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The Alpha and the Omega

Rick Howard
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Rick Howard




  • June 9, 2011
    9:15 AM
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him here it was very convenient to you and the Alban 's method sometimes the whole thing was the excellent excellent and it may be actually gave me what I'm going to speak about right now but due to start this little session on and it has to do with the great controversy of what you know that that Jack Henderson 's areas back there he's back here and you know Jack is enjoyed to this great controversy project around the world I guess at this point and I you know this you know that there is a movement afoot at the head of the church to change the name of the great controversy and at anyway it would do good to you let them know that you are not interested in that I'm not interested in that it's want to change it to the great hope you know what you all okay we have a great hope by but the third Angels message is only warning to the world about what to happen and it's because of the great controversy that wherein no and I'm all for keeping the name of that book just like it is so Jackson to be able to share some with you tomorrow night and Sabbath and listen carefully God is moving right now let me let me just say this you know Pastor Anthony where I waited with the runoff he talked about a remnant of small remnant know what first of all wouldn't you rather be a part of the small remnant than a part of the great movement that is apostate if I do agree with that and done what's happening on what I want to share with you is that it is so evident to me being in the middle of this thing that God has taken the reins in his hands everywhere to expose the very things that have been driving us to distraction for thirty years by this he is the one is moving everywhere and you cannot defeat God people are trying to trying their hardest to the twist and turn in and to do whatever they can to get out of the freight is no way of knowing God will gain the victory and he has taken control of what's happening in our church right now when you look down the world and see what's happening in the world siding with what's happening in the church folks with their Wii or at the beginning of these final movements I really believe that with all my heart I really do believe in and one thing that we all have to understand and hold Theodore Hartz is his church God loves this church he gave his life of this church and if you want to be like Jesus we want to be like Jesus I then your attitude towards this church needs to be just like the Lords in the height of the church the way have you ever find yourself tempted to say something negative about the church is a lot of along in the church okay but the charge is his bride I know you love the picture and it's going through all the laity and they won't be coming out of another group who believe that right I find it we just have to hold the church due to our hearts and be very careful in what we say and do about the church the temptation is there because of problems within the church to blame the church and in the backdoor thoughts looking good you know where you can go is the place to go in this world is not of the church this is the highest try here right and the lead and the chairs grow together natural rights on this town is inaccurate the Saint even brings his people in the majority of that time and a leading them into the leadership and not that a reason to leave off badmouth the church went down to Georgia think of the church as we construct with always problems at the very reason as it has always problems Satan would allow one problem in the church of the with his church is perfect you know make everybody happy the weekend tears come up the other and thank God we don't have to worry about separating them the Angels network Angels network and handset separation takes place in our comes into the church the very things that drive people out the back door or God 's means of purifying the church and it's all because and only the spirit of prophecy are the only ones that thank you Alden thank you for bringing that up I want to share a testimony with you you know it says in Revelation twelve eleven they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb and how and where their testimony when I became seven-day Adventist after five years of searching praying pleading finally thank God I quit I keep searching why does I can't find the truth my search is living downwind dead-end road after another I can look anymore but I know that your real look up but I don't know that sputum in our Christian though Jesus I did know God was I said I know you revealed because I was having supernatural experiences and I knew that there was another power I knew God was out there somewhere I think you take over my life we all let me die I couldn't take it anymore I was headed for a nervous breakdown and I knew it and I wanted the truth more than life itself and the means by which God had me continued to search without stopping said I was a sinner and I knew it and I couldn't gain victory I wanted to become holy but I couldn't know what it's like I didn't have the power so I went on mind control I went to a spirit medium I was been before disciple you know them with the séances and and went on into Hinduism you know and it was after a year in Hinduism praying for you for I was in ninth reading every book on every religion in the world I can find that I finally came across attacks and acts four twelve it's it is no with the name given among men you know that text will my guru which was also Santana 's group used to meet together twice a week they are the great rock 'n roll San Antonio and we know Michael claimed to be my savior but that's what she told us that the results indicate that our karma on himself than that's what saved us so I asked him what I found this text in the Bible that you said is a genuine and true pathway to God at the peak Lane ices of this book that you said is true says there is no other name given among men but you say that you're my savior and this book says that Jesus is the only thing well I do about that well-written I guess is what the Bible you just can't believe whom an actual wedding in the eye I have accountable logical minority when it is some tests when I first became an Adventist hand was subjective zero was object of the NATO to do in twelve categories my average was one no which was just totally object of tool fault to a fault but when he said that I said was okay so I say I don't agree with this what you say you don't agree with that but you wind up with a million religions and that's exactly what's going on in the world Google 's religions either it's true or it's not so I went home and I said I can do this anymore and I quit if there's any truth in this world you see intellect my heart is all I want the utility or let me die and I was honest and I knew that God knew that I was honest and sincere and there was no way that he was not going to allow me to be misled it was like a light the one I have to do this I will do this you lead me to the truth of the next I got a call from Union Carbide about a resume that I sent out a year earlier calling the entrance of you I went in for an interview and know that proverbially gave me an offer you that I couldn't refuse and I went I was a research chemist at that point and I went up I pulled up to Tarrytown New York where Union Carbide was an meeting and needed a place with multiple bedrooms we just had two kids you know what anyone was a baby brand-new and the other was three years old and we saw this place for rent on the front of the five acre estate right outside of Peekskill New York and when we were looking at his mansion in the backup from here that building over there with these big pillars in the front and out and on the front was the senior shake cottage with three bedrooms it was the house of Judas thing we love it was perfect for us so the order the mansion is shown as a what do treason is a house next door so I said I have to remember I'm weeding every day this is three weeks it's two weeks rather after this prayer and every day all I do is finance my prayer God is able and Jesus was at the occult and supernatural which is which I'm looking all over and so I see this house so then I said I would write neither be if I moved over there and he says no I don't always name will know is that he's a minister who in my heart almost jumped on my chest I just knew God was leading I said my church Seventh-day Adventist who I was twenty eight years old I never heard of the seventh anniversary and the greater New York administrative offices were and why parkour I lived it out on Long Island but I never heard of the of the seven banisters but I could not deny what was happening in LA and you know I know in my mind Yosemite and I went to look them up in our sense of guilt you have to understand we were living with my wife's parents and they watched us the five years goes to one in sanity after another know and you know the one that we were presently and was she gets dressed in a sorry and I put my whites on your own we don't to see the group twice a week and were living upstairs from them and now the next step which is true and real is it within the strict insanities and when I been a smoker when you drink and when that all of this stuff it was like going out and out their Roman Catholic and best of Roman Catholic and the first seminar I held a year ago in September I rushed home and Rosalie 's mom died when I got home she died an hour later now that his likeness when she's not here with me and she's got maybe a week at the most I made her stay home because I just knew that she needed to be with him otherwise for the rest of her life she would've been saying home where I did my stay home she is not here because of that I just keep to keep the family to prayers okay he's ninety three live the good life and when when mom died a year ago he wanted to die right away he didn't want to live anymore is live this long but everyone he gets really call me you know the storm Roman Catholic and anyway now he's really is fading very quickly and I when I left the other day he was talking the ceiling balancing things this said but you know it's God 's way at the end of your life that you not really suffering that much but just to keep Rosalie in your prayers they lay so here I am and I know God led me there I knew God led me that and when I met him I move then I met obstacles to look at when will the time he came up with the garbage out I went out and I told him the story and he just greetings from year to year that he knew how God has led me to a golden housing is when I have something it is a part of the storyline itself it wasn't healthy comes out with the great controversy and he tells me right off the bat she's a profit and I didn't say anything that bike that the book inside the house and I said no no another profit yet understand is this all I was doing was reading inspired writers and one of the most trust Thracians that I had was within the same within the context of one religion like Hinduism you'd read and inspired writing in the reader why writing was a totally opposite both claiming inspiration those very frustrating and I was very turned off to profits and what they wrote except what was in the Bible this is all part of God 's plan so I took the great controversy put it on the shelf in a button read and we have Bible studies twice a week and a Sunday night Thursday night it was the most wonderful year when I look back at that year it took about a month for me to finally come around I was that I was within Hinduism and the occult and Christianity and I was very help make Rick Howards religion and I tried but had no power to overcome sin and the sin was driving me crazy and I finally surrendered I just fell on my knees Wellesley and I together Lord I can't do this anymore if you are are was senior we accept you to versus right before that I open the Bible up and studying in the says lean not unto thine own understanding and here I was born I thought I knew it all and this is like a newborn baby during what desire the sincere milk of the word on drink this demagogue sank I said I'm the one thing that just what I'm doing I'm like a professor who's been studying for five years every religious book that exists in the world thinking he knows it all national government take away empty my mind cleared up and that it was at that that's honestly there is a way to us probably there was a way which seems right unto a man with an zero the reason that when I read that now after coming home from a spirit medium from a séance with there was a message to me I knew husband and I I knew was I I continued on the path I was on and that first one anything is a way that seems like a fool in the end thereof the ways of death I can't do this anymore when we do we do know I am the result of my inherited tendencies on the result of my education on the result of the friends among my parents who taught me what they thought me and that's our news and all of those goods to formulate some philosophy on life but you wanted to get one and a different one in an effort what I said everybody knows that it is anybody going for their own religion you can't do is at least some basic truth if it's not relative to me or you or my feelings are your feelings are your educational education is having a basic truth in his world some exegesis empty to commit to my life teach me the truth of the book of the Bible it's the word of God I believe that I actually believe it in my heart you live me here and they just accept within this book I started to study after having surrendered and Octavia Nuno I knew what happened it was like the most unbelievable experience identified every question that Anna had about life and death in who we are and why we're here and where we come from and where would that now that the typical questions of life they would answer one after the other every time I opened the book there's an answer to another question it was the most phenomenal experience I was taken over by the Holy Spirit because I surrendered my spirit I gave myself and I gave the Holy Spirit some legal work went down to use any deity came into my life and he just let me from from Bible verse the Bible verse from text to text in my life was changed month went by it was phenomenal with a brand-new experience it was thirty days I had my last marijuana cigarette in a nice smoke that cigarette and believe me that I was being possessed by a big and I went out and I ran and ran and ran until it went away pleading with God to come back into my life sorry I can't do this anymore you know those like a whole month I was having beautiful experience with the Holy Spirit understanding and seeing truth for the first time in my life and I knelt down to pray one note down and kneeling and am waiting I'm waiting to start praying and probably thirty seconds to a minute went by and my brain was not working and I got scared I was just about ready to stand up and shake my head and go to have a stroke when the Lord spoke to me still small voice of thoughts and views boys thoughts Rick Cleave the truth and I learned you here three years ago reading every false prophet that exists in this world more like garbage data empty your mind out of it I leave you here and your name is Angela but the great controversy written by my profit and had to identify what type of book didn't take me but two things I read it cover to cover but let me tell you the experience of a headline read this was all according to God 's plan he wanted it this way he wanted me to have experience with the Holy Spirit verse it changed my life they gave me power over sin victory they then I him I never thought before the real through and that he wanted me to be the great controversy so that while I was reading it I could say this means there will us and inspired this book has inspired the Bible I know it because I experience with the Bible I'm having the same experience with the same spirit I really may controvert and God wanted me to have that experience and I have never for a moment doubted that Ellen White was more than a prophet I believe she's a different style is just the profits informal in a close prophecy which is a messenger I believe that the veggies apostle the world is changed because of her in so many different areas she just because a profit as a mouthpiece all with it which is written with the wives which is affected you heard with all that said about no Paul Harvey and what he said the Lance of troops he has made sure that the world doesn't know about Ellen White but they will and they will buy you read them with their faces light up go out to write to into the whole world witnessing for Jesus during a lab try and believe he is not to be done just on the media the media 's brain while we can use it but what if it is to be like when we can't bias out deliberately having TV programs and read it now it will be people they filled with the Spirit of God to go out and share the testimony of Jesus with the whole world people will see the love of God in those that really well will be a small group and believe me it's not going to be through a plan to come down from above will be that way it will come down from the real about all the way okay the Holy Spirit finalizes the work in this world just like he did now back in apostolic things it will be a movement among God 's people that is controlled by the Spirit of God that will quickly sleep the whole world and it will not be according to any plan that we had the vines is much too complex for the much too complex in Ezekiel had that vision of the wheels and wheels enough and he was doubting God where I what's happening and God had to show Ezekiel that he was in control and the work in this world is far more complicated than you can comprehend Ezekiel the work in this world is far more complicated than we can conquer and God is taking the reigns now in the church at the same time the world is falling apart I know this is the beginning of the final movements which we are told will be rapid get ready it letting up and I know I'm at the center of all kinds of help firearms that they come at it constantly but no matter what anybody does Don overrules it is overruled for them and they had a call last week from the conference president and central California said you think you can come and hold the seminar I can't even you know Monday to Friday will do I think I can pick and thank you all by the way said about one oh two evening meetings it will go on hope to be around on family around the world do you do that when you book in the Internet than a week later July SQL the Southern California Labor Day weekend to go back to speak with you the largest regional meeting this is finally visited the same time people out there badmouthing me criticizing saying the no one is doing terrible things wise believe the lies but that's how Satan works Satan 's power and strength is that he has no rules axis strength we are bound by the long time in everything that we do that through the pines that but let me tell you what happens we are bound by the law but when we stick with the law we have been many on our side and who can defeat them in any way those are the conditions we stick by the rules and Jesus Christ for the enemy has no rules so it gives in the little victories victories if God letting them do what he's doing the overall victories and way through it all and pensions of Mars they loved not their lives unto the death ready for that article died I want to be but this is what's happening in the church believe me there is a generation of Seventh-day Adventist right now that are being prepared to go through the worst persecutors of the world of the same NGOs never have persecution about who was going to be responsible for the worst violence that the world has ever seen leaving leaving the thread cutting screw look what's happening in labor unions around the world today in Europe and America and Wisconsin no people three or four years ago seven bad minutes was saying no to talk about labor unions are to be right about I will see a problem with labor when you did for your four years ago but look what happened there we quickly believe in buying from now you know who was behind the labor unions in this whole thing on the Roman Catholic Church of not speaking of Roman Catholic people here when I say that we they are the they are our prime objective and you need to be ready to give you a life to save them the ones that this message is for the system is behind the globalization movement in the world and behind the labor union movement in Europe especially and you know whether doing it think about this from jumping around here but think about this if you want to have a OneWorld religious power in charge it's much easier if you can globalize the whole world is that it especially if you are the one moving behind-the-scenes to bring globalization and make it a reality and believe me globalization my friends is present truth probably said this fifteen years ago would be all on one of them is over the edge now this is present truth is happening doesn't say that the whole world wondered after these is in the whole world to give their strength and their power and allow the base to be in authority around the whole world if there's no globalization I mean you know folks it's can happen and have not been willed it will have a one world government it will rule the whole world I don't think so but the nations will all give in an effort happening in Europe right now you are all that you know the European Union this is all this off the Roman Catholic Church quietly secretly moving behind the scene something five Roman Catholic publications blowing people up on it doing in this is out of a magazine called America with happening in this country and the Roman Catholic Church and again I say folks talking about Roman Catholic people there wonderful Roman Catholic people are living up to the light that they have and the rest that it don't know when I confused this correlation the ones we need to love you will always bring a man to save them so that they can see the truth and not counting the people in the Catholic Church not at all but the system is Satan 's and has been for two thousand and actions primary school that he uses to deceive the whole world know you are a and you've got it got people right here in Ohio I say this is no tenderly but pastors who don't believe the Roman Catholic Church is relevant anymore but they changed their change well that when we do the recount of fact what we do with it but if the Roman Catholic Church of change and make there okay now and I was some mental aberration in Edmonds had a hundred years ago back in the development nineteenth century what we do with the great controversy when we do with the third Angels message that is a warning for the whole world about what's I impingement and thinking that's not Seventh-day Adventist thinking and to be an ordained minister Seventh-day Adventist church and believe that is one of the biggest hypocrisies I think the bigger paycheck every month there got twenty seven fundamental beliefs of teachers in all that bit that this power is anything over the world waited with such a loss we all believe that anymore even then getting a check for no money and no conference series on your life they say this I say this carefully but it's the truth and sometimes you just speak the truth is the truth I'm done with you twice a month for some reason I will feel like I do speak out about certain things to believe that the Roman Catholic Church is no longer relevant in our AAR history and on message what happens one message that we don't have one anymore it becomes a social gospel just like they are gospel piece of safety is not to be decent away the worst violence the worlds of the sea is calm and only those prepared something for a little make it truly and the only people I say this to the only people in the seven administration will not fall into the deception of the Omega apostasy on those the season the warnings written in the spirit of prophecy I think the problem with the spirit of prophecy from will be around for very long as for my reasons for your proxy and I do believe Mister and I read before I make a wolf I say what what this with his inspirations say I don't trust myself I can't I know unlike on the mess is like if I go back to my carnal nature and think that the longer find something there that will tell me what to do when it comes to truth and my feelings are carnal nature Jesus demonstrated the greatest love for mankind we hung across how do you think he felt also joy in celebration it was a previous experience he had gone back through the cross he knew his father had and he trusted in what his father said and he know what his father said his income the only thing and that's what I get us through you can't find so Jacobs trouble I was searching our hearts while I hope I don't have anything in their and we don't thank God in all previously went up into the most holy place and the taking of without the spirit of prophecy I don't know what to do it's just laying down there whenever I feel like doing and what's happened that's what the health and the Omega are all about those this fell into the Alpha of apostasy and those the omega at the end of time it's all about Hunter felt thinking that they should do what they feel like doing and they create a God of their own devising by doing it they make God be the way they want God to be thought about that in a minute but that minute but maybe this to you this is an American magazine it's an advertisement for the Pope 's visit to Scotland I have heard this a long time what we looking forward to what we are looking forward to is not a performance or a spectacle this is when the Pope comes but a meeting with someone of great wisdom truth said the city and great humanity this is Pope Benedict the sixteenth goal is capable of reminding Christians now listen by the example of his own life and fate that God comes among us in human form will no more on the Pope are missing out a long time but here we ought back to that again God in human form the Pope they've always believe this they just didn't say what it wasn't politically correct to say but now they come back into power in the world again and believe me they will take over and control if you look around the world today and say what religion in this world has been consistent if the Roman Catholic Church when you look at Protestantism after they fell because they rejected our message a hundred and fifty years ago look at that like look with the evangelical Protestant churches away people jump in old shoes get slain in the spirit it is such a mess enough to think that that's what God is like intelligent thinking people will look at that and know something is wrong with the Protestant church and the one consistent moral voice in the world is Roman Catholicism and believe me they have the best writers the best thinkers and they are pushing people into the Jesuit universities everywhere to learn the very things and often a talk about spiritual formation health and the Omega are not claiming that spiritual formation is the is the only apostasy on the it it could be an element of it it could be it it could not prevent on Pakistan one out with everybody else decide for themselves the only thing about unfulfilled prophecies unfulfilled prophecy is not for us to take a guess and say this is what is the big to speculate on what it's about prophecy is to know where you are in the scheme of history so that you can know what your duty as a Christian see where you are and say okay this is where we are meaningless and Don will speak your heart when the speculate on unfulfilled prophecy we can make applications on it which is what I've done in my book people all I don't agree with you with the omega woman who deliberately provided things could be part of it could be a IL only got up to you but it was certainly has elements of and we'll talk about that I wonder I gay I get one testimony about the great controversy how many another one right now about how this book that started over here is that the second Elder ten Holland X editor of the signs before Marvin Miller a remember Elder Holland was my held at like ten years of the Hilton head charge and while there are occasionally I would just be going spiritually is a Norfolk moment testimony or something like that one way out he was a very soft-spoken quiet spiritual man he rejuvenated that my hand is illegal and the ten years he said I'm not a writer you know my writing was technical chemical in outback those days and you know thank God for Rosalie my wife thinks what I write she puts it into a form that you can read and understand but he got ten dollars about six years ago I was in my office about a year later at the Hilton had church on Friday nominees and all of a sudden this comes into my mind that from nowhere and who warns so I didn't hesitate I got up off my knees I got all my notes out I got the books I have my office my desk was piled as high with all these all kinds of material and I was then beginning with the researching the subject people want in the foyer of the church and I see your flashbulbs go off and no I want out I said forget equipment is good I didn't want to because I just got started doing something that it took me ten years at the start I go out there and I need these for people to couples and they said you mind if we walk around such a beautiful church going take a few pictures and show them around little bit and I said fine near to enjoy I'll be back in my office if you have need of anything does come on back so that ten minutes later I look up and here's this woman standing in the doorway of my office with her hand up on that board waiting Dylan and I know what you think and as if you saw my best to help this guy needs to be committed and I said well I said it actually I'm starting to do research for a long overdue book and she says oh what's the book about and I think she would know what I was talking about I said well it's about the outflow and the Omega and she says we need a book about that and she walks over puts out her hand and says my name is Susan Harvey on the vice president of Pacific crest ten years in the morning then I start writing this book the Lord send someone who then spent the next hour and a half with me telling me who to contact how to write it what I should do what I should include in our faith in God is the first time he ever set foot in my church passing through free Europe to California and she winds up walking and help answer that one well when she all you friends with Ken Holland now she knows Ken Holland of course in the publishing working out and I thank the Lord I guess you really want me it was assigned to me you know that we maybe not everybody but to me I knew God was telling me I got into this new I started and after about a year writing the own way my brother must have been hibernating in knowledge trying to get things together there's so many variables I can share the just incredible that how I know that the Lord inspired with day and this is why I have confidence and this is why when it came time to have it published I didn't do anything I knew God had me write it so he would haven't published what was supposed to be published not what I wanted to get published as I said at the Pacific press I sent you liberals are now now when it benefits that okay that's when I learned my lesson and said Lord I'm not trying anymore it just like on a surrender deal when I became a Christian I'm surrendering now and if you want this book published hugely I want to know everything about you make it happen when it's the right time because it is obvious to those who looked at the book and it causes contention in our care we are offering all we were offering a PhD in our seminary in the very subject of this book says is this is a Satanic deception that's bound to cause some problems in the and it has but it will what's happening this is why I say I know you can't defeat God you can't you he he he inspired me to do this anybody I have laid out here I am all alone alone no one else that I know is making a nationwide spiritual formation I send more one night you know struggling with God I said I can't do this alone you don't bring a message like this to your church from one obscure pastor who nobody knows it works that way if it's true given a spreading around many people will see them so that the church can no this is from God is not just one person and I said what you have to bring others that understand this issue that are involved in seeing the danger like I do and have them contact me and I can't go alone like this anymore and I said and I'm not a look for anybody you managing a not make any phone calls nothing the next day and woman from amazing facts one thing led to another to another their teaching in the church she gets in touch with whether people thought the noise and someone else and before I know it Joel Tomkinson Herb Douglas and Jack Plainville and fifteen people within two weeks all call me including I don't get it done at that point right but it was like I did nothing I did not think that they all called and here is his network of people from the Atlantic to the Pacific all involved in fighting this thing I do know what has God to bring me to the night you I'm not alone in this update and what was so interesting was arming her bonuses written thirty books problem to all authors and they'll send you for some reason I didn't feel inspired to write a book and then we all saw that God was having me write this thing while they did what they were doing holding seminars and writing letters to John Williams written letters to everybody in the system from Mendes recent in this field passage on with and valleys these exposed the spiritualism in the I follow lessons that have come out of the North American division and you know the new now I'll get into it at this point but you know there is an element in our church that Satan has touched their hearts and is using an right now this is why I know God has taken the reins in his hands foods and their there don't even understand why they're fighting to hold on to what they have they believe what they did what they are doing I just assumed I'd say that about me they are saying that about me but it's the truth we know what the truth I knows the truth because I use the spirit of prophecy as a standard and I use the Bible as a standard to judge whether something is above are not one of the chapters I wrote in areas with Loyola and Martin Luther and how they were contemporaries and how one went back to the Bible Luther and the other just went with Ingres may not do well to be folks that danger how far and in the Omega people creating a God of their own devising they want God to be the way they wanted to be and they don't care what it says in the spirit of prophecy they don't want to know it rains on the parade it takes away the news saying that having to believe you know that this is what's going on I've dealt with this for thirty years in the church and the people who have this tendency to always find something new like Walden taught the this morning they always want something different now that's out of the ordinary they can be when they are teaching in their seminar this is what happens I don't want him running into why that Mister said it have to be that way Emily comes the Spirit of prophecy is one of really I mean no people that I love all my life really people that I level my life never said a negative thing about on now such an enemy spreading rumors will not meet Michael will not I will never read that book really I read sharia netbooks in the last month because so many sent them to me asking me if it was okay to read it's filled with our non- Adventist with the mysticism no it's not okay to read I read I want to find out what it said that even brings me something else what you think about this all really referring to know how does it compare with what we believe people who are into this don't want to read the truth is it tells them that what they're doing is wrong and they don't want to be told that is what they don't want to know it's like him plugging up your here so I can keep going with what I'm going to my ministry feelings are more important than the truth and I want God to be the kind of gone well taken on my presence whenever I want at the Loyola did you know Martin Luther was convicted he was a center and went to the Bible to find the remedy is he found the science of salvation that God gave the world in the holy Scriptures Loyola on the other hand feeling like these the him for his sins you want to think about them anymore he wanted to see when you think about simple thoughts before they went evil and they came from the devil and all of us give God convicting his conscience that he was a sinner so he takes away these evil thoughts and he says I want to see God in everything know what bad thoughts about my sins will Satan was right then again when one he says in three minutes through a supernatural revelation he learned more than he learned is how life and from that supernatural revelation thirteen spiritual exercises loyal the founder of the New Jersey Nets the most cool organization on earth and spiritual formation as it is practiced today is derived from the spiritual exercises of Ignatius Loyola which is the mandatory reading when you take a course in error Centenary of the reading that stuff I mean maybe some of us from research and something like younger and people being told what we want we want our students to know with the enemy how the enemy works what else we did was go to St. Vincent sentencing with AFLAC committed suicide the reasoning to justify moral behavior is incredible you don't want to study the spirit if you are determined to follow your feelings instead of the truth is a help vividness of retreat cold visit living something about living one of their various things that run by Seventh-day Adventist teachers command it's all about meditation spiritual formation so what I still want to thank you for a couple years ago I spent an hour and a half on the phone with someone teaching a course in spiritual formation and engines in Iraq and in the course of our discussion I share my own experiences with the supernatural with going into the silence silence is a Christian and I'm a bit out of my body will these things he did when he called and that's why when I saw the old assignments and spiritual formation AWS felt that I coming in the presence of God in going into a trance is looking it's an altered state of consciousness where your thoughts cease I know what it's like and it is a most wonderful experience the sense of joy and peace is beyond description but it's not God 's joy its cardinal tenet joy and peace it's a feeling as a very difficult feeling to deny and Samatha do this anymore it was a struggle of my life when I became Adventist to deny them those experiences that I had in the silence with his joy in this phase were not from God I want to overcome sin more than one feel good thank you Holy Spirit for the visiting come from me and from the Holy Spirit so I have to deny I was being deceived by them I spoke with this person on hand and shared all of this with showing no bringing up 's fair prophecy information and facts from the Bible everywhere explaining in when not in the list the final comment was written you just have to boot the silence yourself seem to believe God I just told you I've been there over and over again I know what you know it was like the experience that this person had while there nullified the truth and facts the danger in fully run with this I don't know any something happens that has been for the silence that I have talked in a combat and Ellen White says he she says she doesn't know whether there is ever a queue for rebellion and his rebellion limits on its with Billy and to do you know you're doing something wrong but extra when you go into a trance and your seven they had us do know that you are doing something wrong in one and look into the spirit of prophecy will convict with the doing is what's so frightening about it now I like all that said you know the less the taxing will have against the spirit of August church will be against the spirit of prophecy to make it known none effect when you know it like you said it doesn't mean that you rejected totally and leave the church because of it not stay in the church in your paycheck from the church it just won't read you'll ignore it that's rejecting the spirit because you doing something else the city is moving you into and you know that if you study the spirit of prophecy it will expose legendarily and you'll have to make some changes and you don't want to believe me I know this is what how it works to succeed with people in the church that are practicing this and do not want to know the truth it's so sad spend all my time praying for then seen anybody that has actually been to this altered state of consciousness bit of the silent the truth right by what is the out port talk about this for before and before that limitless talk about spiritual formation how many of you don't know what spiritual formation really it's crazy okay the media let me know that the description given by lighthouse trails but I don't I don't think it's adequate and there but this in my own words spiritual formation is a training and discipline to do just what it says form of a Christian pattern form your spiritual cataract eye and to learn how to do that in the regular retreat somewhere like the Salem Institute right outside of the gel conference headquarters I wear the head of our chaplaincy department when he was the first one failed Bush Martinsville Bush and is retired now but he went there and he learned this this whole thing and and now spiritual formation is mandatory training for all chaplains everywhere the arbitration it also started there and now I don't know how many of our people at one but it's a out of his episcopal no midget foster a note I think is connected to it he's one of the lot was disconnected to Michael renovator somewhere but he's involved with all of these is he's believing little of spiritual formation in the United States anyway a your have you brought okay okay I even before the new when you do when you train how long ago but when you get to training in our church for the chaplaincy all of their work for you haven't seen up to time it was you go online and look up chaplaincy training in the seventh evidence her juicy hole program spiritual formation in their mandatory that okay and also as a result of that we made a motion if the two thousand and one some world Council that we had that every pastor administrator chaplain teacher in the Seventh-day Adventist denomination around the world in every division would be trained in spiritual formation I've got it right here it's a motion that was that's down there but anyway listen on my fields and to do that and do argue all of these little points but is it a point I have I realize that the same time I know I just I want to share what I know is okay and this is what's happening I is a shamanism through outside of Washington and many of our people had gone there to receive drink just like we went to Willow Creek okay I finally realized will maybe we should be doing so now they these things happen now we learn a lesson and then we move on well right now we're learning some lessons I know it and it's not just my book and I it's it's that God has taken control of things everywhere all of the distractions or the ways that the things that frustrated us over the years in our church which will ultimately be there I mean else Satan is as is under attack okay guys dealing with them now in a way I have never seen before noticing before that I forgot where I was headed here the author wanted to talk about the Omega know of is the definition of spiritual formation spiritual formation is a training that one receives to to bring them to spiritual maturity okay it involves learning methods of Bible study and in learning it involves learning methods of prayer it involves having a spiritual mentor or director Mitchell even confessed to confess your sins to you I guess sometimes justification for that you know because in the Bible that says you have read this people who are trying to prove a point say confess your sins one to another you know what I thought would says his disk and as you will a false one to another big difference big difference brother pray for me I got problem with my anger you know please pray for me but I don't have to tell you that I just beat my wife you don't say I is confessing your sins the others confessing your full but in this program you confess your sin for the spiritual director now spirit of prophecy again there are some things that are new to being mentioned to another human being should not for human use only between you and God only between you and God of Gosselin is confessing a specific things to each other does not okay but Satan knows that if we can convince somebody to do that that person will have a control over the one who told them he confessed to them I cannot exactly what he wants he wants that control is all about control of your mind your freedom is precious to God he made us with a free will and any time someone intrudes upon that freedom it's the only doesn't matter if it's a conference president telling you got the Institute 's program in your church wait a minute God 's been speaking to me individually about doing this now you tell me I got what I does thought this program because everybody else is that puts the power of God into the hands of a few men at the top that the Omega or part of the only okay the only involved in this the misuse of administrative authority it also involves the use of spiritualism involves a whole bunch of things is not just what I'm about about an spiritual formation program to develop your Christian life but embedded and hidden within this program is a certain technique of prayer focusing prayer and centering prayer leading to contemplative prayer that's the word is used contemplative prayer I ended the meaning of contemplative prayer the way it is used in spiritual formation is exactly the opposite of what it really is because it is getting to the point where your mind stops thinking an absence of thought I know about the absence of thought I've been and it was the strangest and most wonderful experience and that my life I can't explain it any more than my brain stopped thinking and I became an observer of my thoughts rather than a thinker and eyes slid beneath my thoughts and my thoughts all had form they were objects and I did I could telephone each object in the shape exactly would that it was very strange along with it this silence is not thinking and you lose consciousness of what's going on around you is an altered state of consciousness right if I had that experience the first time I went in and I started reading Walt Whitman and Henry David photo who mistakes not Christian mystics just mystics they went over these they learn these techniques and here is what Whitman talking about slipping beneath your thoughts not slipping beneath your thought forms while France is doing he was there to every mystic you are a Hindu Christian a Buddhist whatever the early mistakes in the Christian church back in the first second third fourth century the early Catholic mystics they all learned to alter consciousness they are learning to do the very thing you were talking about writing that you do when you learn spiritual formation that's how they had their revelations that's how seeking communicates with us by getting us to go into altered states of consciousness and stand them this was all about wanting to ask the practices silence thing because as soon as our consciousness is altered access and if you're a Christian to give you some hallucination only to think at all I just saw Jesus you know what your Hindu move for Google levitating some always something going and always good seeing you with whatever religion you are into by the hallucination and creates in your mind when you go into this altered state so you learn in spiritual formation centering prayer breath prayers Jesus prayers which are all focusing focusing repetition repetition and I tell you I worry about twelve hours about trying to get into the silence but in reality that's the whole thing and they know you push an enemy think six months and may take six months before the sudden going to the site and you have the most wonderful experience and you think I've come into the presence of God Jesus was there I know it may be costing you Ellen White said some will even hear his voice and the Omega spiritual formation and of course it's all about buying non- Adventist authors one mistakes like the big and a host of others is what they teach is gotten into our youth programs gone encounters God encounters going to website using the pond had been his mystic in his book and read it a lot of our authors in our church survey writing books recommending reading authors that are mistakes outside the administrative fifteen spiritual formation the founder of God encounters matter-of-fact friend was interview and asked what was the most exciting experience you had in putting God encounters together and his answer was back in two thousand and four making the presence of Jesus that stuff is on that website and is another website called ignition filled with spiritual formation and books I not have been fought so ill leave it's just time for us to come to grips with what they are I'm really reluctant to name names I don't want to I don't need to when you need to know is the truth date and the truth will prevent you from falling into these things as they come along and when the church becomes informed about all of this then these people involved with it will find a reluctant constituency is not willing to listen to them anymore they know the truth so is more important for us is to speak the truth meant to expose hold these people truth shall set you free any time somebody wants to control your thinking take away your free will that's the only family is precious God made you with that free will will you come and tell you what the Spirit of God works through his ministers and people and he's got an infinitely complex plan that he and he speaks to them about and when somebody about then usurps that plan with their own plan to slowing down the work of God they're not applying the method that the spirit of God uses to leave his church and our white root cause about this the kingly power that was coming down from administration she said they had no way to do that every pastor is spoken to by God personally about the program you should institute in his chart personally and when someone comes along and cut someone is there really cutting off the work of the Holy Spirit in the method the Holy Spirit uses to inspire his people is the way it's always been this is why back in the early days of our organization they were those of us danced if of organized as they knew the truth and I just said that God works through individual leaders and people and he tells them of the work that he wants them to do it I wisely passed as much as everybody the Holy Spirit speaks to each one of us individually where we should minister for him now if you want get together and you all agree let's do this together fine I never have a program come down forces me involved in some program what I learned lately this way I will go this way you think apart on how Satan is going to try to deceive his church and get us off the track at the end of time and okay but I article did not enough on spiritual formation but it's a him on training and was then printed by the Roman Catholic Church in put together from the spiritual exercises of Ignatius Loyola and the revelations he's missing from St. Louis the face of it when he said he learned more in the last three minutes then his whole life of the Satan inspired related now okay but but but you know this is dismal we have to understand that we came from what all of these spiritual exercises that we are using and telling our pastors to read mandatory meeting in Pittsburgh formation classes and stuff any more than I need to go to a séance and over that's what they are astray briefly imitative of the Lord of these things is so sensitive than we just want to keep the love in our hearts we had the church there were people the error make mistakes when we pray that your spirit will lead and guide and and bring those that have made mistakes back to see truth and we pray that you will be with us to speak gently and humbly and not say anything that is offensive even though sometimes two cups and and it is offensive to those who don't want to hear but that can't be helped more than one across because of the magistrate you will share believe in our hearts is a media was brought in by audio errors a website dedicated to spreading God 's word through three seven audio and much more if you would like to know more about want more seminar please visit www. .com universe .org


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