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Creative Outreach Ministries That Work

Don Eckenroth


Don Eckenroth

Retired pastor and church administrator



  • June 12, 2011
    8:00 AM
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good morning everyone on the top of the morning pages the best on the guy the same view where you have a good time this morning as we open up our subject today which is creative outreach ministries that work on world looking for an overall looking for those things and so I know that's why you're here all I have a few slides I want to go through to begin with a source at the table and then I hope that we can spend most of our time in May sharing with you some of the things that we've done and how we done it and then giving you opportunity to ask questions and make comments and so on so forth okay so this can be a interactive time and the brother on whether they want negotiations well I have it on my computer but it's up there and I can get to it from here thank you number of years ago Reader's Digest is a survey on Seventh-day Adventist Sessler leadership what they knew about Seventh-day Adventists I know this is old another other surveys many surveys of been done since this by the sort of encapsulates the whole plan and this is what we need in our communities there is a mess information about said that the address label fruits and vegetables okay there's a lot of things I that came out a survey Adventists misrepresent Bible teaching never heard that Russia as our old-fashioned address and they do not play musical instruments maybe gum became a writer a man of my rabbit hinges with about as confusing Mennonites and Amish and the other good people but they have us confused with evidently unanimous computers with about musical instruments Georgia Christ summarizes the more conservative registers growth by Adventists are ignorant of the real world especially the exclusion of medical help they have any idea that I managed to operate the largest Protestant health system in the world while other people get these ideas about and start associated with the watchtower of what when it comes the medical help they have us confused with Christian science guy that I have as of of course you you made it you may dismiss information about us relative to Jehovah's Witnesses and Mormons prepare it means if we're going to be effective in reaching these people we got among the clone say is not new what these people say about us info if the survey if Gallup and take a survey and thirty one a daily closing file is what they were found Jesus was diligent you a drunkard he hangs out with lowlife is a Sabbath breaker while you have to do is going the Gospels the fun stuff is a blessing is even possess is a rabble-rouser visa submissions did Jesus have a mountain to climb for how to go about breaking down all of these all this misinformation oldest friends is this against him how to do it Christ method alone will bring true success in reaching people that is why if we want to be successful we need to spend your time focusing on how Jesus did evangelism how he broke down the prejudice all of these things that people were saying about him how they do it well have an idea in acts ten thirty eight we find these words how God anointed Jesus of Nazareth with the Holy Spirit with power who went about doing one went about doing good and healing all who were oppressed by the devil for God was with him is day one argument would not accomplish loving ministry helping people with their felt needs one or open doors as we saw yesterday in a statement from serving God this has a way of opening doors to human heart and actually got a fun way to and so we take our wellness day Jesus none was bigger than anyone around instead of combating of no talking against the creating all kinds of animosity in the community is a show around doing good this is a rough paraphrase I ran across a statement I look forward as I was putting his life together look for and finding it on the Internet and see if I can find a solicitor for a server this years ago Ben Franklin is quoted as quoted to say when other people say bad things about you live in such a way nobody will take this goodbye thread live in such a way to know arguably what they say about you heard Rick talk about in all of the angst that has developed because of the book is written in what's the best thing to their attack there was no no no the good stuff in the northern ignoring all of all of that just about doing good what did Jesus say about loving your enemies Jesus practiced what he preached what the people the idea love you Frank says live in such a way that nobody really that it was the okay to try to move through the RSS why we need bridging ministries because Christ's method alone will give true success in reaching the people and people said bad things about it Jesus as Peter said later he did not revile again when he was reviled any remodeling and not even react that way he just went about doing good and if you did good in your communities as you begin to reach people in your communities interact with them to find out your totally different than what they've been thought and you've created a bridge there you broken down prices you open the heart is ready to receive the message Theocritus our greatest challenge is getting people across the threshold matures first time because I have all this misinformation and their fearful denominated an invitation to an evangelistic series they like to respond to the many catches their imagination but going through those doors I know it's going on I know nothing about you except what they heard in the community and so that they will come their friends so you have to you have to develop these bridging ministries in your church and understand the larger churches maybe have an easier time of this because I have more people have greater gift in our inventory the smaller church does not seem to work in smaller churches as well as the business have to adapt to resources for new and I'm not talking the money flowing in the talent resources and know-how the talent Bank your congregation is small evaluate what you got menus in the futures rose God will bring implant new feelings in your garden say it would help bring the casinos would you name your bring them to plant them in your garden and then you can use them to branch out and other things okay maybe movable Christ Methodist Church of method alone will get to success mostly did when people talk bad about them he mingled with many sympathize with and because he was listening to he wasn't sure he was playing music he was assuring the words at this point you're just playing music and when they responded to the message then he waited for opportunity share the work and we haven't the other way around also the time we wish start with the words unless you have credibility of people trust you enough to listen what you say if you are find a way to her heart she did good things for the units they treat you that you still love sometimes you find people -year-old congregation that will treat you badly when either you revile against him again no no love them the good things going for the Solomon say you are guilty fire down on their heads together that was Jesus might have I wish I could say that I've always followed his method there are things I like the back new a new love you here have anything you'd like to go back and Gloria sure your love is precisely sitting length of no way will involve stumbled and made our mistakes and hopefully would learn from them course of time in our lives unfortunately make mistakes moves were smooth learn from them so we don't repeat them to like Jack as that man the gas pump you like to read he said no I never asked that question again is a learn from the guys as nice as lifelike derision more likely to be the reader that he is more success we had stumbled on that again all of a sudden I'm every one of the like to go back and redo stuff course we can but we can learn notice we should do is to did wherever he was in the synagogue by the wayside long as you like Galloway or in the streets of the little villages and towns home about thrust out a little from the land affairs CC the table of Republican he spoke to men of the things pertaining to the higher life when he had opportunity parts of a theater drawing him this is why he had healed their sick comforted their sorrow had taken their children these arms and blessed of it was a will will will yet with all the said yesterday we didn't know evangelism alone just you know work Americans we have the will was never enough the kids don't overlook and don't treat them as if they know nothing I've never felt it necessary to entertain the kids I can remember one four five going to evangelistic meetings a similar great evangelists of years ago understood what they were saying I understood child's level but I will not say the data second coming I knew about baptism I do love healthful living I know my mind understanding wasn't what it is now of course but understood still feel it necessary to entertain your kids I think that's one reason why I imagine this is all the Muslim version of the everything the result about three generations of entertainment Americans as it has shifted in that direction and I casually considered too young to understand that the right of loss Patricia have increased on kids who are challenging the gospel tend to leave less frequently and even if the dude are more likely to come back when you entertain them you lose the respect you hold a standard high they will respect you may not like what you would you know this manager holding that was seemingly I came up in the days and it's been characterized by our generation is legalistic and in like as a teenager talking you know you young people who are here and letting characters on the stand and my parents held in the church leaders held but I respected them I respect the law had a few years when I was someone long trying to find my way but I always knew where I could come back to say a new love often characterizes this when I'm getting off subject now sorry about the nonprocurement of until parents who have children wondering all of a sudden had those are have you are like hey Cork your children are out here on the ocean there out here floating around of May and other trying to find their own way they they may seem like they're rejecting your values in the home that the Jews instilled in them but they always know where the porches of the problem is if the poor get washed away the big storm in itself floating up into where they got to go to Venice it was so important for parents to remain faithful because that's a source of security to church remained faithful leadership remain faithful it is in support that gives them security they know they were to come back to before out there floating around with them they were in trouble right okay I get back on seven there we go have taken their children in his own is so important and when he opened his lips to speak their attention was riveted upon ministry is so simple if we follow Christ's example and doing good hearts will open to us as they did to him out of roughly with hack board of divine love we can tell them of him Christ object lessons three thirty eight three thirty nine now this is important we must learn to adapt our labors cannot be a Wayside Churchland 's law in a traditional run before marriage people just cannot do that we need a hold faithfully to the gospel but our methods of reaching people have to change course even then there are valid methods and there are a little message to reach people enough for most word word having to me some of that today methods that are man created an egocentric can and a nonviolent solution our methodology we have to be very careful price method alone a man's method not what may be coming out of the church growth movement will lose although there's some stuff there that we can profit from universal error all of myself as chocolate mixed with just enough truth to make it palatable to make a dangerous but in and I used to have a whole shelf full of books from church growth movement but everything that's good in that you can find in the Bible spirit promises you have to go there trick said last night it went together and find out how to do ministry in fact you'll find a lot of stuff there that if you don't want to do it doesn't fit the Adventists system doesn't fit our mission we don't need to go there though the whole roadmap if layouts for proposition say this I'm sure to review survey but it's all there if we would just listen to the silent creatures we just listen but because it's so simple we oftentimes overlook it is going to complicated for us to give it any credibility at all the letters were sent to me to coming close to the people by how person effort there is no substitute there is no shortcut to this personal preference if less time were given to sermonizing about creatures less time is given to sermonizing and also members who are five the message of the neighbors and their family members and less time were given and that more congressmen impersonal ministry greater result would be seen as revealing the one forty three now I come down to the nuts and bolts of the thing I have one more slide and then you just talk this crucial Christian service a seventy two the formation of small companies as a basis of Christian effort has been presented to me by one who has kept was one who cannot bear her server you prefer who is this plan given this was given the servant of God who is given by who is the one she saw a letter from Lord Jesus himself the formation of small companies would small groups in some sense the other churches have have gained the advantage of us here I've been doing this for years I find it works sort of God said this already years ago I was having along formation of small companies so if that's the basis if that's the bad rocket that's the essence of successful ministry that I've got to find out how to do it okay now all women doing small groups for some I know what I found in small rooms have the shelf life of about six months ago in the same home they found that communicate start out with a great deal of enthusiasm than graduate business and is diminishing than this man there's a reason for the thing they focus on Bible study and prayer which they should do have to be the absolute highest priority that has the highest priority but if that holds longer does it will begin to lose vitality and will soon washout okay a small roof must develop a mission statement they must have a reason for existing now that hand that should always reform within the context and the framework of the administration okay it's very important earlier mission statements are our men's group has mission study I forgot to bring the copies of that but I can run room for anybody is interested in that I get it to you after the meetings you are interested we have a mission second the cases focused cases on track but it's it it was developed because two years to finally get in shape where we felt comfortable with but it is a it is a clear statement on Edmunds mission as it relates to men gay have to focus on outreach every small group has to have a missionary endeavor or they will last you have to have a reason for existing another reason is to reach others for Christ and as they begin to do that and they have success revival reformation takes place within our own hearts and they will hang together they will stay together and small group will not disintegrate now people who move from one group to another I would have people in the company occasion was a pastor you are in this group is ministry group and I've enjoyed I would like to start something over here to ensure will help you develop that and will plug-in somebody else in the group to take your place okay so they don't have to stay the group wants of their they can move on to other things of God impresses them about ministry that's it so what do we do take a little handheld now first started this back in about eight nineteen eighty one nineteen eighty or eighty one and that in that area I was passing a church in South Bend Indiana time Feldman and managers fairly good-sized church and I have a lot of talent but like most churches the most the people were sitting in the pews until yesterday this was brought this thing on the challenge of how to get them out of the pews and get them into ministry all I did was in October yesterday I was offering a very narrow range of things I could do to win very narrow all I did was expanded not given you a sheet of ideas I have begun to even cover all days to be involved in it and these that these are ideas of things you can do I hope this serves as a springboard it will you know I will ignite a few brain cells by the way the kind I made none will know who Norman I don't want to intrude on days time got another thirty minutes okay I go to bed at nine thirty okay so we start over the things we had for instance I I've been doing finally plans for your pastor I decide to give their ministry away I had people medical people in my congregation number of people over the medical field doctors nurses dentists etc. that were capable of doing this was and so I approached approached one of them and I said would you be interested in taking on this ministry that okay will find another three or four maybe five people with the most that has a similar interest to you can work with like to work with and for growth and I'll work with you and I'll help you get through your first event in South Bend we had four large hospital we developed three stop smoking pain each of them dedicated one of those hospital opened St. Joseph's now what is the biggest institutions opened and in Notre Dame Italy had members that couldn't come to church on home games during football season they live near the University and if they left their homes they couldn't get back okay we do expect the same they were watching and watching the Andrews worship service listening to that shirtless related TV downlink of the time Notre Dame anyway we had a team that did find a program to St. Joseph Hospital and Memorial Hospital the osteopathic Hospital each of those had attained the hospitals supplied all the stuff they bought old materials that's what all the refreshments all we did was bring the project and we're still in no film at that time only to bring the project 's people and I conduct of the five we had nuns and priests verify their friends at St. Joseph Hospital do you think we had opportunity to build bridges and then friendships to them as well as to other people who can only be a priest sometimes or to another two in our group with the group was much larger than we asked the table I worked with a team for six months I tried to bring two teams on a year no more than two to shoot you can only hold so many babies are once again quadruplets you know the time of the Sebring on the Navy as that you can handle it again through their first event in a narrow narrow new asking for conventioneers they can do more they want to original list for more than that she known parallel and they had a choice and with a woman you put it on the church evangelism count calendar you surprised at how quickly your calendar can fill in the event you're doing something evangelistic everyone I remember I was still there one of them one occasion I was holding a revelation seminar in our generation our school is across the parking lot from church there was a way control team doing away control program in the boardroom same same time there was another team doing a stress management program in the chapel role doing it same time none of us were conflicting with each other Emily had a parking lot full of cars so they were old say that but it looked like someone really going on there that was what I just whirl in Second Life okay and these people will go through these raising events will become your friend and they make some of the best candidates for your personal ministry 's time in church now I know that that's gone the way of the dinosaur and love our churches but we would bring we might have our missionaries Chris Wheeler you know we were close enough that your university during our seven school he can bring for load in a missionaries down South Bend all the time they can do all of good stuff during our Sabbath school but we featured our own missionaries during mission time I remember distinctly one of those one of those segments lady had been to us stress seminar program and we had her up interview you know during personal ministries stood and told our congregation I want you to know that these people save my life when I got the invitation to the stress management program I was contemplating suicide I be good and aware for these people it is a grand Congregational visit the creative hunger and peoples are sick involved in the time came I remember one occasion when the secretary said the pastor got a call today okay one of the members of the church called and said when the pastor organizes a new group would like to be involved while at the new day T they want to be involved and here's a here's the thing about it is you will see on this list are many ideas I found that people will talk about the things that they are familiar with it all and said yesterday people are reluctant to get Bible says that nothing they can do it he says all bottled up inherent in these would be let loose that's true that's true people a lot to talk about what they do as I've gotten acquainted with many of the area will question the worry from what you do not know people like to do that and that helps me to know who they are what they are about the house again the acclaim of their day people love to talk about the locations they feel very comfortable notifications so if there in the medical field are you can tap into that resource oh man such a resource emeritus endlessly you can do say whether they feel very natural in that setting if you have a person like I had out in New Mexico like one she was a physical fitness person all I forgot to bring the future there is no I brought all the way here and show it to him anyway one that was of physical fitness version okay and I said to a new one one day you know you can do ministry ruinous relate to so together talking and we decided that we would try and attempt to put together a walking club had another doctor is not here this morning but he'll tell you that's the best exercise and he gets that from serving God is walking so we had a nice new mall in town big enclosed mall and so we made an appointment with the manager the mall go talk to we went in there with fear and trembling I consistently greater very tentative and we told him what we wanted to do he said I have been trying to get solidity that my mall for months I have talked to a lot of people in this town in the a piece of when they will start what facilities do you need they provided they they pay for all this they provided on a nice booth of said right out in the walkway was main intersections in the mall okay and when we called the figures walking and and a similarly in aviation I know of will will spread the word around them and hey look the merchants of national love us because we had people walking past their stores everyday and soon word got around we had doctors beginning to prescribe their patients your walking we reach people in that community we can never have touched otherwise we had people from the community not to say how can I get involved in this way we sign of a place of the particular there is lot of the okay they were so best advertisers we hello program that you can do we would issue you a certain color shoestring for your sneakers when you reached a hundred miles head when he raised two hundred fifty miles in a different shoestring wedding five hundred lodging on bolstering and so you can always tell up one level paperwork by the colors shoestrings and it finishes it is a great thing that I had other administered is in or around us and the people began to call for churches and happily involved in local Chillicothe will even help with our newsletter even Bill people would come inside and registering a domain name and in the computer bank than we had when we had another kind of we would advertise that way we left alone I don't always plug-in but whenever fellow Navy when you when you region felt elated that they have them come back for you you are building friends your building bridges to the community like Jesus did your breaking down prejudice you are dissolving all of this is misinformation people have so that when they get an invitation as an lifetime bridging ministries have a way of complementing public evangelism when they get a limitation to Revelation seminar or a or a evangelistic campaign the more likely to come why because the church is no longer alone I have at least four five six friend they become according to the personal friends with church is no longer mysterious they know over about of anything as it is this going people walking or exercising we don't aerobic classes people come in from the neighborhood and other doing this stuff for three nights a week so and so forth this Sunday is is is all in with a new assessment bottled up in you think you can do it you got all inside because of my relationship and as it is it doing this stuff things happen very naturally build relationship and begin to feel comfortable with you they say that you're not driving in the enough is not good heading with a hammer and they will relax they become your friends when they become your friends to have confidence in you is credibility remember yesterday we said that the first element you need you don't deal with strangers you always knew friends when you have a credibility I know this is only in the question and then you answer them when we go to chew on for a while now has something else in the thing of it is the witnessing sneaks up on people there witnessing the newly realized result will appear they know you know you know this message is sent out have a way of releasing a thought is simply broadened the options and challenge the people to take their holidays in this release program in Phoenix city Al of Alabama pride across the border from Georgia their lady showed up one night they been operating for about a month or so and lady came into the end of the class one night she told the director that program she said I have been here for five time driven in your parking lot turned off the keys got cold feet started the car that happened for five times before she actually had the courage and the our greatest challenge is getting people cross the threshold first time average Joe is because of the mountain the misinformation out there about us that we have to somehow dissolve okay when you make friends with people to have confidence in you are more likely to come as noted in invitation codes are in our computer back your you hold some spiritual event nationalistic meetings revelations well whatever the minimization may not come forward in on his youth fishing all is well and that can't talk about the authorized official nibble on them they are long time to actually take it as you patients a decision on patient from harm that is the hardest problem the farmer goes that night he gets up in the morning and the crops grow he doesn't know how he has to wait on right if you see your church and the community in your community as a guard helps you be more patient because you got oak trees up there but not limited developers quickly as your tomato plants and version radishes I thank God for the radishes are the ones already been written about subjects they get along and then they there ready to say there isn't there is a harvest love those people don't discount the radishes this because they come quickly but you got to be prepared you know some of us have been lost in the design family got a run through the now twenty four weeks of studies find a person who is already promising those the message premises I remember Coppola came to Wilmington which is my last church in coastal North Carolina they showed up on Sabbath morning and Gloria have invigorating a day which was good for his never met a stranger she is a full-blown sanguine wonderful wonderful complement to my ministry on Friday okay on this for one person said hell the softened some of those answers on May then such a blessing they were the same as their they told her that they had come a number of times to the church this was so unique greater here parking lot they come to church a number of times and had gotten cold feet and driven away that is they maintain employment coming the front door of the church and they were ready to open the door and I got cold feet and then turn around back in the car and left these people have been watching three ABN they know the message they been listening for a couple years and that's another story in itself how that happened though I spend twenty six weeks so they would know I said that one of them I go to the baptismal certificate make sure that they understand everything that there have any questions we take time until I do understand that I believe in picking fruit was ripe olives green no way to start the become override is euphemism that went to see the farmer sees when a crime crop ripens immediately he does what he puts in the sickle recent beautiful people that what a blessing they were doing church with it already been watching through a bit of a baby of her couple years away there is a little arises Razorback okay you can do stuff oh there's one other hobbies under the hobby section I was always so presenting a seminar to our church in Salt Lake City and the couple fellas came up to me after the after the one of the sessions listen a little pastor we think we left our ministry is the only became we were members of the three Ron Salt Lake City and because of all of the club you know the drinking smoking drugs etc. it certainly didn't feel comfortable and importantly the drop-down club but we feel we left our ministry said friend if you feel God calling you back to go do it months later they told me I was working in the office of the town of months later they told me faster you won't believe what's happened here they're leaving over fenders you know I working on engines were thrown crawlers underneath repairing taken out of transmission letter over the unethical they found guys they've been friends for years before moving through divorces fertilizer upside down for children and drugs all kinds of things going on with their lives these guys have an opportunity to talk to him what happened to them since they accept you doing and doing what Jesus he went on both the wayside to the party not to participate in our activities but to be able to witness to them and in so I have high encouragement table type ha ha Ha you have a hobby that you did you like the new photography of newborn quilting model airplanes model railroads is almost a half easier stamp collecting coin collecting a list just is no end to the things you can do find some people little come together within a small group write a mission statement and then return the humanity of five people who have similar interests and so you do the normal stuff you do the coin collecting stuff you know I keep it low-key gain their confidence as Jesus did in time their hearts will you find yourself witnessing without even realizing so easy so simple and only uses it as a gift of interest to holiday location whatever that you feel very comfortable with and can use to advance the kingdom of God is our own let's see what else is on here that I will talk about of his one dollar family life all I felt then we had a lady 's name is Doris she has a Masters degree in child psychology she was a very outgoing person bubbly effervescent conifers in the center when the doors of you know you could use if you use your degree is a minister to so she gathered some people around her the form located they started doing child in a family life stuff children etc. started doing that kind of stuff one of the largest day care centers of the men open the doors of them from charge proved George supplied all the material all doors did was take the material student with a duplicate of the developments in the session we are reaching people deny community who would never have touched otherwise of a people who were important people in their communities and families were in trouble the grandkids were in trouble doors had the opportunity of sharing with them stuff a child guidance is home to the label as such she was able to share this stuff when the building bridges a bouquet register the names within a computer bank overhead something else going we control whatever was startled we had out today with the three only five minutes with all of the resources videos DVDs all us stuff anybody can take a video breaking down in the segments and with a few friends forward to a new program and then with about fifteen minutes and presentation open up the next forty five minutes talk about what they just say it's a simple method don't have the answers you will learn people man's will see if I can find the answer to the very very honest and open about unreliable answers auto avalanche of Eumaeus questions here the evidence you too long ago open it up for a few questions for the next few minutes I'm sorry that I've taken so much time there were one or and a will and you and I sure as a and that's wonderful but I see this illustrated the ghost of you can do a limit here's just one thing that is been on my mind and I want to try and get off the ground this year to be done cooking schools wilderness okay let me suggest to you a new way of doing unlike the trial and were going to try to pull to three ladies together to do this and little team in our rural town Natalie lived nearby we live fifteen miles from the closest town okay but all this cooking party and I remember Tupperware party or toy party or closed party or whatever but when I do a school that way pictures related to start what will do how we started his they will prepare you no one I don't do vegetarian entrées of the night a healthful desserts no as I give you an idea one night you do something you do something different from four nights Britney is a good thing to do but rather than holding that the church where people a lot likely to come holding their homes in the neighborhood and the way I have envisioned you started is will have one of our members and our church and Waynesville North Carolina will have them invite one of our Lady to provide her friends in the neighborhood and for cooking party our team will go in her home and conduct a cooking party and then offer a set of registered cookbooks from whatever free to any of these ladies who come in from the neighborhood that will have a party in their home and invite their friends and do you suppose that those people are going to be busy I think so I think so reaching into people 's own home that's that's that's also a challenge see us getting another homes are skidding across the threshold of our churches this role challenges I think we can do it with a cooking party run dry anyway the other questions okay so I will pay you while I absolutely absolutely any questions while living the asterisk was a remark with aspiration we've been involved with in some way sometimes it has been personal sometimes on health the church did you know the one of these events not that's what that's from there the others are ideas that haven't had time to get to these things but maybe you know murmuring seller to hear annual site why I can do that again an interest in that I can do that you will home you find a few other people in the church before Willow Grove you you write a mission statement you get your pastor on board and not get involved in your community this way at about one minute and the other questions while I've done one of two things of either helped you are totally confused woman sued to one of the congestion thank you what you do before you give ignited the spark here that's Jack on the website over Hanover gladhanding Mannar area if there are no further questions were going to closing prayer at all in heaven thank you for we clearly the simple plan Jesus had to break down prisoners to make friends and control them to himself help us as we go back to our churches to see our churches and our community is a totally different way there are garden help us to be good gardeners cultivate plants occurs than nurture tour tour so we now return you a media was brought by audio errors a website dedicated to spreading God 's word through reading sermon audio and much more I would like to know more about our universe is like the more so than please visit www. audio person or


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