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Spirit of Prophecy or Spiritual Exercises?

Rick Howard
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Rick Howard




  • June 9, 2011
    10:45 AM
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Lord Sven thanks together we we invite your presence your thoughts into our minds in the Holy Spirit to give us the true meaning behind these things were by ourselves on our own without Scripture in the spirit of prophecy we don't know what truth is I would just pray that all of us come to the realization of that fact that we cannot rely on ourselves to interpret and discern what's happening around us to discern the teachings that are being brought upon God 's people and this is the reason you get us a spirit of prophecy so that we can see specifically truth and error so help us to recognize that fact and fill us with your spirit we pray in Jesus name folks I made up more than anything if we don't study the spirit of prophecy we will not go through I feel confident saying okay is a way if I told you the prophet Isaiah was standing around the corner this building and he's prophesying do you want to listen to one over there and assuming that it really was the prophet Isaiah in on-site of course you want to hear what he has to say and why people won't grieve the Spirit of prophecy today is to realize it's the same spirit of prophecy you know it's a spirit of God that has inspired her you know with ideas that you wrote it out and now I want to know what she writes I want to know what God thinks I want to know God 's instructions for me I want to know whether halogenated judgment on some new teaching the comes along and him who does not want to know what the spirit of prophecy says about something run the other way especially on sound doctrine I know this is a leader who doesn't one or teacher or a pastor don't listen the day is that person is uninformed and is not connected with God how can somebody say no I don't want to read with this paragraph is that I mean that the identity of the remnant church is that she would keep the commandments of God and have the prosthetic to the testimony of Jesus entered the night looking at it and say I don't want to know what it says why don't enjoy reading it well you know you can enjoy everything appeared to enjoy the crossing the disabled and we need to study the spirit of prophecy priesthood it's as simple as that we really do and it's important part no some people feel that they're not smart enough to know they see others who who really studied and have put things together far beyond what they are capable of and they feel intimidated by that and so that they don't feel the if not for me you know I read it I get lost in any think let me just say this day and this is the I know this is the absolute truth what ever you are capable of is good enough I thought you apply yourself and you study Scripture and spirit of prophecy doing your best and if you do your best to understand when the time comes for you to be tested on it you'll pass the test if an angel of God has to pick you up a cat radio he will you are so don't be intimidated because maybe you can get as much out of it if someone else are you are not as bright get back is filled with people who are smart enough to do with the read Scripture in the spirit of real smart ones will be many of them the brightest lights will not apply as a decisive don't feel intimidated when is it just doesn't matter you are you starting to read ASCII spent time you get when you news you pray and Jesus will take care you really willing to Angels smile when he sees you doing that or she would've and by the politically correct these things eliminate additional but really as part and God will do the rest don't neglect doing it because it invariably is those who will not see the warnings that God has given the fall prey to the Omega deception now what is this alpha and omega what is I want to create some characteristics of the health that me say this first subsidy to you this is very overall picture one into the other here okay the deceptions that Satan brings upon God 's people at the end of time is all the Omega apostasy beginning and and it begins that there New Hampshire and Maine in the early days of the of the great awakening the craziness that was going on Ellen White refers to around ninety in G7 I saw the same thing they and he was identifying what she was seeing that around nineteen hundred with Kellogg in Battle Creek as the Alpha so the Al Qaeda the outside is the beginning part of the only apostasy that is the end the entire time apostasy and LOI uses these words they are a train of heresy but that the Omega apostasy is afraid of heresies beginning back in the eighteen thirties and forties and anytime Satan 's deception gets exposed to change the pin manufacture some new deception and when I get exposed to go into another one and another one and another one at all the way up to nineteen hundred the deceptions of Kellogg she was still pulling at the health but if the alpha of the Omega those were her words the household of the Omega meaning that those distractions from the eighteen forties all the way up to nineteen hundred including Kellogg and Battle Creek and what he was doing that all the alpha which is a part of the Omega the whole deception at the end time of God 's people then you can you can imply from what she says that there will be an omega of the Omega if it was an outflow of the Omega and is a train of heresies within this to be the only prison she says I saw the Omega open again some of you may get started back in the eighteen forties he could say no but you have the implied deficit which is implying he's implying that she saw the one that's been the come right before the close of probation she says the Omega love but not as cold and the Omega but the others improving how far of the Omega so that you can say you like this is whole thing Satan 's attack on God 's people will is a sections at the Omega the beginning of the end is near the close of provision I feel me on human health all the omega three omega of human Twitter analyzer will look at what the health was because when she told the leaders in Battle Creek and that's whether that's where our vision of our church was sent to back in those days I and she had been writing letters to Kellogg for twenty years twenty years on Kellogg's dad made her promise don't give up when my son just don't give a she said I will do everything I can have the way the Holy Spirit leads me a initiative and she will let stand for twenty years enough that really spoke to my heart how quick I am sometimes home was to condemn she prayed for him wrote letters over and over year after year after year I think she saw angels of God controlling his hands he was he was the most talented surgeon physician in vendor I made is most famous Doctor on earth back he really was royalty from around the world would go to Battle Creek to be healed the invented so many things it's just unbelievable place just think of Kellogg's corn flakes but I don't have a patent within a given brilliance was his downfall I think there's always how smart he was but really she saw how he him in surgery and medicine surgeon but his money wouldn't stop having them think of these new things and the way force his will on the people the leadership of our church is went along my cold the big part of it anyway he would have these meetings and would go into the middle of the night he wouldn't stop he was the most articulate human being on earth probably any we just talk and talk and talk and brilliant ideas even came to the place where he was convinced that the Holy Spirit was granted at the gravity was this unforeseen very small force that binds the universe together he was convinced that's the Holy Spirit how far off the drift and he would share his theories with the leadership of our church fresco Jones states that there and he wouldn't let them go and he would target the middle of the night and he would press upon this theory and when people ask questions that he didn't like he first wouldn't ignore them trying to escape and that he had to answer them he would take Elimite out of context to prove his point and hello my wrote him over and over and said you miss using my words and you're in danger of falling over and over and he wouldn't do it and finally the time came and the Lord impressed Ellen White told itself how I feel right now about spiritual formation and auction itself and I say that because I see God taking the reins of control all over this country right now even in Europe Hawaii Germany he's translating a book of the German right now she told she shall be the lead is that she will be administration over there this is anywhere but God is moving everywhere everywhere how I know this is the time to share this before but nothing yesterday out I told the Lord I don't want to be responsible for this book coming out you'll have to do it without my awareness that's what I said because only you know when it should come as because I know it's bitterly contentious so you'll bring it out at the right time I had a phone call from someone California three or four times I didn't want to answer I didn't know who it was that in the message call me call me was the message I have get a lot of calls like that you know and it's never what you think it isn't always wind up losing three days of your life when you answer a call like that so but finally after the fourth one just pulling up the front of my house the phone rings against that same number I think it will on and just delaying answered Rosalie comes walking out I just called again inside you know I said hello this is correct yes all I got a story to tell you again a minute okay I said okay and I is the story is amazing he said I just learn it all the week or two ago about spiritual formation and I was talking to somebody and they told me you wanted to talk to Herbert Douglas Doctor Herbert Douglas so I called him this is a this is a a literature evangelist leader out in California again and he says I called Doctor Douglas and was talking with doctors telling a little bit about it many goes in though you are cool all our will okay maybe my number I guess and that was that well later on that day is talking to somebody else about this new solution formation information that he has learned and he says talking to this person because you know I heard the pastor in San Diego who is dealing with this in his church he is the associate pastor but his senior pastor is into spiritual formation I know these have been some problem go to give them a call I so she gives him a call and is talking with him and him says different color to call me how do our account while the pastor he moved next door to thirty five years ago day so John Lubin through his name and he had a copy of my manuscript please tell you what I'll send you the manuscript and no look it over so he says in the manuscript you know this man felt now God 's hand is in a side note you know thirty years why green the manuscript and they get real excited about it and he says political Whitehall and when you use ones when a users I know one of the dead and white cicada guide you to make an appointment a month ahead of time to talk to on the phone you know we and spent thirty five minutes on the phone talk about this whole thing would like to know that much about it quite calls his matter is is editing secretary manager whenever a system check out this man's and see if it something that we'd be interested in printing she checks it out she calls me first on error Rick Howard yet unproven Bible that we want to think about okay this is well wanted to happen either you want to be involved in doing so I said right of how much five thousand dollars and eight well let's see what is I'll having money in Olympic lifting weapons the next day I get a phone an old friend who inherited the unions all the money up no problem I printed the next day is awaiting a year and a half for God to open the door of the print that's why I know that now is the time to this I didn't have anything to do with it and it was only when I can figure out Lord when you wanted to come out it's got a be the right time the church has to be ready to hear this you know the choice has to be ready with people like you who will stand up and say this is wrong I video I realized that God is leading thousands of people people involved in spiritual formation in the morning then come back don't do this you know and I didn't want this book to come out at the wrong time I wanted to come out when the Lord said that and it's now that's the whole thing that's what's so exciting about all this I want to worry I have to be concerned that I'm talking about these things at the wrong time and I never taken a vacation anywhere it isn't an invitation I don't call people and they like to come to know I'm only the only way that I configured to do this is what I'm only going to Delaware uninvited excellent done in the last year for the book came out everything happened I only respond to invitations cards in charge of all of this and when I see what's happening elsewhere K I told you about how if one and since this is exploding that means you can piggyback your church and if you see what he was going on you can stand up and say now within a deal with this you want to learn this is not something that we ought to learn is something that is its mysticism it's spiritualism I am not going to day and UIC is the most exciting thing because I tell you folks it's all young people I could preach a thousand suns but when they go to class and then told I have to take this class and they sit there and stand up and say I'm not the one you read I'm not limited which one is doing this class is long been the ones that will change the church and that's the future of our church right there that's well ahead I see Jesus is coming okay but the young people that are in college right now even with that this time last ten years they can be the ones you learn about this now this she was a meeting of the expects six hundred two thousand two it's the largest regional meeting of the G Y C in Southern California will they do learn about another way things worked out hopefully in December and will get to go to that meeting and address all group in order while this might know someone else that understands this well like one day somebody you know run my for them here by the way the Lord had him call me I went to three years ago and is one of those one zero in that group and he's been calling me encouraging me on active God has inspired the vanity understands all of this and it doubles then asked him to the diet on the table of months ago but God knows that timeframe and I would like to pay living and brought back to life and I was struggling with these health problems that you know what to be good to share on the cross of Jesus I guess that's where I have to look at it we all suffer in one blip but he did look which is between the minute I started writing a book no eleven Orientalism 's and your name if I wanted to own up for you with all of the things you know that you allow me to live the doctor they came in while I'm sitting there in the hospital like this I see him even before my illness insurance is a radiologist is walking over as white as a ghost going on now with the ability to catch this is Vickie got eleven luminary embolism eighty percent of your lungs and shutdown I got one big giant clock sitting one with the claim of bridge arteries appear ready to a ghost don't move on then the gurney down here now with picking up stairs he said I've seen more embolism is in clots only once in my life and it was when I was in med school and was in the cadaver but maybe children but anyway you know this is the way the Lord works in a month earlier I had a slight little pain behind my leg he woke up in the middle of the night is clocked forming coming up going through my heart against my one by the way you all have clots forming all the time to go through your heart gets the indolence this is a normal process but a little tiny ones anybody secretes an enzyme to dissolve them over the period of a month it's an ongoing process but you know what's not normal is when you have it all and abnormal big clots formed somewhere in the what software do you start when it came away farther and all of the air sacs and capillaries from that point down to shut the present level of the ship for a month on what are known just want from you then try going to the doctor we can figure out what it was and finally I couldn't walk fifty feet without so finally my doctors even with one asking you know we found the three four years ago okay it's okay it's okay I'm still here Jesus suffered want more than we do to stop and say it we do need to share in his cross this is a part of it is apartment our bodies fall apart and no I use myself let me tell you what I did some open addicted to cigarettes when I was eight years old eight no third-grade running out to get them a lot to dig up my Parliament cigarettes of the hidden and will walk you out with life drinking it's well drunk all the way through high school throwing up on the visit then you know for Friday night 's event I discovered marijuana when I was eighteen plaintiff two season I had to eight foot tall marijuana plants growing next my house on Long Island the least you know what marijuana looked like back then I had my mom watering it for me it was at supply nearby friends with two years worth of marijuana and I was so happy to have no one and not drink anymore I got in so much trouble flights I'd like a win-win to it but when I smoked the marijuana was like Chinese food in Star Trek you know what's wrong with the least amount go to jail and I thought it was great it was great but you don't know what does listen carefully attempted number talk about going into the silence no one puts you halfway there automatically and it slows the thoughts down chemically which is the process of focusing when you focus slows the thoughts them until they stop and when the thoughts stop your in an altered state of consciousness marijuana just get you halfway there is funny to my talk to the spirit medium that I was a disciple of I would like to know about alcohol bad bad to spirits always a bad things about alkaline when the marijuana you know they never said there was anything wrong with no one there and when I became a Christian I sent you find out why the spirits never said there was anything wrong and I realized that when I saw what happened when you smoke no how the fact that that that that that have the slots slowed as wet as a time dilation is your sense of how much time is passing is altered for young people you know it may not be habit-forming and addictive like alcohol and it made under the terrible things that alcohol makes you do but it destroys your mind and put you in contact with supernatural forces of evil it is a term for people who use them murder background the eighth century hashish and then that was the name they would smoke dope and mingle murder because Satan would take control of them that's the danger and wrote one you hand in your mind over the supernatural forces of evil spoken of in the Bible okay the Alpha let's look at is the Alpha and now this is back in Kellogg's and this is what what was happening it would lead astray the minds of those who are not thoroughly established in the foundational principles of present truth not just services or processes is the foundational visible one of the foundational principles sanctioned the right note they are to understand that if you will call to set the court right now could you I don't explain transcription of the sanctuary would you believe is happening with the verses are in Scripture we are going to be called have to do that some of you will I know when to withhold some of us will have to stand in court and defend our faith this way with where you are creating the biggest crisis in the world is the way then I be looking at it our fault so when they take us before tribunals and judges in an essay look at the trouble you're causing in a while I know that you believe what you think what you believe what you lately Shelley Shelley would you believe in Scripture will happen and we need to understand every understand we don't understand when doing anyway right with this type phonological arriving at his church as we know it's the truth right is the truth right we know the could to defend their all they did this is the remnant of the room remember they've hope you can defend alternative most of the people I preach so I believe that the pictures of fifteen years and I I would preach Simon over over over over over and then I would be surprised this is the time about this subject they didn't know that it is because you can't just moonlight on the preacher preaching assignment you have to study yourselves you get into it and believe me my will is so fascinating once you start you can go and go and go it has level upon level upon level helped you how smart you are targeting a five thousand years of studying it will be in infinity and beyond when you learn to still learn in those pictures you have to learn to look for themes and connect things and all of a sudden you get off on something the brand-new unified than you'd be surprised the truth it's an iron woman talking about numbers and names in one of the names of Jesus was along why great number believe me the numbers in the Bible the mathematics in this world were put together advised by the Internet mathematician and numbers mean something like the seven kings but one was numbered eight that means something and of audit on the server they're talking about you've got to understand what the numbers represent the bylaw to be done about that Sabbath morning you know that the seven kings but that is an eighth king did you notice that any changes man I thought seven was the complete number seven churches are concealed seven trumpets seven candlestick seven and Windows 7 now you got eighteen if nothing is said the seventh is number eight and eight so you have to know what the number eight means I will tell you to send the more I anyway okay you have to know the fundamental principles of our favorite five minutes or one euro they cook in August I should not want me just quickly it would undermine the fundamentals of Buffy it is the teaching and doctrine of devils this is all visible comes out around my friends and the Scripture when used to substantiate the doctrines set forth the Alpha description misapplied the spiritualistic theories regarding the personality of God follow to their logical conclusion swing away the whole Christian economy tomorrow morning on talking about the personality of God and what Ellen White meant when she said no one on earth has the right to speculate about the personality of God or where his presence is located as an interesting statement as no one on earth has the right to speculate about the personality of God will find out what she meant by that because today we use the word personality meeting character would you like as a person why do that all the time with God don't you so when it says no one owner has the right to speculate about the personality will find out it has everything to do with spiritual formation especially the part where it says where his presence is located we don't have a right to Florida and he know all the red very important statement for no about people who just want to come up with something new all the time in other something new this is where you get into this danger okay him they may have no effect the truth of heavenly origin Ron the people of God of their past experience dealing and instead of false science the Alpha will love you the Omega will rob you of your past experience look at the people involved in spiritual formation today how many testimonies do they give about how they became had the company testimony today give about their experience with a learned in the spirit of prophecy weight means to them what the sanctuary doctrine means to them as they go behind the veil never hear any more talk about that stuff that's old advances it robs them of their experience with their and instead that they get into those little emotional time this joy this celebration let's let's just talk about things all the time felt this is not the time for God 's people to be just talking about good things the world is coming to an end really it is not time for the church to celebrate the opening moments of celebration moments of joy but the church in general when it had a celebration experience as a church as a whole no way this is the end of the world and I'm not just saying this I'm talking now from the spiritual we have a warning message given to the world that is the most solemn message on earth that has ever been given and for us to neglect their and to say that think that the Roman Catholicism as it isn't relevant anymore that they now go guys and they're really helping the whole world is doing Satan 's bidding is doing Satan 's bidding that's just what he wants us will need to be warned of that power alone white says so we need to study through and through so that we know how it's working at the end of time and artistic him book Bobby read this the main tool the Roman Catholic Church uses to evangelize the whole world 's spiritual formation Pope John Paul the second spoke those words wrote down in his most important apostolic letter is the main tool in the evangelization of the entire world the contemplative life of Ignatius Loyola consumer receiver greatest spiritual formation is coming from it takes gives you the ability to take over the mind and get them to do what he wants them to do and this is the sense in which the church the Roman Catholic Church evangelizes all world but a little world back then organization in Europe a Jesuit organization that is has been instructed to have the leaders of all the nations in a Roman Catholic were a nation spirituality it is essential to the the uniting of Europe as it was happening the European Union is being brought together this globalization and the leaders the Roman Catholic leaders of an instructed to learn and change a nation spirituality spiritual formation for those leaders they said it's essential to a United Europe and it's essential it gives Satan the ability to control their minds and that's having an regular is a Satan is trying right now the only those seventeen ninety eight the Roman Catholic Church ruled Europe the kings of Europe the first step in controlling the world is to regain the control of Europe that they had and that's what's happening right now in history and as soon as they are in that position of power then they go to the whole world spiritual voice of the entire world in the whole world wonders after the beast whose deadly wound with you folks this is a message we have to warn the world about this is what's happening you know the favorite Catholic Church is no longer relevant in the case that anymore I've been in the argument that I've read by some leaders is good that they're doing in the world can anybody point to anything that this is what's been written by hourly so we have to rethink we just use that as an excuse to bash Catholics a hundred years ago I think that those folks that know that means that whoever wrote that doesn't have a clue as to what the Seventh-day Adventist churches that have lost sight of the calling thing it says it's said that they have lost sight of what they been called to walk taking the kind of money paychecks sorry to say that but it's I wouldn't have been there I wouldn't have the moral fortitude to accept a paycheck when the church that I represent believe that's why some fundamental reason I don't believe in and on teaching and writing things that are different the peak of hypocrisy sorry saying a little bit but it is this all right let's take a couple more minutes if the moving through these and then we will stop the principles of truth that God in his wisdom has given to the remnant church be discarded that's the Alpha our religion when you changed the fundamental principles that have sustained the work in the last fifty years would be encountered as an enough exactly what's happening with the Omega three because the way to find out what the Omega 's life is delivered with the health was like okay the characteristics of it and apply what we can what's happening in the church today canola is a steelmaker books of the door it would be written for that one before have they know status and I went to a public suicide my book down the bombshells of ratio at eye level with the non-attendance big big but now it's changed its change because it's someone like crazy so now they've moved it up I even on its own right you know this is what happened and it was a movement is a movement among ABC manages to win our ABCs of anyone happens to praise God praise God so that's what needs to happen on it will dilute those not willing to heed the warning nothing would be allowed to stand in the way of the new movement and I might say this that the new movement the omega will have to deal with usurping the authority of the General conference definitely a part of it people of the want to control the church and say we got to stop the control coming from and over that already without an general conference president trying he wasn't in office for an hour before I heard the first negative remark that owned no going back it's not for sorry knocked backwards but believe me there was a movement that was just okay people deceived the people see who would have brought on the Alpha and a man with this market I see the note is more stop for lunch today but remember that tomorrow morning I'll talk about this is to well talking hypnotism with people walk around in a trance at a medieval times you can be hypnotized without knowing a LOI told the leaders of our church in Battle Creek you're hypnotized and believe it about Satan means into or thoughts his thoughts feeling perceiving and things that we would've been afraid of and from become very attractive to us because we didn't follow the instruction in the spirit of prophecy we went to meetings outside of our church we went to listen to two Babylonian teachers and sat there and listened to what they have to say thinking of some good out of what they say you can because when you go you're violating the spirit of prophecy 's instruction and an evil angel has the right to come by and say excuse me you have to give me access to this person out he made his choice and are in delectable design and we sit there listening to tapes videos rereading books by Rick Warren all kinds of same principle applies evil angels before here and here and before you know it and I think straight anymore but you love the way you think all I see such great things I never thought of before it's pieces of form and a branch of hypnotism scene of the will this is where Ron is hence violate the principles given in the spirit of prophecy we hand ourselves over to Stepanek control and believe me you haven't it a little at all he's in control makes you have all kinds of great new experiences new insights of this is wonderful it's great Lord we can do nothing without you were not smart enough and wise enough in any way to do things our own and I just pray that you would get that point across to all of us and help us to see how we must will lie on inspiration did you want control in alliance the joy take over so that you delete as all the way through we might be in the share return the Lord bless us now go together craving to spirit within us is a disobedient was brought by audio errors in website dedicated to spreading God 's word through reading sermon audio and much more and he would like to know more about the horse is good like the more certain it is www. audio course taught or


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