help with the grapevines I said well I really don't know much about them just to let them grow and see what all he says no no they have to be they had to trim back some I said okay you sure of your willing to come out to eighty two years old sure I'll all take the healthy came out Sunday mornings I'll be there at eight o'clock he came out there with his lilting canyon had his pruning shears with them the Clippers you sit down while in Seattle through the vine and you look in the first branch you do a little trim here and the look in their results I like this just leave me if not all goal at forty one and now investigating out nine nine five be okay so I went back in the house got an hour later I came back out I got to tell you I went back out there and I was horrified at what I saw and then he says to me brother role this year you're not really get much grapes I set forth no kidding you killed the tree pictures now relapse I mean it you know it went from this upside down birds nested like straw I mean it was just very clear one to three four and that was it those that cannot get much this year okay he says next year you'll get a few more and then by the third year you'll get all you be fully loaded right sure enough restricting anymore and he very much at all second year it came back and you know you can't come in the next year need with Kuhn similar to how you it's amazing out of nothing comes a lot because that the summer before he came that was a lot there as far as minds but there was very little grapes easy for us the husband have to do a lot of pruning on some of us and you know what sometimes that pruning hurts because it are private it's not that it are private gets caught we know what in order for us to grow these things have to happen is a wonderful story that illustrates this a man found a cocoon of a butterfly one day a small opening appeared he sat and he watched the butterfly for several hours this will force his body through that little tiny hole when he seemed to stop making any progress it appeared it had gotten as far as he could and could go no further the men decided to help the butterfly into the pair scissors and he started sniffing off the remaining part of the cocoon butterfly then emerged very easily receive had a swollen body and had very small shriveled wings and then continued to watch because he expected that at any moment the wings with a large and expanding would support the body which would contract in time but neither happened in fact the butterfly spent the rest of its life crawling around with a swollen body and shriveled wings it never was able to fly in with a man in his haste and kindness did not understand it was that restricting cocoon in the struggle at least forcing the butterfly to get to that tiny hole was God 's way of forcing of fluids from the body of the butterfly into its wings so that it would be ready for flight once it achieve the freedom from the cocoon but you see sometimes the struggles that we face in our lives these are exactly what God gives us to be able help us if he didn't it would cripple us we would not be able to be a strong as we could be and we could never fly I asked for strength God gave me difficulties to make me strong I asked for wisdom many gave me problems to solve I asked her prosperity and he gave me a brain and brawn to work I ask for courage and he gave me danger to overcome I asked for love and hate he gave me trouble people to help I asked for favors and God gave me opportunities I receive nothing I wanted I'm received everything I needed this quotation here we should write this down it's taken from the mount of blessing stocks in the amount of blessings page one oh one three I like this quote very much because it tells us how do we deal with these issues it says that he will seek the Lord and be converted every day if you will of your own spiritual choice before he enjoys in God and with glad some consent of hard to his gracious call you come wearing the yoke of Christ the yoga of obedience and service all your murmurings will be still all the difficulties will be removed all the perplexing problems that now confronts you will be self on Christ answered the door knocks he wants to come in and buy coming in a single take my yoga upon let me help you with these problems discuss with it or not you're not getting any results because you're not asking but if you just ask me look unready I'm willing to help you I want to make the changes in your life I wanted teachers I want to prepare you I want you to be more holy with the choice and the gain which we live right now we can choose to be more Christlike by having our life surrendered to him or we can say that's okay Lord I got the door bolted for reason I'll do it myself we need to choose wisely this don't have any idea when our time is up we could be tomorrow it could be next week it could even be tonight the surrendering of our lives to Jesus by opening the door has to happen each and every day each and every day if you will seek the Lord and be converted every day it's a daily conversion brothers and sisters this is what we need a daily conversion without a daily conversion when great trouble many of us up in the church for decade upon decade but we have not been converted in our hearts our heart has to go through a certain process if you haven't done it already why not open the door of your heart today to Jesus but our father in heaven we come to and we ask that you will be very close to us don't stop knocking on our door in fact Lord why not just come in come in and take hold of our being take hold of us so that we might be able to say as Paul said that it is no longer I who live but Christ lives in me please Lord in the shortness of time before you're coming give that power to the word enable us to be used by you strengthen turn your head on them soon we pray will this media was wrong audio nurse or a website dedicated to spreading God 's word through reading sermon audio and much more you would like to know more about our universe the more certain that please visit www. .com universe .org


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