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You Must Be the Good News!

Don Eckenroth
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Don Eckenroth

Retired pastor and church administrator



  • June 11, 2011
    2:00 PM
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the seven new world where showing her father John how important is for us to see your present and your Holy Spirit as we take a look at Scripture Spirit of prophecy today we pray that you will guide and direct our minds unlocking them so they can understand more clearly your client for us that we might be more effective in our witness for you Jesus name we cry you may ask or maybe asking the seminar well if I were to come to your church and present this over weekend it was a five sessions of about two hours of page I have three one-hour slots planning for this I had to convince had to decide what is it you want to hear people to go away with what principles you want them to go away with things go home and use an effective way in ministry through their communities and so where you heard it down as much as I can have a lot of ground to cover this afternoon when I plan to do business and had three sessions to this afternoon on tomorrow morning by the way you know I've got a very challenging session because you because when two eight nine all know that for the next hour and a half hour getting to be away of civilian Doctor Young birds may exist in this way can I was feeling sorry for him sitting back here I am just totally trying to stay away every energy probably solving it up a couple times and walked back and forth across the back of the auditorium to clear my head so I see you do that you have my permission to do that if you get slightly drowsy in the cobwebs began to gather your mind you have my permission to get up you won't offend me you have my permission to walk around you need to in fact he told us I remember his counsel the best thing you can do is exercise immediately after you write the note my permission the seminar came about because as a pastor I face the challenge of getting my people out of the pews and in the ministry I struggled it would let for years and finally I came to the conclusion well it drove me to the Scriptures and the writings of knowing what that's what I like to share with you today on the end of in the course of that study I came to the conclusion that my problem was not lead my people and appears they were ready to wetness I just hadn't offered them the opportunity to do so in fact I was offering them such a narrow range of things that they could do that and other simply doing what my churches instructed me to do okay that I had and we had screened out about ninety eight percent of a people who were sitting there at all I was doing was making them feel guilty so my study transformed my thinking I'll be able away from here never looking at your church or church family the same way again because a change my view of ministry and evangelism the only thing basically we were offering at that time was door-to-door ministry to take a little bit of us are made as of this afternoon just want to raise your hair is real cocoa going door-to-door amusing and that's about two percent maybe a little more that we don't know each other so nervous than just a moment and try and introduce where I come from you know the servant of God says that God will call men from all good to me I grew up in Northern Virginia my family were builders and developers there grew up in the construction business by the age of eighteen hours earned journeyman carpenter and I was foreman of the construction crew sometime after that I changed to another profession I started in sales not a natural salesman like Jack is that the desert is out of this guy over here you know I really have to work at one guy I know I'm going to think myself when I tell you this I was a route salesman for a local dairy in the suburban Maryland area doing house to house delivering in a sort of the Golden rule and then went later to Hadley there and said I give you an idea how far back that is okay but eventually a been an innovator all my life and always looking for better way of doing things and even though I never amended Dale Carnegie are never taken the sales courses or anything like that I figure there must be a way to be successful on the suburban Maryland area at that time was a fast-growing area me houses were coming about like mushrooms and so I advise a person plan it was very very simple it has to be simple as going to war okay I kept my eye out for certain things M.D. boxes from the garage automobiles and never been in front of that house before okay when I see that a drop of water route momentarily take a free quart of milk and will note Leno endorsed as I asserted liberty six good morning I left a little note is later a knock on the door of the little known that says don't you talk to anybody else July get back I've got the best product I've got the lowest prices and when he got the only fully roof in fully in the area we're in competition with about another four five Barry Bateman worked on with a little independent there on union there and I sent a little technique resulted in me getting better than fifty percent in the new business among the forefathers of her simple when I can assure you today it's very simple anybody can do it comes straight from the word of God and from the writings of Ellen mine I sold for Worthington foods at one time in fact I was a salesman for them when the new spinal soy product first came on the market and we went from being a second dog to talk all very quickly that new product of an later I went in the automotive repair business had no business for another NFL of myself Eric remembered years couldn't shake the call ministry I knew I had the coal ministry was four years old and uncle who was one of our leading evangelists at that time I've rarely go anyplace without knowing somebody who is not brought in one of his evangelistic meeting Chris they getting older now so I don't see them as often as I used the couldn't shake kept running running running couldn't shake finally finally had to yield the same God that this is what you permitted new this morning on mood you are really moved me what a powerful message is praised God that message all right three things I want to accomplish this session were going to talk about being the good news the following session will be explored to parabolic models in the fourth chapter of Mark on how to grow the church and then tomorrow morning those of you who may mail is recessed reset the table which would build the foundation today and tomorrow more tomorrow morning is the desert we talk about how to translate that into creative ministries to reach your community of friends in the community open up opportunities for evangelism that you haven't had before and so we need to get right underway and say here we have to start with a personal disclaimer I've come to talk about church growth in the Lord tells us the second part will look at in the next section nine oh nine thing about literally says and he said that if Jesus the kingdom of God etc. as this as it is as if a man should scatter seed on the ground and should sleep by night and rise by day and the seed should sprout and grow what is inside he himself does not I know how they are asking what are you doing here you know a thing about this well God has given us certain instructions that we do know about but this is his part we talk about church growth and kingdom growth etc. etc. and by the way I may use terms today that may cause you to wonder where I'm coming from the just remember that we all use the same nomenclature but it oftentimes means different things okay I wanted this refuses to give up a good word just because somebody has abused our I said here that you wonder where I'm going just relax I think were safe God says we don't know where the growth comes from that issues are how the church grows is his miraculous realm alone all right notice and ended in a different menu John's reimburse a Jesus said again Nicodemus the wind blows where it wishes and you hear the sound of it but cannot tell where it comes from or where it goes so is all is everyone who is born of the Spirit a few months ago an article appeared in the ministry magazine focused on the sea that's what these parables were about and take a look at that for just a moment will come back to that in the next session the CD takes root and springs up because of what it is some something of about the same as the Nintendo swallow the human heart in the development that has a sort of orderliness is often only a general one no longer specifies this many leaves on just this or all of the just the shade of gray or this many blossoms raised just so awesome I am working in HR 's particular true that our we haven't the faintest idea and we haven't the faintest idea how it happened much less the knowledge to engineer a pause there for just a moment most of the modern church growth movement is about managing growth it's about doing surveys and then you know tailoring ministry in that direction I have a problem with surveys the problem I have is this when the results drive and modify by the way you do ministry that I have a problem with that one president about it whenever the book megatrends I think you hence you know they put that together surveys you can do the same in your community you know what you want to know what your community feels are the greatest needs just read your local newspaper for six months and keep track of the column inches that are devoted to any particular subject and is six months you'll have an idea of what is the greatest need in the community was the greatest felt me when his number two three for an unknown want to have the person all you can do it by going door-to-door swell but you can do it like megatrends does it all and simply take note of what your community says is their native being sensitive to what they're saying and so I don't have any problem with survey and tailoring ministries of meet those needs the problem with most church growth methods is that those who practice it allow the findings to determine and adjust and modify how they do ministry and I made that primarily by lowering standards to be more inclusive etc. etc. okay I know what we know now is this Christ method alone will bring true success in reaching the people how many methods are there that will bring true success will come a day and one and belongs and originates with our Lord and Savior Jesus his method alone will bring true success so my search led me on a journey to discover what that method was the first of all it might be good for us to to clear the decks let you know what the seminar is not okay sometimes as important as important as knowing what it is sobering look at it this seminar is not more than proven seeker friendly model you can quite in those terms I is not that way in which society demands drive the growth strategy horny cover that as I said I don't I don't have anything against doing surveys but when they drive your evangelism strategies and there is that I can be problematic secondly the churches yield to those demands by lowering gospel standards questionable or about here so you know if I use a term from the church growth movement thinks a good one is able away millions a red flag going up remember that what the seminars not it's not about the satisfaction that takes precedent over doctrinal fidelity thank you it's not seek her friend is not a seeker friendly approach that downplays testing truth does not push testing truth to the background it does not select a half a dozen of the more common doctors that we hold in common with other denominations and emphasize those in the end of testing droves after all we had the commission to prepare people for the coming of God delete right so we must be faithful to gospel in the recommend off who I knew you quite a term drew not going to the next one or cool when preaching appraising is face-off of the saloon very satisfying in some ways much food value is not we heard Pastor talking about that this morning it doesn't recommend gospel light or Cooley preaching that makes people feel good rather than being driven by the way you're welcome dinner interrupt me and ask questions if you wish this class and I enjoyed the interaction can always learn from if you have comments or you have questions that you like to make it free to do so please remember that our time is very limited and I'm rushing to get through the what the seminar is a C it's an exploration of two key biblical models on the evangelist a bridal model which were going to look at now and a garden model which we will look at in the next session they comprise undefined strategy for reaching all men with the gospel they are several strategies that will revolutionize your thinking as they did remember God says my way is are not your way neither are my thoughts your hot thoughts it's hard as a hormone leader soul are more highways above yours and my thoughts about viewers more moving okay today hopefully will change the way you look at some things abroad alone take you to the sixteenth chapter of Ezekiel by Seth the Lord God to Jerusalem in nearly a versus he's talking about their nativity their birth as for your Nativity on the day you were born your navel cord was not caught nor were you washed in water to cleanse you you are not alone with assault north wall in swaddling clothes no I had reviewed to do any of these things for you to have compassion on you but you were thrown out into the open field when you yourself were alone on the day that you were born a Texas to Israel's humble home way beginnings gun pointed out that they came from the Canaanite nations around them their earliest ancestors Abraham and Sarah Palin likened the nation of Israel in the beginning to an unattractive unwanted baby girls we know the baby girls didn't count for anything those days they were novel that they were in the league because of the very society of Paris one of boys that they were the ones array will work the fields of an heard the shade themselves out for baby girls and count for anything they didn't have anything nice and understanding in that day and so so you are a baby girl who was born with unwanted was abandoned to devouring wild animals in the throwdown on the trashy and was hard for us in our twenty first century thinking to imagine that this was a rather common practice in those days when an unwanted baby but not often discarded flooded tryouts I am the son of the beaten by my wild animal it was denied basic care that is given to the baby it's on Belleville court was not cut it wasn't washed it wasn't given the salt rub which they which was common practice it wasn't placed in swaddling clothes it was symbolic of Israel's native condition but there noticed that the Scripture says and when I pacify you that is this this this unwanted discarded baby when I passed by you saw you struggling in your own blood I said to you later think about that similar to this morning 's sermon on arrival God passed by her in her unlovely commission said Lynn on major tribe like a plan in the field and you grew and matured and became what wow what a transformation of wireless move on when I passed by you again later on and looked upon you and to your time had I ended your time was the time of love so I spread my way my garment over you for nose and entered into a covenant with you and you make a verses six day notice what is it that you are merely treatment notice whether the this is God working for Israel he dressed her and embroidered cloth a game a nice slippers for her doll skin he adorned her with her which is customary in a part of the world event on CA delicacies all doctors of fine flour that has been talking to us about refined foods as we doesn't have but again we must remember this was the longest was common practice in those days when Esther went into the into the king 's court I did the same thing for her shade I like a sailor pastries of fine flour honey and oil I see became exceedingly beautiful what a transformation from an ugly unwanted abandoned baby struggling in its own line to a princess who is exceedingly beautiful a beautiful people is God 's method to reach the world that may be surprising to you God has chosen beauty is his name reaching the ongoing world is and I will talk about the human her perfect beauty impressed the nation to see after her not to continue to read Ezekiel sixteen season that was the case now as you continue reading Ezekiel sixteen she came to the place where she soon became proud of her own abilities she began to prostitute herself to the nations about her you know we know that we know the unfortunate history took place in Israel God 's method to win the nations around her was her beauty that is and this is only a sampling got your concourse you'll find a whole big section on on beauty and beautiful look of this conversion home court I like the daughter of Zion to a lovely and delicate woman zero six two to give them beauty for ashes in Isaiah sixty one God says in his transforming grace is just incredible I am going to give you beauty for ashes and let the beauty of the Lord our Lord God be upon us Psalm one hundred nineteen owes on it on your beautiful garments how beautiful upon the mountains are the feet of him who brings good news beauty in that day the branch of the Lord is the branch of the Lord Jesus himself right in the day the branch of the Lord shall be beautiful and glorious azaleas fourth chapter I would just went with the royal wedding not long ago on the other side of the pond right the magnificence on beauty and the surroundings and the beautiful bridal pair handsome and beautiful after you are not exists a few million that's the way beauty operator but notice in Revelation nineteen we have a similar picture another royal wedding is what it says I be glad and rejoice and give honor to him for the marriage of the Lamb is come and his wife has made herself ready and to her was given that she should be arrayed in what fine eleven clean and white for the fine linen is the righteousness of the Saints God blessed a church will be a beautiful church using the entity has the capacity of passing your again ways to your mind passes right through them and catches your heart before you know think of the beautiful things of God is created think of these growing field around the granaries beautiful arms you are around us I find them very attractive they bring joy gladness my heart beautiful sunset sunrise flowers cascading rivulets of water down a mountainside grave all writing for no falling over on a cliff and dropping thousands of feet into the end of the bottom these are the things that can protect your hearts which we see them overhaul law automatically engrossed in them immediately before we ever recognized that has happened to us so the gospel is really already on romantic love story that creation Melanie Joy and openness to cry the music of the gospel is the beauty the music of the gospel must after the heart before the words can be understood as you catch the significance of that Christ method alone will bring true success in reaching the people then a servant of God lays out four steps of Jesus invariably follow a play the music his life was beautiful it was graceful and he won there are beauty has the capacity of doing one writer has set in this way evangelism is a way of living beautifully an opening month web of relationship to include the nonbeliever a person is the nonbeliever is exposed to both music and the word of the gospel right I just mention this one Christ method alone will get your success with say how event he mingled as well he mingled with them in one sorry they're good I was the first thing Jesus and a mangled mingling takes time time is a precious commodity and are in our database so therefore we find it difficult to take the necessary time to mingle with our neighbors with the people we would rub shoulders with the workplace even with our family time Jesus mingled with but it wasn't casual mingling he did that for a reason notice what the next step was a hardened their heart cry and sympathize with them she says he sympathized with now he could not sympathize with them unless he first mingled and in the mangling in the exchange and interchange with others he lives was enabled to hear their heart cry you will never hear the heart cry of your neighbors if you do not mingle with the never can I heard this over and over again this week I've heard all in refer to it a couple daunting wasn't in the sermon first five minutes I said to my wife is already stepped on me and that is the way to all the other presenters the doctor here Rick and others they can make a coming into my territory and I can't thing of my life and I don't have anything to say another time this week is over but he heard their heart cry and then he didn't just listen to the hard drive notice what the next step was he won their confidence by ministering to the Navy you can minister to them even as you would let you know when it is Leonardo find out what it is lazier the hard drive unless you are the hard cry unless you mingle with them you can hear our cry takes on then he invited them to follow him up for the play the music that is beauty before he shared the words now I miss your question God 's answer how often have we seen this process followed in evangelism in our church we usually start with the words to be going totally backwards Jesus play music and other something about music but also passes the conscious gates in the mind that's why you can hear it to him find yourself tapping your foot to it before you realize it because music has the capacity to do that day it can write you before you know it when you beauty and music are very much alike why do you suppose that Satan has spent so much time and distorting making ugly amusing God has intended to bring cheer to our hearts by his foes not that it reaches armor goes through the conscious case of online before you realize SOA Jesus play the music mangled he listened he sympathized and he found when ministering to me then he said he gave her confidence that way and he said follow me and move on in other words you must be the good news before you can share and effectively both in new artificial human knowledge read of all land you may be the only Bible anybody so you must be the good news one's interaction with others receive as an exemplar for what you mean by being a good notice interaction that you have a lot of people their evaluation of that is that all here are your your interaction with them is faultless exemplary and that produces credibility and credibility is the first step in winning souls to Jesus this thing about we don't deal with strangers I live in different parts of the country ministry scared me diverse places in the country whenever we arrived in a new place in one of the first things I'm doing both chlorine are doing well presented beauty shop was a good barbershop as unless members of my church was a good barber in town who is a good doctor is a good Dennis whose a good shoe repairman who is no any number of things the first thing we do we ask people who know because they have credibility we don't just go to the Yellow Pages and my fingers down the page and pick out something we go to people and we know people that have credibility and when you have it when you have developed credibility with the unbeliever and doors will open for you there's something I don't know whether you seen this before not this seems apparent to me the Bible talks about two beautiful evangelists to hear my two beautiful manages now great sign appeared in heaven a woman close with the sun with an with the known under her feet and on her head a garland of twelve stars you call when the heavenly calm reason why her face are outfitted with the moon similar to the knee dolphin skin slippers and God placed upon his bride Israel her head is raced with a crowd twelve she is afraid of any artificial ornamentation that is her methods of evangelism come from her maker come from her husband she attracts nonbelievers because of her beautiful character you have another evangelist again in the book of Revelation chapter seventeen she is a woman that was arrayed in purple and scarlet and adorned with gold and precious stones and pearls having on her hand they are in her hand a golden cup full of abominations and filthiness of her fornication her dress is all artificial these are man-made methods of growing her method of attraction focuses on her personal appearance and it's all egocentric all artificial or worship has morphed into entertainment and leisure software from home some say she's Dave herself me how pays by Hollywood and so she's adopted the ways of Hollywood to track people she called entertainment passes become entertainers basically and everyone's a while I will go turn on the TV and all surf around some of the religious stations and just to see what will big-time entertainment for often worship is characterized with theatricals some con drama at the moment high-energy music holy dance etc. it's a self-centered worship glorifies the creature creator of any talk about a high-energy music music for just a moment and the entertainment scene you how church you tell us if the churches heading in the entertainment direction one of the first lines clause for the first time clause comes from the sports arena theater appropriate there but not in the worship of God always know three yes I was on the same employees comes from the theater and from the sports arena and in the lives appropriate there but not in the worship of God now as it deals with music music can be offered as an offering to God for as a performance by happen to believe that music should always be presented as an offering sacred something that should left the thoughts will go fill one with joy and wonder at his majesty gracious goodness is a a performance is not direct the people feelings toward God toward the performer that's what draws applause people recognize it for what it is now a time as a car getting to be so spiritually insensitive that they can applaud and offering what are they done not only wrong person who has offered to God from the offering they offended the God of heaven for calling on offering a performance quality things are use as attractions by the modern church growth movement to bring people and the church the the inspired writer tells us online that is very simple kindly words simply spoken with sizes simply bestowed true heart expression of Christlike sympathy given in the simplicity has power to open the door of heart that named a simple delicate touch of the Spirit of Christ notice a statement will very quickly from Jesus himself let your light so shine before men that your good works make that they may see your good works and glorify your father which is in heaven the good works of the children of God are the most effectual that has one team one ninety three is a will you and your right the good works of God 's people had a more powerful influence than words the kind courteous Christian is the most powerful argument in favor of the gospel it can be produced to SN two thirty this is an interesting statement I pulled out of the Coppola commentary as well as is the best argument for Christianity is Christian their joy there certainly their completeness but the strongest argument against Christianity is also questions whether they are somber and joyless when they are self righteous and smug and complacent constant concentration when they are narrow and repressive than Christianity dies how many deaths of thousands this okay our last section with this in the session when Jesus referring and garden on Sauron I'm getting ahead of myself and the Word became flesh John one fourteen we beheld his glory as of the only begotten of the father full of grace and truth grace and the Greek word race color race carries along with it the idea of beauty and charm the John says that the human Jesus came inhuman flash he was full of grace and truth we saw his glory was full of grace joy not mercy God it conveys the idea of beauty and charm in Christ men are confronted with the wind some loneliness of God not just his power and majesty is when men can be brought to understand that God loves them they see him for what he is seeing his character that has an attraction that has a beauty and charm about it that they cannot resist and it is screen through which he wishes to reveal that troth Saint beauty and truth go together they balance each other remember there are two different forms of beauty we saw that in the book of Revelation severely alone must be counterbalanced with something else and that's always true it's just like worship in the late in the fourth chapter job board Jesus is talking to the woman at the well she is asking him where they go to worship and he said there are days coming when you will neither worship here are not very similar in Jerusalem but you will you worship the God of heaven and spirit they worship must have spirited testament must be full of joy it must be a mostly full of the love of God but spirit by itself can lead to two extremes it has to always be counterbalanced with truth Jesus said the new worship him in spirit and in truth here we have in Jesus and encapsulated in his humanity Jesus was the environment hello Linda and then only talk about it and proclaim the truth but he wants the truth incarnate people saw the truth and hand he's our model 's life is beautiful when you play the music is really attractive man by the thousands capture by his beauty and grace John seventeen eighteen Jason 's prayer in Gethsemane said as he has sent me into the world I also have sent them into the world in other words we are being given an incarnational model Jesus you have sent me sitting on the flash soul I am sending them into incarnational it's living evangelism this is not evangelism that is simply spoken from the sacred desk this is nationalism is live down the life of his people in the workplace and their families and neighborhoods wherever they are people can see Jesus in them God sent a letter when he sought to win the world he still said that you must be the good news if you're going to share effectively the good news father thank you for this instruction from your home we were we thank you that Jesus came clothing himself in humanity became a man among men reflecting the glory the wins the grace of God so that we might be attracted to him now he wants to send us in the same manner we might reflect his grace his mercy is a helpless as a media was brought in by audio errors in website dedicated to spreading God 's word through reading sermon audio and much more in you would like to know more about our universe is like the more assertive in www. audio verse .org


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